Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Mustafa..Mustafa... :D

VidyaShankar passed away due to cardiac arrest.

Kaalangaathala..newspaperla first news item..front pagela athuvum!!!! This is the third time I think..i am seeing my be more precise..another person carrying same name as the obituary section..that too on front page!!! Namma per ulla aalungalaam front pagela vara alavuku famous irukangalaynu santhosha padratha..illa intha per vachirukaravangalaam puttukaraangalaynu feel panratha!!! Whatever it is..birthday anniki kuda avlo calls varala..intha newsa paathutu egapatta calls. Appo thaan realised..aaha..naatula namma mela ivlo kolaveri paasathoda makkal irukaangalaynu. En team mates intha newsa paathutu..weekend venaam..weekdayva paathuka..atleast oru naal leave kedaikum engalukunu advice gave. Avvvvvvvvvvvvvvvv.....

By the way..ever wondered how come FUNERAL anagrams into REALFUN??!!! maybe because of News like this?? :D

My granpa used to check the obituary column religiously. Hindu paperla Last but second page, usually the sports section, athula left hand cornerla the Obituary section will come. Athula he will check and at times will find one or two familiar names. Atha paathu phone number mention pani iruntha he will call them up and talk to the immediate family. I used to tease him.."Avlo peria HINDU paperla..unaku paakarathuku newsay illayaa"nu. He would reply "Well..I've no other option to keep track of my friends.. now that my activities are bit restricted". Considering that he was never bedridden till his last days and was cooking his own food..i could never agree about the "activities" part. (He was touching 90 when he breathed his last by the way). But the concept of keeping track of friends was very impressive though not the mode.

When i moved to Blore to join my second company, i carried with me a not so attractive image for myself. Within the second year of my career i got identified as a loner..reserved..and sensitive person who preferred to be on his own. On my first return trip to chennai after i went to Blore i met my teammate. In that journey of 6 hour journey we would've hardly spoken ten words. When i came back to Blore that monday he asked me one life changing question. "How many friends you've and dont count your team mates or anyone from your previous office. Just tell many new friends you've picked here?" I had no answer for him. He challenged me (rather i took it as a challenge) to make more friends than him or atleast 20 new faces in a month's time. By the way...he was part of a batch of 150 plus people and he was the most recognisable face in that crowd. When he used to go for a walk in that 1.5 KM long street..there would be atleast 20 people greeting him on the way. Such was his popularity. I took his words very seriously and it seems to have helped me a LOT :) He came to my home today to invite me for his son's first birthday and when my mom asked him to help her in finding a bride for me..he said "Sure Aunty. I will also pitch in..but this guy has more friends than me". Pride bequeath fall they say...but couldnt help feeling happy and proud to hear that above statement :) Me the most Happier and proudest to have friends like you people :) Please bear with me and be with me :)


lostworld said...

Oooh mr. popular, very pleased to be the first of your esteemed friends to be commenting on this post :)

My condolences to your namesakes who make it to front page regularly!

R-ambam said...


my heart skipped ! y this kolaveri ?
totally understood wat u mean..

R-ambam said...

BTW it means Eshwara ... in salaamia :) ))
oops !

RS said...

Touche, Gilse!! You deserve all the love we have for you, for all the cheer you add into our lives. You are truly unique and special that way!!Live longer, live longer and add more smiles, more fun, more chuckles, more stomach aches (sirichi,sirichi) to many, many!!:). God bless!!

PS: You make up easily for your shortcomings, Gils, so no need of the 'bear with me'. Remembered that unexpected phone call from you!

RS said...

//VidyaShankar passed away due to cardiac arrest.//

Engaluku thaan cardiac arrest varum,itha padicha vudaney!!

Ramesh said...

Aha - senti postu. I shall ignore the kalakkufying beginning and, gils style, focus on the more mischievous ending. I know that you are on the ponnu pathufying spree, but here's the open admission. You now have 14364 friends, thanks to your blog ; keep blogging away in your inimitable style and friends pattalam will keep growing.

zeno said...

Opening was lil troublesome :(
What a transformation!

RamMmm said...

Indha news clippai friendskitta sonna pinna enna solluvaanga. :) (avanavanukku avanga kavalai. see, I am on forced leave today due to bandh here and hence some time to browse and post)

Collegela eththanai friends irundhaanga ungalukku? Ha Ha Ha at the title, btw a nice song, with some meaning words thrown into a random rhythm.

I have heard that obit referencing from someone else as well. Hmm... What a way to track!

Ippo thaan ungalukku kavalyey illayey, tons of friends. :-) [On behalf of the loners' brigade, we regret to announce the loss of the community by one more person, :-)]

Ponnu paaththufying ellaam eppadi poyikitturukku. :)

Anonymous said...

//Oooh mr. popular//

par pappu can't post saala? :D :D LOL :D

//very pleased to be the first of your esteemed friends to be commenting on this post :)

oh the pleasure is absolutely mine :)

Anonymous said...

// y this kolaveri ?
totally understood wat u mean..

:)) none of u guys have had similar exp?? or maybe u folks never noticed?? or am i the only one who read newspaper wrapper to wrapper?? :(

//it means Eshwara ... in salaamia :) ))


Anonymous said...


ungala mathiri aalunga kuda iruntha naan electionla kuda nippenga :) kalla vote illati..rendu kulla vote poatachum jeikka vachiruveengannu oru nambikkai :) hehehe

Anonymous said...

//You now have 14364 friends, thanks to your blog ; keep blogging away in your inimitable style and friends pattalam will keep growing//

!!!! thalaivaray ipdi usupethi usupethiye udamba rangalam aakaama vida maatel polarukay :)

Anonymous said...


:) chummaaanachiki :) no 10sun :)


//Collegela eththanai friends irundhaanga ungalukku//

ethana per irunthaangagarathna..hmm...kami thaan..inumum irukaanga :)

//Ponnu paaththufying ellaam eppadi poyikitturukku/

athu prachanaiye ilaama poitrku.. :)

ambulisamma said...

Ungala madhiri oru witty person.kku friends illaya?
Nambave mudiyala.Anyway ippo neriya friends irukkango.

Asha said...

It is clear from your following the number of friends you have.

LOL at your sense of humour.
seekram nalla ponnu kidaikattum.

evanescentthoughts said...

The first line of the post gave me a heartattack. That's sad seeing your name again and again on newspaper like that..
So Mr.Popular, your mom must be really happy to hear your friend say that :) Couldnt understand inbetween the post coz of tamil :(

Anonymous said...




:)gee..thanks :)


yo avadakedavara..wl translate those in tamil for u :D