Thursday, December 13, 2007

Paarvai onray pothumay

edho blogla short story kaampeteesun paathen...seri..pazhaya postaye anupidalamna..pudusa thaan mokka podanumnu soliputaanga..ennatha panrathu..unga vidhi ungala padathuthu :D

poaatila particpatea inga clickunga..

"Kazhugu parvai..ivan kanna pudingi kuppaila poda..." rama padapadathaal.
"endi rama..en ivlo tension agara.."
"anga parudi uma..antha aala nanum rendu naala watch panitu varen...nanpora
edathukelam pinala varaan..murachu pathukitay irukan..vekkamay ilama.."
"ithula ennadi iruku..ava ava thanna yarum paaka matengarannaynu feel paniturukarchay..unaku oru admirer irukartha neanchu nee perumai padanum..aanalum
ivlo super figure naan pakkathala irunthum una avan paakaraanna...hmm..avan eye
sightla enaku doubt varuthu"
"thu..un kita poi sonene.."
"hey unaku venati en kita vitru.. naan deal panikaren..enaku ok"
"enamo panni thoala..enthan ipdi alayariyo..."
"love makes life beautifuldi..siddu chellam kuda bommarilu padathula solirku"
"kanraavi..neeyum un logicum"

Marunaal...athey bus standil...

"enna rama..enna thedara.."
"ila...innikum.. inga engayachum irukana paathen"
"ennama..route maruthu..."
"che..athelam onumila...un pinaala nai vantha konja thoram ponaprum inum thorathutha ilayanu check panuala antha mathiri thaan.."
"enamo po..atho par un hero vantaan.."
Avargalai paarthavaaray avan cellphoneai eduthu yaridamo thanakku
thaanay sriithu kondavan angirunthu vegama sendran..

Silanaal kazhithu..

"hey..ennadi panna antha aala ipolam kaanum.."
"romba miss panra pola"
"cha cha..enna panni antha imsai kitenthu viduthali vangi thanthanu thiernjukka
"naan onum panala...avanay anniki nee pona udanay vanthan..."
"unkita pesinana..enna sonan"
"nee kekara josh paatha..sari ilayae.."
"avan una paaka varaliyam..un sisteroda boy friendam...neenga rendu perum
twinsngarathu theriyama un pinnala suthirukan..sorry solla sonnan..."
Theruvora vilaku pragasamaga erinthukondirunthathu..

Monday, December 10, 2007

Happy days...part II

Sorting Ceremony:

There's nothing hidden in your head
The Sorting Hat can't see,
So try me on and I will tell you
Where you ought to be


Time flew..and soon we were facing our terminal exams...Just like the sorting hat ceremony in Harry potter series we had our own sorting ceremony called the terminal exams.

"Whoever kept the name as terminal for these exams...must be a real genius.." commented Guna sagely...
"haha...if you dust your books once a year atleast and see whats inside it wouldnt sound so hopeless..where is Shiv."
"He is off to check out his part time job..someone should tell him..he is spending more time in that part time job than even a full time employee...hardly comes to classes..he is so money mindedda...i hate that guy..."
"Danny..we shouldnt be judgemental on people without knowing the reason behind their actions..Shiv has severe financial problems at home"
Everyone went silent..It was rishi who broke it..."He could've told us machan...why he wants to alienate us from his issues...idiot.."
"You should appreciate his willingness to work out these issues on his ownda..ok..come lets go...else we might have one more paper in arrears list tommorow..hahaha "

"Macha...tommorow we have the team selection for this yearda..exam mudichitu elarum ground vanthirunga...From our class atleast we should have 3 representatives.." said Rishi..
"Dei..Arun epdiyum select aaiduvan for opener slot..bowlingku namma muthu select aanana supera irukum..lets be there to cheer them...dei Sridhar..nee thaan dakaalti party...mavanay escape aagalmnu paatha tinnu thaan.."
Sridhar just smiled and kept quiet..
"ivan sari pattu vara maatan...naliku exam mudinja udanay ivana katti thookitu vanthirungada...Ram intha task unaku....our crowd should be present in full strength..podra soundla ground alaranum...entha eventuku ponalum anga naama yarunu kaatanum..namma ganga paathu nadunganum...thookanumda..ella prizeum thookanum.." "thundered" Rishi.....he was the natural task manager in the group..we were so sure that he would make a gud organiser if not a manager..from that time onwards till the end of our term he was the event manager of our group...whether it was a movie or any outing for that matter he was the incharge.
"dei..kaakka kaaka pandiya mudi weight kuda ila nee...unakenda intha sound...adanguda.."
The gang dispersed amidst peals of laughter...

The day of team selection came..PT master was the hero of the day..usually twice a year he hogs the limelight..during the day of team selection and also before the year ending exams..when folks without attendance follow him day and night for his grace to get the required attendance percentage to avoid condonation by getting on duty days.
on the day of team selection our crowd was present in big numbers to cheer Arun and rest of our mates..every hit was greeted with huge cheers and misses were cheered even more ...ground was reverberating with cries of A...R..U..N...had there been a prize for being the best cheerleading squad we would've won it hands down...
Next day we all gathered near the notice board...even before the staff could pin up the list we took it from him and read through the list.. Arun's name was not there in that..everyone was furious except Arun..he was sitting quietly in the class...
Danny was the first one to talk.."macha..we shall strikeda..this is too much..not even a single rep from our class..we will mass bunk till Arun is included in the team...ennada solreenga"
The resolution was passed unanimously with voice vote..with Sridhar being the lone absentee..
"No need guys..yesterday after you all left..PT spoke to me...he wants to include a final year guy as opener...that guy is from middle classs background and if he gets selected in our college team he can join university team and can use that to get some job in some sports quota...enaku ithu passion aaan avanuku ithu vituten..."
I always thought of him as a person who never thought above that moment he looked like a true hero to me..

Based on the scores we were allotted specialisations of our choice or had to end up with what was left over. Raj had set his eyes on classical maths course coupled with theoretical and practical mathametics. Since i had applied for a course similar to his we shared many of our classes. Language classes were the time off periods amidst the chaos of numbers and theorems and axioms. Arun and some from the gang had applied for electronics.
In the midst of class Arun woke from deep hear the prof talking about kovil..
"Maams..why suddely that old man is suddenly religious...talking about kovil and all.."
"dei...that is coil...we are in electronics class..transformers chapter.." Arun was in splits on hearing this..suddenly the duster flew and landed safely on his head..when he looked up it was the prof who was standing next to him...
"Tell me how do you start a DC motor..."
Arun rubbed the sleep out of his eyes...and looked at the proff. blankly...
The entire class errupted in laughter..only the proff didnt see the joke in that and bellowed..."GET OUT OF MY CLASS.."
Arun cooly got up and the same time a senior student came looking out for Arun for net luck would have of the seniors calledup sick and PT immediately called Arun for backup..his happiness knew no bounds that day..and so was ours..we felt as if it was our own achivement..first time in our college history a freshman playing in the team...there were talks that he had the potential to represent the state and even the country with luck...may be..but that wasnt what it was meant to be.

For almost all of us in the batch, computer science was a compulsory subject in first year..i was not very keen on computers and took the class just for the heck of it..that too we had mostly theory and very less lab sessions. Most of my batchmates where already pundits in PC operations and were eagerly awaiting comp. sci classes..once when the prof was seriously teaching about precedence of operators i yawned a bit loudly unable to control..the entire class started laughing..the prof turned back from the board and before he could ask anything shiv stood up and said he had a doubt...
That diverted his attention..
"Yes ...whats your doubt?"
"thats the asterisk symbol is it..the one on farther left?"
"i think u left one more line in the should have six lines..u've put only five"
The prof stood staring at him for a moment..he smiled and said..."What did you think..if u make wisecracks like this i will send you out of the class is way...the punishment for you is to sit through the class for the whole hour...guys..make way for our new front bencher..inimay en classla nee inga than ukaranum..if i see u missing even for an hour i wouldnt allow you to take the"
I thanked my lucky stars and..went back to sleep :)

Tuesday, December 04, 2007

Happy days

Makkalay...P.S podlamnu pathen..aana end varaikum padika evlo peruku porumai irukum here is P.S (Pre script) hehee.

P.S: Enatharumai Blog makkalay..ungal gilspaandiyin anbu vanakkangal..Eric segaloda "Class" padichitu oru aarva kolarula..athey mathiri me the trying..avar 500 page ezhuthinatha naan oru 5 pagela mudikka try panren...ungalalaam nenacha enaku pavama iruku...avvvvvvvvvvvvv :D

The Class

An aspiring writer..
An ascetic monk
A bumbling salesman
An allround star
One with superior inferiority complex
One who lived his life by the day...never knowing what he missed and never bothered about what he needed...content with what he had and lazy to acheive more...a willing passenger in the ferry of life...reaching for the unknown destination and
Another 70 of them..who are mere names now with barely recognisible faces...

I thought the sparrow's note from heaven,
Singing at dawn on the alder bough;
I brought him home, in his nest, at even;
- He sings the song, but it cheers not now,
- For I did not bring home the river and the sky.


Golden Jubilee batch:

Is it a mere coincidence or quirk of fate that we ended up as the golden jubilee batch of the most prestigious university of the country. A boisterous bunch of 70 odd people..eager to take on the world..armed with..Nothing!! We also happened to be the first batch of the new millenium. We were a group of 6 who made a unspoken vow within ourselves to remain in touch. The university centenary celebrations coincided with our ten year completion of gradution.We all decided to use this occassion to meet up. Word spread around. Inboxes where on fire. Emails flew thick and fast. Details were collected ina trice.Promises were made to make time availble. With the same eagerness with which we entered the college on day one we entered the venue again..this time with lot more confidence and lot more fear..On a personal note i was curious to see the faces after a gap of nearly a decade. More scared than
curious. I'd been a silent witness to their glorious deeds blazing their path in their own careers. I had nothing to show but few grey hairs. I sat looking at the
clock as it struck 12 for the night. I still had 9 hours more for the meeting. My heart went back ten years to the day when i set foot on the university for the
first time.

First year - Admission day:

I was impatiently waiting for my turn in the queue, with my dad by my side. For some strange reason the college management had insisted on bringing the parents on the day of admission. I was soon to witness the reason why.It was the turn of the peson before me...
"Rajesh..."..the interviewer gave him a questioning look.."who has come with you"
"My dad sire.." before he could complete his dad got up from his seat with bowed head and introduced himself..
"ok..Rajesh..which group are you applying for.."
"B.A English Lit. sir"
" you drink?"..
Rajesh and his dad give a startled look..
"Do you smoke?.."
Rajesh dad got furious..."halo..sir..what is called my son for interview and are insulting him like this..." and he started raving and ranting about his
family pride and prestige..
Calmly the professor who was interviewing him answered..."Look here sir..its not our intention to insult anyone..we just want to make sure ..peopel who apply for lit group are usually trouble makers and we have a reputation to uphold..."
without even bothering to listen him completing his sentence Rajesh and his dad stormed out. Next it was my turn. I was bit startled by all these and was wondering whats going to be my question.
" have applied for major in Maths is it..why maths...when with your score you could get into engineering if you wait for a while..."
I babbled something about maths being my strong point which evidently didnt have the impact i thought it would evince in the interviewer..
"So you like maths..hmm..ok..." and he scribbled a problem in integral calculus in a piece of paper and asked me to solve it...which i did.
"impressive..try this..."
After a few more problems he felt satisfied and gave me admission to take up the course. When i came out i felt as if i have been in a sauna with all clothes on. Some consolation for my dad who badly wanted to join me into an engineering course. That he was not happy was evident on his face..
There were few other students who were standing near the entrance giving me an odd look. I thought they might be seniors waiting to rag new joinees and silently managed to give them a slip. Next day was my first day in college. Maths department was on the farthest corner. The hall where we had our first session was ..huge would be a small word to describe it..
".... knows Oxford dictionary by heart and he is a moron when it comes to socialising with people...guess they invented the word oxy moron for him.."
Some guy was commenting about,a thick bespectacled lean kid sitting on the front bench. Somehow i was immediately drawn to that person. He looked shy timid and nervous..i despised the brashness of the person who passed the comment in my heart and went and sat near the specs guy...
He looked at me with suspicion and replied cautiously.."yes?"
"My name is Ram...hope you are as nervous as me...quite a hall isnt outnerves me...u?"
A relieved look came in his face.."I am too...u r from which school"
The ice was broken and by the time proffessor came we knew our basic background. Then came THE proffesor.
He walked in slowly into the hall. A tiny little person with a raspy little voice. His appearence and the ambience of the hall was quite a contrast. But the moment he entered the hall a hush fell and it was pindrop silence in a matter of seconds. Guess reputation preceeds people. He was the legendary disciple of Alladi Ramchandra, the greatest mathametical exponent of the previous century. With a brief introduction he quickly covered the syllabus and went onto give an overview of what we will be doing for the first year. Sridhar was hooked onto each and every word uttered by the prof. It went so smooth that no one noticed how quickly the first hour flew. Without realising we were through with our first hour. The first half of the day went through quickly with each prof giving intro on the subjects they would be taking..the second half of the day was off. We set off to take a tour of the campus though we were advised not to for the fear of getting ragged by seniors. Sridhar left for home. The college was well known for its strong cricket team. I went to the ground to watch the future heroes in action. There was a small group from my class already seated in a tree shade cheering the batting team. I approached the most familiar of the faces.
"Hi..surprising..i thought u wud be afraid to come this side alone."
I politely smiled..
"ok.. gang introduce urselves"
"Danny.. Shiv...Guna...Rishi.."
"And Arun...welcome to the gang"...He had an infectious enthusiasm and it soon caught on. I forgot for a moment that he was the one who passed that comment on Sridhar.
Danny was sitting in the shade of a tree busy writing something..Shiva and Guna silently went behind the tree and spied what was he writing...without a warning shiv plunged and flicked the book from Danny...
"Love songs compose panira machi"
"Fool...give it back to me.."
"Catch me if you can..." with that shiv took off with Danny and Guna in pursuit..
Sridhar was silently watching all this and turned back and headed to the library. I was curious to find out what was he doing at that time in the library when hardly any classes had begun.
"Sridhar..." i came running behind him..
Startled he turned back and smiled.."Hi Ram.."
"What are you doing..arent you joining us for lunch.."
"Where are u guys goin.."
"Ananda bavan"
"Its not Ananda Bavan..every dish they serve is so cold..they should rename it as Ariya bavan.."
"hahaha...nice one..ok..pack up..we are moving now..we are all going to a movie after that..come lets go"
"No carry be honest i dont much enjoy these outings and background doesnt allow me these luxeries and i badly need to win this years scholarship for my survival here in this concrete jungle...above all i have taken a dual degree program..and got tonnes to read..if i have offended you sorry man" He went inside the library...
I was wondering if i would be so sure of what i wanted ever in my life..

Innum varum................

Friday, November 16, 2007

Makkalay Nalama...

Romba naal achu post poatu...pudusu pudusa neria per vanthu commentirukeenga..elaarukum mothamagavum sillariyagavum nanri nanri nanri....itho athonu rendu varusham odi poachu blogulaguku vanthu...144athu postngarathaloyo enavo..thoughtslam curfew poata effectla iruku :D En Blog anniversaryum oruthanga birth anniversaryum :) same month...yarunu kekareengala...attagasam amarkalamnu ajith pada title ivanga panra setaaigaluku saala porunthum..athumatumilama ivangaluuku settainu oru patta peyar vera iruku...lollu lady..coimbatore kusumbi..."Settai sat"ku nethu aapy birthday...elarum chamatha oru peria O podunga paapom :) birthday treat kalyanathuku munadi tharennu and date seekarama decide panni solidunga..weekenda vachiganna i the also join..

Appalika inna matter...hmmm...adutha varushathukullayachum namma PNI part ten releasaagumaanu makkal aadhangathoda kekaranga..paapom...Maruthanayagam mudiyarathukulla mudichiruven nenakren :D

Seri makkas n makkis...konja naala intha pakkamay varalaya athaan thoosi thatti ututu varalamntu oru post....seekrama innoru mokka postla meetalam..ipothaiku apeet...

Thursday, November 01, 2007

Life's like that

Sila samyam..nammala suthi nadakara vishayamlam evlo comedya irukunu nenacha its really tickling..enga paati is one non stop source of entertainment ..avanga panna sila ravusu here for u :)

My uncle and grandma both are bit hard of hearing (which they never agree to)..They feel it as a prestige issue to admit and always carry on as if everything is fine with them. One fine day both of them met in a function...enna achuna.....(tortoise coil suthikunga)

Granma: "Ennada vichu...romba naala aalay kanum..."
Unlce: " illakka..Sringeri poirunthen...athan ungala paaka vara mudila.."
Granma: "Kengeri ponieye...oru ettu poi maamiya paathutu vara vendi thaana"
Uncle: " Sringeri poitu swami paakama varuvena..gumbal jaasthi..irunthalum..wait panni pathutu thaan vanthen..."

For the uninitiated...sringeri is a holy place in karnataka and kengeri is a place closer to bangalore. Ivanga rendu per pesarathayum kettu sirichi sirichi engaluku vai valika arambichidichi..when we told them what happened first konjam embarrased aanalum they too joined the laughter...athukaprum sanda poatu rendu periyum docter kita anupi ipo machine poatachu :D

Enga paati seriyana ravusu party. Therinjum theriyamalum kaamedi panuvanga..I had a nokia 3315 for like..hmm..4 years..Keypad skin..ellam part parta vanthirichi antha fonelenthu..still was so fond of it i stuck to using it..oru naal..thideernu athu mandaya poatruthu...sogam thalama..atha adakkam panitu pudhusa oru N72 vaangitu vanthen...
my sister asked..."ennada oru vazhiya antha haider ali kaalathu fonea thalay suthi thooki poatutiya..entha fone vaangiruka ipo"
paati came that side and asked.."ennada fone vangirukia...airtela bsnla?" she wanted to show off that she also knows about cell phones and asked for the providers name instead of the makers..

Whenever she came to blore..she will carry her radio with her. Once i asked her...
"paati..athaan ivlo peria music system irukay inga..nee ethuku un radiova thookitu alayara..pesama vachitu varalamla.."
"poda..ithula verum hindiyum kannadamum thaan kekuthu...chennaila suriyan FM,mirchilam nalla tamizh patu poduvan athaan en radiova kondu vanthen.." semam inncoenta avanga avlo surea sonnathu..cutea irunthalum it took me all my will power to control myself from bursting out laafing..apruma sonen..chennai fm blorela kekathunu..first nambala..aprum amma kita ketu she got herself convinced...

Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Change is...Temporary

Who said change is permanent...en munnadi vara sollunga..nalla naalu saathu saatharen...change is something which is non existent...imaginary...myth..legend..DUHHHH!!!...i have had enough of this change for the past one week...or rather not had enough change..and thats the reason behind this outburst. Apdi en lifela enna stagnationnu yosikareengala...

Right from schooldays..this change thing has troubled me a lottt....getting into a crowded '21' bus at peak time itself is an ardous task..athulayum...getting the 1 rupee and 25 paise "only" for the ticket is nothing short of a david blaine trick...i have studied probability a bit..picking the correct coin from a pocket containing 5 or more coins for getting the ticket is an IMPOSSIBLE EVENT with a probability of zilch...and that the conductor gives u back the change is something which cannot even be considered for continued into my office days when i joined my first company...

Come Banglore..replace bus with autos..coins with currencies..viola..same scene..act one scene one...curtain raises and falls over poor gills...enga ponalum change ila change ila...cha..lifela oru change venam....Intha kodumais of indialaam anubavichitu office vantha..Change is permanentu en seat kita sticker oti vachirukanga as a part of some program....grrrrrrrr...

Thursday, October 11, 2007

Advice Alamelus :)

This post is dedicated to 'S','M' and 'P'..ithula irukara most of the commentsa vaangi katinda perumai 'S' aiye sarum...main contributors 'M' and 'P'...mudinja varaikum avanga sonna mathiriye potruken...chk it out.. :D

Most irritating post and pre lunch habits..

1)saapda porachay..iniki ena menunu munnala varavan platela pakrathu...(athana avlo periya andaala vachirukanungala..en platela enna lukku unakku kollikannungala)

2)queuela nikarachay vazhkailay muna pina saapada kannala paakama maariyaatha kovilla koozhukaga adihcikara mathiri idichindu pudichindu...munnala nikaravanga shirtla ella gravy item vachum fractal, parabola hyperbola design podrathu

3)sapdrachay vaya thavira ella edathulayum irukara dishes vechu nolaparathu (ithuku oru nalla term kedaikala..can some one better the term nolaparathu frm similar exp? )

4)balanced dietna plate fulla adikitu kaila balance pannikitu varathunu silapala janthoos thappa purinjikitrukunga...they stuff their plate with all the dishes avilable..under the pretext i pay for these and never even touch most of the fud...apdiye thooki kuppaila podrathuku badila ithunga thalaila kotina ennanu thonum

5)saapdama thirupi kotina kuda ok..sila per platelam kanraaviya irukum..they mix everything which they take and oru kalavaiya irukum parunga..thappi thavari if ur gaze falls on their plate avlo thaan..

6)nan inga thaan saptenakum varungala santhathiyinaruku therivikarathukaga..sapta edam poora sindhi vacirupanga..there would be more food outside the plate than on it...

7)this is the most entertained lot of the entire species...closeup punnagaiyoda stop panikama...mayabajar ranga rao mathiri sirichi..pakathila oppsitela irukaravanga ellar melayam ...hmmm...thupparku thuppaya thuppaki .....thoovum mazhai thaan...

8)washroom attagasms pathi thaniayavay post should give a thought to those who use the washbasin after them...tiffen box wash panrenu maatu kottai rangeku aakitu poidranga..feels so disgusting

9)ellatha vida top...after washing hands..kaiya fits vantha mathiri udhara vendiyathu..pakathula nikarangala ilayanu kuda pakarathu kedyathu...even dogs are better behaving..


Title padichutu ennadambi engathu alameluva nakkal udranutu yaarum sandaiku varapdaathu...its the petname given to 'M' and 'P'

Tuesday, October 09, 2007

Oh Darling..yahi hai ice cream

Venue: Annakuteer hotel- Banashanakari

Kolai pasi solitu seekrama order panungadana..parota kulchanu soli tholaichiduchunga..iruntha pasiku pakathu seatla ukkanthirunthavanga platelenthu edukatha kurai thaan..oru vazhiya enga mela parithaba pattu..saapadu vanthichi....kulchava panner masalala kulipaati..parotavoda sanda potu..oru kattu katti mudichom...dessert ilama oru saapada...icecream sapdlamna the other two voted it down...than muyarchiyil satrum manam thalaratha vikramadithan mathiri..thirumbavum menu card vangi ice cream section paatha seri kaamediya irunthichi...My Darling..My favorite..My Dream...wait wait..ithelaam ennakku pudicha ice creamoda description ila..anga iruntha ice cream names :D...My Darling...that name was very tempting..
waitera koopten..
Wtr: "Yes sir.."
Me:"Bring me My darling.."
pakkathu seatlenthu semma curious and amused stare...munnadi seatla irunthvangalam thirumbi pathutu nakkala oru smile ututu went back to kottifying..
Waiter stood for a min and then realised that i was really sure of the order..athu varaikum..watever we ordered he used to shout it to the person taking the order for preparing the bill who will shout it to the kitchen...intha ice cream order mattum he went near him and told it in a mild tone..the moment he heard the order...that guy turned to our table to look at that puniyathma *AHEM* who placed that order...avanungaluku apdi enna than siripu therila...enamo avanga darlinga order panna mathiri they were giggling...
gilsku litea allu kelamba...servera kooptu..antha icecream nejamavay ice cream thaana..athula enalam irukumnu appaviya kekka...he said its a multifalvoured icecream and smiled...appovum doubt..ithuku munadi yarachum order panirukangalanu keta...he said since he joined no one has placed him order for that one..seri..veerargal vaazhkaiyil ithellaam jagajamnu..varathu varatumnu was was not just me...enga pakkathu table mundhina table ellam eagerly waiting apdi enna thaan antha icecreamla irukumnu...or was it really something differentnu...atlast it came..WOOOW...kesar pista scoop..with dollops of dryfruits thrown the end of the was my fav vanilla wonder they have named it like that...moonu perum senthu oodu katti adichi sanda poatu gaali time pona..intha ice cream saapdarthukaga thaniya konjam space allocate panitu than ponum...chk it out folks

Friday, October 05, 2007

The week that was...

Oct 2nd International day of non violence..and i ended up watching the most violent movie ihave ever seen..Apocalypto!! Mel gibsonuku ennapa achu..i dunno whether to appreciate him for the awe inspiringly original way in which the movie has been shot or to despise him for the graphical gore..Right from scene one its revoltingly times i could feel my jaw hurting from clenching it through the scenes..the movie is a candid camera on tribals with usual cinematic exaggeration thrown in at places. Not for those with milder taste.

En iniya Iyanthira...the moment i hear this name its takes me back to the gud ol days of DD...Guess it was Sivaranjani who played the role of Nila in that..who can forget that dog Juno, sujathas best creation after ganesh n vasanth..i was browsing through the tamil section in a book store and unearthed this gem..have read the book in my school days and always wanted to own one..and now i have it :) planning to start a collection of sujatha novels...lets see how far it goes :)

Another book which i bought was Vikramaathithan kathaigal..yup..the same ol vikram vetal series...amazing..inag oru story full mudikarathukulla nora that vikramathithan series..each story has an interlink with some story or other which leads u into a labyrinth of stories and mesmerisingly take you through the magical world of vikram and in a simple yet interesting way the knots and loops unfold and it all comes to a meaningful conculsion..amazingly simple yet so complex...chancela..if u'vent read it yet..chk it out...makes nice read..

Vera enna pannen..hmm..Bourne Ultimatum padam paathen...its no way related to the Original story from the book..but its somewhat better than the book...very very fast movie..racy is slow to describe it..guess the cameraman mite win an oscar..WOW..the car chasing scene in climax..i wonder how many cameras were used..its a no brainer scene by concept but amazingly shot..padam enamo usual tamizh telugu masala padam mathiri thaanalum...kaathula pooku badila thoatamay sutharanga...but 2 hour ponathay therila semma fast..makes nice weekwend watch with hot popcorn..( u need not buy more than a pack as the movie wud be over by the time u come to the second one ;) )

Tuesday, October 02, 2007


"Muthu"la vara thalaivar dialogue thaan nyabagam varuthu.."Kedaikarathu kedaikaama irukathu...kedaikama irukarthu kedaikathu" ... all my life i've been such an "orderly" and "systematic" person that i wud've made a live example for chaos theory in practice..whenever i hunt for something i find something else which i wud've been searching for months back..but never the item of the current friend once cribbed about the same thing to me and i sagely advised her to always search for the things which she doesnt want and she would end up with the one she much for the advice..well..matter ennana..if you guys remember a year back i was searching for my school mates who were online and had started a community in orkut for the that time i could hardly locate any and almost gave up the search..last week..i met a friend of mine on the bus in luck would have it we got adjacent seats :D it was a sweet surprise and as luck would have it he was in touch with a few of our school mates..and the search which went cold got picked up again and now we have finally managed to cover most of the missing mates..all thanks to orkut.. :) most of them are beyond recognition..many married and are settled abroad..some have feels weird and happy at the same time to catch up with folks after a gap of..13 years...thats a little more than half my life time!! each of us have undergone such a dramatic change in personality no one is what he or she were before..its pretty obvious but still when you try to recollect the person from your memory of how they were a dozen years back and try to relate to the one at present it feels really really different..and its really such a small of my ex colleague is married to my mca mate who is the brother of a blog mate of mine and whose brother is working in my present team!!! ithey rangela ponaan..adaam evaalla than poi nikum nenakren :D anyways...

Friday, September 28, 2007

Mustafa... Mustafa...

Semma boring day...athum ipolaam opicela work pannathanu makkal anbu kattalai vera..pudingina aanilaam porum...inimay aaniye pudungathanutanga...seri..urupidiya ethachum padiklamanu patha..vikatan sitelam paysite aakitanga..asterix tintinlaamum padichi mudichachu..vera enna thaan panarthunu theriyama..kadisiya..learning portalla login panna...u've got emailnu Tom Hanks padam kanakka..oru mail..yaruda kaduthasu poatrukarthu paatha....long long ago so long ago..athavathu oru one year munnadi..ennoda room mate..ethana naal aachu avan kitalam best room mate...we were like Joey and being Joey :) ..avana galataa pannatha naalay kedayathu...he was the better version of all sorts of ways..he was very calm..mature..patient...brainy...PUNCTUAL...and the list goes on...i used to think that if i, ever :D , get better in life i wud b like him...infact not just for me..we were like 6 guys in that room..he was the calming influence..big brother of the room...captainnu thaan ellarum kupduvom..though he is just 8 months elder to me..avana oldman of the room title kuduthu paada paduthi vachirukom..elathukum oru smile..hearty laugh..i have a strong belief that a persons laughter/ smile tells a lot about them...ivan casela romba simple..anyone can make out his humility and simplicity..avan enga kuda irunthathu enamo oru onnarai varusham thaan..athula evlo incidents..evlo changes..chancela..blore vantha pudusla i used to commute only in buses..train ticket book panna evan utility building varaikum porathunu epovum bus thaan..ivan vanthaprum..since his office was in mgroad..he used to book tickets for me also ..10.45 trainuku he will be there by 10.30..i stay 12 km frm the stn...porumaiya pathu mani varaikum shuttle velayaditu..avasara avasarama pack pani.. 10.15ku kilambi..arakka parakka auto pudichi...10.50ku runningla traina pudipen..edo compartmentla eritu..ivanuku fone pannii coach number ketu..chancela..oru thadava kuda chn pora annki ozhunga dinner saptathay kedaythu...autola varachay msg anupi ethachum biscuit fruits vangi vachira solitu..nite poora aratai adichitu..kita thatta chitoor varapo thaan thunga povom....ehtana thadava ivan kita thituu vaangiruken..for not being times 10.45 trainuku ticket book panitu 9.30nu soli make me come on time..still..naama munnadi poi trainuku wait panrathavathu..namakaaga train wait pannanumngarathu thaan namma policy..ipdiyumoru janthu..theratha casenu he gave up...after he came to our room only we started going on trips..monthly once we all used to go for some trip..mostly ethachum hill station illa temple cities.....rendu perum oray age groupnalum...aniyayathuku mature person he was...and intha KDM..916..22 24 carat...ithellam vida pure gold at heart...ivlo formala nalalvana oruthan iruka mudiyumanu neenga doubt is one example for u...i have had so far around 15 room mates in 4.5 years...ivan oruthan kelambina anikki thaan felt very sad..antha varam oorla iruka kudaathunu chn poiten..there have been times when i have hurt him..vaaya vachikitu summa ilama ethachum soliduven..velatuthanama sonathu seriousa eduthukitaprum thaan uraikum.....he was like a brotherly figure for all of us in the room and ipo kuda epovachum elarum meet panikita ivana pathi kekama irukamatanga...

U knw buddy..nowadays...11.45 trainku naan 10.30kay nanay book panikaren..and i book tickets for my roomies now.. :) but missing all the laughter..remember once to escape the blade of 'PR' we all locked him outside the room :D the sudden coorg pei mazhaila hotel room kedaikama theru theruva suthi.. jeep bus car maatu vandinu..oru mode of transport udama ella methodlayum travel panni...marakka mudiyatha trip athu..

ok..back to the original topic..ithanikum karanamana antha mailla apdi enna thaan irunthichinu paatha..

Dsavatharam latest stills:

hmmm...ivan thirunthavay maatan :D

Friday, September 14, 2007


Settai sat saapadu pathi adicha postuku poata comment solpa bigga posta writiten..sat post padikka kizhay ulla linkai clickunga..

Ennoda fav fud..hmm optionsay romba a non curd..and irukara vegetableslayum paathi ennathaan saapduvennu yosikareengala.. :) pinvaruvanavatrai gavanikka...

1)annachi restaurant vathal kuzhmabu...adichikka aalay illa...oru mathiri sweeta kaarama..epdi solrathunnay theriyaatha mathiri oru super taste...

2)saravana bavan chutney varieties for the dosas...pacha color..brown color white colornu oray colorfulla irukum ..and also yummy taste

3)arasappar ila karaikudiyanu therila..thengapaal chutney and aapaam..kai bcya irukarathala sign poda time ila..ilaati sotha ezhuthi vachiralam...YUMMY

4)kamath yatrinivas dosa specials...seriously..never ever believed someone could make better dosas than SB...neeru dosanu onnu kuduthanga..CHANCELA..on the way to
mysore..chance kedacha dont miss it

5)paruppupodi (with garlic mix) at andhra mess..athu enna mayamnu therila..entha
andhra mess ponalum intha parupu podi taste matum maararathay ila..awesome..volcano mathiri rice mountain panni..athula..parupuu podia nalla tharalama sprinkle panni..ghee vittu..oru kattu kattina...narasus coffee adla thenga sreenivasan solra mathiri devaamrithama irukum..!!!

6)starterskaga oru hotel famousna athu golconda chimneya thaan irukum..epo treat ponalum..we always end up having the starters many varieties they have and so tasty they are..we simply order all the starters and never reach the main course :)ithu banglorela irukku..on the way to ITPL..

Above all.. enga amma samayal..ithu usual dialogue illa...any person who has eaten in our house will vouch for it...awesome cook..simplea thenga thuvayal and morkozhambu vachaganna will lick ur hand dry...

ithelam padichithu semamya pasikuthu..kottika ethachum iruka d escape..

athen samayala nala baagam solranga...nalayani or nalini bagamnu oru captionum ilaye..defaulta..gents cook wellngarathu world wide accepted statmento? gals learn..experiment...struggle..and then cook..while guys have that innate capabilities in effortlessly they master it?...enna ambi/kk/naats..naan solrathu kareeta....verum vaikku mella aval...edho ennala mudinjathu..Narayana..narayana...

Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Advance Bday wishes

aaruthalayan annanavan
aaruthalai alipathil mannanavan

oangaraa roobam avan
aangaram azhipaanum avanay

(thiru)maal manam maathiya
paal manak kuzhanthaiyavan

annaiyin aanai thalaimel kondathanal
aanai thalai kondavan

mukkannanin mootha magan
idukann azhipathil mudhalvanum avanay

modhaga piriyanavan
baadhaga irul neeki
saadhagamaakum saaduriyanavan

thopukaranam poatu vendinal
kutikaranam adithodum innalgal


ithu varaikum bday post speciala yarukum podalaya athaan..namma pullayarukachum oru post podalmayntu :D ithai padichitu tension aagi kozhakattaiyalaye adika porar..athunala konja naaliku anonya thaan irupen..kandukapdathu :D happy pullayar chathurthi to u all...

Thursday, August 30, 2007

Ode to HP

Not about my kambeni..atha pathi thaniya postaren..this post is dedicated to the latest and last installment in the Harry Potter series...Alas! a great series comes to end..for folks who are keen followers i share your grief..for the uninitiated..well there is more to life which you have been missing folks...reading books you love is a magic in itself..that too when the characters are magical themselves...well what to say...i read the first one half heartedly..didnt like the cover picture...i have a hmm..sort of fetish towards book covers...the book should impress me right from cover page..when i saw the "HP n philosophers stone" wasnt much impressive..infact i had to plough through the book..couldnt follow half the things as i guess Rowling had decided to have the book in several parts right from page one of part most of the characters events where placed with a cloud of mystery hanging over each scene..though it aroused a wee bit of curiosity..the very thought that the second installment is going to be a year later was a put off...i never thought i would wait for the second part to come and had almost forgot about the book itself..the next i saw the books where when i went to my friends place..i saw that his wife was crazy about HP and had bought all the three parts which had come till that time...and surprisingly the cover was interesting this time..i started with the third part "HP n Prisoner of Azkaban" and guess what it was pretty had some parts missing..the best part about Rowlings writing is that she assumes that you have read the previous parts when she writes the current one..reading the third part enthused me to read the other parts..and thus began my quest...till i read the last part i thought "chamber of secrets" was her best...but this last edition "Deathly Hallows" definitely lived up to the expectations and was an amazing read..when the book was released i didnt ran up to buy it..750 rs per piece...evan vaanguvannu vituten..but when i chkd one of thebook shops causally..i was shocked to hear that they had sold out all the pieces on day one first hour itself...then after frantic chking i finally managed to buy it in a new bookstore which opened up near our area...first padichathu last ten pages thaan..who dies n who survivesnu therinjukama mandaye vedichurum pola feels sad that the series ends with this 7th part...wish there are more...harry potter padikarapolaam...u feel as if u r transferred into their magical world...the names which Rowling has selected for each of the spells and the magical items which makes entry in each series..ellam top class..for encyclopedia there is an equivalent rememberall and there is this stupefy curse to stun someone...patronus charm to chase away the dementors..toad sweets...oh my my...fresh imagination...and awesome charaterisation...enaku Hermione and Ron romba pudikum...Harry obviousa ellarukum pudikum...firstlenthu Dumbeldore, the headmaster of the magic school, Harryoda mentor n guide and role model mari solitu final partla avarum weak person thangara mari solirukarthu konjam pudikala..but interesting twists..paarapatcham paakama ella charactersaiyum poatu thalra vidham...hats off to Rowling..Harry potter series are over..Long live Harry potter series :)

Thursday, August 23, 2007

Review time...

Chak De India..

Makkalay..kandippa paarunga miss panaatheenga...padam romba nalla iruku..for any hockey enthusiast or sports enthusiast its a must watch...enna mari sila caselaam iruku..goli gilli matchnalum India thaan win pananumngara alavuku veri..antha mathiri makkals wud lap it up...surprisingly SRK gives a nice performance..nalla udambu ethi..he gives a creditable performance as the coach..and no romantic duets or heorine for him mind mushy scenes where he can ham his heart out..unlike KANK where he literally irritated everyone with his constant bickering and crying he is more manly in this movie...his role is also a bit new for hindi movies considering a superstar actor donning it..there are certain scenes which are very delicate and could have been judgemental or jingoistic degressing from the core theme..but luckily the movie doesnt and holds its line..the scene where his friend says..its hight time he came out of the guilt and everyone and every sin has a pardon..he sagely replies not for everyone..the movie has a few highlights like this and it talks about the difficulty in being a leader and belonging to a different community and the humiliation which he has to undergo..and hold on..not just also talks of women lib a tongue-in-cheek cinematic style..there is another delicate scene in the movie where the ladies comepete with the men team..the scene is to bolster the image of ladies in front of the chauvinistic committee the director cant allow the team to loose..but being a movie which is pro hockey from the first line he cannot also show the mens team in poor light..not even a draw..i liked the way that scene had been portrayed..its was neither cinematic..nor very sombre..the ending is the real icing on the show...SRK doesnt rush in with all instruments blaring nor does he do any jig..he simply walks back and closes the door to the world..keeping his hurt to himself...and yeah..i almost missed out..for the sports enthu folks..we have quite a few moments in the movie..the final penalty shoot out is one such scene..nicely made and the dresing room fights are also equally interesting..and oh yeah..i forgot to mention the gal brigade :) the goalie looks cute..reminds me of someone i couldnt place a name...the one who plays the role of the forward preeti someone..looks gawky n gud at the same time :) but the real show stealer is that kutti paiyan like lady from energy..guess she must have been a real player...the kind of enthusiasm and energy she displays on the field is contagious..and last but not the least the punjabi gal...who has u in splits of laughter...overall all a totally enjoyable movie with some decent performances...chk it out folks..nice to see India winning something against the Aussies...atleast in the movies :) infact for each of the goals i could hear people cheering.. :) chk it out folks :)

Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Dont tell anyone...its a secret..

Dont tell anyone..
How many times have u endured this phrase in ur life..By accepting or agreeing to this one liner, you unknowingly create a barrier, which many a time results in breaking more than one relationship. If you think that people trust you so much, that they share their darkest of secrets only with you, by binding you with this "magical" phrase...think twice might so happen that, you may be one of the many bound by this invisible clause. Simplest way to make a mess of a relation is, to tell something to one person and utter this "Dont tell it to anyone"...kekkaravan kenaya iruntha eruma kuda aeroplane oatumaam (ithuku vera definition edhuvum ivlo decenta maatala..therinjavanga purinjavanga manichukunga :) )...i fail to understand the thrill people get in sowing the seeds of secrecy on eveyone..its either that they want to enjoy the pleasure of "revealing" the "news" to everyone themselves or simply to have fun on your account or they are utterly suspicious folks who should be immediately banished to Azkhaban...

Huh..thats a real stinker of a post..irukara kadupellam kotti theethachu.. :)

Monday, August 06, 2007

Terrific Traffic

எங்கெங்கு காணினும் வண்டியடா....
சொல்ல முடியாது...பாரதிதாசன் மட்டும் இப்போ இருந்தா பெங்கலூர் வாகன நெரிசலப் பார்த்து இந்த மாதிரி மாத்தி பாடிருப்பார்..எகப்பட்ட வண்டி...இந்த ஊருல மட்டும் கூறு பத்து ரூவான்னு விப்பாய்ங்க போல...ஒவ்வொருத்தனும் ரெண்டு மூணுன்னு வண்டி வச்சிருக்காய்ங்க...அதாச்சும் செரி...பல்லிருக்கு பக்கோடா சாப்ட்ரானுங்கனு உட்ருலாம்...ஆனா இவனுங்க வண்டி ஓட்ர அழக எங்க போய் சொல்ரது...கண்ராவி புடிச்சவனுங்க..ரோட்டோரமா வண்டி ஓட்டுங்கடனா ப்லட்பார்ம்லயே ஒட்ரானுங்க...விவேக் சொல்ரா மாரி எடது பக்கம் இண்டிகெட்டர் போட்டு வலது பக்கம் கைய காட்டிக்கிட்டு...நேரா வர ------- நிக்க வச்சி சுட வேணாம்...

Came one hour late today..because of this damn traffic...infact i came walking all the way for 4.5 KMs overtaking our office cab tata sumo and reached office before that...enna koduma saravana ithu

Friday, July 27, 2007

Cyber Sparisangal

Makkas n d back with one more story...intha story enna spl..well..its written by my lazy friend who doesnt want to open a blog of his own..chk it out..and as usual..u know wer to thuppify :D

Place : cyberbit systems, Dubai.
Time : 1540 hrs

Kumar was working at a feverish pace. Every ten minutes he was looking at his watch cursing the change request which came at the last moment. Though he was physically in office his mind was already travelling back home.
"Ram.. can you test this code fast.."
"Sure sure seem to be in hurry..getting late for a date or what.." ram added with a wink.
Kumar was pacing in front of the monitor as if he is awaiting his first baby...painfully reminding himself that he wasnt actually there when his first kid was born.
"Object not found" spat came the error..
Kumar banged the desk in frustration.
"Sire..relax..i can pitch in for tension..let me see if i can fix this carry on.." volunteered Ram.
"Thanks Ram..I owe you one.."
"No probs..If its a girl you are meeting..get her friends number for me..." Rams voice was ringing on the hallway when Kumar was thudding to the parking lot...
When he reached the parking lot that time only realised that he had forgotten to intimate his PM about the status...he called up Ram...
" more help...can u tell our damager about the status on my behalf..send a mail from my pc..password is same as last week...thanks man...i owe you two now.."
With one foot firmly on the accelerator he was speeding towards his room.
He had a tough time to remember the list of things he wanted to speak. He again went over the important events of that week and sorted them out mentally as to what needs to be told and what can wait. He realised the value of time and was wondering whether he did the right thing by opting for this job. Barely avoiding the truck in front of him he swerved off to his right. In a way his life was also like that. Swerving off at the last minute, postponing decisions till the eleventh hour and letting the events take its own course.

"Five mins..just five more mins..." he consoled himself as he parked the car in the basement...without even bothering to check if its closed properly or not he rushed to the lift..he has been waiting for this day for the whole week..

He switched on the lights..with a million questions running on his mind..Will she be at home now? was there any power shutdown scheduled? was he late? would she have left for her classes?

With trembling hands in excitement..he connected to InterNet and switched on the web cam.
The moment he saw his 5 year old daughter face appear on the screen..he felt relief for the first time in the whole day. His hand crawled over the monitor..craving for the real touch..

"papa..see..i am wearing the frock you sent me last week in doesnt fit me on the left side.."
"Sorryma..ask mama to get it altered.."
"po papa..u dnt even know my size.."

Kumar moved away from the camera and silently cried.

Note: Intha siru kathai oor, oravu, kudumbam anaithayum vittu porul theda veli naatil velai seiyum anaithu thanthaigalukkum samarpanam ..

Monday, July 16, 2007

Ultimate Farewell mail

Thought of posting on a different topic..but the moment i saw this forward changed my mind...Gem of a disgruntled farewell mail from a guy who seems to have quit JP Morgan just about a week back.... notice the speed at which it has spread across the world :-) total ROTFL...

Dear Co-Workers and Managers,

As many of you probably know, today is my last day. But before I leave, I wanted to take this opportunity to let you know what a great and distinct pleasure it has been to type "Today is my last day."

For nearly as long as I've worked here, I've hoped that I might one day leave this company. And now that this dream has become a reality, please know that I could not have reached this goal without your unending lack of support. Words cannot express my gratitude for the words of gratitude you did not express.

I would especially like to thank all of my managers both past and present but with the exception of the wonderful Saroj Hariprashad: in an age where miscommunication is all too common, you consistently impressed and inspired me with the sheer magnitude of your misinformation, ignorance and intolerance for true talent. It takes a strong man to admit his mistake - it takes a stronger man to attribute his mistake to me.

Over the past seven years, you have taught me more than I could ever ask for and, in most cases, ever did ask for. I have been fortunate enough to work with some absolutely interchangeable supervisors on a wide variety of seemingly identical projects - an invaluable lesson in overcoming daily tedium in overcoming daily tedium in overcoming daily tedium.

Your demands were high and your patience short, but I take great solace knowing that my work was, as stated on my annual review, "meets expectation." That is the type of praise that sends a man home happy after a 10 hour day, smiling his way through half a bottle of meets expectation scotch with a meets expectation cigar. Thanks Trish!

And to most of my peers: even though we barely acknowledged each other within these office walls, I hope that in the future, should we pass on the street, you will regard me the same way as I regard you: sans eye contact.

But to those few souls with whom I've actually interacted, here are my personalized notes of farewell:

To Philip Cress, I will not miss hearing you cry over absolutely nothing while laying blame on me and my coworkers. Your racial comments about Joe Cobbinah were truly offensive and I hope that one day you might gain the strength to apologize to him.

To Brenda Ashby whom is long gone, I hope you find a manager that treats you as poorly as you have treated us. I worked harder for you then any manager in my career and I regret every ounce of it. Watching you take credit for my work was truly demoralizing.

To Sylvia Keenan, you should learn how to keep your mouth shut sweet heart. Bad mouthing the innocent is a negative thing, especially when your talking about someone who knows your disgusting secrets. ; )

To Bob Malvin (Mr. Cronyism Jr), well, I wish you had more of a back bone. You threw me to the wolves with that witch Brenda and I learned all too much from it. I still can't believe that after following your instructions, I ended up getting written up, wow. Thanks for the experience buddy, lesson learned.

Don Merritt (Mr. Cronyism Sr), I'm happy that you were let go in the same manner that you have handed down to my dedicated coworkers. Hearing you on the phone last year brag about how great bonuses were going to be for you fellas in upper management because all of the lay offs made me nearly vomit. I never expected to see management benefit financially from the suffering of scores of people but then again, with this company's rooted history in the slave trade it only makes sense.

To all of the executives of this company, Jamie Dimon and such. Despite working through countless managers that practiced unethical behavior, racism, sexism, jealousy and cronyism, I have benefited tremendously by working here and I truly thank you for that. There was once a time where hard work was rewarded and acknowledged, it's a pity that all of our positive output now falls on deaf ears and passes blind eyes. My advice for you is to place yourself closer to the pulse of this company and enjoy the effort and dedication of us "faceless little people" more. There are many great people that are being over worked and mistreated but yet are still loyal not to those who abuse them but to the greater mission of providing excellent customer support. Find them and embrace them as they will help battle the cancerous plague that is ravishing the moral of this company.

So, in parting, if I could pass on any word of advice to the lower salary recipient ("because it's good for the company") in India or Tampa who will soon be filling my position, it would be to cherish this experience because a job opportunity like this comes along only once in a lifetime.

Meaning: if I had to work here again in this lifetime, I would sooner kill myself.

To those who I have held a great relationship with, I will miss being your co-worker and will cherish our history together. Please don't bother responding as at this very moment I am most likely in my car doing 85 with the windows down listening to Biggie.


Thursday, July 05, 2007

Home sweet home

How many times have u shifted house in ur life...guess this doesnt apply to nomads (xcuse d pun :D ) like sat..few days back.. i was watching FRIENDS..last season..last episode..the one where Chandler n Monica vacate their apartment...wenever i watch that serial i feel as if i am one of the characters..i feel as if i am a bit of joey chandler ross mon rach and phoebe all put together..the last episode of FRIENDS however was bit senti...often u wish gud things never end and wen u get to see them saddens a bit..but considering that it has been running for 10 years and the actors are already looking jaded..its gud in a way that it ended..coming back to the theme of house many have u shifted so my case...very few...including my stay in blore..its totally jus 4 houses...3 times in chn n once in blore...wen we shifted house for d first time i was a dint feel any difference..sec one also dint had any impact for that was a shabby one and was more glad that we vacated it...third one was the most memorable...not that it was a great place to stay..and our stay there was also for few years only..still many memorable things happened there..first job..after years of struggle finally got cable connection at home..inspite of sis studying in dad was hell bent on avoiding cable tv till she completed schooling...somehow..maska chaskaed him into n white tv to color...once there was a city wide power outage..all the houses of the street were open that night and everyone was awake..couldnt sleep..avlo humid...people where chatting and singing and kids where playing so late into night...first experience of staying awake late into night..latenite cab drops at 2-3 in the nite...there were few unpleasent things too..discounting them..the platform for many gud things were laid there...the current one where we are staying is the best of the lot and given a choice i would buy it out...pity the owner wont sell has everything ..the environment..the feel...the positive energy...proximity to temple..everything about that house is good...i always attach a great deal of importance to the place of stay..even while goin on a trekking or any tour..i always ensure that the base camp is secure and good...home is not just where the heart is..its everything for me..eagerly waiting for the next trip home :D..

Wednesday, June 27, 2007

yes mam yes mam..8 tag full..

RTOla velapaakravanga mari...8 podu 10 podunu ipdi aniyayama tag pannitaanga G3..avangaluku aapu apruma vaikkanumnu todo list add for d tag...

Ra Raa raamaiya...

ettu etta manushan vaazhva pirichikonu thalaivar paatu lyrics enakku saala porunthum...mudhal ettil..lot less physical activity...romba veladinathulaam ila..considering the amount of time i used to have...adutha eightil ozhunga padichirukanum...athuvum pannala..ennoda fav(mis)quote...i was an asteroid in a galaxy of stars in my class...perusa onnum varuthapattathillainaalum it was a very painful period for me..aduthaeight n a half has been the rosiest period of my life..enjoying each n every second of it :)

start meejic...

me one die hard meejic fan..languagelaam kanakkey ila..entha baashai songaanalum kekka nalla iruntha namma playlistla add service delivery manager's comment.."daily timesheetla oru 8 hours listening to songsnu configuration itemla potuka" veedunu paarabatchamay kedayathu...enga paru songs thaan...right from day break to dusk...epovum songs ketukitay irukanungara alavuku crazy...pudu pudusa songs collect panni kepen..not sticking with one particular artist or type..varietya iruakanungarathu matum than criteria..veetla irunthena nalla full soundla songs vachitu vidiya vidiya paatu kekarathu favourite hobby...

shuttlodu vilayaadi...

school daysla aadatha aatamellam ipo sethu vachu aadings...oru naaliku 2 hours i reserve for myself..thats non disturbance hour for me..gymmings... shuttle playings..ellam intha timela thaan...ullirunthu kollum noi pol...naalu varushama virus maari got totally addicted to it now...cant think of not playing...saying all that..naan prakash padukone vaarisulaam ila...i enjoy playing..avlovay..summarana player...


itha pathi thani postay podalaam..avlo interest in joggin/running(yar kudanulam kekapdathu..ipothaiku aloneu vachipoam)...ennoda "motivation" (??)nala many of my friends have taken to jogging...4 years back enna describe panrathu romba easy...i used to look like a cricket ball placed over football...guess have reduced a bit now.. :)..muna nalla kashku moshkunu rounda irupen..inga vanthaprum...odi odi udaicha treadmill count oru naalu anju irukum..used to run for 30 40 mins and instructor vanthu thitti stop panna solravaraikum odikitay irupen...used to keep count of number of steps i take to cover each km..500 steps translates to roughly 1 km at 10kmph... i used to push myself for 100 more steps and it never used to end....personally i feel there could be nothing more liberating than running at end of a stress filled pumps u up and freshens u...start running to feel what i have put in words here..i am sure you will enjoy it...

usssss.......soda please...Naalu point podrathukay nora thallidichi...hmm..vera enna solrathu...


naan iskoola collegela miss pannathellam sethu vachu enjoy panna/panra first company was more of a terror...never suited me...always lived in fear...but it gave me a chance to make all the mistakes one shouldnt do in his career and served as a good test board for me :) on a serious also taught me how not to be when i grow in my career...when i had to relocate to blore..thot i wont last more than a month here...well..that was 52 months ago...guess the circle would soon be complete and i might have news for you all soon ;) keeping fingers crossed.

Room mates:

4 yearsla i would have stayed with atelast 15 - 20 different people...each one..more different from the rest :) till now all my room mates have been gem of people...rommmmmmmmmmbbbbbbaaaaaa nalalvangangara term fits them all...exceptionally mature at times and equally kiddish...indirectly they helped me iron out my deficiencies and my outlook towards life..right from the way i dress to my attitude i had the option to pick and choose the best from them...many of them have been inspiration for my blog stories :D weekend ooruku pogama makkalam veetla irunthaganna nadakara ragalaiku oru alavay ilama irukum...friday nightlaam thoonginathay kedayathu..saturday morning muzhichathu kedayathu :) thideernu evanchum suggest pannuvan..vandi eduthutu coorg..nandi hillsnu enga thonutho kelambiduvom..amazing life it has been for past 4 years...totally enjoying it...

namma bengalooru:

suthama pudikalai..oora ithu..enna traffic..kanravi roads...somberi auto drivers...jangirila number vacha bus...ipdi thiti thitiye 4.5 varusham oatiten..max two months..athuku mela intha oor namaku thaangathunu nenachukitu inga vanthen...never realised wen i fell in love with it...slight drizzlena kuda chillnu ac poatapola irukara intha climate...inga kedacha friends..freedom...idelaam kandipa miss panuven...wen i go to chennai..

last but not the least...bloggin...

itha pathi solalina epdi...naan rasichu patha padam and songsoda reviewkaaga arambicha site..infact en college makkalukaga mattum irukatunu collegela ennoda nicknameaye blog namea vachu start panathu...idho adhonu 125 plus post thaandiyachu...ennoda diary writing habit suthama stop aadichi...but i find this one more convienient and easy..oray samyathula oray edathula ivlo nalla nalla makkals contact enaku kedaika enaku help big thanks to blogspot :)

ussssssss........appadi..oru vazhiya mudichiten...namma panguku yaara poatu thaakalam

4)Kedi..che kodi

Rules of d game:

1) write 8 points abt u..or watever..n paste points 2 n 3 in your post
2) tag 8 more bakras...y shd u alone go thro the pain
3) advise those bakras to follow step 2 :D

Tuesday, June 19, 2007

I do solemnly swear

Titlea pathitu padhavi pramaanamnu thinkaatheenga...swearing in ceremony ellam swear words ceremony aagitu irukaratha paathu oru post podalaamnu decidi poatathay ithu... Interesting phrase.."I do solemnly swear..." infact..i dont..well..mostly dont..unless i am at the shuttle court n playing...semmozhi sorkkal mothamaagavum sillaraiyaagavum kedaikum idam ethuna play fielda thaan irukanum...OH my..u can easily enrich your vocabulary of these "special words"...that too from a variety of the point. kostin for u u swear? never? freaquently? does it bother you to know what others might think to hear u uttering profanities one after other..? do you ever feel bad about it or have any scruples on using them? school daysla there used to be a gang who where solely responsible for enlightening the meek things on the mganitude of each of those "special words"...they were the know-all's who had the wisdom far beyond the grasp of mortals like us...god only knew from where they picked the words and their meanings (later realised they were mostly cooked up) ...words carried lot more weight at that time i guess...particularly in my section :D NO-FIRST-USE was a mutual unwritten agreement..there used to be gossips on which is the latest word and who was telling it to whom :) oh my..what fun..harmless harmless...(u've got mail paatha epect..kandukapdaathu :) ) those who actually use the words were seen like negative role donned heroes..seiya mudiyatha edho velaya saadhichavanga mari oru bandhavoda thaan antha pasanga suthuvanga....padikara vaayala intha wordslaam sonna padipu varathunu solitu oru anti gang irukum...oru thadava villain gang cornered one guy from the anti-bad words gang....they ordered that guy to tell a word starting with F ending with K..intha paiyan moonji veluthu poi verthuruchu...he was very embarassed...."enda..Firetruck word kelvi patathilaya...athu solla en ivlo scene"nu soli kalaaichitu anupitaanga...kooda iruntha makkalaam vizhunthu porandu sirichikitrunthichi...ipo kuda avana engachum paatha firetrucknu thaan makkal koopduvanga....Enga kuda shuttle aadra paiyan oruthan...he always used to shout FISH after missing a shot...when we asked him the reason..avan kita yaro (read GF) sonaangalam...dont use the swear wordnu..."i do solemnly swear that i wouldnt swear"nu oath eduthirupaano :) may be.. :)

Monday, June 11, 2007

For u all, my friends..

One of my fav times u might feel crowded with thoughts even when u r alone and feel lonely in a crowd..whichever be your mood this one should fit your bill...meejic has always been my companion and sila songs feels so gud to hear again n again when u feel down n out...

When you feel all alone
And the world has turned it's back on you
Give me a moment please to tame your wild wild heart
I know you feel like the walls are closing in on you
It's hard to find relief and people can be so cold
When darkness is upon your door and you feel like you can't take anymore

Let me be the one you call
If you jump I'll break your fall
Lift you up and fly away with you into the night
If you need to fall apart
I can mend a broken heart
If you need to crash then crash and burn
You're not alone

When you feel all alone
And a loyal friend is hard to find
You're caught in a one way street
With the monsters in your head
When hopes and dreams are far away and
You feel like you can't face they day

Let me be the one you call -
You're not alone

Because there has always been heartache and pain
And when it's over you'll breathe again
You'll breathe again

When you feel all alone
And the world has turned its back on you
Give me a moment please
To tame your wild wild heart

Let me be the one you call -
You're not alone [Repeat]

Savage Garden - Crash n Burn...

This is another fundoo track..lyrics kettu asanthuten..for and against topic mathiri..nalathula irukara ketathu and vice versa mathiri poguthu lyrics..sorta depicitng the contradictions in each of us..hope u like this one..

Im the darkness in the light
Im the leftness in the right
Im the rightness in the wrong
Im the shortness in the long
Im the goodness in the bad
Im the saneness in the mad
Im the sadness in the joy
Im the gin in the gin-soaked boy

Im the ghost in the machine
Im the genius in the gene
Im the beauty in the beast
Im the sunset in the east
Im the ruby in the dust
Im the trust in the mistrust
Im the trojan horse in troy
Im the gin in the gin-soaked boy

Im the tigers empty cage
Im the mysterys final page
Im the strangers lonely glance
Im the heros only chance
Im the undiscovered land
Im the single grain of sand
Im the christmas morning toy
Im the gin in the gin-soaked boy

Im the world youll never see
Im the slave youll never free
Im the truth youll never know
Im the place youll never go
Im the sound youll never hear
Im the course youll never steer
Im the will youll not destroy
Im the gin in the gin-soaked boy

Im the half-truth in the lie
Im the why not in the why
Im the last roll of the die
Im the old school in the tie
Im the spirit in the sky
Im the catcher in the rye
Im the twinkle in her eye
Im the jeff goldblum in the fly

Who am i?

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Esnips ubayam G3 :)

Thursday, June 07, 2007

3 (wo)men in a car..

G3,Heidi Kris n Settai sat....the three mosquitoers of blogsville..decide to go to Beach..entha vela panalum pullayar suzhilenthu start panra maari..vazhakkam pola snacks shoplenthu start pannalamnu g3 idea thara..heidiya g3 kuda anupitu sat car eduthutu vara poranga..
"6 punjabi samosa..3 vegetable puff...3 black forest cake"nu g3 orders adukka...
heidi n g3ya paathutu packing panra aal "saapdava paracela madam"nu kekka..
"yov..ena nakkala..."nu heidi sound vida..
"ileenga..sample venumanu keten"nu bayanthu poi antha aal vegama pack panni kudukavum..sat vandi eduthundu varavum sariya iruku..

Sat as usual bike license vaangara nenapula 8 poatukitay car oatikitu vara...police maama (uyiruku bayanthukitay) ..."dei...dei...ennada vandi oatreenga..niruthuda.. istoppppppp"nu vandiya nirutharar.
"deiya...athaaan ivlo peria L board poatrukoamla..L for ladiesnu intha maamaku theriyathu pola.." heidi kris backseatlenthu litea sound vitings..
"ennatha vandi oatreenga...evan license kuduthaan ungalukelam...license eduma..."
"poleeskar...enna poleeskar..unga departmentla communication gap jaasthi aaidichi...nethu platformla vandi oati oru kezhavi mela vandi ethitenu pakkathu junctionla nikara poleeskar uncle license vaangitu poitanga...inum thirupi neenga avar kita poi en licensea vaangi pathutu...en kita kondaanthu kuduthurunga..."
"thala ezhuthu"nu..helmetla adichikitavaray windsheilda paakurar...anga font size 100la 'L' stickera paathu arandu poi..."ithennathu ivlo peria sticker"
"oh athuva...naan car oatrathu pudusungarathala en driving skool instructor thaan intha stickera otti vaika sonnar..."
"neenga oatra azhaguku ivlo peria L theva thaanu" nenachukitu vazhakkama vaangara maamoola vangikitu ess aaikarar..

Moovar kootani oru vazhiya beach vanthu seraraanga..cara park pantiu varenu pona sat arai mani nerama kaanumnu g3 n heidi thedi kitu vara..
"sat..enna panreenga.."
"athuva..cara suthi payaru oora vachi mannula thoovi kitu iruken...seekrama valanthu car park aaidumla..epudi..."
g3ku oru nappasai...konjam neram wait panna side disha payaru kedaikumaynu..."naan venumna caruku kaavala ingaye iruken..nenga rendum perum poitu vanga"nu sataiyum heidiyaiyum kazhati utruraranga...

"heidi..beachla horse riding ponumnu romba aasai..nengalum vareengala..oru round polaam"
erkanavay caraye guthira vandi kanakaa thaana otreenga..ithula neja kuthira veraya..venaam saminu heidi...ushaara "naan ingaye iruken..neenga ponga"nu vazhi anupi vaikarar...
Beachala kaathu vanga vantha makala verthu viruviruka oda vachitu oru vazhiya return varanga sat..
"sat..soopera kuthira oatreenga...kundu satti kuthirai oatrathuna ithana.."
"oi..romba mugla thalli vitruven"nu sat bayamurutha..gupchup aagaranga heidi..

Payaru mulaikum..vayiru muta saapdulamnu wait panna g3ku oray sogam..something wrong jayam raviku fone panni kekalamanu yosichikitu irukarapovay satum heidiyum varanga..
car door open panni ulla poranga sat...
"aaaaaahhh.....chor chor...theif theif..poleece poleece..."
"moonu perumay ipo oray velathaan panraanga..ena achu sat"nu g3 asking..
"en carlenthu steering wheel,acclerator,brakenu elaam sytemum kaanum..haiyo..azhaga otti vachiruntha antha stickerum kaanum..."
oru vela paereecham pazham saapda g3 edaiku poatrupaangalonu heidi yosika...intha idea namaku thonama poachayngara rangela g3 feel panikitu nikaranga..
ipo ena panrathunu moonu perum muzhika..ivanga adikara kootha vedika pathukitay iruntha beach police maams oruthar varar..
"enna prachanai.."
"poleeskar poleeskar..en vandilenthu brake,accleratornu ellathiyum yaaro thirudi kitu poitaanga"nu sat azhuthu polamba..
Buchephalus munna nina alexander rangeku oru look vita polees maams.."moonu perum en kuda vanga"nu thangappa thakkam sivaji rangeku walk utukitu munadi porar...followed closely by the terrific trio..
oru pathadi thooram poitu about turn adichi chandramuki rajini stylea.."repeatu"nu solitu car kita varaanga moonu perum...
"heeeeeeeeyyyyyyy..en stickkkker"nu sound uttavaray carkulla odranga sat.."hiiii...brake acclerator ellam iruku..poleeskaar..neenga sooper..epdi athukula elathaiyum kandupudicheenga.."
"mudhalla front door back door vidhyasam apruma oatalaam"nu public safety munnitu car saviya vaangi kadalla poatrurar...

idhuku melayum continue panlamnu aasai thaan...aana ennoda safetya munitu..ess aaikaren..

Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Aani maasa kaathadikka

Paarthalay paravasamla vara maari...
Idhu aanigalin maasam aanigalin maasam aani maasamnu ellarum singing...
saga KK kadaiku leave poatutu poitu ipo thaan vanthar..athukulaara avar kaiya kaala katti podra mari oru sweet news..probably another long bandh awaiting :D :D
priyaneram pakkam pona aani maasa kaathadikkanu hello tune oduthu...notaamai busy with thaayaga return...idhula gils matum fate lampa iruka mudiyuma..athaanga vidhi velakku :)...aaniyo aaani...konjam konjama ess aaitomdanu paatha..aadi masamku tally aara mari auditla mati ututanga..aaditu varuthunu sonnatha araguraya party invitenu nenachu enakum venumnu sonna..raasa neye parunu mothathum thalala katiputaanga :( aadi poiten..carla enaku pudikatha car audi...monthla pudikatha month aadi..teala pudikatha t..che..ipovay kuzharuthay..paavam entha appraani maatika konja naaliku kada leave..comment poda apo apo thalai neetings of india..

techincally wrong statement...namma saga KK thannoda manaiku mela erinja bulba kazhati lighta adichathulathan velangichi... :)

Thursday, May 17, 2007

நீயாகிய நான்..

idhai padichitu auto sumo edhu anuparatha irunthalum billo barani address tharen avar ootuku anupidunga...intha mari kavidhai ezhutharen pervazhinu istaart pannathu avaruthen..thupara edam ungalukay change in venue...hehehe

உன்னை பற்றி கவிதை வேண்டுமாம்
கவிதையை பற்றி கவிதையா..
உன் சினுங்கள்கள் சிலவற்றை கடன் குடு

ஒரு வரி கவிதையெனில்
உன் பெயர் போதும்

காவியம் வேண்டின்
இருக்கிறார் இல்லையென
ஆத்திக நாத்திகம் பேசுவோர் போல
சந்தேகம் தூண்டும் இடை
இருக்கவே இருக்கிறது

சிறு விரல் நகம் போதும்

கண்ணிமைகள் போதும்

முன்னுரையாய் முகமிருக்க
முடிவுரையாய் காலிருக்க
பொருலுரை பற்றிய
பொருள் உரை என்றால்
உரைக்கும் பொருளாய்
எதை கூற

கண்டவர் மனதை உரைக்கும்
கண்களைக் கூறவா அல்லது
கேட்போர் மயங்கும் குரலைக் கூறவா

ஒன்னரை அடிக்குறள் கூறியவை சில
நாலரை அடியிலிருந்து வரும் உன் குரல்
கேட்டு ஆயினர் கவிஞர் பல

இரட்டை ரோஜா
மட்டுமே பூக்கும் தோட்டம்
உதடு என உளறுவோரும் உண்டு

இரு கரு வானவில்
புருவம் என புரியாமல்
பேசுவோரும் உண்டு

பல கலை அறிந்த நீ
பல் கலை கழகம் என பகர்ந்தால்
இள நிலை பட்டம் வேண்டி
இளைஞர் கூட்டம் படையெடுத்துவிடும்
முது நிலை மறந்து
முதியவரும் கூடி விடுவர் என்பதால்
அந்த ரகசியம் மட்டும் கூறுவதாயில்லை


இரட்டை கிளவிகள் நாம்
பிரித்துப்பார்த்தால் பொருள் இல்லை

நீயாகிய நான்..
நானாகிய நீ..

Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Manram vantha thendral - 3

"hey..Uma..naaliku naan,anil,santosh,avan wife ellam movie poroam..u also join us..."
"ilada..naliku konjam vela iruku..nan varala"
"nalla nalayae nee vetti..sunday enna vela..."
"relatives varanga..."
"nee poranthathulenthu avangala pathathey ilaya...ipo enna speciala..kelambi vaadina..scene podra.."
"hey enna di podathanu evlo thadava soliruken.."
"nee matum da solalama..."
"athu ponunga chellama koopdrathu..naan namma mahaluxa kooda da poatu thaan kupduven"
"enamo pani thola..naliku vara nee avlo thaan"
"hey..sonna purinijika matiye..maramandada nee.naaliku ena ponu paaka varaanga...poduma..athan mudiyathunu sonen..ilati varamatena..."
"WWWooooooWWW...una katikavum oru ilicha vaayan cancel...nangalam apo anga vanthiroam...oru appavi jeevan matika porathu..atha vida interesting movie iruka mudiathu.."
"dei..kola vizhum..intha pakkam ungala yarachum pathena.."
"hey un wud be aaluku thambi irukana"
"??nee thangai irukanu thana kekanum...maathi kekara..hahaha..but yeah..irukan"
"naliku rojala vara arvind saami mari..nee enaku thambiya pudichiruku soliduveyonu oru thought odichi..athaan....haahhaha"
"saniyane...cha ..nerla matuvala...unaku dharmadi podren..vaida fonea..." she cuts the call..
"Machi..Umava naaliku ponu paaka..."
"ketuchida...super..nerlaye varanganna mostly confirmeda than irukum..appo nee than baki namma gangla....seri apo inoru naliku polamda..en wife ipo than msg anupina..velila pora vela iruku...santoshum varathu doubtnu solitan..seri machi naan kilambaren"
Suddenly ram felt very lonely...he called Santosh...his fone was switched off...however much he tried his mind went back to the times they all spent together..siripu.. sogam..silencenu ellathaiyum enjoy pana antha continued to haunt him...when he met Uma the next day in office..she looked totally different and for the first time in his life he felt he was in love..
"enna Uma..bali ka bakra maaticha illa escapea.." almost willing himself to hear a negative answer...
"therila...paiyan paaka ok....pesi paathu thaan decide pananum...patha udanay epdi ok panrathu"
"nalla naalu varusham pesi pazhagina mattum purinjiduma...apdi patha enna kuda unaku nalu varushama theriyum...athukaga..." he couldnt bring himself to finish the sentence and started laughing..
Uma gave him a silent look and joined the laughter...

Anil met Uma in the canteen..."Enna Uma..kalyana kalai theriyuthay mugathula..matter fixeda..."
"adada..adhukulla ilangai vanolila telecast paniyacha...ilapa...just preliminary stagela than iruku...not yet finalised."
"Pudichirukuna..en delay.."
"me in two minds..."
"two minds or lost ur mind"
"enna solla vara"
"see..i know whats running in you and ram's mind..everyone knows...why dont you folks admit it.."
Uma stared at him for a while .."just now Ram raised this topic..."
"Oh ..he spoke to you is it...what have you decided..."
"Ila Anil..he almost proposed to me..but was laughing...i dont think he is serious..."
"what about you.."
" are one person i trust as much as myself..still can you promise me you will keep this with you...ever since i saw Raam..i've been head over heels in love with him...avan kita thappi thavari solidatha...he will tease me to death..but athan fact..first day at office i came directly from station...and was struggling with my bags and other stuff...though there were many people sitting in the lobby..he was the only one to come forward and help...i thought that was sweet...avanoda short temperedness..hi fi sense of humour..en..avan ego kuda enaku a way he was almost like me...whether he likes me...well..athu i doubt..vekkatha vittu solreney..i dropped more than a subtle hint many a time..but avan athellam kandukita mathiriye therila...enga veetlayum pressure..seekram marriage fix i agreed...ipo pathirukara paiyan veetla ellarukum pudichiruku..en resultkaga waiting..."
"hmm..this matter is to be discussed between you two..i dont want to raise any confusions in your mind..but from what i feel..he also has feelings for you...enaku therinju avan eppovum discuss panra oray gal nee thaan...he always speaks so high of you..nee itha panna ..athu pannanu epovum una pathi than pesuvan...and personally i feel you two make a great pair..its all upto you two folks to decide on how to take this further...and i forgot this conversation"
"thanksda...glad to have you as my friend..."
"anytime for u buddy..anytime"

"hey Ram..ennada solama kolaam resign panita..."asked Anil angrily...
"ilada machan...inga vela paaka mooday ilada..athan.."
"athuku edukuda chennaila could have got umpteen jobs here right..Uma US year project..mostly it will be extended...neeyum kilambara...hmm.enaku thaan bore adikum inimay..."
"oh..enikki pora.."
"unkita sollalaya?...surprising..iniki late night flightda..send off panna varuviya"
"therilada...paapoam..i am leaving tonight to not sure..."
"okda machi...will meet you sometime...naanum next week chennai varen.."

"HONK!!HONKKK!"....shaken out of reverie Ram started his car...his mind was filled with thoughts of Uma..though initially he had refused to visit her at the airport..he felt like seeing her for one last time before she left...he changed direction and went towards airport...praying that he would make it on time..
He called her to ask where she was..."Uma...enga iruka...checked in?"
"not yet...flight delayed by 3 hours..some postponed check in by an hour..still got lot of time...
"great..naan inga car parkingla iruken..will catch you in five mins.."
"Vara maatennu nenachen...nee kuda chennaila join panitiyamay"
Raam smiled..."yeah...iniki night train..but cant miss one last chance to tease nera inga vanthuten..anyway carla thaan no problem..enga yariyum kanum..."
"naan thaan vara venam soliten..if i see them here..i might break down..athaan.."
There was a minutes silence...
"Uma..un kitta onnu sollanum...ipovum solalaina inimay epovumay sola mudiyama poidlam"
She looked at him..
He dint say anything..but one look at his eye...she heard everything he wanted to say...she dropped her bag and hugged him unmindful of the passer bys stares...they cried and laughed uncontrollably..
"Uma..i cant tell you how much i love you...i dint realise how much you have become a part of my life till i came to know that una ponnu paaka varaangannu...i almost missed you..inimayum vida maaten..."
"you know something...antha paiyan sidela ellam ok solitaanga..naan than venamnu soliten...hoping that someday this will happen..infact nee iniki vanthirukalaina i would have proposed to you...seri ipo ticket cancel panitu vanthiren"
"edhuku..venaam..ennoda new companyla..enaiyum next week US anuparaanga...infact anga naan join panna poata one of the conditionsum ithu thaan..."

avlo thaan ishtory...mudichiten :D aanalum inum oru part inbetween potrukalmonu oray pheelings :D :D

Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Manram vantha thendral - 2

Months rolled by...."Raam...naliku en aalu birthday...enna gift vangi tharathunu ethachum suggest panra..."
"idhey pozhapa poachuda...enda site adikarathu nee..nan enathada suggest panrathu..."
"dei..nee than differenta yosikaren pervazhinu ethachum solvanu ketra...overa altatha mamu..."
"un aaluku paatna pudikuma.."
"enna paada soli record panilaam anupa solathada.."
"cha...birthday athuvuma antha ponna avlo koduma padutha venam...u find our her favourite songs...ipod vangu..athula load pani presenta kudu..."
"wow..kalakarada...super..will do it.."

"Machi..un ipod idea semma hit...supera workout aachi" Anil was beaming...
"ok..nee propose panathuku ava ok solita polaruku.."
"WOW..epdida kandupudicha.."
"athan un moonjila oru emaantha kalai thaandavamaduthey...."
"yesda...avanga veetulayum pesi ok vaangitoam.."
"ada pavi...kalyanamum overa...ila inimaythana.."
"hehehe...ilada..un kita solamaya machi..."
"anyway..congratsda machan..."

After Anils marriage..Ram took a single bedroom apartment for rent and moved in with his by one all his friends got married...
And their shifts also changed...when Anils wife went for her delivery..Anil came to Ram's place for staying...
"Santosh neeyumvada...we shall have party in my place..varachay nalla DVDya vangitu vada.."
They talked their heads off and were laughing at the time they had when they stayed together...
"machi..u remember that karthi...kanja paya ...namma kuda irukarchay paisa kanaku paapanla..avan wife kuda aniku pathen...ivan avala beauty parlour kooptindu vanthirunthanda..."
"maathi solra...ava ivana kooptunu vanthirupada..."
"paravala...ivlo thanni poatum theliva than iruka...avan poatruntha coolers enna shoe enna...aalay totala changed..."
"antha Ramesh...oru Drum pinnadi suthitu irunthanay..avan ennada aanan..u still in touch with him..."
"unaku matter theriyatha...avanthu peria prachnai aaidichi...antha Drum vera evanayo sight adichi kalyanam panikichi..iduku kuda namala pudikalaiyenu paiyan vaazhakiye veruthu poi irunthan...aprum..ipo than oru vazhiya settle aiturukan..."

"Dei Ram..thappi thavari kalayanam panindratha...bachelor lifela irukara freedomo nimadhiyo idula nichayam ilada...thenam engaluku ethachum sandai...u remember how we went to Empire hotel at night 4 o clock to have beer..just because power went off in our place...ipo 9 pm veetuku pona en latenu oray archanai....imsaida"
"dei...therinji thana katikita..ipo anubavi.."
"Ila Ram Anil solrathu thappu...idelam oru matteray cant stay alone all your life right...ada oru company kudukavachum aal irupangalla.."
"why you need company man...enna paru...i spend as much time in office as you folks...evening aana i go to squash court...sweat it out...and then gym..swimming...night vanthu full soundla paatu ketukitay dinner...and off to bed...en ishtapatta nerathula thookam and saapadu pudikalina i order pizza...simple..."
"unaku ippo puriathu maganay...wait and see..aama namma gangla ipo neeyum Umavum mattum than athey officela irukeenga pola.."
"aamada...bludy fellows neengalam thaan oditeenga..ipo oray company ava thaan..avalum poita bore adikum.."
"why dont u marry her...."
"!!! avalya....naana...u nuts?"
"ilada..seriously...u r so made for each other...neenga rendu perumay intellectualls..adiakra jokeslenthu padikara books varukum unga taste same...avlo en u even share same taste for music..above all ithana varusham pazhakkam ..u know in and out of each other...y not marry her..enakenamo ungalthu perfect matcha iruumnu thonuthu"
"mannagati..machi mabu overa eridichi nenakaren...nee mala eru mudhalla..i cant even think of her in that angle...apdiye un anglea paathalum..opposites thaanda attract pannum..same poles repel.."
"ila machi...y dont you speak to her about this..pudikalina vendamnu sola pora..avlo thana..."
The topic drifted again to good old times and soon it was forgotten...

Monday, May 14, 2007

Manram vantha thendral - 1

Echuseme makkas n makkis...Vikatanla chiku bukku thodarnu onu recenta poada arambichirukan..nice read..antha inspirationla kirukinathu thaan intha story..mudicha aprum paatha thaan stretched 1 BPL(beyond one post limit) :D so first installment idho...seekrama padichita second part paste paniduven...

"Hey raam...its already will never make it to the station in this traffic...take the car and go..."
He was feeling glad that he took Anils advice..the traffic at that time was pathetic and he would have never reached city station...The traffic crawled to a halt near Silk board Junction..Humming his favourite song from the latest chartbuster..he switched on the his surprise exactly the same song was playing and at the same para as the one he was singing...his mind wandered 4 years back.

" know this was the same song i was thinking of all day morning and correcta athey song they were playing today morning in cab..." and so went her chatter for the next ten mins on the plus and minus of the song...
"huh..doesnt she ever stop...someone put plaster on her mouth please..."
"raam...summa sollatha...u dont like her?"
"like her? for what? ivala kattika poravan paavam..iva pesarathaketay sevida poiduvan..anga paaru..non stopa does she manage to find so much topic to talk??!! even news papers leave space for ads...idhuku breakay ilaya"
Anil laughed and they moved to pantry for coffee...They were both new joinees at that time and happened to stay in the same PG.Soon they became close friends and rented a house for themselves and were sharing the rooms with two other folks from their office. All the four of them were almost inseparable. Though belonging to different shifts and timings they always managed to catch up with each other and weekends were like heaven.Care free life...weeks rolled into months
and soon they all completed their first year in office. To celebrate that Anil arranged for a trip...
"Machan...invite the gals also will be fun if we go as a gang..."
"dei Anil..ivan solratha kekatha...ocla jollu udarathuku trip use panikaran.."
"Ram..unakenda poraama..una oru ponu seenda maatengara..unakum oruthiya pudikathu..iva fat ava egoisticnu list poduva...nanga china pasanga enjoy panitu porom..."
"chinna pasangala..adingu....dei..ennikachum oru naal paru...evalachum vayitha thalikittu veetu vassala inga santosh irukaranu ketukitu vanthu nikka pora..anniki irukudi unaku kutchery.."
"seri seri...Ram..santosh solrathum okva thaan paduthu...muraikatha...ipo naama naalu per pona per head 1500 mela poguthu..thannilaam sekkama...neria per vantha per head cose kurayumla..."
"Anil...ipo than puriyuthu una en ivlo seekram TL aakinaanga...epa saami...enna oru calculationda..."
"ennamo usual..wake me up once u guys are done with ur bath..nethey seria naan kadisiya kilambaren"
"ilaati matum...somberi dog..." a pillow fell on his face and was followed by laughter..."
"Dei..dhadiya...elarum kilambiyachu..enthirichi poda...kulikalam venam..face wash panitu kilambi vaada.."
"unoda gal friends varatum..inum konja neram nan thungarennn"
"avangalam vanthu ara mani neram aguthu..seekram kelambuda..vandila thoongika..late aana veyil thaangathu machan..."
"un imsai peria imsaida..." before he could came Uma..."ada pavi..inum thungariya..bludy dog...nite shift mudichitu thungama naanga vanthirukoam..unuakenada inum thookam..kelmbuda"
Muttering something Ram started...
That was the most enjoyable and memorable trip he ever had...While coming back..they were all damn tired and everyone slept except Ram...he was watching the sceneries outside..
"enna Ravana...thoongalaya?" he turned back to hear Uma chuckling at her joke..
"aama..kumbagarnananuku annan maari thoongara..apo nee ravanan thana"
He smiled at the joke...
"ada..nee kuda siripia...adhisayam thaan po...cha..i missed the kodak ilama poachu.."
"adangu...overa pesara"
" you know whats ur nick name in office...Grumpy..."
"huh..i am close to 6 feet..and you have named me after a dwarf.."
He thought she couldnt pick the joke..and told..."Snow white n 7 dwarfs..."
"halo..engalukum theiryum...schooldaysla naan snow white playla act paniruken.."
"oh nee entha dwarf role play panna....aaah..pisasu en killina..."
"naan thaan snow white role play panen..and i am not short ok.."
"athu antha stoolenthu irangitu solu...chennai busla pona over head hand rest ettuma unaku..."
"overa pesitada..." was followed by another pinch...they started pushing each other and started laughing at their attempts...the converstaion went on...
Uma's place came first and since eveyone else was asleep...Ram got down and helped her with her bags..."Thanksda...Nee paravala..naan nenacha alavu mosam ila " smiled Uma...
"adingu...naaliku office varuvala apo pathukaren."
When he got back into the van Anil was awake..."enna machi..kadala overa..."
"ada pavi nee thungalaiya...seriana bladera antha ponu...."
"bladenu solra...past two hoursa nonstopa aratta adichitu vantheenga rendu perum...apo theirlaya..."
"machi...u know me right..enaku pudichiruntha i would have told directly...and ponungalam imsada...hi byeoda seri...athuku mela pona prachana than"

Friday, May 11, 2007

Kandan Karunai remixed :D

Koluthara madras veiyilla koottamaana 12 B busla eri vadapazhani murugana paaka varaar avvaiyar..chillunu kudika ethachum kedakuthanu thedi paathukitay pakkathula irukara potti kadaiku porar...
"Thambi...jillunu oru coke kudupa..."
"paati... jillunu oru fullu kekara kalathula jillunu oru coke kekariye..."
Avaiyar is shocked..."jillungara mattera ivlo sooda solriye...yarupa nee"
"ena nalla paru...uthu paru..."
"therilaye pa"
"pakkathula thaan agarwal eye hospital iruku..unakku kannula cataract jaasthi aaidichi...poi test paniko...murugan cool barnu per poatrukay...atha pathuma therila"
"appanay...muruga..nee thaana enna sodika vanthathu...manichuka muruga manichuka..."
"antha dialogue MSV erkanvay solitar...nee KBS maari paadu"
Avvai begins..."Pazham neeyappa.."
"eva ava.."
"Ena nakkala...nan thaan stop sonen...pazham neeyapa romba old...padayappavay old aaidichi..inum pazham nee appana epdi...namma blog makkalsa vachu kandhan karunai songa remix panni paaduga"
"apadiye aagatum"


"Ariyathu yethu..."

ariyathu ketkin arulvadiveloi
arithu arithu
notaamai post podal arithu
athaninum arithu athai
matroar miss seivathu
athaninum arithu 100 comments
kurayamal peruvathaamay...

"Ariyathu patri azhagaga koorinai..periyathu ethu"

periathu ketkin peru vadiveloi
perithu perithu kanya comment perithu
athaninum perithu gils podum postu
athaninum perithu kodi podum postu thaaney

"nanru nanru...koidiyathu ethu.."
"porkodiya pathiaya kekara muruga?"
"illai illai..naan kodumai pathi keten..."
"appo ushava pathi kekareengala?"
"avvaiye adi vaangarathuku munnala ozhunga padiru"

kodiyathu ketkin koor vadiveloi
kodithu kodithu g3 mokkai kodithu
athaninum kodithu avanga suttu podra postu
athaninum kodithu athuku makkal tharum mega atharavu thaaneyyyy

"pudiyathu edhu"

enrum puthiyathu
blog enrum pudiyathu
blog union makkal podum post enrum pudiyathu...


Avlo thaan padam over...thuppaarku thuppaya thupum idam poi correctaga thuppi videl...

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