Tuesday, May 24, 2011

F.R.I.E.N.D.S - IV

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F.R.I.E.N.D.S - I
F.R.I.E.N.D.S - II
Venue: Central Perk Coffee Shop.

"...and then the doctor slapped my little bottom and handed me to her. Thats how.. I met my.. Mother. Story over children. Now scoot" says Chandler. He notices Phoebe talking animatedly with a tall guy outside the door.
"Whozz that weirdo?" asks Chandler as Phoebe enters the coffeehouse.
"That weirdo is your best friend's new boy friend" says Pheobe with a dreamy look on her face.
"I knew it. Always had my doubt about Ross"
"What happened to Ross" asks Ross as he enters.
"Well..Phoebe just let out on your secret..that you are gay"
"WHAAAAT????" exclaims Ross and Phoebe in unison.
"Well...you just said that weirdo is my best friend's boy friend"
"You idiot..i meant he was my boy friend"
"I dont understand you and you dont understand me. What else we have in common" wonders Chandler.
"You called me your best friend" asks Ross to Chandler with a beaming face.
"Also suspects you as gay" adds Phoebe and noticing the stare on Chandler's face decides to change the subject.
"His name is Hugh"
"Huge mistake"comments Chandler
"Why? do you think dating him is a mistake?"
"No i meant his name which is a spelling mistake for the word huge. Ofcourse i meant the relationship"
"Mock all you want..You think you are a TOWERing personality arent you? just to remind you that Hugh owns a plane and is a big fan of Bin laden. If i were you i wouldnt venture out in Septemeber" says Phoebe
"Hey..that was a sensitive topic to make fun of" objects Monica.
"OKAY MOM.."says Phoebe and says a silent prayer for the killed souls.
"Wow..all these days when she was talking about Hugh i thought of it as a verb and never as a noun" says Joey.
"Oh..that explains why you were hugging me so many times" smiles Phoebe.
"Damn Homonyms" curses Chandler
Joey begins to laugh. "Oh god..for the last time Joey..Homonym is English Grammar" says Chandler trying to correct him.
"Maybe..but thats not the definition on my book" says Joey (still laughing)
"And while we are at the teaching Joey part..Wyoming is not a place in mainland China. Its in America only and i can prove it from the map" says Ross.
"Aaahh...you almsot had me. I can even buy that Homo bit..not this one"says Joey.
"What does one need to do to be taken seriously here?" exclaims Ross.
"Thats a very poor IQ Joey" complains Ross.
"Ross..its P Q..thought you were a scientist to make mistakes on alphabets.." says Joey with a smirk.
"Cmon..its an improvement..he atleast learnt his ABCD right" says Chandler.
"Hey i am a doctor" protests Ross.
"Oh yeah..doctor 'of' dinosaurs..or is it 'on'?? digging for non existing animals doesnt make you a doc Ross" warns Monica.
"Yeah..if someone takes 'medicine' from you it would be more of 'sin' and less of the 'medication' part" quips Chandler.
"Dont worry about him Ross. Guess as a kid he took a mental bet and lost his mind" consoles Phobe.
Rachel rushes into the apartment "Mayday Mayday...wheres the phone..wheres the phone"
"We are in mid september.. this lady calls it May and you people call ME dumb..wow. Whatever happened to maleism" says Joey.
Rachel stares at him in astonishment, shakes her head and dials the phone and finds that phone is out of order.
"Mon..why is the phone out of order"
"The phone guy called her and said she had an outstanding balance. Apparently she took it as a compliment and failed to pay the bill" says Ross.
"I was going to give you a nasty look. But i see that you already have one" retorts Monica. Ross looks hurt.

Monday, May 23, 2011

A journey called Life..

The peak hour bus was as usual crowded. I was angry with dad for hustling me like a gunny bag inside the crowd. "Why they dont listen to me and take an auto" cribbed my angry mind. The bus began to move. More hustle bustle. Someone stepped on my tiny little toe and the pain was excruciating. After a short while, which felt longer, the crowd began to subside and finally I got a seat to sit. Dad asked me to take the seat, blocking the seat from others. My boyish pride wanted me to stand through the crowd and with vain pride I declined the seat and stood with my head held high. Smack came a solid pat which brought me back to earth and I was pushed into the seat. Had it been a window seat, I might not have put that scene. The aisle one was as discomforting as standing and more so as people dumped their bags on me. I was angry with dad for allowing me to be treated like a dumpster.

While my dad was cheerily chatting with fellow passengers I felt uneasy. I was praying for our stopping to come as soon as possible to stretch my legs a bit. A few more stops later the crowd thinned even more and my dad also got a seat. He politely asked the gentleman sitting next to me to swap places with him. I felt angry with him for treating me like a kid. I hoped my seat mate wont let me down and would turn down my dad's plea. But that sucker gave up on me and readily moved out. With the thought of window seat being available i consoled my hurt ego and move towards the window, with the hope that atleast the rest of the journey would be interesting. I was about to catch a low lying branch when my dad pulled me away from the window and he moved inside. My dad angrily told me not to keep my arm outside the window of a moving vehicle if i care to have it stuck on my shoulder for some more time to come. I felt even more irritated. Why should people be so "grown-up"py all the time? Why cant they allow a kid to have his pleasures in life? Well, of course i am a 13 year old grownup but still i love to enjoy the kiddish pleasures once in a while. I felt entitled to those little joys.

Suddenly the crowd in the bus began to increase again. Maybe God decided to test my pain taking capacity today, i thought. There was this really fat big lady who was having trouble standing. Maybe they should commute such people in trucks, i giggled to myself, thinking how stuck she would be on ill fitting bus seats. To my horror my dad gave up his seat for the lady who conveniently crushed me to the corner. I cried my eyes dry for taking that trip and didnt realise when i fell asleep. A sudden break by the driver brought me back to life. I was bleary eyed and still half asleep. I saw to my relief that the big fat lady had moved away and i had the whole seat for myself. I felt happy for the first time in the entire journey. The warm breeze seemed to pep up my mood and it played with my hairstyle and made it funny. I closed my eyes and it felt like heaven. I felt sorry for the so called adults for missing such great moments in life. Wait a minute. I also missed something. SomeONE rather. Where is dad?!!! To my horror of horrors then only i realised that the entire bus was empty. I never felt more scared in life. I realised i didnt even had the complete address of the relatives place where we were going. Stranded alone in a moving bus. How can my dad be so irresponsible? how can he leave a kid and go without even realising that i am missing? I started crying, wailing aloud when the entire bus shook as if it had hit an airpocket. "hey..what happened? bad dream..huh? you were moaning in your sleep. Wake up..our stopping has come. Since you were very tired looking i didnt want to disturb your sleep". I never felt more happier in my life to have been woken up from my sleep and in a huge surge of relief i rushed up and hugged my dad, promising never to leave his side, ever. "huh..its ok big guy" he patted me and said "..must've been a real bad dream i guess" smiled dad. I smiled back.

Our stopping came but felt my journey had just begun.

Sunday, May 15, 2011

Gilsbert - Repel without Kaas

At times i forget that its very hard to expect people to accept me as even an insane person and especially in scenes of interview. Before proceeding any further, me no rebel. I am not out here to change the world, leave alone myself. And i am not even in the same pincode of being active. Irunthaalum..there are some quirkiness of the regular systems which makes me nervous to the extent that..when forced to act normal to adhere to those rules i actually end up on the wrong side of the rule more often :(

We had a walkin interview session at our aapice recently. If there is a place to study people, venue of any interview, especially walk-ins would be THE best place. The kind of stress and pressure which people undergo to get a job..uhumm..livelihood..its tremendous. And if you want to pick out your choice of fake people..the options would be aplenty :) Not just the resumes..most of the people themselves act so fake that, it pains to see the kind of things people do to get jobs. I want to share somethings i do while attending interviews. Follow panna solli illai..panna koodathunnu sollavum illai. Its what i do when in such situations. I feel comfortable doing/being like this. This is definitely NOT a sermon post. The very first interview which i attended for my first job is one such example.

There were around 8 people who got selected for the interview from our center. After finishing the tests, we were told that there had been change in schedule and the second round was postponed. While leaving the premises we surrendered our temporary ID badges. The security officer asked whether we will be coming back. I said yes while all others mumbled No. I felt guilty of having given the wrong answer in the group. I gave the security aapicer my infamous asattu grin and nervously walked back. I was the only person to get callback for the second round.

The second round was even more torturous. Luckily for me, my neighbours kid(NK) had also got selected for the same kambeni for a higher post, him being an year senior to me. My mom wudnt've fussed more on my dress had i been a girl getting married. I was forced into a well pressed formal wear with matching shoes :(( and NK was given strict instructions to make sure i behave NORMALLY. I guess that was the ONLY interview i went on time, infact an hour early i guess. I almost slept by the time the rounds began and NK was called first. He came back with a flustered look and told me that the interviewer was very chaalu and he easily found that his was a fake resume. I couldnt understand then that why would he fake his resume. I felt that was one thing less for me to fear as i had nothing to show in mine, being a fresher :) Soon came my turn. The interviewer gave one look at me and started laughing. In my little nap (read slumber) before the call, i had badly wrinkled my shirt. One hand was full cuffs and other one was rolled into half. My shoelaces were off. I almost turned back when the interviewer asked me to give him my resume. By the time the questioning began i had lost all hopes of clearing the round. While i was about to leave knowing for sure i would never again ever see this office in my life, that person told me that "Its okay to come like this once in a while on Fridays..but our HR are very strict on dress code". I couldnt understand what he meant and thought it was the corporate way of reprimanding and came out confused. They asked me to wait for a while and the offer letter was issued the same day. My fetish for dress code was born the very moment i had my hands on the letter. My many myths about interviews were shattered that day and it helped me in my career down the line especially while attending interviews. Here is a 5 point something I use for any interviews:

a) Expect delays. There were cases when i went at 9 in the morning only to wait till 5 in the evening before getting the call.

b) Very rarely the interview panel bothers whether the attendees have had their lunch. So better eat well or at least carry something to eat. Empty stomachs are breeding grounds for anger.

c) The most important document in any interview is your resume. Make sure you carry the same version (or almost similar) as the one given to the panel which shortlisted you. I often make the mistake of updating my resume AFTER getting the call :(

d) The person on the other end of the table is NOT GOD. He or she isn't born on earth to provide your bread and in 11 out of ten cases (especially in prelim rounds) you would know the subject 100 times better than the panelists who would've been mostly stop gap reps. Doesnt need to be impolite. But stop worshipping the interviewer. Surely helps while replying to the questions.

e) No interview is FINAL unless its one from death bed.

Avlo thaanga kathai surukkam. Adutha postla meetalam..Varta :)

Friday, May 13, 2011

Alli Raajyam..The Beginnning

Few years back..some women, were fighting for 33% reservation for them in parliament. Cut to Circa 2011. 4 women CMs - Sheila Dixit, Maayav(y)ati,J and Mamta - all 4 put together rule 30% of entire Indian population itself!!! Add to this one rubber stamp president, who could give "Spectrum" Raja a crash course on corruption and a proxy PM (of Italian origin or is she Indian already? different question for a different post)..it gives a tip of the iceberg view on Indian political scene of the future. Litmus test for Mamta would be on reform front and how she scores in opening up Bengal. The wounded reds wouldnt give up so easily. Bengal is set for interesting times. So is TN. However corrupt and bad he was, MK lost power because of POWER. How fast J cuts on the deficit, matters. That..if she cares a damn about the LokSabha elections coming up next. But off the lot my pick would be Sheila dixit. Though she lords over the smallest of populace compared to the other 3, Delhi being the power center (male bastion in other words) she has not just hung around but has managed to hold on to her own too. Mayavati..a lady who would give any male politician a run for his corruption money. One who has redefined the word "Megalomania". Hope by next LS election Sonia too would be in fray. Atleast more so in open rather than being just obvious in taking decisions. My personal fav would be to see a lady defence minister (esp how she wud handle Pak and Chn) a lady finance minister (on fiscal defecit) and a lady RBI guv. The amazons are well and truly on the rise. God speed ladies.

Sunday, May 08, 2011


Ever since i saw F.R.I.E.N.D.S i had promised myself never to get addicted with any other series. But was hearing so much about this one that thought will give it a shot. One of my blog mates gave me the torrent link for all the 6 seasons and urged me to watch them, tempting that its Robin cook novels on screen. Me have a fetish for medical thrillers but usually any drama based on hospitals are always a huge letdown. It would surely have some eyecatchy hero and a lollypop heroine with candy floss romance thrown in. And for sure either one of the couple or their siblings or loved ones will have some untypable disease which would create a rift and almost as a religious practice the lead pair would have pathetic relation with their parents. In short YUCK.

Imagine this situation. A kid falls unconscious while playing in the ground and gets admitted in hospital. No one has any clue as to what is wrong with him. Soon another kid gets admitted with similar symptoms from same school/class. With zero similarity and almost no contact or knowledge of each other, only two of these kids from a bus load of them, are afflicted with similar symptoms. The docs unravel the reason why by eliminating the options and zeroing in on the reason. Remove the last line and replace it with cops, you can make your own terror plot and a homicide story for CSI(Crime Scene Investigation). I just described an episode from HOUSE M.D series. The best part about the series is - no pretension. Half the dialogs of the series are names of medicines and treatment for them and they are rattled of with such a conviction that, feels as if the guys who talk are really qualified docs. And esp the pace at which they treat the seizure victims!! wow!! The director has absolute faith on his script and never for once try to be preachy. Its all matter of fact. And guess what..that works.

The Hugh guy who comes as Doctor House does a neat job. Sarcastic to the point of being caustic and over confident to the point of exceeding arrogance and vulnerable at the same time. Makes a delightful mix of a character popping in pain killers to hide the pain from his limp. A motley bunch of a black, an Australian(?) and a good looking cute gal, all with their own shady pasts form the rest of the team. The cute lady who comes as hospital admin does a neat balancing job of managing the arrogant yet brilliant doc at the same time falling within the limit. Never for once i realised before that diseases could be so interesting and scary. The series make America sound the sickest place on earth and Americans the most vulnerable of the homosapiens with zero immunity for anything. No wonder they carry a gun everywhere and jump over shadows.

After watching a whole season of it i already feel like 2/3rdss of a doctor :) well..to me being a doctor is 3 things..know the disease..know the medication and match the two. After watching 15 episodes i can now quote around 75 weird diseases averaging 5 per episode along with their medicine. Just need to know the matching part a bit more in detail and presto Doctor Gils is ready :) And if at all they make a series on me it might be called the HAUNTED HOUSE and might also come with stricter norms for viewing populations. Well..who cares :)

Wednesday, May 04, 2011

An awesome song

Its because of things like this people still cling to their belief in Divinity. The way in which their voices blend together, the clarity of the supporting instruments (i always love the clarinet ever after i listened to kadri Gopalnath in DUET movie..this one vindicates my love for it) to top it all the lyrics of the song..one word to describe it all - AMAZING. I was in a really bad place mentally and was literally down in the dumps when i stumbled on this video. First curiosity was more on the singers than on the song. One of the singer resembled a close friend of mine. When i heard it for the first time..especially the kind of mood i was in..this song came as a blessing in disguise. The lyrics especially was simply awesome and the rendition just blew me away. Lost count of the number of times i heard it in past half hour. The lyrics are so uplifting and soothing feels like flying after the bout of misery :) Now desperately looking for a mp3 download version of this song along with the lyrics. Kedaicha pls sollunga. Enjoy the song. I am sure you wouldnt be disappointed.

Lyrics courtsey - G3 and Sundar...thanks folks :)

நீ நினைந்தால் ஆகாதது உண்டோ ...நீ நினைந்தால் ஆகாதது உண்டோ ...நீரஜதல நயனி ... மகாலக்ஷ்மி...நீ நினைந்தால் ஆகாதது உண்டோ ...மானிட வாழ்க்கையிலே இன்ப துன்பம் ...மானிட வாழ்க்கையிலே இன்ப துன்பம் ...மானிட வாழ்க்கையிலே இன்ப துன்பம் ...மாறி மாறி வருவது... உன் செயலன்றோ ...மானிட வாழ்க்கையிலே இன்ப துன்பம் ...மாறி மாறி வருவது உன் செயலன்றோ ...நீ நினைந்தால் ஆகாதது உண்டோ ...நீரஜதல நயனி ... மகாலக்ஷ்மி...நீ நினைந்தால் ஆகாதது உண்டோ ...எல்லா பெருமைகளும் இருந்தாலும் அதுஉன் அடி வணங்காமல் நிலை பெறுமோ..எல்லா பெருமைகளும் இருந்தாலும் அதுஉன் அடி வணங்காமல் நிலை பெறுமோ..உன் அருள் பார்வை இல்லாதவர்க்கு ..உன் அருள் பார்வை இல்லாதவர்க்கு ,உலகிலே வாழ வழி ஏது அம்மா !உன் அருள் பார்வை இல்லாதவர்க்கு ,உலகிலே வாழ வழி ஏது அம்மா !நீ நினைந்தால் ஆகாதது உண்டோ ...நீரஜதல நயனி ... மகாலக்ஷ்மி...நீ நினைந்தால் ஆகாதது உண்டோ .

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