Thursday, December 27, 2012

Winding up 2012

The year began with lot of uncertainties. Being not a big fan of wholesome changes, i was nervous to say the least and had lot of doubts. While the conscious me always looks for ways to settle and sleep, the mischievous unconscious one, has its own ways to look out for trouble. Its the one that never allows me to settle down and is always in contradiction with myself.

Ides of March, marched in and moved me from one side of the earth to other. Nine months have lulled by and I am still not sure if i really wanted this one. I keep arguing with myself on the reason why i am here. After coming here, i had tonnes of time to reflect on myself. The setup here was a lot different from the places i had been to. The major change being, there were very few single people around and majority were family crowd. Took a while to adjust to that at first, for i had never been in such an environment before with so many "grown-up"s. I felt the same when i visited NJ to my friends house.

The other major major change that i embraced was cooking. I had promised myself that, unless the push comes to shove, i will never enter any kitchen voluntarily. I had spent 7 years away from home, within India, without cooking for a day. But this place, within the 3rd month of my stay, made me buckle. But i am kind of happy that, i overcame that mental block. The way i cook reminds me more of a chemistry lab, minus the burret and pipette, and chemistry being the least of my favorite subjects, needless to say about my cooking. And i've been brought up by an amazingly good cooks, right from my mom and sis to some of my roomies and my spoiled brat of taste buds were treated to the best of cuisine. But, surprisingly, i find my cooking eatable :)) That i guess would be my major major accomplishment for not just this year, but in a long long while :)

Visiting NYC was another major event i cherished. It was a dream come true. After having seen all those places in zillions of pics with various other people in, it was a happy moment to see myself in picture at those very places i dreamt of being. An interesting addition to this would the driving license. Just like how i ended up here, it was unplanned and something i ended up with just out of peer pressure rather than interest. I had my first brush up with road accident too. I always had this weird feeling of being left out, whenever my friends used to narrate tales like  this . I always wished i had something to tell for myself too. But never imagined how dreadful it was to be in such situations until it hit me. And visiting Disney world was something i never ever thought possible in this lifetime!! That one was a HUGE tick mark on the bucket list. Planning a series of posts on the trip :) possibly next year.

There were lot of minor "accomplishments" too like the gun range, water bike rides, waterfall bath, trekking (mountains and forests make me feel at ease..wish i can stay there for some more time) and the numerous drama series that i saw (latest addi(c)tion -That 70's show, the reason i started watching it actually requires a post of its beware :D), getting driver licence, watching presi election LIVE ..well, they might sound childish and simple to be bracketed as something major :) but..i guess these kutti kutti aasais and things is what totals to being gils :) One more kutti milestone - 150000 hits n counting for this blog :))) vithi valiyathu :))

As i look back at the year went by, it was a reminder of how my life has shaped over the past decades. A life without any control or interest. A life without an iota of any responsibility. A life that was never driven towards any aim, but more of a lucky drift, which caught the right draft of wind at the right time. A life spoilt for change with a lifetime of spoilt chances. A life, that which would've been much better lived and cherished by anyone else but me!! Feels like i have always wasted one opportunity after other, going after the proverbial bird in the bush forgetting the dozens on hand. What i see as an unwanted, undesired chance for doing things that i dont like, others envy and crave for it. But i still end up doing the same crap over and over again, without ever wanting to forever in wait, wondering for a chance to do what i like. I am yet to find my passion that really moves me and i wonder if i will be really up to it when i actually realise it.

I might sound overtly critical, but on a honest to self note, this is what i feel. The strange part is, i dont find anyone who is not much different from what i've mentioned above, around me. May be some of their choices were their own. But majority of the crowd move from one thing to another not one purpose, but merely adjusting to the flow. They 'look' happy and contented with their life, being busy in their own world. Maybe when i find something to occupy myself super busy round the clock, i may not have time to ponder over these things!!! Atleast for once i wish, i know what i want and get it too. The contradicting inner self reminds of an Oscar wilde quote - There are only two tragedies in life: one is not getting what one wants, and the other is getting it  :)) is how it goes.  I continue to live my merry making life, deviating at the least possible resistance. Considering that i've 3 decades of practice in it, i dont see much change happening in the coming year too :) Oru mystery story post pannanumnu romba naala planning..the gist is based on an semma impressive episode from the detective story MONK. Adutha varushamaachum hope it sees the light of the day from drafts :D

Latest bulbu for 2012. Went shopping with roomie and my eyes landed on a mini binocular set :)) i am crazy about skywatching and stargazing. Telescopes are way too costly and are out of the league. So atleast binocularaachum vaangalamay nu decide panni went back to the display case and !!! the piece was missing. My friend also wanted one and at the booking counter we requested the billing lady to check for any available pieces. After a long delibration her assistant came up with one piece. We pestered for another piece as it was amazing. That guy seemed to search the entire store and came up with another saying that was the only other piece available. We were literally beaming with joy and pride of our new priced posession. That lady, while billing, asked, "let me this gift for your nephews?"

ok makkalay...i guess this is it for this year...unless vera ethachum mokka podra topic maatinaalaye ozhia...its me signing off for 2012. Catch you in 2013 :) Happy new year Friends. Wishing you all joy and prosperity and peace above all.

Monday, December 24, 2012

Jillunu oru kaathal kathai :) - final episode

If you are reading this post, probably the world survived Dec21 or atleast the blogspot server :)) have scheduled this a week in advance. Just for the kicks of seeing this post survive the doomsday :))

P.S: Intha final episodenu titlea podaati innum izhuthuruvenonu enakkay bayam pullayaar suzhi maathiri starting with it. :D:D

Flashback mudinji ipo present day situationku story comes back :D

Anil calls Ram and Priya picks the phone.

"Hello..Priya??" asks Anil
"Dai Anil..evlo nakkal unakku...intha numberla ivlo sweetaana lady voicela vera yaaruda pick pannuva" mocks Priya
"Illa...Ram thelivaagitu vera ponna ushaar panitaano nenachen"
"Adi pinnida maaten...aama ivlo naal kazhichi ippo thaan phone number nyabgam vanthucha"
"Apdilaam onnumilla...i am in touch with Ram..unna thaan pudikka mudiala"
"Aaama pasangalukenna..kalyanam aanalum kuzhanthai kuttinu settle aanalum..friendsoda arattai koothu kummaalamnu irupeenga...ponnugalalaa mudiyuma"
"Ennamo kalyanathuku munnadi kashtapattu vela panna mathiri solra..enakku terinju 5 yearsaa notice periodla iruntha oray aal nee thaan" said Anil.
"hahahhaaa..adapavi neeye poatu kuduthuruva polarukkay" laughed Priya.
"manasaatchiya thottu sollu..un desktopla..Dravid and Maddy screensaver thavira vera ethaachum ennikaachum odirukkuma? card board daballa color adichi computer sollitu oora emaathina aalu thaana nee"
"hahaha...nee thirunthiruppa nenachen..uhumm.."
"its hard to improve on see"
"shabba..thaangala..enna pannitruka? innum ponnu thedren sollitu site sitea sight adichitrukia?"
"echuseme..naangalaam dhanush mathiri..paatha pudikaathu.."before he could complete the punch line
"paaka paaka kolaveri aaiduvaanga solla vara..rightu"
"kalaaichiteengalaakum..seri..pozhachu po..."
"unna ivlo relaxa paakrathu evlo happy airuku theriyuma...hows the case coming up"
"atha pathi vidu...un ponnu epdirukka"
"haioo..avala pathi kekkaatha..sutha vidra..ava pinnadi odiye naan elaichiruven nenakren"
"aama..illaati mattum apdiye karnam malleswari kanakka iruppeengalaakum..erkanavay kaathadiku nool katti vitta mathiri thaana suthitrupa"
"hello..athuku per slim...unna mathiri shapeless janthu's atha pathilaam pesapdaathu"
"Yaar sonna..round is also a shape..infact the basic of all shapes"
"Seri..podhum blade podaatha..ethaavathu oru topic edutha athula seminar edukara alavuku mokka poda unnaala thaan mudiyum..epdithaan veetla katti meikaraangalo. hey..en ponnu un kitta pesanumaam..iru speakerla podren"
There was some static followed by wails of wanting to hold the phone on her own accompanied with mirattals of consequences if the phone gets dropped and finally a sweet voice came in "Enna panra"
Anil started laughing.
"Amma..ivan en sirikaraaa"
"hey..avan ivan nu solla koodathu...uncle eduthu hello sollanum thaana solliruken..ozhunga pesu...hey enn ponnu kooda unna mathikka maatengara paaru..ithuku thaan seekrama kalyanam panniko solrathu"
"hello" chimed in another voice
"Jaaannnnu kutty.....enna panra chellam"
"naan phone pesaren..nee ena panra?"
"naanum phone pesaren." not knowing what to ask next.."hmm..enna saapta"
She didnt answer and her mom started prompting her from behind "hey..intha uncle neria katha solluvaru..unakku enna kathai kekanum"
"hmm...uncle..unakku moon katha solli" she asked
"kathai solli illa..sollu" Anil corrected her..
"moon kathai solli"
He realised the grammatical misktake sounded sweeter than the original and asked her "ennaku theriaathay..nee kathai sollu"
There was a deep pause followed by a "hmmmmm" ing sound.
"Moon entha pakkam rise aagum"
He was stumped for a minute. "huh..moon risea!!" In the background he could hear her Priya's laughter.."maatinia..intha mathiri thaan edaa koodamaa kelvi keppa..calvin and dennis combo la kozhandha porakanumnu neengalaam thaana bless panneenga..ipo badil sollu"
"Hey..evlo age aaguthu ithuku..ipdilaam kelvi kekkara!!"
"mazhupaatha..chellam..dont leave uncle without answer..hahaha"
"Sun rise aagi set aagum..aana moon...eppovumay set aagathu..sun lightla maranjirukum..sun set aanaprum...suthi irukara iruttula thaan athoda brightness velila varum..." Anil replied back with all possible scientific explanation.
There was no sound from the other end for a while. After which she came out with her verdict "haioo..ithu kooda terialayaa....eveningsla moon rise aagum"
So simple!!
There was a sound round of applause, with Ram joining in.
"Ennada en ponnu kekara kelviku thenari poitu silent aaitia" said Ram
"pinna unga rendu per combinationla vanthathaachay..ithu kooda illaina hospitalla kozhantha maari poirukkunu artham"
"seri..unga dosthu vanthaachu..neenga rendu perum mokka potukunga...enakkum en ponnukum egapatta velai irukku" nu sollikittay Priya picks her daughter and while leaving the room "hey Anil..veetuku saapda vaa oru naal...unna punish panni romba naalaachu"
"Sureeeee" shouts Anil
"Dai..ava thaan speaker fonela kekanumnu kathitu pora..nee enda kathara" says Ram
"Sorry machi..epdirukka"
"Enakkenada..jollya poguthu life..nee sollu.."
"Nothing specialda..divorce matter settle aagara mathiri irukku. Legal matter related to that konjam pending..athaiyum mudichita me back to bachelor" said Anil
"hmmm...formala solanumna..kekka kashtama iruku..but machaan kuduthu vachavandaa nee....thirumbavum enjoyy thaana"
"hahahaa...adapaavi...i am officially sad..still..oru vitha reliefa thaan irukungarathu nejam...after all those quarrels and fights and meaningless issues and ramblings..ithelaam thaandi ippo bayangara peacefulla irukku. veetula athukulla vera ponna paakar aarambichitanga..thania vitta depress aaiduvenaam..ivanga imsailenthu escape aagarathukaga planning on a long trip to celebrate"
"super maama..serida...weekend veetukkuva...Priya unna kodumai padathaama vidaratha illainu sabatham kandippa vanthiru..illati athey itemsa fridgela vachu oru vaarathuku tholla pannuva...kaapaathidu machi....kavuthudaatha..aan paavam pollaathu"
"hahaha..sure...kutti kekkara kelviyelaam nenachaa thaan lighta terror aandavar mela baaratha poatutu varen"
"hahahs..sure machi..take care..bye"


"Heyyyy Priyaaa..athisyama sonnabadi vanthutta" chirped in Mathi "Evlo naalaachu unna velilalaam paathu"
"Aaama...Jaanu poranthaprum ennoda timengarathu suthama kuranji poachu..after a really really long time having a time out...kadisia outingnu ponathu etho oru hindi padam...Ram was site adichifying Katrina and i was route vitting for Hrithik" said Priya
"Good family good university...Raam enna pannitrukaan...avan kitta kozhandhaiya pathukka solla vendi thaana"
"You wouldnt believe how poruppu he has become. Jaanu na avlo uiru. He wouldnt even let her crawl on floor. At times konjam overavay protectiva irukaanonu bayamavay irukkum. Nadakka kooda vida maatengaran"
"hahaha..ella appakum ponnu na apdithaanay...seekarama oru paiyanuku ready panni nee un shareku paasatha pozhi"
"hahaha..haioyaio..innoru ten months of pregnancya...aala vidu saami...enga paatilaam epdi thaan avlo babies pethukitaangalo...inga onnuthukkay nora much as love and cherish motherhood, its scary to even think of going back to those nostalgic days of nausea"
" know i've told you many times before..Ram and you...unga rendu pera paakrapolam evlo poraamaiya irukum the same time..oru therapy mathiri iruku unga rendu peroda life...that life na ipdi thaan irukanumnu..typical moviela vara lifestyle"
"hahaha..kannu vaikaatha naaye"
"hahahaa...chacha...illapa...kandippa sandaigal problems ithu ungalukullayum irukkum...but the way you guys handle each other..chaancela..semma cute"
"seri seri...overa mokka podaatha...actualla..oru matter iruku..still unaddressed"
"Between you two??!!"
" know that officela meet panrathuku munnadiye Ram enakku theriyum, right?"
"Yeah..ponnu paaka vanthaan..aprum alliance cancelaaanthu atha thaana solra"
"yes..aana innoru matter iruku..that wasnt the first time i knew him"
"what?? athukku munnadiye meet pannirukeengala? eppo..enga? ithenna puthu kathai?"
"actuala nerla meet pannathilla..but chat roomla...ennoda chat id was Uma...enna veetla koopdra name...epdi meet pannomnu exacta therila..but we became good friends on te virtual world. Oru stagela enakku bayangara crush Ram mela...without even seeing i started loving him. But onlinela..athuvum mugam paakatha oruthana love panra alavukku polaamnu first logicala oru mental block..athukumm mela naan first propose panni avan antha mathirilaam idea illanu sollitaannga..atha vida asingama irukka mudiathungara the same time enga veetla egapatta pressure to get emotionala decide panratha vida logicala yosichi paathen..anyways that was not a committed relation..and Ram also didnt raise that i disabled that id and logged off...locking away my thoughts. And when i met Ram in person ..i was so impressed with him..aana appo i was still in a confused state of mind and though i felt..antha chat person ivana irukaa heart didnt had the guts to break free"
"oh...appo yeppo...yepdi terinjuthu unakku Ram thaan antha aal nu?"
"oru naal veeta clean panrachay Ramoda pazhaya box onnu kedachuthu..avanoda pokkishamla apdi enna thaan irukunu paakarachay i found a prinout. Athula oru poem mathiri onnu irunthichi...ennada namma aalukulla ipdi kooda oru matter irukaanu padikarapo thaan realised it was a mail in draft mode..and guess had been addressed to my chat id..antha contents padikka padikka i realised how much he was in love with me and you wouldnt believe how happy i was that finally know who was that mystery man and that i had infact married my first love...i guess...solla konjam vekkamaa irukku...we might've conceived Jaana that day"
"wowww...aama ithula enna unaddressed matter irukku? athaan mail kooda email address irunthirukkay :D atha vachu thaana neeye kandupudichiruka"
"mokka mathi nu prove panra paaru...intha matter enakku than theriyum..Ram still doesnt know that i am his Uma.."
"adi krathagi..en solala"
"ada..anniki antha letter paathutu aiyaa moonji pona poakka paakanumay...naan yaarnu theriyaama innum evalaio nenachi avlo urugitrukaan....oru samayam paavama thonum...aana...i love him so much...i feel so possesive about him that...avanoda dreamla vara entha ponna irunthaalum athuvum naana thaan irukanum..athaan"
"ennnaaaa oru villlithanam....kekka romantica irunthaalum...Raam nenacha paavama thaan iruku...sariaana arakkidi nee"
"hahahaa...i will tell him one day...for sure...but athu varaikkum...let me enjoy his dreams as Uma and real life as Priya"

                                                              Mutrum....Subam...The End..

P.S: shabbbbaaaa..........oru vazhia mudichiten :D itha thaana solla poreenga if at all anyone reads this :D enakkay apdi thaanga iruku :D the longest series i had ever written..more than 3 years in making :D:D neria neram enakkay flow maranthirum..will read the previous posts to figure out and oru some of u had was mirroring my real life..but unlike me writing whatever happening, it was the ulta..whatever i was posting began to happen!! Oru stagela i got scared and stopped the story..took a 18 month break and it is :) olagam azhiyarathuku munnadi kathaiya mudichiten :D

Friday, December 21, 2012

Meet you on the other side :)

Roomie: Planning to go for haircut today itself
Me: Why man? Wait till tomorrow..why waste 15$ if world ends tomorrow?
Roomie: I want to look decent in hell..hehehe
Me: !!!! Oh yeah...if you get a crew cut they will fry you in special double refined oil !!!

Some parts of the world have already chimed in 21st december while rest are waiting with bated breath :) THE day of all days has finally arrived. This one is unlike Dec 31 1999, where in the new millenium made "anti-christ" and satan the heroes for the day and which pushed "End of world" scenarios into prominance, for the dawn of the new millenium had quite some positive vibes about it. My engineering friends took pride in the fact that they would be the first batch of Engineers into the new millenia. The babies born on that day hogged the limelights as millenium babies. The cyber world had beendone with its digital nail biting getting over the fear of the Y2K bug, which was a major windfall for Cobol and AS400 programmers at that time. The joke that time being, even if you know anyone by the name Gopal you can be shipped to US!! Mokka one..still.. :)

I had a project deliverable scheduled for tomorrow. It was having so many irritating last minute changes that I was secretly rooting for the doomsday. But now its been postponed to 31st midnight. Not sure if i had to applaud on their "optimism" or anger over working on new year's eve. All these talks of doomsday had gone too much into my head i guess. Today morning had a super dream..err..nightmare. I was talking with my mom, in our house's terrace on a late afternoon chennai, with the sun blazing away in its glory. I was asking her "So..whats the deal about doomsday..onnum kaanum??" and suddenly the sky is filled with moons!!! All shapes and sizes. Some where  square..some like hourglass...some rectangle..and like a meteor shower they were streaking across the sky..coming down and down. And more than the sunlight, the glare from their light was so bright that it was speading across the sky, masking the sun. I was so scared that i woke up like an uncoiled spring. Took a while to get oriented and the fact that it was 9AM in the morning and sunlight was pouring through the window didnt help either.

Some of my friends are posting what they would do incase if its confirmed that the world is gone tomorrow. Almost all of them had mentioned that they would propose to the girl(s) :d they were scared to before. For them to propose their love, it takes the world to end :D Still another way to look at it is, if love is the last thing on anyone's mind, even with the terrifying thought of impending doom, well, thats what makes being human special, isnt it :) I for one is optimistic that, this too shall pass, for i've already scheduled another post. So just for that sake i hope the blogspot server survives. Varta :))

Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Review time again :)

This time the review is full of all mokkai movies and books. So veridict ippovay sollidren..onnumay therala.

Naduvula konjam pakkatha kaanum -

A movie, that caught fancy right from its title. And songs were pretty neat too. The video of "Hey crazy minnal" sung by Andrea would've had more hits than the movie itself i guess. And she keeps getting prettier with each song and movie!! And with an equally chirpy voice to kill for. Many people who saw the movie, hyped it up about the humour content in it. More than the review, i usually go by the word of mouth review and it was almost unanimous that every one liked it and cheered the comedy. But somehow, i found it to be otherwise. The first half was dragging but considering the second half it felt breezy fast. There were too many repeat scenes and dialogues and more than being funny, the entire first half carried a serious tone to it. May be the director meant it as a spoof?? not sure. The really funny moments began bit late into the second half, from the reception scenes onwards. They were really original and ticklish. Especially the way the hero looks at the heroine and comments on her makeup, repeatedly. And how his friends try to manage it differently each time. While the hero is almost passive in expression, doesnt require any over the top emotion for that matter, the friends compensate for it. Especially the specs guy who is seen throughout in all seriousness. There are some situational comic moments between the other two friends when the senior of them is repeatedly proven wrong each time. But again, too many repetitions. It seems they took the entire story on film and never edited it. Considering that 3 songs from the movie never made it to the screen the length of  the movie is perplexing!!! But one thing is sure. Iniamay "Ennachu" nu yaaravathu keta the response is going to be howlarious :D

Nee thaane En Pon Vasantham -

Contrary to the public opinion again, found this movie to be interesting. Have seen only the first half, that too after skipping too many segments. Still, it does strike a chord in some scenes. Especially the school scenes. That set up was way too natural and familiar. One word to describe the movie - Samantha. She looks yummier than in Naan E and entire first hour breezes by just because of her. Have become padutheevira fan of hers :) Special mention to the costumer and hairstylist. Her school getup is perfect and she looks a million bucks :)) Almost reminds me of someone from my own school. Aana chellam..never ever dub in your own voice. Jeeva ku thonda kattikita mathiri iruku voice. All the songs were awesome and though Yuvan's voice is at its irritating best, "Saainthu Saainthu" song rocks. Comedy is so so only. Having been warned by everyone who saw the movie that it was a mokkai, actually had the ulta effect. Though I dint see the full movie, i think i will like this in bits and portions. Strictly for Samantha fans i guess :D

Next one is a book review, which again turned out to be a dud. A maste dud at that.

Cure by Robin Cook -

Had always been a big fan of Robin cook. Used to be amazed by the way he entwines medical terms and diseases with mysteries, usually the mafia. But soon the themese became repetitive and lost sting. When i saw this book, hardbound at that, was immediately tempted to buy. It turned out to be the worst of the lot. Its around 400 pages in size and the story never takes off till the 350th page. Within next 50 pages, there is a kidnapping, recovery , link between the first 300 pages and the investigation, arrests and a SUBAM ending as well. Marana mokka. Ithuku ivlo buildupa nu veruthu poachu. Cook turned up half baked this time.

Currently reading - Story of Nagas, which is turning up to be a spoiler compared to first part , Immortals of Meluha. Got some more books to read, that are in pipeline. Mothama serthu will post another review :))
Innum 4 daysla world azhiyutha illaya therila, but i've planned my longest ever travel trip. Hope it works out :))

Sunday, December 16, 2012

Beyond madness

Every once in a while there comes a news that makes your blood boil and every nerve in your body tense enough to pop out. The Connecticut massacre would be one such news that would've shocked the very essence of humanity out of everyone. Such a mindless mayhem!! Butchering 1st grade kids with bullets..cha. Even to think of the incident to type is nauseating. Cruel, Maniac, cold blooded...all swear words of all the earthly languages put together can still not describe what happened. Schools are temples of knowledge and wisdom and above all discipline and this definition applies all throughout the world and supposed to be even a safe haven in case of natural disasters. Its beyond my little mind to even think of any plausible or implausible reason as to why a guy would vent his ire out on school kids. Its an impossible impossible thing for me to digest and accept. He had not just killed the 30 odd lives but destroyed those families and also the fellow students who witnessed it. It would've left an indelible mark on their psyches and god forbid if any of them take up the path shown by this guy down the line!! As the more and more information on the incident gets released, the latest one doing rounds is about the teacher, Victoria, who hid all her students in cupboards and saved every single one of them. Unfortunately, the madman took her life. He shot her to death. Just to think of the sacrifice she had done, the enormity of which is so daunting.. these people need to be worshiped. They bring respect to their professions. Because of her an entire class of students survived. If atleast one of them turns out to be a ground breaking inventor or best of all a teacher, following her footsteps, i think, no one would've ever lived a more meaningful life than her. Finally, what can you say about that madman, who not only killed the innocent kids, but also his mother and brother and in the end committed suicide!!!! I wish i could feel sorry for him, how much ever graver and whatever be the issues that might've been ailing him, what he had done is unpardonable. Him taking his own life was the least of all the punishments. Heart goes out for the parents of those poor kids. Wonder if any of them would ever be able to come out of this grief.

There are still 5 more days left for the predicted doomsday. But for the parents  and family members of those victims, it was 2 days back. There is a quote from the doomsday movie 2012. " The moment we stop fighting for each other, that's the moment we lose our humanity". For people like these madmen, it definitely doesnt apply.

Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Oru padam oru book :)

Silapala postsugaluku munna continuousa review postsa poatutu irunthenaa...intha blog pakkam vara pala kodi makkalla (read 5)  sila kodi per (read all) oru review postukum innoru review postukum pothiya idai veli vidanumnu sollirunthaanga. So..konjam gapku apruma i the review postings :D

Talaash -

Aamir khan padathoda main USP is Aamir khan himselfngarathu ulagarinja vishyam (Thala... Aamir khan yaarunu kekkamaateengannu i the pheeling. I the eagerly awaiting ur post on his Satyameva Jayate series). Review paakaama i rarely go to see movies. Apdi paakama poi bulbu vaangina padams pala. Intha padathoda review paathathu thappa poachu :(( Enna maathirye sila pala cashews, padathoda twista poattu udaichitaanga. In a way it spoiled the fun. But, first time viewing itself, felt like second time viewing for me. I could relate to each scene and how it built up to the climax. Aana, i felt, even without reading the spoiler, one could guess the twist. Oray matter, you would've had to wait till halfway into the second half of the movie. Athu varaikkum the buildup is gradual. Infact, dragging is the right word. Plight of women in Red light area has been told in a breezy casual way. Even their sufferings are depicted in a matter of fact tone with almost no melodrama. Setting the base for a story is important. Aana the entire first half gets bogged down in that. I guess the only reason why Aamir would've accepted the movie is for its ending. The twist is something similar on the lines of Sixth sense movie. Wish they could've tightened the script in first half and edited quite a few scenes in second half. It could've been THE spooky thriller akin to Sixth sense. Dialoguesla Hindi-o-hindi. Even for casual conversations where in usually some english words get thrown in, in general, even there also they had used Hindi words. Not to be faulted, but it somehow sounds hmm..different. Not casual, but forced. Not sure if people would use such shuddh hindi terms in real time conversations. Another standout from the movie is definitely Kareena kapoor. The way she coquettishly smiles and pouts and grins at Aamir, she carries that air of mystery about her role throughout. As it is she has a vampire white complexion that she can fit right into the "Twilight" vampire family. In this movie, the lighting makes her literally glow!! Rani mukerjii doesnt have much of a role, except to appear with Archie Andrew like freckles , sans makeup, which look a bit scary on closeups. The handicapped guy, Nawazuddin Siddique, has done a neat role. His costume, mannerisms and facial expressions everything is picture perfect. Towards the last few minutes into the movie, Aamir is seen crying, sitting on the river bank, where his son drowns in an accident, with the letter from his son. I wish they had ended the movie there. Though it prolongs for a minute more with Rani joining Aamir, i guess it would've been more poignant an end. Read somewhere that Aamir never knew swimming and learnt just for this movie. This man surely has that burning passion for excellence. The title song "Muskaane joothi hai" is haunting and the lyrics kind of outlines the story. Over all, a movie that could've been a lot better, had it been made a bit shorter and for a tighter screenplay.

Gils verdict - Definitely worthy of a one time watch.

Immortals of Meluha -

For almost a year have been wanting to read this book. Truth be told. I never feel secure to pay 100 plus rupees to buy any Indian author's book. Whether he is an accomplished one or newbie. But never felt the same to try out Foreign authors :( It feels sick and sad to even type these. But for Chetan Bagat, who has established himself as the masala author catering to the masses, i've never read any racy thriller kinds from Indian authors. Suitable boy, God of small things...well they all are heavy duty stuff. What i mean is the Jeffrey Archer, Sidney sheldon variety. If you guys are aware of any please let me know. Coming back to the Meluhans. After reading this book, i feel satisfied on that quest mentioned above. The story reads like Amar chitra katha on novel format. The best part about the book is, its a beautiful blend of author's imagination with mythology. Its the story of Lord Shiva, who is depicted as a marijuana smoking Tibetian. To avoid constant attacks from fellow tribes, he decides to accept the offer of Meluhans to migrate his tribe. Meluha is described as a place over and above Punjab and is basically whole lot of JnK plus other parts Akhanda Bharath thrown in. Meluhan's, coming from the clan of Suryavanshis, have a hidden agenda in inviting Shiva to their place. They've a prophecy per which, the Neelkanth, will be their saviour and will help them conquer evil. They accept Shiva as their leader and he helps them to win the war against Chandravanshis of Swadweep. After the battle Shiva realises that even the Chandravanshis have a similar prophecy that has the same prediction. He is left in a dilemma and feels sad that he might have made a big mistake by taking sides with the Meluhans. In the course of the story, there is a romantic interlude between Shiva and Sati, daughter of Daksha, who is the king of Meluhans. There are other characters like Nandi - captain of Meluhan army, Badra - shiva's friend, Ayurvati - chief doctor of Meluha, Krittika - Sati's friend who later marries Bhadra, Parvateswar - Meluhan army chief and Sati's god father and Brahaspathi - chief scientist of Meluha. There are lot of references to Lord Ram and his reign and rules. But never it mentions him as god. The Suryvanshi's strictly adhere to the rules of Lord Ram and feel their way of life is much better and noteworthy compared to Chandravanshi's degraded liberal lifestyle. There are lot of references to caste system and untouchability. And then there are the nagas, the scene changers. They are described as a people with bodily disfigurations, which they hide behind their hoods and are known for their mastery over martial arts. They bring with them an element of surprise and there is always an air of mystery, whenever and wherever they find a mention.

The story is the first of the trilogy, followed by Story of the Nagas, which i am reading now and final part being Oath of the vayuputras (soon to be released this year). The first part ends at such a crucial scene that, wonder how many would've had the patience to wait for the second part :) It ends at such a nail biter scene where a pregnant Sati is attacked by a Naga with Shiva rushing to protect her. I simply rushed to the second book to know what happens next :) will post the review once i am done with it. Coincidentally many of my friends happened to start reading this book at the same time. Hope they all were as thrilled as me :) The theme of the book is a pretty risky one, considering how impatient and intolerant out society has become and any deviation towards criticism would've been considered blasphemous. This is where the author scores brilliantly. He mixes his own ficiton with mythological fiction and the blend is near perfect. Without digging deep on to the social issues, he dwells over them just enough to give a peek of his opinion and manages to even wring out a solution. As i mentioned before, if you are a fan of Amar chitra katha and thriller novels, this is the book for you.

Innum 11 dayskulla olagam azhiyaama iruthaa adutha postla paakalam..varta :))

Thursday, December 06, 2012

Of Saappaadu and Songs

BasYaadein Yaadein..Yaadein reh jaa thee hain..
Kuch Choti Choti..Baathain reh jaa thee hain..

I stumbled on this song by Aryans (of Puraani jeans fame) while updating my playlist. True to its theme, it took me on a nostalgic visit on how i ended up with this song :) There used to be a Andhra style restaurant called Madhuri, right near the entrance to Wind Tunnel Road in Murugeshpalaya (Bangalore). It was exactly 800 meteres from our office entrance, atleast thats what the digital meter autorickshaw's showed, consistently !! Me and two of my colleagues will catch an auto during lunch. We used to order full meals. But even if we walked all the way back for digesting the umpteen platefuls that we gobbled, adichi poatta mathiri thookam varum. Will sleep walk through the rest of the day in office. Weekends mean, getting up at around 12 noon, thothify any friend on his bike, round katti adichify food in Madhuri and veetuku vanthu continue sleeping till late in the evening. If too lazy to go till madhuri, there was one kerala bakery nearby our house...Venus bakery i guess. Shucks..i forgot the name :( Anga poitu puff, samosa or enna veg item irukko ellam onnu onnu saaptutu..will take some biscuit packets back home. You wont believe the number of good day bisuits and double treats, had they been arranged one over other, might have turned out taller than Qutub minar!! If we felt any more "energetic" will call a punjabi dhaba called Kitchen, which was strategically positioned right in between the bakery and Madhuri, for every single item on their menu card. That guy developed his one room kitchen plus dining hall into 3 separate stalls and guess our room would've been major contributors hands down. If all of us ordered, one single order would come nothing short 200 rupees. Food was considerably cheap in that dhaba. For 200 bucks, 7 of us used to eat till our heart content and still there will be left overs for round two.

Coming back to the song, Madhuri restaurant, used to play all hindi pop songs and I always used to be fascinated by their collection. The challenge would be to identify the song and locate it on a then famous website called "Cool Toad". I even had an account on that site and would search every day till i get that song. Else will ping my friend who was in Japan then, to find out the song for me and mail it :D Avlo crazy over those songs. Each of them were a gem of their own. Right opposite to Diamond district there was a TGIF, Ashoka(?) and Indi Joe restaurant. When our office shifted there, we shifted our lunch spot to Ashoka. Since the food there was way too costly and not of good quality, we located another Andhra style restaurant at walking distance called Nandini palace (??). Eppo paaru pei gumbal there used to be. Kodumais of Koramangala ennana...vara gumbal paathi familya irukum. Kalayanam pannikitu kudumbathoda vanthu 4 chair tablea occupy pannikarathuku ungalukellam ethukuda marriagenu manasaara thitikkittay will wait in queue. Apdiye develop aagi, month beginningla konjam jollya selavu panna mood iruntha..will go to Southindies. Amazing amazing restaurant. Semmma costly. But kaasuku etha paniyaram na anga thaan. Saatharana paruppu saatham kooda pakkava irukkum. Weekendsla will try out Roomali with a view, pasanga treatna Mainland China/Gateway to India (antha renduthula the veggie one) apdi illati will go to Arasappar. Anga majority Karaikudi style non veg item thaannalum, anga south indian full mealsla thara Vathakuzhambukku sothaiye ezhuthi vaikalam. Vadamlaam poattu ultimatea irukkum. Very rarely had been to Nagarjuna. Aana anga full meals oru round mudikarathukullaye moochu muttidum. Quantity will be too much. Right next to office there was a Cafe coffee day. Anga vara crowdukaagavay avanga ticket poatu kaasu paakalam. Ahem!! But naan porathu anga kedaikkara chocolate fantasy cake saapdrathukaaga mattumay matummay mattumay. Moonu thadava sonna nambiye aaganum. Cake mela suda suda chocolate syrup vittu tharuvan paarunga. Chappu kotti saapdalam. And officeku ethirthaapola Corner house ice cream parlor was there. Oru scoop ice cream 25 rupees nenakren. Each one will order one scoop and kadisila ellar cuplayum ella flavorum irukkum.

Ithu poga office treatna, will go the other way towards Marathahalli. Main reason, thirumbi varathku late aana traffic mela pazhiya potrulam :D and the restaurants on the other side of outer ring road were, Big FM Balaji stylela solanumna awesomatic of the aaromale always. Semma costly. Kai kaasu poatulam saapda mudiathu. So office treat punniyathula, team lunch sollitu will go there. Golconda chimney was my favorite. Anga thara starterslaye vairu rombidum. Avlo varities there used to be. My damager's favorite was Raaga. Guess it was in Indhira nagar. CMH road sidela Adyar Anantha Bavan had opened newly then. Eppo paaru kootamo kootam irukum. We rarely went there. Aana Jeevan bheema nagarla there was a Pongal restaurant. Hotel peray Pongal thaan :) oru 20 varieties of dosai vachirupanga..kothu paratha..athu ithu nu semma kattu. Tiffen mattumay egapatta rounds ulla pogum :D and saaptathu jerikka walkingla return varachay vachla Kolkatta chaatla silapal jilebis and dinner parceluku Grilled panneer sandwich and daaga shanthiku oru date milkshake adichitu varapo irukay...aanantham paramaanantham thaan.

Kaalangaathala radio cityla Route 91 kekarathkagavay 7 am ku alarm vachu ezhunthupom. Was crazy over the voice of Sunaina lal. Times of Indiala foto nerla paathapo tension aanathennamo nejam :) Route 91 la vara songs ellamay top classa irukum and most of them would figure in that years top ten. December month poora there would count down. Top 100 songs of that year or decade or some kind of countdown will be there. Ellamay supera irukkum. Somehow i feel the first half of previous decade was hindi music at its peak. Every year they had chart busters after another and though the indi pop sensation  lost steam towards the end, some of the songs still are pleasure to listen. I had a pretty decent collection then and my system used to be the office juke box. Everyone of my friend contributed to the collection and since it was a shared folder on network, many friends from other departments also used to listen to them. When the network admin became strict and removed all shared folder access, I couldnt recollect the number of dvd's we wrote :)) On a 20 GB hard disk we had close to 16 GB of songs :))

Ippo most of that gang is spread across Banglore and Singapore. Aana eppo meet pannalum or message pannikitaalum the discussion topic will always feature the chartbuster at that time :) One unbeliavable matter ennana...ivlo round katti saaptum, i lost around 14 kilos when i was in Banglore :) and was probably at my fittest best my entire life. Nambara maathir irukka? Nambikkai thaan please. Nambidunga. Innum 15 daysla olagam azhiyaama iruntha appalika meetalam..varta.

Monday, December 03, 2012

F.R.I.E.N.D.S - V

Previous episode


"Cough..What the heck happened here...cough cough...why is the fire alarm ringing" rushes in Rachel.
"Well..err..i kept the tea pot and forgot to switch off the stove..its all burnt" mumbles Joey..scratching his head.
"Oh..damn it..somebody throw a wet towel....NOT ON the alarm" cries Chandler at Phoebe, who is even more irritated to find Joey smiling to himself.
"Why are you smiling u moron"
"When you burn becomes burn't' that's the way they should teach grammar in school" beams Joey pleased with his discovery.
Phoebe throws the towel on Joey who ducks and it falls on Monica, who enters the house carrying plateful of pastries. She loses balance and everything falls flat on the floor.
Both Phoebe and Monica cry in unison.
"I cried for dropping the pastries..What are you crying for??"  asks a bewildered Monica
"hmmm...err...scared of what you will say?.." says Phoebe sheepishly.
"oh..cmon...after all those nagging hours of listening to Ross's issues..i thought i will reward myself with a cake..guess it was not on my destiny to have my cake and eat it too"
"Issues!! He always has an yearly subscription of them" quips Chandler
"What happened?..cough..cough" enquires Rachel with a staccato of coughs.
Before Monica could narrate, Ross enters. And to every ones shock he is sporting a crew cut.
"And I repeat myself to the other sibling...What happened"
"Well...coupla decades back someone happened..and now this" Ross referring to Monica.
"Someone happened what?" queried Joey not grasping the point as usual.
Chandler tries to help "someone" pointing with his eyebrows "happened"
"Ok..either we are calling Monica as "someone" from now on or you have a very weird way of expressing" wonders Joey
"oh..come can i be at fault"
"LOOOK AT THIS" cries Ross pointing to his head.
"Yikes..not so close almost blinded me with those...with sinewy thing on your head.." quips Rachel.
"Asking for style tips from Mon is like getting directions from a star fish!!"  says Rachel.
"And it took you so long to reveal that "secret" " cries an annoyed Ross.
"Actually they look like deep fried noodles" says Joey and hurriedly hides behind Monica to avoid Ross's glare.
"When i said how stupid can you be, after your previous escapade..did you took it as a challenge" mocks Chandler
"HA HA...very funny..i knew i lost my mind when i accepted your wife's suggestion and i am pretty sure she took it"
"So much for trying to bring style into your life" says Monica.
"See this is why i never argue with Monica. Its like getting arrested. Anything you say can and will be used against you" says Chandler hearing which Monica punches him. He zips his mouth shut to avoid further damage.
Rachel starts coughing very badly.
" got to do something for that cough"
" are beginning to sound like Morse code..all your words are punctuated with coughs"
"I want to..but it gives my voice a sexy sound..makes me feel hot"
"The last time i looked hot..i was on a sauna..." says Chandler and watching everyone looking at him "i always mean what i say..just i don't mean to say it aloud" does the lip zipping act and sulks.
"You should see Doctor Richard..let me book an appointment for you with him..." offers Monica.
"No..cough.. No No No..cough.. and NO..cough...believe me i can live with this cough...the only thing that i can live within or without..cough... is my SALARY..its not even the first week of the month and i am broke bone dry..cough"
"Sing the "Star spangled banner" without a single cough..i will give you 100 dollars" challenges Ross
"Oh the cough..early light" and Rachel breaks into more coughs.
"Sounded more like Star Strangled've to get this rate..your lungs will pop out of your mouth"
"Rach..its high better visit Dr. Richard..let me take you on my medical can pay me later"
"Oh Joey..thats sweet..cough.. of you...see... you fellas...cough....THIS is friend..cough..ship" beams a proud Rachel..coughing all over Joey in the process.
" know..while we are at may not want to talk..let me go and take a quick shower" rushes out Joey.

At the clinic.
" look i know you" asks the receptionist.
"Well..i am a tv star from DAYS OF OUR LIVES" says Joey proudly.
Unconvinced with the answer..she leaves behind with a quizzical look on her face.
"Hey Rach..let me help you fill the form"
"Oh..Joey..thank you so are a dear"
"" and Joey waits for Rachel and looks at her. Watching the confused reaction on her face he realises quickly and covers up saying "i mean..i know your name.. is Rachel..but asked your middle name"
"Its Karen..cough...its Karen..K as in knife"
Joey writes Naren.
"Joeyy...cough..its Karen...starts with K"
"If it starts with K why you said should work on your words anything else has your address"
"No..i still stay with Phoebe..rememberrrrr"
"your phone number?"
" would've told me if it had right...ok...your date of birth?"
"cough..from what i remembered hasnt changed"
"well you can't be sure.." winks Joey
" are worse than the cough...and by the way..Rachel is not pronounced RAYCHAL"  and grabs the form from him.
"hey...your cough sounds ok now" says Joey
"Yeah..have been practising it all day and night" says an annoyed Rachel and bursts into sporadic coughing.
"oh..cmon Rach..let me do it for you..i promise i would be more we go..any history of heart trouble?" asks Joey
At the very instant Dr. Richard comes out of his clinic and asks his receptionist to send the next patient in.
"Is that Dr. Richard" asks Rachel
"Yeah..Rach..any history of heart trouble" asks Joey
"I guess i would be having one from now" says Rachel dreamily and enters the clinic.
"" looks at her sheet and says " are you doing today" asks Richard
"I am cough..fine..cough" says Rachel with a dreamy smile.
"Unless you are used to using cough as a punctuation mark, i guess that is what you came here for"
" are so funny" laughs Rachel hysterically coughing all the way. Knowing that it was not that big a joke it makes Richard uncomfortable. Noticing which Rachel apologises.
"I am sorry"
" no no ..i am sorry..i am always the shy type you see. You know of all the genes they gene for shyness was the one found last. You know why?"
"It was so shy that it was hiding behind other genes"
Rachel stares at Richard.
"I wouldnt mind you laughing Rachel"
"Oh Thank god..that joke was killing me" and laughs and coughs all over Richard again.
"On a scale of 1 to 10..10 being the bad you would rate your cough"
"oh..sorry..i am never good with maths..are you always this good looking" wonders Rachel with a dreamy look.

After the session is over Rachel comes out beaming and smiling. "Oh. Joey..this was the best session ever i had with a doctor..right next to the time i used to flu shots when my doctor gave me lollipops after each shot. This time even better..i got his phone number...yaayy"
"oh..nice..we better hurry" urges Joey.
"What happened"
"You see the receptionist there...i just remembered we used to date sometime back"
"oh..dont tell me you dumped her without calling"
"Worse..for a valentine's day...i was here for general check up and she mistook the package i had left on her desk as my gift for her"
"what was in that"
"My urine sample".
By this time, the receptionist realises who Joey is and shouts "Hey..Joey....i know you..."
" for your life Rachel.." runs Joey with Rachel following him.

Saturday, December 01, 2012

From Perth to Perth

I guess being called ugly is something that wouldnt find favour with the vast majority of us. More so if you are a sportsman and the adjective is not towards the appearance but on your character. But ( i like this word "but" it always brings with it a sense of change) there "was" a tribe of fierce band of cricketers, who contrary to the popular opinion, took pride in being called the "ugly aussie". They went around, bullying the world cricket ,giving sleepless nights to cricketers of whichever country they travelled and injury scares (more scares than injury) to the visitors down under. They were the modern day vikings of world cricket, who went around plundering runs and wickets and at a point, having become so disdainful were their attitude, that the cricket watching public, barring those down under began to cheer every Aussie defeat irrespective of their nationality or whether their team is involved in it or not. Pride bequeath fall, they say and the entire world was watching with bated breath as to when the mighty aussies will fall. True. India turned out to be one place that barely escaped their victory blitzkrieg. But the rest of the world succumbed to their brute force and sheer talent, multiple times in the past decade and a half and one of the chief architects of those victory marches was this man who answered to the call - Ricky Ponting, who has announced his retirement from international cricket.

Australianism, means single-minded determination to win - to win within the laws but, if necessary, to the last limit within them. It means where the 'impossible' is within the realm of what the human body can do, there are Australians who believe that they can do it - and who have succeeded often enough to make us wonder if anything is impossible to them. It means they have never lost a match - particularly a Test match - until the last run is scored or their last wicket down. - Arlott

Never have i hated a player more than this guy. Especially when he played against India. More so for his audacious innings in the 2003 final when he cartered Zaheer for sixes as if a school kid was bowling to him. I still could recollect the shock with which we came out of our friend's house after the Aussie innings got over. Though there were brave talks that if sachin and sehwag can go blazing from start we could have a match on our hands but still couldnt quite come out of the shock and impact of that innings. Could very well understand the impact on the Indian players for all of whom it was their first major appearance on a major tournament final. He destroyed our dreams of India lifting the cup that day singlehandedly and we had to wait for almost a decade to see it happen. Till that innings Ponting was just another bully blessed with the best of class calibre cricketers ever to have been assembled in a single team. The "Invincibles" of my time i guess. After that match, he became the indelible tormentor who had to be avenged match after match and yet remained unconquered.

After the "Sydneygate" fiasco i began to hate him even more. His unsportsman like conduct and his constant arguing with batsmen when appeals for wicket got turned down and down right sledging made him a poster boy for dartboards. Though that test match would be more remembered for the monkey sledge by Bajji and Kumble's comment on the Aussie attitude towards that match, it would also be remembered as the first major push from the test cricket summit, that the aussies had ruled for so long. Guess, the post match criticism mellowed Ponting a bit and he became less controversial. Maybe that robbed him off some more years of cricket from him for his scores began to dwindle. As he grew in stature as a person and a leader and a mentor to his mates, his scoreline subsided and bowlers world over began to breath easy. Injury scare at a crucial stage of his career didnt help either. When the call for his ouster grew he answered that with another flurry of centuries and the victims this time again were the visiting Indian team. That became his last major hurrah and after the twin failures in the first two tests against SA in the ongoing series, he has decided to hang his boots.

Many feel that Sachin is a statistician's nightmare, for he churns up record after record every passing year. If at all there ever was a player who could give stiff competition for Sachin in this aspect and in every aspect of the wonderful sport called cricket, that would be this man. He was forever in waiting for Sachin to retire so that he can scale down some of his summits. But our own lil big man has managed to outlive him, though may not be for long i guess. The one legacy of Ponting that no player from current crop can manage to overcome would be the sheer number of victories he had been part of. He has lead his team undefeated, read UNDEFEATED, in two consecutive world cups and has been part of 100 test victories. To even play 100 matches is considered a tremendous achievement, a glorious example of the amazing stamina and patience and perseverance. But to be part of 100 victories, many of them being epics etched on the great hall of fame of cricket is something that would be unrivalled. Yes, he was blessed with the best of the world bowlers and fielders and support staff. But him being at the crux of them all, shouldering the burden of the limelight and brickbats, protecting his fellow mates and yet marshaling them to victory after victory...hmmm..that would be quite a journey i guess. We are all blessed to have witnessed an assembly line of superstar cricketers. Be it our own bunch of Kumble,Dravid,Laxman,Saurav,Sachin or Warne,McGrath, the Wow Waugh's, Lara, Kallis, Murali ..the list is endless but is incomplete without Ponting on it. The name Ponting was, is and would always be synonymous with victory and if he manages to win his final match at Perth, the place where he began his career, he would see his beloved team back at the test summit again. That would be a fitting tribute to his glorious career and for once, just this once alone, i would be rooting for an Aussie victory. Go Aussie Go.

Thursday, November 29, 2012

Night to remember

First Thanksgiving in US. Everyone were going crazy a week before the day over what to shop, when and where and which is the best option to buy - online or in store. Every detail was discussed and dissected and plans were framed like military attack operation. Teams were formed and stores were assigned to each of them. Everyone were asked to be on touch over phone and any surprise sudden deals were to be announced immediately. All credit cards were fully recharged and were prepared for a good night full of bashing. The day finally came and the whole day was spent lazing around waiting for the sun to set. It was the proverbial calm before storm. As the clock crept towards 6 PM everyone started pouring out of their houses onto their cars and within the next half hour the entire complex was empty. And even that turned out to be late. For shops that were set to open at midnight, the parking lots were already full by 7PM. Electronic appliances stores had queues stretching for miles. As usual like any person from India we were "marveling" at the discipline with which they were standing in queue, despite the chill weather. As the clock crept towards midnight the people in queue were becoming restless. Suddenly there was a shriek and all hell broke loose. Everyone were rushing towards the boxes under wraps and it was dog fight every where. Seems the best deals were restricted to only those pieces under the wraps and it was limited in numbers. It was creepy and funny at the same time. The games CD's and the play stations and Xboxes were the most sought after and were sold out within minutes. We started around 7PM and were Mall hopping till around 5AM in the morning. It was the sheer excitement and the thrill of seeing so much crowd going crazy over the deals, that kept us on feet. Even the food courts were full at so early in the morning. We sleep walked towards our vehicles and started back home. No wonder the theme for the day was "Shop till you drop". We were already dead tired and eyelids were growing in weight with each passing second.

Everyone were happily discussing the things they had bought and were wondering over the amount saved happily forgetting the amount spent!! Me and two more people started early as we were done with our shopping. There is a peculiar thing about the roads here. Absolutely no street lights. Whatever lights one could make use of would be only from the passing cars. We were cribbing about the very same thing when all of a sudden my friend spotted a deer. It was as huge as a cow. He slowed the car thinking that the deer would swerve away. But the opposite happened. For some strange reason the deer started rushing towards our car and before he could apply brakes it got banged and like movie hero who skids on bike it went screeching on the road. We didnt realise the impact of the hit and thought it might still have survived the hit and might walk away. But suddenly my friend noticed the bulge on the bonnet and wanted to check the damage. We pulled the car over to the right and went out. The car that was following us pulled ahead of us and the couple who were driving the car came out to check on us. When we inspected the car on the light then only we realised the impact of the hit. The entire front portion wore a crumpled look and it looked as if we had drove through a brick wall. The couple who had witnessed the accident thought we were injured and  were rushing to us. When they realised we were all safe, they were surprised and relieved. Surprised for the fact that, usually the deer hits of such impacts are fatal to both the parties it seems. The accident still hadnt fully sunk in. We saw the deer raise its head and all of a sudden a tractor trailer came rushing and it ran over the deer. The driver hardly seemed to notice it. Soon there was a motorcade of vehicles each either hitting and rolling over the now very dead deer or swerving with barely any control missing it. Each time there was a crunching sound we were close to throwing up. The legs were shaking so much and it was not just due to the bone chilling cold weather. The couple helped us to give details to the 911 people and my friend called the insurance people. Unlike what they show in movies it took a full 40 minutes for the police to come and they towed away the vehicle. By this time, the rest of our group also joined us and it took a further hour to get everything sorted out. While the police and the couple were cool about the entire incident and even joked that we can take the deer home and cook it, rest of us were shivering.

Whenever i used to read incidents of road accidents of students i used to think of brash kids unable to take control of their new found freedom. But after driving here only i realise how different it is. Night time driving is something that is unavoidable here and these kind of incidents/accidents are almost common place it seems. When i googled for insurance claims for deer hit cases, then only realised how lucky we were to survive the hit. In most of the cases, the deer gets smashed on the windscreen due to the high speed impact and in majority of the cases the passengers had suffered serious injuries and in some cases fatal. Every time i think about the incident i could hear the cracking sounds and screeching vehicles trying to avoid the deer. Badly shaken, yet it was an unforgettable learning experience. It taught us what we need to do in such situations and touch wood, there shouldnt be another incident like this to put our new found knowledge to use!!

Monday, November 26, 2012

Hyperbola Gils :)

In my previous post, while mentioning about the quirks of Monk and how they make up majority of the episodes was wondering is it really possible to be so...hmm...confirming. Ipdilaam kooda yaarachum irupaangalanu yosichapo it reminded me of some quirks of my own :)

School padikarapolaam if a paper...any paper(!!) happens to touch my leg, udanay thottu kannula othindruven :D My sister used to be a playful (read normal) soul and will step on anything despite my mom's warning that stepping on school bag means no padippu yerings in ur mandai. I took those warnings literally :) and till date none of my bags go anywhere near the toes :D aana padippu thaan yerina maathiri therila :D During school days, I used to wear my right socks and shoe first. Thappi thavari left socks potukittenna adutha arai mani neram kaalula etho weight katti vitta mathiri oru feeling irukkum. Will forcefully try to divert my mind into something else and worst case, when possible, will wear the shoe again. And notebooksla centerla thaan label oattanum. Cornerla oattina antha subject kashtama irukumnu oru "abaaara" nambikkai. All notebooks should be covered with golden brown color wrapper sheets. Athu semma thicka irukkum and in entire class mine would be the only one in that color wrapper. Oru mathiri orangish colorla, almost paperlike feeling wrapper, was the common one then and athu poattalum subject saria padikka varaathunu adutha "abaara" nambikkai. Ella bookslayum first pagela, exact middlela oru pullyaar suzhi kandipaaga irukkum :D and will always right my name with initials in front followed. Once when i saw my friend writing his name first followed by initials, it took me a while to digest that people can write in that format!!!
Ethaachum chapter padichitenna antha page would be marked with dog ears :) the more the folds more happy i would be that i know the contents of that page. Pinnadi intha pazhakkam apdiye ulta aaidichi. Ippolaam novels padikarachay, i hardly fold the pages. Either i would finish them in one sitting or would exactly remember where i left. Keeping a book in exactly the same condition as i got it is the latest fetish :D

Athey mathiri if something touches my hand or leg, like a screen cloth or paper floating on air, it has to touch both the limbs. Dont ask me why..i've no reason :D And if i take anything from a shelf or draw, i will keep it back each time even if i have to take it out a hundred times. If its from the draw, it HAS to go back to the draw. If i dont keep it back, avlo thaan. Once i took out scissors to cut a cover and pesikittay didnt notice where i kept it. When i needed it again it was so frustrating to note that it was not in its usual place. Ithula enna matterngareengala..well, to avoid a repeat of the situation i bought half a dozen scissors. Now i've so many that i've simply lost track of the number of scissors in our room :) Same goes for pen. I hate to borrow from people simply for the reason that if i ask and don't get it will feel very bad. Ithukaagavay will have a dozen of them in my bag. Athula evlo ezhuthumnulaam theriaathu..for i hardly write nowadays..but they should be there :) Ippo yosichi paatha ithelaam naama thaan pannomaanu nambavay mudia maatenguthu :D

ok...kathai mudikara timelayaachum title pathi solanumla. Mathematically speaking, one of the constraints for a hyperbola is that its eccentricity should be greater than 1 (less than 1 parabola and exactly 1 ellipse nenakren...not sure). Ennoda list of eccentricities kandipa greater than 1 thaana :D athaan antha title..hehehe :D

Hey..y dont you folks list down your quirks :D may the quirkiest win :D

Thursday, November 22, 2012

Monk - America's most favourite detective

Adrian Monk - America's answer to Sherlock Holmes. And my latest addi(c)tion to tv series.

Its a detective series, where the lead character is the most eccentric of all detectives you would've ever seen. He is like "Thenali" Kamal with 312 phobias (as of season 6 episode 3) and is quirky at his wonderful best. An ex-cop, who lost his wife to a car bomb and part of his sanity, blessed with photographic memory and over the top analytical mind, the series revlove around not just how he solves each case but how he over comes each of his fear in the process. The way in which the stories are structured, in most of the cases, the "who" and in some cases the "why" also will be known before hand. Its always the "how" which would be the best part and would never be easily guessable. Well, thats the essence of a good mystery right. Monk episodes are testimony to it.

The best part about the series is the subtle humour in each of the episodes. Kudos to the story writing department for their amazing imagination in figuring out one perfect murder after another for around 125 plus episodes. In a running span of 40 odd minutes, they have to throw in one perfect, or near perfect to be precise, murder mystery mostly associated with Monk's quirks and humour thrown in at the same time, is like juggling six balls while cycling on one wheel on a tight rope!! But they almost manage to pull it off with every single episode. There will be emotions, humour, thrill, mystery and even the irritating fears of Monk grows on you after a while. At times, feels like slapping him into submission, but, well, this is an American series right and people are "sensitive" !! Konjam overaavay sensitivea irupaangalonu thonum at times. Monk's annoyingly perfect nature like keeping things straight, always rounding things, making food with square edges, touching every standing pole near him, fear of getting infected with germs the list goes on and on and requires immense patience if you are really living with a person with such kinds of eccentric behaviour. His assistants,Sharona - in first few seasons and Natalie - for majority of the 8 seasons, avanga rendu perukum kovil katti kumbidanum, if they are that much patient in real life!! Especially Natalie, she suffers so much in silence but always is shown as an amazingly understanding character. Avlo porumailaam nejamavay irukuma!!! And she is so cute with a beautiful smile to top it.

Wherever Monk goes, murders will follow. And one episode is based on his class reunion, is my favorite one of the lot. More than the murder mystery, its one episode where i felt really sad for that character. He revisits his college mates only to find that no one remembers him. He marries his college mate, the only girl ever to have shown true interest in him, who gets killed in the car bomb. He always mentions her in almost all the episodes but rarely she makes a screen appearance. While, everyone in the college remembers her, Monk is hardly recognised. Infact they remember him as captain cool for his fetish to clean the canteen refrigerator. That one episode showed how sad it would've been to grow up with so many phobias and the reason why Monk is adamantly addicted to his phobias. For they were his "friends" growing up and had kept him away from general public. It was a heartwarming episode and made me realise my case is no less different from Monk, if i had to attend my high school reunion!!

Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Ada aaapeecerungala!!

Vara vara officela makkal thara kedupudiya vida government thara imsainaalaye makkal elaam vela paaka aarambichiduvaanga pola!! Facebook la yaar enna panraangannu inimay HR,network teamlaam monitoray panna venam. Antha antha ooru state governmentay ithelaam nalla paathukaranga. Mumbaila etho oru ponnu ipo recenta mandaiya poatta (Avvvvvvvv....pera type panna kooda bayama iruku!!) oru thaanai thalaivarukaaga ethuku bandh pannanumnu oru one line status poatathuku antha ponna pudichi ulla vachitaangalam mumbai kaaval thurai. Ithula uchha katta kodumai was..antha status ku like poatta innoru ponnaiyum ulla vachitaangalam!!! enna koduma saravanaa ithu!! Ipdilam restrict panni kadisila vela paaka vachiruvaanga polarukkay!!!  (On a serious note i guess it could have been preventive arrest to avoid any flare up and possibly for the girl's own protection..nallathay nenaippom!!)

Inthe freedom of expression itha pathilaam elaarum medai poattu koovarapolaam realise pannathilla. But when it hits closer appo thaan theriuthu ithu evlo peria matternu. Saatharanama oru opinion, athuvum thannoda personal spacela solla kooda mudiaama oru situation varapo thana freedomoda arumai theriyuthu. And ithey ratela pona we are all set for a major "change" soon. Infact, antha ponnu entha status message poatucho, athey pheelings thaan enakkum. But since lot of my friends are marathi people and most of them are so sensitive to the topic, atha pathi post pannala. Ithana naala summa irunthitu ipo thideernu elaarum pongi ezhunthu protest panrapo thaan prachanaiye varuthu. Extremist..facist athu ithunu ippo brand panra makkal ithana naala enna pannitrunthaanga? Well. They were raising the same noise, but from a safe distance. Aal illaingarapo everyone wants their share of limelight and moments in the sun. It only irks the already strained sentiments of the supporters and the stage gets all set for anarchy. Sedition charges are something which is a multi edged sword. Enga handle enga sharp sidenu vidhyasam kandupudika mudiatha oru weapon. Its very easy to use it on an individual and the kind of power it gives to the government is quite scary, to imagine the extent to which it can be used. Aana athey samayam, it would make instant martyr out of an otherwise unknown individual. Its as good as blowing up a small, otherwise harmless spark into a powerkeg. Each time when an ultra national raises his head, the government, irrespective of the country, follows the same approach. They allow the person to thrive and when it becomes too close for comfort they either use brute force (in case of military regimes) or side with them (in case of democrazies). The latter is the case many itmes over in the short 6 decade old post independent Indian history.

The rise of zealots raises a fundamental question. When there is a government, supposedly elected by the vast majority, why do people still go to these extremist for solutions? Why dont they have the trust on their own elected representatives or the institutions (police and judiciary) that they blindly accept? People cry over the rising cost of education and everything in this country. Wonder if has anyone ever tracked the cost of judiciary? If you've to wage a court case, what would be the minimum amount an individual is expected to spend and how much it has increased over the ages??!! Especially with the turnaround time for cases running into decades, this would make an interesting observation i guess. The only way, i feel, to counter these mob uprisings, is to strengthen the judiciary and the legal system. It could be the only unifying common thread, to hold this great country full of diversity. Till the time people have faith that everyone is equal in front of law, there is still hope that, they wouldnt rush to the extremists for any short cut solutions. And there wouldnt be legends or lores praising their so called "heroes".

 This entire situation reminds of a comedy scene involving Vadivelu and Maddy in RENDU movie. "Aniyaayatha kanda ponganum" nu maddy will advice vadivelu and what happens next is exactly how our arasiyal thalaivars behaves :)

Thursday, November 15, 2012

Unda Mayakkam

Diwali @ foriegn desam apdina intha potluck, games, familya settle aagiruntha snacks and sweet distribution to all apartment veedu and bachelorsna oc saapaadu for couple of days. Guess this is the norm in most of the places. For this diwali, it was for the very first time, spent it with such a huge gumbal. Ithuvaraikkum entha oorla irunthaalum will get back to Chennai for festivals. This time that wasnt possible. But this experience was very nice too. Here they had arranged for potluck with some 20 plus families, with each one preparing a dish. Around 40 people had been invited. And i was made incharge for the most important and critical and essential and mandatory item, without which potluck wouldnt have been possible. Vera entha dish sample panna kedaikutho illayo ennoda item ilaama ethuvumay not possible and each one had to have one of it alteast. Avlo criticalana mukkiyamaana antha matter ennagareengala..athaanga Plate. Aairam thaan vagai vagaiya saapaadu pannalum..plate illama sapda mudiyuma. Itha sonna udhaika varaanga. Enna kodumai ithu :((
The family at whose apartment we all gathered had arranged for kutti games also. Etho mini kalyana saapadu mathiri irunthichi. Avlo variety. Nalla kattu kattunu kattitu ellarum kelambinaprum kadisia kelambrathula innoru vasathi irukku. Especially if you are single. Micham meethi ellam pack panni parcel kuduthiruvanga. Here also, chamatha enga roomkaga oru peria packet was ready. Pora kuraikku oru anbu ullam, wheat halwa senju, enakaga speciala oru packet kuduthu vittanga. Avvvvvvvvv...avanga anbu alwava vida sweet. Apruma diwaliku release aana THUPPAKI padam paaka motha gumbalum went. Paathi theater enga gumbal thaan. It was neither a typical Vijay movie, with no punch dialogues or mass kuthu songs, nor a Murugadoss movie, with hardly any of his signature touches, nor was Kajal Agarwal good looking in that, semmaya weight potu pannikutty mathiri iruntha and comedy was pathetic and songs marana mokka except for Google Google. Choregraphyum padu sumaar. Only saving grace being the mind game sequences between hero and villain. Konjam logica and thrillinga irunthichi. Padam poora oray whistle and comments and cat calls. When we had went for SKYFALL, the vellakaara ammani who was sitting next to some of the ladies in the group, sushed them and scolded them for making non stop comments about James Bond. Intha vaati no such prachanai. Highlight was, in the movie there is a scene when Kajal Agarwal tries to kiss Vijay. One of my colleagues kid, hardly 5 years old was sitting at the edge of his seat watching the scene with rapt attention. We all were watching the keenness with which the kid was following the scene with so much "involvement". My colleague sighed and said ," Ivana inimay padam paaka kootikitu vantha Thavani kanavugal Bagyaraj mathiri chillarai kaasu kaila eduthu vachuka vendi thaan". Those who've seen the movie, will know which scene he was referring too :D Semma fun it was.

Ivvaaraaga diwali celebrations mudinji adutha naal officeku kelambara mathiri kodumai irukay :( romba kushtam. Previous day panna comedies pathi arattai adichay paathi naal odi poachu. Mokka potukitu irukkum boathu suddenly one reminder popped up. There was a training scheduled for 12.30 PM and it was about to being in 5 minutes. Adichi pudichi login pannaparum thaan realised, athu naan present panna vendia session!! Enna topicnay maranthu poachu :D One by One makkal started joining the call. Enna panrathu theriama oruthar oruthar kittayum Happy diwali and how their day went, ithay kaettay oru pathu nimisham thallitu, antha gapla brushed up what i needed to talk about :D pakkathula ukkanthiruntha colleagueslam semma ragalai. Call mutela poatutu galatta pannitrunthaanga. Funny thing was, session mudinjathum, itha mathiri oru session en vaazhkkaila attend pannathilla..enga arivu kanna thoranthiteengannu oray aaravaara comments. Oru payalum sessiona gavanikkalainu nanna purinjuthu :))

Avlo thaan kathai surukkam :)) ippothaikku apeetu appalikka repeetu..varta :)

Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Happy Diwali folks

There used to be a time when inbox would be filled with forward messages and pictures of lamps and crackers and godess Lakshmi and fundoo exe's. They were the fore runners for "mail storm"s i guess, where in each people marked on the mail dutifully either replied all or forwarded the mail to everyone else on their address books. When i was a fresher, we used to have a "competition" in our gang as to who gets/sends the most creative of forwards. My seniors used to complain that they have been seeing the same content as forwards for several years and some even went to the extent of creating rules to spam our mails :) We used to tease them as the dinosaurs of IT and our excuse always was that, though the content might be years old, that would've been the very first time we were seeing them. There was one akka in my team who would pass on her "critical review" for our mails and she always used to tell me that soon we would all get over it and there would come a time when there would be no forward mails on your inbox. That time , she said, you will remember what i am telling you now. Well, mail varathillangarathukaaga naama mail anupaama vitruvoma enna :) So here is me spamming the blogspot :))

Iniya Deepavali nalvaazhthukkal makkalay :) May god shower your life with prosperity and joy and happiness and may each day be as bright as the festival of lights.

Sunday, November 11, 2012

Sky Fall - Bond is back

After a long long time, a James Bond movie with a decent script. Decent compared to the standards of those from the past 2 decades. Unlike the Harry Potter series, arguably the highest grossing franchise movie series ever, or any comic superhero series, which had solid backing of blockbuster story lines, James Bond series, are never really well known for their stories. Its neither on the adrenaline pumping category of a Jason Bourne series or the mind blowing situations of the Mission Impossible series. Every one knows that the character is a spy and come what may, he will kill the villain in the end, flirting and seducing every single female in the process. Yet, the franchise has survived 50 years and is still going strong. The titular role, is one of the most prestigious roles ever created in the movie industry and instant fame is assured in case of Box office success and so is instant doom of failure in case of a flop. I really wonder if anyone had actually read Ian Fleming's novels, but over the period of the past 5 decades and with instant trivia sites dime a dozen, the character of James Bond is so detailed to the minutest that it is bored to perfection. In fact, even a slight deviation, like the way he takes his drinks - always shaken and never stirred, is considered sacrilege and raises hue and cry from the die hard fan following.

With only so much left for leeway and with hardly any degree of suspense possible, MGM has rolled out movie after movie and most of them being blockbusters, the real credit goes to the actors who have played the role. My all time favourite is Sean Connery. With a slightly large forehead (some might say bald) and a dimple, dueling with SRK's, he was the quintessential spy. Especially with cold war at its peak, every punch he threw were cheered to knock out commies and all his victories were hailed as their own by the West. He was so very well set in the role that, for long no one believed anyone else could fit in that role. Then came Roger Moore, who with his wit and suave body language got a series named after his own. If Sean brought in the the grey side of espionage in his act Roger added the flavor of Bond being the ultimate ladies man. Pierce Brosnan had both the charm and the looks, but unfortunately was let down by horrible story lines and people were beginning to loose interest in the franchise. Along came Daniel Craig. With beefed up body line and almost Putin look a like in appearance, he was under immense pressure right from his first tryst in being Bond, to resurrect a losing empire of fan following. Casino Royale, supposedly based on thee first Bond novel(?), didnt do his reputation no harm. The unbelievable stunts set the tone for the action movie genre. But the character of Bond took a huge step away from the usual stereotype. The major attraction of Bond movies, being the punch lines or the one liners, which glittered with wit and sarcasm, were lost on Craig. He could be all macho and strong but can never hold a candle to a Roger Moore or Sean Connery when it comes to pulling those atrociously witty lines with a deadpan face.

After watching Quantum of Solace, I had lost all hope in the series and Sky fall's trailer also didnt inspire much confidence. But after watching the movie, i feel the franchise is alive and kicking as it completes half a century in the movie world. The movie begins with the famed Bond chase sequence. He runs and drives and flies everywhere and the stunt sequence on train top is AMAZING in one word. Bond is shot by his own people, by mistake and falls off the train. There is a pattern in which the names of the crew are displayed for any Bond movie. There would be a song with graphical representation of the story in bits and pieces with usually chart buster songs accompanying in background. Ditto for this one too. After that there is the usual illlogical sequences the indestructible, but beaten badly and ageing fast Bond, makes an appearance at MI6 HQ after its bombed. Though he fails to clear the fitness tests, his boss madame M, assigns him the task of finding the villain, who doesnt make appearance till almost the halfway mark into the movie. An ex agent himself, bent on taking revenge on M, the villain does a Joker act, from Batman 2- Dark knight. He gets himself arrested by Bond only to be taken to the new HQ of MI6, breaks into their firewall security and uses their own system to let loose hell on the subway system of London. All for the purpose of revenge. Bond manages to save M and takes her to his estate, Sky Fall - oru vazhia titlea justify panitaangappa!!. The villain group traces the duo to the Bond estate and whether the villain killed M and what happens to Bond in the end makes the climax. Unlike the previous Bond installments, there is hardly any humour and worse, there is no fancy gadgets. To make matters worse for the fans, even the famed Bond car, which is one of the added attractions in any Bond movie, goes missing in this. But this one happens to be one of the best of the lot, for the simple fact that, it gives a human face to Bond.

Gils verdict - Kandippa worthy to be called a Bond movie.

Sunday, November 04, 2012

ARR @ his best

FB has been filled with status updates of videos from MTV Unplugged 2. Especially from the yet to be released Mani Ratnam movie song "Nenjukkullae". More than that song, which sounds like a remix of "Enna ithu" from Nala Damayanthi..this one is my favorite of the lot. Loved the original version from Swades. Ennamo NRI's ellariyum ARR koovi koovi India vanthirunu koopdra mathiri oru super feel irukum. But this remixed version is simply awesome. Wait till 3:58 in video when he switches over to tamil. Goosebumps guaranteed. Awesome awesome rendition and amazing clarity. Bless you Rahman for these masterpieces.

Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Eternal sunshine of the spotless mind

                   Blessed are the forgetful..for they get the better even of their blunders.

Many times i've wondered, if at all there was an option, to wipe out those memories of embarrassing situations, memories of sadness, of failure, of all those negative that which hang around mind like unwanted files, cluttering the space. The pain that is associated with them, which gets rekindled each time you revisit. The bouts of suffering that which gets reminded each time. The shudder that runs through the body and the cold chill on the spine reliving those embarrassments. If only we could, not just forget about them, but also make sure that they are erased forever. But even if we do erase those memories, will it make life any better? So goes the theme of the movie "The eternal sunshine of the spotless mind".

First thing that attracted me to the movie was the title. Some sentences or word, however big or clumsy they are, gets immediately fixed. I saw it once on a cover and it got branded right into my mind. For a long time, i contemplated on watching it and even bought the DVD. But felt, it might be too boring and skipped it each time. When i got to know that it had Jim Carrey starring in it, that was the second vote casted on its favour. I simply love that man. Behind his facade as a hyper energetic character, lies a highly sensitive personality. And i am a huge fan of Kate Winslet for the variety of roles that she tries. The movie boasts of a top notch cast. Jim Carrey, Kate Winslet, Elijah wood, Mark Ruffalo, Kirsten Dunst and any more biggies, it would've been like J.P Dutta's "L.O.C", a parade of superstars.

"Sand is overrated. Its just tiny pieces of rock" and so begins the movie. First line kaetta udanaye it felt different. Jim Carrey meets Kate on a train and though their personalities couldnt be any more different they fall for each other. In the very next scene Kate is seen kissing a person and feigns ignorance about Carrey who is heartbroken. In the following scene Mark Ruffalo and Elijah wood are seen performing some test on him.The stroy telling mode is so jumbled that, it takes a while to adjust to the twists and turns. After a while you get to realise the choppy butchered way of story telling, which is so much in synch with the theme of the movie.

Carrey and Kate are estranged lovers and due to their conflicting personalities they quarrel a lot. During the aftermath of one such fight, Kate decides to take the ultimate step of removing the very presence Jim carrey from her life, past and present and visits a memory correction clinic where they map the brain tracing the memories that you want to get removed. When Carrey gets to know about it, in an urge to get back at her, he also subscribes for similar treatment. While undergoing the test, he backtracks his memories, while they are getting erased and re-lives those situations. He realises that he is equally at fault on each of the situations and how he could've avoided them and more than anything, that he is still in love with Kate. The moment the realisation strikes him, his mind works over time to protect the remaining memories of Kate and tries his best to hide them. Those scenes are so touching and masterfully created that they hook you right into the storyline and you begin to enjoy the ride, getting totally in synch with the back and forth storytelling style. As the memories get erased from latest to oldest, the final few memories of how he met her and what made him fall for her, that get erased the last, makes him miserable. Before it gets completely wiped off, he retains the final sentence said by her, to meet her in Montauk. That is the first scene of the movie where in Jim Carrey is seen rushing into the train before it closes.

In between, there are two parallel stories that happen in real time. Elijah wood, steals all the personal belongings of Jim carrey that  has all his notes about Kate and uses them to get Kate attracted to him. Kirsten Dunst who is shown to be in love with Mark Ruffalo finds out to her shock that, she herself had undergone memory erasement procedure, to break off her relationship with her boss. In a fit of rage and having realised the futility of the treatment, she mails the details of all the patients back to them reminding them of the very memories that they got erased. Both Kate and Jim Carrey also gets back their tapes and realises how bad they had been thinking of each other that had driven them to this decision. After contemplating whether its worthwhile to pursue their relationship again, they decide to take a chance on themselves and give it a try again.

"Eternal sunshine of the spotless mind!
Each prayer accepted, and each wish resigned."

Many scenes from the movie are as poetic as the title itself. In any relationship, there has got to be ups and downs. While going through the tough times, when one realises the happier moments that each had with other, i guess people may not opt for divorce so easily. A lovely movie and must watch i would say.

P.S: There is one SJ Surya movie , Ah..Aah, a crappy one at best, which is based on similar theme. Now that i've seen the original, the tamil version doesnt sound that bad at all. Definitely it could've been done with better casting. But an interesting attempt at best nevertheless.

Friday, October 26, 2012

One test and many learnings

When i had taken learners permit, it was more for an id proof/address proof kind of thing and never had any intention of taking it up further. When roomies went for driving classes, joined them for fun and even after going for half a dozen training sessions, was still in no mood to actually take up the test. One fine day, it finally dawned that, Why not? Afterall i've spent so much for each of those classes, i might as well take up the test. All the while i was playfully attending without showing much interest on learning the rules and the moment i realised i had to prepare for the road test, it was throwback time to the school days. Looking at the way i was driving, the instructor booked a much early slot for me and all of a sudden things were not so easy anymore. The same roads, that were comfortable to Vrroom around appeared like obstacle courses. During the final class, looking at the way i was driving, the instructor asked me to pull over.

"What the hell is wrong with you"
I didnt even turned to look at him and kept staring ahead. "You are not doing a brain surgery here. Why are you so tensed. Relax."
The reason for the dressing down was, he asked me to make a left turn and i did a complete U turn on the lane. He was so shocked that he couldnt bring himself to shout at me then and there and asked me to pull over.
"Why did you make that U turn"
I kept quiet for some time and finally confessed the real reason. "Just a left turn alone sounded too simple"

He started laughing so much that he had tears running. "Oh my god. Why do you want to complicate things? You are not appearing for Guinness record my friend. Its a simple road test and how much ever you want to complicate it, this much only is what they are expecting you to perform during the test."

Infact, a similar sentiment was echoed by my manager sometime back when i pestered for a project change. I told him that i was feeling bored in the current setup and wanted something that would demand more from me. He said "Enda..ellarum easya velainum kaetta nee en valiya poi vambu venumngara". And upon my constant nagging he finally got me changed to a high pressure project.

Its not that i always go after difficulties. But for me, having things getting done easy, always had a feeling of guilt associated with it. That unless a task is complex it doesnt give the satisfaction of getting it done. Ithana naala ellarum sonnapolaam realise pannala..aana when the instructor laughed about it, it really stuck for the very first time, that how simple it sounded. Even during my student days, when i solved a math problem fast, i would never feel satisfied and would think that it was an easier one and hence i was able to crack it. And during the course of that driving class i realised it a lot. Rather than making things simple, i imagined complex, thought complex and that only ended up increasing my mental stress. Finally i was a nervous wreck on the day of the exam that i almost gave up. Better sense prevailed and today i feel more relieved than happy that i cleared the test. The roads have widened up again and travelling has got back its merriment. When my examiner told my driving instructor that i cleared the test he only said one thing "I always advice my students to think sharp while behind the wheel. But for this guy, i begged with him not to".

So, athaaaagaaapattathu....enna solla varennaa... license kedacchaahhuuuuu ...wooohoo :))