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"Kaveri Express..swalpa samay mein...platform number......" could not hear the rest amidst the symphony of languages in the City station. I reached the station an hour early. It was nothing short of a record, for my punctuality never adheres to any timezone...a sad aspect which, the harder i try to overcome tougher it becomes.

I boarded my compartment after giving a rundown on who are my co passengers. As usual it comprised mostly of "Youths" in their early 60's-Courtesy Collective Curse of my friends, whose BP touched stratospherical levels, because of my timelines. I always carry some book or other and if i donot read one paragraph atleast before the train moves, the journey simply doesnt happen for me.

I lookedup to the elderly male voice which asked "Excuse this S 8?"...
it was almost immediately accompanied by an impatient lady's voice which silenced the male voice with .. "How many times you will ask the same question"....…

Decision time

This is one question which has been lingering on my mind for a while...and after reading "The Chamber" by Grisham it has grown in strength. Should we have capital punishment? Do we have the right to take others lives, even through legal medium? From a victims perspective it might sound justified. I've argued on both sides of the issue with myself and few of my friends. But the vote is evenly divided on both sides. Eager to hear ur views on that.

2006-A Love story

One of the most heart warming stories i have ever times makes me jealous of the lead characters wishing to be one of them :)...Now...the story...

It was a lovely December morning in the hottest city in the world. All right, so that was a little unfair. Chennai is not the hottest city in the world. But it certainly is the city with the most uncomfortable weather among the cities that I have lived in. And I've been around. But I digress.
I was in the company bus on my way to work, as usual trying to catch up with my sleep. On this particular day, a girl got on the bus, came to my seat and sat down. "Good Morning," she said. I looked back at her through half closed eyes, replied "Good Night," and then proceeded to return to my half hour nap before the bus reached the office. Unfortunately, I was woken up by a punch in the arm.
"Wake up, bozo!" She was looking at me with a big smile on her face. "I'm not sitting next to you to listen t…

Whats in a name.. ;)

Yet another action packed weekend in Banglore, full of fun, frolic and introspection. I have learnt many things. For example having money when none of your friends have any is as good as not having any. And after spending much time in movie theatres, cafes and restaurants I have gathered many insights into the endless monotony that is the love life of south Indian men. What I have unearthed is most disheartening. Disheartening because comprehension of these truths will not change our status anytime soon. However there is also cause for joy. We never stood a chance anyway. What loads the dice against virile, gallant, well educated, good looking, sincere mallus and tams? (Kandus were once among us, but Bangalore has changed all that.) Our futures are shot to hell as soon as our parents bestow upon us names that are anything but alluring. I cannot imagine a more foolproof way of making sure the child remains single till classified advertisements or that maternal uncle in San Francisco th…