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F.R.I.E.N.D.S - IV

To read the previous episodes click here or should i say Previously on F.R.I.E.N.D.S :)

F.R.I.E.N.D.S - I
F.R.I.E.N.D.S - II
Venue: Central Perk Coffee Shop.

"...and then the doctor slapped my little bottom and handed me to her. Thats how.. I met my.. Mother. Story over children. Now scoot" says Chandler. He notices Phoebe talking animatedly with a tall guy outside the door.
"Whozz that weirdo?" asks Chandler as Phoebe enters the coffeehouse.
"That weirdo is your best friend's new boy friend" says Pheobe with a dreamy look on her face.
"I knew it. Always had my doubt about Ross"
"What happened to Ross" asks Ross as he enters.
"Well..Phoebe just let out on your secret..that you are gay"
"WHAAAAT????" exclaims Ross and Phoebe in unison.
" just said that weirdo is my best friend's boy friend"
"You idiot..i meant he was my boy friend"
"I dont understand you and you dont u…

A journey called Life..

The peak hour bus was as usual crowded. I was angry with dad for hustling me like a gunny bag inside the crowd. "Why they dont listen to me and take an auto" cribbed my angry mind. The bus began to move. More hustle bustle. Someone stepped on my tiny little toe and the pain was excruciating. After a short while, which felt longer, the crowd began to subside and finally I got a seat to sit. Dad asked me to take the seat, blocking the seat from others. My boyish pride wanted me to stand through the crowd and with vain pride I declined the seat and stood with my head held high. Smack came a solid pat which brought me back to earth and I was pushed into the seat. Had it been a window seat, I might not have put that scene. The aisle one was as discomforting as standing and more so as people dumped their bags on me. I was angry with dad for allowing me to be treated like a dumpster.

While my dad was cheerily chatting with fellow passengers I felt uneasy. I was praying for our stop…

Gilsbert - Repel without Kaas

At times i forget that its very hard to expect people to accept me as even an insane person and especially in scenes of interview. Before proceeding any further, me no rebel. I am not out here to change the world, leave alone myself. And i am not even in the same pincode of being active. Irunthaalum..there are some quirkiness of the regular systems which makes me nervous to the extent that..when forced to act normal to adhere to those rules i actually end up on the wrong side of the rule more often :(

We had a walkin interview session at our aapice recently. If there is a place to study people, venue of any interview, especially walk-ins would be THE best place. The kind of stress and pressure which people undergo to get a job..uhumm..livelihood..its tremendous. And if you want to pick out your choice of fake people..the options would be aplenty :) Not just the resumes..most of the people themselves act so fake that, it pains to see the kind of things people do to get jobs. I want …

Alli Raajyam..The Beginnning

Few years back..some women, were fighting for 33% reservation for them in parliament. Cut to Circa 2011. 4 women CMs - Sheila Dixit, Maayav(y)ati,J and Mamta - all 4 put together rule 30% of entire Indian population itself!!! Add to this one rubber stamp president, who could give "Spectrum" Raja a crash course on corruption and a proxy PM (of Italian origin or is she Indian already? different question for a different post) gives a tip of the iceberg view on Indian political scene of the future. Litmus test for Mamta would be on reform front and how she scores in opening up Bengal. The wounded reds wouldnt give up so easily. Bengal is set for interesting times. So is TN. However corrupt and bad he was, MK lost power because of POWER. How fast J cuts on the deficit, matters. That..if she cares a damn about the LokSabha elections coming up next. But off the lot my pick would be Sheila dixit. Though she lords over the smallest of populace compared to the other 3, Delhi being…


Ever since i saw F.R.I.E.N.D.S i had promised myself never to get addicted with any other series. But was hearing so much about this one that thought will give it a shot. One of my blog mates gave me the torrent link for all the 6 seasons and urged me to watch them, tempting that its Robin cook novels on screen. Me have a fetish for medical thrillers but usually any drama based on hospitals are always a huge letdown. It would surely have some eyecatchy hero and a lollypop heroine with candy floss romance thrown in. And for sure either one of the couple or their siblings or loved ones will have some untypable disease which would create a rift and almost as a religious practice the lead pair would have pathetic relation with their parents. In short YUCK.

Imagine this situation. A kid falls unconscious while playing in the ground and gets admitted in hospital. No one has any clue as to what is wrong with him. Soon another kid gets admitted with similar symptoms from same school/class. Wi…

An awesome song

Its because of things like this people still cling to their belief in Divinity. The way in which their voices blend together, the clarity of the supporting instruments (i always love the clarinet ever after i listened to kadri Gopalnath in DUET movie..this one vindicates my love for it) to top it all the lyrics of the word to describe it all - AMAZING. I was in a really bad place mentally and was literally down in the dumps when i stumbled on this video. First curiosity was more on the singers than on the song. One of the singer resembled a close friend of mine. When i heard it for the first time..especially the kind of mood i was in..this song came as a blessing in disguise. The lyrics especially was simply awesome and the rendition just blew me away. Lost count of the number of times i heard it in past half hour. The lyrics are so uplifting and soothing feels like flying after the bout of misery :) Now desperately looking for a mp3 download version of this song along with…