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Weekend Movie Watch - WMW

Intha weekend movie weekend....13b,Abiyum naanum, Raaman thedia seethai padams paathen. 
13B: Padatha pathi reviewlam aaha ohonu potrunthatha paathu oru nambikkaila eduthen. Nambikkai veen pogalai :) Nice movie. Semma tight screenplay. Theaterla pathiruntha kandipa oru rendu scenela kathirupen :)  Enaku horror movies aagavay aagathu. I always prefer feel good, romantic comedies. Ithu differenta irukunu sonangalynu tried. Nejamavay nallaruku. Oru "6th sense" effect varuthu. Aana differenta etho panrenu apo apo camerava aati udranga athaan ennu purila. Mathabadi kathai usual pei kathai thaan. Revenge drama retold differently. Antha police role ethuku dhandathuku terila. Antha part ilaama irunthiruntha inum tight and crispa irunthirukum thonuthu. Mothathula..Yavarum nalam..yeppovachum bayam.
Abiyum naanum: I confess. I am a prakash raj fan. Especially the ones from Duet movies stable. He never disappoints with the movies he produce. All quality fare. Ithuvum apdithan. Typical Viji …

Zany's tag

Rombbbbbbbbbbaaaaaaaa naaaaal kazhichi oru tag :D
How it goes :

a. Put your iTunes, Windows Media Player, IPOD etc. on shuffle.
b. For each question, press the next button to get your answer.
d. Tag friends.

1. If someone asks you, "are you okay" you say: Dream on - aerosmith ( :D :D)
2. How would you describe yourself ? Made for loving u - anastacia (haahhaa)
3. What do you like in a guy/girl ? I'll b there for u -rembrandts
4. How do you feel today ? Escape - enrique (meiyalaumay)
5. What is your life's purpose ? Give me a reason - corrs (ithu nallarukay)
6. What's your motto ? When the world was mine - ronan keating
7. What do your friends think of you ? Why do i love u-westlife (hahaha..adapavingala)
8. What do your parents think of you ? Actor - mltr !!! (avvvvvvv...damage)
9. What do you think of often ? Right time - corrs
10. What is 2 + 2 ? No apagues - enrique
11. What do you think of your best friend ? Walk me h…

Ithula Yaar paavam :D

P.S: Got this as a fwd..nice read
in office, receives a call
She: Hello
He: Yes
She: Enna aachu un voice kku? Yaaravadhu kazhutha nerichitaaLa?
He: Err. Who is this?
She: Enna thimira? Yen voice kooda maRandhu poacha
He: Err. Illaye. It sounds very different
She: Seri. Saaingalam seekram vandhudu. Kalayanathukku poganum
He: Koramangala dhaane. It hardly takes 10 minutes from our house
She: Suththam. Kalyanam utharahalli la
He: Huh? Naan invitation la koramangala dhaane parthen.
She: Adi vaanga pore. I am having the invitation in hand. Seekram varaati Priya konnuduva
He: Priya yaaru?
She: Enna aachu unakku. En friend Priya kalyanathukku dhaane poarom
He: En chithappa payyan Karthik kalyanathukku dhaane poarom!!
She: Extn 2631?
He: Sorry this is 2361
She: Sorry. Bye!
(Now our He calls his She on her mobile narrates the incident and starts laughing)
She: Sirikaadha. Thimiru pudichavane
He: What?
She: Yen voice kooda theriyaama eva koodavo ivlo neram pesi irukke!
He: Hey. Ava dhaan call pannina…

Necessary evil??

Yesterday my friends sister forgot her cell at home. Her mom tried to reach her on fone and since she didnt pick called my friend to check. He also had tried calling her at her landline and cell and there was no response for him also. We all got so tensed and worried and when the call finally came after 3 hours it was a huge relief. She had put the fone on charge and had forgotten to take it with her. 
It might sound such a simple thing. But it was sort of a revelation for me in terms of over dependency on cell phones. A decade back when my dad used to come late from office it was hardly a matter of worry, in the sense that, if it got late our minds didnt panic like this and we could justify our fears by blaming the traffic or overtime and oh.. yeah, we used to fight with him a lot for not taking time enough to give a call before he started. Wonder what would've been the reaction of my grandmother and she would've tackled such situations? Maybe they never bothered about all the…

Holi re...

Haaaaaaaaaaaappppppppppeeeeeee holyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy

Holi anniki oru colorful post podanumnu sambrathayamaamay :)) ivlo color poruma inum konjam venuma :D

Mokkai is back

மொக்கைச்சாமி, மொக்கைச்சாமின்னு ஒருத்தன். கடவுளை நோக்கி ரொம்ப நாளா தவம் இருந்தானாம். என்னடா வரம் வேணும்னு கடவுள் கேட்டாராம். இவன் சொன்னானாம்..

“கடவுளே.. எனக்கு சாவே வரக்கூடாது”

“அப்படியே ஆகுக”ன்னு சொல்லிட்டு சிரிச்சுட்டே போய்ட்டாராம் கடவுள்.

ரொம்ப நாள் காட்டுல தவம் இருந்தவன் வரம் பெற்ற இறுமாப்புல நெஞ்சை நிமித்தி நடந்து வந்துட்டிருக்கறப்ப.. ஒரு சாமியார் எதிர்ல வந்து

“யாரப்பா.. நீ?”ன்னு கேட்டாராம்..

இவன் சொன்னானாம்... “மொக்கைமாமி”

பாவம்.. அவனுக்கு ‘சா’வே வரல!