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Zany Tag :D

Happy new year fellas...intha varushathuku boni post zanyoda tag :) here goes ...ituh 2009oda last posta vanthirukanum..konjam late aidichi :D so context maintain panikunga :D

Q1:Are you better than where you were when the year started?
A: I want to answer Yes it is :)

Q2:Did you get a notch up on the ladder of wisdom?
A: Enga areala antha magazine lost in touch for a while :)

Q3:Did you laugh more till you cried or cried more till you laughed?
A: how can one cry till they laugh???? rhyminga vantha enna vena ketrutha :D

Q4:Did you meet new people?
A: Sj Suryah and Simrana thaana kekareenga..ileenga :(

Q5:Did your friend list swell a little?
A: Yeah..many of them became fat :D

Q6:Did you have to let go of people?
A: Absolutely

Q7:Did that hurt you a lot?
A: Would've in the past..but not nowadays :D

Q8:Did you have to put up a false smile and bear things with a grudge?
A: I work in a client place..wat else u expect!!!

Q9:Did you have to act happy when you hurt inside?
A: Rea…

And so went '09

Daiiii...ithey topicla inum evlo postda poduva nu kekareengala...athu pona postu.....ithu intha postu :D hehehe...well..2009 ambutu pudichi poachunga. Silenta santhadi ilama..singlesa thattiye thideernu half centurynu mattaiya thookara Hussey, Dhoni mathiri..onnumay nadakatha mathiri iruku aana egapatta mattera nadathi vachitu 2009 ess aguthu. I always used to believe that..If you want something, with whole your heart, with absolute belief that you need it, you are sure to get it. This year only reaffirms my faith :)

More than anything there were too many learnings for me in this year. Neria realisations. Main matter onnu solanumn..which has actually set a precedent for me to follow in my life.

A was reporting to B 5 years back. In fact B was his teacher who took A through the basics of what he is doing currently. In a quirk of so happened that B is now in the same team of A who has to assign work to B!! Without feeling hassled B took it so professionally that he even went to…

Stars shine down..

The invite was fluttering in the late December breeze..lying aimlessly near the window sill.

It was from his school alumni association.

"No..i am not going"

"Ram..stop being a this the age to protest against going to school" laughed Uma.."and by the way there wont be any classes for you to attend.."

Ram kept quiet and started switching channels in TV..his usual way of ignoring Uma.


"Raaaaaammmmm many times should i ask you...whats the formula for vinegar" bellowed Chandra mam.."cha..who allowed these people into science group only for commerce..inga vanthu en kazhutha arukuthunga"

There was wide spread giggles. Thats nothing new for Ram, as it was a daily affair, for whom chemistry spells che"mystery". But had it not been for his science one in his class would've even noticed him.

Ram - the perennial underachiever in a class of super bots.…

Review time again :)

The movie watchers world was split into two last weekend - Those who saw AVATAR and those who couldnt get tickets. Luckily i was in the first group :) YES! Seen tht movie...wwohoooo...that too in 3D...woohoo woohooo. OK. Hype subsided. Now to what the heck was that movie all about.

First thing first. This is one movie where the producer cannot complain where in the world did they spent 2000 crores of his money. Well its not exactly "in the world" its literally out of the world!! As i came out of the theater i wasnt exactly sure whether i liked the movie or not. What was the fuss all about this being the mother of all movie going experience? The story was hardly new. Its the Lawrence of Arabia meet Red Indians (Blue ones rather as per the movie). Little by little it started trickling in. Hey..wait a minute..the entire movie is shot in some alien planet right!! Oh yeah...Then the realisation came. None of them is real!!!! 90% of the movie is graphics and is so goddamn original…

The Great gamblers

Algorithm of an arranged marriage:

1) Check the foto if like it goto step 2
2) Check the horoscope if it matches goto step 3
3) Visit the gals/guys house for free snack session and have an officially sponsored violation of privacy with the sort of questions that would've made you beet red in anger had the situation been anything otherwise.
4) If step 3 finishes satisfactorily..get the 2 bakras married!!!

There are many people around who dont believe in placing bets or who consider gambling as an evil. But still they have no qualms in going in for an arranged marriage. It still beats can one judge a person with just a few minute talk and above all get CONVINCED that he/she is going to be his life partner??!!! Even to select a team mate we have 4 rounds of interview!!!

Before you guys jump on me..let me hide behind the disclaimer. I've absolutely no issues with this concept which has worked well for my parents..their parents..relatives...and majority of people i knew and i am …

Review time

After seeing "Fight Club" first reaction was ..."huh, What a movie??!@#$%". A little later i was wondering whats that movie was actually about. One meek guy..tired of his boring life, which is so boring that he cant even sleep, meets an interesting character who shows him a new world of thrills and action. And lo behold..arises a new mighty meek. That same fateful night of the meeting, the meek's house blows up. He is left stranded on the streets. He calls up his new friend and meets him on a bar. After a couple of drinks, the new friend invites him to his house but on a condition that they should have a fight before that. A bloody fisty and feisty fight ensues after which the meek settles with the new guy in his house. Many onlookers who witness the fight get enthralled with the idea of the fight and soon an underground club of fighters is formed - The Fight club. Rule no. 1 of fight club, You shouldn't discuss about it to anyone. Rule no.2 of fight cl…

From Confedration towards Confused Nation


"avvvvvvvvvvvvv.....enaku antha bommai venum..."
"chellam...adam pudikathada..saapdu"
"saapda maaten po..enaku antha bomma vaangithanthaa thaan sapduven"
"chamthula..saapduma...amma paavamla.."
"avvvvvvvvvvvvv.....maaaten maaten"
"ipo sapdla..udha vizhum"

The kid ultimately prevails and the doll is bought.


"Fast unto death"..."wont even drink a drop of water...till telengaana is achieved"..."blood will flow.." blah blah blah...

And this time the government yields to the demand.

Thottil pazhakkam sudukaadu mattumnu summava solranga. Ithuku thaan chinna vayasulaye nalla naalu kaatu kaati iruntha intha mathiri caselaam adangirukum.

Jillunu oru kaathal kathai :) -3

Mu.Ka.Su (MuKathha SUlikarathoda short form ila ithu....Mun Kathai Surukkam....kathaiya padichitu vara reactionlaam titleye expect pannapdaathu okva..:D )

Story so far...First partla Ram and Uma are leading a happy married life..Ramoda love letter paathu Uma kindal panra. That triggers the flashback where Ram narrates how he fell in love with Uma. Second partla Ramuku ponnu paaka poranga avanga family. Ponnu sidelenthu further news varama proceedings abrupta stop aguthu. Aduthu ennaachu?? here we go..

Ram, Siddharth, Arun and Amal are all sitting in Pizza hut. It was Arun's treat.

"Exxxcuse me.." calls Amal at the waiter.

"Can you get me another bottle of sauce..this one is over"

"dei..sauce kekanumna saatharanama keta poratha..kaila kathiyoda vetta kathi kudutha irukaravangalalam vetiruvaan polarukay..keezha vaida" endru athatinaan Arun

"machi..kathi kaati kaasu keta thaan thappu..sauce keta koodava"

Peals of laughter followed.



393 thaanda adichirukom.......leg sidela podathaada....

machaan ivan enga poataalum adikaraanda...

South Africaaaa..saaamaaan nikaaalooooo

Mela eri vaarom ada odhungi nilluu...
keezha eranga sonna ada egirum palluu....

From minds "I"

Each passing year, surpasses the previous year with the speed with which it whizzess past. Feels just few weeks back i went for this
outing and few weeks time its bye bye 2009...SO FAST this year has gone by.

2009 year..hmm..made me realise that, whatever situations i dreamed of in 2008, aren't actually fitting me now. Life is like an expanding waistline :) how much ever you gym, the Battle of the Bulge is always won by TIME. It teaches you that, age is something that is not just in numerals but in the numerous experiences which one encounters day in and day out. Whatever held good 5 years back, sounds so boring now. I think once in a while one should just break around everything and rebuild one's castle. Else it becomes claustrophobic.

Each year, year end post podrachay, will think about something significant which happened tht year. Officela appraisal time also happens during this periodngarathu is sheer happenstance :) In either case, i wouldnt be able to dig out mo…

Gilbert Gils

From: Gilsbert
To: Aapicer
Date: 11/27/2009

Dear Aapicer,
As my access card is broken, please issue me a new one.

Yours obidiently,

From: Aapicer
To: Gilsbert

How your access card broke?

From: Gilsbert
To: Aapicer

Dear Aapicer,
It fell on the road and Bus ran over it.

Respectfully Yours,

From: Aapicer
To: Gilsbert

Explain why it fell on the road.

From: Gilsbert
To: Aapicer

Dear Aapicer,
It was in my bag which fell on the road.

Yours Sincerely,

From: Aapicer
To: Gilsbert

Why your bag fell on the road.

From: Gilsbert
To: Aapicer

Dear Aapicer,
Yesterday I was carrying the bag when i fell down from bus. So the bag also fell down along with me.

Yours Faithfully,

From: Aapicer
To: Gilsbert

Why did you fell down?

Gilsbert mindvoice (!@#$%^&*()_+~) [Blogspot couldnt parse such foul language and replaces them with wild characters, as wild as Gilsbert]

From: Aapicer
To: Gilsbert
Date: 11/27/2009


Please explain why you were …

26/11- (un)just another day..

People world over are reminded of eternal love when they think of the Taj, except some who still carry the torch of fraternal hate, burning their own houses in the process. The hotel burned like hot hell, this very same day, last year. Guess, the Taj hotel folks would have done some soul searching to rethink their operating mantra on being hospitable. I am sure sending their guests to hospitals didnt exactly figure in their scheme for hospitality.

Find the above lines sarcastic? Well..what else can one feel,watching the very guy, who killed so many compatriots of mine, in cold blood, with the entire world for witness, staying hale and healthy (36 Crores have been spent so far to keep him alive, as per TOI estimate) just a few kms away from where i am, in the very same city, where he let loose the carnage. I fail to understand what more proof our judiciary is looking for. May be they are searching for words to frame a "sentence" for him??!! This guy is not even a soldier bu…

Jillunu oru kaathal kathai :) -2

"Ram..Ennada dress ithu..circus komaali mathiri..iniki oru naalachum decenta vara koodaatha"

"Amma..enga officekay naan itha thaan potundu poren..angeye onum solala..inga enna solla poraanga.."

"aama..pollathaa office..avanga thanni thelichi vitutaanga unna..ipidiye vantha naanga yaarum vara maatom..nee mattum thaan ponum"

"Amma..apdina ivan paadu jolly aaidum. Poitu ponna pudikalanu solitu odi vanthiruvaan..vitraatha" endraal Anu.

"vaadi..imsai arasi..eriayara neruppula petrola ootha readya vanthiruviye"

"erumai..unakaaga leave potutu vanthen paaru..enna solanum..poda poi ozhunga dress panitu vaa.."

"ammaa..ponnu.. ellaam enna kutham solrathulaye irunga....yen ma...intha galaatta panitruka..simpla oru coffe daylayo Barristalayo vachinda nanga pesi decide panika porom...intha kaalathula kuda ivlo formalities....unga kuda mudialamma..." endru munumunuthavaaray roomukul thirumba sendraan Ram.

Satru neram kazhithu..


Noble cause of our blogmates Rat, has initiated this wonderful program to collect contributions to help Breast Cancer patients. She, along with her friends have decided to collect contributions ( kind.. anything possible) till Dec 22 and make it a christmas present for them. Please find the link to her blog as below.

Rat's blog

If interested you can drop in a mail to my id. I will share her account number details with you. In case if you've other plans apart from monetary contributions you can still write to me.


Jillunu oru kaathal kathai :) -1

As a kid i had been warned
never to look at lightning directly..
But couldnt help it
when you showed up
Like a multicolored lightning..
burning your picture on my mind..
and blinding me with love.....

And they say
Lightning never strikes twice at the same place
Maybe my heart was an exception to that..
you were my sweetest dream
which stayed on with my eyes
even while open....

Like a mid afternoon breeze
you came into my life..
Life never looked rosier

You had the most talkative eyes..
They more than compensated for
your silence
by making a mess of mine

"Hey purushaa...ithoda continuation engada" endraal Uma.
"Adipaavi..itha engenthu edutha..and by the way... thanks for the mariaathai" endru aval kaiyil iruntha antha papera pidunga muyarchithaan Ram.
"haiii..avlo easya thara maaten...veedu clean panrachay kedaichuthu..unnoda "treasure box" dabbalenthu..aama ithenna...pullayaar suzhilaam potruka..deiveega Kaadhal?"
"cha cha..first first love panromay athaan pully…

The story of the trees

I complete 100 posts for this year :D :D and have always wanted to post some parable sort of a story. So here goes :)

Makkass..this is not my story. nejamavay ithu oru parable thaan. I just did the translation :)

Once there were 3 friendly trees in a dense forest. They were sharing their dreams amongst themselves as to what is their life time ambition.
The first tree said, "I want to be a treasure chest. I want to safeguard Gold, diamond and all the treasures of the world".
Second one said, " I want to be the ship of the king of kings, the all conquering emperor".
Last one had different idea. "I want to grow so tall, closer to heaven, that the Lord Himself should rest on me"

Soon, some lumberjacks came that side. They saw the first one and felt that it was too strong and thick and decided to make a treasure chest out of it. They saw the second one and felt since it had grown straight and tall, it would deem fit to build a ship out of it and decided to give it…

Thank you :)

Enatharumai blaag makkalay..parisal boatu vachu prayaanikara situationla irunthaalum...(aamaanga..blorela pei mazhaiyaam)...unga karisnathuku thalai vanangi Suresh thank u post poda solirukaaha...ikkada choodavum.

" My dear Bloggers : Thanks a lot for reading my 20 page story patiently and also providing your positive feedback. Those who have not read my first story, I would suggest to read that as well "Kanavu meipada Vendum" (Dream come true - a love story) in this same blog in August edition.

Trust me your comments and wishes motivates me a lot, many have wished me to write a book, I will for sure write one, but I am going to continue writing short stories and upload it in my blog. Yes, I am going to open my blog next month end. Gils will share my blog link with you all as soon I have it released. So I am sure you all will like it and will peep in there as well.

I am just realizing the fun about writing stories, not only it makes me feel good, it also inspires others …

If i were a baby again...............

Ippo mattum grown up aatum irukenaanu kelvilaam kekapdaathu..Intha titlea neria blogla post paathen. So here's me with my kaantreebushan.

Kutti gils romba chamathunu kelvi. Adhigamaa yaraiyum paduthinathu illyaam. Ithu vaangi thaa athu vaangi thaanu imsa panathukuda kedayathaam. But sila vishyams the rounds on cycle before my dad leaves for office. Everyday, before leaving for office on his Hercules cycle, he had to take me around our street for some rounds. Then only then the relieving order will be released from my checkpost :)

Whenever my dad goes for shopping for groceries, he used to carry me. And the shopkeeper was someone whom we had known for decades it seems, the owner being a very good friend of my grandpa. Whenever i goto that shop the owner used to give dry fruits in a pottalam and on the way back me and my dad both used to feed the pigeons. Needless to say i was a pampered child :) My dad never allowed me to walk and always carried me wherever he took …

Discover your Palace - concluded

That was too much for me, first of all I didn’t know who Sheetal is and over that blaming me for murder, I was hopping mad. Suddenly it struck me that Sheetal is one of the characters in my short love story where sheetal would die due to a dreadful disease. As I recollected the story and was about to confirm it with her, she showed me bunch of papers which she was hiding behind and said “why you didn’t tell in last 7 years that you are story writer” she asked. “Sorry great story writer” she adjusted.

“haha .. you scared me Sindhu” suddenly a girl’s name, with eyes red , that too murder..Ho man you made me really go wild for some time” I shared..
"Yes I purposely did it, wanted to make you understand how I felt.."
“What feel” I asked
“Why would you want to kill sheetal in the story, it was such a wonderful romantic story and why did you have to kill her, I was weeping and couldn’t digest that” she said.
I realized that Sindhu was cleaning the house as we had to shift the house so…

And the award goes tooooo......

Ada aamaanga...irunthu irunthu enakum oru jeevan award kuduthirukaaha :D athukum naanga latea thaan ponomla :D..kuduthu oru maasam aguthu..ipothaan postingu... Award alitha Kanagu thambriikuu mikka nanri. Now i the forwarding this parisu to fella blaaggers..

Swaram, the meejical lady. If at anytime you feel down or depressed, just read thru her will feel doubly cheered up in no time and would be singing TINGU TINGU TINGU :D She has a very innocent and direct way of writing which takes the straight shortcut route to your heart. No wonder she has so many subscribers to her blog :) A very pleasant person.

Divyapriya- the new megaserial maharani of blogsphere :) she is heartless when it comes to teasing people with her suspense twist filled mega serial posts which leaves you ranting and raving till you get the next part. Wonderful writer, who is not very far from getting published.

AJCL- Ivangala pathi naan enna solrathu. Aprum Karan joharoda Koffee with Karan program mathiri a…

Discover your Palace -4

We both spoke for more than an hour and went to sleep I woke up late in the morning. I decided to have Breakfast; I liked the puttu with banana. Almost all the dishes have banana or coconut involved, I like the taste though. Somehow I started liking the place and the mallu people. I went out for a stroll into all the small lanes around the place. There were some beautiful houses and could see only oldies enjoy their life sitting in an easy chair outside the house in the lawn. Very few houses had children. All I know was Mallus don’t stay at their home town, they go outside Kerala to make a living and build good houses and settle in the native after retirement. There is a saying Mallus are found even in Mars.

I sneaked through the slope areas and saw few older kids playing cricket in a small ground in the midst of coconut trees. I was watching them play and got tempted to ask them if I could join. Endhaa Tamilaaa ? One boy asked. I said “yes” ‘Ok join that team most of them are tamilia…

Discover your Palace -3

Sindhu joined a training center as a trainer for a minimal pay after our first company was closed. It was in the same year 2000, just couple of months after my first company was closed , I was able to get a job in a much better company – “Micro Media”,. Vaishali madam did not stop with the proverb but also gave a contact; Seshank who was my senior, probably another fan of her like me . She mentioned that I should go to meet him, he works in a big company in Bangalore and also he is very close to CEO. Lady luck was in my favor .
He was a product manager in the company. Seshank did his MBA in IIM , a very shrewd but amicable fellow, he seemed to be very close with the CEO for his Business strategies.

Seshank took me to his cabin where he explained the reason why they have recruited me.
“Amit, the plan is to diversify the business, he explained saying that software product development will be the niche business of the company going forward.

“How about School Information System” I suggest…