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Of words and meanings

When you are introduced to a new word, what would be your first feeling? Especially when its thrown as such a commonplace item, about which you had been so ignorant that, such a casual mention of it makes you wonder, why you never came across it in first place, till that time. I’ve had my fair share of such words and each time the emotions were no different.

I wasn’t even introduced to a computer, when during a theory class on operating system, my compskey (school time slang for comp. sci – computer science) teacher casually mentioned about THE word – “version”. It was the first ever time I was hearing about it and even before I could contemplate its meaning from the context or the sentence, he had passed on to several other topics. Yet that one word, kept lingering in mind, like that solitary wet cloth, refusing to fly away in wind, holding on to its clip. I asked my friend immediately after the class is over what the word meant. He was clueless but somehow wasn’t much troubled by it…

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