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A movie watch that wasn't

Last weekend we saw Maragatha Nanayam movie. With almost every single review going ga-ga over the movie, I was tempted to believe that not all of that could’ve been paid review. But movie wasn’t worth the hype is what I felt. It wasn’t a bad movie at all. With the USP of the movie, weighing on mimicry (Yes. You read that right) of the heroine being dubbed with a male voice and same characters speaking in multiple voices, it “sounds” novel. But wish the screenplay could’ve been more engaging. Felt like, the director would’ve selected the last few hits of horror comedy genre and removed all the common elements to add this USP and created a movie out of it.
There is no romantic track or duet songs. Tick one.
No special effects or CG driven ghosts. Tick two.
But he has retained the comic portions to a greater extent, which works in parts with major chunk of the credit going to Nikki Kalrani (heroine) for the spunk with which she has donned the role and her body language of that of a rowdy…

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