Sunday, October 30, 2011

Review time :)

Three movies for this weekend :) One Telugu, one English and one Tamil :) Plus finished reading Chetan Bagat's latest "Revolution 2020" and started with "Arthamulla Indhu madham" by Kannadasan.

100% Love (Telugu Movie) - When my friend gave me the DVD i thought it would be another of those rusting discs unwatched in my collection. But was feeling so bored that wanted to give it a try, remembering his promise that it had subtitles. And WAS impressive to say the least. The story from the Geetha films is nothing earth shattering and typical candy floss (more eye-candy i should say :D )romance from the stables of Allu Aravind. Its the love story between a boy who has been topping studies from kintergarten to college and his uncles daughter, who not only competes with him on his studies but at every step there onwards, only to get his attention to win his heart. The guy doesnt relent till last reel as he wants to be one above everyone to win her attention. Endingla - subam. The movie belongs to Tamanna. Be it paavaadai thaavani or jean or saree or...any costume or lack of it ;) she is just...mesmerising (for lack of better words). Has started acting a bit too apart from flashing that syrupy smile :) sodabutty kannadi is wat comes to mind. Doesnt even know his name. Evan paathaan avanelaam :) Comedy scenes in the movie were too gud. Especially the ones with the kids, left with the nerdy brainy weirdo, to improve on their ranks. The way their names get replaced with their ranks, beginning their lunch with prayer on algebraic formulae, ellaamay cute. Movie oozes with cuteness in songs also. Typical romance masala movie for weekend watch.

Bad teacher - Cameroon Diaz paathu emaanthu paaka ponaa...avvvvvvvvvvvvvvv. Marana mokkai movie. Dont even go near its poster.

Now for the main course :)

Velaayudham- Intha deepavali releasela onnu kooda paaka maatomonu nenachitrunthapo thaan..namma movie sponsor, cum companion this time, messaged me :D Ennoda movie watching plan on deepavali releases went like first preference to Velayudham next Ra one and last for 7th arivu. So the plan has began with the right sequence for now.
One word to describe the movie - Vijay. He is well and truly back. Vijay is that type of actor, who very well knows his limitations on what he is good at and what he is not. At times he over does the "i-am-adutha-mgr-cum-rajini" bit and ends up biting the dust more times than one in recent past. To me THIS movie should have been his 50th. It has all the ingredients for a festival release and in perfect proportions.
The movie opens with Af-Pak border sequence, wondering if it belongs vijay or vijaykanth. Cut to the intro scene for Vijay. I was actually scared to watch the movie any further considering the strong "resemblance" of the scene to one, from another dud from Vijay "Kuruvi". With the hero racing against train, flying across the field to enter it..poachudaa nu nenakrapo, the comedy scenes begin. And man..they are sure to find a place on the classics list. Its such a lengthy portion and tickles every single second of it. Forget the fact that, some scenes were lifted from "Singgh is Kingg". It is a sure laugh riot. Santhaanam-Vijay chemistry works out big time and he helps to carry the comic tempo into the second half. Fights are inserted at regular interval to stop the movie from becoming a laughathon. Hansika Motwani as the mora ponnu does the role of other vijay movie heroines to the T - looks cute, chases vijay like Hutch dog, wears skimpy clothes and has dream duets. Genelia  dons the journalist with a will to change the naadu for the better role and stares and stares and stares throughout the movie. Paavam antha ponnu. Terinja oray acting is to flash her pearlies. Sirikavay koodaathunu 144 poattu nadikka sonna. Looks cute on the songs though as she gets to smile. Saranaya mohan - paavam. Aayusukkum ini sister role thaan. She does the cute and thyaaga sister role as per the formula and doesnt disappoint. Now comes the Villain. Tamil cinema villainsoda genes eduthu 7aam arivu mathiri ethaachum padam kathai yosikalam.. Even nuclear bombs wont kill them for 2 hours and 55 minutes of the movie only to die hearing the hero mouth his words of wisdom and not due to some stray bullet. Intha padam is no vithi velakku. Vijay bashes him to his bloddy bones. He comes back. He again bashes him. Villain comes back. Finala Villain bashes vijay and prouthathu pothumnu vijay chops the villains head. Itha oru one hour munnaidye pannirukalamay. Athennanu terila.. "Manohara" kaalathulenthay cinemala cement panjam pola. Be it Sivaji or any hero for that matter..chain poattu katti vacha..oray izhuppula sevuthoda pichitu vanthiruthu. "Imsai arasan 26 pulikesi"la vara blacksmith use panni chain panraangalo? Vijay TVla solra mathiri adutha padathuku Rana Tor muruku kambi use panna suggest pananum. Lastly - Vijay. Konjam weight potrukara mathiri teriuthu. "Kaavalan" kudutha confidence nalla terithu in performance. I can go out on a limb and say, this could well be his next big break post "Ghilli". Dance stepslaam CDyaa poatta gym classesku use aagum. Comic timingla current cropla Danush and Vijay adichika aalay ila. They rock if the script helps them. Danush aana comparitively better actor thonuthu.
Konjam Anniyan saayal climax plus motha movieyumay "Azad"nu pazhaiaya Nagarjuna padathoda remixnaalum.."Remake" Raja lives upto his name. Oray kurai..the length. More than 3 hours. First half semma racy and lengthy..second half less racy and more lengthy.
Gils verdict - Enjoy the show with a bucket of popcorn. Logic paakaatha masaalaa movie.

Intha listay jaasthi aaitathaala..Books review thania paathuakalaam :) varta

Saturday, October 22, 2011

Happy Deepavali wishes

Konja naal ezhutharathuku ethuvum thoanalaina writers blocknu solraangalay...West Bengal legislative assembly peru Writers Buildingaamay. Athaan Kolkata innum urupadama iruko?

Vanakkam makkalay.Ellarum Navaratri celebrate panni mudichitu Deepavali celebrate panna readyaaiteengala? :) I love this time of the year. Especially the week preceeding Deepavali. The moment you step out, its almost as if there is an unmistakable sense of eagerness on if people are hurrying towards happiness everywhere. Every single shop flogs their workers, draining them to their last available ounce of strength to manage the crowds. Oops. No more negative sentences here, however true it maybe. Dont want to spoil the festive spirit. Point is, for a while now i've been getting mixed feelings about festivals. ( Udanay vayasaanalay ipdi thaannu mokka poata pichi puduven. Mokkai putting is Gils territory and trespassers will be subjected to more severe mokkais)
Irrespective of religions almost all festivals fall on the year end - year beginning period. Its as if our munnors had decided that mid of the year epdiyum sikki seerazhiya year end and year beginning gujaalsa irunthidalaamnu. Few years back, tv channels ensured that the crowds stayed indoors watching all the mega hyped movies. But with the advent of online streaming and multiplexes on every corner, pudu pada mogam also has taken a serious beating. Patti mandrams too have lost their sheen with talk shows on every alternate weekend. Star Interviews have also outlasted their welcome. Either the so called chinna thirai reinvents itself or TRP's would soon be RIP. Those who were cribbing that television has effectively killed the concept of families going out to enjoy outdoors will be happier.

Advance Deepavali wishes makkalay. Narakaasuran death celebrationo illa Ramaroda Ayodhya returnkagavo illa Amma ullaatchi therthalla amoga vetri petratharkagavo..illa velaayudham paartha verila yaar mela vediya veesalaamngara kovathunaalyo..illa vera entha reasonukaga irunthaalum seri...paathu pattaasu vedinga. Enjoy your vacation with your families and friends. You know you all deserve it. Catch you all in another mokkai soon :)

Sunday, October 16, 2011

Hmm...aprumm? :)

"Hmm..aprum? vera enna matter?" Usuala this question is the favourite icebreaker topic for any idle chit chat or conversation to begin. If used once, it would very well serve its purpose as the initiator but i've come across scores of people who almost use it as a delimiter. Every single pause would be filled with it. Even if you reply in the negative saying "onnumila..usual life" then also it wouldnt subside. CBI CIA visaaranaila kooda avlo thadava thuruvi thuruvi kelvi kekka maataanga. Adhuvum if the person happens to be someone who contacts you after a long gap..sethaanga. Makkalay...ennadaa ivan ipdi solraan..oruthan manushana mathichi phone panni pesa vantha ivan ivlo scene podraanaynu nenachukaatheenga. Intha feedbacklaam enaku vantha feedback. Naan entha alavuku mokka podrengaratha..kodumai thaangaama surrender aana oru victim sonna vaira varigal thaan mela sonnapattavai :D Me one self confessed conversation moron. I do have a problem in spacing my speaking vs hearing parts. Either vaaya mooditu kaetukitay irupen..or pesarathula kaathula ratham vara alavuku mokkai :) And kodumai is..i am absolutely aware of it while conversing !! Thats a real pain if you can understand what i am saying here. Speech silver .silence golden. Elaam of carrying out a good conversation is platinum cum diamond mix. Romba romba kushtam. As much as possible i try to move the chat to my comfort zone - the written format rather than verbal. Saatharanamaa orutharoda oruthar sagajama pesikarathu avlo kashtama? over scena irukaynu yosikareengala...hmm. its something which i am afflicted with right from my school days. I have always had fear of sounding stupid and was never a confident speaker as such. Blogla mattum apidi ennamo athi methavi mathiriyaakumnu solreengala..athelaam kandukapdaathu :D The kind of career line i am in currently it requires me to have a good command over my words verbal or written. And unable to carry out a good conversation is a big handicap. Schooldaysla suthama vaaya thirakaatha paiyanlenthu..i went overboard into a thona thonappu case :) I bombard people with questions to such an extent that it has become my identity. Ivan kitta maatina kelvi keattay konnuruvaannu paathalay odiruvanga :D In a way it has acted as adeterrent against my lack of skill. Okay. Ethuku ivlo bittunu paakareengala..matter oru line silpaansikabilpaansi matter thaanga. Me have joined one speech club in aapice :) Athula every week we have to give prepared speech. Athula competitionlaam vera undaam. Schooldaysla sernthu senjirukara velailaam ipo me the doings and enjoyings too. First day self introduction topicla pesinathukaga oru Gel pen prize kuduthaanga :) I was so happy. Veetla vanthu amma kitta kaatitu inniki speechku prize kuduthaangamma sonnapo felt as if i went back to my schooldays. I've missed many things in my school life without even realizing their absence. Onnu onna ipo compensating for them :)

Sunday, October 09, 2011

Mayakkam enna...

A movie, much panned around for it crazy song lyrics written by the bro duo of Dhanush and Selva, also boasts of a gem of a song below. Sung by Harish Ragavendra, a person who brings so much sincerity and dedication to all his efforts to sound correct with his pronunciation and tone, it literally melts your heart. At the risk of sounding blasphemous, i would still go on a limb and say that GV could be the answer to the successor of Ilayaraja kind of music. In almost all his tunes, its the voice that sounds over the music and he allows the talent of the singers to score over his tunes. Enjoy the lyrics of this wonderful song :)

என்னென்ன செய்தோம் இங்கு
இதுவரை வாழ்விலே
எங்கெங்கு போனோம் வந்தோம்
விதிஎன்னும் பேரிலே
காணாத துயரம் கண்ணிலே
ஓயாத சலனம் நெஞ்சிலே
சில நேரம் எண்ணியதுண்டு
உன்னை தேடி வந்ததுமுண்டு
சன்னதியில் சலனம் வெல்லுமா
அன்பான புன்னகை செய்வாய்
அழகான பார்வையில் கொல்வாய்
நீ என்பது நான் அல்லவா
விடை சொல்கிறாய்
கல்லாக இருப்பவன் நீயா
கண்ணீரை துடைப்பவன் பொய்யா
உள் நெஞ்சிலே உனை வணங்கினால்
கரை சேர்க்கிறாய்

வாழ்க்கையின் பொருள் தான் என்ன
வாழ்ந்து தான் பார்த்தால் என்ன
கதை சொல்கிறாய்
பயம் கொல்கிறாய்
காலை சூரியனின் ஆதிக்கமா
பாடும் பறவைகள் போதிக்குமா
உனது அரசாங்கம் பெரும் காடு
உலகம் அதிலே ஒரு சிறு கூடு
உன்னை அணைத்து கொண்டு
உள்ளம் மருகி நின்றால்
சுடும் தீயும் சுகமாய் தீண்டிடும்
சில நேரம் எண்ணியதுண்டு
உன்னை தேடி வந்ததுமுண்டு
சன்னதியில் சலனம் வெல்லுமா
உள்ளிருக்கும் உன்னைத்தேடி
ஓயாமல் அலைவோர் கோடி
கடல் அலையா
மலைகள் ஏறி வரும் ஒரு கூட்டம்
நதியில் மூழ்கி எழும் பெரும் கூட்டம்
என்னில் கடவுள் யார் தேடுகிறோம்
பொய்யாய் அவரின் பின் ஓடுகிறோம்
கண்ணைப்பார்க்க வைத்த
கல்லை பேச வைத்த
கருணை மறக்கிறோம்
அன்பான புன்னகை செய்வாய்
அழகான பார்வையில் கொல்வாய்
நீ என்பது
நான் அல்லவா
விடை சொல்கிறாய்
கல்லாக இருப்பவன் நீயா
கண்ணீரை துடைப்பவன் பொய்யா
உள் நெஞ்சிலே உனை வணங்கினால்
கரை சேர்க்கிறாய்

Summa irunthavana silupi vitta True void avargalay..aduthu vara pora azhugina muttai thakkaaligaluku neeray reponsible :D Oru kolaverioda current cut aana kaduppula ezhuthinathu. Literal translationa pannama konjam masala mix panni try pannathu :)

The things we do..
The places we go..
Blaming it all on fate
Living a life full of hate
Drowning in the sea of sadness
Loosing calm mind to madness
In search of a safety pod
To reach the lotus feet of God
Amidst reality so gory
Seeking the divine glory
To cross the sea of pain
The destiny we strive to attain

Searching for the meaning of life
Living on the edge of a knife
Lost in the concrete Jungle
Where good and bad mingle
Longing for elusive freedom
To reach thy divine kingdom
Where fire breathes coolness
and air relishes its stillness
Where smoke settles and solidifies
and falls, that gravity defies

Throwing the key in the dark
Hoping it would reach its lock
Forgetting the helping hands
Joining the maddening bands
Wanting to get a glimpse of the bend
Living to die to reach you in the end

Thursday, October 06, 2011

Apple - Jobs less

I am not a gadget freak. All those that i use fall on the essential category, borderline basic models. Till date i dont have a single Apple product in my kitty. But Steve Jobs has been one man in the techno world whom i've followed with keen interest all along. His rise to fame is a stuff made for legends. A man who was truly a visionary of our times. A person who dared to dream and make them into reality too. A maverick who cared less for failures and was never afraid to lose sight of the shores in search for newer horizons. To me, as much as the product, the best part about all those Apple products were their names too. Couldn't think of a more personal way to name a product, with each of them prefixed with "i". To many he was the tittle over the i on all their products. Here was one guy who forced people to share his dreams by out thinking the demand. He created his own market and forced his competitors to run his race. The amazing part of his life is that, as much as his success, his failures too were modern day folklore. We've never lived in the era when giants like Edison,Marconi,Graham Bell walked around. Could this guy along with the other great salesman called Gates be our generations answer to them?

America has lost millions of jobs to recession. But the loss of this one is and will be felt worldwide.

Here is an excerpt from his now famous speech at Stanford University. COMMENCEMENT SPEECH AT STANFORD UNIVERSITY, 2005"Remembering that I'll be dead soon is the most important tool I've ever encountered to help me make the big choices in life. Because almost everything -- all external expectations, all pride, all fear of embarrassment or failure -- these things just fall away in the face of death, leaving only what is truly important. Remembering that you are going to die is the best way I know to avoid the trap of thinking you have something to lose. You are already naked. There is no reason not to follow your heart.""Your time is limited, so don't waste it living someone else's life. Don't be trapped by dogma -- which is living with the results of other people's thinking. Don't let the noise of others' opinions drown out your own inner voice."

Sunday, October 02, 2011

Engeyum Eppothum - Review

Sometimes...amidst all the magnificent fireworks which light up the night sky, a simple candle steals the heart. It not just serves the purpose of giving useful light, but also looks beautiful too.

Engeyum Eppothum is one such movie. Right from first frame the movie oozes with freshness and a serene calmness only to be shattered by a saddening climax. Anjali and Jai form such a lovely pairing that whenever they come onscreen it makes you smile unconsciously. After Kani (Angadi Theru) Anjali scores again as Manimegalai in this movie. A dominating yet subdued lady lead, a first for our kind of cinema i guess. Jai plays the innocent villager role to the T and all his scenes are a laugh riot. Loved the exchanges between him and Anjali. Especially the scene where she asks him to meet one police constable. After the meeting she asks him does he knows who that police constable was. He innocently replies "if he is a constable for me, will he be D.I.G for you". Believe me, the instantness of the reply was so tickling i literally laughed out loud. The way Anjali bullies him into getting things done are really funny and original. Their characterisations have been etched deep and neat. The same cannot be said about the other lead pair though. Ananya is out to steal many a heart with her performance for sure. She does full justice to the role of a pony tailed barbie doll from a non-metro, who goes wide eyed with fear with the very thought of the fast based city life and literally takes her cousins words about meeting strangers as law. Her goofups and her misunderstanding about Sarva create real life fun situations which would have happened in anybody's life. On the other hand, its hard to believe anyone would be so naive to go to this length to help a girl, how much ever good looking or genuine she may be, on the very first meeting itself. The director has one the extra mile to prove that city dwellers are as good as villagers when it comes to helping people. But it is the only character which sticks out in the entire setup as artificial. The other major character, infact the momentum shifter, show stopper, chief villain of the movie, is the BUS itself. It plays the role of love vehicle to perfection turning villain in the end and the entire Ananya-Sarva romance sequence is built on their bus journeys.

To me, the success of this story lies in its abilities to light up every single minute details of our daily life, which we otherwise tend to ignore. Be it the sleepy co-passenger who irritates us asking for his destined stop at every single bus halt only to miss the stopping sleeping or the father who is desperate to meet his loved ones, being apart from his family for years, trying to assure his kid that he is really on the way to meet them or the newly wed husband, who is smitten with the love bug that he cant stay away from his wife :) best of the lot being, the site adiching paiyan and the responsive ponnu and how they trade their phone numbers and details. Every single character is sethukified by the director and shows how much observant he has been. He also does a neat job on distinguishing between the village and city culture. All of these are brought to a shattering halt with the accident which throws every single character off balance.

There are many theories on what the title means. Some of my friends even felt that the movie ends abruptly as if they over ran the budget and decided to stop. But i feel that only makes the movie more perfect. Life happens everywhere. Its all around us. Engeyum Eppothum is all about it. It tells us to see the world around us and soak in its glory. It asks us to pause to smell the roses. It shows us that life is not confined to the confined spaces of home or office alone.

It also gives a heads up that accidents are incidents waiting to happen. After watching the movie, i felt like reading about the recent plane crash news in which lot of people from Trichy lost their life. The rate at which accidents happen in our city, i almost always ignore such news and even curse the broadcaster for never missing a chance to beam such gory incidents when so many other important ones lie sleeping on the back burner. But, had our own, touch wood, been in any of those accidents, would we be so callous? Its not that we need a 140 mins movie to teach us this basic human concept. But it sure pushes the paper in its own sweet way.

Gils Verdict: Its a movie for all ages and a must watch. Go for it.