Friday, December 30, 2016

A man called Ove - Concluded

As the year winds up to a close, the book also got over. A man called Ove was such a pleasant experience that it would definitely be one of the best things that happened in 2016. When I was mid way into the book, I was almost certain that this is the best book ever. Hard to say the same emotion is retained towards the end. If one could mercilessly chop off say 20% of the chapters from 60th till 80th percentile, may be it can reclaim the masterclass status.

To sum up, the book is about Ove, an elderly widower, who unable to bear the death of his wife, wants to commit suicide. The book illustrates how his repeated attempts on his own life fails miserably and how the interruptions make him the darling of the very neighborhood, he despises. From an uncompromising person, he is made to change so much and is forced to accommodate all those changes/people in to his life and house, right from an adamant cat to LGBT guy. Even though he doesn’t want to involve others in his life and wants to live an “uncomplicated” life, the turn of events lead to the contrary. In Ove’s view point, he was never allowed to live a life he wanted and not even was he allowed to die when he wanted to. To top it all even his death wasn’t the way he had planned with so many people taking part and sharing their memories about Ove.

Ove will remain one of the most memorable characters I’ve ever read in whatever little number of books I’ve come across for a variety of reasons. He reminds me of my dad in so many ways. His love for his wife over rides every single quirk or thought process of him and to keep her happy he goes to any extent to accommodate. His true feelings for her continues even after her death. The sections dealing with his love for her are heartwarming and his futile fight for justice against a heartless system again makes one feel more closer to his character. There are numerous incidents included to portray Ove as the superman of good Samaritans who can fix anything with a proper tool box. Had most of those been chopped off, Ove would still come out as the darling that he is made out to be. Beyond a point, it felt a over kill of glorifying which even Ove would’ve resented, right from start. But for this extended portions, the book still deserves its adulation and is worth a long, leisure, casual read.

Gils verdict- A man called Ove is like those dishes, that take a really long while to cook and whose taste take forever to leave your senses. You would long for the dish to get ready and wouldn’t want to finish it fast, relishing its essence right from the tip of your tongue all the way to the tummy and would even lick the plate clean. Get your copy and settle with the book for a week-long vacation. Enjoy your outings and settle into Ove’s story for a leisurely break as you wind up for the day. It was a pleasure reading this book and getting to know Ove.

Wednesday, December 28, 2016

Mandatory year end post

I started this year with this statement as a wish,” Gils plan to be more steady and static. No more jumping and changing. Planning to stand and stay secure for more time to come :)”
It was more like an objective to stick to and it didn’t even last 5 months L Of all the changes that happened this was the saddest and I could never forgive myself for what happened. It was demoralizing to say the least and has left a lasting gash in my psyche. If could go back in time, I would stop myself from making that decision  2 years back that changed the course of my career. But that would’ve meant I would’ve still been doing what I left, a dull boring job which made clichés look brand new. If not that instant I would’ve intervened on my other decision that came like an year back, which was solely attributed to my non-sticky nature that longs for change once familiarity sets in.

I always have the best phases of one’s life coinciding when my mindset is at its peak negative or foul. Probably this is what life is- a cacophony of a mix of being happy and otherwise. 2016 seems like a really long year for I’ve almost forgotten that it was at the beginning of this year only my kid came to stay with us from his native. Like many good things I take for granted, I often under estimate my fair share of joy and rarely celebrate happiness. That is one aspect I want to learn and build on from next year, for I’ve almost mastered the art of grieving. After the kid came home, then only I began to realize how many people are actually staying in our apartment complex!! He has this knack of making friends and almost every one of the household makes it a point to visit him every day. It’s a blessing in no disguise as we definitely needed all the support possible to raise him. It’s no simple statement that it takes a village to raise a kid. Probably needs a tweak that village to be replaced with apartments.

After a professional fiasco cum hara-kiri I deliberately decided to take things slow. The only thing being the constant reminder of the same whenever the impulse to push kicks in. The recent storm taught many a valuable lesson about using resources where even a small candle showed its worth in times of need. It gave a great life lesson on riding through disasters with a sense of togetherness. The very next night of the storm, it was a clear sky with a shiny moon and so many stars. Well, when there is no power and if you couldn’t sleep with mosquitoes doing symphony renditions right on your ears, you get to witness lot many of nature’s specials for the day. There were about a dozen of us, standing in what was our driveway, then resembling amazon jungle set, chatting about the stars and laughing. Don’t remember the last time ever had such conversation with not so known people.  Next came the news of “the death” of “the person”. I could see firsthand how death instantly purifies any and all sins and becomes the ultimate atoner. I could see genuine sympathy and truthful tears being shed. I could also witness the ugly side of ambivalence and opportunism.

2017 is all set to become the year that would rival 2012 for doomsday prediction. With the famed demonetization nearing its year-end deadline, which has all the possibility of extending into the next year and with the blonde wigged bugger itching with this twitching finger for the power center seat of the earth, we are set for interesting times. Or it might all fall flat on its face and we might get to see the emergence of two really strong economies. If not anything, 2017 couldn’t be more drastic in painting a picture of hope vs despair. In just about 4 days time, we will get to know.

Wishing you all a peaceful new year for that was what short in supply in 2016.

Monday, December 26, 2016

Chennai-28 part 2- boys are back

The best thing about the first part of the movie, Chennai-28, that came like a decade back was its originality. The pin code had a role to play and was right in the scheme of things which made the movie a hit. It was a nostalgic walk through for people like me who grew up near that area and all those cricket grounds and lanes and streets had ready recall value. Bonus was the simple story with tongue in cheek one liners and the climax twist that was a roftl howler on the team. Even the songs were memorable and everything clicked well in first part. Very rarely do we get sequels which are a literal continuation with almost the same cast playing their age per the story. A big kudos to the director for the setup. Nothing seems artificial and he has played to the strength of the story pretty well. The cricket crazy boys in first part have all become adults, with none, but for one, are bachelor. They’ve their daily routine life, which other than many things, is totally devoid of playing cricket. They have their kids to take care and all of them have a settled job as well. The heartening aspect of the movie, to me personally, was to see all those carefree set of lovable rogues in well settled life. Felt as if was looking at my own group of friends and all of them are on relatable jobs. Nothing cinematic here as well on their characterization. Their level of interaction, within the thick as thieves group in part one, is also at a believable level for a mature set of people, they are now. And their response to their friend’s wedding and how they use the occasion to rekindle their drunk bouts and how miserably it fails are all told in an utterly believable fashion. There is a throwback to the famous “sopana sundari” character from venkata prabhu’s  previous movies, a legacy inherited from his dad, which allows for an item song in otherwise tight setup storyline. What happens post the song and the twists and turns in the story makes it venture into cinematic storydom. The cricket matches and the way they are covered as exactly similar to how local league matches are covered and is a throwback to the previous version, which made it as its usp. The climax twist is a tribute to vadivelu comedy “but antha dealing enakku romba pudichirunthu” from Giri, where the hero ditches the finals and kidnaps his lady love. The final dialogue from the movie, sums it all up when the friend who badly wants to play the final, calls for his missing team mates, one guy coolly responds, “kazhutha vayasachu inum ennada cricket nu suthitruka” Well the boys are truly grown up. And the final punch on what they will do when/if the village goons chase them to Chennai which premji signs of with “enga areakkay varuvangala..yaaru kitta” -truly mass. The other stand out scene in the movie was, again, way too original and hard hitting in a sense, the mini confrontation between one of the team member and his wife, when she scolds him for lying to her and making it up for the cricket match. He blows his lid and says what is the voice of all those men who are boys at heart and yet have imprisoned their care free attitude for the sake of their family. He goes on to say, for the duration of the tournament, he wants to be who he is, not for the sake of his family, not for the sake of his friends. He just wants  to be what he actually wants to be and relive his life as a boy before he was saddled with the responsibilities of a man. You could hear thundering claps for the dialogue and the wolf whistles literally drown out the bgm that follows the dialogue. On a side note, Mirchi Siva has done a roast all by himself on you tube movie reviewers especially targeting one particular guy who does video reviews. Vachu senjirukanga.

Gils verdict –Except for Siva, I’ve particularly made it a point not to reference any character by their name, for that would defeat the very essence of the movie. Its your bunch of friends and the playing eleven is your group. It’s a story that anyone would’ve grown up with and relate to. Having been a local resident of the very area which is carried in the title, its a relatable one in every sense possible. Chennai 28 – part 2 is a game well played by venkata prabhu and his team.

Thursday, December 22, 2016

The question with no answer

“How do I look”

If 143 is the universal love code for “I love you”, this 3214 should be the universal alert code for men, especially husband folks. However innocuous it may sound, the question has all the traps one could ever fathom and is as tricky as navigating the trap ridden field in “Black Hawk Down” movie.

What do you answer for that question?
More importantly what is the expectation as an answer for this question is what makes it the most difficult question ever posted to “man”kind.

Should you answer honestly?
If you are someone who goes by that virtue as a best policy, probably there are lot of other policies you may’ve to opt for post the answer.

Should you blatantly lie?
It may and will backfire and whatever you said will be held against you and your right to silence can’t save you anymore.

Should you be a constructive critique?
May or may not work and has all the chances of a rework effort involved for both parties which would definitely delay any plan either had.

Should you be downright cynical?
Never works and you are D.O.A

Will a witty response help?
To quote Arnab “Never ever ever ever ever ever ever”.

Should you evade all these mine fields and remain silent?
Note that all your actions or lack of it are recorded for quality purposes and training (for you) and will be retrieved and implemented at a later point of time, multiple times. A viral video on YouTube will be easy to remove than the damage caused by this action.

I’ve rarely, in fact never, seen men folk asking this question. For they knew the answer already and are wise enough not to dig something that is already dead and buried. She made the decision to marry you despite what you are, so why rekindle something that is as good as lifting the dome on Chernobyl to check for leak.

Probably this question should be registered in the hall of fame of ancient riddles posted by Sphinx and all those mythological questions the answers for which will get you unimaginable things. If you do’ve an answer please do share J

Tuesday, December 20, 2016

A man called Ove - again

I don’t have many references to compare. But I can say with all my heart that “A man called OVE” is probably the best I’ve ever read, with still about 60% of the book to complete. As mentioned on my previous post about this book, would take as much time as possible to read it and I am sure would probably read it a lot more times even after I’ve finished reading it, for it has not just impressed the hell out of me, but every time I open that book to read, I simply lose track of all that happen around and start to follow Ove on his daily routine. If there is a list of impossible things to do, "not liking Ove" would probably top the list. Just realized while commenting about the book that OVE is one letter short for LOVE. So much for my takku regarding this.

As the story grows on, what I’ve read till now is about the life of a stubborn old man, OVE, who is a loner and is a stickler for rules. He hates interacting with people especially those who has no respect for rules and doesn’t trust anyone else to do his job. More than lack of trust on others, he trusts his abilities to do things the “old way”. He never needs any “handy men” for doing his minor jobs nor does he favors fancy new foreign items but prefers to go the manual, tried and tested method even though its laborious and physically demanding.  He literally hates people who are dependent on others for doing trivial things (read craft work to support daily life). He tries to commit suicide (till now thrice)and fails each time because of interference from his neighbors, who, despite knowing his nature, had to reach out to him for help. The reason why he attempts to end his life and is hell bent on it, is explained as a poignant love story and the story starts to crisscross between his past and present.

There are some heartwarming punchlines/quotes in the book. There were many but the most recent of the lot and my current favorite is “But if anyone had asked, he would have told them that he never lived before he met her. And not after either” The first part of the sentence makes an appearance when Ove meets his would be wife for the first time and the above sentence, when she dies at the hospital. Probably it sounds clichéd and not a ground breaking original scene worth this hype. But when you travel through the story with Ove, you will feel for his loss and would even realize the reason for his repeated attempts at suicide and even empathize with him. The prior to this quote favorite of mine was “Men are what they are because of what they do. Not what they say”. Had it been a movie scene, you would’ve stood up and applauded your favorite hero, pirouetting in slow motion with BGM blasting away to glory. But not for Ove. It would be dead silence with hardly a twitch and you would see him kick some table slowly a bit and would walk back with his spine straight, as would’ve been his father. The respect he carries for his father, the unquestionable unflinching belief on the belief system laid out by his father, who never asks his son to follow but sets an example are heartwarming. You simply cannot have a dad-son bonding better explained ever in words. Reminds of a scene from Pursuit of Happyness movie. But unlike Wil Ove’s dad would never cry I guess.

The best part about the novel, till now, is that there is clear and solid explanation behind every single “quirk” of Ove. The reason why he became atheist, unable to justify the act of god in taking away his mom from him, the reason why he wouldn’t tell on others, the reason how he got his hands-on knowledge on all that he is made of. There is an unconditional endearment charm sprinkled lavishly all throughout the chapters that makes you fall in love with even those characters that Ove despises and eventually makes peace with.

With eagerness of a kid awaiting to open his birthday gift, I proceed to the remaining chapters. This book, is definitely one of the best things that happened in 2016.

Kutty chutties

My friend suddenly got a call from his kids school to come and meet him. When he went there the teacher showed him the answer sheet of his kid. Draw 5 fish was the question that was highlighted and against which the kid has drawn numeral 5 followed by fish diagram. The teacher hadn’t given her any marks for that answers but a golden star badge and made it a point to talk to her mom during PTA. In fact so impressed where they about the kid that they’ve asked her to be enrolled in lot other mind improvement courses. Reminds me of another kid of my friend. One day my friend had got an unscheduled call from her kids school asking her to meet the class teacher. Worrying for worst, she had rushed to the school only to be pacified by the teacher that it was nothing to worry, but the news was definitely about her kid. The teacher had shown my friend the answer paper of her kid and she was stunned to see the answer that was highlighted in red. The question was to name a living thing and a non-living thing. That kid had answered Spider for living thing and Spider web for non-living thing!!! This coming from a preschooler had shocked the teacher so much that, she was stumped for a response. Again the advice to the parent were on same lines. Make sure their mind develops free thinking and encourage them to grow along their thought process. 

In both the cases, there is no clear cut idea as to how the parents or the schools are planning to groom these special kids and how they would ensure the free thinking kids are allowed to continue their out of the box thinking style. Nor does anyone has any clue how they inculcated this kind of thinking. Whatever the future has in store of these kids, whether they would be shaped to fit in with the crowd or will they manage to hold on to their own, these are surely kids need to watch out for.

Thursday, December 08, 2016

A man called Ove - curtain raiser

I couldn’t resist posting about this novel. I had resisted the temptation for a few weeks now and even now without completing 25% of the book I have yielded to the temptation of sharing it as a blog post. In a way, I had been way to selfish and childish and lot many “ish” in not writing about this book for I wanted it to belong to me alone. Considering the fact that it was a loaned one shared by a fellow blogger friend, the idea sounds all the more ridiculous now. I owe a lot to Bragz, the blogger friend, for sharing with me this book – A man called Ove.

The first few chapters give the visualization of grumpy old Ove as the grandpa character from the animation “Up”. I could almost visualize him with his square thick black specs and blond white hair and him in his suspenders. For some reason, without a word being described about how he looked, this image crept in my mind. I never realized when it got changed to that of my dad. His meticulously pain staking effort for detail, perfection for doing everything by hand and not depending on any “handy men” for getting his job done, his penchant for all things old as classic, his criticism of how loud and unruly the new gen are, his rarely speaking yet being open and to the point in his conversations, everything just kept adding up to the image of my dad.

It’s difficult to like Ove right from page one, for he is not your candy floss Karan Johar movie hero. As he himself proclaims, he is more black and white and honesty is always monochrome in colour. As the character slowly grew on me, I began to read few chapters at a time, pulling myself away literally from the book each time, not wanting it to end soon. There is a small little twist ala Archer style in some chapters that make you smile unknowingly. You may even nod at a few places agreeing with Ove, without even realizing the lines you read actually have taken form of a familiar voice and you can actually hear them in your head.

I felt so happy reading the book that I wanted to break the monotony of sad posts in this space and share some points till whatever portions I’ve read. Will write more in detail once I am done, which I want to prolong for as long.

Wednesday, December 07, 2016

A time to mourn

Month of December and TN usually are never in best of terms with each other. The month has separated the state from its most popular leaders who breathed their last, the worst natural disaster ever wrecked the state as tsunami and the most recent man made (??)water logging disaster stuck in December as well. Even before the dust could settle on the news of J’s demise, time has claimed its next victim in Cho. Having been her advisor, at least been touted as one, it wasn’t surprising that he followed her quick to her heavenly abode. Though being on medical review since two and a half month, the news was more or less expected, considering her age and deteriorating health. What was surprising was the agony it created mentally on everyone who came across. Till few days back, the very same people, who were cribbing over the non-functional government and how the entire system is paralyzed  by the absence of one person, who held sway over every single function and when the rains came, how she was remembered for her lack or inadequate actions in previous years during the floods, started shedding genuine tears over her demise. All her mistakes were forgotten or at least went on backburner and her positive qualities came to forefront. Even her near megalomaniacal tendency to not discourage people from bending over backwards to please her was seen on a new light with her back stories of suffering and humiliation at the very hands of those people. Her grit and determination won eulogies from even her staunch detractors and sworn enemies. No one wants to speak ill of the dead. But still, the unanimous reaction and response to the news raised some questions. In my apartment, there were sudden outcry and anguish as the apartment secretary came rushing out shouting “She is no more”. Now this is not an unstable party worker or a lesser educated person. She is an auditor by profession and is employed in a MNC and to my knowledge have never heard her speak before!!! Her reaction took us really by surprise. Another one decided not to light lamp for Karthigai yesterday to mourn the death. Many I met on the way back home, felt as if they had lost someone on their family. Some of the poems written on her, that I read on social media, were literally choking people with tears. Would the reaction been same had she been arrested or had this happened in her previous term before she got branded as Amma? I personally felt, her being branded as Amma had a lot to do with it.
Many of my friends had posted status saying that amma expired. I was stumped for a minute to figure out who are they referring to. Such is the power of mother sentiment and in a state full of emotionally charged people, a good tongue and a relatable role is all you need. History stands witness to the Guinness record turnout for Annadurai’s final farewell. No wonder the leader was easily related to men and womenfolk alike by his title “Anna (big brother)”. MGR lived and ruled by his onscreen charm and off screen charity works that were well publicized. Amma stumped all, despite being at the receiving end of the law many a times. Her last term at office, saw her becoming more populist in her schemes and hence more popular as well. True to the adage, people of TN may forget those who paid them money, but they revere those who fed them. The canteens that she opened, were the standout yesterday, when every other shops and hotels were closed but for them. Be it of her manifest or a calculated move by her loyalists, her branding went on a maniacal spree towards the end of her term, with her face becoming the government insignia. To me personally, her biggest achievements is not a repeat term at office, ala her mentor, nor her’s being the 3rd largest party at center. Not even her schemes. But the way she held on to her party men and her position after stinging defeats. In a system which is male dominated and more importantly guided by power centers, she not just managed to held sway after embarrassing losses, but managed to come back stronger and win back stronger. Considering the hordes of weeping women, her biggest bunch of supporters, they probably saw in her a superstar of their own, who made men bend before her, who held power like no other lady before and probably ever after. She was the shining example for womenfolk of what levels they can reach if they truly believe and stand up for themselves. Even her worst detractors can’t help marvel at her iron will and determination to stand by her point and her sense of execution. No one loved power more and nor was anyone more loved by power itself.
In a world full of clichés, she was the very antonym of it. Nothing could be more ironic and poetic in justice than the fact that, the very place where she was shunned from the convoy of her mentor, she rose to power and at the very place her final journey commenced amidst, truly and honestly shed tears of bereavement. The aftermath of her demise has created a political black hole for TN, which for past 4 decades have only witnessed 3 people ruling the state within themselves. There is an opportunity to take a fresh new dynamic and honest path to set a track for themselves or as the majority dreads, it could be chaos unforeseen before. A very famous dialogue from a blockbuster movie comes to mind – “Tamilians may be emotional fools. But never do they trust a leader quickly. If they do, never do they give up on them easy. There have been millions of followers cheated by their leaders but seldom a case otherwise”. Hope we get to witness a new dawn.

All said and done and dread, it’s a time for mourning and that’s what it should be.

Monday, December 05, 2016

Saithan- Review

Some posts back had marveled at Vijay Anthony, the music director turned actor, for his knack of picking the best script that suit his limitations yet are intriguingly good. Saithan, his latest movie, impressed right from the trailer, with its scenes reminding of Sujatha’s AAH novel and the movie posters only added to the mystery. Was eagerly awaiting its release and the reviews were more or less similar to his other movies – being predominantly positive and credit for his improving performance. Decided to take the risk and saw the movie on second day.

Storywise, its about a newly married IT guy, who solve complex issues with his obsessive dedication and concentration,  when he suddenly starts hearing voices. What starts as a jumbled incoherent mix of noise soon starts taunting him, forcing him against his will and almost driving him to suicide. The voice keeps telling him to kill some lady named Jayalakshmi who murdered him. It even makes him create an accident in which he loses his friend. Considering the escalating nature of his situation, he visits an psychiatrist who hypnotizes him to learn about his past. When one expects the story to be that of re-incarnation, where like all stories of similar theme, we are shown a library which has newspapers from that very year carrying news of the very death of the very person whose death the voice is trying to avenge. Till the interval block, the story moves at break neck speed, with an interesting twist, yet expected one as to who Jayalakshmi is. The BGM which croons “Jayalakshmi” adds to the eeriness. Once the story on the previous birth is revealed, the plot losses all sense and gets dragged into commercial masala mode, with hallucination inducing drugs and mad doctors, organ farming on hapless victims and of course, our hero being super human to withstand all the side effects of the super drug. Ending is similar to the Anegan movie, where the audience are left to wonder, whether the story is really about re-incarnation or is it all designed by the delirium of the lead character.

Vijay Anthony, has taken what is possibly his most heavy duty roles in his 5 movie career as an actor. But for him, no other character has hardly any screen space as he hogs the screen time from start to finish. As the music director, the songs were pretty sumaar but the BGM was rocking. Like all his other movies, the heroine looked way too older and probably wouldn’t find a movie to repeat in her career, but is solid in her performances.

Gils verdict – Considering the crap that established heroes churn out, Vijay Anthony has been pretty decent in his efforts to bring out different stories to screen. With the ghost of marketability and profit already eating into his decision making, which are evident by the way the movie has ended, hope sanity prevails and overcomes any such decision by him in future.

Mokka padams

At times, despite all the warnings and caution, you still end up doing things just for the heck of it. Watching "kadavul irukaan kumaru" and "kavalai vendam" fall into that repent after reason failure category which would be definitely followed by "i told you so" by all those on whom the same misfortune had befallen. Note: Idhulam padam, ithuku oru review..topic vera kedaikalaina enna vena ezhuthivia nulaam kraas kostin pannapadaathu.

Considering that black money and demonetization being flavor of the day, want our government to send notices to the producers and backers of these kind of movies. Its pretty obvious that they had money to burn and ended up burning not just their excess money, but also the call sheets of the actors and time of the audience who ended up watching them on theaters. Worse of all, the censor board need to be sued for certifying these movies for public viewing. Probably there should be a guideline at their level itself to filter out such mokka masala movies, which has no intention but to make quick buck for the producer to sell these movies at a premium rate to some mindless distributor and some up and coming tv channels. None of them are going to win any oscar or national award, leave alone any form of contribution to art field. The purpose of producing such movies is known to none. May be the lead pair wants to extend their market share to B and C Centers, which means the dialogues would be crass and full of double entendres, must have tasmac or drinking scenes with kuthu/item song encouraging our heroes to decry and demonize women folk in all forms possible. These movies are not products for art, not fit for society, not meant for any kind of audience but those who are ruffians and are encouraged and emboldened by scenes in these movies and wastrels who consider the lead guy character from the movie as their role model. 

Just like how our political system, which in the name of not wanting to have education as a criteria for holding any ministerial berth, there by effectively ensuring no decent learned person would even manage to get a ticket, these so called centerwise classification encourages people to come up with all kind of crappy story lines and their releases are so strategically scheduled such that there are no other movie, be it any level decent, that are played during that window. Unakkena ivlo akkara..pudicha paaru illati paakatha nu advice panravangaluku..naanum baadhikapatten..neradiyaga badhikapatten. Bore adichuthay sollitu theriathanama padatha paathathin vilavay intha post. Inimay bore adicha, sathiyama intha mathiri vibareetha activities wouldnt even think of.

Sambdrathayathuku review.

Kadavul irukaan kumaru is about GV Prakash, supposedly ad film maker (??) who is about to be married to Nikki Galrani, for some reason is stalked by his ex girl friend Anandhi. He rejects her proposal, goes to Pondy for bachelor party, gets caught by police for carrying more liquor than permitted and his attempts to bribe the police and the ways he tries to arrange the money for them form 75% of the movie. Since his ex lover helps him to arrange the money, he ditches his fiancé and gets back with Anandhi. Gils verdict – ipdilam padam eduka allow panathuku kadavul irukaranu naama thaan nondhukanum

Kavalai vendam – wonder who came up with that title. Probably the director to the producer that he needn’t bother about the collections as its going to bomby any way at BO or the story writer to the actors that they need not worry to work their brains for the movie? Not sure whom they were trying to appease and assuage. There dialogues are down right filthy and crassy and demeaning to every single character on the plot, if at all you can call it one. The comical scenes or whatever they were thinking while canning them were idiotic and wouldn’t even find place on school skits. Story is virtually non-existent. Jeeva, a chef, is married to Kajal Agarwal,a fashion designer or someone who has been to abroad is the closest we get to know of her profession, who decides to get divorce from him on the second day of their wedding on some trivial issue. God knows how long they stay separate and one fine day visits him to get divorce to marry an amerika mappalai (bobby simha in a dummy role). Meantime, jeeva manages to ushar pannufy Sunaina, who for some reason is friendzoned by him, yet she pines shamelessly for him to marry her. The rest of the cast is completed by RJ Balaji and few more jokers…err..comedians. For all his bhashan on bad movies and how cinema treats women, RJ Balaji has found the knack of being on exactly those movies and even revel in such roles. So much for walking the talk. Gils erdict – ivlo mokka padathuku avlo lavisha selavu panirukara producer pudichi IT department check panni ulla thallanum, And intha mathiri mokka padamlaam allow panrathukaga censor as well should be penalized.