Saturday, October 06, 2018

96 - movie review

Very few movies live up to the hype. In this age of fake news, fake media and fake..everything, it is becoming very hard to trust anything, be it mainstream news or even movie review for that matter. When the songs for this movie got released, it literally set the social media on fire. Facebook was agog with status messages dripping in the saccharine sweetness of the songs and everyone who listened to those songs were getting nostalgic about their past love(s). The songs were really good and much different from what were being bandied about as chartbusters by the erstwhile puyal. When the movie got released, there were unanimous acclaim and every review was positive. Having already received bulbu over "Chekka chivantha vaanam" I was very much apprehensive. But was counting majorly on Vijay Sethupathi. That guy has the midas touch for movie scripts and majority of his movies are watchable, credit to his realistic performances. And another intriguing factor was his pairing with Trisha. When "Nanum rowdy thaan" was being announced with him pairing Nayantara, was wondering how their combination would gel, for I thought Nayan, at the risk of sounding chauvinistic, having worked with mostly senior actors prior, might look like his elder sister and Vijay Sethupathi, often characterised with unholy approach to his looks, might look even older. But the casting proved a blockbuster hit and both of them looked a million bucks with crackling chemistry. At least Nayan has maintained herself over the years and is turning out to be the lady version of Benjamin Button. But Trisha? For the doubters, she has pretty much been herself in the movie and her effort to try not hard to impress has succeeded big time.

Story wise its a simple and straight forward one of high school love between the lead pair, that survives even after 2 decades, with one of them even being married to someone else and having a kid. The theme glorifies first love as something that would remain forever fresh and would survive even if it doesn't succeed in marital union. The movie begins slowly, very slowly with Vijay sethupathi taking lots and lots and lots of pictures. Those ten minutes make you wonder on your decision to watch the movie. The moment Janagaraj comes on screen, the story slowly gathers pace and you never realise when it reaches interval. There is love, romance, bro-mance, friendship care and every form of lovable emotions on display for the next one hour between every character on screen. Devadarshini, my all time favourite TV comedienne, proves yet again to tamil movie industry their fallacy in not utilizing her full potential. If she was a hoot as elder sister to Prasanna in "Kanda naal mudhal" watcher her as the sister-friend to Vijay Sethupathi. The ten minutes she gets on screen, is all hers. Baks from "Naduvaula konjam pakkatha kaanum" plays the side kick friend to perfection. If not the love story portion, definitely everyone would've had, having, friend like him and Devadarshini in real life. There are many scenes in the movie where there are no dialogues, especially the school portions where the younger versions of the lead characters have dominated. Especially the girl who plays Trisha's younger part. Very cute and very realistic. The kid who plays the shy Vijay Sethupathi is so original at times you dont't realise that its an act for a movie. Very candid. Ilayaraja proves yet again why he is so highly rated for his melodies. All those songs, that are sung by the girl, without any music, still recreates the same magic. Very rarely we get to see guys being portrayed as shy, realistically and not over the top or psychotic, in tamil movies. Kudos to the director for showing school love in all its originality, yet retaining the filmy touch. The moment Trisha joins the party, the party literally begins and from then till the end, its just her and Vijay Sethupathi.

As is said, there are way too many close up scenes, with little dialogue and no BGM, solely relying on the capability of the lead pair to take it forward. With just the two characters, who doesn't even change their costume for three quarters of the movie (when was the last time such a travesty happened in tamil movies, I couldn't quite figure), doesn't even speak in certain sections, it couldn't have been any more expressive. Their eyes light up when they discuss about their time together and reflect the pain of near misses that have set them apart. Their smile is so genuine, you wouldn't quite realise that you were smiling yourself, being like a third wheel on a lovely conversation. My pick of the eminent lot of characters would be that of Vijay Sethupathi, who/which brings out the subtlety in a guy, so madly in love, that he is content to watch her from a distance, leading her life and him in memory of his love for her, could've gone bombastic when that character gets a chance to be with her alone after a gap of so many years and yet retains his dignity and emerges untainted. The movie ends with one more piece being added to his memory baggage, literally and figuratively and the ending didn't felt sad. For such an out and out romantic movie, which doesn't have an happy ending, it proves that, even normal and realistic ending need not be sad or clichéd to be successful, for the climax does happen in an airport.

For almost 2 hours of the entire running time of two and half hours, its just these two, their emotions and conversations and yet its hardly boring. In many places there is not even BGM to stir up the audiences, who would've very well caught into the unfolding romance between the lead pair by then and would've been rooting for them to unite. The director remains true to his sense and the movie heads towards a logical and practical end. Considering the current trend of glorifying live-in relationships, getting physical before marriage, with even legal system supporting adultery, its noteworthy that the movie comes clean on the "moral" aspects. Probably because the theme is love story from the late nineties? Wonder what would've been the ending had it been '06 instead of '96!!! Last but not the least - the songs. For those who are familiar with the album, when you are watching the movie, you can very well guess which is song that is going to fit into the next scene. They have been melded into the storyline and for a movie that thrives on silence and simple conversations driven by emotions, the songs add up to the glory.

Gils verdict - love stories often make people nostalgic, either of their own stories or the ones about their friends and mostly about their own road not taken. The hangover post watching this movie, had it been because of Ram and Janu (the lead characters) that would be the success of the movie and I believe it has succeeded.

Friday, September 28, 2018

Kolai Kolaiya munthirikka - 2

Time: 1.30 AM
Venue: Vasantham apartments

“intha dead body a Ippo ennada panrathu” asked Ram
“panrathelam pannitu enna kelu” snapped Anil
“Ennada ennamo naanay kola panna mathiri pesara”
“Pinna antha aalay kazhutha nerichikitu suicide panitara”
“Enna ketta”
“Konnuduven..cha..paaru un kuda irunthu unna polavay en thoughtsum maaruthu..inniyoda un sagavasam cut”
“Dei…please da..nambuda..sathiyama naan kola pannalada”
“Appo intha dead body epdi inga vanthuchu”
“Vanthapo uyir irunthirukum..apruma mandaiya potrupaan”
“Mandaiya potana illa nee mandaila poatu anthaala poatu thallitia”
“Ennada logic ay ilama pesara..naan edhuku intha aala kola pananum”
“Enna ketta..nee edhukaga inga vanthio..enna vera ithula korthu vitruka..naan paatuku sivanaynu irunthen. Vandi repair nu solli bikela lift kudutha kuthathukaga..ipo oru kolai kutravaaliyoda naanum santhega casela maatika poren”
“Ennada romba baya muruthara..naan kollalada”
“Pinna enna thaan achu inga..”
“Naama rendu perum bikela vanthoma…nee dhum adika porentu ponia..naan inga vanthu calling bell amukinena..”
“Calling bell amukki antha aal vanthathum ..avan kazhutha amukki konnuta”
“Paduthaathada..calling bell sound ketu yaarum varala”
“Appo kadhavu yaar open panna”
“Openaavay thaan irunthuthu…rendu thadava kooptu paathen..Sivaraman badhilay solala”
“Adhukaga Sivaramana savaramana aakitiyeda paavi”
“Saniyane..solratha muzhusa kettu thola..Yaarum badhil solalaye nu ulla etti paathen. Balcony pakkama Sivaraman ukkanthirunthaar”
“Innumenna “irunthaaru” irunthuthu sollu”
“Ippo grammer romba mukkiayama…solratha kelenda…ennada koopda koopda badil sollama pudichi vacha pullayar pola ukkanthirukaanaynu kitta ponen..paatha pechu moochu illama ukkantha badiye Sivaraman out..bayanthadichitu thaan unna koopten”
“Iru iru..ukkanthabadiya..ipo body paduthundu iruku?”
“Adhaana…oru vela balcony kaathula keezha vizhunthirukumo?”
“Padubaavi..kaathula vizha adhu poo udal illa..boodha udal..kolrathu konna seri..enna enda maati utta..naan paatuku sivanaynu irunthen”
“Kanna..Anil..nee thaanda ipo kaapathanum..un bestu friend Ram kaga ithu kooda panna maatiya”
“mkkum..ramayanathula ramaruku anil udhavi pannathuku mudhugula moonu kodu kedachauthu..unkuda vantha paavathuku enakku mudhugula tinnu katta poranga…aama police epdi adhukulla vanthanga..usuala climax mudinjaprum thaana varuvanga”
“Ennamo Sivaramanay phone panni vara sonna mathiri solra..naan inthaaala paaka varapora vishayam enakkay one hour munnadi thaan thonithu…”
“One hourla kola panna plan pannitia..adapavi..”
“Ipidye solitruntha nejamavay naan kolakarana maariduven..unna poatu thallitu”
“Venumda venum…un kuda vantha enakku ithuvum venum inum venum”
“Seri..ipo enna polambi enna panrathu….aaga vendiatha paapom…evlo Sujatha novelsla pathirupom…namma fingerprint laam clean pananumay..edhachum thuni edra”
“Kashtakaalam..Sujatha must be turning in his grave”
“Chaancela..avara erichutta”
“Chee..thuni yelam ipo thoda koodathu..saavu theetu da”
“Dei..nee vera saavadikathada..po..poitu engalam finger print vanthirukumnu paathu clean pannu..kelambara vazhiya paapom”
While Ram and Anil where busy wiping off the fingerprints, the dead body let out a loud sneeze, alarming both of them. Anil, who was wiping the balcony door, slips and falls on the body.
“Enda kaththi oora kootra”
“Unna maathiri kola pannitu silenta irukara alavuku ennaku dhairyiam kedaiyathuda”
“Moodhevi..sivaraman enna sofa cum bed a..ezhunthu thola”
“illada..intha aal..i mean..idhu ..ipo sneeze pannithu..bayathula kaal slip aagi vizhunthuten”
“Bayathula kaal mattumila..kannu mannu theriama slip aaguthu unakku..dead bodyku epdida sneeze varum”
“Enna ketta..unakku neria mun anubavam irukum pola..neeye sollu”
“Vaaya mooditu velaya paaruda..maadi portionla yaarachum sneeze panirupanga”
“Edhukum balcony doora close panni vaikaren..bodyku kulira poguthu”
“Nyayapadi suthi ice vaikanum..nee kulira poguthunu kadhava saathara?”
“Un alavuku enakku teriathuda…seri..seri..eli paaya praandra mathiri nara naranu palla kadikaatha..ipo enna pannanum”
“Bodya dispose panra vazhiya paakanum”
“Naama enda dispose pananum? Sonthakarangaluku sonna avangalay vanthu sadangu sambradhayam senju dispose pannida poranga”
“Un per thaan Anil na moolaiyum anil maathiri thaana…evlo cinemala pathirupom… Kutravaali edachum chinna thappu senjirupaan..adhavachu police avana pudichirum… Body naama secreta dispose pannita Sivaraman edho ooruku poitu return aagalanu ellarum nenachupangalla..namma mela sandhegam varaathu”
“Namma mela ila..un mela..idhula enna edhuku kootu sekkara”
“Adhelam theriathu..maatina unnaiyum serthu arrest panna solli naan approver aaiduven”
“Paavi..adhu approver ilada..confession..kolaiya nee pannitu naan maatikitene..josiakaran aanikey sonaan..ezharai naatu sani start aaga poguthu nu..maatikita ezhara varusham kambi enannanum…seria tally aaguthu”
“Ipo epdi intha bodya velila eduthutu pograthu..iru..edachum koni saaku pai irukaanu paathutu varen”
“Thania vitutu pogathada..intha dead body vera thideernu sneeze panrathu..naanum kooda varen”
From the shadows emerged a figure,  moving stealthily towards the corpse.
"Boss.. Boss.. "

Wednesday, September 26, 2018

Kolai Kolaiya munthirikka - 1

Venue: police station

“Hello..E2 stationa?”
“Sir..enga apartmentla oru kola nadanthiruku sir..”
“Oh.. ..neenga yaaru?..hello..hello” irritated that the call got cut, head constable Vasanth, banged the phone back to its cradle.
“Ennaya..romba chellama phone vaikara..naalikum ithula thaan pesanum..nenavula vachukka” entered Sub-Inspector Ganesh,watching with amusement at the reaction of Vasanth.
“Pinna enna sir..murder pathi solitu detail kekarathukulla line cut panitanga”
“Murder a!! Yov..yenga ..ennachu”
“Ithe thaan naanum keten..cut panitaanga”
“Ennathaan sonanga call la..detaila sollu”
“Voice keta lady voice pola irunthuchu..high pitch..full tension..”
“pinna murder pathi inform panravanga softa husky voicelaya pesuvanga”
“ada..neenga vera..kozhapaama kelunga..mylapore jain temple pakkathu flatla..yaaraio murder panitanga udanay vaangannu solitu cut panidichi”
“Innum enna wait panittu..athaan address irukulla..kelambunga..”
“Sir..neenga intha areakku pudusu..avanga solra edathula moonu apartment iruku..irukara ella flatlayum poitu kathava thatti..inga edachum murder nadanthirukaa na theda mudiyum?”
“Yov..moonu flat thaanaya..ennamo township poora theda pora mathiri solra..kelambu seekram..kooda innum rendu constables kooptuka”
“Aama..ungalukena poachu..angalaam veedu vachirukaravanga paathi per MLA, MP benami…avanunga veeta artha raathiri poitu thattina..police aana nammalaye muttiku mutti thattiduvanunga..sonna ketta thaana” muttering under his breath, Vasanth started for the car.
“Siren podathayya..itho irukara apartment poga car siren..inum peria STFlam koopduva pola..nee vandi start panrathukulla veedu vanthirum..seri..antha post office entrancela edam iruku paru..anga vandia park pannitu vaa..naan adhukula poitu intha apartment security kita pesitruken”
“Entha apartment sir firstu porom”
“Antha pacha color building ..entrancela iruken..vaa..neenga rendu perum, micha rendu apartment security kita poitu visaaringa..door to door check panunga”
“Yes sir”

Time: 11 PM
Venue: Vasantham apartments

Ganesh enquires the security.

“Inga motham ethana flats iruku?”
“First floorla moonu second floorla moonu..aprum terracela outhouse onnu”
“Penthouse solria?”
“Rentukelam vidaleenga..elaamay owner thaan”
“Renthouse illa..pent...seri pogatum..ella flatum occupieda?”
“ enquiry na office contact pannunga sir..shift time mudinju naan kelambanum”
“Yov..enna nakkala..murder investigation ku co-operate panala nu solli case poatu ulla thallina than nee saripattu varuva”
“aiaiaoo..murdera..enga sir?”
“Athu thaan visarikaren..seri..oru half hour munnala intha flatlenthu santhegapadra mathiri yarachum velila ponangala?”
“Sandhega padre mathirya..apdi yaarum paakaliye?”
“yaarachum tensiona illa bayantha mathiri or vegam vegama odikittu ponangala?”
“Apdilam ila sir”
“CCTV camera iruka..last hour footage paakanum”
“Adhulaam ON aagirukathu aagi romba naalachu”
“Ennaya ivlo coola solra..seri..enga kooda neeyum vaa…hmm..Vasanth..neeyum intha aalum first floor la irukara ella apartmentslayum search panunga..naan second floor poren”
Vasanth and security get down on first floor from the lift.
“En sir..inga nejamavay kola nadanthirukka” asked the security
“Vaaya mooditu vaa..”
They quickly check the three apartments and finds nothing suspicious. Soon Ganesh also joined them with same result.
While waiting for other constables to finish their search, they wait outside the apartment entrance. They also turn up with no update.
“Hoax call a irukumo? Yarachum velaadraangala?”
“Therilaye..station ponathum..control room ku solli entha numberlenthu call vanthuchunu check panna solanum..maganay ipdi nadu rathiri hoax call vachu kadupethinanvan mattum en kaila kedachaan..ggrrr”
Few pair of eyes were watching from the balcony on the first floor as the police started back.
“intha dead body a Ippo ennada panrathu”

As I see IT -2

It’s been such a long while since I posted that I had almost forgot about this space!! There were many incomplete posts in draft status and while checking on something else, stumbled on them. So… here we go again.

I’ve been all of admiration and astonishment about IT industry for, basically, this is the only industry my career has been associated with all throughout and secondly, the rapidness with which it changes. Probably the one industry that boasts of so many process changes and revisions and upgrades which it recommends for every other domain and yet, is woefully short when it comes to its own self. We have service providers who delivers the world for decent compensation, for their clientele having lot less employees than their own, but when it comes to in house projects, tighten their purse strings. Some of the biggest service providers, themselves have employee headcount over min.150K. One look at their internal service setup would make you wonder how much do they really grasp the enormity of the task on hand. For ex. Take the case especially of the PF, Pension and other finance related admin services in any of the top 5 firms in India. I am more than sure, each of those departments would be grossly understaffed and carrying backlogs of several months, if not years of ageing tickets. Personally, I’ve gone through hell in almost every single company where I’ve worked, when it comes to dealing with these departments and in some cases the knowledge level of those involved itself being questionable. More than personal grudge or vent, this area is something that is neglected and skeletal support is what is provided on best of days.

When companies take stock of employee welfare, admin services are the least bothered and worried about area and for obvious reasons as well. These are never revenue generating and are cost functions that require optimization. As much as we train and focus our employees, who are the revenue generators, into learning and updating their skills about other country payrolls, finances, its highly imperative for people to understand their own salary. How many IT employees bother to even view their pay slip, unless its required as a document by banks or any other institution. How many times in a year, they even access their pay slip? Understanding one’s pay slip is probably the first step towards reigning in your expenses I believe. Or as the name proverbially says it would rather be pay “slip”.

During my formative years, one phase that use to scare the hell out of me was bench period or in between project time periods. Typically, one is expected to sharpen their axe, upskill/cross kill themselves,  invest that time for improvement and you can fill in the rest of the management catch phrases accordingly. But in simpler terms, it used to scare me like anything. First and foremost, when will I get my next project? where it would be? Will they ask me to transfer? If I reject will I be laid off? And on a somewhat positive note, what should I study? Something that would help me grow in my career or fine me my next project soon? Somehow the people higher up tend to forget that the majority lot of people whom they’ve inducted have all been procrastinators till few months earlier, pushing their studies till the last moment or the day before exams and if the expectation that one offer letter will shook them off into becoming more responsible.. well, we all have our own versions of fool’s gold. Will ponder a bit more on this bench window and how it shapes or doesn’t someone’s career in the subsequent posts.

Monday, August 13, 2018

Movie watch

Mission impossible – Fallout

Somehow, unlike any other franchise movie, I always manage to turn up for a MI release, on theater. The latest installment, MI 6 – Fallout, is very special for it’s the first and only movie that I’ve seen on IMAX, accompanied by the gang of usual suspects, at Forum Mall. The most ground breaking, earth shattering thing that happened even before the movie started was, I was the first one to make it to the venue!!!! Punctuality and me are two sides of two different coins. Probably the Ethan Hunt spirit (!!!) in me pushed myself to take up this impossible activity. Story wise its nothing new. There are some nuke warheads on loose and MI team has to disarm them and save the world. Stunt wise also its nothing new. Tom Cruise, seems to be on repeat mode when it comes to MI movies. He dangles from famous high rises, runaway planes, mountain tops on every single one of them. There would be an jaw dropping bike chase scene and whether his movies run or not, he would be seen running across every single form of terra firma. At times, it resembles high budget Ajith movies except for the fact that, the effort put in by Tom Cruise, really shows. For a guy who is pushing the wrong side of 50 age wise, seems to have only grown stronger since the last MI installment. All said and done, the last half hour is paisa vasool. Especially the helicopter fight, that literally makes you feel like watching you are watching a 3D movie and not 2D, is so realistic one can’t help but wonder was it really crashed or simulated. Had lot of high expectations about the IMAX screen and if not for the climax stunts, would’ve been hugely disappointed. There are lot of dialog portions in the movie, that makes it dull to watch on IMAX. How big and for how long can one watch a couple of characters talking on screen!!!

Tamizh padam 2.0

My most expected movie of the year since it was launched. With every FB update about the posters for the movie, the expectation kept raising and the trailer was the crowning glory, sending everyone a quest as to how many movies were being spoofed within that 2 minute time. The previous part of the movie, that literally made everyone rolling on the floor laughing, had set the bar pretty high for the sequel and the trailer raised the hype stratospherically. If it had been an inkling funny would’ve got consoled. But in the entire 2 plus hour running time, there is not one single instance or a joke that even make you smirk, rather smile. More than Kaala this was the most anticipated release for several people like me and the movie turned out to be such a bad dud. It makes one wonder where things went wrong when the director had dutifully stuck to the winning formula of first part – making LOL spoof out of famous movies. Probably the charm and fanciness of the first attempt which was unique to tamil cinema, was lost and the lack of witty dialogue to add strength to the screenplay was sorely missing. Such a huge letdown and such a waste of datapack.

Wednesday, August 08, 2018

Life and times

At times junior makes a mockery of the proud parent in us.

I have been through many such scenes when my over eager newly became parent friends, would show case their kids talent, making them say the alphabets or rhymes. At times it would annoy the kid and most of the times they would go silent and shy. I am one among those annoying parents club parading their kids talent with pride. But junior has his own way of getting out of such situations.

Once while going on a walk,  was word coaching him as usual, telling him new words about those things that we saw on the way. When we came near a Sabha there were few people standing outside who were watching junior identify things near that place. There was a huge statue of goddess saraswati in all her splendor and junior immediately called out her name which drew the attention of that group. Needless to say I was beaming with pride. I pointed to her hand and asked him what was she holding. He named it as book and chain much to my own amazement as chain was supposedly a new word for him. One old man from the group, who was clearly impressed,  pointed to the instrument on her hand and asked what was it. Junior promptly replied "GUITAR"!!! The look that old man gave me had so many interpretations least of which being how callously I was teaching him about the goddess of learning!!! While walking back home I was wondering where he learnt that word guitar and the answer was staring right at me on the rhymes he was watching. 

You may be thinking that I would have learnt my lesson. Obviously the answer is no. Next incident was around coaching him for interview about himself. We had taught him to tell his name, mine, his mom, grandma and aunty. When questioned back, this was his response.

"What is your name"
Answer: "What is your name"
" kutty. What is 'pointing at him' your name"
Answer: exact replay with same action.
"Ok..what is your father's name"
"Oh...ipdi onnu irukko. What is your dad's name"
"Adapaavi..what is mommy's name"
The response was Ulta for the other way of posting the same query.
Thought we should try in Tamil and asked 
"Aththai per enna"
"Aunty" was the prompt response!!!!


Tuesday, August 07, 2018

Chumma oru try - 6



காமம் ஈன்ற குழந்தை
அவள் வாழ்விலோ பல விந்தை
விஸ்வாமித்திரன் அவள் தந்தை
ஆனால் அப்பிள்ளையின் மேல் இல்லை அவன் சிந்தை
மேனகை அவள் அன்னை
தன் சேய் மறந்து அடைந்தாள் விண்ணை

உறவுகள் மறந்த
உத்தம உள்ளம்
செவ்வனே வளர்ந்தாள்
கன்வரின் இல்லம்

காலம் வரைந்த
அற்புத கோலம்
அவள் அழகை போல்
முன் கண்டதில்லை இஞ்ஞாலம்

மானும் மயிலும்
மரமும் மண்ணும்
பூவும் வண்டும்
புல்லும் செடியும்
போற்றி வளர்த்த பெண்டு

அவள் பெருமை கூற
வார்த்தை தேடியது நிகண்டு

சுழன்றது காலம்

ஒரு நாள் –
நிசப்தம் நிரவி
நிதம் நித்திரையில்
இருக்கும் அவ் வனம்
முரசு கொட்டும்
சத்தத்தில் முழித்து எழுந்தது

அவ்வொலியின் அதிர்வில்
பூக்கள் பல உதிர்ந்தது

வேட்டை ஆரம்பம் என
மிருகங்கள் உணர்ந்தன
உயிர் பிழைக்க மறைவிடம்
நோக்கி விரைந்தன

அலைபாயும் மனதை விட வேகமாய்
விரைந்து வந்த தேரில்
வலைந்த வில்லும்
வலையாத நோக்குமாய்
குறிபார்த்து அம்பு எரிந்தான்
அவனே துஷ்யந்தன்

சூறாவலியாய்  சுழலும் தேரில்
சுற்றி வந்தோர் வழி மறைய
தன்னன்தனியே தொடர்ந்தான் வேட்டையை
காலம் தொடங்கியது தன் சேட்டையை