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Yours Lovingly.. :( final part

The 3 days went in a blur..he cudnt even recollect what he did or dint and was eagerly awaiting for Arunas call..It never came. He got tensed and tried reaching her number in vain..The weekend went in trying her number..When he went to office first thing he stopped short of sending her a stinker..he jus wrote Hi and sent a response came..finally he dared to call up her office and check..he called jaya..
"Hi jaya.."
"heyyy..Ram..watta suprise..u calling me..cudnt believe are are things at ur end.."
He controlled himself and patiently answered her..
"tell me hw cme u remembered me.."
"can u tell me if Aruna is around"
There was a gap before she answered in mock protest.."so..u dint mean to call me..want to know abt Aruna is it..i wnt tell u.."
"pls pls..pls she arnd? can u ask her to call me..i am unable to reach her..neither is she replyin to my mails.."
"am i her PA" he could almost…

Yours Lovingly.. :) - part 3

Though he regained consciousness almost immediately..he could make out the amount of tension those folks went through. Aruna and Jaya wer almost in tears...
"ok folks..relax...jus wanted to see how you perfectly fine..."
"yeah..yeah..we can make out..if u dn mind can u get up from Arunas lap.."
Ram wiped off something more than sweat (read asadu) from his face and hurriedly got up...Aruna and others laafed it off and soon the gang began their march towards the forest..that was a trip he would never forget in his life..
While coming back the CD player conked off and everyone decided to play antakshri...When it was Arunas turn to sing...she sang...Pehla nasha from Jo jeeta wohi the cramped up interior of the cab her voice sounded heavenly to so happened that Ram was sitting opposite to her and in his mind he began visualising the song.. till that time he had never been much of a hindi movie fan...later when they got down he asked fo…

Yours Lovingly.. :) - part 2

P.S: Soringa..mega perusa vanthirucha..athan ipovay rendu parta udachiten..hhehee

Soon..Ram joined the client place and got introduced to his new teammates....luckily one of the new team mates was from the same university where he did his PG and soon they hit it off..through her Ram got settled into the new circle pretty fast...well it always helps to have the most talkative memer of the gang by your side when you need to get to know people..

" for you from Chn.."..Jaya gave the fone to Ram..they both shared the same extn.
"hey are thingsda..and machaan who is that cute voice who answered the phone..seems you are enjoying time let me know when you are not on seat...i would call and put kadalai.."
"shutupda idiot..she is a very decent person...dont spoil my name here..."
" thts how the story goes is it..well..well...if you are happy then fine with us..."
Ram knew that the gossip mills would be working overt…

Yours Lovingly.. :) - part 1

P.S: itha fulla neenga yarachum padipeengalanu enaku oru abaaramaana doutu..athaan pikuripu first linea varuthu..ennada PNI part 7oda nikarathey...mudikara idea illayanu thenamum pallairakanakkana letters vanthu kuvinju kitu irukarapo..inum oru serial storyanu bayapadatheenga...idhu apdi izhukara alavu peria story illa :) if u got patience to plow through so at ur convienience...romba naala ezhuthanumnu draftleye iruntha version...atlast i decided to give life to it...dunno if it had come out the way i wanted it to..still glad to get the dust off it from usual...over to u folks...thuppum idam u knw where..

P.S.S:aaha..P.Sey ivlo perusa vanthiruchay..hmmm...idellam arasiyalla jagajam..kandukapdaathu.. now to d story..

"Gud morning...ur wake up call at 6.30 AM"..."Gud morning...ur wake up call at 6.30 AM"...
" soon 6.30...", Ram half opened his eyes... looked at the clock..kept the alarm for 7.30 and went back to sleep.…

Gummiyadi Pennay Gummiyadi

Rediffla intha news paatha udanay Bharathidasanoda Gummiyadi song thaan nyabagam varuthu. After years of hypocrisy Wimbeldon sheds its chauvinistic skin and has announces equal prize money for both men and women. Enna ketta womens tennisku neriya kaasu kudukanum for they are the original crowd pullers..sania mirzalenthu..sharapova varaikum yaar viladinalum gumbalo gumbal coming..mensla thala federer matrum oru sila makkaloda matches thaan real money spinners..michamellam sontha oor kaarangarathunala vara gumbal thaan..

ettu thisaiyil Aanukingay
pen illaipillai kaan
endru gummiyadi

There goes my 2 cents for feminism :D

Makkalay...oru interesting discussion on this topic..feel free to comment on this also..

S: dude..
V: s sire
S: you sound like sexist and chauvinistic da
V: at ur service???enda?
S: new post padi partha :)
V: y?correcta thaanda potruken
S: nope da..
V: enna no?i stand by my point
S: see da.. women cant talk about equality.. and all tha…


Paatu kekka ingae kikkavum

Romba naalikaprum oru arumaiyana tamizh paatu..with soothing melody and superb lyrics..ithoda lyrics netla search panni kidakala..rendu thadava paatu keta apdiye manasila padhinjidichi... :D lyricsla mishtake iruntha correctikunga

Paatu link ubayam..vera yaru..G3 thaan.. :) nanri hai...

Intha paatu romba romba pudichipoachu..couldnt get female voice (Sujatha) for this puttufied the i-dint-like male version..

diamond pearloda comparisons..WoW..ulti...enaku idha padicha..Dila vara un samayal arayil uppa sakkaraya thaan nayabgam varuthu...may be adhuvum vairamuthuvo ennamo...still idula comparisons seri sharp....kaatruna sound and music...poona fragrence and color...seana surf and wavesnu list pick is lovena eyes and lips..

iyarakaiyin mozhigal purindhuvidil
manidarin mozhiye thevayillai
idhaythin mozhigal purindhuvidil
manidarku mozhiye thevayillai

motha paatey intha naalu vari conveys the essence so very well...
ennoda pazhaiya post…

Slow down folks

Interesting this fast fast world..someone is actually trying to slow it down..chk it out

Slow Down Culture

It's been 18 years since I joined Volvo, a Swedish company. Working for
them has proven to be an interesting experience. Any project here takes
2 years to be finalized, even if the idea is simple and brilliant. It's
a rule.

Globalize processes have caused in us (all over the world) a general
sense of searching for immediate results. Therefore, we have come to
posses a need to see immediate results. This contrasts greatly with the
slow movements of the Swedish. They, on the other hand, debate, debate,
debate, hold x quantity of meetings and work with a slowdown scheme. At
the end, this always yields better results.

Said in another words:

1. Sweden is about the size of San Pablo, a state in Brazil.

2. Sweden has 2 million inhabitants.

3. Stockholm has 500,000 people.

4. Volvo, Escania, Ericsson, Electrolux, Nokia are some of its renowned
companies. Volvo supplies the NASA.

The fi…

Love-ly verses :)

Anbirkkum adaikkum thaazh undu...kaadhaluku kadhavay ileenga :)..idhuvum sutta varigal thaan...micha varigalaiyum padinga :) last rendu ennoda fav. panippoar one is also equally gud :)

Padithathil Pidithathu..

Konja naal mundhi Vikatanlayo Kumudhathilayo..oru short story padichen..felt it was too masala poatu try paniruken...chk it out usual u knw ver to thuppufy... ;)

"Unga rendu per kitayum konjam pesanum...iniki night decide panidlam"
Som left for office without even turning back to see the stunned look on the faces of mangalam and swaminathan.
Swami asked mangalam "oru vela nethu Ramya kooda pesikitu irunthanay athu vishayama irukumo?"
"idhuku thaan otu kekatheengonu sonen..ippo parunga..ennanu theriyama kuzhapikarel"
"naan engadi otu keten..ava rendu perum avlo sathama pesinda...nee veetla iruntha thana..eppa paaru kovilnu kilambidra..en kaal rendum nalla iruntha naan en ipdi veetoda kidaka poren.." ...mamavin kangal kalangi irunthana..
"naan enakaagava poren...paiyan nalla irukanum..ungaluku seekrama kaal seriya ponumnu vendika thaana kovil poren.."
"endi..nethu avanga pesikitathu therinjuma nee kovil…

Ek Chotisi small story...U certipicate :D

Previous post padikama intha postuku mattum commentapdathakum

KKvoda postla...proposal topicoda comemnta varavendiyathu..oru thani posta podra alavuku perusa it is...ithu startinglenthu puriyanumna neenga KK postuku poitu chk here maadi...Vday varuthula...naama post podama epudi :)

LOL on the senior epdisode...enakenmo JOKlenthu inspire aana mathiri theriyuthu... :D either way interesting read :)

now to my post...

Before our hero could say SUPERCALIFRAGILISTICEXPIALIDACIOUS (ithoda artham puriya ennoda first post...first firstu posta paakanumaakum..ilaati simplea googlikalam :D)...ella makkalum aaluku oru "target"oda set aaitanga....our hero was oru mega appavi...over enthu about his work...sat morning 6 am alarm vachu office vanthu velai paatha sincere sigamani...attiudenaala impress aana heroine..invited our hero for a cuppa coffee..."naan romba bijee..venumna aapice cafteriala irukara coffee shop polam"nu namma Sin.siga. suggest pann…

Kalyaanam Joaraga nadanthiruchi... :)

My dear makkaas and makkis...unga ellaroda wishes and supportuku nanri...thangai kalyanam joara tell tt i was scared would be understatement..matter ennana...this was the first major "lady"ish event in our family after my athai's marriage, which happened some quarter century back...when all our relatives gathered under one roof for my cousins marriage, well..considering the situations which happened that time, all of us were seriously scared..but by gods grace...right form engagement everyone were cooperative to the core...except for some minor very small things without which none of the marriages are complete..the event was relatively issue free...yaarlaam trouble pannuvaangannu bayantheno everyone where cooperative and were even helpful! Relativesnaalay prachani panravanga...they dont understand us..alyways egositic...ivangalaam illama iruntha nimmadhi...ipdilaam ninaikara nimit ithai padichitu ponga...when u get ur sisters married..that …

Indha vara ulagam :D

Sms to god:

Nethu one super sms......airtellenthu oru msg..sms to god..if u want
to pray to this god..send sms like this...athavathu..pullaryuku vendikanumna..send sms vinayak pray..first edho fwdnu ninachen..paatha nesamavay service provider
anupinathu..!!! saamikay smsa..toomuchda saami.kali muthiruchu...


Nethu exam seri sothappal..evlo kevalama paper set panna mudiyo avlo kevalam irunthichi..neria gud questions irukarapo thevalma artham illatha mokka kelvilam ketu kadupethitanga...idellam ezhuthi thaan intha degree vanganumangara alavuku pheel aaidichi...GRRRRR...kodumai ennana..this happens to be the last paper of the last sem...hope i dont cuppufy this...

1460 @ofc:

inrudan me d succ completing 1460 days @ ofc..oru BE degree mudichiruka vendiya life...without any worry of exams or studies...idhu varaikum njoyed every second of it...enaku life ultava start aana epect kidaikarthu intha aapicenaalathaan...schoola collegela adika vendiya lootylam a…

5 point something

chetan bhagat bookileengo..prithzoda tag...
5 points which u dnt know abt me....therinju enna agaporathu...paisa prayojanam ilaatha more here we go...

En romba naal aasai got fullfilled mudichi veetuku porachay LANDMARK poi book vaanganumngarathu oru kutti alpa aasai...and that book happened to be Parthiban's KIRUKALGAL ngarathu...death by chocolate icecreamla extra chocolate poata epect..mukkavaasi kadailaye padichiten...i like parthibans style of writing...but konjam over dosea he over does the gd stuff..thegatidithu...sila samayam..konjam tone down paniruntha betternungara alavukku overa twist vachi ezhuharar...still relished it..and enjoyed to the tag...

1 Me mad abt books...especially comics....soru thanni illama book padipen..i sorely miss my school exam vacations..main reason appo thaan engamma enna library pakkamay viduvaanga..rajeswari library was a mini temple for borrow panni street poora padichit…