Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Movers n Shakers - 1

Few people/incidents hogged the limelight this month, which might cast a bigger shadow in the coming times. Some were individual milestones while some.. simply stones thrown by individuals.

Usually when u start something u dedicate the first offering to GOD here we go.

S R T. New branch of GRT jewellery?? Nope. But no less precious than all the gold in that shop put together. Yup..None other than Sachin Ramesh Tendulkar,
for conquering summit 12k and also becoming the highest test run scorer in history. Guess, whatever changes the format undergo from now on, i really doubt whether there would be any other player, who will hold both ODI and test records together, ever, however long their career maybe. Even if such an unimaginable stuff happens, one wonder whether that person will have the serene calmness with which this man has soaked in all the pressure and comments and criticism and more importantly the glory and still manages to walk on his feet. Of all the praises heaped on him, my personal favourite is from the magazine SPORTSTAR. That magazine usually features the most prolific sports personality of that month on their cover page and once it ran just their masthead "SPORTSTAR" with the following statment.
"The only thing to have appeared on our cover more times than Sachin"!!

For a long time when i had to follow overseas matches of indian cricket only through Hindu and Express. Each morning, which i woke up to read the news of Sachin's exploits had such a refreshing start and i used to feel as if the day has began in right earnest. A sachin 100 and Indian victory was the best dose of morale boost to carry the day. Its such a joy to watch this little man come dancing down the track to loft hapless spinners and pacers alike over their head for a six. Such scenes at times remind me of the Gladiators thrown before the lions during Roman times. The carnage, the power and the mesmerising balance which follows were a treat to watch. Agreed there are better hitters in the game. But a six by Sachin is like watching a Lion devour its prey with scalpel. Belligerent beauty at its best.

People might question his form..the labourous ardor with which he went about knocking off the final 1000 runs and might be questioning on when he is going to retire. is petrol. Ever since it has been discovered, people have been predicting it would dry up in a decades time. Not that they are wrong but the point is, lets enjoy Sachin as he is and as a person who knows himself best and surely he would've scripted his farewell already.

I think, Einstein once said, "God didnt play dice with the universe". Had he been alive now and followed cricket, he would've been sure as to which game god played ;)

Saturday, October 25, 2008


This is one song i always listen to..whatever the mood maybe. Its so cute n endearing u wud never want it to end. Nalla sarakadichitu paadra mathiri antha lady padirukanga..but its mesmerising :) very very smooth song.

Title: John Denver - Leaving on a Jet Plane lyrics

Artist: John Denver Lyrics

All my bags are packed I'm ready to go
I'm standin' here outside your door
I hate to wake you up to say goodbye
But the dawn is breakin' it's early morn
The taxi's waitin' he's blowin' his horn
Already I'm so lonesome I could die

So kiss me and smile for me
Tell me that you'll wait for me
Hold me like you'll never let me go
Cause I'm leavin' on a jet plane
Don't know when I'll be back again
Oh babe, I hate to go

There's so many times I've let you down
So many times I've played around
I tell you now, they don't mean a thing
Every place I go, I'll think of you
Every song I sing, I'll sing for you
When I come back, I'll bring your wedding ring

So kiss me and smile for me
Tell me that you'll wait for me
Hold me like you'll never let me go
Cause I'm leavin' on a jet plane
Don't know when I'll be back again
Oh babe, I hate to go

Now the time has come to leave you
One more time let me kiss you
Close your eyes I'll be on my way
Dream about the days to come
When I won't have to leave alone
About the times, I won't have to say

So kiss me and smile for me
Tell me that you'll wait for me
Hold me like you'll never let me go
Cause I'm leavin' on a jet plane
Don't know when I'll be back again
Oh babe, I hate to go

Cause I'm leavin' on a jet plane
Don't know when I'll be back again
Oh babe, I hate to go

video paaka inga clickunga
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Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Romanc(in) movies

Azhagan la vara "sangeetha swarangal". Ethana varusham aanalum..fonela kadala podra makkala paathu first adikara comment :) KB ya iyakunar imayamnu summava solranga. Night samacharla arambichi morning paalkaran vara varaikum cutea picturise panirupanga song.

Nayaganla vara "neeyoru kaadhal sangeetham" and the scene preceeding it. Konjam male chauvinistica irukunu feel agaravangalku..athu oru gangster Don rolengaratha nyabagapaduthinda u can enjoy it. Lovely lyrics awesome acting and excellent music.

Arya..padam poora it oozes with cuteness. Immensly likable songs and laughably funny sequences. "Feel my love" and "Nuvvante" are right on top of my all time fav list.

Bommarilu--athaanga telugu santhosh subramaniam..athula vara "Bommani geesthay" song..antha oru paatukagavay that padam also in this list. Amma paadra lullaby enanu puriatiyum ketukitay thungiduthula kozhandailam..athey pola..enna meaningnu puriati kuda idhama kadhai kekara mathiri irukum intha song. Very smooth and melodious.

Humtumla towards the end vara oru scene. Rani and saif would be discussing about the theoretical possibility of them getting married and saif wud be saying how he would be prioritizing between their kids, her n his dog. Chancelatha scene :) enaku romba pudikum. Also the title song, "Humtum", had it as my hello tune for a long time :)

Azhagaai Irukirai Bayamaai Irukirathu--intha padam vanthatho ponatho kuda neria peruku terinjirukathu nenakren had it not been released quickly in Sun tv :)) "Jo paapa paaavam la" apdinu solitu semma cute n bubblyaana heroine and oru scene semma touchinga irukum. The lead pair would be discussing as to how cruel it is to have the one you love, sitting right next to you, and still unable to express your love. Intha rendu vishayathukaga antha padam rommba pudikum.

Perazhaganla vara oru scene..Surya pesara oru dialogue sequence with Jo in a car. "oru azhagaana ponnu irunthaa" nu..Head fonela ketu parunga :) ketutu solunga :)

Ayutha ezhuthula vara bus scene with Trisha and Sid. realistic and so simple yet so catchy. Terminus to terminus back to back trip adichikitu..kutti pasangallenthu koodakaranga varikum elar kudavum travel panikitu...the hot gal and cute hero...oblivious to the world.. arattai, with the best song of the movie in the background. To quote another Trisha song "Vera enna venum ulgathilay..intha travel podhum nenjinilay" :))) sila scenelam patha ipdilam naama iruntha epdirukumnu yosika vaikumla..this is definitely one such scene.

P.S: Intha list mudiara mathiri therila :) so ithoda ishtopping. Appalika fresh additions vachu inoru parta posteren.

P.S.S:Ithelam cinemala paathu..rasithu..pullarichi..jollu utu..vaaya polanthikitu kanavu kaanarathoda stop panikarathu nallathu. Alaipayuthay paathu atheye try panni avasthaila maatina makkal neria per i the know. Ithan moolam karuthu kandhasami ena koorikolgiraarna .."Kedaikarathu kedaikama irukathu kedaikama irukarathu kedaikathu" :D varta

Saturday, October 18, 2008

Dea(r)th of language - final part

U.V.Saminatha Iyeruku "tamizh thatha"nu title kuduthu.. karai oarama selai vachitu vitutom. Avar matum porumaia thedi kandupudikalaina..
state board syllabusla tamizh chapters kammi agirukum.
Manapaada paguthinu solli muti odaikarathu kurainjirukum.
Yaapu,ani nu mug adicha matterlam irunthirukathunu
12thla tamizh sec language eduthathala total kuranju pona makkaloda "positive"slam pathalum neria interesting literature namaku miss agirukum.

Valaiyapathi kundalakesi are no Harry potter. But intha stylela words vantha athuku per Venpa. Ipdi preceed agara wordslam rhyminga vantha ethugai..endingla rhyme aana monainu..ekkachakka matter vachu, kita thatta writing styleukay oru maths theorem mathiri steps and procedures poatu..antha normskulla set agaramathiri kathai and karuthu sonna vitham..well..entha sonnetukumm balladukum kuranjathillanu perumiaya solikalam. Venpa styllela oru 5 min song vanthalum.."avaru thaanpa kavingarnu..enama elutharar"nu pugazharomla. Atheye konjam scaleup panni oru 5000 10000 paras imagine panni paatha puriyum antha literatureoda arumai.

Maybe namakellam tamizh sollithara vidhatha maathina inum konja naal tamizh nalla healthya vaazhumo??

Entha schoola eduthalum, intha history, civics and language periods ( maina grammer period ) mathiri mokkaiyana period irukavay mudiathu. Evlo aruvaiaya solla mudiyumo avlo bladea irukum. Teachersoda involvementa kutham solala. sonatheye solli solli avangalukum marathirukum. Anga thaan konjam creativity avanga use panlamnu thonuthu. Ipo than rahukalam emakandam paaka kuda internetla googleandavar kita kekara range vanthiruchula..intha grammer and history lessonslam intersting aaka..pasangala vitay information gather panna sollalamay. Vaayila sora thinkka vachu muzhungunnu meratratha vida..pasiya kelapina pasanga pattaya kelapida matanga. Enakenamo ipdi panna inum konjam interstinga irukumnu thonuthu. But practicala work out aguma??!! yosichi than pakanum.

Epo tamizh paata rap pana arambichangalo..apovay adutha generationuku move aaidihci :D vallavan yogi B, blaaze nu list increase aga arambichidichi..inumum..kambar thiruvalluvar barathiyaroda nalla tamizh sethu poachunu sona velaikagathu. SMS languagela ramayanam vantha atha appreciate pannara manasu venum. Athey samayam original formatla oru pakka paatu vanthalum anaichukara arivum venum.

Mozhingarathu unthu perusa enthu perusa nu sandaikana ayuthama aagama irukanum.

Enthu 5000 varusham pazhasu so en baasha pesaravanuku intha salugai tharanum nu picha podra porula agama irukanum.

Literature padikara pasanganna science and maths puriama, mark ilama, poruki thanam panitu thiryaravangannum vidhiyenu padikaravangannum paakara mentality collegesla ozhiyanum.

Epdi oru BE BSc BCom mariathaikuria UG coursesa conside pannapadutho athey pola BA lit maranum.

Namma oorlaye 1008 vishayam iruku translationuku. Athu matumilama englishla vara evlo vishayangal simplana tamizhla ilathathala puriamaye padikara makkal neria per irukanga. Sengona mukkonamnu solithan right angle trianglea puria vaikanuma? inum simpla try pana mudiatha?? Translation na suthamana tamizhnu pakrathu poga puriara mathiri tamizhunu maranum. Mozhiyoda nokkam, end of the day , karuthu parimatram and easy communication. Athukay prachanaina apo antha mozhi kandipa saga vendi thaan.

Tamizh ini Mella saagum??
Mendraal saavathu unavu matum thaan. Mozhi alla :)

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Dea(r)th of language - part 1

P.S:Nyayapadi intha posta tamizhla ezhuthirukanum. Vazhakkam pola no porumai. so porutharuluga. seekrama tamizhla adika arambikaren.

Tamizh ini mella sagum. Evlo thadava intha sentencea ketalum each time it does something. Apdi onum panalaina kandipa tamizh teriathavangalavo ila puriathavangalavo thaan irukanum. Aayiram than sonalum thaan pesara thaai mozhi inum konja naalula kaanama poidumngarathu is equivalent to ones parents demise. Rendumay confirma nadanthay agumnu terinjalum nenaikavay oru nimisham patharuthilla.

Back to title. Nejamavay mella sethuruma?? is there anything called death for languages? Engayo padicha news...ulagathula prominenta irukara sila dozen languages thavira micha languageslam seekrama azhinjitu varutham. People blame the rapid advent of technology, as usual. Ana yosichi paatha athulayum oru indirect unmai irukathan seiyuthu.

New inventions, discoveries elamay kuripita sila languages kulla adapattu poguthu. Atha thannoda thai mozhila padicha puriathungara maayai nallavay undu panitanga. And moreover, translation is no easy job. Its one of the most difficult job and requires lot more knowledge and command over the language, understanding of the subject and also selfless and service oriented nature, to top it all.

Oru Japeneso Frencho kathundu.. avanga mozhilenthu englishku translate panna kaasu neria kedaikuthaynu, Alliance Franchisekum Indo Japnese chamberukum alaiyo alainu alainju avanga mozhi aana avanna kathukara makkala kandipa kurai sollala. Aana, atheye englishlenthu tamizh translate panravangalukum maaniyatha ethi moneya kootina mani maniyana matter namakku sulabama puria vazhi kedaikumay. Ilati Marmayogi madam mathiri dialogue padikarathukaga tamizh kathunda thaan undu :(
Ipdilam iruntha oruka seekrama tamizh saga chance iruku.

sagalainalum kazhutha neriakra mathiri thana namma pesara vazhakkam iruku apdinu polambravangaluku oru kelvi. Kambarum valluvarum nalla tamizhla ezhuthinangannu elarum accpeting. Avanga kaala makkal oru 100 years munna irunthiruntha Barathiyar patalam ketu..enna ipdi kochai tamizha irukaynu thitirupanga. Apo Barathiyar tamizh Barathidasan tamizhlam mosamnu aiduma?? Mozhingarathu timeku time marara oru matter. Maranum. Maralaina maraiya vendi varum. Ilati parunga..saurashtra thulu mathiri scriptay ilatha mozhingallam inikum iruku. Thats something which amazes me. Ezhuthu vadivam irukara mozhigalay thindaditrukara timela padika onumay ilama verum pechu varthaiye vachay oru mozhi..inum usiroda irukkuna..namma tamizhuku inum aayusu gettinu thana artham :)

concluded in next part.

Sunday, October 12, 2008

Rock on

Sila padamlam paatha ithu matum namma local languagela vanthiruntha evlo nalla irukumnu enaku thonum. Telugla Arya was one such movie. Paathi dialogu ennanu puriyaathu aanalum neria thadava paathruken. Tamizhla antha padam vantha yaru herova irupanganu oru thought odum. Masala story. So konjam star power and charishma iruntha than kathai therum. Athey samayathula youthful story. Antha mathiri role set agara mathiri tamizhla yarumay thonala.

Athey pola thaan intha padam - Rock on.

First..padathoda songs. Oray varthaila solanumna-- AWESOME. Shankar ehsan loy and farhan combo chancela. Each movie in their combo boasts of rocking songs - right from Dil chahtha hai to Rock on. Especially in this movie, songslam semma english feel. Aana athukelam pakkaava suit agara mari hindi lyrics potrukar Javed Akthar. Namma vaali sir mathiri vaarthaila velaadvum seiyarar..vairamuthu mathiriyum ezhutharar. Ella paataiyum Farhanay padirukarathu konjam kadinalaum..ear drumsa imasai panaatha mari atha kuduthurikarathuku special sabash. Aana patulam aniyaayathuku lengthya iruku. min 6 mins. Climax song matumay oru ten plus min medley of most of the songs. Still immensly enjoyable. Friendsoda vandila long trip adikarachay sathama ketukitu polam :)

Aduthu thaan storyliney. Padamay music base pannigarapo paatuku thana first preference. Ithey mathiri music based stories tamizhalayum vanthiruku. carnatic musicals movieya irunthalum athula diversiona than story irukum. Antha mathiri kanna pinnanu alatikama..normalana story. Infact its so simple that anyone whose passion is something but is doing something else can easily relate to it. Pathu varushama peasatha Farhan thideernu vanthu trouplea join agikaratho climaxla Arjun rampal correcta vanthu guitar vasikaratho thavirthu padathula perusa sothapalnu ethuvum ila. Ana oru simple incidentkaga life ambitiona vitruvangala makkal??

Ego clashla piriayara music troupela rendu per totala vera linela poidranga micha rendu perla oruthan music director kita join panidran inoruthan partiesla vasikara alavula than irukaran. Pidipilama panra velaila enna than success irunthalum athula santhosham irukathungaratha simpla nadichi katirukar Farhan. Kadisila onnu senthu entha competitiona jeichi priayarangalo atheye thirumba jeikaranga. Ambututhen story.

Farhan wifea vara lady mega serialla vara tharma pathini mathiri pola. Sirichalum oru glyrcerine punnagaiyavay irukaynu patha..nejamvay serialenthu than vanthirukangalam. Aana semma cute :)) Purab kohli (KD drummer) chancela. Kedaicha chancea semmathia use panitrukar. Mudi valathutu Anniyan mari vara Farhana vida formalsla share brokera vara Farhan gethhu. Model kanakka irukar. But topperna athu Arjun Rampal thaan. Long hair utukitu scenea sutharathagatum. Wife kita pammara sceneagatum. Manushan kalasirukar.

Mothathula..nalla time pass movie..friendsoda poi paatha inum majava irukumngarathu no doubt.

Intha mathirilam tamizhla music varuma?? poda aal iruka?? irunthalum tamizhala lyrics varuma? apdiye album vanthalum nadika aal iruka??!!! Ipothaiku illainu thaan thonuthu. Seekrama "Naaka mooka"lam thaandi nalla genre based musicals (other than carnatic) tamizh cinemaku kedaika prapthirasthu.

Friday, October 03, 2008

Kelviyin nayagan is back :)

Romba naal kazhichi namma kostin king than thiruvai malaranthu arulinar. Ithuku munna epo kostin ketaarnu kostin panravargalukaga.. Click

"Round katti sapdravangala SAAPATTU RAMAN nu en solranga?? enaku terinju.. entire Ramayanathula.. romba kammia saptruka vendia pala charactersla.. chief Ramar than. Paavam 14 years kaatulayum metulayum alanji tirinji..pora kuraiku Seethaiya vera inbetweenla miss panni, avangala thedrathulayum ravanan, vaalinu sandai podrathulayumay, avaruku time sariya irunthirukum. Motha ramayanathula hi-lighta Sabari veetlayum gugan kitayum matum than Ramar sapdratha sceney varuthu. Entha fotolayum parunga..Ramar slimma jammunu azhaga irupar. Ethulayachum avar sapdra madhiri foto iruka...ilavay ila...apdi irukarchay..athenna sapaatu raman?? Atleast..Saapatu Kumbagarnan nu sonalachum suit aagum. Itha pathi un karuthu ennavo?" apdinu ketar namma Kostin king.

Open book kostinukay pakkathula paathu anjer eluthara type..namma kita ipdi out of sylllabus kostinlam keta..athan as usual..ungalandaye repeat telecast pannings..