Monday, December 29, 2008


Simply love this song..guess its apt for all throughout the year..and 4 all the years to come..leave alone new year. Probably MJ's best song. Njoy..

Heal the world-Michael jackson

There’s A Place In Your Heart
And I Know That It Is Love
And This Place Could Be Much
Brighter Than Tomorrow
And If You Really Try
You’ll Find There’s No Need To Cry
In This Place You’ll Feel
There’s No Hurt Or Sorrow

There Are Ways To Get There
If You Care Enough For The Living
Make A Little Space
Make A Better Place...

Heal The World
Make It A Better Place
For You And For Me
And The Entire Human Race
There Are People Dying
If You Care Enough For The Living
Make A Better Place
For You And For Me

If You Want To Know Why
There’s A Love That Cannot Lie
Love Is Strong
It Only Cares For Joyful Giving
If We Try We Shall See
In This Bliss We Cannot Feel
Fear Or Dread
We Stop Existing And Start Living

Then It Feels That Always
Love’s Enough For Us Growing
So Make A Better World
Make A Better World...

Heal The World
Make It A Better Place
For You And For Me
And The Entire Human Race
There Are People Dying
If You Care Enough For The Living
Make A Better Place
For You And For Me

And The Dream We Were Conceived In
Will Reveal A Joyful Face
And The World We Once Believed In
Will Shine Again In Grace
Then Why Do We Keep
Strangling Life
Wound This Earth
Crucify Its Soul
Though It’s Plain To See
This World Is Heavenly
Be God’s Glow

We Could Fly So High
Let Our Spirits Never Die
In My Heart
I Feel You Are All My Brothers
Create A World With No Fear
Together We’ll Cry Happy Tears
See The Nations Turn Their Swords Into Plowshares

We Could Really Get There
If You Cared Enough
For The Living
Make A Little Space
To Make A Better Place...

Heal The World
Make It A Better Place
For You And For Me
And The Entire Human Race
There Are People Dying
If You Care Enough
For The Living
Make A Better Place
For You And For Me

Heal The World
Make It A Better Place
For You And For Me
And The Entire Human Race
There Are People Dying
If You Care Enough
For The Living
Make A Better Place
For You And For Me

Heal The World
Make It A Better Place
For You And For Me
And The Entire Human Race
There Are People Dying
If You Care Enough
For The Living
Make A Better Place
For You And For Me

There Are People Dying
If You Care Enough
For The Living
Make A Better Place
For You And For Me

There Are People Dying
If You Care Enough
For The Living
Make A Better Place
For You And For Me

You And For Me
You And For Me
You And For Me
You And For Me
You And For Me
You And For Me
You And For Me
You And For Me
You And For Me
You And For Me
You And For Me

Friday, December 26, 2008

08 kazhithalum 09 puguthalum

Usuala year end na oru thrill irukum..January is always a festive month with lots of leave and year beginningarathala oru happy atmosphere will be hanging for first few weeks. Usually its the hangover of the previous year and the happy imprints it leaves. Aana 2008 aadirukara gora thandavathuku jenmathukum maraka mudiatha oru year aadichi. If at all i have a remote like Adam sandler in click 2008 fulla fwd paniruven or infact deletey paniduven. It has been the worst of worse years not just for me but also many of my friends, both personally and professionally. Alavay ida mudiatha loss.. aduthaduthu vantha prachanaigallnu ithuku mela kodumaiaya oru year iruka mudiathunungara alavuku tsunamia thaakidichi. Ivlo eagera oru year enda naan expect panathay kedaiathu.

2009 arambamay neria hopesoda arambikuthu. Guess not just for me. Entire world is reeling under the dreaded 'R' word. Crude oil which scaled cruel heights true to its name has now fallen bringing down with it may an oil bond and millionaires. Kodumai ennana today's news claim water to be costlier than oil. Quantum of Solace movie mathiri future aidumo?? As the year ends, oru pakkam Indiavum Pakistanum mallukatitu nikaranga. Inoru pakkam Americala first black president in waiting. Oru pakkam vishy anandum, boxersum Indian sportsa thalai nimira seiaranga. Inoru pakkam oru potential world champion (saina nehwal)ku passport prachanai panranga sports authorities. oru pakkam I.T sector adi mela adi vangirturku. Inoru pakkam non IT fields are gaining popularity. Engineering padicha makkal avanga linesla velai thedrathula aarvam adigam kaata arambichrukanga. 21Kla armbicha sharemarket paramapadha paambu kothi padupaathalathula vizhunthu ipo than chinna chinna yeni pudichi pathaairathai muthamida vanthiruku.

2008: Oru positveum ilatha varushathula learnings egapatathu irunthichi. Enna pathi enakay teriatha sila vishyangal, edirparatha santhipugal, pudu vidhamana manithargal, athu varai kathaigalla matumay irunthatha nencha characters silar kan munaala pathathu, unamaiyana nanbargal/uravinargal yarunu adayalam kandupudichathu, Melotama pakama benefit of doubt kudutha karanthinala enaku pudusa kedaicha friends.. ipdi sila pala nigazhvgal.

2009: Peria peria resolutions ekkachakka demands ipdi edhuvumay ila intha year kitenthu. Just let it be better than 2008 and may it deliver all the hopes hinging on it.

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

F.R.I.E.N.D.S again :)

Romba naal pending..releasing episode 3 @ gils :D

"For an ex-boxer you hardly threw a punch" Monica goes into her room muttering to herself followed by Chandler with a black eye.
"ex-Boxer?? and you?? Dude..whom are you kidding?" queries Joey.
Ross, grinning from ear to ear."Wearing one, doesnt make you one.. buddy"
" ur previous profession were u involved in arranging boxes?" asks Phoebe unable to control the laughter in her voice.
"Seriously chandler...boxing and you?? " asks Rachel
"Laugh all you want...I love to play games on xbox playstation. During our pre engagement period i had told Monica that i am an x-boxer. Evidently she misunderstood."
Amidst peals of laughter..Joey asks "then how the black eye"
"Well..she sorta challenged me for a duel and before i could say no .." he points to his swollen eye.
"Ross..i should admit..your sister is one damn gud hooker" quips Joey.
Ross begins to laugh then realises the pun and lunges at him.

The door bell rings at that time..A cute looking Pizza delivery gal stands provocatingly dressed and in a cooing tone calls "US Pizza" .
"mine mine mine mine mine mine..." rushes chandler to the door...stops before opening the door..catches his breath due to head rush...puts on his famous smile and then realises that Monica is staring at him and makes way for Joey.
" you doing"
The pizza delivery gal goes crimson in him the box and leaves blushingly.
"Works all the time.."
"May be you should patent that phrase" suggests Phoebe
"Or even better you should publish a paper on how to flirt with gals." says Ross
"ha..only dorks and nerds publish papers" replies Joey,realises that Ross does that for his living and says " apart from you of course".
Chandler who was checking the bill bursts out laughing..
"joey...that pizza delivery lady has written ur name as joey pepporini in the bill"
"No wonder..considering that he calls it "pasta"day after friday..they might soon add his name in the menu itself..joey macaroni.."
"huh..dont cast ur evil eyes on my healthy apetite"
"joey..eating 2 family pizzas is not even in the same pincode as healthy" comments rachel.
"cmonn...i am me is my famliy..hence i am helping myself a slice or two.."
"maybe joe..u shd join a gym and convert that family pack you are carrying in your tummy into a six pack" advises Ross.
"u know what Ross..thats a great idea. Why dont you enroll with me"
"ah-huh..i am uber fit maan...i run 3 blocks a day thrice and do weights every alternate. You know back in univ. they call me "the BICEPtinial man"..
"did you hear it right Ross...considering that you study Dinosaurs..the term bicentinnial applies more to you than Robin williams" quips phoebe.
"i have had enough with you kids..gotta lecture early its me calling it a day..bye folks.." rushes Ross.
"Strange..its ten past 11 into night and he calls it a day!!" wonders chandler
"hey come you are up so late. Don't you have office tommorow" enquires Rachel.
"well..he did..but his boss found him he got chucked out" replies Monica.
"How can one get fired for being responsible??" questions joey
"Well..he was found responsible for everything which went wrong" clarifies Monica.
Chandler buries deep into the sofa.

Thursday, December 11, 2008

Anjer time and Really tuff movie kwij :)

pona kwijla max no. of kostins anjer panna KRS anne (obviously..mukkavasi kelvi avar than set panirupar) and triple g ku vaazhthukkal...

2)Vajranaabha - the discus
4)Owl,antelope and pushpaka vimana
8)Trasarenu. It is the combination of six celestial atoms. Whereas, truti is the time needed to integrate three trasarenus, vedha comprises of 100 trutis and a lava comprises of 3 vedhas.

CNN IBNla Rajiv Masand kanakka naan onnu ready paniruken..solpa noakki anjeravum

1) Connect Nayanthara, Hrithik Roshan, Meena Kumari & Gary Sobers.

(Hrithik roshanoda intha uniqueness is more widely known than the rest..atha kandupudicha u the anjer get :))

2) Who dubbed for K Bhagyaraj in puthiya vArppukkaL?

(very famous meejicianoda relative)

3) Find the connection

(rajini stillla anjer keethu)

4)Connect an interior designer, a creative consultant, a computer engineer, a fashion designer and a monk from Japan.

(again "thalaivar" has the anjer)

5)X was the mother of Y in "Kadhalukku Mariyathai".But in "Alai Payuthe" X was the mother-in-law of Y.Find out X and Y.

(sutti ponnu yaru sollu..X)

6)A requested B for a chance as a singer. B felt A's voice was not upto the mark. So B politely sent A away with 2 rupees & a shirt. Identify A & B.

(both were meejic legends in their own ways)

7)AR Rehman's 'Chaiya Chaiya' has been used as the opening song for which Spike Lee movie?

(bimbiliki bilapi..simpliki silapi)

8)When gandhi was dubbed in Tamil who gave the voice for Gandhi(youth voice/old voice)?

(youth voice..very famous dubber..old voice famous director)

9)Connect Pasi, Thillu Mullu, Agni Sakshi, Poikkal Kudhirai, Paarthale Paravasam, Nala Damayanthi.

(padathukelam ennanga common..athaan anjer..aana enna reason? athaan kostin :D )

10)In Pandiarajan's debut movie as Director 'Aan Paavam', what is unique about each character's name?

(character names yosinga :) u got the anjer )

11)Who is the only Tamil actor who has been directed by (the only) two National Award winning directors in Tamil cinema?

(famous son of a famous into politics.."ne" la start agi "ru" la muidyum nadula onumila mari adichi)

12)______ Chevvaanam, ________ Pirandaachu, _________ Velli, ___ Pirandhal Vazhi Pirakkum, ________ Deepam. Fill in the blanks. And gimme the connect.

(bimbiliki bilapi..simpliki silapi again :D )

aapy anjering

Monday, December 08, 2008

குயிஜு டைம்

naangalum kelvi kepomla... :) mythology pathu itho
konjam kashtamga unthi nu makkal the i the clue givings :)

1) முழுதும் உருவாகத வெள்ளை உடல்-இவருக்கு மூன்று கால்கள்,எட்டு பற்கள்,மனிக்ரீவன் மயூரஜன் என்று இரு மகன்கள்,மினாக்ஷி என்று ஒரு மகள். மிகவும் பிரசித்தி பெற்ற இக்கடவுள் யார்.

(tirupathi saamikum romba venda pattavar ivar)

2) காந்தவ வனத்தை எரித்ததற்காக அக்னி கிருஷ்ணருக்கு அளித்த பரிசு என்ன?

(intha "kathai" terinja anjer eejee)

3) புண்டரகம், வாமனம், குமுடம், அஞனம், புஷ்பதந்தம், சர்வபாமம், சுப்ரடிகம், ஐராவதம் - இவை யாவை?

(clue is in the last name..ipo romba alpaiya poachu kostin)

4) லக்ஷ்மி தேவி, வாயு மற்றும் குபேரனின் வாகனம் எது?

(lakshmidevi vaganam--not related to gud omen..sathiyama itha lakshmiyoda imagine pana mudiyathu
guberan--ramayanam konjam rewind pannunga..from last part of yutha gandam
vaayu--ithu kushtamthaanga..googleandavaray thunai)

5) வசிட்டர் தற்கொலை செய்து கொள்ள முயற்சித்த போது பின்வாங்கி உருவான நதி எது?

(land of five riversla ketu parunga..ila vambi mama aapicela anjer kedaikalam)

6) கங்கயை பூமிக்கு அனுப்ப பிரமனிடம் வேண்டிய சூரிய குல மன்னன் யார்?

(romba kashtapatu oru velaya senja ivar pera use panni senjatha solvanga)

7) ரத்ன வர்ஷகம் அல்லது புஷ்பக விமானத்தை பிரமனிடம் பெற்றவர் யார்?

(intha quizla ivar oru rendu moonu kostinla varar :))

8) தேவர்களின் மிக சிறிய கால அளவு(smallest time unit) என்ன?

(refer amar chitra katha :D no direct clue )

9) குரங்குகளின் கடவுள் யார்?

(hanumar ilai :))

10) முதல் மனிதன் (மனு)வின் புதல்வன் யார்?

(if my guess is right ragu kula thilaga nu ramara solvanga..the answer for this kostin is predecessor to mr.ragu i guess :))

Tuesday, December 02, 2008

நினைவோ ஒரு பறவை

விருமாண்டி பட வசனம் - "மன்னிக்கரவன் மனுசன்..மன்னிப்பு கேக்கரவன் பெரிய மனுசன்". நண்பர்களுக்குள்ள மன்னிப்பு மரியாதை இதெல்லாம் பாக்கறது too much இல்ல twenty much. ஆனாலும் சில சமயம் நாம ரொம்ப எதிர்ப்பார்க்கர சமயத்துல அவங்க சொதப்பரப்போ கோவம் வருது. இது கூட சொல்லித்தான் தெரியனுமானு ஒரு பக்கமும் இதெல்லாம் வீண் formalitynu இன்னொரு பக்கமுமாக பிரச்சனை தீர்வில்லாம முடிவில பேச்சுவார்த்தை கூட இல்லாம போயிடுது. என் ஈகோ எனக்கு பெருசு. உன் ஈகோ உனக்கு பெருசுனு நட்புல விரிசல் பெரிசாகி ரொம்ப நெருங்கிய மக்களாக இருந்தாலும் பிரிஞ்சுடராங்க. நீங்க கேக்கலாம். நட்புனு சொல்லிட்டு ஈகோ பாக்கரது தப்பில்லயானு. நண்பர்கள் இல்லாத மக்கள் கூட உண்டு ஆன ஈகோ இலாத ஆளே இல்லனு தான் சொல்வேன். ஒரு ஸ்டேஜுக்கு மேல சில பேர் கிட்ட சில எதிர்ப்பார்ப்புகள் தானா வளர ஆரம்பிக்குது. Taken for granted மாதிரி. No written agreement or something. ஆனா எதிர்பார்ப்பு கண்டிப்பா இருக்கும். ஒரு வேள இந்த மாதிரி expectations தான் காரணமானு தெரியலை. பிரிவுனு ஒன்னு வரச்சேதான் உறவுகளோட அருமை, பெருமையெல்லாம் தெரியுது. அது வரைக்கும் கோவத்துல, அவங்க செய்யாததை நினைக்கிர மனசு, நாள் ஆக ஆக எதுக்காக கோவப்பட்டோம்கர காரணம் மறந்து செய்ததை நினைத்து பாக்குது. என்ன பொறுத்த வரை எந்த கோவமும் goes thru 4 stages.
முதல்ல அவன் தான் தப்பு,
அடுத்து அவன மாதிரி ஒரு நன்றி இல்லாதவன் இருக்கவே மாட்டான் (குறிப்பா இந்த டைம்ல அவங்கள பத்தி குறை சொல்லாம இருக்கவே மாட்டாங்க)
அடுத்து avoidance. அவங்க இருக்கற திசையே பாக்காம அவாய்ட் பன்றது
ஒரு பெரீய்ய்ய்ய்ய gap. இந்த timela கோவபட்டதோட காரணம் கொஞ்சம் கொஞ்சமா மறந்திரும்.
கடைசியா திரும்ப எற்படர எதிர்பாராத சந்திப்பு..முதல்ல இருந்த நட்போட வெளிப்பாடு. உடைந்து போன கண்ணாடினாலும் பிம்பம் இருக்க தானே செய்யும். பழய நினைவுகள அசை போட்டு மன்னிப்பு கேட்க மனம் நாணி அமைதியாக போவோர் சிலர். ஒன்னும் இல்லாத விஷயத்துக்காக இத்தனை நாள் பேசாம இருந்துட்டோமேனு மனம் வருந்தி யார் தப்பு யார் சரின்னு பாக்காம முதல் அடியாக "என்ன மன்னிச்சிரு"னு மனசார கேக்கரவங்க சிலர்.விருமாண்டி பட வசனம் தான் திரும்பவும் நினைவுக்கு வருது - "மன்னிக்கரவன் மனுசன்..மன்னிப்பு கேக்கரவன் பெரிய மனுசன்".

en thideernu ipdi oru seriousana mokkainu thinkaravangaluku. Ithula sonna ella stagesum naan realise panen intha varusham. I lost 2 of my dearest friends early this year and got them back today. Eppoda mudiya poguthunu eagera wait panitrukara intha kanraviyaana yearoda only bright spot. I got my friends back :) and ofcourse.. sorry ketathu naan thaan :)

Friday, November 28, 2008

A sweet appreciation

Adutha mudhalvar..naalaya pradhamar..niranthara janathipathi..ipdi ekkachakakkaa awardsku madhiyil.. seriousa oru award for this blog :) from "Whattonameit" Priya.

I thank my family, friends, fellow bloggers, technicians of google (soringa ella award showlayum ipdithana istaaart panuvanga..athey flowla soliputen :D) and mainly the blogspot server for silently parsing all my useless posts without suing me :D

Apdiye priya postlenthu sutta varigal as below :)

This beautiful award was given to me in my Journal blog by Priya and I wud like to pass on to some fellow bloggers over all.

Before I pass this award, there are some rules which I have to mention -

Put the logo on your blog.
Link the person who awarded it to you.
Link the bloggers you are about to honour.

Prithz.. u jus have to visit her blog to c how apt the award is for her.

Divs.... mega serial madamoda blogs..padikarachavay padam paakra effect varum.

Karthik..valarum blogger :)
mgnidhi..thalaivaray kalyana parisa ipovay istaart panidren :)
vambi..vambi maamaaku ilama oru awarda :)
blogeswari..konja naala thaan padikaren ivanga posts..semma intersting quizzes..

Monday, November 24, 2008

Kathai kathaiyaam kaaranamaam

Kribanantha vaariar mathiri oru genius for storytelling chancelangrathu ennoda kuruthu. Amazing story teller. Chinna chinna kathiagala vachu differentaana anglela yosika vaikaravar. Lateral thinkinga ila nejamavay athan facta theriathu. Still..i love his anecdotes and stories. Sampleku itho..

"Sattiyila iruntha aapaiyilay varum" . Romba familiarana pazhamozhi/statment. Obvious meaning containeray emptya irukarapo epdi karandila varum..athuvum emptya thaana irukum apdingara mathiri vanthalum. Athuku oru interesting kathai irukaam. Oru oorula, oru peria panakaaarar. Neria dhaana dharmam panravar irunthaaram. Avar wife avara vida peria dharmavathayaam. Pasinu varavangaluku sapaadu podama anupavay matangalam. Romba kaalama avangaluku kuzhandhai bagiyam ilama irnuthichaam. Oru samayam avanga veetuku sapda vantha swamigal oruthar sonaram. Murugara vendikitu sashti veratham irunga. Puthira bagyam undaagumnu. Athey pola kantha sashti veratham irunthangalam. Kuzhandhai perum adainthaangalam. Athunala "Sashtiyil (viratham) irunthaal agappaiyil (kuzhandhai) varum" apdinu uruvaacham vaakiyam. Athe solla theriama "Sattiyila iruntha aapaiyilay varum" ithu vanthucha ila originaloda maruva nu therila. Ana epdi pathalum logic irukungarathala rendumay ok.

Ithai pola inoru belief pathiyum solvar. Veetuku thalaichan pillai (first son/daughter) idi mazhaila velila poga kudathu. Idi thaakidumnu oru (mooda?)nambikkai undu. Matter ennana, antha kaalathula peria peria buildings kedayathu. Lightening conductor conceptlam prevalent ila. Mazhaiala velila porachay veetuku mootha paiayangaravan obviousa would be taller than the rest. So apdi irukarachay idi thakichinna first avara thaan thaakum. Athoda artham puriama idi ennamo mootha pasanga mela kurivachi vizhumngara rangeku makkal maathitaanga.

Saturday, November 22, 2008

Lucky : How deep is your love - concluded


You don't worry... I shan't do anything like that if you are uncomfortable..
Thanks a million Harini.. you know how embarassing it can be...
So Aunty knows you huh ?

Ya.. I've been home a couple of times...

Mahesh took you home ?

Ya... why do you ask ?
aise hi...and is your brother married ?Do you have any other sisters ?

Forget Shweta... You tell us where and when did you meet Mahesh first ?
Yeah akka.. Tell us no...

I hope you don't think we are intruding...
No No.. though I am just a little curious about why I am suddenly being questioned...

Nothing to be afraid of.. We are just two curious cats...

Mahesh and I... we met sometime in October just before I went abroad..I used to work in a software firm at that time......I think it was at PVR that we first met..You know that place right ? At The Forum on Hosur Road..

Yeah.. I know....and then how did you become friends ?

He was there with Divya and my best buddy Shiv.. You might be knowing them..
Divya is Mahesh's classmate...
Shiv...Oh he was Harini Akka's friend too in college..
Really ? I did not know that...
we were just in same college..nothing more than that..u tell me ur story...
Nothing...there is no story.. so we got introduced there...and we've been friends since then...

C'mon, there is more to this... We are all part of the same family now..You can tell us...We'll keep your secrets...
Harini, plssssssssss...

Nee summa irudi Shweta......

There are no secrets at all. Neway can I ask some qustions now ?
Of course...but just two questions and we will tell you...

This Mahesh... Was he always a woman's man ? See, he's just been here for 15 mts and he is already flirting with that girl.. Yaar aval ?

Oh... She is Archana...Brinda manni's neighbour's daughter...Avalukku eppovume oru kannu Mahesh mela..
Archana akka is a University basketball player...See how tall she is.. Mahesh anna and she talk a lot about sports...

Is that all you had to ask ?

You haven't answered my question..

See Priya..Mahesh has a lot of women friends but none of them are close.. I mean, its all platonic relationships...Wait....Are you talking of Supriya and Kavya ?
Yes. So you know everyone in Mahesh's life huh ?

You can say that...

Then how come you didn't know about me ?

did u beleive that we dint know u... ?

No undue respect pls...

I don't think you have any competition...Mahesh has never taken any of those women home...
Who was talking about competition ?

I just thought you sounded a trifle insecure.

You are too much Harini. OK..One more question ? I assume you won't discuss any of this with Mahesh...

Of course not... Our lips are sealed

Why does your brother always watch movies from 2 to 6 ? Why this fetish for matinees ? Why does he hate staying out after 6 pm ?

Mahesh hates crowds ?

Priya.. what Shwets means is that Mahesh is not the kinda guy who will go out on a date when the streets are crowded so that he can flaunt his gal or something..He likes his space.. he values his privacy...Besides his point is that since we have come out anyway to watch the movie, how should show timings matter ?...I know thats crazy but thats him..

...but i like my afternoon hard till late night...

all the more reason why he prefers matinees coz he feels people waste too much time over the weekends doing nothing...

And what does he do later in the evening ?

Sunday evenings are for football in the TV or snooker at John Uncle's house and Saturday mornings are for cricket..Anna is the fiercely sporty kind...

I idhu dhaan kadhaya?
You speak good Tamil for a Kannadiga..
No No.. We are Thamizh and we speak thamizh at home... basically from Tanjavur...just settled here in Bangalore..
So how long have you been going steady ?
No No.. I am not his girlfriend.. We are just good pals...
Ha Ha Ha
Nejama pa...
Ha Ha Ha
Harini, sirikaadha...Mahesh is coming..

Hey guys. sorry Pri but I got held up... and there's more bad news.. Periappa says no leaving without lunch..Why are giggling, Ajit ?

Onnum illa anna..
hey Harini, I can see that mischiveous gleam in your face.. Been upto your usual tricks ?
i swear..nothing.. You ask your girlfriend, naan onnume pannala...
Lets have lunch... we need to leave...


Why are you so silent ?
C'mon, you can tell me. Did my cousins say something wrong ?
Not at all. On the contrary, they were great fun...
Yeah.. though I would not trust that Harini one bit....she is a real devil...
Did you get to meet any of my relatives ?
Amma told me she saw you...I am sorry..
Its OK
Aren't we having a very monotonous conversation ?
Did not know it was the day of monosyllables today..
Sorry...All your cousins think I am your girlfirend...
Is it ?
Thats not much of a reply...
So what do you think ?
I don't think I was ever asked...
Yeh sub poochna padtha hai kya ?
Of course.. why do you have to take everything for granted ?
OK OK.. I adore you...
Is that supposed to be comprehended as "You are my girlfriend"
You should have been a lawyer...
lets go to your house now..u promised to sit n watch moves with me..
i just wanna sit n relax watching moviefor sumtime. u say!


The food was great, wasn't it ?
Awesome it was... the gulab jamun though could have have been more sweeter...
Don't worry... we won't let it happen at our wedding....
Mahesh, you are impossible....
Why ? What is it now ?
Why do you keep doing it all the time ?
Now what......
Wait...let me put it this way...did you just ask me to marry you ?
If you want to put it that way... but I thought you already knew...

I didn't.. In fact, look at it this way... I just heard that you were serious about our realtionship a minute back...
The girlfriend thing ?
Aur kya.. and now you talk about marriage....

I didn't know you were so slow in taking hints..I thought we had passed that stage a long time back...

Women don't know.. they need to be told Mahesh.............


.......and are there any other suprises in store for me today ?

Now that you mention, I do have a ring in my jeans which I proposed to use later in the evening...


...but since we are already there, maybe I should do it now...

No No No.. DON'T....

No what ?

Don't propose..

But why ? You don't like me...

I know you are not going to like this... but hear me out.. I think we are rushing too quickly here.. Waittt.. Its not me.. I know I like u..ur company..u take care of me and i feel good with u and I haven't wanted anything more than this... But I think I don't deserve you...You are way too nice...There are sides to me you haven't seen....I want you to think this through a little more carefully....

Can I make a point here ? Will you give me a little more credit ? Will you please let me decide what I want ?

Don't get angry Mahesh...Can you pls do this for both of us... Can you wait for some more time ? I want you to be crystal clear before you take this huge step..

I am clear even now..
You ok ?
Look at me baba...
Am driving...
Don't sulk baba..
I am not..
If you're not feeling like it, we can ditch the movie..
lets go..let me check wats playing..
btw which movie are we seeing ?
Why are you swearing ?
Which movie are they playing????tell me na..
Lucky: No Time for Love

Thursday, November 20, 2008

Lucky: How deep is your love - part 1

Ithu en friend ezhuthina kathai. Conversation modela semma cutea posting it here.


Mahesh, the muhurth is at 6 am and we need to leave atleast by 5:30.. Wake up..Amma and I have taken our bath, Appa is in and you are next...

Viddu, do I really need to come ? I mean, I did not wake up before 6 even on Diwali and here we are talking about the Upanayanam of some second cousin...whats his name...Nishant... I've never met in my whole life and I'm expected to change my holiday habits......

But the entire family is congregating da. Murali mama is coming all the way from Singapore and you can't move your fat ass from BTM to Hebbal....

Its a bloody Sunday dammit..besides you guys need me only as a chauffeur...Why don't you take the car ? I'll manage with Pri's Zen...

The pottery class again ?

Yeah...Don't feign as if you don't know... what time will you come to the mandap then ?

Class is from 9 to 12.. I will come for lunch but remember, I am not staying beyond 2...
Movie ?
Yeah... and I have something else lined up too...
Is today the day ?
Maybe.. Haven't decided... will go with the flow..
All the best da...
Vidya, leave him alone...He won't come...Vandila petrol irukaada Full tank ma...


Good morning Mahesh...
Hi Pri...
You sound very groggy...slept well ? woken up at 4:45 again... and as usual had to fight to stay off the function......
But you should be attending such get-togethers....
Not another lecture pls...OK...
Do you realise you promised to come and pick me at 9...which is like 26 min away...
Listen, can you go by auto today ? Something else has suddenly turned up and I need to borrow your car....Of course, I will pick u back from class...
No problem..Come home and take the keys from eppo varuva?
Quarter to 12... the usual ? fine ?
Yes buddy...


Been waiting long ?
Nopes...Just came a couple of minutes back...How did the class go ?
...and what should my answer be ?
Hahaha... You are right.. Whatever you say, I don't get why ask..u r right...
Finally you're seeing some reason...So what plans for today ?
Can we just drop in at that function ? Periamma called and blasted me...Thalai kaamichittu vandhudlaam......

Thank God you finally relented...But I am not appropriately dressed and this is a family affair where I won't fit in so why don't you go ahead and we'll meet later when you're free...

Are you mad ? If you come I'll atleast be able to wriggle out earlier.. Please don't refuse...
Uffff.....fine... let's go....


Amma, Mahesh anna has come...Hello anna, you've become taller...
Hahaha...and so have you Ajit....
Akka kaettiya... anna also thinks I am taller...
He knows anything else will upset you...Stop making a fuss about it Ajit...You'll grow, don't worry...Hello Mahesh...
Hey Shwets, how did the sem exams go ?
Good. Thank you.
Harini enga? Aala kaanum?
Anna, she is in the Store room with Brinda manni arranging the thamboolam packets...
Ajit, how is your tennis coming along ? I told you to come home and borrow my Wilson and you haven't come yet...
No Mahesh... As it is, he wastes so much time with sports..Next year he has his board exams and he has to start now....
There you go, playing typical elder sis....Give him space Shwets.. He'll do fine...

Yeah.. Btw, Mahesh, aren't you gonna introduce your friend to us ?
Ohho... sorry.....Ajit and Shweta, meet Priyadharshini my friend...Pri, Ajit and Shweta are my second cousins...My mom's eldest cousin's kids....

I am no kid...

Hahahaha.. I know you're doing your post grad but you'll always be my kid sis, Shwets...Ah, there comes Harini...

Hiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii.........Mahesh, eppo vandha ? You've become fat...chaaaaa... no exercise-a ?

Oh pls....and..Harini, meet my friend Priyadharshini...I can see Saambu Uncle coming... Let me go meet him before he sees me... why don't you folks chat up till then...and Harini, no games ok ?

Akka, can we call you Priya ?
Of course Ajit...So you play tennis huh ?
Ya.....Was more regular when we were in Calcutta but ever since we moved last year haven't quite settled down.
No problem.. Mahesh has friends in the Koramangla Club so maybe you can take his help...
He already has...Neway don't let Ajit bore you with his stories.. Why don't you tell us about yourself ? What do you do Priya ?
I work as a fashion designer...I help my brother who runs a garment store....
Wowww.. Very interesting...You're a Bangalorean ?
Yes. Was born here, studied a couple of years in Chennai but everything else has been in Bangalore. I stay in Malleshwaram.
Oh ho..and how do you know Mahesh ?
Common friends.

Hey Priya, nee eppo vandha ? Thanks ma.. . Thanks for bringing him here...
No Aunty..I tried to convince him but finally I think he made his own decision... You know how obstinate he can be !!

Ha Ha Ha...Still thanks ma..Its such a relief that he hangs out more with sensible people like you....andha Venky veetukku varumbodhellam bayamma irukku...I need to go now but u shud definitely stay back and join us for lunch... Harini, Priya kootindu introduce her to all our family...

(concluded in next part)

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Smile phulees..

"ok..ready..get..set..and STOP CLENCHING YOUR TEETH"
"huh..u dont give me that Hannibal lecter look..i will give it a better try..promise"
"hmm..ok..relax..deep tension..happy thoughts..think of your own stupid jokes"
"huh..that would make me remorse"
" we go..say cheeeeeeees..Oh MY GOD..whats the matter with you..saying cheese doesnt add to your calories man..cant you ever smile?"

Ithey koothu thanga..oru oru thadavayum passport photo eduka porachaylam ithey imsai. I confess. I cant pose a smile. Athukaga Narasima rao mathiri ila. Me very very conscious while getting clicked. Whenever there is a need for a passport size foto i go for a new one. Atleast oru thadavayachum siricha mathiri varuthanu try panna. Oru oru thadavayum fotographer BP ethi vitathu than micham. When they say CHEESE i FREEZE. School ID cardla en pic patha apdiye thooku thandanaikaga wait paniturukara kaithi mathiri irukum (comment courtsey: class mates). Same with office id. My damager even went to the extent of commenting that i look menacing in that :( oru pacha pullya paathu ipdi soliputangalaynu oray pheelinga poachu..Intha comments imsaikagavay engayachum outing pona kuda group fotoku thaan nippen..solo stills no way :) me more comfortable behind the lens. Fotography rombbbaa ishtam. Aana costly hobbyngarathala oor sutha porachay thaan enakullara irukara rajeevan,pc sriramlam velila varuvanga.

Last week went to a Bank with my mom. Antha manager kita enga amma edho pesitrunthanga. Naan paatuka sivanaynu paraku pathukitrunthen. Antha aal etho document onnu kuduthu "Thambi itha xerox panikitu vaapa"nu sonar. I it copied and came back. On the way home enga amma sonanga. That manager had asked "unga paiyan IT la vela pakarana?"
"aama en kekareenga?"
"ila..avara thambinu kooptathu kovam vanthiruchi nenakren"
!!! Intha kodumaiya naan enga poi solrathu. Firstu IT la irukaravangala thambi koopta kovam varuma?? apdinulam oru ennam avaruku iruntha athuku naan enna panrathu? elatha vida top ENNA PAATHU KOVAKKAARAANU solitar :( ithanaikum antha aal vayasanavarachaynu naanu kaiaya kaala katikitu ozhungu pullaya ninukitrunthen. To top it all enga amma sonathu thaan "un munjiye apdithaanda iruku..epo paru urrrrrnu iruka..konjam siricha enna poachu"

Avvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvv......mudialada saami.

Sunday, November 16, 2008

Lyrically urs :)

Nenjikul peithidum maa mazhai..
oru rendu vaarama nonstopa olichitrukara song. Ma mazhai ngara word keta udanaye romba pudichi poachu.

Adhu matumilama antha songla inoru line varum.."Ennodu va veedu varaikum..en veetai paar ennai pidikum" nu.
WOW...yosichu parunga, assuming surya is bachelor in the movie, evanachum avan GF a veeta paru..unaku pudikara mari irukumnu kupduvana? romba differentaana thought..aana semma cute. Intha linekagavay intha paatu inum pudichi poachu.. :) Thamarai definitely shines amidst biggies. Romba differenta iruku ivanga lyrics. I am big fan of her words. Vaseegara lenthu kalakitrukanga.

Enaku kaakka kaakka padathula vara "oru ooril azhagay uruvai" songum romba pudikum. Athula dimple vachu oru super line varum. "Aval kannathin kuzhiyil siru sedigalum nadalaam"nu. Very sweet and very cute. After that song..yentha ponnoda dimple pathalum intha line thaan thonuthu. Avlo nachunu padinijruchi.

Athey pola "Veyil" padathula vara "Kaadhal neruppin nadanam" song. Athu Kabilan ezhuthinathu nenakren. Ulti lyrics. "Silanthi valayil siruthai maatum..pulli maangal punnagai seithu vedanai veezhthum"..avvvvvvvvv....enna oru imagination. chancela. Athey padathula vara "veyilodu velayadi"um romba pudikum. Chennai climateku yetha song.

"Pudupettai"la vara.."oru naalil vaazhkai" song. Athu paadinathu yuvan nenakren ila danush a therila. "Ethanai kodi kanneer man meethu vizhunthirukum. Athanai kanda pinum boomi indrum poo pookum"..rombavum rasicha varigal. Yosika vaikuthu. Muthukumar ezhuthina songa therila. Avaroda "Kan pesum vaarthaigal" songum romba pudikum, from 7/G rainbow colony movie. "Thoorathil theriyum velicham paathaiku sonthamillai" lines.

"ovvoru pookalumay" song varikku vari thathuvam. Ana oru soga feel varuthu athu kekarapolam..almost in tears. So athukagavay kekamaten. Apdiyum engayachum busla trainla itha paadikitu vara physically challenged people paatha oru nimisham kannu kalangidum. Romba strong lyrics. Sethukirukar Pa.vijay. "Herathi hero veerathi veero" nu ezthinathum ivar thano??!!!

Ithu varikum sonna pudu lyricistlam ivlo seriousa poatu thaakara timela.."hope kaalkilo labor kaal kilo luck kaal kilo"nu successa kooru poatu vithu simpla formula mathri youthfulla jigina adichi viladrar vaali. Ena poruthavaraikum best song abt successna athu Boysla vara intha song thaan. Romba thathuvamana song..atha ultra modern pep oda solirupar Vaali.

Intha mathiri songslam tuneoda sathathula amungidama gambeerama ezhthunthu olikarathu eponna..intha super singer, sapthaswarangal intha mathiri singing competitonla than. Neria paatoda lyrics anga kekarapo thaan puriuthu. Intha mathiri nalla pronounce panravangalaye paada vaikalamay? Kural mathirye porulum mukkiyam, ilaya?

Thursday, November 13, 2008


பிறத்தலும் இறத்தலும்
உறங்கலும் விழித்தலும்
போமேயாம் என்ற
உண்மையை உணர்ந்தால்
உலகில் ஒரு கவலையும் இல்லை

கவலை என்பது இல்லாமல்
கண்ணீர் சுரப்பிகளை
கடவுள் படைத்திருக்கமாட்டார்
சுரக்கும் கண்ணீர்
சோகத்தினாலா சுகத்தினாலா
என்பதை முடிவு செய்வது
கண்களின் பொறுப்பன்று
கடவுளின் செயலுமன்று
இரு கை கொண்டொராயுனும்
நம்பிக்கை உடயோரெனின்
வேரெதும் இல்லாரயினுமவர்
எல்லாம் உடையோரே

உருப்பெருவது சிலை
உடைந்து போன கல்லை
எண்ணி அது கலங்குவதில்லை
கால உளி செதுக்கி
காட்சி மாறும் கற்கள் நாம்.
தொலைந்து போன கல்லா
இல்லை உருமாறிய சிலையா
நம் மனநிலையில்லுள்ளது
தெய்வம் என்றால் அது தெய்வம்
வெறும் சிலை என்றால் கற்சிலை தான்.

intha postukana inspiration prespiration evaporation condensation..elathukum karanam kadisi rendu line. Pazhaya cinema paatula vara lines..apdiye tortoise coil suthi..thoughts engayo poidichi..athan vilaivay intha mokkai :D

Monday, November 10, 2008

சுக்குமி...ளகுதி...ப்பிலியும் அத்திரிபாச்சாவும்

எங்கம்மா, நான் school homeworka எழுதற அழக பார்த்து சொன்ன கதை இது :)

ஒரு ஊருல ஒரு அவசர குடுக்கை இருந்தானாம். எல்லா விஷயத்திலையும் அவசரம். குடுகுடுனு செஞ்சு முடிச்சிடனும்னு வேகவேகமா வேலைய செய்வானாம்..தப்பும் தவறுமா. இப்படித்தான் ஒரு தடவ அவன் அம்மா அவன் கிட்ட, மளிகை சாமான் லிஸ்ட் எழுதித்தரேன் வாங்கிகிட்டு வான்னு சொன்னாங்க. அதுக்கு அவன்,நீ எழுத லேட் ஆகும். அதுனால நானே எழுதிக்கரேன்,நீ சொல்ல மட்டும் சொல்லுனு சொல்லிகிட்டு, கடகடனு எழுத ஆரம்பிச்சானாம்.
லிஸ்ட் ரெடி ஆனதும் ஓட்டமா ஒடி போய் கடைல குடுத்திருக்கான். கடைக்காரன் படிச்சு பாத்துட்டு,ஒன்னும் புரியலன்னு, திருப்பிக்குடுத்துட்டானாம். அப்பிடி என்னதான் எழுதிருக்கான் லிஸ்டுலன்னு பாத்தா

அவங்க அம்மா சொன்னது சுக்கு 100GM,மிளகு 100GM,திப்பிலி 100GM. அவசரத்துல சேர்த்து எழுதிட்டுப்போனதுனால இம்புட்டு குழப்பம். என் handwriting எவ்வளவு மோசம்னு இதுலேந்தே தெரிஞ்சிருக்கும் :)

ஞாபக மறதிக்கு ஒரு கதை சொல்லுவாங்க :)

புதுசா கல்யாணமான ஒருத்தன், ஒரு நாள், பட்டு வேட்டி, பட்டு சட்டை போட்டுகிட்டு, அவன் friend வீட்டுக்கு போனானாம். அங்க அவனுக்கு சாப்பிட கொழுக்கட்டை தந்தாங்களாம். first firsta அப்பொ தான் கொழுக்கட்டைய கண்ணால பார்த்த நம்ம ஹீரோ, இது பேர் என்னனு கேட்டு தெரிஞ்சுக்கிட்டு, வீட்டுல போய் wife கிட்ட செய்ய சொல்லலாம்னு, பேர் மறந்திரக்கூடாதேன்னு, வர வழி பூரா "கொழுக்கட்டை" "கொழுக்கட்டை"னு சொல்லிக்கிட்டே வந்தானாம். அவன் நேரம். அப்போ மழை கொட்ட ஆரம்பிச்சிடிச்சி. ஓரமா ஒதுங்கி நின்னாலும், "கொழுக்கட்டை" ஜபத்தை நிறுத்தலை. கொஞ்ச நேரத்துலலாம் மழை விட, வழியெல்லாம் ஒரே சேறு. புது வேட்டி அழுக்காகிடப்போகுதேன்னு, "அத்திரிபாச்சா"னு சொல்லிக்கிட்டே அந்த சேறு தாண்டி வீடு வந்து சேர்ந்த நம்ம ஹீரோ, புது பொண்டாட்டிகிட்ட ஆசையா, எனக்கு என் friend வீட்டுல சாப்பிட தந்த "அத்திரிபாச்சா" disha செஞ்சி தா னு சொல்லி அடம் பிடிக்க, அந்த மாதிரி ஒன்னுமே இல்லைனு wife சொல்ல, சண்டை starts. பஞ்சாயத்து கூடிச்சி. "கொழுக்கட்டை" "அத்திரிபாச்சா" ஆன கதை வெளிச்சத்துக்கு வந்துச்சி :))

Friday, November 07, 2008

Jus for laughs

As usual Ram late coming. Kadupil mr.X.
"Yenda punctuala iruka kudathunu sathiyam pani vachitia? "
"Ur aanar..ithu abaandamaana kutrachaatu..ipolam naan pesarapo kuda comma, colon poatu solra alavuku punctuala irukenakum"
Vazhakkam pola "Ithelam enga urupdapoguthu" nu oru look vitutu "en late..ethachum kathai karanam vachirupiaye?"
"Kathai ilai ur aanar..oru kostin thaan en thamathathiruku karanam....enna kostinnu intha edathula neenga ketaaganum"
"kekaati solamaya iruka pora..sollithoalai"
"Kathirikaaiku englishla enna?"
"ada..tension agama solunga ur aanar"
"athoda plural?"
"correct..urulai kezhanguku enna?"
"potatoes..dei...udha vanga pora..ozhunga matterku va"
"seri kola veri...vendaikaaiku enna? itha matum solunga"
"ladys finger"
"ithoda plural lady fingersa ila ladies fingersa..ithaan en santhegam..yosichikitrunthathula time adicihi..athan late"
sontha selavula sooniyam vachikita epectla Mr.X nikka..Ram continues..
"onnu solren ketukunga..pottu vacha thaan athu "i" pottilaina athu "l"..ithaan life"
Mr.X ku veri eruvathai unaratha Ram..still continues
"Apostrophe evlo peria vaarthai..athu denote panra symbol aana parunga oray oru kodu thaan "'"..ithuvum life"
"dei..ipdilam unakku yaruda solli tharanga? enaku iniki rendula onnu therinjaganum"
"cha cha..ithelam i the own thinking.."
"apo yarum una thoondi udalangara"
"aama ur aanar"
"apo poatu thaakungada ivana..baduva..imsai thangala"
Arai mani neram gummiku piragu..
"emmadi..aathadi"nu munagi kitay Ram ezhunthu vara..meendum oru adi vizhunthathu.
"dei..ipo edthukuda adichenga.."
"ila lyrics padi..emadi athadi adutha line onnay onnu enaku thariadi nu varum athan"

P.S:Romba seriousa post poatu bore adichi poachu..athan bucking the pattern :) thirunthiteno nu yarum thappa nenachida kudathu ila.. :))

Wednesday, November 05, 2008

Movers n Shakers - concluded

This title should originally be given to the BSE- whose recent dakshinayanan move has shook the nation and has taken many a life.
I confess, me dont've no idea of what stock market is and how BULLs defy gravity and end up licking the boots of BEARs. To me its all Bull and too much to bear. But i always find it interesting to watch the numbers add up and when it reached 21k early this year, everyone became an expert and shares n stock became talk of the day. parama padham mathiri irukara intha velatuku nayayapadi snakes n laddersa than examplea use panirukanum..engenthu kaala maadum karadiyum vanthuchinu therila. Etho..ipo improve agitu varuthunu solranga. Nalla iruntha seri.

Final personality on my "MnS" (;) list is none other than the only World Champion from India. Vishvanathan anand. My first sports hero. Chess velada kathukarathuku munalenthay Anand pathi kelvi patruken. Amazing person. One billion peoploda oray representative at a world level. A true champion. Chess playersna opponentsa hypnotise paniduvanga athu ithunu egapatta myth iruntha timela sirichi sirichay he won not jus the game but millions of hearts across the world. I love the speed with which he plays. And this guy has amazing memory power. Oru interviewla, the interviewer showed him 3 moves from 3 different games, each several decades apart. He picked the games and the players name correctly for each of them. WOW. Sariayana mandai. To quote my title again, he is the original mover and shaker. His moves on the board shook his opponents, which I am sure Kramnik would vouch for. A truly inspiring sports personality who has single handedly inspirted so many people to take up the game of chess.


Intha seriesa ithoda stopikaren. Adutha postlenthu usual mokkais thodarum :)

Sunday, November 02, 2008

Trivia :)

Two reasons caused a break in the movers n shakers series :)

First one

To quote like Chandler (Mathew Perry) from F.R.I.E.N.D.S

"Kumble is Humble with a K"
In the era of low cost airlines, true to his name, JUMBO retires from cricket.
The indian scorecard will have a HUGE gap in the bowling section without this name. Ever since i've been following cricket, there are few names like Sachin, Dravid, Kumble...all of which sound as synonymous as bat, ball and wicket. It feels really sad to see them moving out, which they have to and this being the right time as well. ShahRukh once commented about a newcomer on his debut movie- "May your career go through the 4 stages of being a superstar. First people will ask "who is this guy" next they will ask " I want only this guy" thirdly they will ask "get me someone who looks like this guy" and finally they will ask "for a younger version of this guy". Guess it will apply to the bowling superstar as well. From an almost anonymous entry (i still remember the series where i couldnt make out between kambli and kumble :) ) he has become a role model and a true pathbreaking phenomenon. Gud luck Kumbles..hope to see u soon.

oru curious thought. Actually this post was meant to publish this one, but mr.kumble announced his retirement in an unannounced manner :) Well here it is.

OBAMA almost sounds like OSAMA and BINLADEN abbreviates to BIDEN, his running mate!!!
Paranoid gils or interesting trivia??!! ;))

Saturday, November 01, 2008

Movers n Shakers - 2

This post is about a bunch of people under the misguided influence of a till-recently-nonentity of a person. Actually the title, fits them to a T. They moved and shoved and shook things and people alike, around them, to catapult into lime light. The MNS. Phonetically the name of their group is more accurate in Tamil where it reads "YEMANS".

For those who werent born under the British rule, feel no worries. Except for the colour of the skin, the practices followed 2 centuries back still holds good and lo behold..we are still in the days of the Raj!! Even a child will know how fragile the is the thread called unity in diversity. You dont need a hacksaw to tore it to shreds when mere words harshly spelt can mean doom. If you thought so, well the former is the way in which the MN(ui)S(ance) have been dealing with the issue of mumbaikars vs non-mumbaikars.

Indian history has seen the term immigrants being etched with blood and gore ever since it saw independence. But I think for the first time natives are being termed as immigrants. The worst part is the attitude of the local government, with obviously vested interests akin to the policy of appeasement by the Allies during WWII. History has always been a funny subject. People never bother to learn from the mistakes commited by others and always end up reinventing the "wrong" wheel.

Its really sad to read about the plight of our fellow Indians and the kind of hardships they undergo in phoren land just for the sake of money. Its unbelievably pathetic to imagine a much worse plight in their own land. Infact that raises the most disturbing question of all times, How Indian are we? Take the case of states fighting over water, border and "illegal" immigrants already multi divided by language. For a person totally strange to India, he might think these are individual countries. Now where is the question of unity with all these infighting??!! Its becoming a farce nowadays with the secessionists holding fort everywhere.

No one can suggest a 10 point programme and get this all rectified in a day's time. But for starters let there be a limit on the number of political parties. I am not sure how this can be implemented. May be one can take a stat of how a so called national/regional party has polled votes in past 20 years or say ten elections and can have a ceiling on the minimal percentage of votes they should have secured to retain their outfit. We hardly vote. Bitter fact. Even with such small percentage of people voting, if a party hardly gets any vote year after year and election after election, isnt it proof enough that the people are rejecting it. There should be even tighter restriction on so called "Fiery" speeches and news channels who bray non stop on their "exclusives" about these speeches should get their licenses revoked. May be we can get a new clause added to consumer act in relation with the news channels. If its misleading or found untrue, the channels should be banned for fanning voilence.

Its really moving and one cant help shaking with sadness on seeing the plight of daily bread winners, who throng cities, not for minting millions but just for a decent meal a day. Next time when you go onsite/abroad spaer a moment or two about these people. I think you will understand.

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Movers n Shakers - 1

Few people/incidents hogged the limelight this month, which might cast a bigger shadow in the coming times. Some were individual milestones while some.. simply stones thrown by individuals.

Usually when u start something u dedicate the first offering to GOD here we go.

S R T. New branch of GRT jewellery?? Nope. But no less precious than all the gold in that shop put together. Yup..None other than Sachin Ramesh Tendulkar,
for conquering summit 12k and also becoming the highest test run scorer in history. Guess, whatever changes the format undergo from now on, i really doubt whether there would be any other player, who will hold both ODI and test records together, ever, however long their career maybe. Even if such an unimaginable stuff happens, one wonder whether that person will have the serene calmness with which this man has soaked in all the pressure and comments and criticism and more importantly the glory and still manages to walk on his feet. Of all the praises heaped on him, my personal favourite is from the magazine SPORTSTAR. That magazine usually features the most prolific sports personality of that month on their cover page and once it ran just their masthead "SPORTSTAR" with the following statment.
"The only thing to have appeared on our cover more times than Sachin"!!

For a long time when i had to follow overseas matches of indian cricket only through Hindu and Express. Each morning, which i woke up to read the news of Sachin's exploits had such a refreshing start and i used to feel as if the day has began in right earnest. A sachin 100 and Indian victory was the best dose of morale boost to carry the day. Its such a joy to watch this little man come dancing down the track to loft hapless spinners and pacers alike over their head for a six. Such scenes at times remind me of the Gladiators thrown before the lions during Roman times. The carnage, the power and the mesmerising balance which follows were a treat to watch. Agreed there are better hitters in the game. But a six by Sachin is like watching a Lion devour its prey with scalpel. Belligerent beauty at its best.

People might question his form..the labourous ardor with which he went about knocking off the final 1000 runs and might be questioning on when he is going to retire. is petrol. Ever since it has been discovered, people have been predicting it would dry up in a decades time. Not that they are wrong but the point is, lets enjoy Sachin as he is and as a person who knows himself best and surely he would've scripted his farewell already.

I think, Einstein once said, "God didnt play dice with the universe". Had he been alive now and followed cricket, he would've been sure as to which game god played ;)

Saturday, October 25, 2008


This is one song i always listen to..whatever the mood maybe. Its so cute n endearing u wud never want it to end. Nalla sarakadichitu paadra mathiri antha lady padirukanga..but its mesmerising :) very very smooth song.

Title: John Denver - Leaving on a Jet Plane lyrics

Artist: John Denver Lyrics

All my bags are packed I'm ready to go
I'm standin' here outside your door
I hate to wake you up to say goodbye
But the dawn is breakin' it's early morn
The taxi's waitin' he's blowin' his horn
Already I'm so lonesome I could die

So kiss me and smile for me
Tell me that you'll wait for me
Hold me like you'll never let me go
Cause I'm leavin' on a jet plane
Don't know when I'll be back again
Oh babe, I hate to go

There's so many times I've let you down
So many times I've played around
I tell you now, they don't mean a thing
Every place I go, I'll think of you
Every song I sing, I'll sing for you
When I come back, I'll bring your wedding ring

So kiss me and smile for me
Tell me that you'll wait for me
Hold me like you'll never let me go
Cause I'm leavin' on a jet plane
Don't know when I'll be back again
Oh babe, I hate to go

Now the time has come to leave you
One more time let me kiss you
Close your eyes I'll be on my way
Dream about the days to come
When I won't have to leave alone
About the times, I won't have to say

So kiss me and smile for me
Tell me that you'll wait for me
Hold me like you'll never let me go
Cause I'm leavin' on a jet plane
Don't know when I'll be back again
Oh babe, I hate to go

Cause I'm leavin' on a jet plane
Don't know when I'll be back again
Oh babe, I hate to go

video paaka inga clickunga
you tube

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Romanc(in) movies

Azhagan la vara "sangeetha swarangal". Ethana varusham aanalum..fonela kadala podra makkala paathu first adikara comment :) KB ya iyakunar imayamnu summava solranga. Night samacharla arambichi morning paalkaran vara varaikum cutea picturise panirupanga song.

Nayaganla vara "neeyoru kaadhal sangeetham" and the scene preceeding it. Konjam male chauvinistica irukunu feel agaravangalku..athu oru gangster Don rolengaratha nyabagapaduthinda u can enjoy it. Lovely lyrics awesome acting and excellent music.

Arya..padam poora it oozes with cuteness. Immensly likable songs and laughably funny sequences. "Feel my love" and "Nuvvante" are right on top of my all time fav list.

Bommarilu--athaanga telugu santhosh subramaniam..athula vara "Bommani geesthay" song..antha oru paatukagavay that padam also in this list. Amma paadra lullaby enanu puriatiyum ketukitay thungiduthula kozhandailam..athey pola..enna meaningnu puriati kuda idhama kadhai kekara mathiri irukum intha song. Very smooth and melodious.

Humtumla towards the end vara oru scene. Rani and saif would be discussing about the theoretical possibility of them getting married and saif wud be saying how he would be prioritizing between their kids, her n his dog. Chancelatha scene :) enaku romba pudikum. Also the title song, "Humtum", had it as my hello tune for a long time :)

Azhagaai Irukirai Bayamaai Irukirathu--intha padam vanthatho ponatho kuda neria peruku terinjirukathu nenakren had it not been released quickly in Sun tv :)) "Jo paapa paaavam la" apdinu solitu semma cute n bubblyaana heroine and oru scene semma touchinga irukum. The lead pair would be discussing as to how cruel it is to have the one you love, sitting right next to you, and still unable to express your love. Intha rendu vishayathukaga antha padam rommba pudikum.

Perazhaganla vara oru scene..Surya pesara oru dialogue sequence with Jo in a car. "oru azhagaana ponnu irunthaa" nu..Head fonela ketu parunga :) ketutu solunga :)

Ayutha ezhuthula vara bus scene with Trisha and Sid. realistic and so simple yet so catchy. Terminus to terminus back to back trip adichikitu..kutti pasangallenthu koodakaranga varikum elar kudavum travel panikitu...the hot gal and cute hero...oblivious to the world.. arattai, with the best song of the movie in the background. To quote another Trisha song "Vera enna venum ulgathilay..intha travel podhum nenjinilay" :))) sila scenelam patha ipdilam naama iruntha epdirukumnu yosika vaikumla..this is definitely one such scene.

P.S: Intha list mudiara mathiri therila :) so ithoda ishtopping. Appalika fresh additions vachu inoru parta posteren.

P.S.S:Ithelam cinemala paathu..rasithu..pullarichi..jollu utu..vaaya polanthikitu kanavu kaanarathoda stop panikarathu nallathu. Alaipayuthay paathu atheye try panni avasthaila maatina makkal neria per i the know. Ithan moolam karuthu kandhasami ena koorikolgiraarna .."Kedaikarathu kedaikama irukathu kedaikama irukarathu kedaikathu" :D varta

Saturday, October 18, 2008

Dea(r)th of language - final part

U.V.Saminatha Iyeruku "tamizh thatha"nu title kuduthu.. karai oarama selai vachitu vitutom. Avar matum porumaia thedi kandupudikalaina..
state board syllabusla tamizh chapters kammi agirukum.
Manapaada paguthinu solli muti odaikarathu kurainjirukum.
Yaapu,ani nu mug adicha matterlam irunthirukathunu
12thla tamizh sec language eduthathala total kuranju pona makkaloda "positive"slam pathalum neria interesting literature namaku miss agirukum.

Valaiyapathi kundalakesi are no Harry potter. But intha stylela words vantha athuku per Venpa. Ipdi preceed agara wordslam rhyminga vantha ethugai..endingla rhyme aana monainu..ekkachakka matter vachu, kita thatta writing styleukay oru maths theorem mathiri steps and procedures poatu..antha normskulla set agaramathiri kathai and karuthu sonna vitham..well..entha sonnetukumm balladukum kuranjathillanu perumiaya solikalam. Venpa styllela oru 5 min song vanthalum.."avaru thaanpa kavingarnu..enama elutharar"nu pugazharomla. Atheye konjam scaleup panni oru 5000 10000 paras imagine panni paatha puriyum antha literatureoda arumai.

Maybe namakellam tamizh sollithara vidhatha maathina inum konja naal tamizh nalla healthya vaazhumo??

Entha schoola eduthalum, intha history, civics and language periods ( maina grammer period ) mathiri mokkaiyana period irukavay mudiathu. Evlo aruvaiaya solla mudiyumo avlo bladea irukum. Teachersoda involvementa kutham solala. sonatheye solli solli avangalukum marathirukum. Anga thaan konjam creativity avanga use panlamnu thonuthu. Ipo than rahukalam emakandam paaka kuda internetla googleandavar kita kekara range vanthiruchula..intha grammer and history lessonslam intersting aaka..pasangala vitay information gather panna sollalamay. Vaayila sora thinkka vachu muzhungunnu meratratha vida..pasiya kelapina pasanga pattaya kelapida matanga. Enakenamo ipdi panna inum konjam interstinga irukumnu thonuthu. But practicala work out aguma??!! yosichi than pakanum.

Epo tamizh paata rap pana arambichangalo..apovay adutha generationuku move aaidihci :D vallavan yogi B, blaaze nu list increase aga arambichidichi..inumum..kambar thiruvalluvar barathiyaroda nalla tamizh sethu poachunu sona velaikagathu. SMS languagela ramayanam vantha atha appreciate pannara manasu venum. Athey samayam original formatla oru pakka paatu vanthalum anaichukara arivum venum.

Mozhingarathu unthu perusa enthu perusa nu sandaikana ayuthama aagama irukanum.

Enthu 5000 varusham pazhasu so en baasha pesaravanuku intha salugai tharanum nu picha podra porula agama irukanum.

Literature padikara pasanganna science and maths puriama, mark ilama, poruki thanam panitu thiryaravangannum vidhiyenu padikaravangannum paakara mentality collegesla ozhiyanum.

Epdi oru BE BSc BCom mariathaikuria UG coursesa conside pannapadutho athey pola BA lit maranum.

Namma oorlaye 1008 vishayam iruku translationuku. Athu matumilama englishla vara evlo vishayangal simplana tamizhla ilathathala puriamaye padikara makkal neria per irukanga. Sengona mukkonamnu solithan right angle trianglea puria vaikanuma? inum simpla try pana mudiatha?? Translation na suthamana tamizhnu pakrathu poga puriara mathiri tamizhunu maranum. Mozhiyoda nokkam, end of the day , karuthu parimatram and easy communication. Athukay prachanaina apo antha mozhi kandipa saga vendi thaan.

Tamizh ini Mella saagum??
Mendraal saavathu unavu matum thaan. Mozhi alla :)

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Dea(r)th of language - part 1

P.S:Nyayapadi intha posta tamizhla ezhuthirukanum. Vazhakkam pola no porumai. so porutharuluga. seekrama tamizhla adika arambikaren.

Tamizh ini mella sagum. Evlo thadava intha sentencea ketalum each time it does something. Apdi onum panalaina kandipa tamizh teriathavangalavo ila puriathavangalavo thaan irukanum. Aayiram than sonalum thaan pesara thaai mozhi inum konja naalula kaanama poidumngarathu is equivalent to ones parents demise. Rendumay confirma nadanthay agumnu terinjalum nenaikavay oru nimisham patharuthilla.

Back to title. Nejamavay mella sethuruma?? is there anything called death for languages? Engayo padicha news...ulagathula prominenta irukara sila dozen languages thavira micha languageslam seekrama azhinjitu varutham. People blame the rapid advent of technology, as usual. Ana yosichi paatha athulayum oru indirect unmai irukathan seiyuthu.

New inventions, discoveries elamay kuripita sila languages kulla adapattu poguthu. Atha thannoda thai mozhila padicha puriathungara maayai nallavay undu panitanga. And moreover, translation is no easy job. Its one of the most difficult job and requires lot more knowledge and command over the language, understanding of the subject and also selfless and service oriented nature, to top it all.

Oru Japeneso Frencho kathundu.. avanga mozhilenthu englishku translate panna kaasu neria kedaikuthaynu, Alliance Franchisekum Indo Japnese chamberukum alaiyo alainu alainju avanga mozhi aana avanna kathukara makkala kandipa kurai sollala. Aana, atheye englishlenthu tamizh translate panravangalukum maaniyatha ethi moneya kootina mani maniyana matter namakku sulabama puria vazhi kedaikumay. Ilati Marmayogi madam mathiri dialogue padikarathukaga tamizh kathunda thaan undu :(
Ipdilam iruntha oruka seekrama tamizh saga chance iruku.

sagalainalum kazhutha neriakra mathiri thana namma pesara vazhakkam iruku apdinu polambravangaluku oru kelvi. Kambarum valluvarum nalla tamizhla ezhuthinangannu elarum accpeting. Avanga kaala makkal oru 100 years munna irunthiruntha Barathiyar patalam ketu..enna ipdi kochai tamizha irukaynu thitirupanga. Apo Barathiyar tamizh Barathidasan tamizhlam mosamnu aiduma?? Mozhingarathu timeku time marara oru matter. Maranum. Maralaina maraiya vendi varum. Ilati parunga..saurashtra thulu mathiri scriptay ilatha mozhingallam inikum iruku. Thats something which amazes me. Ezhuthu vadivam irukara mozhigalay thindaditrukara timela padika onumay ilama verum pechu varthaiye vachay oru mozhi..inum usiroda irukkuna..namma tamizhuku inum aayusu gettinu thana artham :)

concluded in next part.

Sunday, October 12, 2008

Rock on

Sila padamlam paatha ithu matum namma local languagela vanthiruntha evlo nalla irukumnu enaku thonum. Telugla Arya was one such movie. Paathi dialogu ennanu puriyaathu aanalum neria thadava paathruken. Tamizhla antha padam vantha yaru herova irupanganu oru thought odum. Masala story. So konjam star power and charishma iruntha than kathai therum. Athey samayathula youthful story. Antha mathiri role set agara mathiri tamizhla yarumay thonala.

Athey pola thaan intha padam - Rock on.

First..padathoda songs. Oray varthaila solanumna-- AWESOME. Shankar ehsan loy and farhan combo chancela. Each movie in their combo boasts of rocking songs - right from Dil chahtha hai to Rock on. Especially in this movie, songslam semma english feel. Aana athukelam pakkaava suit agara mari hindi lyrics potrukar Javed Akthar. Namma vaali sir mathiri vaarthaila velaadvum seiyarar..vairamuthu mathiriyum ezhutharar. Ella paataiyum Farhanay padirukarathu konjam kadinalaum..ear drumsa imasai panaatha mari atha kuduthurikarathuku special sabash. Aana patulam aniyaayathuku lengthya iruku. min 6 mins. Climax song matumay oru ten plus min medley of most of the songs. Still immensly enjoyable. Friendsoda vandila long trip adikarachay sathama ketukitu polam :)

Aduthu thaan storyliney. Padamay music base pannigarapo paatuku thana first preference. Ithey mathiri music based stories tamizhalayum vanthiruku. carnatic musicals movieya irunthalum athula diversiona than story irukum. Antha mathiri kanna pinnanu alatikama..normalana story. Infact its so simple that anyone whose passion is something but is doing something else can easily relate to it. Pathu varushama peasatha Farhan thideernu vanthu trouplea join agikaratho climaxla Arjun rampal correcta vanthu guitar vasikaratho thavirthu padathula perusa sothapalnu ethuvum ila. Ana oru simple incidentkaga life ambitiona vitruvangala makkal??

Ego clashla piriayara music troupela rendu per totala vera linela poidranga micha rendu perla oruthan music director kita join panidran inoruthan partiesla vasikara alavula than irukaran. Pidipilama panra velaila enna than success irunthalum athula santhosham irukathungaratha simpla nadichi katirukar Farhan. Kadisila onnu senthu entha competitiona jeichi priayarangalo atheye thirumba jeikaranga. Ambututhen story.

Farhan wifea vara lady mega serialla vara tharma pathini mathiri pola. Sirichalum oru glyrcerine punnagaiyavay irukaynu patha..nejamvay serialenthu than vanthirukangalam. Aana semma cute :)) Purab kohli (KD drummer) chancela. Kedaicha chancea semmathia use panitrukar. Mudi valathutu Anniyan mari vara Farhana vida formalsla share brokera vara Farhan gethhu. Model kanakka irukar. But topperna athu Arjun Rampal thaan. Long hair utukitu scenea sutharathagatum. Wife kita pammara sceneagatum. Manushan kalasirukar.

Mothathula..nalla time pass movie..friendsoda poi paatha inum majava irukumngarathu no doubt.

Intha mathirilam tamizhla music varuma?? poda aal iruka?? irunthalum tamizhala lyrics varuma? apdiye album vanthalum nadika aal iruka??!!! Ipothaiku illainu thaan thonuthu. Seekrama "Naaka mooka"lam thaandi nalla genre based musicals (other than carnatic) tamizh cinemaku kedaika prapthirasthu.

Friday, October 03, 2008

Kelviyin nayagan is back :)

Romba naal kazhichi namma kostin king than thiruvai malaranthu arulinar. Ithuku munna epo kostin ketaarnu kostin panravargalukaga.. Click

"Round katti sapdravangala SAAPATTU RAMAN nu en solranga?? enaku terinju.. entire Ramayanathula.. romba kammia saptruka vendia pala charactersla.. chief Ramar than. Paavam 14 years kaatulayum metulayum alanji tirinji..pora kuraiku Seethaiya vera inbetweenla miss panni, avangala thedrathulayum ravanan, vaalinu sandai podrathulayumay, avaruku time sariya irunthirukum. Motha ramayanathula hi-lighta Sabari veetlayum gugan kitayum matum than Ramar sapdratha sceney varuthu. Entha fotolayum parunga..Ramar slimma jammunu azhaga irupar. Ethulayachum avar sapdra madhiri foto iruka...ilavay ila...apdi irukarchay..athenna sapaatu raman?? Atleast..Saapatu Kumbagarnan nu sonalachum suit aagum. Itha pathi un karuthu ennavo?" apdinu ketar namma Kostin king.

Open book kostinukay pakkathula paathu anjer eluthara type..namma kita ipdi out of sylllabus kostinlam keta..athan as usual..ungalandaye repeat telecast pannings..

Thursday, September 25, 2008

Lord of the Rings

"kabhi kabhi aditi..." endru cellphone sinunga...fone eduthu paathan Ram.
"Pudu numbera irukay..yara irukum"nu yosithavaray..
"Ennada..oru santhega thonila hello solra" endarathu murumaniyil iruntha kural.
Yara irukumngara ennam manasinul inum vegama oda, konja neram yosithaan.
"dei..naanthaanda..Suresh pesaren..fonea veetlaye vachitenda..inniki office vara late aagum..damager kita solidu..."
"neethaana...seri seri..solidren..seekram vanthu seru" endru satru kaduppudan fonei vaithuvitu..vazhakkam pola chat windowai open panni velailiyil busy
aanan Ram.
Satru nerathilellam..meendum azhaipoli ketu fonei paarthan.
Veetilirunthu fone.
Vazhakkam pola Ammavoda kelvi kanaigaluku thayar panikitu fonei eduthan
"Enda ipdi kadupoda fonei edukara..konjam kuda pasamay ilada unaku.." endru adutha anju nimishathuku vidama polambina ammavoda kuraigalai porumaiya kettu kondan. Vazhakkam pola "ozhunga sapdu..kuli..pal theyee" endru to do listoda amma than sitruraiyai mudithu kolla...mazhai penju ointha effectil fonei perumoochodu vaithan.
Kizhay vaitha adutha nodi meendum sinungiaythu fone.
"Ennada ithu..iniki non stopa calls varuthay"nu aacharyathoda numberai paathan.
"Hiiii Uma..."
"Enna first ringlaye fonea eduthita..adisayama iruku.."
"ila..ippo than pesitu fonea vachen..udanay un call vanthucha..athan"
"oh..disturb panren solriya..naan vaikaren fonea.."
"aiayao..naan apdi enga sonen.."
"apo nan una disturb panalaya...adapavi..nethu avlo dialogue vitta.."
"aaha...ithenada vamba poachu..enna sonalum thappa eduthukaraye"
"aama..nan lusu..nee ena sonalum enaku thappa than thonum...naan fonei vaikaren.."
"heyy..wait wait..en kovapadra...seri..evening epo meet panrathu"
"en meet pananum..athan naan elalthiyum thappa eduthukarennu soniye..nee righta yosikaravanga kudavay iru"
Sila pala kenjal konjalgaluku piragu oru mari samalichu appointmenta confirm panni fonei vaithan.
"cha..iniki naalay seri ila...poi oru tea adichitu vanthu than velaya arambikanum"nu decide pani kelamba pogayil..meendu fone.
"Hello sir..we are calling from dubaakoor are one of the several million lucky customers to get selected for our..."
Kadupudan callai cut seithan Ram.
Silent modela fonei maatri vitu office edhiril iruntha tea kadaiku senran.
Suda suda Tea cuppai vaangugaiyil..thideernu shock adichathu pola dance aadi..pathi teaya kaila kotikitu..avasaram avasaramaga fonei eduthan.
Vibrating modela vachathu maranthu pona kadupum..kothika kothika tea mela kotinda erichaloda fonea eduthu
marumuniayil..sirithu nera mounathiruku piragu.." free for a minute?"
"aaaha..damager call...romba kathitomo"nu thinkinavaray.."yes sir...sorry sir" nu kana kaanum kaalangal PT peeli sivamai mari ninran.
"If you are free..can you join the meeting now..we are waiting for you in 2-18"
"tho vanten..."nu solli mudikumun call cut seiya patathu.
Iduku enna archanai vanganumonu yosichikitay..50 roobai noteai neetinan.
"saar..chilara kudunga sar"
Irukara pocket elathiyum theeviravathia thedra police kanakka valai veesi thediyum oru 50 paisa kammia than thetha mudinjathu.
"3.50 kuda change ilama..ivanukelam..ivlo pocket vacha pant oru kedaa"nu kadupudan mugathai thirupi kondan kadaikaran.
2-18 room enga irukumnu ini thedanumaynu..arakka parakka odi liftin mun ninraan.
Peak hour pallavanai pola jampackagi vanthu ninra liftil foot board prayaaniyai thotrikondu nirkaiyil...meendum fone sinungiathu.
"Vibratingla thaana vachom..aprum epdi ringtone satham kekuthu"nu yosikarapo..arugil nindravan "hello" endru pesa thodanga..appo thaan realise seithan...
than foeni tea kadaiyileye vituvitu vanthathai.

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Nightmare on wall street:

"Wailing Wall" street
"Brick by Brick comes the wall street down"..

Possible headliners for mid day newspapers in US?? Could be.

The earth has shaken and the big t(h)ree has fallen. The dust is still settling down and god knows how many more are going to bite the bankruptcy bullet. Lehmann Brothers and Meryll lynch go the Bear Stearns way - towards extinction. While Meryll lynch might survive as an underdog of Bank of America, Bear Stearns being already gobbled up by Morgan Stanley many expected Lehmann Bro to ride out the storm, with the hope of Barkley's doing the rescue act this time, in vain. The same Lehmann firm was in news last year, for paying top bill (1 crore plus) for an IIM graduate sparking off debates in India.

Guess, after 7 years, its sep 11 all over again in US, only that the venue is different this time. Another biggie by the name AIG (American Insurers Group) is also reported tottering at the brink. Will the Feds do anything to save it is a question which would've answered by this time next week. Maybe US Fin market is becoming seasonal? They had a "Spring" time a while back and the moment republicans took over its "Autumn" and "Fall" season now!!

Bharathiyar songla vara
"Imaya charalil oruvan iruminan
kumari vaazhbavan marunthu kondodinan" mathiri

US marketla kuliradicha namma oor sensexa izhuthu moodidranga. Erkanavay irangu mugathula irunthathu ipo sarukitu oduthu. Lehman bro, ML, BOA elathukumay India based operations/back office iruku. Wonder how much would be the impact here.

Thalaivar paatula vara mari..intha sensex, share market, stocks ellaamay "Maayaa maaya" than pola.

Saturday, September 13, 2008


Ithuvay tamizhla ezhuthina lettera irunthiruntha "Dumeel"nu vedichirukum..hmm..dubbing mistakeku thuppaki enna pannum.
Ezhuthiyavan irukka Sutathai noguvathennu Mr.Kambar kuda agree panirupar.
Hey... Wait a minute..Ezhuthiyavan irukkava??!! athaan gundu en mela paanjiruchay..aprum epdi naan iruka mudiyum..moolaila gundu paainjum, uyiroda
pakkam pakkama dialogue pesa, naan enna climaxla vara tamil cinema herova?
Ipdinulam ungaluku kelvi thonum. Athukaga than intha clarification.
Ithu thaan naan ezhuthara kadisi letter.. before i die.
Yes..i am going to commit suicide.
Ha! Vinthaiyana statement.
Lifela commitmentay ilama irunthavan..kadisila commitagarathu suicideku.
Sagarathuku munna oru thadava sirichukuren.
En lifeoda ending ipdi irukumnu naan kanavula kuda nenachathilla.
Rendu varam munna kuda coorg,shimoganu tour poitu gummalam poatukitu eduthukita fotos.. nethu thaan upload panni link anupirunthan en friend.
Antha fotoslam paakama irunthiruntha oru vela intha mudivukku vanthiruka mateno.
15 daysla saga pormonu thernijirntha coorgla, adutha tripla vangikalamnu vitta "original" mountain honey bottle vangitu vanthirukalam.
Shimogala miss panna yaanai mela savaari try panirukalam.
Avalai mattum paakama irunthiruntha...oru velai....
Aval..En friendoda friend.
Paatha udanaye silaralam pala varusham pazhagina mari pudikumay (Jollunu literala artham panikapdathu) antha listla ivaluku kandipa first placea irunthirukum.
Naan "Hi" solli kai neetinapo, ava kai koopi "namastey" sonna vidathulaye naan vizhunthuten.
Ava kuda adhigam pesarathukana chance apo kedaikalai.
Avaraikum avlova pazhakkam ilatha en friend, antha nimishathulenthu, uyir nanbanaan.
Adikadi meet panrathukana situations, create panikitena ila adhuva amainjuthanu yosikarathukulla we became good friends.
Amma Manglorean (Aishu saayal ava mugathula lighta terinjapovay doubt aanennu inga solika virumbugiren) Appa Syrian christian (Foreign collaborationna enna.. end result nalla than iruku)
Ava poranthathu. valanthathu.. padichathu.. ponathu.. vanthathu.. elam rendu naal fone pechula terinjukiten. (48 mani nerathula 40 mani neram fone pesina terinjuka mudiatha vishayamay ilangarathu ithan moolam terivithu kollapadugirathu)
Kodi asainju kaathu vanthutha ila vice versavanu confuse aara kavignargal mathiri..ava pesarachay sirikarala ila siripuku nadula pesinalanu oru patti manramay manasukul odi..vidai theriayama kalaichi poi confuse aagi ninathu thaan micham.
Sentencesku nadula full stop mathiri..siripugalukum sinungalukum naduvay valanthathu enga ..hmm..natpu? anbu? love? ..generica "relation"nu oru term poatu apothaiku satisfy aanen.
Guna kamal mathiri naan maritu varennu apovachum unarnthirukanum.
Aana Abiramiya ava ennarugilaye iruka..why doubt a happy bout nu..vituten.
Kozhandhai pirantha per vaikanumngara mathiri uravu malaranthalum athuku oru name venumngara situation vanthathu.
Kazhuthilayo.. kai virallayo.. enga irunthalum, thangam vairthoda sentha podhumnu.. kavithaiya en karuthai sonnen.
Kuriyeetu sinnam edhum ilamaye kudipugunthu vitaayada en manathilnu badil varumnu ethirpathen.
Kavithaiyaana en kelvikuu Kelviyaga badil..
Oru pakkathu kadhai ondru thanthu vidai athil irupathaga koori vidai petru sendral..
En kathaiyin mudivariya antha kathaiyinai padika thodanginen.

(Ini intha kathaiyai first lineku poi padikkavum).

Sujathavin Vignyana kathaigalla padicha oru infinite loop storyoda vilaivay intha post..
"Hello world" print pandra codelaye infinite loop paniduven..loop vara mathiri kadhai adikarathukula porum porumnu aaidichi. Sujatha intha type storya 30 varusham munanvay ezhuthirukar!! athuvum nested stories vachu!!! Chancelaatha manushar.

Thursday, September 04, 2008

lol's @ gils

Intha udhiri mokkaiyelam sethu oru kathaia podaalamnu pathen..kadhai ezhthura mood ila :)) so u the escaped :D

"Antha archagar neria music channelam paapar nenakren"
"pinna..enaku birthdaynu koviluku archanai panna pona..pillayar, sivan, perumal, murugan matrum aanjaneyar sarbaga anbu vaazhthukkalnu solitu yar peruku archanai dedicate panna poreengannu kekarar!!"

"Satyam movie speciality enna theriyuma"
"irukarathulaye mokkaiyana movie?"
"athu matum ilada..athu entha theatrla odinalum Satyam theaterla oduthunu than solvanga"
"antha padatha vida mokkai ethachum unduna athu ithan"

"Koviluku velilalam en light podranga...sannathilam ulla thana iruku"
"aanadavanukay velicham? hehehe.."
"una poiee keten paru.."

["Alli Thantha Vaanam"la vara vivek comedy scene inspired mokkai :))]

"Maanava manigalay..iniki mariyathai tharatha pathi padika porom..epothum periavangaluku mariatha tharanum"
"Aiyaa..yen intha partiality..peria vangaluku matum giving mariathai..peria car..peria lorry..peria bus..ellathukum mariathai kudutha enna?"
Manasukkul ("aaha..arambathulaye allu kelambuthay...seri seri..adjust pannuvom") .."ilada kanna..avan ivanu solrathulam thappunu solirukaanga"
Sattunu inoruu paiyan ezhunthu "apo microwave ovena kuda microwave avarnu thaan solanuma aiyaa"
("avvvvv...ipovay kanna katuthay...iniki vasama maatikiten nenakren") "ila chellam...intha vaada podaanu "da" poatu solratha thavirthu neenga vaanga ponganu solanumnu solirukaanga"
Udanay naalapakathulenthum saramaariaga kelvi kanaigal parakuthu..
"Apo Floridava epdi Floringanu solanuma.."
"Vijayavadava enna solvenga"
"Apo Andhralalam mariyathai ilathavanga solla vareengala aiyaa?"
"Adapaavigala..state board syllabusla central board politics panrengaledaa...Aaniye pudinga dear kuttichaathans...unga kitenthu iniki naan padam kathukiten...aala udungada saami.."

Monday, September 01, 2008

Cuties of Chutti tv

Latest addition to my list of cute favourites.. Julie. Chutti tvla Jackie chanin saagasangalla vara kutti ponnu cartoon. Athuku dubbing kudukaravanga yarunu therila. Wowww......semma cute voice..meyalumay antha cartoonay pesara mari iruku. And semmaya set aguthu. Antha cartoon seriesla bestu characterna antha manthiravathi cum librarian thaatha thaan. Athuvum manthiram solren pervazhinu etho kaaachu moochunu katharathu..jackieyaiyum julieyaiyum thitrathu :) galattava irukum :) And sila episodeslam nejamava nallaruku. Its almost as if you are watching the real movie. Jackie chanku voice kuduthurkara aalum super. Semma lively :) Aana timings than seria therila. Weekend epdium repeat poduvanga. chk it out.

Aprumm "Doravin payanangal". Ena mari iskoola teacher padam nadatharachay paraaku patha paya pullaiga ipovachum padichi paas pannra vazhiya paakrathuku ithu oru nalla ejjample. Arrow marklam poatu maram,malai,maadunu solitharum. Recenta Dora cartoon Landmark vanthapo kuttipasanga gumbala pakanumay. Emma sami..cartoon kadhi kalangidichi. Crowd control panna tear gas adikatha kuraithan. Ana neria kuttipaapa Dora pakamudila..enkita pesama podichinu azhuthathulam patha than pavama irunthichi.

En cousinoda rettai nayaananga panna oray nalla kariyam..ootla ipolam mega serial azhugai ilama..pogi jetix chutti tvnu oray colorful mayama iruku tv. Athoda side epectay intha post :)

Friday, August 29, 2008

A for apple tag

Heartukulla sparklers vachu post podra
Divs sonna relay post ikkada choodu..

(Ella pudu hindi songsum sattu putunu dload panna super site. Pak Adslam edakoodama irukum)

(Bus routelam terinjika..havent used it much..but nalla irukunu makkal sonanga)
(useful site for nyabgamarathi cases like me)

(maasa maasam padialakara deivam..maraka mudiyuma)

(ungalayum ennaiyum thavira etha venumnalum search panni dload pannikalam)

(ocla book padika sooper site)

(semma cute games irukara site..nalla timepass)


gmail,google takkunu thonuthu..itha thavirana..hmmm

H (pudusa ethuvum thonala) (another cute site)

I (intha site design panna puniyavan pallanadu vazhga) (ella padathoda review and rating paaka)

J ( oc movie watch)


L ( networking site)

(enniki ithula id create paneno..anilenthu share market down..vedikkai paaka id create pannathukay intha epectna..hmm...athen share marketa bulls n bearsoda compare panranga..nyayapadi snakes and laddersoda than solanum)


R (readers digest)


T (F.R.I.E.N.D.S all season transcripts available)

V (tabu sankar pakkangal used to be my fav web page)

W (oc padams again)

X (yet another networking site)


i the maati utifying complan gal , mugamudi and shalini


The Tag name is A for Apple
Give preference for regular sites
Ignore your own blogs, sites.
Tag 3 People.

Sunday, August 24, 2008

Padithathil pidithathu

Krubaanandha vaariar speeches ketrukeengala? Silathulam romba witty and cutea irukum. Oru thadava avar kita "Pullyaar pudika Kurangaal mudinjuthu" solrangalay apdina ennanu oruthar ketaar. "Mahabarathatha Vyaasar solla solla first copy ezhuthinathu pullyar. Vyasar solra speeduku ezhutharathukaga than Dhandhathai konjam udaichi avar kathai ezhithinaram. Yuthakaandam mudivila arjunanoda kodila iruntha Hanumar therai vittu kizhay eranga, athu varaikum antha ther mela paaintha ambugaloda theevirathala, theray erinji poacham. Apdi pullyar kai pidichi ezhuthina Baaratham..hanumaroda mudiyara mathiri solratha thaan..pullyar pudika kurangal mudinthathunu" solratha avar solvar.

Athey flowla innoru kathai.

Oru samayam Arjunan paaka krishnar vanthaaram. Semma kadupula irukara arjunana paathu
"enna matter arjuna..naalarai paalula kalapadama"
"kalaaikatheenga krishna...nanay kadupula iruken.."
"enna prachanai..en kita sollu..."
"nanum evlovo thaana dharmam panren..nethu kuda 100 peruku saapadu poten..munthina naal 1000 peruku dress eduthukuduthen..200 jodiku ilavasa thirumanamlam senju vachen"
"niruthu niruthu..mannar aatchila election vara pogutha enna?"
"kelunga krishna..naan evlo dhaanam pannalum en per edupada matenguthu..elarum antha karnanai thaan kodai vallalnu solranga"
"oh...ithaan mattera" endravaray...than thirukaram neeti oru pon malaiyai uruvaakarar.
"Itho paar..thangathaala ana malai..ithai vachu..varavangalukelam thangathai thaanam sei.."
Udanay kadaparaiyum kaiyuma kalathula erangina Arjunan..antha pakkam vantha vangalukelam..thangathai vetti kuduka arambichan.
Adhikaalaila aarambichavan pozhuthu sayaravaraikum thangathai vetti kuduthum konjamum kuraiyama valanthukitay irunthathu antha malai.
Mudivil.."usssss...eba..semma tired krishna..paatheengala..evlo thangam vetti kuduthennu..ipo solunga..naan thana bestu vallal?" endru perumaiyodu ketaan arjunan.
"konjam wait pannu..atho karnan varan par..avan enna panraanu pakalam.."
Krishanarum arjunanum nirpathai paathu "hi guys..enna panreenga" endru visarithavaray vanthan karnan.
"Karna..oru poatti..itho paar ponaal aana malai..ithilirunthu thangathai thanama tharanum...mudivu enannu apruma solren"
"Ivlo thana matter..sure" endru karnan sollikondiruntha samayam antha pakkam oru aal vara.."aiya intharungal intha ponmalaiyai ungaluku thanama tharen..vangikunga" apdinu solli motha malaiyaiyum thaarai vaarthu koduthan karnan.
"Ok..aachu..aprum" endru adutha part ennanu ketaan karnan. Krishnar arjunanai paathu punnagaikka..
"Poati mudinjidichi karna..nee than jeyicha" enru manthara paratinan arjunan.

Friday, August 22, 2008

Career women Vs Home makers- part 2

A family with 2 earning members definitely enjoys its financial benefits. But there are certain people who fear that it would mean dilution of the male domination. Head of the family, till date, in our social system, has been either the earning member or the eldest in the family. When two people of almost same age get married and if both go to work, fat chance that there might be ego clashes. Maybe in future we might see terms like arms of the family, legs, eyes and kidneys for the sake of satisfying egoes ;)

In the same talk show there were ladies who wanted to go to work but couldnt due to protesting hubbies and family members. Their main complaint was that, despite being qualified or already serving in a job of their choice, marriage was the reason why they couldnt fullfill their career ambitions. And many claimed that despite having kids and responsibility towards the elders in their family they argued that they would be able to manage their careers.

There is another intersting yet difficult angle which was subdued by sounds of rationality. Velaiku pora ponnungalam thimir pudichavanga. Veetuku adanga maatanga. So better option is not allowing them to work after marriage apdinulam silar argue pannanga. Ithu outrighta reject panna vendia oru thinkinga irunthalum oru iota of unmai irukaratha vachu yosichu paatha..well..kaila kaasu iruntha oru thani confidence athuva varathu thaan unmai. Athai thimurunu solli working ladiesa adaki vaikrathu nyayam ilainalum it definitely creates more complexities. And that too if the wife earns more than her hubby.. god forbid.

On one side, it would be a real waste of their potential if they have to sit at home after earning all required professional qualifications, feeling bored to death, doing the mundane, but no less important, daily tasks. On the other hand, the very foundation of our family system is built on parents and its always assumed that the lady of the house always gives the mother in her, first priority against her own wishes and dreams. Be it the founder of Infy or any successful man, there is always the woman who has silently strangled her own ambitions and dreams.

To avoid such deadlocks people should sit and discuss clearly as to what they want to be and for how long is it sustainable. One maynot be always able to decide and foresee all situations. But the fact that they have set the thought process rolling would be a definite postive first step. If it can be reasonably established that a decent living can be enjoyed with one persons salary itself its better for the other spouse to take care of home, now whose head should be the on the chopping block is something which is onesided at present and its always the ladies who quit their jobs for their family.

However liberal or rebellious in mindset a guy maybe, the day that he sits at home taking the role of a home maker while sending his wife to work, maynot be possible even in the next century. I mean the real positive people and not the drunkards and similar invalids. "Udhyogam purusha lakshanam" is something OWNED by right by the menfolk ever since they evolved. Not an easy one to relinquish. And even the ladies are mesmerised into thinking that the menfolk SHOULD be the bread winners. Will we seeing such a mature society in future where women lead the way with active support from men?? I really dont see it happening in my lifetime atleast :)

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Carrer women Vs Home makers - part 1

Should Women go to work after marriage? which is better suited for a woman post marriage? being a home maker or being a career oriented woman? This has been the hot topic in the talk shows in the past two weeks. Raging debates, with active participation from both men and woman, talking for and against the view. Everyone talked with their personal experience as proof/reason for their view. Several interesting points came up.

One main point, almost all the people who participated were either teachers/lecturers or IT people or Bankers. There was very little or no representation from other industries. May be these are the sectors which heavily employ women? Definitely not i should say. Infact, i read in a magazine. According to some survey, job for women apdina udanay first thonara jobs ennava irukumnu ketrukaanga. The result was predominantly in favour of front office personnel/models based on their looks (this brought lot of criticism but a real fact), nurses following close second with teachers coming a distant third.

There were many points raised by working women, who didnt want to go to work because they said, they missed being with their children when their kids needed them and also that they miss seeing them grow, uttering their first words, unable to go out with their hubbies or spend time with their inlaws (ithu mega dupe). When a guy goes for work..he misses all these things too. Wonder why no one asked a dad as to how he feels to miss his kids first utterences and things like that. Motherhood is saintly. Divine. No questions asked or no criticism raised. Agreed. But give some thought to a dads plight also, people.

All these days women liberation, equality, same pay.. all those stuff were there and were quite rightly fought for. Now that women are into almost all the fields as men are, why the cribbing that they miss their motherhood. The fact which irks me is that, its really people who can afford to send their kids to a creche or daycare center are the ones who crib the loudest. Imagine the plight of garment/export office lady workers or those into construction jobs, daily wagers and all. The fact is that they dont even have a representation itself says volumes of their plight. People talk of empowering women with work. Well these people are not working to establish their "empowerment" but rather are forced to do such hardwork for their daily bread. Does anyone questions them as to how do they feel when they are not around to hear their new borns first word?? Whether they are working out of choice or for want of a better living?

P.S: Ending extended to part 2 :D

Monday, August 18, 2008

Celebration time :)

Supershankingara blog vandiyoda rearview mirrorla paatha..oru kutti milestone with number 201nnu kannula patuchu.. ADA...200 post thaanditomanu oray kushiaaidichi..athey samayathula ithunala baadhipu adainja silapala victims and naan virumbi padikara sila blogs pathi oru naalu vaaratha poadrathu thaan panna pavathuku parigaram panra seyalaa irukumnu here we go.

Ambi the vambi:

Ivara pathi introductionay thevailaingarathala intro sectionla ivara pathiye potruken..ammanchinu pera vachitu maanji maanji kaamedi post poduravar. Vaarthaila velaadi mokka podrathu easya panidlam aana real life incidentsaye kamedia solra theramasaali ivar. Thirulnelvelila alwaku aduthabadi famousaana dishna ivaroda kesari thaan. Sariya panlaina kuda sari nu solika kudia dish athu onnu thangarathalaya therila. Sapdrathuku munnadi uyil eluthi vachidrathu saala siranthathu.

Megaserial magadevi:

part 1 Ivanga real peru ennana..thodarum
part 2 D..thodarum
part 3 I..thodarum
part 4 V..thodarum
part 5 Y..adutha partil mudivurum

Udanay part 6 nenacheengala..anga thaan thappu panreenga...oru rendu varam wait pannanum. Finala

part 6 A.

2020la India vallarasagutho ilayo..megaserial azhiyathu..azhiyavum.. vida maatennu namma gabtun stylela ivanga urthimozhi eduthirukarathaga kelvi. Serious matter apart..Hindi padathuku aduthabadia..naalu lineku title vachu..padathulalam vara mariye inbetween dialogues paatulam poatu..thedi pudichi suit agara mari photoslam poatu..oru mini movie paatha effect irukum ivanga postslalam. Ivanga kudukara relationship tips vachu oru talk showay nadathalum. Mathabadi Nallavanga vallavanga..Naaapathum therinjavanga.

Kanakku teacher Ramya:

Ivangala pathi ethachum kindal panna stand up on the benchu and "one one saar two"nu tablesa opika vachiduvangalonu bayama iruku. Adhunaala i the silent.


moonu gram (3g) pera vachikitu tonne kanakana fun personna athu ivanga than. Enakenamo BOYS padathula vara senthil characteruku ivanga thaan inspirationo nu romba naala oru doubt. Evlo otinalum asaratha gunathula Pazhaiya Pallavan busku aduthabadi ivanga thaan.

Madhavi pandhal:

Thanneer panthal..Mor panthal..en rosemilk panthal kooda kelvi patruken. Athenna madhavi pandhal?? oruvelai hindikaranga bloga irukumo nenachu url a thatina!!! oothuvathi vasaniyoda karpoora manam gamakka oray bakthimayamana post. Infact ivar postlam padikarachay shoeva kazhativachitu ezhunthu ninnu kannathula poatukitu thaan padikarathu. Comment adikara section pakkam porathukelam queula ninu ticket vanganum. Edakudama nakkala solita ummachi aprum kanna usually read and apeet. Inga, oru bloga oatrathukay nora thalluthu. Ivaroda blog listingsay pakkam pakkama oduthu. Arumaiyaana aanmeega pathivar. Suthamaaana tamizhla bakthi mayam sotta sotta ezhutharar. 63 nayanmar and 18(?) aazhvaroda cartesian producta iruku ivaroda posts and thoughts.

Complan gal prithz:

She is every parents dream :)) padips and extra karikolambu activities elathulayum medal adichitu vara over padips romba chamathu kutti ponnu and my sweet lil sis :) Ivanga alavuku english padichiruntha naan Englandlaye potti kadai vachirupen. En school non-detail booksla kuda avlo english padichathillai :D

Mask man Hari:

Romba simpla kathai solra inoru intersting ezhuthaalar. Ivar character perlam romba simple. Male character peru He..femalena She. Lifela nadakara chinna vishayangalayim oru romantic viewfinderla paathu kathaiya tharavar.

Settai sat:

Aatha magamaayi maariyaatha.. ivanga vaaya thorantha pechay varathu..muthu mutha setharum. rombbaaaaa nallavanga..adakkam amararul uikutho ilayo..satidam uyyum. Semma stylisha peter uttu kaalasarthulayum sari..local dappanguthu damil (read coimbatore) ethunalum kalathula erangitaanganna ratham paakama return aaga mataanga. ivanga car oatra azhaga kaana kan kodi vendum.. aana konjam thalli ninu parunga ( say oru pathu km ) yaenna avanga vazhi..thaniiiiii vazhi.

Matrum palarla enga katchi makkalaana KK,Arun,Naatamai,Kodumaikara kuttichaathan Usha apdinu super bloggers list neendu kitaayy poguthu.

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