Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Yaaaara paathu rowdynu sonna..

"Gils..aanilaam epdi iruku" oru varam leavela poiruntha damager returns.
"All aanis pudungified opicer"
"Kadisia oru mail vanthuchay..athu paathia?"
"yes opicer"
"Athula ketruntha detailslam explain panni detaila mail anupidu"
"ok opicer"
"Gils..porumaia nithanama mail anupu..as usual kovapattu kanna pinaanu mail anupidathaa.."
ok..er...waaat???? kovamaaa??naanaaa? PKSla kamal tablea kuthi fan ceilingla idicha epectla i stood stunned for a minute!! Naan epo kovapaten?? atha ithu epo pathuchu?? Packet packeta tortoise koluthinaalum onum nyabgam varala..

"Machi..anniki athu evening 8.45ku oru change solitu intha kshanam mudichitu po sonapo murachiye..athukaga solirukumo?"
"dei..en muzhiye apdithaanda.."
"athuvum correct thaan..car windsheild kanakka oru kannadi maatikitu paathi neram nee ena reaction kudukaranay puria matenguthu"
"paathia kovapadriye"
"naan onum kovapadala"
"atha en ivlo kovathoda solra"
!!! athuku mela pesina namaku thaan damagenu canteenuku ponen. Intha opicela mani adicha soru. Aana latea pona kothamalli karuvepala kooda irukathu. Thodachi vachiruvanga. En neram..paathiram kazhuvi vaikara timeku ponen.

"ek sandwich de do"
"ek ya do?"
dei..enda kolreenga..unga hindila idi uzha "ek"
"y angry..u hungry..no angry..eat sandwich"
"i am NOT angry...and thanks for the sandwich"

En thala kuda thirumbala pakkathula irukara aal kita that canteen fellow was telling.."bahuth gusse mein hain aaj" (romba kovathula iruken iniki) nu.
Adapavingala kovakaarannay pattam katiteengala..ennamoda madhava nu..saptutu went back to my workstation.

"enna gils ivlo kovama vara..canteenla sandaia"
ada paavigala...dei..endaaaa..enn...nallathaana poitrunthichi..
"seri seri..muraikaatha..iniki ivanuku moodu sarila nenakren..will come later" nu sollitu pakkathu team janthu escaped.

Seri..pesina thana prachanai solitu..paata kekalaamnu head phonea edutha..athu connect panrathukulla odanju poachu.

"Aanalum ivlo kovam aagathuda unaku..headfone melaya un kovatha kaatrathu"
aaaha....iniki elarum oru margama thaanya alaiaraanga..uhummm..asaratha gils..inum 3 hours thaan..aprum veetuku odiralam.

Kareeta 5.30 ku pudu thalai calls for all team meeting. Pazhaia thalai giving intro abt each team member to new thalai.

"He is gils. The angry young man of this project.." apdi solitu enamo ulaga maga joke adicha mathiri oru siripu sirichar.

Intha kodumaikelam oru mudivay ilayaaaaanu paathutrukarapo..veetlenthu call.

"ennada phone pana sonene en panala.."
"marantenmaa..enna vishayam"
"enda fone panala keta..athukenda ipdi erinji vizhara.."

Avvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvv.....intha aataiku naan varala saaammiiii....

Monday, September 28, 2009

Spirit of Mumbaiiiiiiiiii

My My MY MY...this city never fails to amaze me. Such a vibrant and energizing city where it seems there are 2 sunrises perday. People never seem to sleep and trains are never empty. Be it weekend weekday or holiday its alltime crowded. Dusserah celebrations have been going on for the past one week in my apartment. Every night from 8 to 10PM they have dance competitions of various categories. Garba..Special garba..special saada..with masaala..withoutnu lot of varieties. All cute looking gals :) dancing with cute cute steps :)) dressed in cute cute cute costumes :))) It was nice fun. Yesterday being weekend the turnout was pretty good. It was supposed to get over at 10 but the crowd began to pour in only at 10 PM. To say that all hell broke loose after that is an understatement :) Me and my roomies were present as usual in the audience. Suddenly one of my roomie had a rush of blood and he started dancing (sathiyama ithu naan ileengo..sona nambanum) avana paathu micha socha makkalukum sruthi eridichi. They also started dancing..solli vacha mathiri antha timela "Apdi podu " song from gilli was playing. Kekanuma...pasanga seri kuthu. On seeing the wild steps of these guys..one group of dancers in the ring invited them into their group. What happened rest is history :) It was Nach baliye, jodi number one, maanada mayilada everything rolled into one. I was designated the official cameraman for the event. It went on and on till 1 Am. After that we were all so damn tired that we just flopped on the park. The crowd went beserk when the DJ played Tan tanann..the latest Chartbuster from KAMINEY. We couldnt resist the jig and got up again and danced like mad.

The people here are amazing. Such a vibrant and energetic crowd i've never seen anywhere before. They work hard and party harder. And no wonder the dance reality shows in hindi are way better than the ones in tamil. These guys are natural dancers. The way the groove to each beats and the way they all keep up with each other and choreograph their movements is amazing. They dance like pros. After our gang moved in..it all got messed up and each one freaked out :) Traditional steps went out of the window and tamizh kuthu dance took centerstage. Onnu uruthi..entha raasa entha patanam ponalum..namma oor kuthu styleku thani audience iruka thaan seiyuthu :) Overall semma enjoyable experience. Vidia vidia aatam potutu vanthu padutha kai kaalula semma vali. Part parta Pichi poatama mathiri irunthichi :D Everyone was totally drenched in sweat. Elatha vida top news..star cricket vacha England defeating SA to qualify for semis :) Woooohoooo....

P.S: valaichi valaichi foto eduthennu sonieye engada oru snapum kaanumnu kekareengala...enna panrathu..kameravum kooda senthu aatamo aatam potruchi pola..all foto arab mathiri semma shakya aidichi :(

Saturday, September 26, 2009

I've a dream...

Ever since i saw "Maama Mia" in HBO..this song has been ringing in my head nonstop. Me a big fan of ABBA. That troupe has a cuteness in all their song..a refreshing sense of jolly music and nice n simple lyrics to top it all. I like most of their songs.."volevouzs","waterloo","I do I do","mama mia".."dancing queen" being the most favourite. But lyricswise..this one is my fav.. I feel its very positive in tone..

I have a dream, a song to sing, to help me cope with anything
If you see the wonder of the fairy tale
You can take the future even if you fail
I believe in angels, something good in everything I see
I believe in angels, when I know the time is right for me
I'll cross the stream, I have a dream

I have a dream, a fantasy, to help me through reality
And my destination makes it worth the while
Pushing through the darkness still another mile
I believe in angels, something good in everything I see
I believe in angels, when I know the time is right for me
I'll cross the stream, I have a dream
I'll cross the stream, I have a dream

I have a dream, a song to sing, to help me cope with anything
If you see the wonder of a fairy tale
You can take the future even if you fail
I believe in angels, something good in everything I see
I believe in angels, when I know the time is right for me
I'll cross the stream, I have a dream
I'll cross the stream, I have a dream

Namma phellow blogger oruthanga ithey songa avanga versionla padirukanga...a talented singer i her own right....check it out click

"Maama Mia" movie also very cute..pazhaya baagavathar padam mathiri paatukelam nadula dialogue and i think the actors themselves have sung the song :) Meryl streep paaka Kareena kapoor in old age mathiri irukanga. And wow..she rocks!!! The one who plays her daughters role is cute as well :)) Pierce brosnan thaan pavam..looks out of sorts and tries hard to be convincing.

Thursday, September 24, 2009

Old man and the lift

Engayo padicha nyabgam..Indiavoda "city of skyscrappers" na athu Mumbai thaanamay. After coming here only realised. Emmaaaaddiiii....ella buildingum embuttu perusaa keethu. Pattikaataan mutaai kadaiya paatha mathiri first konja naal niminthu paathutay suthitrunthen (Quickly realised that better looking structures are at ground level and mobile :D ipolaam kannum kannum nokia thaan :D :D) Even normal residential buildings are a dozen plus storey high ( Approved constructionsa ilayanulam therila..but going by the numbers..i dont think there is any restriction here on the number of floors you can have in a building!!) The one where i stay is a 20 storeyed building (appadi..oru vazhia pointuku oru arai kilometer kita vanten..)

Though i stay in the second floor..its actually the 4th floor considering the 2 levels of parking. Current cut aagara anikelam drillu thaan..naalu maadi erarathukulla sethu pona thaatha paatilaam kannuku terivaanga. The lift operator in my apartment is a very old man. But full of energy. He will always smile at people who enter the lift and say pleasantries to them. Kids especially love him. He also takes immense pride in remembering where each person has to get down. Even before we could tell which floor we want to get down he would correctly press the button and look at us with glowing face. The nod or smile which he gets in return is the biggest compliment for him. Even if we dont respond he wouldnt mind. For some reason he has taken into his mind that i am from 3rd floor. Everytime when he see me, he would quickly press 3 and would smile at me. I corrected him the first time. Somehow i think it registered in his mind that i belong to third floor :) I stopped correcting him afterwards and everytime get down in 3rd floor, will wave at him and once the lift door closes will walk back down to 2nd floor. I dont mind the walk rather than bursting his happy bubble :)

I am always amazed at the way in which he finds ways to make his job interesting. Imagine..going up and down in a lift..half the time there wouldnt even be anyone using it. If there is a countdown for top 10 dull jobs i guess this would definitely be right on top in the list. Not that i am belittling the nature of work. When someone gets stuck or if the power goes off while we are in lift..that time the presence of the operator is a calming effect. Well..at times i get so irritated with the kind of work i do..i feel like running away from all these things. It feels so meaningless and mundane. I think about the old man nowadays whenever such thoughts come. He has taught me a great lesson without even uttering a single word.

Monday, September 21, 2009

Weekend Movie Watch

Intha vaaram muzhichikitruntha timey romba kammi..so athunala neria padam paaka mudila :( Had a bunch of movies to watch..but no time :(

First paatha padam...P.S I Love you. Rommmmmmmmmba naaala pending. Atlast managed to see it. Intha padatha pathi all my friends where raving about so much that apdi enna thaan irukungara curiosityla i started reading the book first. Not sure which one came first, but somehow i felt the book was more stronger in emotions than the movie. The heroine is more sad, more bubbly, more lonely, more enthusiastic in the book than compared to the movie. How much ever i love Hillary Swank, i still would bet Meg Ryan would've done wonders to this character. I felt it was tailor made for her.

Coming to the story. A cute pair of hubby (Gerald "leonoidas" Butler of "300" fame) and wife(Hillary "Million$baby" Swank)- Who fight a lot and love each other a lot more. Nadichavanga perlaam podrathukulaye hubby dies. Wife is depressed and almost goes crazy with loneliness. Suddenly she starts receiving letters from her dead husband. Aavi ulagathulenthu ilaa..that guy apparently was aware that he was going to die and had written some "post dated" letters..each one containing some message/task for the wife and all of them end with the wordings "P.S I Love You". The tasks takes her through all the places which she enjoyed with him and she relives those happy thoughts. Mean time there is a romantic angle in the form of a long time friend. At one point (read climax) the letters dry out and the last one advices her to carry on with her life. What she does forms the ending.

Gils review: Beautiful concept and mushy romantic. Its been quite a while since i saw a more romantic movie than this. Neria ponnunga like Gerald Butler. No wonder why :) His role is very limited in the movie but still, his charisma hangs throughout the movie as if his ghost is always around. I love the scene where they meet first. A dog starts to bark at Swank and what follows might be right out of any hindi or tamil movie..but here it looks so genuine :) verrrrry kuuuuteee.. Hillary Swank looks less sad..less happy..less cherubic..almost as if she has underplayed that character. Still Swank being Swank..manages to scrape through. Overall a nice feel good movie and if u r sucker for rom coms..dont miss it.
P.S : I loved it :)

Next movie is a bit old one and quite new at the same time - A Wednesday :) Ithana naala hard diskla irunthichi. Almost everyone who had seen the movie urged me to watch it. But somehow was not in mood. Now that Kamal has taken up that role it intrigued me to see ..apdi enna thaan iruku intha padathulanu. I couldnt go for the tamil version. So settled for the original one which they showed in BINDAAS tv yesterday. Its the smallest decent hindi movie i've ever seen - under 2 hrs discounting the ad breaks. I think even shooting the movie wud've got over within a month :) Naserrudin shah speaks for 30 mins inthe movie and same is shared by Anupam kher. Rest of them go through their motions very well. It has very less violence..no songs..no heroine..and no out of the world graphics. Yet its riveting. Saadhu mirandaal enna agumngaratha nacchunu solirukanga. All credit to the director and screenplay writer. Neria logic loop holes. Still the movie makes compelling watch.

Gils review: A wednesday - Movie for all days. Must watch.

I started reading "Chromosome 6" by Robin Cook. But en birend gave me my best gift so far :) DAN BROWN's latest novel "LOST SYMBOL" :) My fav dream as a kid was chocolate maram with icecream hanging on its branches...this one beats them all. Over excited about the book. Kathai epdirukumnu therila..seekrama padichitu solren :)

Wanted to see "Ugly truth". But the more Ugly truth of office on monday (SOB SOB) made me shutdown the pc :( Catch u all next with more reviews :)

Thursday, September 17, 2009

Taggedagain :)

Intha thaba Aathivasi madam tag panitanga...here we go :)

1.Grab the book nearest to you, turn on page 18 and find line 4?

:( first kostinay bulbisthaanu...no book anywhere near me..ithukaga rendu moonu cubicle thalli poi kuda paathen..uhumm...this place is deserted as far as books are concerned

2. Stretch your left arm out as far as you can & touch air?

hehehe...this is fun..pakkathula iruntha motta mandayana nalla kutinen :D

3. What is the last thing you watched on TV?

sun meejic (night 11 to 12 attagaasama songs podranga..that compere guy enunciates well)

4. Without looking, guess what time it is?

9.45 am??

5. Now look at the clock, what is the actual time?

9.41 am it is :)

6. With the exception of the computer, what can you hear?

humming of ac...infact..its almost like drumming..very noisy

7. When did you last step outside? What were you doing?

Just came from breakfast..some shooting of interview was going on, on the way..with little luck u can spot me on any of those zillion news channels :D

8. Before you started this Q&As, what did you look at?

monitor :)

9. What are you wearing?

White shirt and grey trousers..gils full formals today :)

10. When did you last laugh?

Last night..while watching FRIENDS :)

11. What is on the walls of the room you are in?

A crazy design..i cudnt even makeout where it begins and end or even if i am looking at it in the right direction...believe me..modern art ..n gils...two sides of different coins

12. Seen anything weird lately?

Weird...hmmm...just me :) sporting the weirdest of beards...just for the heck of it :)

13. What do you think of this quiz?


14. What is the last film you saw?

Kushi :) me big jo fan..

15. If you became a multimillionaire overnight, what would you buy?

Ha..thats a thought i always have :D its a multi step process..first thing wud be to secure the future of my family..may be some fixed deposits...rest i wud donate for charity...something in the field of education

16. Tell me something about you that I dunno!

Terinjathu teriama irukathu...teriama irukarathu teriathu

17. If you could change one thing about the world, regardless of guilt or politics, what would you do?

Nothing...world looks perfect :) Its the individuals who have to change..if they want to.

18. Do you like to Dance?

I do I do I do..only when no one is watching :) ( lasta dancinathu nenjodu kalanthidu songku :D )

19. Imagine your first child is a girl, what do you call her?

:))) whenever i get a mail from my friends asking for suggestions for their kids name..this question always crops up..for girls i like the name Jenny ..aana veetla kattaiyala adipaanga...hindu namena..Priya..though its very common i find it to be full of spirit and a happy chirpy name

20. Imagine your first child is a boy, what do you call him?

oops...this is tuff..all my birends go for unique distinct names..to me..each child is already unique..so y suffer them with unpronounceable names...again i would go for common names..Ganesh or Karthik..or Ram :) oray condition..their spelling should be simple and shouldnt cause problem..

21. Would you ever consider living abroad?

Nope..oor suthi paaka..short stayskulam its fine..but settling never.

22. What do you want GOD to say to you when you reach the pearly gates?

Vaaada vaa..ennalaam aatam poata...unaku irukudi..

Naan korthu udum bakras:

1) Porkodi (Porks maatinela :D)
2) Carpe diem ( compulsoria postiye aaganum :D )
3) saga KK ( kandipa ethachum vidhyasama postuvaru ithuku)
4) Rat ( her posts are really witty..curious to read her responses for this)
5) Divyapria ( ithukaga shoba apartmentsa satuputunu mudikathenga)
6) pikaali :)
7) Aarti
8) Vidya ( september blopomo ku oru post :D )
9) Kaalamega 23c

lasssst but naat the leeest...namma DD ekka

Friday, September 11, 2009


"Enna maama epdirukel...aathula ellam sowkiyama"

"Raama...adaadaee...vaapa..vaa..evlo naal aachu paathu..guruvaayoorapan krubaila ellarum parama sowkiyam..chappala ullaye vitru..velila vitta pora varavaaluku edanjalaa irukum"

"maami enga..avanga keta book eduthundu vanthiruken.."

"oh...iniki appo enaku saapadu kedaiyaathu..booka vachitu ukkanthirapora naal poora..."

"enna..en thala urulrathu vaada Raama..enna intha pakkam aalay kaanum..aavani avitathuku paathathu..ipovaachum vazhi nyabgathuku vanthuchay"

"Maami..neenga keta book vaangitu vanthiruken..inthaango"

"lanjama...pozhachipo..ada..pudu booka irukay"

"libraryla thedi paathen..kedaikala..athaan vaangiten.."

"enda kaasa waste panra..Libraryla ilaina vitra vendi thaana..ithukaga.." she checks the prize.."adapaavi..300 roobava..unga ammakku terinja enakku thaan mothu vizhum..endi en pulla kaasa ipdi kari aakaranu"

"cha cha..amma onum solamata..nan pathukaren"

"endaapa..unaku penn paarkum padalam epdi poitruku..ethachum amainjutha"

"therila maama..amma aana seriousa theditruka..en horoscope horroscopea irukum pola..athan naan escape aaindruken..enniki maata poren therila "

"ipdiye thallindu pona epdi..kaalakalathula engaluku kalyanaa saapaadu poduvanu patha.."

"en..ivlo vakkanaia pesarale..nenga thaan oru ponna pakrathu..naal poora lions club..antha clubnu suthikitay irukolono"

"nan ennadi paakamala iruken..nethu kooda Anatharaman maama kita Ramoda vishayama thaan pesitrunthen"

"yaar..Anatharaman maamava..velanginapola than..Ram...ivara nambina unaku nera aruvathaam kalyaanam thaan"

"aiooooo..topic change..itha ketu ketu pulichi poachu..enna vara sonna mattera pathi solungo. etho peria list vachiruken enakunu sonnele..enna vishayam"

"cheechu mail anupirukaanda..."

"ohh..sooper..cheechu epdirukan..pesi romba naalaaguthu"

"nallarukaan...avan ponnuku school leave vitaacham..oru 6 maasam anga NewJersey vanthu thanga solraan..athaan maamia kootindu america polaamnu iruken..ticketlaam avanay anupitaan..vara sunday night 12.45ku AirIndia flight.."

"aama anga ipo winter start aaga porathay...ungaluku maargazhi maasa kuliray aagathay..anga epdi manage pannaporel"

"hmm..kashtam thaan..pazhagidum..moonavathu thadavaiya poromlaya..pona thadava ponapovo..avlo kuliru therila..modho konja naaliku veda vedanu irukum..aprum pazhagidum..paavam..un maami thaan..Arasi kolangal paakama epdi iruka poranu therila..hahahaa"


"aama..sirikarathuku onum kuraichal ila..oru naaliku current poiduthuna porum..thaam thoomnu kuthika vendiathu..enna sollitu kadisila vidama follow panrathenamo ivar than..anga clubla poitu ennatha discuss panraannu nenaikra..devayani senjathu righta thappanu oru pattimandramay nadakum..unga maama thaan visu "


"hmm..unaku nalla kaamedia iruka..kalyanam panniko..theriyum"

"aaama avanay mazhupal case..neenga vera ipdi bayamuruthi vidatheengo..vantha kaariatha vitutu vala valanu pesarathay vazhakama poachu...Ram..oru rendu naaliku konjam ingaye thangidria.. kooda maada othaasayaa irukum..paalcardlenthu phone bill varaikum..ellathaiyum naanay paathuka vendiruku..saturday sunday unaku leave thaana..friday office mudichitu nera inga vanthiraya"

"ohh..kandipa..ithula enna iruku..naan oru list poturen..ennalam eduthu vachukanaum..enalam inga mudikka vendia velaigalnu...so that ..chatuputun aachunu kariatha mudichiralam"

"seri..enaku adupangaraila egapatta velai iruku..velakaari varathukulla paathramellam ozhichi podanum..naan poren..nee irunthu saaptutu po..kaalla veneer kotina mathiri odidatha..yenna..payala pudichi vachikongo.."

"nan pathukaren..neenga unga velaya parunga madam"

"ukkum" endru mugatha tholil idithu kaatiyavaray maami samayalaraikul sendraal.

"en maama..cheechu..india epo varaan"

"therila..avan enga ipo varaporaan..oru vela enga yarukaachum udambu sarilana varuvaana irukum..athuvum varano ilayo" endraar virakthiaayaga sirithavaray.

"en maama apdi solrel..ungalukonum udambukelam vara venaam..and cheechuvum apdi pattavan ilaa"

"naan thappa onum solalapa..en pullyaandaana pathi enaku teriaatha..intha kaalathula..petha pasangalta oru distance maintain panikarathu thaan elarukum nallathu..ipo engaathaye eduthukoyen..ennoda first priority ipo un maami thaan..avala nalla vachundoma..raamaa krishnaanu kaalatha thallinomaanu irukarathu thaan enaku nallathu..en pasangallam enaku second priority thaan..franka solrene.. kalyaanam aagara varaikum thaan avangalaam ennoda controlla iruntha. After marriage..naan paathen..ava avaakunu family set aagiduthu.. apo poi naama namma controlla elaarum iruaknumnu paatha seripatu varathu. Athaan freeya vituten. Freeya vitutengaratha vida..enaku freedom kedaicha mathiri iruku..hahaha.."


"Onnu purinjuko Raama..ipovay solrene nenachukaatha..unakum intha situation oru kaalathula varum..apo maam sonnatha nyabgam vachuko..ipovay cheechuvay eduthuko..USla greencard vaangitaan.avan wife anga vela pakara..kozhandhailaam angeye padikarathu..friends circlenu ellamay avanuku anganu aaidithu. Apdi irukarachay..engala paathukarathukaaga..avanga ellariyum inga kootindu vara sonnenu vai..cheechu seivaan..seiya maatan solala..aana athu en perla peria selfisha irukum. Avangalam velinaatula irukara facilitiesku pazhagitaa..anga irukara salary..comfort..athelaam inga enga kedaika poguthu..apdieye irunthalum..antha kozhandhainga paadu inum paavam..athungalaam angeye poranthathulenthu irukungala..igna vantha adjust aga kashtapadum.."


"ithu matumilla..thoorathu pachai thaan kannuku kulumaingarathu uravugala porutha varai romba unmai...en peythi irukalay..ipovay count panitrukaalam..inum thaatha anga vara ethana mani neram irukunu...peran enaku itha vaanginduva atha vanginduvaanu oru listay anupirukaan..ipovay kelambi vaa nu fonela adampudikaran azharan. Kekavay evlo santhoshama iruku..koodavay iruntha oru vela..bore adichirulam..ennada intha thaatha thona thona nu ethaachum solitay irukaalaynu..en maatuponn avlo paasama iruka..pona thadava ponapo avlo nalla paathukita..kuraiaye solla mudiathu..en ponnu kuda avlo nalla care eduthupaalana doubt thaan.aana again..ethana naaliku...intha mariaayathai paasamlam ithelaam thakka vachukanumna thalli iruakrathu thaan nallathunu enaku thonuthu..ithu thaan sarinu naan solala..but en situationuku ithu nalla amainjiruku..enna keta en paiyan americalenthu inga madrasku velai vangitu vanthalum..thaniya thaan veedu paathu vepen...athan sari pattu varum"

Ram was silent..

"itha paaru Rama..ithula thappu onumila..kaalathuketha pola naama thaan nammala mathikanum..unakum onsite opportunity vanthiruku..aana amma vitu po koodathu solitu nee thatti kazhichitrukannu unga amma thaan enkita sonna..infact she wants you to take this chance and grow in your career...naangalam irukom..ungammava pathukarom...otu stageku mela namakkaga vazha kathukanum kanna..athula thappay ila.."

"Rama..nee inga vaa..ivara vitta ipdi thaan pesiye konuduvar..konjam intha cable tv office varaikum poituvaria.."

"seri maami" kuzhappathudan veliaye sendraan Ram.

Vibrator modela cellfone kurukuruthathu.

"solluma..maami aathula than iruken.."

"kanna..romba vela vaanga pora..ellathayum un thalaila izhuthu potukaatha..nerathuku thungidu...saaptiaapaa"

"cha cha..athelaam ilama..naan pathukaren....seri ma..konja neram kazhichi nan thirumba fone panren"

"seri raja..udamba paathuko..vachidren.."

Call mudintha piragum vegu neram fonai utru paathu kondirunthaan raam.

Satendru thoora thodangiathu..lesaaga thooria mazhaiyin man vaasanai avan manathinai niraithathu.

Monday, September 07, 2009

And now

Kaalam thavaraathu
kadalai poduvathey allaal
verondurum ariyen paraaparamay
endru irunthavanai

kadamaiyai sei salary ethirpaakathay endru
kadal thaanda distancil
katti thallinar sila

kadalai poda no vidalai
STD poatu mokka podavum ennai vidalai
itha vida sharpa mokka poata
ini blogai thodalai

g3in pathivu

P.S: intha dracula chain post ithoda istop aaguthaanu paapom :)

Friday, September 04, 2009

Thank you life :)

I've cribbed a million times on how unfair life is. How everytime when i try to move ahead making up my mind..something or other slips and causes everything to go haphazard and i am forced to make a new beginning everytime. When i had to move to Blore for the first time, leaving my family and friends behind in chennai ( ennamo chennai blore antartica america distanceanulaam kekapdaathu..first time moving out of the comforts of home..athu anubavicha than theriyum) i felt so bad that i was cursing everything and felt nothing worse could happen to me. Little did i know that, it was the beginning of the best phase of my life. The 5 years i spent there felt just like heaven. Then i had to move back to chennai due to an event which shook my life upside down and irreversibly changed it. As i was slowly coming to terms with my life in chennai another change. This time life throws me all the way to Mumbai and whatta beginning i had here.

As slowly days pass, i realise how lucky i've been. I stay here with a couple of guys who are my cousin's friends. Had it not been for these guys, it would have been a real struggle here. They really take good care of me :) yes..athennanu therla enga ponalum enaku oru rasi. Roomies supera set aagiduvanga :) really lucky that here also it continues. Suttu poataalum enaku samayal varaathunu day one itself they realised :) whenever they cook they prepare food for me also. Mudinja varaikum help panna try panuven. Aana it turns out more imsai than help for themngarathala moral supportoda niruthikka rasa nu solitanga :) so velilenthu aatharavu tharathu matum namma velai. Provisions and vegetables vaangrathoda my responsibilities isttooop :) Inga inum ethana naal potruko therila..but atlast things are settling a bit. Really grateful for that. Yosichi paatha it cud've been a lot worse. But to be honest i am lot better off considering many others who come and struggle here without a foothold. Venumgarathu kedaikutho ilayo..kedaikarathu nallaruku..athu varaikum kshemam thaan :)

Wednesday, September 02, 2009


Intha weekend velila neira suthinen..had time for just two movies :)

AYAN: Ithana nala hard diskla irutnhirukarathu teriama..intha padam DVDkaga wait panitrunthen. Vara vara en hard disk alibab gugai mathiri aidichi.. Enna iruku ilainay teriala. Need to clean it sometime.

Hyderabad biriyani maathiri kathai. Nalla masala kalavai. Everything in right amount and dose and in correct mixing. Ithuvaraikum varaatha kathai yarumay nadikaatha nadipu..indiavoda superhero apdi ipdinu overa hype pannaama..poothaa maathiri kathai solirukarathukaga first paaratukal. Firstay solita mathiri masala movie..so sentiment..sandai..kaamedi..gud songs..romance..ithu elamay iruku..kathai..vazhakkamana hero story thaan..smuggling panra hero..inoru smuggler villain..kadisila hero epdi villana poatu thalitu "vetri" adaiyaararngarathu thaan istory. Ending konjam "catch me if you can" pola iruku. Mathabadi..nothing new..epdilaam smuggle panranganu oru mini sessionay nadatharar director (itha paathapramachum ozhunga check panungapa airportla). Surya looks stunning..be it stunts or romance or senti scene..kalakings. Hope he not just stops with this type of movies and give "pithamagan", "nanda" types also a shot once in a while. Tamanna...avvvvv.....ennatha solrathu. Laddu mathiri iruku kozhandha. Typical song and dance heroine role. Aana vara scenelaam weightu :D Jaganuku negative role. Aana annan rolea vida maama role mathiri iruku his character. Prabuku vara scenelam urumitu porathu thaan vela. Mathabadi..hmm..vera yaru..yeah..villain. Romba avasara padra typea irunthalum..avlo immaturea oru international smuggler irupana?? logic paakakudathunalum..ithu konjam over enthu case pola than teriuthu padathula. Villainna oru gethu vena? mandai neria mudi valathuta mattum "kaaka kaaka" paandi aaida mudiathu.

Gils review: Ayan - weightu. Have your popcorns and pepsi ready with you and enjoy it. Oru thadava thaaralama paakalam. But as said before.. biryaani epovachum saapta nallaruku..daily saapta vairu ketrum.

LOVE AAJ KAL: Konjam expectationoda paatha padam. Though its supposed to be a light hearted one..padam paathu romba nerathuku was thinking about the movie only. Mainly due to the characterisation. Could relate to Saif's role so well..that..for most of the movie i was eagerly following that character. He does what we think we would do in such situations and he has all those doubts which we will have in such situations. Deepika is pakka eye candy. I love her dimples. Chaancela..semma cute smile. Aana for the weight of her role..she doesnt do proper justice. Romba easy goinga nadichirukapola teriuthu. inum konjam effort potrukalam. Really witty dialogues :) Mango people..i think wud've been added to the daily lingo by now :) Songs rock.."Aaahum aahum aahum" song kadisila per podrachay podranga :( en personal favourite aana "Chor bazaar" simply love the way Deepika dance in that. Inoru rolela vara punjabi Saif character konjam cinematica iruku. That applies for the entire section of flashback sequence. Aana punjabia vara antha Brazilian ponnu..chaaaaanceeeelaa. Semma cute (but makeup ilama foto paathen..not very impressive). She looks very cute in the dance sequences.

Gils Review: Inoru thadava naan nichayama intha padam paaka poren. Really like it very much. Very contemporary story and has been told without much confusion. Dont miss it if u r all for rom com's.

Tuesday, September 01, 2009

Call from SNEHA

6th Septemeber "WORLD SUICIDE PREVENTION DAY" vaam pa. Naan podra mokka postlaam padichitu neria per suicideku attempt panratha kelvi. So praayachithama intha postaiyum poturen. Vara Sunday Marinalenthu Ezhuchi nadai payanam naduraathiri 7.30 AM (sunday anniki 7.30 AM naduraathri thaana) start aaguthaam. Interested people can click on the image enclosed to see further details.

P.S: ipdi oru post potutathunaala..thirunthitennu thappa nenachukaatheenga. sila nalla vishayangal endrumay maaruvathillai..like lacto calamine :) varta.