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Paarvai onray pothumay

edho blogla short story kaampeteesun paathen...seri..pazhaya postaye anupidalamna..pudusa thaan mokka podanumnu soliputaanga..ennatha panrathu..unga vidhi ungala padathuthu :D

poaatila particpatea inga clickunga..

"Kazhugu parvai..ivan kanna pudingi kuppaila poda..." rama padapadathaal.
"endi rama..en ivlo tension agara.."
"anga parudi uma..antha aala nanum rendu naala watch panitu varen...nanpora
edathukelam pinala varaan..murachu pathukitay irukan..vekkamay ilama.."
"ithula ennadi iruku..ava ava thanna yarum paaka matengarannaynu feel paniturukarchay..unaku oru admirer irukartha neanchu nee perumai padanum..aanalum
ivlo super figure naan pakkathala irunthum una avan paakaraanna...hmm..avan eye
sightla enaku doubt varuthu"
"thu..un kita poi sonene.."
"hey unaku venati en kita vitru.. naan deal panikaren..enaku ok"
"enamo panni thoala..enthan ipdi alayariyo..."

Happy days...part II

Sorting Ceremony:

There's nothing hidden in your head
The Sorting Hat can't see,
So try me on and I will tell you
Where you ought to be


Time flew..and soon we were facing our terminal exams...Just like the sorting hat ceremony in Harry potter series we had our own sorting ceremony called the terminal exams.

"Whoever kept the name as terminal for these exams...must be a real genius.." commented Guna sagely...
"haha...if you dust your books once a year atleast and see whats inside it wouldnt sound so hopeless..where is Shiv."
"He is off to check out his part time job..someone should tell him..he is spending more time in that part time job than even a full time employee...hardly comes to classes..he is so money mindedda...i hate that guy..."
"Danny..we shouldnt be judgemental on people without knowing the reason behind their actions..Shiv has severe financial problems at home"
Everyone went silent..It was rishi who broke it..."…

Happy days

Makkalay...P.S podlamnu pathen..aana end varaikum padika evlo peruku porumai irukum here is P.S (Pre script) hehee.

P.S: Enatharumai Blog makkalay..ungal gilspaandiyin anbu vanakkangal..Eric segaloda "Class" padichitu oru aarva kolarula..athey mathiri me the trying..avar 500 page ezhuthinatha naan oru 5 pagela mudikka try panren...ungalalaam nenacha enaku pavama iruku...avvvvvvvvvvvvv :D

The Class

An aspiring writer..
An ascetic monk
A bumbling salesman
An allround star
One with superior inferiority complex
One who lived his life by the day...never knowing what he missed and never bothered about what he needed...content with what he had and lazy to acheive more...a willing passenger in the ferry of life...reaching for the unknown destination and
Another 70 of them..who are mere names now with barely recognisible faces...

I thought the sparrow's note from heaven,
Singing at dawn on the alder bough;
I brought him home, in his nest, at even;
- He sings the song, but it che…

Makkalay Nalama...

Romba naal achu post poatu...pudusu pudusa neria per vanthu commentirukeenga..elaarukum mothamagavum sillariyagavum nanri nanri nanri....itho athonu rendu varusham odi poachu blogulaguku vanthu...144athu postngarathaloyo enavo..thoughtslam curfew poata effectla iruku :D En Blog anniversaryum oruthanga birth anniversaryum :) same month...yarunu kekareengala...attagasam amarkalamnu ajith pada title ivanga panra setaaigaluku saala porunthum..athumatumilama ivangaluuku settainu oru patta peyar vera iruku...lollu lady..coimbatore kusumbi..."Settai sat"ku nethu aapy birthday...elarum chamatha oru peria O podunga paapom :) birthday treat kalyanathuku munadi tharennu and date seekarama decide panni solidunga..weekenda vachiganna i the also join..

Appalika inna matter...hmmm...adutha varushathukullayachum namma PNI part ten releasaagumaanu makkal aadhangathoda kekaranga..paapom...Maruthanayagam mudiyarathukulla mudichiruven nenakren :D

Seri makkas n makkis...konj…

Life's like that

Sila samyam..nammala suthi nadakara vishayamlam evlo comedya irukunu nenacha its really tickling..enga paati is one non stop source of entertainment ..avanga panna sila ravusu here for u :)

My uncle and grandma both are bit hard of hearing (which they never agree to)..They feel it as a prestige issue to admit and always carry on as if everything is fine with them. One fine day both of them met in a function...enna achuna.....(tortoise coil suthikunga)

Granma: "Ennada vichu...romba naala aalay kanum..."
Unlce: " illakka..Sringeri poirunthen...athan ungala paaka vara mudila.."
Granma: "Kengeri ponieye...oru ettu poi maamiya paathutu vara vendi thaana"
Uncle: " Sringeri poitu swami paakama varuvena..gumbal jaasthi..irunthalum..wait panni pathutu thaan vanthen..."

For the uninitiated...sringeri is a holy place in karnataka and kengeri is a place closer to bangalore. Ivanga rendu per pesarathayum kettu sirichi sirichi engaluku vai valika ar…

Change is...Temporary

Who said change is permanent...en munnadi vara sollunga..nalla naalu saathu saatharen...change is something which is non existent...imaginary...myth..legend..DUHHHH!!!...i have had enough of this change for the past one week...or rather not had enough change..and thats the reason behind this outburst. Apdi en lifela enna stagnationnu yosikareengala...

Right from schooldays..this change thing has troubled me a lottt....getting into a crowded '21' bus at peak time itself is an ardous task..athulayum...getting the 1 rupee and 25 paise "only" for the ticket is nothing short of a david blaine trick...i have studied probability a bit..picking the correct coin from a pocket containing 5 or more coins for getting the ticket is an IMPOSSIBLE EVENT with a probability of zilch...and that the conductor gives u back the change is something which cannot even be considered for continued into my office days when i joined my first company...

Come Banglore..replace bus with…

Advice Alamelus :)

This post is dedicated to 'S','M' and 'P'..ithula irukara most of the commentsa vaangi katinda perumai 'S' aiye sarum...main contributors 'M' and 'P'...mudinja varaikum avanga sonna mathiriye potruken...chk it out.. :D

Most irritating post and pre lunch habits..

1)saapda porachay..iniki ena menunu munnala varavan platela pakrathu...(athana avlo periya andaala vachirukanungala..en platela enna lukku unakku kollikannungala)

2)queuela nikarachay vazhkailay muna pina saapada kannala paakama maariyaatha kovilla koozhukaga adihcikara mathiri idichindu pudichindu...munnala nikaravanga shirtla ella gravy item vachum fractal, parabola hyperbola design podrathu

3)sapdrachay vaya thavira ella edathulayum irukara dishes vechu nolaparathu (ithuku oru nalla term kedaikala..can some one better the term nolaparathu frm similar exp? )

4)balanced dietna plate fulla adikitu kaila balance pannikitu varathunu silapala janthoos thappa purinjikitrukunga...they stuf…

Oh Darling..yahi hai ice cream

Venue: Annakuteer hotel- Banashanakari

Kolai pasi solitu seekrama order panungadana..parota kulchanu soli tholaichiduchunga..iruntha pasiku pakathu seatla ukkanthirunthavanga platelenthu edukatha kurai thaan..oru vazhiya enga mela parithaba pattu..saapadu vanthichi....kulchava panner masalala kulipaati..parotavoda sanda potu..oru kattu katti mudichom...dessert ilama oru saapada...icecream sapdlamna the other two voted it down...than muyarchiyil satrum manam thalaratha vikramadithan mathiri..thirumbavum menu card vangi ice cream section paatha seri kaamediya irunthichi...My Darling..My favorite..My Dream...wait wait..ithelaam ennakku pudicha ice creamoda description ila..anga iruntha ice cream names :D...My Darling...that name was very tempting..
waitera koopten..
Wtr: "Yes sir.."
Me:"Bring me My darling.."
pakkathu seatlenthu semma curious and amused stare...munnadi seatla irunthvangalam thirumbi pathutu nakkala oru smile ututu went back to kottifying..
Waiter stood for…

The week that was...

Oct 2nd International day of non violence..and i ended up watching the most violent movie ihave ever seen..Apocalypto!! Mel gibsonuku ennapa achu..i dunno whether to appreciate him for the awe inspiringly original way in which the movie has been shot or to despise him for the graphical gore..Right from scene one its revoltingly times i could feel my jaw hurting from clenching it through the scenes..the movie is a candid camera on tribals with usual cinematic exaggeration thrown in at places. Not for those with milder taste.

En iniya Iyanthira...the moment i hear this name its takes me back to the gud ol days of DD...Guess it was Sivaranjani who played the role of Nila in that..who can forget that dog Juno, sujathas best creation after ganesh n vasanth..i was browsing through the tamil section in a book store and unearthed this gem..have read the book in my school days and always wanted to own one..and now i have it :) planning to start a collection of sujatha novels...lets…


"Muthu"la vara thalaivar dialogue thaan nyabagam varuthu.."Kedaikarathu kedaikaama irukathu...kedaikama irukarthu kedaikathu" ... all my life i've been such an "orderly" and "systematic" person that i wud've made a live example for chaos theory in practice..whenever i hunt for something i find something else which i wud've been searching for months back..but never the item of the current friend once cribbed about the same thing to me and i sagely advised her to always search for the things which she doesnt want and she would end up with the one she much for the advice..well..matter ennana..if you guys remember a year back i was searching for my school mates who were online and had started a community in orkut for the that time i could hardly locate any and almost gave up the search..last week..i met a friend of mine on the bus in luck would have it we got adjacent seats :D it was a sweet surp…

Mustafa... Mustafa...

Semma boring day...athum ipolaam opicela work pannathanu makkal anbu kattalai vera..pudingina aanilaam porum...inimay aaniye pudungathanutanga...seri..urupidiya ethachum padiklamanu patha..vikatan sitelam paysite aakitanga..asterix tintinlaamum padichi mudichachu..vera enna thaan panarthunu theriyama..kadisiya..learning portalla login panna...u've got emailnu Tom Hanks padam kanakka..oru mail..yaruda kaduthasu poatrukarthu paatha....long long ago so long ago..athavathu oru one year munnadi..ennoda room mate..ethana naal aachu avan kitalam best room mate...we were like Joey and being Joey :) ..avana galataa pannatha naalay kedayathu...he was the better version of all sorts of ways..he was very calm..mature..patient...brainy...PUNCTUAL...and the list goes on...i used to think that if i, ever :D , get better in life i wud b like him...infact not just for me..we were like 6 guys in that room..he was the calming influence..big brother of the room...captain…


India vallarasu aaidichi doiiiii...


Settai sat saapadu pathi adicha postuku poata comment solpa bigga posta writiten..sat post padikka kizhay ulla linkai clickunga..

Ennoda fav fud..hmm optionsay romba a non curd..and irukara vegetableslayum paathi ennathaan saapduvennu yosikareengala.. :) pinvaruvanavatrai gavanikka...

1)annachi restaurant vathal kuzhmabu...adichikka aalay illa...oru mathiri sweeta kaarama..epdi solrathunnay theriyaatha mathiri oru super taste...

2)saravana bavan chutney varieties for the dosas...pacha color..brown color white colornu oray colorfulla irukum ..and also yummy taste

3)arasappar ila karaikudiyanu therila..thengapaal chutney and aapaam..kai bcya irukarathala sign poda time ila..ilaati sotha ezhuthi vachiralam...YUMMY

4)kamath yatrinivas dosa specials...seriously..never ever believed someone could make better dosas than SB...neeru dosanu onnu kuduthanga..CHANCELA..on t…

Advance Bday wishes

aaruthalayan annanavan
aaruthalai alipathil mannanavan

oangaraa roobam avan
aangaram azhipaanum avanay

(thiru)maal manam maathiya
paal manak kuzhanthaiyavan

annaiyin aanai thalaimel kondathanal
aanai thalai kondavan

mukkannanin mootha magan
idukann azhipathil mudhalvanum avanay

modhaga piriyanavan
baadhaga irul neeki
saadhagamaakum saaduriyanavan

thopukaranam poatu vendinal
kutikaranam adithodum innalgal


ithu varaikum bday post speciala yarukum podalaya athaan..namma pullayarukachum oru post podalmayntu :D ithai padichitu tension aagi kozhakattaiyalaye adika porar..athunala konja naaliku anonya thaan irupen..kandukapdathu :D happy pullayar chathurthi to u all...

Ode to HP

Not about my kambeni..atha pathi thaniya postaren..this post is dedicated to the latest and last installment in the Harry Potter series...Alas! a great series comes to end..for folks who are keen followers i share your grief..for the uninitiated..well there is more to life which you have been missing folks...reading books you love is a magic in itself..that too when the characters are magical themselves...well what to say...i read the first one half heartedly..didnt like the cover picture...i have a hmm..sort of fetish towards book covers...the book should impress me right from cover page..when i saw the "HP n philosophers stone" wasnt much impressive..infact i had to plough through the book..couldnt follow half the things as i guess Rowling had decided to have the book in several parts right from page one of part most of the characters events where placed with a cloud of mystery hanging over each scene..though it aroused a wee bit of curiosity..the very tho…

Review time...

Chak De India..

Makkalay..kandippa paarunga miss panaatheenga...padam romba nalla iruku..for any hockey enthusiast or sports enthusiast its a must watch...enna mari sila caselaam iruku..goli gilli matchnalum India thaan win pananumngara alavuku veri..antha mathiri makkals wud lap it up...surprisingly SRK gives a nice performance..nalla udambu ethi..he gives a creditable performance as the coach..and no romantic duets or heorine for him mind mushy scenes where he can ham his heart out..unlike KANK where he literally irritated everyone with his constant bickering and crying he is more manly in this movie...his role is also a bit new for hindi movies considering a superstar actor donning it..there are certain scenes which are very delicate and could have been judgemental or jingoistic degressing from the core theme..but luckily the movie doesnt and holds its line..the scene where his friend says..its hight time he came out of the guilt and everyone and every sin has a pardon..he…

Dont tell anyone...its a secret..

Dont tell anyone..
How many times have u endured this phrase in ur life..By accepting or agreeing to this one liner, you unknowingly create a barrier, which many a time results in breaking more than one relationship. If you think that people trust you so much, that they share their darkest of secrets only with you, by binding you with this "magical" phrase...think twice might so happen that, you may be one of the many bound by this invisible clause. Simplest way to make a mess of a relation is, to tell something to one person and utter this "Dont tell it to anyone"...kekkaravan kenaya iruntha eruma kuda aeroplane oatumaam (ithuku vera definition edhuvum ivlo decenta maatala..therinjavanga purinjavanga manichukunga :) )...i fail to understand the thrill people get in sowing the seeds of secrecy on eveyone..its either that they want to enjoy the pleasure of "revealing" the "news" to everyone themselves or simply to have fun on your accou…

Terrific Traffic

எங்கெங்கு காணினும் வண்டியடா....
சொல்ல முடியாது...பாரதிதாசன் மட்டும் இப்போ இருந்தா பெங்கலூர் வாகன நெரிசலப் பார்த்து இந்த மாதிரி மாத்தி பாடிருப்பார்..எகப்பட்ட வண்டி...இந்த ஊருல மட்டும் கூறு பத்து ரூவான்னு விப்பாய்ங்க போல...ஒவ்வொருத்தனும் ரெண்டு மூணுன்னு வண்டி வச்சிருக்காய்ங்க...அதாச்சும் செரி...பல்லிருக்கு பக்கோடா சாப்ட்ரானுங்கனு உட்ருலாம்...ஆனா இவனுங்க வண்டி ஓட்ர அழக எங்க போய் சொல்ரது...கண்ராவி புடிச்சவனுங்க..ரோட்டோரமா வண்டி ஓட்டுங்கடனா ப்லட்பார்ம்லயே ஒட்ரானுங்க...விவேக் சொல்ரா மாரி எடது பக்கம் இண்டிகெட்டர் போட்டு வலது பக்கம் கைய காட்டிக்கிட்டு...நேரா வர ------- நிக்க வச்சி சுட வேணாம்...

Came one hour late today..because of this damn traffic...infact i came walking all the way for 4.5 KMs overtaking our office cab tata sumo and reached office before that...enna koduma saravana ithu

Cyber Sparisangal

Makkas n d back with one more story...intha story enna spl..well..its written by my lazy friend who doesnt want to open a blog of his own..chk it out..and as usual..u know wer to thuppify :D

Place : cyberbit systems, Dubai.
Time : 1540 hrs

Kumar was working at a feverish pace. Every ten minutes he was looking at his watch cursing the change request which came at the last moment. Though he was physically in office his mind was already travelling back home.
"Ram.. can you test this code fast.."
"Sure sure seem to be in hurry..getting late for a date or what.." ram added with a wink.
Kumar was pacing in front of the monitor as if he is awaiting his first baby...painfully reminding himself that he wasnt actually there when his first kid was born.
"Object not found" spat came the error..
Kumar banged the desk in frustration.
"Sire..relax..i can pitch in for tension..let me see if i can fix this carry on.." vo…

Ultimate Farewell mail

Thought of posting on a different topic..but the moment i saw this forward changed my mind...Gem of a disgruntled farewell mail from a guy who seems to have quit JP Morgan just about a week back.... notice the speed at which it has spread across the world :-) total ROTFL...

Dear Co-Workers and Managers,

As many of you probably know, today is my last day. But before I leave, I wanted to take this opportunity to let you know what a great and distinct pleasure it has been to type "Today is my last day."

For nearly as long as I've worked here, I've hoped that I might one day leave this company. And now that this dream has become a reality, please know that I could not have reached this goal without your unending lack of support. Words cannot express my gratitude for the words of gratitude you did not express.

I would especially like to thank all of my managers both past and present but with the exception of the wonderful Saroj Hariprashad: in an age where miscommunication i…

Home sweet home

How many times have u shifted house in ur life...guess this doesnt apply to nomads (xcuse d pun :D ) like sat..few days back.. i was watching FRIENDS..last season..last episode..the one where Chandler n Monica vacate their apartment...wenever i watch that serial i feel as if i am one of the characters..i feel as if i am a bit of joey chandler ross mon rach and phoebe all put together..the last episode of FRIENDS however was bit senti...often u wish gud things never end and wen u get to see them saddens a bit..but considering that it has been running for 10 years and the actors are already looking jaded..its gud in a way that it ended..coming back to the theme of house many have u shifted so my case...very few...including my stay in blore..its totally jus 4 houses...3 times in chn n once in blore...wen we shifted house for d first time i was a dint feel any difference..sec one also dint had any impact for that was a shabby one and was more…

yes mam yes mam..8 tag full..

RTOla velapaakravanga mari...8 podu 10 podunu ipdi aniyayama tag pannitaanga G3..avangaluku aapu apruma vaikkanumnu todo list add for d tag...

Ra Raa raamaiya...

ettu etta manushan vaazhva pirichikonu thalaivar paatu lyrics enakku saala porunthum...mudhal ettil..lot less physical activity...romba veladinathulaam ila..considering the amount of time i used to have...adutha eightil ozhunga padichirukanum...athuvum pannala..ennoda fav(mis)quote...i was an asteroid in a galaxy of stars in my class...perusa onnum varuthapattathillainaalum it was a very painful period for me..aduthaeight n a half has been the rosiest period of my life..enjoying each n every second of it :)

start meejic...

me one die hard meejic fan..languagelaam kanakkey ila..entha baashai songaanalum kekka nalla iruntha namma playlistla add service delivery manager's comment.."daily timesheetla oru 8 hours listening to songsnu configuration itemla potuka" veedunu paarabatchama…

I do solemnly swear

Titlea pathitu padhavi pramaanamnu thinkaatheenga...swearing in ceremony ellam swear words ceremony aagitu irukaratha paathu oru post podalaamnu decidi poatathay ithu... Interesting phrase.."I do solemnly swear..." infact..i dont..well..mostly dont..unless i am at the shuttle court n playing...semmozhi sorkkal mothamaagavum sillaraiyaagavum kedaikum idam ethuna play fielda thaan irukanum...OH my..u can easily enrich your vocabulary of these "special words"...that too from a variety of the point. kostin for u u swear? never? freaquently? does it bother you to know what others might think to hear u uttering profanities one after other..? do you ever feel bad about it or have any scruples on using them? school daysla there used to be a gang who where solely responsible for enlightening the meek things on the mganitude of each of those "special words"...they were the know-all's who had the wisdom far beyond the grasp of mor…

For u all, my friends..

One of my fav times u might feel crowded with thoughts even when u r alone and feel lonely in a crowd..whichever be your mood this one should fit your bill...meejic has always been my companion and sila songs feels so gud to hear again n again when u feel down n out...

When you feel all alone
And the world has turned it's back on you
Give me a moment please to tame your wild wild heart
I know you feel like the walls are closing in on you
It's hard to find relief and people can be so cold
When darkness is upon your door and you feel like you can't take anymore

Let me be the one you call
If you jump I'll break your fall
Lift you up and fly away with you into the night
If you need to fall apart
I can mend a broken heart
If you need to crash then crash and burn
You're not alone

When you feel all alone
And a loyal friend is hard to find
You're caught in a one way street
With the monsters in your head
When hopes and dreams are far away and
You feel like you can't face the…

3 (wo)men in a car..

G3,Heidi Kris n Settai sat....the three mosquitoers of blogsville..decide to go to Beach..entha vela panalum pullayar suzhilenthu start panra maari..vazhakkam pola snacks shoplenthu start pannalamnu g3 idea thara..heidiya g3 kuda anupitu sat car eduthutu vara poranga..
"6 punjabi samosa..3 vegetable puff...3 black forest cake"nu g3 orders adukka...
heidi n g3ya paathutu packing panra aal "saapdava paracela madam"nu kekka..
"yov..ena nakkala..."nu heidi sound vida..
"ileenga..sample venumanu keten"nu bayanthu poi antha aal vegama pack panni kudukavum..sat vandi eduthundu varavum sariya iruku..

Sat as usual bike license vaangara nenapula 8 poatukitay car oatikitu vara...police maama (uyiruku bayanthukitay) ..."dei...dei...ennada vandi oatreenga..niruthuda.. istoppppppp"nu vandiya nirutharar.
"deiya...athaaan ivlo peria L board poatrukoamla..L for ladiesnu intha maamaku theriyathu pola.." heidi kris backseatlenthu litea sound vitings…

Aani maasa kaathadikka

Paarthalay paravasamla vara maari...
Idhu aanigalin maasam aanigalin maasam aani maasamnu ellarum singing...
saga KK kadaiku leave poatutu poitu ipo thaan vanthar..athukulaara avar kaiya kaala katti podra mari oru sweet news..probably another long bandh awaiting :D :D
priyaneram pakkam pona aani maasa kaathadikkanu hello tune oduthu...notaamai busy with thaayaga return...idhula gils matum fate lampa iruka mudiyuma..athaanga vidhi velakku :)...aaniyo aaani...konjam konjama ess aaitomdanu paatha..aadi masamku tally aara mari auditla mati ututanga..aaditu varuthunu sonnatha araguraya party invitenu nenachu enakum venumnu sonna..raasa neye parunu mothathum thalala katiputaanga :( aadi poiten..carla enaku pudikatha car audi...monthla pudikatha month aadi..teala pudikatha t..che..ipovay kuzharuthay..paavam entha appraani maatika konja naaliku kada leave..comment poda apo apo thalai neetings of india..

techincally wrong statement...namma saga KK thannoda manaik…

நீயாகிய நான்..

idhai padichitu auto sumo edhu anuparatha irunthalum billo barani address tharen avar ootuku anupidunga...intha mari kavidhai ezhutharen pervazhinu istaart pannathu avaruthen..thupara edam ungalukay change in venue...hehehe

உன்னை பற்றி கவிதை வேண்டுமாம்
கவிதையை பற்றி கவிதையா..
உன் சினுங்கள்கள் சிலவற்றை கடன் குடு

ஒரு வரி கவிதையெனில்
உன் பெயர் போதும்

காவியம் வேண்டின்
இருக்கிறார் இல்லையென
ஆத்திக நாத்திகம் பேசுவோர் போல
சந்தேகம் தூண்டும் இடை
இருக்கவே இருக்கிறது

சிறு விரல் நகம் போதும்

கண்ணிமைகள் போதும்

முன்னுரையாய் முகமிருக்க
முடிவுரையாய் காலிருக்க
பொருலுரை பற்றிய
பொருள் உரை என்றால்
உரைக்கும் பொருளாய்
எதை கூற

கண்டவர் மனதை உரைக்கும்
கண்களைக் கூறவா அல்லது
கேட்போர் மயங்கும் குரலைக் கூறவா

ஒன்னரை அடிக்குறள் கூறியவை சில
நாலரை அடியிலிருந்து வரும் உன் குரல்
கேட்டு ஆயினர் கவிஞர் பல

இரட்டை ரோஜா
மட்டுமே பூக்கும் தோட்டம்
உதடு என உளறுவோரும் உண்டு

இரு கரு வானவில்
புருவம் என புரியாமல்
பேசுவோரும் உண்டு

பல கலை அறிந்த நீ
பல் கலை கழகம் என பகர்ந்தால்
இள நிலை பட்டம் வேண்டி
இளைஞர் கூட்டம் படையெடுத்துவிட…

Manram vantha thendral - 3

"hey..Uma..naaliku naan,anil,santosh,avan wife ellam movie poroam..u also join us..."
"ilada..naliku konjam vela iruku..nan varala"
"nalla nalayae nee vetti..sunday enna vela..."
"relatives varanga..."
"nee poranthathulenthu avangala pathathey ilaya...ipo enna speciala..kelambi vaadina..scene podra.."
"hey enna di podathanu evlo thadava soliruken.."
"nee matum da solalama..."
"athu ponunga chellama koopdrathu..naan namma mahaluxa kooda da poatu thaan kupduven"
"enamo pani thola..naliku vara nee avlo thaan"
"hey..sonna purinijika matiye..maramandada nee.naaliku ena ponu paaka varaanga...poduma..athan mudiyathunu sonen..ilati varamatena..."
"WWWooooooWWW...una katikavum oru ilicha vaayan cancel...nangalam apo anga vanthiroam...oru appavi jeevan matika porathu..atha vida interesting movie iruka mudiathu.."
"dei..kola vizhum..intha pakkam ungala yarach…

Manram vantha thendral - 2

Months rolled by...."Raam...naliku en aalu birthday...enna gift vangi tharathunu ethachum suggest panra..."
"idhey pozhapa poachuda...enda site adikarathu nee..nan enathada suggest panrathu..."
"dei..nee than differenta yosikaren pervazhinu ethachum solvanu ketra...overa altatha mamu..."
"un aaluku paatna pudikuma.."
"enna paada soli record panilaam anupa solathada.."
"cha...birthday athuvuma antha ponna avlo koduma padutha venam...u find our her favourite songs...ipod vangu..athula load pani presenta kudu..."
"wow..kalakarada...super..will do it.."

"Machi..un ipod idea semma hit...supera workout aachi" Anil was beaming...
"ok..nee propose panathuku ava ok solita polaruku.."
"WOW..epdida kandupudicha.."
"athan un moonjila oru emaantha kalai thaandavamaduthey...."
"yesda...avanga veetulayum pesi ok vaangitoam.."
"ada pavi...kalyanamum overa...ila inimaythana..&q…

Manram vantha thendral - 1

Echuseme makkas n makkis...Vikatanla chiku bukku thodarnu onu recenta poada arambichirukan..nice read..antha inspirationla kirukinathu thaan intha story..mudicha aprum paatha thaan stretched 1 BPL(beyond one post limit) :D so first installment idho...seekrama padichita second part paste paniduven...

"Hey raam...its already will never make it to the station in this traffic...take the car and go..."
He was feeling glad that he took Anils advice..the traffic at that time was pathetic and he would have never reached city station...The traffic crawled to a halt near Silk board Junction..Humming his favourite song from the latest chartbuster..he switched on the his surprise exactly the same song was playing and at the same para as the one he was singing...his mind wandered 4 years back.

" know this was the same song i was thinking of all day morning and correcta athey song they were playing today morning in cab.…

Kandan Karunai remixed :D

Koluthara madras veiyilla koottamaana 12 B busla eri vadapazhani murugana paaka varaar avvaiyar..chillunu kudika ethachum kedakuthanu thedi paathukitay pakkathula irukara potti kadaiku porar...
"Thambi...jillunu oru coke kudupa..."
"paati... jillunu oru fullu kekara kalathula jillunu oru coke kekariye..."
Avaiyar is shocked..."jillungara mattera ivlo sooda solriye...yarupa nee"
"ena nalla paru...uthu paru..."
"therilaye pa"
"pakkathula thaan agarwal eye hospital iruku..unakku kannula cataract jaasthi aaidichi...poi test paniko...murugan cool barnu per poatrukay...atha pathuma therila"
"appanay...muruga..nee thaana enna sodika vanthathu...manichuka muruga manichuka..."
"antha dialogue MSV erkanvay solitar...nee KBS maari paadu"
Avvai begins..."Pazham neeyappa.."
"eva ava.."
"Ena nakkala...nan thaan stop sonen...pazham neeyapa romba old...padayappavay old aaidichi..inum pazha…