Wednesday, January 31, 2007

O podu..

Intha vaaram Indhiyargal vaaraaaaaammmmm pola...

Firsthu ekka sokku sundari shilpa shetty:

Ithanala shetty yaarunu ketavangala, naan chettiyar ila..chillpa shettynu provirukanga.. Periyannana Vijaykanth padamnu mattum therinja namakku, intha perla OOKAYla oru show oduthnu therivichi...adhula jadengara ammaniku aapuvachu...kadisila jeyichumputaanga...aayiram thaan irunthaalum oorkaaranga aaitaanga....and vellakaranuku aap vekkara ella Indianukum me always put one O(iniki martyrs dayvaakum..nyabagam iruko?) first O peruvathu...shilpaaaaaaa shettyyyyyyyyyyy.......

One quick kostin...kadisya shilpa shetty nadichi(??) superhit or sumara hittana padam kuda bekka bekkanguthu..yarukaachum therinja solunga

Next O goes to...TATA:

Indiava!!...Taaatta bye byengara kaalam poi..TATAva buy buynu ulagamay asara alavuku CORUS dealai kai patria namma oor ratnam Ratan TATAku one special O..ini kalaila news paathu semma kushi aaidichi...God created world..but Dutch created Hollandu solvaanga..enna ketaa India recreated by Tata'snu solven...ivanga illatha Industry (excluding petroleum which is ega boga urimai of one family) indiala onumay ila..pioneers in everyfield...first airlines...steel...hotel...tea...salt..automobile..communication...ivanga illatha idamay illa...infact the now famous chennai open..started as TATA open..and narain karthikeyan sponsorship paathapo..odi vanthu sponsor panathunu..adikitay polam...hold on..ivanga business ethics follow panravangala..nallavangala ketavangala..naygan stylellam nana paakala..i like these folks and what they have done for our country...corus deal jeyichathu might prove costly for themnu analystslaam bayanthing...avanga fearukelaam TATA,taaatta kaatiruvaanganu nambuvomaaga...corus venra TATAku chorusa oru O...

Moonavathu o...konjam kutti o...vera yaaru namma thalai Ganguly thaan...thanambikkai = gangulynu tamizh dictonarylaam mathirukaangalam...interneta vachhu oruthana ozhikarathu epdinu trial run paakapatta manushan...unceremoniously dumped..aal avlo thaanu ooray kai koti sirichapo..wait a nimit for one nimitnu solitu..ipo saathu saathunu saathrar..windies are sidewinded by this southpaw frm east...bengal tiger..padungi paayuthu..way to go GONGULY...ennada spelling mishtakenu paakreengala...gangulyku o poten :D:D

ipothaiku apeetu..

Monday, January 29, 2007

Taggu vaagliyo tag...

Got tagged by... Heidi kris...Evlo periya tag...evlo neriya kostinss.....(read this like devyani in 5 tricks...)..pona post ekku thappa fire aaitathala..adichi pudichi adutha post poda vendia situation...

1. Were you named after anyone?

2. Do you wish on stars?
hmm..didnt had an not sure..might be..

3. When did you last cry?
gud kostin

4. Do you like your handwriting?
at times..ennakay doubt varum ithellam en handwriting thaananu..very inconsistent...

5. What is your favourite meat?
meat??!!no way

6. What is your most embarrassing CD on your shelf?
romba naala cover kooda pirikatha oracle cd :D

7. If you were another person, would YOU be friends with you?
kastham thaan...idhu koodalaam evan pesuvaanu vitruven...but once get to know mite become friends...

8.Are you a daredevil?
very rarely...

9. How do you release anger?
shouting at ppl arnd me..or gymming..or smashsing all shots in shuttlecourt...

10. Where is your second home?
in blore

11. Do you trust others easily?
i take time..but if this is yes or no...ans wud be yes ...

12. What was your favourite toy as a child?
i dint had any :(

13. What class in school/college do you think is totally useless?
All classes in school..real analysis in college...

14. Do you use sarcasm a lot?
neenga thaan sollanum... ;)

15. Have you ever been in a mosh pit?
apdina? after

16.What do you look for in a guy/(gal)?
smile in gals.. and attitude in guys..

17. Would you bungee jump?

18. Do you untie your shoes when you take them off?
untie and take off...

19.what's your favourite ice cream?
apdinlaam ileenga..chillnu iruntha pothum

20. What are your favourite colours?
appo appo maarum..

21. What are your least favourite things?
doing things jus because others this tag.. (sec sentence not to be taken in literal sense :D )

22. How many people do you have a crush on right now?
shreya..asin..bhavana..trisha..sivapathigaram heroine..ipdi poikitaaaaaaayyyyyy iruku

23. Who do you miss most right now?
warmth...semmaya kuliruthu intha ya kammi panrana matengaran...laptopa koluthi kulir kaanjiravendi than

24. What are you listening to right now?
not actually..but newyork nagaram playing inside mandai...

25. If you were a crayon, what colour would you be?

26. What is the weather like right now?
shd be arnd 30...3.05pm in chennai :D :D

27. Last person you talked to on the phone?
My team mate

28. The "first" thing you notice about the opposite sex?

29. Do you like the person who sent you this?
Yes, her blog's and scraps atleast. Not sure abt the person coz yet to meet her in person :) (cpp heidi kris :D ) ...(maathitenga :))

30. How are you today? my nakkalest best in morning...check this with prioritynu manager sonnathuku...priya reddy venaam..shreya reddy kooda chk panrenu sonen...meeku telusulethuntu poitaar :D :D

31. Favourite non alcoholic drink?
date milkshake from juice center in tippsandra...YUMMY...

32. Favourite alcoholic drink?
chennai office coffee....favlaam ila...eppa...kanravi..for alcholics they mite not know any difference from the boathai perspective..

33. Natural hair colour?
Black nu solikalaam.

34. Eye colour?
black mathiri thaan irku :D

35. Wear contacts?

36. Siblings?
younger sister

37. Favourite month?
january...neriya naal leave :D

38.Favourite food?
anything my mom n sis makes...

39. Favourite day of the year?
apdinaalam onum ila...

40. Have you ever been too shy to ask someone out?

41. Scary movies or happy endings?
Happy Endings.

42. Summer or winter?

43. Holi or Diwali?

44. Do you like your name?
munnalaam pidkathu..ipo i dont mind...

45. What book/magazine are you reading?
it was on fire when i laid on it by robert mudiya pogutheynu oray pheelings...

46. What's on your mouse pad?
I don't use a mouse pad rt now.

47. What did you watch on TV last night?
Cnn-IBN to see federer lifting the AUS open...WOW..thala rocks...

48. Favourite Smell?
mazhaiku aprum vara man vaasanai..enga amma upma panum boathu vara thenga ennai vasanai...bakery kitenthu vara cake smell...yummy....

49. Have you ever regretted breaking up with someone?
Nope...i'vent got a chance to try very sticky fellow..difficult to break up :D :D

50. Most tiresome thing you’ve ever experienced/done?
Study for exams!

En saarbuku naan yarayachum maata we go..

BSK (idha nee chinan posta adi paapoam..hehe)
KK erkanavay adichitathaala..NOTAAMAI
Priya neram priya (chn vanthrukellolyo..return vanthu chamatha adichiranam)
and last but not least PRITHZ...muahahahaha

Thursday, January 25, 2007

Sangeetha swarangal... ;)

M.K (cum) disci:

Indha post yaaroda fone conversationayum tap pannathoda result illai...idula irukarathellam karapanaye karpanaeye...
and munthina post commentathavanga phirstu anga atendance poatutu than inga varanm :D :D

He calls She..

She: Hello!

He: What the doing?

She: Ippo dhaan saaptu mudichen. Sir enna pannitu irukaaru?

He: Ippo dhaan 'Suttum vizhi sudare' paatu paathen Sun Music la

She: Nalla paatu.

(And then she hums the line 'mazhai azhagha veyil azhagha')

He: hey!!!!Nee ivlo nalla paaduviya

She: *giggles*

He: Hey. Innoru vaati paadaen

She: En room mates ellam thoongita. Ava bayandhuduva

He: Come on! Please!

She: Poada. I don't sing that well

He: It was really sweet. Please paaden

She: Enakku odd aa irukku da

He: Idhula ennama irukku. Nalla paadare.

She: Nee dhaan sollanum

He: Ippo paaduviya maatiya?

She: yaenda paduththare

He: Sigh! Ok

She: I don't have that great voice

He: hmmmm

She: Seri. Ivlo kaekkare. Unakaaga ore oru stanza paadaren

He: Great!!!!

She: Endha paatu paadatum?

He: Hmmmm. 'un perai sonnale' from dum dum dum?

She: Nice song. But enakku lyrics gnabagam illai

He: Chinna chinna aasai?

She: Illai indha paate paadaren

He: Cool

(She clears her throat, hums a line and then)

She: Illai vendaam. Am feeling very shy!

He: Paadu she paadu. Un isai endra inba vellathil neendha odoadi vandha
ennai yemtradhe she. Paadu

She: Galatta panre paathiya

He: No no. Nee shy aa feel panre illaiya. Trying to make u cool

She: Hmmm

He: please paadaen

She: naaLaikku paadatumaaa?

He: Seri maa. Unakku eppadi thonaradho appadiye pannu

She: Hmmm

He : Neethan sollanum.

She: hmmm..thongalam nu ninaikiren

He: Enakku Thokkame varale

She: Enn? Afternoon thonginiya?

He: Illa...Ok onakku thokkam vandha thongu...Nan disturb pannale..

She: Heyy Appadi ellam onnum ille da...

He: Illa parava illa....Nee thongu...

She : Hmmm..Ok

He: Good night

She: Good night

After a while She calls He

She: Thoonigitya

He: Illai ma. Match paathundu irundhen

She: Seri. Nee match paaru

He: Hey. Its ok. Pazhaya match dhaan.

She: Illai. Did u feel bad I didn't sing?

(Since it is a tricky question, He thinks for a while)

He: Bad appadinu solla maaten. But I want you to be comfortable first.
naaLaikku paadaren sonne illa. So me waiting

She sings 1 stanza from the song

He: Wow. Too good!

She: Poarum. I know how kevalam my voice is

He: Hey you really sing well.

She: Poada...Nee sollanume appadinu solre

He: Cha! Cha! Un voice nalla illaati naan ivlo kaekkave maaten

She: Hmmmm

He: Nee ivLo nalla paaduve enakku theriyaadhu

She: Hmmm! Seri good night

He: Good night!

She: Take care

He: You too

She: Nejamaave en voice nalla irundadhaa

He: Nejamma! Ofcourse.

She: Nee poi solre

He: Not at all. You sing very well

She: Hmmm. Ennamo solre. Good night.

He: Good Night!!

So after successfully wishing she 'good night' for the umpteenth time,
our He hangs up the phone ;-)

psst..(in hushed tone) u still believe tt disci ;)

Monday, January 22, 2007

Senra vara ulagam

sat sunday rendu naalum...intha EB waste fellows... full day power cut panitaanga...athan vilaivu ...perusa onum ila...inoru post adikka matter.. hehee...

Any of u saw d movie Guru?? i feel the movie is ok..oru thadava paakalam...AB's baby reminds me of Kamal in more scenes than one...That too...antha collector (pratap pothen??) veetu scenlam Nayagan stamp cleana theriyuthu...Aish...soliakrama mathiri onum ila...Vidya balan..**sob sob**...avlo cuteana smilay oru scenela kooda ozhunga use panla...Maddy lip to lip adikarachay OOOOOOOnu oray azhugachi...intha scenela Emraan hashmi ilainu pheelingsa irukumo?? idellam thevaya mr.Mani? overall...for those who want to be rich n famous here is one inspirational feel gudder...all is fair in love n war...this movie includes business to the list

Intha saturday oray movie watching spree...saw Ben Stillers Night in the museum..if any of u plan to see this movie...believe me...kandippa u wud find better aaani to pudungufy than watching this movie...indha mokka padatha paathu thookama varama i saw How to lose a guy in 10 was equally mokkai..but Kate Hudson smileukaaga sotha ezhuthi vaikalam..very natural and beautiful...chancela..

sunday innum super...Pokiri padam paaka polgalaamnu Ulsoor pona anga BOMBAY padam LIVEa odikitu irunthichi...thammathundu podiyanlenthu thaadi vacha thadiyan varaikum kaila spanner urutukkatainu eduthundu..pora vara vandilaam adichi odachu..autova koluthi....semma galatta.....naan kooda india win panidichungaratha vidhayasama celebrate panraangalonu bandh mathiri kadaiyellam mooditaanga...night vandila vanthavana ellam police pudichikitu poiduchunu makkal sonnanga...hmm..kaalam kettu kedakupa...

Does anyone read Robert Fulgham? i happened to read two of his books...people...ITS A MUST READ for those who love simple english...manushan chancelama ezutharar...very funny...

Parting Mokkai:
Saw a corporation pump before a newly opened wine shop...suddenly clouds went wind..trees stood still..waves stopped in freeze frame..birds got stuck in the sky....en? en? en?....reason- the following haikoo :D :D

wineshoppuku munnadi
corporation kuzhai
- Thanni adikum idam?


me d escape guys...u knw wer to thuppufy

Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Nyabagam varuthey

Met my ex colleague from my prev. company sometime back...Ennoda pazhaya officela nadantha koothellam we were discussing...thot wud make a post of we go..silathelaam mega kadi..edhukum tetanus ATC injectionlam readya vachukunga :D :D

SERVER Sundaram:

Backup eduka down panna servera support person up pannama vitathoda vilaivu server was down for a while...maganay intha naal iniya naal thaanu call log panitu went down to collect my courier..liftla kooda team mate vanthaan..

ME: "Machi..server downda.."
Lift operator.."Zero floora? basementa?"
TM: "avlo down illenga..!!"
We burst out laafing....seriyana mokkainalum it was an amazingly timing..poor lift operator..naanga eduku sirikaroamnu theriyama oru villan look vitaar..antha lift pakkam inum konja naliku poga koodathuntu we decided..

while going up to ourfloor..we were bc discussing abt the issue...
Me: "Machi..intha mathiri server crashlaam avoid pannanumda...antha support aala kooptu pesanum.."
My other colleague who was coming behind us, suddenly interuppted and asked..."oh..kaalila edho satham ketuchunu sonnanga...ithaana athu.."
TM:"dei..naan jailuku porathu pathi kavala ila..unnalam konutu poganumenu thaan paakaren..."
ME:"machi..ivana poatu thalina jailuku anupa matangada..kempa gowda pakathula unakum sila vaipanga.."
TM:"appo potrulaamgara...pudra avana..."

Lunctime Lunacy:

Pakakthu teamuku pudusa vanthrukara ponnu onnu paperlam kizhichipoatu edho tower mathiri senjukitrunthichu...(hmmm fresher..adhuvum bench...kekanuma..creatiVETTY vilaaduthu ponga)
My team mate took a pen and unnoda WTCa crash panren pervazhinu..he threw it on the tower. Correcta first paper mattum kizha vizhunthichi...antha ponnu avana..
"dude...unna osama bin laden recruit pannirunthaanna...WTC antennala planea muttitu "kaaam hogayanu" SMS vitrupa pola"
BOYSla Bharathuku mooku udanju vizhundha eppectla enga paiyan pheel aaitan :D naanga uzhundhu porandu sirichikitirunthoam...

Pudu Nellu Pudu Vaathu:

Inductionla nadantha koothu...paaka tip-topa oruthar...paakracheyve semma exp. partyngara epect kuduthukitu irunthar...naanga oru session edukka anga poi irunthoam..we asked him casually, "where do u sit..."
"here" came the reply showing his seat...appovay lighta bulb eriyutheynu gammnu vanthrukanum..seri pulla soak adikuthunu we asked
"entha project"
" long you've worked on it.."
"no no ..i'vent ...i've seen people working on COM..."
my team mate turned to me and said.."machi...idellam engenthuda pudikaraanga"
I literally dragged him from the floor to avoid further damage...

hmmm....malarum both of us are in different companies..still adicha koothelaam ninacha.. :) i do miss that long guys..have a nice weekend...

Friday, January 12, 2007

Anbenra mazhaiyile

"Amma..late aaguthu...naan kilambaren...breakfastlaam unna evan ipo panna sonaan...its already miss aana longu longunu vandila poganum...sonna kekariya...unna evan kaalangaathala idellam seyya solraan..".....Ram as usual avan archanayai aarambithaan..
Ram..S/w engineer..indha kaalathu pasangalukkay uriya impatience alavillama irukaravan..
"Konjam wait pannuda...Sun music paakarachay time aanathu therilaya...ipo ennamo kaala venneer kotinda mathiri parakariye..." ...usual dialogue from Amma..
Avasara avasarama caba pudika odinaan Ram..
*Ding Dong...Ding Dong...*
"Ivlo early morning yaaaruda athu .Ram ethayachum maranthu poitu return vantano" enru ninaithavaray Amma kadhavai thiranthaal..."hey...Geethava...aathukaararum vanthirukara...Vaango Vaango...romba naal kazhichi iniki thaan vara vazhi therinjutha...athaiyaa latchanama marumagaloda functionuku oru vaaram munnadiye varuvannu paatha...ipdi guest mathiri variye..."
"illama...neramay ozhiyala...ivaruku vera udambu sarila..."
"oh..ada paavamay..enna achu...."
"heart problem...ipo strict medicationla irukarathala konjam paravala...naakai katti vachiruken...vitta kandatha saaptu intha mathiri udamba keduthukarar..."
"nalla paathukoma..un pullayaandan epdi irukaan...avan poonal poathu paathathu...idey oorla irukan..oru ettu vanthu chithi epdi irukaanu kekarathilla..."
"nee verama...engaltiye avan seriya pesarathilla...naanga avanta pesiya naalagauthu...eppa paaru vitu vantha internetnu ukkanthuraan...pesa kooda neramilla intha kaalathu pasangaluku.."
"nalla sonna po...seri..rendu perum konjam rest eduthukungo...neenga kulichitu varathukulla..saapadu ready panidren..."
12.30 PM

Fone ringing...
"Halo..amma naan Ram pesaren..."
"Soluda...ena vishayam...ipo thaan padukalaamnu ponen...Geetha athailaam vanthirukada.."
"adellam irukatum...saaptiya? maathara potundiya....?"
"ennada.. yen kadu kadungara.....epapaaaru marunthu maatharanu doctor mathiri pesara..."
"emma..chinna kuzhandha mathiri adam pudikara...ozhunga maruntha saapduna kekariya..aprum..kai vali kaal valinu nee thaana avasatha padra..."
"naan thaana avastha pada poren...patutu poren..."
Kadupil fonai vaikiraal amma..idaiyellam kettavaray Geetha amarthukondu irukiraal.

6.00 PM

Fone ringing...
"Amma...Ram pesaren...iniki evening friends kooda velila poren..dinner angeye saaptukaren..nee wait panna venam seekram saaptru..appa enga?"
"vaasalla pakkathu veetu kuzhandhaiyoda konjindu irukaa..."
"emma udamabu sarilantu rest eduka vendi thaana...antha kutti yaanai kashku moshknu irukum..atha thooki vachindu roadla ninu kai valika porathu...sonna ketta thaana...en ipdi rendu perum adam pudikareenga" enru erinthu vizhunthaan Ram..
"enda...bore adikuthunu solitu ipo thaan velila pona...nee en kovapadra...vara vara unaku suthama porumaiye illama poachu..."

Next day morning..."hey Ram...solratha keluda...5 mins..rava upma ready aaidum..saaptu poda.....poitaana....konjamachum solratha madikarana paaren..koopda koopda ennu kekaama poraan...."
"seri..neenga tension aagatheengo...eveninga kadaiku polam..." enru Geetha samadhana paduthi senraal..

"Engamma..poiruntha..madhiyanam fone panen..yarum edukaliye...velila pona solitu poga koodatha"..ena kovathudan Fonil ketaan Ram...
"aamam..apdiye solrathellam kekariyaakum...nan,appa athai ellam jewellery shopuku poirunthoam..."
"kaalailiye theriyumla..solitu pona enna...fone edukalaina udanay bayanthuten...enna vaaanginda"
"enaku onum vaangikala...athai thaan necklace vaanginda..nalla gaathrama irukku.."
"en..unaken panjapaada..neeyum vaangika vendi thaana...evlo vanthalum en intha kanja budhi una vitu poga maatenguthu..."
"thirumbavum aarambichitiya...veetuku vaa pesikalam" enru fonea kizhe vaithal amma..

"Paathiya Geetha...thaliku mela valanthuta mariyathangarathay ilama poiduthu...epdi eduthernju pesaraan paar...konjam kooda paasamgarathey illa ivan kitta..en kitta mattum illa appa kitayum ipdi than...ennana enna avlo thaan pechu...pesama mudiyor illam poidlamaanu kooda thonuthu...ivanuku oru kalyanam pani vachitu kasi rameswaramnu poida poren.." enru amma pulambinaal..
"nanaum rendu naala paathundu thaanma iruken..neenga thaan thappa purinjindu irukel..."
"neeyum avanuku sappa kattu katriya...eppo fone pannalum erinji erinji vizharaan...ideallam pullaya"

"illama...nalla notice panitu thaan solren...kaalaila saapda kooda time illama arakka parakka office ponalum...nee saptiyanu daily fone panraan par..avanuka paasam ilanu solra...kadaiku ponenu sonna udanay nee vangindiyanu thaana first ketaan, enaku enna vaanginanu kekara pasanga mathiri illama...night nee wait panna poriyennu fone panni...saapda varailnu solraaney..idha porupunu sollama enna solrathu...en kovapadraanu paar...nee nerathuku marunthu saapda matengara...appa weight thooka venaamna keka matengaray udambuku vanthirumonu kavala...unaku onum vaangika matengara...kashtapata kalathila seri...ipo nilama nalla irukarapovum ipdiye irukiyengara aadhangam.....idellam thaan enaku Ram kita vela pressurela kooda marakkam fone panni nee epdi irukanu visaarikaaran..ipdi oru nalla paiyan kidaika nee kuduthu vachirukanum..."

Geetha sonnathaiyellam mounamaga ketukondiruntha amma..."sariya sonna Geetha...idelaam unaku puriyanumnu thaan nana kovapadra mathiri nadichen...un paiyan aniki enga veetuku vanthu nee avana seriya purinjikarathey illainu solli varuthapatundu irunthan...avanum en paiyan mathiri thaan Geetha...idelaam naana soli unaku puriyaruthuku badila neeya realise pananumnu thaan ipdi kovapadra mathiriyum complaint panra mathiriyum panen....thappa ninachukatha..."

Geetha mugathil E aadavillai...

Thursday, January 11, 2007

Kaadhal..neruppin nadanam..

Isnt it such a strange thing..that make u feel happy and miserable at the same time...No specific reason for this thought spurt..but ennamo in kalaila office varapo iruntha super climate made me remember these lines from HITCH...climax scene..

I leap and hope to god I can fly.. otherwise I just drop like a rock, wondering the whole way down, why in the hell did I jump. Here I am falling because there is only one person who can make me feel like flying. That’s you.

Ippo thaiku me apeeting to njoy my day..cya later folks...

Tuesday, January 09, 2007

Life is like that... :D

Bagyam ramasamayin Appusami series padichavangaluku kandipa pudichiruka koodiya characterna athu Seetha paati thaan..nuni naaku englishla peter utundu..namma appusaami thaatha ekku thappa achu bichunu ethachum vambila maatikarapolaam aabathpaandthavala vanthu rakshikaravar....antha paati mathiri enga paati oruthanga irukaanga...seetha paatiku englishna namma paatiku hindi...aathukarar airforcela irunthathala adikadi transfer aagi chapathi desam poga vendiya kaaranthinala hindi kathuka vendiya situation....ipdi thaan oru thadava North indiala irukarachay.....thaathaku fone varuthu...

voice: "Halo...shasthryji hain?"
paati: "haan...wo bath kar rahe hain"
voice: "kisse?"
paati: "??means??bathroom mein"
voice: "bathroom mein??? kisse?"

Now our paati is irritated..."enna ulararaan intha aal..." what had happened was our gud ol paati got confused between taking bath and hindi baath (which means talking)...
By this time the entire household was laafing its head of my cosuin took the fone from paati and laid the confusion to rest...

Another time when our punjabi neighbour was goin for his morning walk with his pet dog...vaaya vachindu summa illama vaasalla kolam poatundu iruntha patiya paathu... "Bhabiji gudmonring"nu sollirukaan...paati reply kettu vazhkaiyae veruthutaan...are u taking ur dog also for walkingnu hindila kekka try panni.. "aapka kutha aapko walking ja rahen hai"nu..("ur dog is taking u for walking"nu) solitaanga...antha aal ipo engala paathalum itha solli solli siripaan...

Once paati went in flight for the first time..kooda pona maami maama rendu perum flight start aana udaneye flat..semma thookam...airhostess vanthu paatikita.."Do u want drinks"nu kekka...paavam paatiyum.."Yes..enaku matum illa..ivaalukum konduvaango"nu solli..moonu perukum vaangi vachitu...maamava ezhupirukaa..."maami...neenga brandylaam saapduvela"nu maama kekka..paatiku semma tensionaam..."Kadangara paavis...nalla vela...ungala ezhupineno thapichen...indha karumatha kudichirunthenna enna aagrathu..yaruku enna kudukarthunu vivastha venaam...naan enamo juicenu ninachen.." aprum enna... airline stafukku US pora varaikum archnaiyo archanai thaan...ipo kuda yarachum flightla pona paati reminds them of this incident and asks them to be careful...

Real life comedies adichika aaaly illangarathuku innoru example....

Schoola labla observation submit pannapo oru experimentuku stepsa classla nadathinatha vachu engalaye ezhutha soli friend wrote his own stories and came...when his turn came for getting the experiment corrected teacher called ..
"Suresh...what is this step.."
Without missing a beat he took his pencil, striked that step and said..."Vendamna adichiralam madam.."
It took a moment for the teacher to come out of the shock..avanga reply toppu..
"enda edhuku vaazharanu ketta sethuriviya..."
pinnadi queula iruntha naangalam vizhundhu porandu sirichindu irunthoam...

Readers Digest padichikiturunthapo "Life is like that" pathutu nyabagam vanthathala atheye titela poatuten :)


Enna vote panna vitruntha this wud've been the song of the year...ennama ezhuthirukaanga...ultimate lyrics..."Azhagi"la vara "damakkau damakku dam" songuku aprum ipdi oru super song ipo thaan kekaren...intha paatu kekum boathellam it reminds me of MaY/June months of Chennai...with Sun in all its glory...entha songuku ivlo Buildupnu is the lyrics...

Song: Veyilodu Vilaiyadi
Singer: Kailash Kher, Jassie Gift, Tippu, Prasanna

yaahi.. yaahi.. yaahi... yaahi...
yaaraahi.. yaraahi.. yaraahi.. hey..
dhaiyaaree..... dhaiyaaree....

veyilodu viLaiyadi veyilodu uRavaadi
veyilodu mallu katti aattam pottoamae

nandoorum nari oorum, karuvelam kaattoaram
thattaanai suththi suththi vattam poattoamae

pasi vandhaa kuruvi muttai, thannikku thevankutta
paRippoamae soaLa thatta,
puLudhi dhaan namma sattai.. puLudhi dhaan namma sattai....

( veyilodu viLaiyadi... )

veppankottai avichi vandha raththam rasichoam
vaththi kuchi adukki kaNakku paadam padichoam
thaNNi illa aathu kitta pullu arichoam
thaNdavaaLam mela kasu vachi tholaichoam
5 paisa film vaangi, appa-voda vaettiyila kaNNaadi lense vachi cinema kaamichoam
aNNaachi kadaiyila dhaan, eNNaiyila thee kuLicha barotta-ku paathi soththai naanga azhichoam
pottal kaattil puLuthellam, oattam pottu thirinchoam,
veyila thavira vaazhkaiyila vera enna aRinchoam?

( veyilodu viLaiyadi... )

vennilava vettaiyadi veetil adaichoam
pon vaNda kottaankuchi siRaiyil vaLarthoam
kaandhatha maNNula thaechi peyum aattunoam
record dance paarka meesai ottunoam
poomatham poovai maathi kalyaaNam dhaan kattikuvoam
kazhudhai mela oorvalama oorai suththinoam
enga ooru megham ellaam eppavaachum mazhai peyyum
appo naanga minnalula photo pudichoam
thoppuL kodiya polathaan indha oorai uNarndhoam
veyila thavira vaazhkaiyila vera enna aRinchoam?

Music director AR Rahman sonthakararnu correcta prove panirukaar...lyricist yaarnu therila...i fell in love with this song..especially these lines

"enga ooru megham ellaam eppavaachum mazhai peyyum
appo naanga minnalula photo pudichoam"

Chennaivaasigal anaivarukum intha song arpanamnu title cardla poatrulam...avlo apt song...Padam titley supera iruku..Veyil...and intha song picturisation first paathapo Discovery channel adnu work avlo super..different moods of the Sun captured in all its glory...chancelaatha song...padam bayangara azhugainu kelvi...but song super...chk it out folks

Monday, January 08, 2007

one down...51 to go

Ippo thaan new year eve athu ithunanga...adukulla oru weekend over....summa sollapdathu..super fasta poguthu 2007...i finally maanged to see BOMMARILU ... naan paatha second telugu movie after one word to describe oooozes with dollops and dollops of cuteness...u wud end up smiling for the full duration of the movie...Jenilia character konjam loosuthanama, Ullam kekumay laila mathiri irunthalum, gummu...kuzhandhai ennama sirikuthu...thaliaya slighta bend panni..rendu kannaiyum mela uruti...antha cuteana arisi pal theriya oru smile udrapo....huh...heart rendu beat extra poduthu...Ha Ha Hasininu solrapalaam..rendu beat miss aaguthu...chinna vayasula mandaila mutinda innoru thadava mutikanum ilaati kombu mulaikumngara athi arputhamaana (!!) concepta ennama use panirukaar director...drishti...padathula songs thaan highlight...awesome songs..."we have a romeo" and "Bommani geesthay" must've been chartbusters in tollywood...point to be noted is meeku telugu suthama telusulethu...still njoyed watching the movie...if u r a sucker for romantic musicals...add this to ur list...

Aprum..started reading "Other side of Me"by sidney sheldon...for all the sidney sheldon fans...this book is a must read...starting pageleye kalkalaana tension...i never imagined auto biographies can made be so went thru so fast i dint knew wen i completed it...evlo kashtapattu munnuku vanthirukengaratha super simplea edho novel padikara mathiri solirukar...found it very interesting and confidence boosting...but strictly for sheldon fans..

Last week i ended up with another book from our office library..."World is flat" by semma familiara iruku..but cudnt place him...still..first 50 pages was quite racy and effects of globalisationa..Indian companies vachu supera solirukar...nandan nilkeni vivek paul 24/7 call centernu oray india puraanam thaan....yet to finish it...

And lastly..nethu Marathahalli..Brand Factory poirunthen...emma...nadanthu nadanthu...kaal thenjay poachu..enna my fav. colored V necker t shirt atlast..after months of wait... :D

Senra vaara ulagam avlo thaan year eve poata resolution ellathiyum onnam thethiye vetrigarama break pannitathala..nothing to celebrate...mathabadi...PNI part 8 getting ready...might finish it in this part...ok ok..ippovay Clap thataatheenga...mite change my mind...working on another pager...edit panitu postaren..till then...cya..take care folks...
thuppum idam: u-know-where :D

Thursday, January 04, 2007

Maangalyam thanthunanena....

Kalyanamaam kalyaanam...Kalyanamaam kalyaanam...vaala meenuku vilaangu meenuku mattum ileengo..namma blog worldlaiyum marriage season uccha sthaayila iruku...Porkedi,kodumai usha,ambi,ms congeniality thodarnthu vidushi also has joined the list of kalyanam aana katterumboos :) 2006 hasbeen quite an eventful year...2007la Feb 9 vitta vera muhurthamay ilatha maaathiri...5 of my frnds are getting married on the same luck when it comes to attending coll. mates marriages still remains intact... :( anyways..ingirunthey athchatha poatu aasirvaadam panniduvoam...breakfastlenthu dinner varaikum parcel confrimed :D...hope all of u njoyed ur new year evea Blore mail..veda vedakara kulirila kolagalama (*&^%$#) kondaditu..onnam thethi oooruku vantoamla.. seri..ippothaikku avlo thaan news...appala d escape