Thursday, July 08, 2010

Gift of God

Alka's moment of glory

I think this would've been the most watched video ever from the stables of Vijay TV. Had anyone else won the title other than Alka that would've been nothing short of sacrilege. WOW. What a voice!!! What a performance. I had a shiver going through me towards the end notes. This gal has an amazing voice for her age and has been consistent throughout the entire schedule of that program. The song which she took to sing in the finals "Singara velane" from Konjum Salangai movie had always been my evergreen favourite. How many ever number of times you hear that song its so refreshing and the movie itself was no dud either. Pretty interesting one. Back to Alka. After seeing her performance i sincerely believe that apart from hardwork..which surely pays..there is something called as God's gift too and this gal has it in abundance. Wishing her all the very best. Hope to hear her soon competing against seniors :)


Ramesh said...

Indeed the gift of god. Real talent is a blessing indeed. Its amazing how well people sing in India on talent shows. Such talent shows exists in many other countries and you have to wear ear plugs to watch them. Remember the Sunidhi Chauhan moment - when she swept a talent contest and Lata Mangeshkar predicted that we are seeing a star being born. Me thinks Alka is in that category ....

RS said...

Wonderful rendering, indeed. Not only this song, all the other songs she sang on ASSJ-2 stage was awesome. Definitely a gift of God.

RamMmm said...

That song, especially, was rendered amazingly by her. She is talented, no doubt, and almost bubbled up directly to the top within a few episodes, but I still have my issues with the program. :-) I did rant a few weeks back on this.

Certain people are definitely gifted and Alka did this in spite of her not knowing Tamizh at all makes it even better.

Vidya said...

Visit my blog mister!

Aaarti said...

Veetlam, daily news undo illiyo, super singer talk undu... at the dining table, in the hall, on the phone!! it had taken over granparents n mom n aunt n uncle n everyone else around here....

naan show pakkala.. but rerun pathein.. Alka is super talented and hope it is channeled the right way.. :))

lostworld said...

Haven't heard Alka :) This is the best part about reality TV according to me. So many platforms for budding talent!

Anonymous said...

Rightly said gils.
When in India,i saw this girl in Jayachandran stores and felt she is so small for her age,atlast she made it to the title.

usha said...

enna, thappi thavari vera blog vantena....rommba nalla blog madhiri iruke ;)

gils said...


u watch these reality shows too??!!! wow :) times they unearth real talent. Shreya ghoshal, karthik..ipo latesta Ajesh...kalakaranga ellarum

gils said...

@athivasi: time neenaglum super singer junior try pannunga :D :D hehehe


// but I still have my issues with the program. :-) I did rant a few weeks back on this.

yesh..kandippa..esp the dance shows...YUCK

gils said...


intha weekend task athuthaan :D oru post vidama elaathukum wl comment :)



gils said...


hope to see u soon in one of them :) dear desi avril :D :D


wen in indiava!! yarunga ithu!! :)


hehehee... :D

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