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The P Factor

If there is any one letter which dominates I.T industry like anything, to me, that would be the letter "P".

Project,Process,Performance,Product,Portfolio,Position,People,Personality,Profile, Place nu "P"la start aagara pala matterla thaan (P for) pozhappay oduthu. In short..I.T would be in "Pit" without the letter "P".. contrary to the literal word :)

Aana..ithelaam vida mukkiayamaana rendu "P" factor iruku. Athaan..."POATTU KUDUKARATHU" and "PETER UDRATHU". Intha (P for) dedicated to that :)

Scenario 1:

One songi person (naanay thaan...A,B,C nu enna per poataalum..ithu naan thaanu solla en peraye potruen) pitiying himself over his state of life and bracing himself for the cross country multiple obstacle journey back home from office awaits his daily pickup shuttle in office entrance. He notices one creature in coolers and jerkin with wires jutting out of every possible open space in his body.


Butterfly effect?

Morning 9AM:

"Amma..intha chedi pattu poidichi polarukkay. Pora varapolaam keeruthu. Pichidutta?"

"Aaamada..poochi vantha mathiri thaan iruku. Naanum ithu vachathulenthu paakren. onnu rendu thulir thaan vanthiruku. Sunday bazaar porachay vera chedi vaangitu vanthutu itha thooki potrulaam"

Elsewhere in chennai:

"Ennamma..paappaku ipo epdiruku?"
"Innum sari aagala paati...ella doctor kitayum kaatiyaachu. Innum infection kuraira mathiri therila. Enna panrathu puriama muzhichitruken. Paappa paavam. Romba kashtapadra"
"Azhaathamma. Viboothi malli vaangi atha araichi poosu. Seekrama sari aaidum"
"Viboothi malli enga kedaikum?"
"Poo kadaila kettu paaru. T Nagarla illatha kadaiya"

Evening 7PM (outside temple):

"oru mozham poo kudunga"
Another voice "emma..viboothi malli irukka?"
"Athu kadailalaam vikka maatomma. Engayachum thottathula ketu parunga"
"Koyambedulenthu varenma.Enga thediyum kedaikala"…

Gilgorithm of a lazy day :D

Step 1: Just open one ear to the tenth shriek of your name call from mom.

Step 2: Spend the next ten minutes contemplating should you open your eyes or not.

Step 3: Open one eyelid to pre-empt any projectile coming your way with anti-projectile shield (aka) pillow. (More applicable incase if you've sibling and if they get up before you in all this ruckus)

Step 4: If answer for step 3 is YES..spend the next half hour contemplating whether you need to go to office today or take off

Step 5: Previous step will continue all the way from bed to bathroom and back and before brushing teeth the all important decision of what reason should be texted to bunk office has to be taken (The all important assumption here any positive person you would decide to take off. If you are the negative kind who give up easily on earthly pleasures you can enjoy on your day off then the pseudo code ends here for you).

Step 6: Promise mom that you would wind up finishing the tasks for next ten years to…

If wishes were horses.....

Another world cup final goes into history. Couldnt help but wonder where was i same time last world cup. Pona world cup was a memorable experience. Friend veetla jollya koothadichikitu kummalam potukittu..vidia vidia watched the whole match. Match anniki evening itself assembled in that friends house. Half the time i would be in their house for my friends wife was an excellent cook and naan varenna enakaga potato roast, sambar rice athu ithunu en favourite dishesa poatu thaakiduvanga. That day we all decided to go out to Pizza hut in Bannerghetta road for dinner. Nalla round katti saaptutu went back to their place. Nalla arattai adichitu galatta pannikitu it was amazing fun and all had great time. It was on a sunday i guess and next day office poga manasillama ara thookathoda kelambi half day latea ponom :)Appo yosichi kuda paakala adutha world cupku enga yaru epdi irupomnu :) On 4 years got married and has a kid.. another friend in that gang has settled in SGP and has 2 kid…

Gift of God

Alka's moment of glory

I think this would've been the most watched video ever from the stables of Vijay TV. Had anyone else won the title other than Alka that would've been nothing short of sacrilege. WOW. What a voice!!! What a performance. I had a shiver going through me towards the end notes. This gal has an amazing voice for her age and has been consistent throughout the entire schedule of that program. The song which she took to sing in the finals "Singara velane" from Konjum Salangai movie had always been my evergreen favourite. How many ever number of times you hear that song its so refreshing and the movie itself was no dud either. Pretty interesting one. Back to Alka. After seeing her performance i sincerely believe that apart from hardwork..which surely pays..there is something called as God's gift too and this gal has it in abundance. Wishing her all the very best. Hope to hear her soon competing against seniors :)

My Sins against Gender-Stereotypes

grrrrrrrrrrr....Tenthousand Bloo blistering Barnacles and thundering typhoons to Avada Kedavra for tagging me in this tag where I am supposed to reveal all those things I have done in my life, which as a guy I am not supposed to do. I thought of skipping this one..but she threatened me tht she wud curse me to wear pink pants for the next dozen years!!! Red shirt green pant and now pink pants!!! God save my wardrobe!! wat shud i consider as sin against my gender??!!! Rather i wud list down the sins i've done to my gender folks :D

**Shopping :D I can hear a chorus of cries from my friends when i mention this. I get "visions" as to what desing or color combo dress i would want at a given time and would hunt like hell for that particular design. Whichever bakra accompanies me on that quest would benefit loosing oodles of calories :D Will check every single factory outlet/showroom in Marathahalli and after 2 3 hours of search would call it off postponing it to Korama…