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Review time :)

Three movies for this weekend :) One Telugu, one English and one Tamil :) Plus finished reading Chetan Bagat's latest "Revolution 2020" and started with "Arthamulla Indhu madham" by Kannadasan.

100% Love (Telugu Movie) - When my friend gave me the DVD i thought it would be another of those rusting discs unwatched in my collection. But was feeling so bored that wanted to give it a try, remembering his promise that it had subtitles. And WAS impressive to say the least. The story from the Geetha films is nothing earth shattering and typical candy floss (more eye-candy i should say :D )romance from the stables of Allu Aravind. Its the love story between a boy who has been topping studies from kintergarten to college and his uncles daughter, who not only competes with him on his studies but at every step there onwards, only to get his attention to win his heart. The guy doesnt relent till last reel as he wants to be one above everyone to win her attention.…

Happy Deepavali wishes

Konja naal ezhutharathuku ethuvum thoanalaina writers blocknu solraangalay...West Bengal legislative assembly peru Writers Buildingaamay. Athaan Kolkata innum urupadama iruko?

Vanakkam makkalay.Ellarum Navaratri celebrate panni mudichitu Deepavali celebrate panna readyaaiteengala? :) I love this time of the year. Especially the week preceeding Deepavali. The moment you step out, its almost as if there is an unmistakable sense of eagerness on if people are hurrying towards happiness everywhere. Every single shop flogs their workers, draining them to their last available ounce of strength to manage the crowds. Oops. No more negative sentences here, however true it maybe. Dont want to spoil the festive spirit. Point is, for a while now i've been getting mixed feelings about festivals. ( Udanay vayasaanalay ipdi thaannu mokka poata pichi puduven. Mokkai putting is Gils territory and trespassers will be subjected to more severe mokkais)
Irrespective of religions almost all fes…

Hmm...aprumm? :)

"Hmm..aprum? vera enna matter?" Usuala this question is the favourite icebreaker topic for any idle chit chat or conversation to begin. If used once, it would very well serve its purpose as the initiator but i've come across scores of people who almost use it as a delimiter. Every single pause would be filled with it. Even if you reply in the negative saying "onnumila..usual life" then also it wouldnt subside. CBI CIA visaaranaila kooda avlo thadava thuruvi thuruvi kelvi kekka maataanga. Adhuvum if the person happens to be someone who contacts you after a long gap..sethaanga. Makkalay...ennadaa ivan ipdi solraan..oruthan manushana mathichi phone panni pesa vantha ivan ivlo scene podraanaynu nenachukaatheenga. Intha feedbacklaam enaku vantha feedback. Naan entha alavuku mokka podrengaratha..kodumai thaangaama surrender aana oru victim sonna vaira varigal thaan mela sonnapattavai :D Me one self confessed conversation moron. I do have a problem in spacing my spe…

Mayakkam enna...

A movie, much panned around for it crazy song lyrics written by the bro duo of Dhanush and Selva, also boasts of a gem of a song below. Sung by Harish Ragavendra, a person who brings so much sincerity and dedication to all his efforts to sound correct with his pronunciation and tone, it literally melts your heart. At the risk of sounding blasphemous, i would still go on a limb and say that GV could be the answer to the successor of Ilayaraja kind of music. In almost all his tunes, its the voice that sounds over the music and he allows the talent of the singers to score over his tunes. Enjoy the lyrics of this wonderful song :)

என்னென்ன செய்தோம் இங்கு
இதுவரை வாழ்விலே
எங்கெங்கு போனோம் வந்தோம்
விதிஎன்னும் பேரிலே
காணாத துயரம் கண்ணிலே
ஓயாத சலனம் நெஞ்சிலே
சில நேரம் எண்ணியதுண்டு
உன்னை தேடி வந்ததுமுண்டு
சன்னதியில் சலனம் வெல்லுமா
அன்பான புன்னகை செய்வாய்
அழகான பார்வையில் கொல்வாய்
நீ என்பது நான் அல்லவா
விடை சொல்கிறாய்
கல்லாக இருப்பவன் நீயா
கண்ணீரை துடைப்பவன் பொய்யா
உள் நெஞ்சிலே உனை வணங்கினால்

Apple - Jobs less

I am not a gadget freak. All those that i use fall on the essential category, borderline basic models. Till date i dont have a single Apple product in my kitty. But Steve Jobs has been one man in the techno world whom i've followed with keen interest all along. His rise to fame is a stuff made for legends. A man who was truly a visionary of our times. A person who dared to dream and make them into reality too. A maverick who cared less for failures and was never afraid to lose sight of the shores in search for newer horizons. To me, as much as the product, the best part about all those Apple products were their names too. Couldn't think of a more personal way to name a product, with each of them prefixed with "i". To many he was the tittle over the i on all their products. Here was one guy who forced people to share his dreams by out thinking the demand. He created his own market and forced his competitors to run his race. The amazing part of his life is that, as muc…

Engeyum Eppothum - Review

Sometimes...amidst all the magnificent fireworks which light up the night sky, a simple candle steals the heart. It not just serves the purpose of giving useful light, but also looks beautiful too.

Engeyum Eppothum is one such movie. Right from first frame the movie oozes with freshness and a serene calmness only to be shattered by a saddening climax. Anjali and Jai form such a lovely pairing that whenever they come onscreen it makes you smile unconsciously. After Kani (Angadi Theru) Anjali scores again as Manimegalai in this movie. A dominating yet subdued lady lead, a first for our kind of cinema i guess. Jai plays the innocent villager role to the T and all his scenes are a laugh riot. Loved the exchanges between him and Anjali. Especially the scene where she asks him to meet one police constable. After the meeting she asks him does he knows who that police constable was. He innocently replies "if he is a constable for me, will he be D.I.G for you". Believe me, the insta…