Friday, June 29, 2012

Trickling Thoughts - Asynchronous happiness

At last the endless torrents of English sitcoms is getting over. Managed to reach the last season of all those series that i had downloaded. Aduthu ennada panrathu..paakarathukku series illama poidumo nu romba kavala(!!) pattu kittu irunthapo...roomie was talking about Marma Desam and how he used to follow it with vigour when it was running Live in the early 90's. Seems when he was onsite during his first assignment, there used to be a tamil website where they uploaded an episode a day for this serial and it used to give the same thrill of anticipation of watching it on TV.

When those programs were aired, we didnt had cable connection at our house. Rommmmmmbaaa naal kazhichi thaan dad finally relented. I used to hear all my class mates talk in excited tones about Marma desam and the disappointment on their voices when the finale happened. They couldnt quite grasp the concept of multiple personality and felt the director, not knowing how to end the story, cooked up something. With no way to follow what they were talking about, i used the "chee chee intha pazham pulikkum" approach and used to stay away.

I happened to saw that series online, few days back and was stuck by the ingenuity and the effort that had gone behind. No wonder, it was the second most successful tamil series ever. The story line had all the elements of a thriller imbibed  in it. Muder, Mystery, Superstition, Ghost and little bit of surprise elements stewn around. It was infact a novel that had been pictuised and the director had stuck to the original as much as possible. The best part of the serial to me was the production value. Majority of the portions were outdoors!!! And the sound effects were haunting to say the least. To be honest, i never had very high opinion of tamil serials before and always used to wonder, why can't they make it "look" interesting like the English ones. This series answered that. Oru rendu moonu episodelaye semmaya impressed. Planning to watch the full series :)

Another gem that i stumbled onto was Ramany Vs Ramany-II, by the same director for the same production house and surprisingly for the same channel. Right from the time, where they scroll names of the actors and technicians at the begininning, the series is a fun riot. A middleclass family consisting of a marketing rep hubby, housewife and their school going kid plus their tenant cum family friend living on the outhouse ( do they even have such things now!!) in a really big house in erstwhile Adyar forms the crux of the setup. I am a big fan of Devadarshini :) and after watching few episodes of this series, i've begun to like her even more. Her goofiness, the natural ease with which she brings credibility to the housewife character is amazing. I was surprised to note that, the director, Naga, who is well known for his mystery series, had captained this one too!! Unlike the previous one, the entire series revolves within a single set. The day to day happenings on any normal urban middle class home has been told with tongue-in-cheek humour. Really enjoyed the first few episodes and it is becoming addictive.

When i was talking to my friends about these series, they reminisced about those days when it was getting aired and as usual, i agian got lost. I can watch the series anytime now. But i will never have those memories to enjoy or take part. Its like the feeling of watching a blockbuster movie for the first time after the entire city had seen it like a million times( Yes. Enthiran happened to me like that). The surprise element is done to death even before the name reel goes up and worst part being missing out on those occassions. Kadupething case of cup half full-half empty.

Sunday, June 24, 2012

Trickling thoughts - In a NewYork Minute

Yyyyaayyy...NYC paathuten :)

hehehee...The feeling still is sinking in slowly. I want to cover every single city i dreamt of visiting in this country. But i always pinch myself and check the photos for me in them, to really believe that i had actually been to the 'N' the 'Y' the 'C' :))

It was always a dream to visit NewYork. All those novels and movies and sitcoms have created such a fond visual memory of the city that visiting it was a life time ambition. But working in foreign land was never on the same list. Somehow i failed to work out the logic that they are not mutually exclusive. Anyways. Before the dream is over and i wake up to real world, i want to visit as many places as i can here :)

Coming to the trip. I had already posted about the amazing time i had at my friends place, that was my base camp for the trip. The best part i loved about NYC was that, every single place that i had visualised in my memories, i could see them in reality and i was not disappointed at all :) Whenever my friends visited the city, i always used to ask them about Times Square, Liberty statue and other tourist places. Their descriptions filled my mind with thoughts about the place and when i finally visited them in person, well...i guess, its still a dream. Soon i would wake up searching for this post. I had written a post few years back about the three loves of my life, which were basically the 3 cities where i had been in India. NYC could well be the 4th love :) Always believed that there is no place in earth, apart from Chennai, where i would be comfortable. Banglore proved a tough challenge to that thought and had i been there for a while more, Mumbai would've come closer. But in just 3 days, NYC took the second spot. I roamed around, block after block, avenue after avenue on foot and i was never tired. Everyday i walked around for like 6 7 hours and had food like.. only 2 times in those 3 days!! I never felt hungry or tired. Maybe when the heart is filled with happiness, hunger takes care of itself i guess!! I want to visit that place again few more times before i wind up from here.  Wish it happens soon :)

The  momentous part of the trip was the Limousine drive :) We were waiting for the circle line cruise and while few of them went to enquire about ticket and timings i was standing near the entrance, watching the array of cars. My eyes got glued to a black limousine and started dreaming about when i would ever sit inside that car. I went near it and even took a snap of that vehicle when it moved away from there. Soon the guys came back and said the tickets were full for the day and they had booked for the next day. We had to travel back to where we came, like 4 miles away, that which we had walked all the way, to visit the wax museum, the nearest attraction on the list. Suddenly it started raining. We tried to hail cab and no one was stopping. Not knowing what to do, suddenly the Limousine guy came back and told us that he could drop us at the wax museum for 5$ per head!!! It was all that we wanted to hear and we jumped inside that car with glee. Each of us where like kids inside candy house and were chattering and blabbering all the way to the museum unable to control our joy or disbelief that we were actually travelling on a Limousine!! I was meddling with all the controls on the car and i am 100% sure the driver would've been cursing himself for letting us in :) In the end we were scared to ask him to take a pic of us with the car having irritated him so much:) But..athunaala enna :) Not everyday we get to travel in Limousine :) To me and i am sure to many of them who came along, that would be a very surprising yet memorable moment of their life :)

The best part about the trip was, i felt so comfortable and at home and ease with the place. It was as if i knew the place by heart and could go anywhere without getting lost :) Maybe since there was no dependency or need for a car, it could've been the reason. But even then, the city, somehow had this, inviting vibe about it. It was love at first site and the only thought that i should not cheat on my first love, that is chennai, kept me awake :) The place was costly to say the least with every single brick there having a famous story behind it. But the best part was, it never felt alien or being in a foreign land, surprisingly for a city with such a cosmopolitan cum global populace. Maybe moonu naal mattum paatha mugam romba shaanthamaa terinjirukalam. And had i got my job there or have to spend more time there, i might have a total different opinion. Therila. But as of now, with what i've seen, i love it, enjoyed it and want to go for it again :) This time, a more leisurely trip, to savor the places that were missed in first attempt and to soak in the feeling of familiarity again.

Thursday, June 21, 2012

Trickling Thoughts - Gaana Galattathara Gils

There is a Facebook page dedicated to moments where one end up with the classic-foot-in-mouth situations. Namakku thaan intha mathiri situations regularaachay. Apdi thaan paarunga....Tortoise coilings...

One fine day..i had this sudden fetish to hear Ilayaraja song. Took out my phone, which is my poakkuvarathu pulliyangoattai for listening to music and started playing songs. Unlike India, where i never used ear phones, inga thappi thavari ring tone sound keatta kooda bomb squad rangeku ella sidelenthu makkal will come. So i was double jaakrathai before playing the song and checked to see if any sound is coming out. I the usuala max volumela vachu thaan paatu kekara vazhakkam you see :)

"Sangeetha Jaathi mullai..kaana villai..."

Pakkathu cubicle colleague was smiling at me. Oru vela "Kaathal Kondein" Dhanush rangeku mandai aatratha paathutaangalo sollitu i sat still for some time. This time it was the one to the right. I removed my ear phones to hear him singing

"Gilsoda daily thollai..thaangavillai"



"Enna thollai?"

"Enna enna thollai?"

"Shabbba..kanna kattuthay"

"Enna kanna kattuthay?"

( That guy was like that proverbial prince from the Grimms fairy tale, where he can talk only one word per day. Avlo talkative personality, he was!! Ippo ennadaanna..hmmm...sagavaasa dosham sari illai )

Coming back to the tortoise coil....

"aha oooo butterfly...butterrrflyyy..."

The lady who crossed by our cubicle was giving a weird look at me and left the place hurriedly. Seeing that lady, my colleague started laughing.

"Dei..ennada nadakuthu??"

"machi....innilenthu unaku Sangeetha kalaaa poosani nu thaan award kudukanum"

"Poosani nee ok...intha Sangeetha Kala?? yaarda ivangallam? and bye the bye..why the pattam?"

"Pinna..ennamaa paadra...un gaana gantharava kural kaettu..antha isai vellathula thobukateernu guthikka vantha aunty odina oattatha paathalla"

Apruma thaan realised. Paatu satham velila kekka koodathu sollitu avlo carefulla ear phonelaam vachikittu..i had been humming all along!!!

Enna koduma saar ithu  :(((

Thursday, June 14, 2012

Trickling thoughts - Right at that moment

When you can make a baby smile in all its cuteness, with its bokka vaai full of laughter, enjoying your antics.
When you get to hear the very song you are humming  on your mind on a passing car or on an unknown radio station
When you raise your head to the sky only to feel the first rain drop (at times its not necessarily a rain drop..but posting only about ecstatic moments here :) )
When the evening breeze combs through the hair, making a mess of it and yet prepares a cool hairdo.
When the cute girl on the lift smiles at you ( this could also be categorised under those moments that lead up to nervous breakdown in some cases. Usually makes one wonder what's wrong with him!!)
When you feel hungry and some one gets you a parcel of your favourite dish.
When you miss your morning alarm and still wake up to find enough time to waste.
When you arrive late to the bus stand and still manage a seat on a near capacity bus.
When you think you are broke only to find a solitary note sticking in some corner inside the wallet just enough to save the day.
When you randomly check for some novel that spans into a series chaser (James Rollins happened like that..thanks to his MAP OF BONES!!)
When a harmless torrents download actually turns into a torrent of downloads (thank u duggie..without u and ur torrents..scary to even think!!)

And finally when a random blog hop results in a relationship to cherish (to think that's how i met you folks confirms..this is the luckiest of the list. Thank you makkalay for all your patience and kind words. Makes life worthwhile many a times :) )

These are moments which are right not just at that instant, but all throughout i guess.

Monday, June 11, 2012

Weekend Music Watch :)

Usuala weekend Movie watch post poduven. Since the movie was something which all of you would be very familiar with thought will alter the theme a bit. Heard this track from "I am Sam" movie. Never been a big fan of the Beatles nor have heard very many of their songs. But this one just hooked me right into it. Semma smooth lyrics and simple tune. And in a way more than reflects my mindset :) 

Two of us riding nowhere
Spending someone's
Hard earned pay
You and me Sunday driving
Not arriving
On our way back home
We're on our way home
We're on our way home
We're going home

Two of us sending postcards
Writing letters
On my wall
You and me burning matches
Lifting latches
On our way back home
We're on our way home
We're on our way home
We're going home

You and I have memories
Longer than the road that stretches out ahead

Two of us wearing raincoats
Standing solo
In the sun
You and me chasing paper
Getting nowhere
On our way back home
We're on our way home
We're on our way home
We're going home

You and I have memories
Longer than the road that stretches out ahead

Two of us wearing raincoats
Standing solo
In the sun
You and me chasing paper
Getting nowhere
On our way back home
We're on our way home
We're on our way home
We're going home

We're going home
Better believe it

Sunday, June 10, 2012

Trickling thoughts - Orampo..gilsu vandi varuthu

Than muyarchiyil satrum manam thalaraatha vikramaadithan mathiri ..naanum post poda topic yosichi paakaren..uhumm.. Naalu lineku mela thaanda maatenguthu. Ennada kodumaiye kaanumay oru vela namma time work out aaga aarambichidicho nu yosikka start thaanga pannen. "Alauvuddin" padathula Asokan vanthu nikkara mathiri "Aaalampanaaaa..itho vanten" nu aajar aaidichi.

Intha ooruku vantha..vela iruko driving licence kandipa venumnu ellarum told. Oray the imsais of india..pestered me to take the test. Seri..namma oorla thaan carlye 8 poattu licence vaangirukomay inga vaangida mudiathaa sollitu paatha...nejamavay test pass pannanum solitanga!!! There was one big booklet. Atha padichi exam ezhuthi pass pannanumaam. Appo thaan learners permitay tharuvangalam!!! Ithennada vamba poachu sollitu paatha...namma makkals athukum vazhi sonaanga. Some punniyavaan had downloaded dumps. Itha mattum padi pothum sollitu he circulated it to everyone of us. The day finally came. Morning one gang went. Seri..antha pasanga vantha apruma pona enna kostins varuthunu terinjiukalamay sollitu selected the second batch. We tried and tried and tried to reach them over phone...uhumm. Those buggers never lifted the phone.Ithku mela wait panna namma slot plot poatu vithuruvanga solitu went to exam center. Yaarumay illa. Ennada naama varom terinju ess aaitaanungala paatha...all the servers were down. Suthu pattu pathinettu countyla ella edathulayum server crash aadichaam!!! Hall ticket vaanginathukkay server crash aadichay..test ezhuthina curfew potruvaangalonu slighta doubt came. time meet panrom...ipothaiku apeet aaikalamnu came back. Booked the slot a week later.

Ithula matter ennana..i the over padips mathiri..didnt just read the booklet and the dumps..found an online site where they had some 80 plus kostins. Athelaam karma srathaiya ezhuthi pass panni..oru mathiri was in a settled mindset that ithu summaanachiki exam. Anga thaan fate danced. Visual nu oru section was there. It didnt load the jpegs as they were blocked in aapeece. I thought they were for vision test and skipped that section entirely. The exam day came. Anga porapo paatha ...everyone were walking as if they are appearing for plus two board exam. Naama thaan pathu thadava ezhuthitomay sollitu i hadnt even revised the test kostins. When i koornthu nookified..realised that they were all reading one small bittu paper. It was full of road signs!!! Kodumai is..road signs thaan antha visual testaam!! The DMV people will display the picture without the wordings and athu ennanu naama solanumaam!!! Objective test was second level it seems. I was totally off. Seri..vanthathukku vedikkai paathutu polaamnu was paathufying the display board for road signs. One by One all the people who had came with me went for their interview. En turn vanthuchi.

The interviewer looked like an Indian. Namma oor aalaanu semma curiosityoda asked him.
"Are you from South India"
"No..pligle usogly  misuuzke meeee faaar innnnnnndiaaaan"
(Typolaam ileenga...antha aal pesinathay oru typea thaan irutnchi. Slang suthama purila. Oru mathiri kutumathippa purinjikittathu ennana "People usuallay mistake me for indian")
Athukaprum..he talked..and talked..and talked..and talked for a little more whilte. Avanga thaathathavoda thaatha..1855la Indialenthu Guyanaku kappaleri Britishersaala his family traced back his Bengali roots (yes..avar Bengaliyaam..i mean avaroda ancestors) and athukaprum aana kathais all he told. Nee Indiana kaettathuku oru mega history lessonay vachitaaru. Finala he came to the visual test. Looking at my eager "umm" kottings for his sorpozhivu..pulla romba padips pola nu he formed an impression i guess. "This test should be cake walk for you..dont worry". Me manasukkulla "Yov..cake la nadanthu paathirukiya? semmaya vazhukkum. Cake walk cat walka vida kushtamappa" nu sollikitay said "lets see".

Bittu paperla fill in the blanks mathiri irukum paatha...microscope mathiri oru item mela mandaiya vaikka sonaanga. Namma oorla 5 paise ten paiseku bioscopela MGR padam kaatuvangalay..antha mathiri the dreaded visuals came...without any picture on them!!! I was shell shocked. Padathoda poatalay onum teriathu..ithula verum figures without words. "Echusme aapeecer...some praablum in microscope...only philim padam coming"
"hahaha..thats what the test is about should identify it"
"adapavingala...vitta tar poda terinja thaan car oatta permit tharuvennu road poda vitruvanga pola irukkay"
Kuthumathippa told the answers. "Rounda irukkay...sevappa vera irukku..kandippa ithu Stop sign thaan"
"Trianglea kavuthu poatta mathiri irukku...namma oorla ithu vera symbol aachay...oru vela inga no parking kaga irukumo" ipdi pala arivu poorvama 8 out of ten cleared.
Antha aaloda poorveegam pathi visaarichathula..oru 2 marks grace poattu pass panni anupitaru.

Moral of the story: Chozha parambaraikku oru US learners Driving Permit kitti :)