Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Yours Lovingly.. :( final part

The 3 days went in a blur..he cudnt even recollect what he did or dint and was eagerly awaiting for Arunas call..It never came. He got tensed and tried reaching her number in vain..The weekend went in trying her number..When he went to office first thing he stopped short of sending her a stinker..he jus wrote Hi and sent a mail..no response came..finally he dared to call up her office and check..he called jaya..
"Hi jaya.."
"heyyy..Ram..watta suprise..u calling me..cudnt believe it..how are u..how are things at ur end.."
He controlled himself and patiently answered her..
"tell me hw cme u remembered me.."
"can u tell me if Aruna is around"
There was a gap before she answered in mock protest.."so..u dint mean to call me..want to know abt Aruna is it..i wnt tell u.."
"pls pls..pls jaya..is she arnd? can u ask her to call me..i am unable to reach her..neither is she replyin to my mails.."
"am i her PA" he could almost sense slight anger in her voice..
"pls jaya..dnt take it like tt..ok..let me tell u something..i am deeply in love with her..." he moment he blurted out..the line got disconnected.
After few mins..jaya called him back..."sorry officer.i dint expect tt shock news and fone also slipped from my shoulder.." there was an usual chirpiness in her voice..."ok..Aruna hasnt cometo office..will tell her to call u once she is here.."
"thanks dear..pls keep the news" and before he could complete..."i knw..dnt worry.." and jaya cut the phone..she deleted the mail she was composing for the past four days for Ram and wiped off the tear drop which was welling up in her eyes and rushed to the rest room.

"Kuch tho hua hai.." sang the new ringtone on his cell..only one persons call ringed like that..he hurried to pick the phone..
"where in d world are u..y u dint pick the fone or answer my mails.."
"i wanted to talk to u for one final time before i stopped talking with u..u think i am mad here...waiting for ur call..."
"forget it..u never even considered me a friend...always thot of me as a joker dint u..hey...hey..are u crying...cmon..sorry dear..i dint mean it..u wnt knw how upset i was wen u dint call...u knw u r my only friend with whom i spend almost all my free time..i got scared lest something happened to u.."
"sorry Ram..my fault..i shdve called.."
"its ok.wat happnd.."
"its all over Ram..my parents said No.."
For a moment he dint knew he was more shocked or confused..
"No for what..they havent even seen me"
"seen u? means...now pls dnt joke..i am not in a mood for it.."
"whos joking..anyway..tell me what happened.."
"my parents said no to Akash.."
"Akash who?"
"cmon dont tell me u dnt knw...he is the one to whom u gave my present right..now dnt tell me he didnt tell u..it had the wedding ring i had chosen for him..we got married on a private ceremony wen he came here...he had to leave hurriedly and left his ring in my room itself..luckily u came in at tht time..last weekend i finally managed to gather courage and spoke to my parents abt us..they went wild...more for him coming from a different community.."
After that..whatever she spoke where hardly audible for Ram...he felt as if he became deaf..sweat was running like a steady stream from his forehead..mixed with his tears..
"Ram..are u there..."
"yeah..yes..tell me..."
" i dunno what to do now...cant live without Akash..but cant sacrifice my parents also..."
He consoled her and spoke to her throughout the night on what can be done and in the end decided to visit her parents along with her to help her out..
"Ram...thanksalot for all ur help..dunno wat i wud've done if it hadnt been for u."
"Can u do me a faour.."
"sure Ram tell me.."
"Never commit urself without knowing wat i am goin to ask.."
She laafed and said.."hmm..repeating my dialogue to me huh...tell me..i can do anything for u..i cant say i wud giveup my life for u like in movies..because i want to live ..spend my life with Akash.." there was a childlike cheeriness in her voice.
"Can i be ur best man in ur wedding.."
There was a stunned silence from Aruna.."Ram..how can u b so gud..if it hadnt been for Akash..i wud've definitely fallen for u ..hahaha"
He got his answer.

Urs lovingly,

En iniya tamizh makkalay...unga bharthiraja rangeku ipdi oru signature thevayanu neenga kekarathukaagavay thaan potruken :D :D hehehe oru vazhiya mudichiten...adutha post something special...ennanu keep guessing :D so long folks..

Yours Lovingly.. :) - part 3

Though he regained consciousness almost immediately..he could make out the amount of tension those folks went through. Aruna and Jaya wer almost in tears...
"ok folks..relax...jus wanted to see how you react..me perfectly fine..."
"yeah..yeah..we can make out..if u dn mind can u get up from Arunas lap.."
Ram wiped off something more than sweat (read asadu) from his face and hurriedly got up...Aruna and others laafed it off and soon the gang began their march towards the forest..that was a trip he would never forget in his life..
While coming back the CD player conked off and everyone decided to play antakshri...When it was Arunas turn to sing...she sang...Pehla nasha from Jo jeeta wohi sikander...in the cramped up interior of the cab her voice sounded heavenly to Ram..it so happened that Ram was sitting opposite to her and in his mind he began visualising the song.. till that time he had never been much of a hindi movie fan...later when they got down he asked for the movie name and decided to chk out the song..
"thank u guys..i had a funtastic weekend because of u..would treasure these moments.."
"yeah yeah..especially the moment when u wer sleep acting in Arunas lap.."
Inspite of his tiredness he couldnt help blushing...he was too embarrassed to see Aruna on her face and mumbled a bye and went home...soon his assignment got over and it was time to leave...Aruna came to his desk with a parcel...
"Wow..u look lovely in this saree..wats spl.."
"Nothing..goin to a friends reception..here is something for u..."
Well..he almost heard it tt way...
"Nothing..just like that...can u do me a favour..."
"Sure..tell me.."
She smiled and said..."remember..never commit to anything without knowing what iam goin to ask.."
He stopped short of telling.."Anything for u..." and jus smiled back at her..
"well..can u give this to my frnd in chn ofc..."
"how will i knw her"
"him..not her..i will ask him to come and contact u.."
For a moment Ram stood perplexed..how he assumed the friend to be a girl and why he felt differntly to know that it was a guy..he dint had answers for either...the journey back home was bittersweet..he felt deflated and curious to find her "gud friend"...
"Excuse me...are you Mr. Ram from the design team..."
The voice belonged to one gorgeous looking person...he was dresed like a movie star and was charming to say the least...deep inside Ram grew an instant dislike for him..."no way i can compete with this hunk..." he thought to himself..."wait a minute..wat am i doing..why am i thinking like this...i have hardly known her for a week...this cant be me..!! "..he composed himself and decided to be normal..after sending that person off..he went to his workstation and the first mail was from Jaya..eagerly he searched through the rest of the mails but dint find any mail from Aruna..he almost felt angry and the rest of the day crawled slowly to a finish...When he was having dinner he was fuming more than the food in front of him..."tht selfish gal dint even had the courtesy to say thanks.." he promised to himself.."next time wen i go there i wont even talk to her..if she remembers me in first place" his mind added a sad after thought.He didnt enjoy his food and went back to his room sulking.."pehla nasha.." sang the new ringtone on his cell..irritatingly he picked the call.."lalluji hai?"..cried a lady voice in hoarsely...he cut the call without a word "of all the time to get a wrong call..."...again sang the phone..."first i shd change this ringtone..ever since i kept it in my fone everything is goin wrong for me...YEAH...who is this..."
"lalluji.." began the voice..
"listen lady..u got the wrong number..one more time u call me i would report u to the police..."
"huh..would u get me arrested..i thought u would thank me for helping u wen u got hurt.."
He felt as if he was jolted...he knew whose voice it was but continued.."huh..sorry..i cant recognise ur voice..whos this..."
"ok ok..enuff scene...i know u can recognise my voice...all u guys are sameda"
"oh..Aruna..sorryda cudnt pick ur voice..was bit tired with work..."
"i know what work u ver doing..replying to all my team commenting on their forwards...u dint even bother to write a word to me.."
"sorry yaar...nothing like tt.." and so began the chat....from then onwards..everyday the exchange servers started heating up with the sudden spurge in mails and the night calls became so lengthy that they had to keep their fones on charger while talking..

"Hey..did u notice Ram...offlate he seemed to have changed a lot..his dressing sense..the way he talks...everything has changed...for a person who didnt even had a cell..he seems to be getting to many calls nowadays...lets chk it out folks..."
"Yeah..u know wat...yesterday i saw him smiling at the monitor..wen i went to his desk..he locked his pc and went..something sure is fishy man..."

"hey..Xena..y u dint call me yesterday..."
"Ram..dnt call me Xena..u knw i dnt like tt name..."
"ok ok..relax pal..wats d pblm"
"problem? wen did i say im having pblm"
"i cant make out if u dnt say is it...cmon tell me..ur beautiful voice cant hide ur emotions dear.."
"i am coming to chn this weekend..if all goes well..u will b d first person to know"
"cmon not fair..its still THREE more days to go...tell me now..."
"no...dnt..tellme na..pls..atleast give me a clue."
"nthng doin..gudnite"

Yours Lovingly.. :) - part 2

P.S: Soringa..mega perusa vanthirucha..athan ipovay rendu parta udachiten..hhehee

Soon..Ram joined the client place and got introduced to his new teammates....luckily one of the new team mates was from the same university where he did his PG and soon they hit it off..through her Ram got settled into the new circle pretty fast...well it always helps to have the most talkative memer of the gang by your side when you need to get to know people..

"Ram..call for you from Chn.."..Jaya gave the fone to Ram..they both shared the same extn.
"hey Ram...how are thingsda..and machaan who is that cute voice who answered the phone..seems you are enjoying huh...next time let me know when you are not on seat...i would call and put kadalai.."
"shutupda idiot..she is a very decent person...dont spoil my name here..."
"aha...so thts how the story goes is it..well..well...if you are happy then fine with us..."
Ram knew that the gossip mills would be working overtime at his office from then...though he felt bit embarrassed..he smiled at the turn of events and started for lunch...
"hello sir..just because you are TL you wont eat with us mere mortals is it.." it was Rani this time..somehow she was very endearing to Ram right from the word go...forcifully she took him with her to the table where the rest of the team where sitting..."guys n gals...yesterday itself Ram escaped giving treat to us...now he has to...order whatever you want..."what followed was nothing short of a massacre of the menu items...it was all new experience for Ram..he was undergoing a whole gamut of emotions...he felt happy and completely happy for the first time...it was a totally differnt feeling which he was unable to express..the rest of the week went so fast that before he could realise the weekend was staring at him...suddenly he felt a sinking feeling...somehow he didnt want the week to end and wished that the friday doesnt end..he loved being with those energetic folks that in 5 days time he had grown used to being with them...staying alone at the room for the weekend suddenly seemed weary..as the day finished to a close..he grew sullen and dull and left early before he could meet someone who might ask for his weekend plans...he went to his room and decided to sleep the weekend off...
Suddenly there was a deafening shrieking..he woke up with a scare only to find his cellfone crying it skin off..it was from Ravi one of his team mates..he decided to give the call a skip...since the ringing continued he muted the fone and went to sleep...early morning saturday he heard a thudding sound on his door.half asleep he went and opened the door only to find the entire team in combat gear...before he could blink he was bundled into a pair of tracks and was cargoed into the cab waiting at the door...

"Hey Ravi, did you hear the one about why it takes a hundred million sperm to fertilize one egg?" queried Jaya..
"Can't say that I have, huh..jaya is in full flow early morning itself..."
"Because none of them are willing to stop and ask directions."...
"dnt worry i knw the route..if i am not sure i wud ask.." he said with a wink.....everyone burst out laafing..whatever ice was there was broken thawed and evaporated in minutes...It was Ramya who spoke first..."Ram...this is too much..how many times we tried to call you..yesterday also u left without telling us..we had a plan to go trekking today to a near by hill...thought we would call you also...since you dint pick the fone..sorry..we have to kidnap u for the trip...And by the way meet Xena..our warrior princess...Ouch...Aruna..she was the one who was on leave the whole last week.."
"Hi Ram..sorry i had exams last week..so couldnt meet you in a more formal environment..I am Aruna..."
Ram felt like pinching himself...if it was a dream he didnt want to wake up from it...a million questions sprang to his mind...where are the wings...why the white gown and the crown are missing....where is the star studded wand..huh..this angel was talking to him in English...since he was sure angels dont travel on swaraj mazdas he convinced himself..the reverie was broken when the cab suddenly hit a speed breaker...being taller than the rest..Ram hit the roof of the cab and for a moment lost consciousness...later he would realise that he had lost himself several minutes before itself....

Urs Lovingly,
Gils ;)

Yours Lovingly.. :) - part 1

P.S: itha fulla neenga yarachum padipeengalanu enaku oru abaaramaana doutu..athaan pikuripu first linea varuthu..ennada PNI part 7oda nikarathey...mudikara idea illayanu thenamum pallairakanakkana letters vanthu kuvinju kitu irukarapo..inum oru serial storyanu bayapadatheenga...idhu apdi izhukara alavu peria story illa :) if u got patience to plow through this..do so at ur convienience...romba naala ezhuthanumnu draftleye iruntha version...atlast i decided to give life to it...dunno if it had come out the way i wanted it to..still glad to get the dust off it from drafts..so....as usual...over to u folks...thuppum idam u knw where..

P.S.S:aaha..P.Sey ivlo perusa vanthiruchay..hmmm...idellam arasiyalla jagajam..kandukapdaathu.. now to d story..

"Gud morning...ur wake up call at 6.30 AM"..."Gud morning...ur wake up call at 6.30 AM"...
"Shucks...so soon 6.30...", Ram half opened his eyes... looked at the clock..kept the alarm for 7.30 and went back to sleep...Suddenly remembered the concall he had to attend and jumped out of the bed..groggily searched for the laptop..only to find it next to his pillow..the movie he was watching last nite..was nearing its climax when the laptop battery died...with no time to curse he hurriedly connected the power cord and logged in just in time for the meeting...

Well..meet mr. Ram..the everyday-u-see s/w engnr...Like the million other members of his creed..he too had moved away from his native to get a job in a far off place..if ever there was a reservation quota for reserved people..he would qualify under all the categories..shy and timidity where his sole companions..not that he is a nerd..but never really tried freaking out..he used to quip that he was conserving all his energies for better purpose..a real slog horse at work..it was no surprise for anyone that he climbed ranks rather fast...

The meeting got over finally...and after sleepwalking through the sessions-literally- Ram was in two minds whether to continue sleeping or start for office...the kind hearted devil suggested a million reasons to bunk the day and go to sleep...in the end insanity prevailed and he decided to go to office...hurriedly took shower and rushed to the basement..his Honda city was waiting for him...like a proud father of a top ranking son...he gave an affectionate pat to the car and started to office with the radio in full blast...

"Good morning Ram...hows ur weekend..."
"Oh..it went great...ate well..slept a lot ..and saw this wonderful movie..ICE AGE...man...!! u shd give it a try once...doesnt look like a toon movie at all.." and so went the conversation...typical monday morning talk...every monday morning coffee breaks are like movie-review-time for his team mates..either the discussion was on movies or on some new book which he read...his colleagues appreaciated his taste and where almost jealous of his lifestyle...well...that was an almost with a BIG A..

"i wonder how he manages to get so much time...'
"boss..if u r not married...dont have any girlfriend and not staying with ur parents..u will also get this much time...but u think u wud be happy with that.."
"well...i would definitely be so...no one can stay with a girlfriend like mine for more than 4 hours man.."
"oh..is it..i bet u i can better that time.." ..
"u !@#$%^..." a ripple of laughter followed by chasing..
"i dont trust this guy..these saadhu sorta people are always risky..u never know wats within them...stay careful with him guys.."

"Ram..you have to go to the client place starting next week for a long term project.." said the Mgr in an i've-already-decided tone..
"But sir..why me..."
"well..officially i can say tt u r better suited for this project..got gud rapport with ur counterparts and stuff..but personally u knw the reason right.."
Other than him everyone in the team were settled with their families here and since it involved building the team right from scratch..no one wanted to take the pains..."u knw hw critical this prj is for our company rt.." trailed off the manager..
Ram knew he was being made a bakra and didnt want to hear any more crap..he sulkingly agreed..."who knows Ram..u might find someone there for urself..hahaha" his manager laafed as if he had cracked the best of jokes..

one particular question had run through his mind many a times...Ram felt he had everything....satisfying job....decent sal...nice comfy apartment...brand new Honda city...latest music station.....and guess what.. in built Gym also....he was the envy of his team mates....does a guy need anything more?? Though he couldnt put a finger on what it was...somehow...somewhere..something was missing...soon came the time to fill in the missing portion...little did he realise that his client assignment was going to turn his world upside down....

Urs Lovingly,
Gils ;)

Friday, February 23, 2007

Gummiyadi Pennay Gummiyadi


Rediffla intha news paatha udanay Bharathidasanoda Gummiyadi song thaan nyabagam varuthu. After years of hypocrisy Wimbeldon sheds its chauvinistic skin and has announces equal prize money for both men and women. Enna ketta womens tennisku neriya kaasu kudukanum for they are the original crowd pullers..sania mirzalenthu..sharapova varaikum yaar viladinalum gumbalo gumbal coming..mensla thala federer matrum oru sila makkaloda matches thaan real money spinners..michamellam sontha oor kaarangarathunala vara gumbal thaan..

ettu thisaiyil Aanukingay
pen illaipillai kaan
endru gummiyadi

There goes my 2 cents for feminism :D

Makkalay...oru interesting discussion on this topic..feel free to comment on this also..

S: dude..
V: s sire
S: you sound like sexist and chauvinistic da
V: at ur service???enda?
S: new post padi partha :)
V: y?correcta thaanda potruken
S: nope da..
V: enna no?i stand by my point
S: see da.. women cant talk about equality.. and all that
V: ??now whos chauvinistic
S: see da.. it s all about survival of the fittest :D in work place..
women work the same as men workers..in IT or any major industry it s all about brains..but sports is different it is more of muscles..
V: hahaha dei dubaks
S: and men have more of it..
V: computer gamesla kooda enda
S: and they deserve more
V: expert medium easynu level vachurkaan
S: computer is fine with me..
no da..
V: tts not chavunisitcda
S: this sounds same like reservation argument..sounds.. silly..
V: ialda oru tourney tt too conducted at such a level cant be biased
S: that s the point
V: give me a reason for reduced money for them
S: when someone makes software..women makes it men make it both get same pay
cause.. the resultant product is of same quality in the case of tennis.. or athletics..men cross 100m in 9.77 seconds women cross 100m in 10.9 seconds
there goes the difference..based on output.... i rest my case
V: idhey men took several decades to break tt barrier women ipo than veetay thaandi vanthrukanga and rt away they are at 10 sec mark
S: no da.
V: i rest my case
S: you are missing the point
V: :)
S: women will take eons to beat men that s cause.. of the body make up
men are agile..women are not..
V: waitbuddy ...my daughter will beat ur son in 100 m
S: there are some tasks.. which men can do better than women
V: viceversa holds gud too obviously
S: that's the not the point.. though.. making jokes belittles our argument :)
hang on..see da..take an athletic man..(best) and best women athlete..
there s no way.. they can compete at the same level..it s all common sense
i.e women cannot beat men in physical tasks..simply because they are not made that way and lets face it every action has equal and opposite reaction..you do something.. you get paid.. proportionally .....i rest my case
V: adai...
how do u measure propotion in a game
speed at which they serve?
S: lets take athletics..
where numbers are easily distinguishable..
maurice greene takes 9.77 s
V: one nimit
S: ok
V: in tt case
asians take more time than europeans
who are slower than americans or africans
appo gold carat orutha orutharukum
wt maruma
S: no da..
i never told that..
what i am saying is .. let africans win..
cause.. they are good at it..
V: hahaha
unna amthiri aaalunga dangerda i guess issac asimovs stories mite come true
S: what do you mean?
V: a better race where everyone is super fit with no place for weaklings
or rather not so fit people sounds familiar? read the doctrine of the nationalist socialist party aka nazism :D ??? sounday kanum
S: fantastic argument..but listen.. da..
if you want everyone to be the winners then create categories..break the society into n number of divisions
V: ilada...uhum
S: and give everyone their gold medals
V: nee solrathu utopiala vena possible real worldla no way
S: i dont know.. where our argument is going..
V: complexity makes the world goes round man ellamay same irukkarathungarathu scopeay ila
S: i am not saying.. women deserve to be slaughtered or put in gas chambers
V: hahaha
S: i am saying.. pay them proportionally
V: illada
i dint say tt u said it
wat i mean is mix n match cant be avoided nee solra mathiri if we slot winners and losers in boxes soon the latters will slot themselves as the next besters
and it will go in an AP with diminishing difference
in the end its all chaos jus to prove tt i am beter than u and to avoid the taunts
i wud fight with u and all goes down same with the winners slot the winningest
S: fighting is what makes you or me better we fall we learn
V: and the next winning teams will fight
S: if you appease.. then there is no progress
V: a war doesnt determine who is rt but who is left
S: there will one be whole lots of appeasers
V: engayo padicha quote six adichen par
S: only wars/conflicts can help you grow..
if you keep avoiding facing the truth.. then it s a prob i am not talking about bloody wars here.. it s arguments and competition
V: war is no way to learn truthu dei nee histroye padichathilaya
S: no da.. i am not talking about bloody wars it s about competition.. / conflicts
you fight with me.. now..if you did not refute my point..they you appease..
hoep you got it
V: me talking abt end u talking abt the means towards it erkanavay irukara division porathunu ithu vera
S: you cant reach the end without means..
V: meaningless ends hahah dei maniratnam padam mathiri
S: and lets face it.. everyone cannot be winners
V: pesa arambichitaom :D yes then
S: it s like a class room with 40 students only one chap gets the first rank
and so on...
V: yes but in a class room board same desk same teacher same teaching same
and first mark is same athuku kidakara prizeum same ellamay equal not more for boys
not less for gals
S: ok..
V: tts all ur honour maanangetavanay :D
S: so in classroom men and women compete together
and there s no quota for girls first rank
you think the same thing happens in tennis courts too ?
V: ???tennisla engada quota vanthichi
S: men and women tournaments they dont compete together.. but in different categories..
V: hmm..vidhaysamana point so?
S: vera enna..
V: gals schoolenthu vara topperukum boys schoolenthu vara topperukum coedlenthu varavanukum ennada Vidyasam endla yaru state topperungarthu thaan matter
chessla paaru judit polgar is women world no. 1 but men rankingla somewhere in top ten stl wen she wins any tourney she gets her share..rtful share no discrim. there
cha ithellam en blogla potrunthena supera irunthrukm
S: see da..
mens tourney is more stronger.. but womens is not.. so men deserve more money
women do not deserver that much money that's my point
V: athelticsla kooda itha naan accept panuvenda..bt not for tennis
see u dnt need to be strong to win..roddick serves faster than a bullet
but federer trashes him
S: tennis le.. venus or sania ve.. any 1000th ranking ATP player kooda adippan
V: mixed doublesla paruda... i've seen martina and leander winning against stronger opp. on martinas strength
S: whatever da..but that's cause.. they play weaker women-men combination
V: hmmm
S: you think leander-martina can win any men-men doubles match
V: no
S: dude.. you must get the argument rightwomen skill wise are not really in the league as men full stop
V: hmmm..onnu pannalam...ithaye inoru posta podrenletssee how people argue
if atall
S: if women players can bring more viewers to stadium or women players get higher TRPs
then.. thy should be paid more than men..
cause.. having higher skill does not necessarily mean.. you get rewarded..
having more crowd is more imp
in entertainment..
sports is now like entertainment..
V: en TL super point sonnar
S: ok
V: ask women to play for 5 sets and
then demand money
S: no da..that's a bad point what i am telling you is..sports is now more like entertainment industry
V: hmm so
S: if sania or maria get more ppl than men watching the game..
V: ?
S: then give them money
V: :D :D
S: if there s poor audience then.. dont pay
V: :D
S: afterall.. you know how it works..demand is what generates.. everything..
V: :D :D
economist mathiri pesara
S: :)

Wednesday, February 21, 2007


Paatu kekka ingae kikkavum

Romba naalikaprum oru arumaiyana tamizh paatu..with soothing melody and superb lyrics..ithoda lyrics netla search panni kidakala..rendu thadava paatu keta apdiye manasila padhinjidichi... :D lyricsla mishtake iruntha correctikunga

Paatu link ubayam..vera yaru..G3 thaan.. :) nanri hai...

Intha paatu romba romba pudichipoachu..couldnt get female voice (Sujatha) for this song..so puttufied the i-dint-like male version..

diamond pearloda comparisons..WoW..ulti...enaku idha padicha..Dila vara un samayal arayil uppa sakkaraya thaan nayabgam varuthu...may be adhuvum vairamuthuvo ennamo...still idula comparisons seri sharp....kaatruna sound and music...poona fragrence and color...seana surf and wavesnu list poadrathula..my pick is lovena eyes and lips..

iyarakaiyin mozhigal purindhuvidil
manidarin mozhiye thevayillai
idhaythin mozhigal purindhuvidil
manidarku mozhiye thevayillai

motha paatey intha naalu vari thaanga..it conveys the essence so very well...
ennoda pazhaiya post onnuthula (Kuzhandhaiyum Deivamum) i have a similar thread for discussion...while toddlers can communicate to each other so effortlessly adults find it dificult to understand each others language...so somewhere down the line we restrict ourselves with knowledge which on the contrary supposed to bring us together...

Idhuku melayum no buildup..direct lyrics...njoy maadi...

Kaatrin mozhi
oliya isaiya
Poovin mozhi
nirama manama
Kadalin mozhi
alaiya nuraiya
Kaadhal mozhi
vizhiya idhazha

iyarakaiyin mozhigal purindhuvidil
manidarin mozhiye thevayillai
idhaythin mozhigal purindhuvidil
manidarku mozhiye thevayillai

Kaatru vesumboathu
disaigal kidaythu
Kaadhal pesumboathu
mozhigal kidayathu
Pesum varthai pola
mounam puriyathu
Kangal pesum vaarthai
kadavul ariyathu
Ulavi thiriyum katruku
uruvam theeta mudiyathu
Kaadal pesum mozhiyellam
sathha kootil adaiyaathu

iyarakaiyin mozhigal purindhuvidil
manidarin mozhiye thevayillai
idhaythin mozhigal purindhuvidil
manidarku mozhiye thevayillai

vaanam pesum pechu
thuliyaai veliyagum
vaanvillin pechu
niramaai veli agum
Unmai oomai aanal
kaneer mozhi aagum
Penmai ooami aanaal
nanam mozhi aagum
Osai thoongum jaamthil
uchhi meengal mozhiagum
Aasai thoongum idayathil
asaivu kooda mozhiyagum

iyarakaiyin mozhigal purindhuvidil
manidarin mozhiye thevayillai
idhaythin mozhigal purindhuvidil
manidarku mozhiye thevayillai

Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Slow down folks

Interesting article..in this fast fast world..someone is actually trying to slow it down..chk it out

Slow Down Culture

It's been 18 years since I joined Volvo, a Swedish company. Working for
them has proven to be an interesting experience. Any project here takes
2 years to be finalized, even if the idea is simple and brilliant. It's
a rule.

Globalize processes have caused in us (all over the world) a general
sense of searching for immediate results. Therefore, we have come to
posses a need to see immediate results. This contrasts greatly with the
slow movements of the Swedish. They, on the other hand, debate, debate,
debate, hold x quantity of meetings and work with a slowdown scheme. At
the end, this always yields better results.

Said in another words:

1. Sweden is about the size of San Pablo, a state in Brazil.

2. Sweden has 2 million inhabitants.

3. Stockholm has 500,000 people.

4. Volvo, Escania, Ericsson, Electrolux, Nokia are some of its renowned
companies. Volvo supplies the NASA.

The first time I was in Sweden, one of my colleagues picked me up at the
hotel every morning. It was September, bit cold and snowy. We would
arrive early at the company and he would park far away from the entrance
(2000 employees drive their car to work). The first day, I didn't say
anything, either the second or third. One morning I asked, "Do you have
a fixed parking space? I've noticed we park far from the entrance even
when there are no other cars in the lot." To which he replied, "Since
we're here early we'll have time to walk, and whoever gets in late will
be late and need a place closer to the door. Don't you think?" Imagine
my face.

Nowadays, there's a movement in Europe name Slow Food. This movement
establishes that people should eat and drink slowly, with enough time to
taste their food, spend time with the family, friends, without rushing.
Slow Food is against its counterpart: the spirit of Fast Food and what
it stands for as a lifestyle. Slow Food is the basis for a bigger
movement called Slow Europe, as mentioned by Business Week.

Basically, the movement questions the sense of "hurry" and "craziness"
generated by globalization, fueled by the desire of "having in quantity"
(life status) versus "having with quality", "life quality" or the
"quality of being". French people, even though they work 35 hours per
week, are more productive than Americans or British. Germans have
established 28.8 hour workweeks and have seen their productivity been
driven up by 20%. This slow attitude has brought forth the US's
attention, pupils of the fast and the "do it now!"

This no-rush attitude doesn't represent doing less or having a lower
productivity. It means working and doing things with greater quality,
productivity, perfection, with attention to detail and less stress. It
means reestablishing family values, friends, free and leisure time.
Taking the "now", present and concrete, versus the "global", undefined
and anonymous. It means taking humans' essential values, the simplicity
of living.

It stands for a less coercive work environment, more happy, lighter and
more productive where humans enjoy doing what they know best how to do.
It's time to stop and think on how companies need to develop serious
quality with no-rush that will increase productivity and the quality of
products and services, without losing the essence of spirit.

In the movie, Scent of a Woman, there's a scene where Al Pacino asks a
girl to dance and she replies, "I can't, my boyfriend will be here any
minute now". To which Al responds, "A life is lived in an instant". Then
they dance to a tango.

Many of us live our lives running behind time, but we only reach it when
we die of a heart attack or in a car accident rushing to be on time.
Others are so anxious of living the future that they forget to live the
present, which is the only time that truly exists.

We all have equal time throughout the world. No one has more or less.
The difference lies in how each one of us does with our time. We need to
live each moment.

As John Lennon said, "Life is what happens to you while you're busy
making other plans.

Monday, February 19, 2007

Love-ly verses :)

Anbirkkum adaikkum thaazh undu...kaadhaluku kadhavay ileenga :)..idhuvum sutta varigal thaan...micha varigalaiyum padinga :) last rendu ennoda fav. panippoar one is also equally gud :)

Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Padithathil Pidithathu..

Konja naal mundhi Vikatanlayo Kumudhathilayo..oru short story padichen..felt it was too gud...so..konjam masala poatu try paniruken...chk it out maadi...as usual u knw ver to thuppufy... ;)

"Unga rendu per kitayum konjam pesanum...iniki night decide panidlam"
Som left for office without even turning back to see the stunned look on the faces of mangalam and swaminathan.
Swami asked mangalam "oru vela nethu Ramya kooda pesikitu irunthanay athu vishayama irukumo?"
"idhuku thaan otu kekatheengonu sonen..ippo parunga..ennanu theriyama kuzhapikarel"
"naan engadi otu keten..ava rendu perum avlo sathama pesinda...nee veetla iruntha thana..eppa paaru kovilnu kilambidra..en kaal rendum nalla iruntha naan en ipdi veetoda kidaka poren.." ...mamavin kangal kalangi irunthana..
"naan enakaagava poren...paiyan nalla irukanum..ungaluku seekrama kaal seriya ponumnu vendika thaana kovil poren.."
"endi..nethu avanga pesikitathu therinjuma nee kovil poi avanukaga vendikara"
"ennathaan irunthalum..namma paiyan aachay..vitukuduka mudiyuma.."
Ipdiyum oru jenmamangara mathiri mama gives one look..

Som returns from office..."amma..appa...erkanvay discuss panna topic thaan...amma ..unako vayasaikitay porathu...appaku kaal sarila...enga rendu perukum ipo officela peak time in our careers..ipo konjam hard work panna nalla future kaathukitu iruku..abroad poga solli compel panraanga...unga rendu pera karanama vachu thaan ithana naal postpone panikiturenthen..inimay mudiyathu...intha mathiri nalla chance inimay kidakathunu directavay en MD solitar...engaloda US operationsa kavanichuka enna anuparanga...such a prestigious offer...i cant decline anymore...adhuvum ilama Ramyava thaniya vidanumaynu ninachen...luckily avalukum US chance vanthruku..she doesnt want to waste her qualifications here...avalum en koodavay US vara...so as decided before...unga rendu peraiyum old age homela sethuralamnu iruken.."
"enda...ipdi erakkamy ilama pesariye..ippo ennada kuraichal.. namakku kaasilaya panam ilaya..ivlo peria veedachu...namma naalu per than irukoam...kuzhandhaigal irunthalachum kalagalanu irukum...madhiyana velailaam yaarumay ilama verichodi irukara mathiri iruku..."
Ramya (int)eruppts..."engaluku inum kuzhandhai ilainu kuthi kaatreengala.."
Som..."nee ulla po..lemme handle this.."
"enda ungappaku evlo thadava transfer offer vanthichi..trnsfr accept panna promotion varumnu therinjum..un padipu kedakoodathunu evlo thdava reject panirupar..."
"naana panna sonen...he wasnt career minded...athukaga nanum apdi irukanuma"
"enda old age homela sekarengariye..naaliku yellarum kai koti sirika matala...appa ammava vachu kaapatha thupillainu"
"ethu ethu..neeye poi solitu varuva polaruku.."
"Mangalam...idhuku mela nee onnum pesadha...dei Som..idhu varaikum un padipilayo..velailayo...un kalyana vishaythilayo..naanga epovumay kurukitathilla...ippovum un ishtam pola seipa..."

Anraiya Iravu kanneeril karainthatu...adutha naal...Veetuku arugil iruntha old age homil...
"neenga rendu perum ingaye irunga...naan poi formalitieslaam mudichitu varen..."
"adaday...Swami sir...neenga enga inga..epdi irukeenga..ungala pathu evlo varusham agarathu..enna adayalam theiryutha...naan thaanga srinivasan..sarvodaya srinivasan..Som epdi irukaan" endru kelvigalai adukinaar...
mudalil paarthum paarkadhavaru mugathai thirupi kondiruntha swaminathan, vetkam avarai pidingi thinga......"oh...seeni sir..neengala...epdi irukeenga..." enru udaintha kuraludan ketar...
"naan irukarathu kidakatum..neenga rendu perum inga enna panreenga..."
Adharku melum control seyya mudiyamal anaithaiyum koorinar swaminathan...
Kothithu pona Sreenivasan...office roomirku senrar...Som coolaga form fill panikitu irunthan...
"Sir neengala...epdi irukenga.."
"enda vekkangkettavanay..."..even before srini could complete..Som intervened...
"en personal vishayam pathi inga scene create panratha iruntha unga kita naan eduvum pesikarathukilla.." he again went to filling the form...
"apdiye inthaa...intha formum fill panidu.." enru oru formai avan mugathil erinthar srini..
"ithennathu ..unga office formai en kita kudukareenga..."
"una re admit panikalaamnu thaan......2 maasa kuzhandhaiya unna pethavanga thooki erinjitu ponapo..en ashramathila naan edam kuduthen...oray paiyana pari koduthutu sogathila iruntha swami siruku...naan than una adopt panika solli sonen...anaadha naaye...unaku aadhravu kuduthu..than paiyana una valarthu ivlo peria aal akinavangala old age homelaya sekkara...mudhalla unna readmit panikada..."
Antha rendu maatha anaadhai kuzhandhai...meendum azhuthathu....

Monday, February 12, 2007

Ek Chotisi small story...U certipicate :D

Previous post padikama intha postuku mattum commentapdathakum

KKvoda postla...proposal topicoda comemnta varavendiyathu..oru thani posta podra alavuku perusa vanthathala...here it is...ithu startinglenthu puriyanumna neenga KK postuku poitu varanum...so chk here maadi...Vday varuthula...naama post podama epudi :)

LOL on the senior epdisode...enakenmo JOKlenthu inspire aana mathiri theriyuthu... :D either way interesting read :)

now to my post...

Before our hero could say SUPERCALIFRAGILISTICEXPIALIDACIOUS (ithoda artham puriya ennoda first post...first firstu posta paakanumaakum..ilaati simplea googlikalam :D)...ella makkalum aaluku oru "target"oda set aaitanga....our hero was oru mega appavi...over enthu about his work...sat morning 6 am alarm vachu office vanthu velai paatha sincere sigamani...attiudenaala impress aana heroine..invited our hero for a cuppa coffee..."naan romba bijee..venumna aapice cafteriala irukara coffee shop polam"nu namma Sin.siga. suggest pannar....wen heroine came to our heroes place...BOYS padathula stomach burning scene got enacted in real with his team mates...epdida ipdi oru super targeta naama miss pannoamnu avangaluku surprise..and wat the heck she was doin at our heroes placengarathu second surprise..sorry..SHOCK...first firsthu outing with ponnu...tt too gud looking...motha teamum advice panna...IAS exam attend panra tensionoda namma hero coffee shopuku porar...ponaraa...anga heroine vanthaanga..vanthaangala...azhagan pada mammooty mathiri namma heroine, "cappucino..mochachino..chocochino..watdo u want"nu list adukkals...
"sorrynga..crazy mohan Madhu chinu thavira vera yariyum enaku theriyathu"nu hero mazhuppals..
atlast the decision making was left to the heroine and she ordered 2 cappucinos..coffee tabeluku vanthathu...vanthucha....koodavay karadiyum vanthichi...pinna..booja nerathula intrude panra edhiri..(read nonebun..)..karadinu koopdama enna solrathu...
"maamaay inga ennada panra"..
adai...coffee shopuku color tv vaangavada varuvaanga...creditora(tamila translate panikavum)nu kaaanaku kaaanva manasukullara thitikitay..."summa vanthoam...meet my friend *nara*nara*...."
athukaprum enna...project vishayama avan pulambala koti theethan...oru half hour kazhichi..
"ok..time for me to leavenu..."karadi escaped...
"ok..naanum kilambarennu" heroine also escaped...
kilambrathuku munnadi avanga vitta look...huh...hero paavam...athukaprum hero n heroine nalla friends aaitanga..heroine kalyanathukku hero poi..ponni arisi oru kilo vangi manja paint adichi athchathai thoovitu vanthaar...

antha coffee episodeuku aprum...namma hero office cafteria pakkamay polanu godfather solrathu..i mean varalaru...

Kalyaanam Joaraga nadanthiruchi... :)

My dear makkaas and makkis...unga ellaroda wishes and supportuku nanri...thangai kalyanam joara nadanthuchi...to tell tt i was scared would be understatement..matter ennana...this was the first major "lady"ish event in our family after my athai's marriage, which happened some quarter century back...when all our relatives gathered under one roof for my cousins marriage, well..considering the situations which happened that time, all of us were seriously scared..but by gods grace...right form engagement everyone were cooperative to the core...except for some minor very small things without which none of the marriages are complete..the event was relatively issue free...yaarlaam trouble pannuvaangannu bayantheno everyone where cooperative and were even helpful! Relativesnaalay prachani panravanga...they dont understand us..alyways egositic...ivangalaam illama iruntha nimmadhi...ipdilaam ninaikara makkaas...one nimit ithai padichitu ponga...when u get ur sisters married..that time only you will realise how wrong or right it could be...luckily for my sis all our relatives pitched in with some help or other...ilaati romba kashtam aagirukum...when all the relatives join hands and pitch in nothing can be more joyous to watch...i could see in real how joint family system, when it works, would have been...cha..inimay vara generation are surely going to miss all the fun cum tension of joint family system...anyways...felt really really happy....

Got few tips for folks with sisters waiting in the wings...use aagumaanu chk panikunga:

1) paiyan veetu selavo illa ponnu veetu selavo...entha sideoda expensaanalum mukkiyama note pannika vendiya, ellarukum therinja, important matter...FOOD....saaapadu sariya illaina scene thaan...almost all comments on marriages begins and ends with food...marriage hall...its proximity...the crowd which comes...ithellam possible topicsnaalum...only contender for the top slot for gossiping is Food..so make sure..it comes out good..luckily for us...saapaadu was a soooper dooper hit...ella velayum..ella itemum..nalla irunthichi....caterer details venumna...mail madi.guarenteeda nalla irukum..and affordable rate....vaasallla vazha maram katrenthulenthu...last day food packing varaikum...ellam avangalay pathukaranga...

2) ithu first pointa vida important....vanthvangala kavinikarathu....athuvum saapdrapo..visarikarathu romba romba important....even if the fud is gud..gavanikarathula mistake panna scene thaan....potential time bomb...tick aagarathukula defuse panidrathu romba impt...

3) kids...ivangala mathiri ice brakers yaarumay iruka mudiyathu...saapda vara kidsa nalla pathukunga..tho they mite turn out to be calvin+dennis+dilbert+all naughtiness and haughtiness mix...if u can win over them or atleast try to genuinely take care of them...ungaluku pass mark kandipa undu and it has a snow balling effect...kidsoda parents avangaloda parentsnu list romba perusu..

4) perusununa udanaynyabgam varuthu...kalyanathuku vara vayasananvanga are the second best option of ice breakers...ivnga kita gud certificate vangita...half the job done...so take extra care..rendu sweet ..rendu vadai rendu applam...ellam double gavanippa irukarathu saala siranthathu....

5) be ready to kaalla vizhundhify as many times as the groom and bride...kandipa it will help in earning brownie points for u from both the sides...ithu varaikum sonna naalu pointum common brownie points..ithu personal brownie point...so note it down.....

6) last and most important point....contrary to the popular myth...marriagesoda responsibilities mudiyarathilla...they increase manifold....getting ur gal married is jus a duty...it brings several responsibilities...post marriage it increases even more...kalyanathula gavinichitu veetuku varum boathu kandukalina...it spoils all the brownie points earned...so beware...atleast first konja naalikachum per oorelaam nyabgam vachikarathu nallathu...

7) oor koodi izhuthaa thaan ther nagarum...its worth its weight in gold for marriages....relations ilatha kalyanam...can never be complete...ithu en sister marriagela kathunda romba mukiyamana lesson...ellarum nallavanga thaan..aana ella nerathulayum nalalvangala irukarathu avasiyamillainu thonuthu...enna solreenga....adutha post azhaikirathu...varta...

BSK sorryba...ithana naal gappa..athan sethu vachu typiten :D)

Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Indha vara ulagam :D

Sms to god:

Nethu chancela...got one super sms......airtellenthu oru msg..sms to god..if u want
to pray to this god..send sms like this...athavathu..pullaryuku vendikanumna..send sms vinayak pray..first edho fwdnu ninachen..paatha nesamavay service provider
anupinathu..!!! saamikay smsa..toomuchda saami.kali muthiruchu...


Nethu exam seri sothappal..evlo kevalama paper set panna mudiyo avlo kevalam irunthichi..neria gud questions irukarapo thevalma artham illatha mokka kelvilam ketu kadupethitanga...idellam ezhuthi thaan intha degree vanganumangara alavuku pheel aaidichi...GRRRRR...kodumai ennana..this happens to be the last paper of the last sem...hope i dont cuppufy this...

1460 @ofc:

inrudan me d succ completing 1460 days @ ofc..oru BE degree mudichiruka vendiya duration...college life...without any worry of exams or studies...idhu varaikum njoyed every second of it...enaku life ultava start aana epect kidaikarthu intha aapicenaalathaan...schoola collegela adika vendiya lootylam aapicela seiyya thaan chance kidachuthu..samyathula mega kadiya poataalum...i luv my aapice...feel more at home there after my home of course :D

Nanri hai:

books pathina post konjam over mokkainalum..unga amoga aadaravuku (!!) nanri...i've registered another blog without any posts...adula enaku pudicha books pathi reviews podlamnu iruken...paapoam..work out aana tellren :) booksla interested makkalukaga...michabadi usual mokkais will continue...

Taataa..bye bye:

Dear makkaas and makkis..me d escape till feb 14th..to attend the most important
event of my life ...my sis marriage....seri bayama iruku...praying for everything to come thru fine....ok then...take care fellas n fellis...have a nice time...seeya soon...

Saary cudnt resist this :D

How can an Angrez(English Man) tell his Indian naukar(Hindi servant), who doesn't know English, to "Open the door"???

Say these lines fast in US English accent....

"There was a cold day!"... :D :D

Friday, February 02, 2007

5 point something

chetan bhagat bookileengo..prithzoda tag...
5 points which u dnt know abt me....therinju enna agaporathu...paisa prayojanam ilaatha matter...anyway..one more tag...so here we go...

En romba naal aasai got fullfilled yesterday...office mudichi veetuku porachay LANDMARK poi book vaanganumngarathu oru kutti alpa aasai...and that book happened to be Parthiban's KIRUKALGAL ngarathu...death by chocolate icecreamla extra chocolate poata epect..mukkavaasi kadailaye padichiten...i like parthibans style of writing...but konjam over dosea he over does the gd stuff..thegatidithu...sila samayam..konjam tone down paniruntha betternungara alavukku overa twist vachi ezhuharar...still relished it..and enjoyed it....now to the tag...

1 Me mad abt books...especially comics....soru thanni illama book padipen..i sorely miss my school exam vacations..main reason appo thaan engamma enna library pakkamay viduvaanga..rajeswari library was a mini temple for me..angapoi..book borrow panni street poora padichitu turning varathukula mudichiduven...if i find tht book good enuf...will take it home and read and re read a dozen times till i can remember every single color in the book...was crazy over lion comics and rani comics...enga relativelam "inum kuda kattam poatta comics padikirayanu" kindal panuvanga..i simply
loved those characters...thuppariyum tiger henry, irumbukkai mayavi (all time fav), iron robot archie (intha seriesla archiekku oru archienu oru episode varum..there will be one bad robot fighting with the gud one...LOVELY..ipo kidachalum padika ready)..lion comics had an amazing number of wonderful characters..adhula...Ratha padalamnu oru series varum...WOW...i was never able to read the full sequence but chanceless suspense...SPY drama..indha mathriyum Tamizhla vanthirukaanu surprise aaiduveenga..if u get a chance..go for it...i assure u, u will love it..

2) more on books..mythologies...i dnt remember how i got introduced to these....greek,roman,egyptian and namma indian myths kaila kadicha ella storiesum mug adichi vachirunthen..especially amar chitra katha,panchathanthram and jataka stories..by hearta theriyum...history was my fav subject..classla miss nadatharapo thoongirven..but i used to read the chapters well in advance..school term start aagarathuku munaadi book vangina udanay padikarathu tamil and history thaan...bharathiya vidhya bavan written quiz onnu nadathuvanga..they give the material full of stories from dasavathar and other puranams and model question paperlam irukum...enga gang used to conduct quiz with those question papers..infact idhu oru religion based thinga yosichathey kidayathu..quiz...adhula jeyikanumngara veri..

3) easy guess based on first two..ipdi book paithiyama iruntha epo vilaadrathu..or interacting with people...uhumm..onnum kidayathu...veetuku yarchum vantha they wud find me reading something..current cut aagarapo candle ethi vachi padikara alavuku verithanam...if my parents take me out somewhere i wud rummage thru their bookshelf and settle with any printed material available..no one complained and corrected me..and end result..i grew upto to like the loneliness this habit brought along with it...i became more of a theory man than practical...basketball kandupidichathu yaru..adula yaru pisthu..entha team neraya times champs...idellam soliduven...but cant put a single basket :( ipo konja konjama peeling off this cocoon of useless info and trying to spread my wings...Tolstoy 40 vayasula cycle oata kathukitaraam...namakku company irukudoi :)

4) once i feel i can win something..i giveup on it...ithu specific to me or generala elarumay ipdithaananu therila..killer instinctngaratha vida...i get bored with the lack of challengenu solven...even while playing shuttle..i always try to go for the most obtuse and acute of angles...service poata ace thaan podanum..return vara mathiri podrathu servicelaye kanakillangara policy..and jeyicha..it should be absolute and crushing...oru point opponent edutha kooda...did something wrong to loose itnu thaan thonum...

5) every individual is inherently complex to understand...simplea irukara oray vishayam kadavul thaan..aana considering the complexity of being god..idhu oru semmayana paradox...same with me...i go by Sigmund Freud..id (childish) ego (mature) superego (mutrum thurantha nilai)..indianised version (from which freud suttufied his theory i doubt) would be rajas tamas and satwa ...idhaye naan..deiva gunam arakka gunam and manitha gunamnu translate panna...i am more human i guess... :)