Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Trickling thoughts - Wattan idea Sarjeee :)

Door opens and roomie enters the house, carrying that aura of sadness and gloom and with a look of a person fed up with the world.

(okay..before you proceed any further..it had nothing to do with my imsais)

"what happened"
"mumble..mumble..mumble...vaazkhaiye sogam" came the reply.
"congrats..great news"
"Dei...naan enna sonnentu..nee congrats solra?"
"enna sonnanu purila..seri..positive newsa thaan irukumnu oru nambikkaila sonnen"
"Enda..enna paatha positive news solravan mathirya iruku?? kaduppula irukken..nee vera verupethatha"
"Enna machi...y veruppu kaduppu nu TR mathiri pesitrukka? aapeecela problem? pakkathu seat aunty propose panidicha??"
"athu onnu thaan kuraichal...enda intha velaikku sernthomnu irukku"
"unna recruit pannavanum itheye thaan solitrukannu kelvi patten"
"seriousa machi...at times..yen itha panrennu enakkay purila..enaku suthama Java pudikala...naan adikara code ennalaye rendu thadava padika mudiala..avlo kevalama iruku...ithula aduthavan code review athula defect fix..bug nu...innum kadiyaana velai. Ithelaam oru pozhappa nu samayathula en mela enakkay kadupaaguthu"
"oh....hold on...no tension...less tension more work...ithu Indian philosophy.....no work neriya tension...ithu H1B philosophy...overa yosicha udambukku aagathappanay"
"Athu terinju thaana ipdi polambitruken..en experienceukum qualificationukum..India pona chillaraikku singi thaan adikanum..inga etho thappi thavari vela kuduthutaanga.."
"un nermai enakku romba pudichirukku"
Roomie goes and dumps himself on sofa.
"Elo..ennamo ulagathulaye nee oruthan thaan pudikama velai panitruka mathiri polambara...majority of folks ipidi thaan maganay..working just for the sake of salary...satisfactionoda sathiyama illa"
At that time the third roomie joins in the conference.
"Ennapa topic etho balama oduthu pola"
"Ivan eppo paaru...I dont like..but i've to do it " nu polambittay irukaan...kindergarten pasanga rhymes solra mathiri sathaa itheye sollitrukaan...Nee sollu machi..un velai unakku pudichi panria? illa kaasukagava"
"ithula kostin enna iruku..kandippa thuddu thaan..i want to study screenplay writing and move into directing movies..aana enna panrathu...kaila kaasilla..so..konja naal palla kadichitu inga potti thattinomna..athukulla oru nalla dabbu partya paathu ushaar panni kalyanam pannikitu house husbanda poitenna...ava paatuka earn panratha paathupa..naan learn pannratha paathukuven"
The sad roomie falls at his feet "deivamay..nee thaan inimay en vaazhkaiyoda vazhikaati..."
"machis..oru idea"
Neither of them show any interest.
"Machi..kelen...nee kelen...."
Still no response.
"Ipo mattum kekala..i will start cooking"
"aiyo venaam saami...kathirikkaa panren sollitu katrina puyal adichaa mathiri kitchena maathiruva...solli thola"
"ithey oru songa poatta enna?"
"i dont really like..but i've to do it...intha rock musiclaam vara mathiri...ethachum naalu guitar backgroundla play panna vitutu..ishatathuku enna venumnaalum lyrics poatukalam...naalu thadava kaetta mokka song kooda mega songa aaidum..."
"velangidichi...actualla enaku oru idea thonithu...after hearing you say it...intha sentencela ethu poatalum fit aaguthu paaren..en casela "i dont really like it..but i've to do it...JAVA"...ivan casela..Java can be replaced with driving...having needed to drive 2 hours one way to office in peak traffic...un casela cooking poatukalam...elaarukum suit aaguthu paaru"
"superda..itheye patent panni tee shirta potuta enna...one sidela intha phrase...innoru sidela "pick your choice" nu potrulam...each one can have customised tee shirts based on their dislike"
"aaha...dislike panra vishyama like panra mathiri oru attempta...ithu kuda nallarukkay"

While they went on to explore the possibility of expanding that thought...than muyarchiyil satrum manam thalaraatha gils...went back to his movie watching spree.

Sunday, July 22, 2012

WMW- Dark Knight Rises

Than muyarchiyil satrum manam thalaraatha Gils is still in search of his elusive good movie in the land of Hollywood. And after three fairly unsuccessful attempts of 3, Saguni and Billa -2, the fourth one was largely on target. But it didnt quite meet the sky high expectations that surrounded it. I wanted to see the movie on an IMAX theater, having never been to one. But wonder would've if my disappointment would've maxed watcihng it on IMAX.

I am die hard fan of Christopher Nolan. His movies are like mind games. Be it Prestige or Inception, even Memento for that matter, they are so full of layers and layers and what you see, in many scenes, is not what is given. There will always be a hidden meaning, a cryptic reference, a clue to what is coming and what he might tweak to create a mind blowing scene to follow. The second part of the trilogy, Dark knight, fuelled so much hype into the third one, that it almost killed the movie. Till date i always thought, Lord of the Rings collection are the best of the triology movies. But Nolan's Batman series, pounds them down to dust take that exalted position. As a three part series, these are by far the best i've ever seen.

I loved the first part. Prior to that, Batman was never my favorite comic hero. Infact, i had hardly read any Batman comics. They always carried a sense of darkness about them, right from the colors used. Obviously, the caped crusader was a nocturnal vigilante. But still, i was more fascinated by Superman and Spiderman came a distant second. I always felt Spidey was someone i guess any commoner to could relate more to. But Batman, with his super powers all driven by the gizmos and gadgets he carry, always sounded like a futuristic James Bond. That is the reason why the first part thrilled me to the core. The way he conquers his fear of bats as a kid, will always remain etched on my mind and believe it or not i remind myself of that scene whenever i go on a ride i've never tried before. More than inspiring, it sowed the sense of purpose to the character and gave it a base of validity. The way Nolan had built Bruce Wayne into Batman, could be the best tribute an adaptor can ever give to its original creator, Stan Lee. Diamond Comics, should come out with a law that any more movies based on their superheroes, should have this series as the benchmark. (P.S: That one was for "Amazing Spiderman". One word. YUCK. It was neither amazing and i've never seen a more soplaangi Spiderman before. Disappointing it was. Bring back Toby). 

Bad time for superheroes i guess. In the name of making them look realistic and more humane, the directors have taken the task of getting the heroes beaten up into pulp movie after movie. If Spidey needed the help of everyone from Crane operator to candy sucking kid in his movie, Batman is no less weakly projected. Atleast this one had a reason, being the end of the series. Spidey director is just opening the franchise. Hard luck buddy. Better luck next time.

The first part of the Batman series laid the base for the mind boggling second part. I am still at loss to figure out who actually was the "Dark Knight" in the movie. Obvious reference to Batman apart, the character of Joker was so fantastically framed, the dark side was made to look so sexy in the movie. Infact, he is the crown prince of dark characters and could well be the titular character. And the third one being the two face Harvey Dent. At the end of the movie, Batman takes the blame for the mishaps of Gotham and goes into hibernation, making Dent the hero, so that Gotham can have tough criminal laws. This is how the third part begins. The first half drags a bit, where in Batman is shown as a frail middle aged man with a limp(!!!) unaware of the approaching storm. In comes the villain - Bane. Now, poor guy, need to be cut some slack. Its like, Arjun Tendulkar trying to hold a cricket bat and people right away compare him to his demi-God Dad. He takes up the task of challenging Batman, that was done with aplomb by his illustrious predecessor who had immortalised the character to such an extent that rumour has it that there wouldnt be another movie with Joker till 2050 as a mark of respect. This man, Bane, to start with has such a cheesy name. And to make it worse, roams around with a hannibal lecter mask and a Darth vader voiceover. Nolan has tried to show him as the ultimate baddy and it feels, he has overplayed his hand. But that character grows into a well and truly menacing one with increasing might scene after scene. The scene where he breaks Batman's spine and the one where the entire stadium collapses were WOW. His character, when it almost tries to redeem its esteemed place, is put to such a shoddy end that, its made to look like a villain's sidekick on a B grade movie. And that unnecessary twist of the lady turning color...???!!! Cmon Nolan. Didnt expect this from you. Ellaatha vida uchha katta kodumai..catwoman driving the Bat pod!!!!!! Oh..My...GAAAWWWDD.

Call me male chauvinist. But if ever there was a vehicle that was definitely male, like the Bajaj Pulsar tag line, that would the Bat pod, Batman's bike. Not only does Catwoman gets to vrrroom it on first try, uughhh...she even drives it well. Doesnt stop at that. Anne Hathway's catwoman, is shown to be more stronger than the Batman himself in some scenes. Wonder why the delibrate attempt to show Battie on a bad light, as it is, him being the denizen of the dark times. But the ending tries to justify these a bit. The ultimate aim of Nolan is to bring the trilogy to a meaningful end and he also repeatedly tries to tell that Batman is not getting any younger in way too many scenes. And it was an interesting sub plot where the normal people, aka police of Gotham, takes control over the city, on their own, managing the thugs of their own size, while leaving the big baddie to Batman, it bring the story to a logical conclusion. Shows that everytime, they can't depend on a superhero to clean up their mess and at times, they need to take the broom and start cleaning themselves.

To me the crown jewel of all the scenes is the one where Bruce wayne escapes from the well. Could well be one of the best ever scenes depicted on a movie ever. He tries to climb out of the well with the rope tied to him. But rather than supporting it pulls him down each time. He is adviced that, at times, fear is the best buddy to bring out the best in oneself. He unties himself from the rope, symbolically his fearlessness and needless to say, fear lends him wings to get out of the hell, he brought himself into. Symbolically, at the top of the hole, bats fly away, disturbed from their nest, just like the scene from the first part. Hats off Sire. Inspiring stuff. The ending though was a wee bit disappointing. But couldnt deny the Nolan touch in it. One is left wondering, whether Batman is actually dead or not. Might argue that Bruce wayne is shown to have survived the blast. But  will he ever be Batman again?? The intriguing part being introduction of Robin as the end credit rolls by.

Gils verdict: Its a sacrilige to watch this movie, without watching the other two. Its a tribute to a great series and deserves to be seen at a stretch, back to back, to enjoy every single drop of essence of it. Its depressing and liberating and the same time. Next stop is to hunt for the gold disc for the series with director's cut.

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Trickling Thoughts - You've got mail

It all started with an innocent one liner mail.
"Hi, My application is not working. Can someone please look into it."
And then..all hell broke loose.
"Hey..i am no longer supporting this. Please dont mark me in loop"
Another reply came with somewhat similar content followed by a dozen "Me too"s.
The "Me too" flow got broken inbetween by an awakened sage, full of rage.
"Hey..stop spamming others mailboxes. Dont reply all. Just mark it back to the sender alone"
Just like the monkeys that repeat anything newly taught to them, this mail was followed by sporadic explanatory mails on the usage of "Reply all" option and how one shouldnt abuse it, ofcourse the mail was addressed to all. He even went to the extent of taking screenshots and preparing a word doc on where is the "Reply all" button located and marked it in bright red color with all ambu kuri pointing to it and 'warned" people from using it.
One genius, found out that marking in BCC will help and ingeniously tried that with "stop this nonsense. Dont mark me in this mail" response.
That was greeted with a stream of "Me too" mails but again ignoring the BCC part and marking everyone in loop.
Suddenly someone begun to see the funny side in this melee.
"Looking at the number of me too's, people might think we have lot of chinese amidst us".
That turned the contest totally in a different direction.
"How come chinese?"
"Me too sounds chinese?"
"Its a chinese conspiracy then"
"Or a chinese virus?"
The word virus immediately caught up and the thread continued discussing about viruses and how one shouldnt open such mails. Some one even had a lengthy explanation on how viruses via mail destroy our data, all the while marking the reply to all.
Finally, the server admin guy woke up to hear his manager blasting him over phone for not addressing mailbox space crunch problem only see 4500 mails on his inbox. He sent out a single mail to everyone in loop.
"Any one found responding further on this topic will have his internet account deactivated"

And peace was finally restored.

P.S: Usualla namma oorla thaan intha maathiri aalunga irukaanga paatha..paarapatcham ilaama ulagam poora paravi kedaikaanga pola. The moment someone marks a bigger distribution list by mistake, something snaps on peoples mind i guess. Once someone marked a mail to a worldwide distribution list by mistake and also with read receipt request!!! For close to two months she suffered the mail storm and she further worsened her case when she requested recall for unread mails!!!! She had to create a spam folder specifically for collecting the response mails and people who had been on vacation and are checking their mails late are still responding with " remove me" mails even now it seems. Sila nalla vishayangal endrumay maaruvathillai :))

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Trickling Thoughts - To be or not to be

I've always felt that people who have lived abroad for a decent number of years and having come back to India fall under two types - those who are overtly critical of Indian lifestyles and look out for chances to catch the next flight out and those who bring in their experience of living outside and try to simulate the same friendly environment on their home country.

When i was talking with my friend, he said, Indian women in general, find it easier to live outside India. The reason being, they dont have the pressure of the tedious norms of our culture that even on its best days are predominantly male chauvinistic. They feel they've more freedom to lead the way they want to live more at abroad than in India. Sila chinna chinna intrusions on their personal space like, what time they get up, what do they wear, what do they eat and cook and how they address or interact with their spouse and friends, in general avanga pesonal life, even after marriage or even while studying, they feel is secure if not in India.

Ithu evlo true or evlo false nu me the no debating. But oru chinna example. My friend went to India last month from here. Like "Kuruvi" Vijay she agreed to take a parcel for me back home. Appovay thelivaa she told. I am not sure how much time i will get for myself to reach out to my mom or sister to deliver. To be honest, it felt lighta scene puttings. But when i realised that, within a span of 4 weeks, she has to spend time with her side of the family, fill in the gap of 4 years of separation and then appease with her in laws, meet the unseen relatives from both sides of her family and also allocate some time for her friends. Yosichi paakavay thala suthidichi. And that's not just it. Enna mathiri innum ethana per courier charge sikkanam pannarathukaga ipdi aduthuvanga thalaila mootai katti anuppi irupanga!! To top it all, she had to travel alone with her 2 kids, both under 4 years of age and had 2 transits to cover, over a 20 plus hour travel !! No wonder she was scared out of her wits about the visit. Luckily for her, the kids didnt create much scene and she pinged that the eagle had landed safely, with a long sigh of relief. Guess within matter of days, all the points mentioned on para 2 came to haunt her and last when i spoke to her, she wasnt much enthused about going back to India.

Having spent the better part of their life being accustomed to such customs and constraints, people still find it difficult to cope back, once they taste the sweetness of relishing their individuality i guess. May be its like, going back to the era of no mobiles and internet. Oops, i had absently termed such customs as being backward :)  When some elder tries to dictates terms to your living style, they also bring with it their personality. Its the way they would've been groomed and almost every one would've their own story of suffering the same fate at the hands of their seniors and would go on to add how liberal they are compared to their own.

But these same gumbal of makkal when it comes to their own kid, most of them dont want them to be raised here!! Inga culture sari illayaam and they want them to be brought up in India!! Ithukkena solrathu?? Hypocrisy? or sheer fear that their kids wouldnt respect them if given too much independence?? Thanakkunu varapo independence inikkuthu..thannoda pasangannu varappo en idikuthu?? Enna koduma saar ithu.

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

WMW - Naan Ee

Intha vaaram Weekend Movie Watchla its "Naan Ee" time :) Oray samayathula tamil, telugu and one more languagela release aagi kalakitrukara movie. The director, Rajamouli, is the hit machine of Andhra. Consecutivea 8 blockbusters he has directed and this one had lot more expectations riding on it. The fact that, Thalai's "Billa-2" got postponed because this one occupied all the theaters speaks for the publicity and hype.

Storywise perusa onumilla. Usual revenge-reincarnation matter thaan. For a change hero takes "E" avatharam in his second innings and villaina samhaaram panra kathai. Nyayapadi intha padathuku hero villain thaan. Right from frame one, Sudeep dominates the movie like anything. Herova vara Naani ku romba kammi screen time. Kedacha gapla Samantha va maanju maanju love pannitu mandaiya poturaar. Samantha....avvvvvvvvvvvvv...veyil kaalathuku etha ice cream sundae. Romba alatikkaama...lighta smile..lighta fear nu...kozhantha ennaamaa act pannuthu. Antha kannalaye kavithai ennamolaam solvangalay..athey athey. Right from her debut movie "Moscowin Kaveri" she has grown looking beautiful with each movie :)

Aprum..padathoda original hero "Ee". Computer graphicsla semmaya velaadirukaanga. Usuala namma oorla CG based moviesla maina sothaparathu depth perception and scalingla. Originalityla focus panren pervazhinu imagela kaatra importancea appearancela vitruvaanga. For example the gorilla in Duet movies logo will look much authentic but it will look bigger than the tree it would be climbing on to. Antha mathiri ilaama..intha padathula..romba menakettu try panni irukaanga. And the screenplay of how the Ee takes revenge with the help of heroine is told semma interestingly. Logiclaam paakama enjoy panna vendia padam.

Another highlight for the movie is the music. WOW. Songs are awesome. Especially the first song sung by Karthik. Usuallavay his voice makes even normal songs sound special. Intha songoda innoru strength Madan Karky oda lyrics. Appakku pillai thappaamal piranthirukaaru. Loved his word play and have always amazed at the ease with which he brings in technical words into tamil and inserts them expertly at the right places. Be it "Kuviyam" in "Ennam Yetho" song from "Ko" or the word love in umpteen different lanugages for "Nanban" or the chinese song sounding like Twinkle twinkle little star in "7aam Arivu" this man has always been upto something. When i heard this song for the first time, what stuck me was the originality of the lyrics and how amazingly it suited the heroines character. She comes as a miniature artist in the movie. Atha base panni "Nun silai seithidum Pon silaiye " nu oru vari varum..and adutha line was even cuter "Pencilai seevidum Pen silaiye". Totally smitten with the song and has been playing non stop on my playlist. Here is the lyrics. Oru kutti poatti. Of the two kavithais given below..which one is more beautiful? one looking out the window or the one below the pic :) heheheee..

Gils verdict : Ee oattathu..intha Ee odum.

veesum velichathile thugalaai naan varuven
pesum vennilave unake oli tharuven
ada adadadada...oh
ada adadadada...oh
nun silai seithidum pon silaiye
pencilai seevidum pen silaiye
en nilai konjam ne paarpaaya?
ada adadadada...oh
ada adadadada...oh
oru murai paarpaaya 
irudhaya pechai ketpaaya
marumurai paarpaaya
vizhigalil kaadhal solvaaya
ada adadadada...oh
ada adadadada...oh

un bootha kannadi..thevai illai
en kadhal nee paarka kan pothume
muthangal thaluvalgal thevai illai
ne paarkum nimidangal athu pothume
kovam yekkam kaamam vekkam
etho onru paaradi

oru murai paarpaaya 
irudhaya pechai ketpaaya
marumurai paarpaaya
vizhigalil kaadhal solvaaya
ada adadadada...oh
ada adadadada...oh

Monday, July 09, 2012

Trickling Thoughts - Fear factor

The very first outing i went after coming here, made me realise one thing. This is my chance to really come out and try things that i've never even thought about before. A chance to really test the truthfulness of my fears. Many a time i mistake my timidness for fear and didnt even consider so many fun things in life. One such example would be - amusement parks. Never been a big fan of any of those rides, still am. But after coming here and knowing that its the major and main source of entertainment around these places, i had little choice but to participate. I am terrified of heights, but trekking had never been an issue. But somehow, the mighty water scares the wits out of me even from the shores. Always had huge respect for the all powerful sea. Inga vanthu pona first eventay turned out to be water skiing.

Bay of Bengal paathu bayanathavanukku Atlantic ocean back watersla athuvum swimming theriyaama water skiing :) I went in with an empty mind and came back with my heart filled with joy. Not sure whether it was the crowd pressure or the asattu thunichal that, i am in a andai naadu or a mere senseless act ( i go with this) i just climbed into one and the moment the instructor pushed the bike into water, lighta gathi kalangidichi. And after a while actually begun to enjoy the ride. Chennai/Banglorela, mazhai kalathula, roadla thanni thengi irunthu athula autola pona epdi irukumo..athey epect :) It became even more joyous when i spotted 2 dolphins swimming close by. Aquariumla kooda dolphin paakathavanukku pakkathulaye paatha epdi irukum. Was super thrilled. I was shouting to everyone who were riding near by to watch out for the dolphins. Athenamo therila, en sidelaye rendum suthi suthi vanthuchi. After a while the instructor whistled us to come back. Vandila yerararuthukku munaadi oru half hour antha aal kitta kostin keattu avan BP yeathinathukaaga..he romba karisanama asked me how i felt. He was sincerely concerned when i told him about the dolphins and almost cancelled the remaining session. Ennada matternu paatha..naan paatha rendum dolphin illayaam. SHARK!!!! Appo thaan avangalukku news varuthu..intha mathiri sharks have been spotted close to the shore and ask the participants to either postpone the events for next day or not to venture too far away into the ocean nu!!! avvvvvvvvvvvvvv....Apdiyum vidaama...aduthu went for "Banana boat" ride. This time it was a group of 4 people per boat and we went the opposite direction to the place where sharks were spotted. It turned out to be much more riskier a ride than the skii as water was splashing as fast as the boat, to which ours was tied to, went. Came back drenched to every single cell of the skin.

Athukaprum, another weekend again went to a theme park filled with water rides. They had a man made beach setup which was more of an open swimming pool but with controlled wave generation. Oru aarva kolaarula went upto 5feet depth and suddenly a huge wave took me under. One nimit enna panrathunnay puriala. But i realised i wasnt scared, yet. I was thinking furiously how to move back to lesser depths but wasnt able to. Right at that time my friend pushed me a bit and i was able to move back to relative saftey. That incident made me realise, more than the fear of drowning, it was shame that had held me back all these days, being ashamed to be embarrassed before others. When that pressure got lifted, i actually begun to enjoy these moments and the comfort that i wasnt the only one around who was having such doubts helped. Athukaprum went for few more rides, more to test my thought process rather than to enjoy. While every one else were shouting, i was holding tight to the rails with all i can and was surprisingly quiet compared to others. Ivlo thaana matternu terinjaprum, it didnt feel scary at all.

Last weekend went for a waterfall that was 2 hours drive from our place. Pora vazhi poora my friend was polambing, ivlo thooram poi waterfall vedikka paakanumaanu. But after we went there, it felt worthy of every single mile travelled. I've been to a fair number of waterfalls, which would still be less than the average tourist count. But never ever have i went inside one!! Here, again, enna reasonnu kaetta i dont have one to tell. But somehow, maybe getting used to the concept of getting drenched, i felt no fear and went and sat underneath the falls with others. Mandaila yaaro urutuu kattai vachu saathu saathu nu saathara matiri semma forcea water was pouring. It was a totally different experience. All the bathroom showers of the world, even if turned together in unison, can never repeat that feeling. Athuakaprum was playing on the pool at the base of the falls for sometime. Ennadaa naama mattum thannila erangirukom evanumay intha pakkama kaanumaynu realised after sometime. Karaikku vanthapum thaan solranga..usuala antha fallsla snakes adichikitu varumaam!!! Water snakes!!! YIKES. And right at that moment, saw a bunch of them coiled underneath a rock at the very place i was playing!!! Mayakkamay vanthuruchi. My friend calmly came near me and asked me to look at the top of the falls. Naanum appavia anga paraak pakkarappo he swatted my shoulder. Ennada matter nu paatha, all the while i had been hosting a huge beetle like insect on me!!! Ithuku melayum adventure thaangathu saami sollitu mootai kattified from there. The fact that i had an insect on me and the snakes became point of discussion throughout the trip back. We almost missed July 4th fireworks in that arattai!!

Ennadaa ivan..LKG pasanga pora mathiri excursion poittu essay adikaaran pakareengala :)  All these days i've been under the impression that, being embarrassed is the worst thing that can happen to me. Ofcourse, it still is. Aana, i've realised the huge difference between being afraid of something and being shy to try something. And moreover, intha mathiri goofy incidents are those which really gel people. Being a clean slate is boring. If we are not comfortable to laugh at the mistakes we do, aduthavanga sirikarachay azha thaan thonum. Atleast antha mathiri narrate pananvachum naalu incidents venum and athukagavachum appo appo intha mathiri madathanama yethaachum try pannanumn thonuthu.

There had been many things that i had avoided in my life athula rendu inga vantha first 3 monthsla try panniachu. Onnu intha mathiri water games rendavathu and most important one - cooking :) Ingenthu kelambrathukulla i hope i can tick off few more from that bucket list of mine.

Friday, July 06, 2012

Jillunu oru kaathal kathai :) -10

"Veyil ennama sutterikuthu..shabba..thaanga mudila.." entered Priya with a deep sigh.

"Neenga thaana madam ippovay shopping poganumnu single leg la stand panneenga....resign pannathukaaga shopping poi celebrate panna oray aal neeya thaan iruppa"

"Hey...oru chinna test. Un facelenthu antha thuppattava edu?' said Ram.

"!!?? ok?? en?"

"Illa..Azhagaana ponnunga veyil adikarapo mugatha thupatta vachu maraikarathunaala avangala paaka mudiathaa kovathula suriyan micha perai sutterikuthu nu oru poem la padichiruken...ipo veyill soodula oru changeum illangaratha paatha...haioo..amma..pisaasu..en  ipdi killara"

"Naan azhagaa illanu nakkal panrathoda matumilaama..atha tabu shankar poem vachu vera solriyaa...pichuuuu"

"Paravalaye..Tom Clancy padikara peter nenacha..Tabu Shankarum teriyuma...niceee"

"Halloo..he has more girl followers than guys...en ponnungalaam kavithai padika koodatha...elaa
pasanugalumay hypocrites thaanda...male ego"

"Ada..oru kavithai innoru kavithaiye epdi padika mudiyumngara arthathula kaetta"

She blushed for a moment and punched Ram with her handbag.."Shhhutup..ipdi ethaachum mokka poatu paechha maathiru" said amidst smiling.

"usss...paaru rathamay vanthiruchi..ipdiya killuva"

"Killina idathil ratham vanthathu nu pulambura muttalay..nalla paaru..vanthathu rathama..illa...kaathala"

Ram looked stunned for a moment.

"Ada..ithuvum Tabu shankar poem thaanpa..ivlo reaction ethuku" sollitu she startd walking with a glowing smile on her face.

"Pullaya killitu thotittala aatra pazhakkam epo thaan maarumo" mumbled Ram.

"enna anga saththammm"

"onnumillaaye..." Ram mimed the meek husband pose like Vadivelu.

Looking at his antics Priya started laughing and chases him waving her hand bag like a mace. She stumbles and both fell on the sofa.

"Enna Ram ivlo theevirama yosikkara?"

"Illa... heroines thadukki vizharathukaagavay sofa create pannirupangalonu"

"Rombaa mukkiyam..seri..formalitykaga oru vaati ketudren...nee enna love panra thaana?"

"Ivlo romantica intha kelviya Indialaye yaarum ketruka maatanga"

"Aaama..ithukaga Empire state mela eri ninna propose panna mudiyum..pakki..appovum paaru..ponnu naan kekaren..nee kalluli mangan mathiri ukkanthitukka"

"Hey...cinemaala thaan pasanga paatu paadi..vitham vithamaa propose panrathelam..actualla naangalaam romba shy type aakum.."

"Aiya..athaan paathene..ponnu paaka vantha anniku athana neram kadalai poatta.."

"Athennamo therila..un kitta pesinappo first time pesara mathiriye thonala..etho regulara meet panravangalta pesitruntha mathiri oru ..hmmm..comfort irunthichi"

"Ithey dialogue ethana per kitta sollirupa..hahaha...aanaa truth be told..enakum athaan strike aachu. First time meet panra mathiriye illa...oru vela intha made for each other solrangalay antha mathiri irukumo?..hey...thirudaa..apdiye platea maathitaan paar...nee innumum enna love panrenu sollala"

Before he could say anything, right at that moment his mobile cried..."yaarupa ithu boojai nerathula karadi" nu he picked the phone mumbling his "hello"

Somehow, Priya felt he attended to the call more on purpose than by chance.


"Ennada..moonjiye thooki vachitu ukkanthitrukka? Priya resign pannitu ponaalum pona..un thollai perum thollai aaidichi" asked Anil

"Hey..athelaam onnumilla..naan sonnathunaala thaana avalay resign panna..it was a joint decision anyways...oray office..oray teamla irunthikittu ....athuvum she had been my reportee...HR policy prachanailaam varum..athunaala thaana ava quit panna"


"Nethu she proposed to me"

"Vekka kedu...unna nenachu Aan vargamay perumai paduthu machi...nee enna sonna..same to you va??"

"Illada...enakku enna solrathunnay therila"

"LKG pasangala kaettalay solvangalaydaa...ithana naala athana romance scene oatittu ippo enna solrathu therilanna enna artham??!!"

Looking at his serious reaction "hey..ennada ivlo yosikara? unaku Priyava pudicihruku thaana?"

"Kandippaada..aana..i feel like..i am cheating on her"

"aahaaa..side gapla vera engayaachum padam otiniya?"

"illada..ithu Priyava meet panrathuku munnadiye..."

"Ada paavi...ithu ennada pudhu kathai?"

Ram logged into his personal mail and showed Anil a mail dated few years back and still in Drafts folder.

"As a kid i had been warned
never to look at lightning directly..
But couldnt help it
when you showed up
Like a multicolored lightning..
burning your picture on my mind..
and blinding me with love.....

And they say
Lightning never strikes twice at the same place
Maybe my heart was an exception to that..
you were my sweetest dream
which stayed on with my eyes
even while open....

Like a mid afternoon breeze
you came into my life..
Life never looked rosier

You had the most talkative eyes..
They more than compensated for
your silence
by making a mess of mine

Then came the season of seperation
Now if one think about it..
has no rhyme or reason..
happiness stepped out when
ego stepped in..
neither did i budge
nor did you give in..

Time rolled away..
and we went seperate ways..
travelled too far..
there is no comeback..
still goin on
with the hope that...
our paths may cross oneday..
to meet and part is the way of life..
to part and meet is the hope of life"

"Emmaadi..ivlo peria maila..atha yen innum anupama save panni vachiruka? bye the bye..ithu kavithainu mattum sollidaatha..kadupaaiduven. Yendaa..oray linela adichaa sentenceu..atheye enter thatti poatta kavithaiyaa aidumaa...neengalaam thirunthavay maateengalaada?"

"Ava per Uma..avala oru social networking sitela meet pannen...not sure how i ended up in her profile..mailla mokka poda arambichu.apdiye messenger..phonenu improvise aagi..oru stagela i felt she was my extended virtual relation..vidia vidia phonela arattai adichaalum..oru thadava kooda nerla paakra chance kedaikala"

"ithenna mokkathanama iruku...fotola kooda paakalia?"

"illada..she was very conscious of uploading pics on the net and naan avaloda photo pathi visaarikaathathu thaan thanna impress pannithunu adikadi solluva...so ..."

"Ushaar partya irukkay...oru vela yaarachum kalaaichirupaangalo? check pannia?"

"I felt it was always a real person"

"hmmmm....unakkulla oru 'Vaaranam Aayiram" Surya olinjindu  irukaan nu Priya solluva...athu "Katrathu tamizh" la climaxla vara Jeeva va irukkumnu teriaama poachu.Seri..antha ponnu ipo enga? nee propose panni reject pannitaala? athuku thaan intha soga geetham lyricsa?"

"Illada...thideernu oru naal contact poidichuda..epdi suddena start aacho..apdiye end aadichi...oru stagela ava yaarunu terinjikka..ennamolaam try panni paathen..oru naal antha idku anupina mail bounce aaidichi..aprum thaan realised..she had deleted the profile....aprum naanum inga shift aagi vanthuten..lifela neria maatrangal...apdiye time poiduthu..aanalum...i am still unable to forget herda..i always felt that she would be the one for me...you wouldnt believe how much we had in common...each day..office mudichitu will come rushing to my PC..just for the sake of talking with her..aana yennu therila..thideernu kaanama poitta"

"Very obvious..kadalai poda real lifela aal sikkirupaan.."

"Possible..aana oru vaarthai sollitu poirukalaam"

"Loosaapaa nee...Kannu munnaadi paar..Priyakku ennada kuraichal..neria thadava unga rendu pera paathu naan evlo poraama patruken teriyuma..ipdilaam couple amaiya kuduthu vachirukanumda. Nee aairam sonnalum..i feel Priya is the one for you"

"Therilada..i need some time to think..logicalla yosicha..nee solrathu obviousaana truth nu teiryuthu..irunthaalum..heyyy..ennada panra??"

"Intha mail iruntha thaana ivlo emotional aagara...athaan delete panren..."

"Paithiyamaa unakku...vidraa."

"Machi...emotions, like products need to be set with expiry date...validity dateku aprum saaptaa, medicine kooda poison aaidum..unnoda intha relation antha mathiri thaan. It might have given you comfort and pleasure..aana athuvay ipo unnoda present lifea naasam pannitruku. Delete this mail and forget about this Uma character...and for god's sake..dont loose Priya...atha vida madathanam iruka mudiyaathu"

Ram sat silently...watching Anil delete the mail and remove it from trash.

"Romba advice panrennu thappa nenachukatha machi...nee ivlo senti party nu teriaama poachu...seri..naan kelambaren...itha pathi yosikaratha stop pannitu positiva oru decision edukka try pannu..bye maams..naalikku paakalam"

He sat glaring at the monitor..which once was his portkey to his past. With a sudden thought he hurriedly opened his desk drawer and rummaged through the contents and finally located the printout of the very mail...lying safely underneath layers and layers of his present day priorities.


Tuesday, July 03, 2012

Trickling Thoughts - Gilsbert the re"form"er

Intha ooruku vantha first week poora..form fill panna solliye saavadichitaanga. Address register panna oru form..register panna addressa upload panna oru form..SSN ku oru form..athuku register pannitennu oru form..number vantha udanay innoru form..antha form ozhunga poacha check panni another form!!! ippadi full formla en HR team enna verattu verattu nu verattified.

"Machi..ithana form epdida track panraanga? ethachum fill panalaina epdi teriya varum?"

"Adai..ozhunga ellam submit pannalay salary varumangarathu doubtu thaan..intha detail missing..athu sari illainu 2 months aakiduvaanga..unaku ipdi vera aasa irukka...raasa..nee ethachum sothapina enna thaan uiyredupaanga..ozhunga pannidraa"

"Seri..enakaaga ilaatiyum...unakkaaga....NANBEENDAAA"


"hey..aanalum..inga konjam overda...ooruku vanthu..first first login panna systemay Fax machine thaan!! enakenamo xerox kadaila vela paakra mathiriye iruku..."
"Paechha kuraidaa...help desk call pannia..innum naalu form annupanum sonaanga..check with them"

Gilsbert calls helpdesk.

"Hello aapeecer..Gilsbert speaking"

"Hello..can you talk in English?"

Telephone receivera paathu manasukkulla..."intha avamaanam unaku thevayaa machi...pesara aalu chinakaari...aana pesarathenamo buckingham palace ku pakkathu portionlenthu vantha mathiri peter..hmmmm"

"I..one form..send..you..how?"

"Now its clear...send scan copy of the form to this email id"


"Send your onboarding docs and fax the hardcopies to this number"


"Once done, send a mail to the below address using the postal service"

"Echuseme aapeecer..i one doubt have"


"All three are same docs right?"


"To be processed by the same department?"


"Same person?"

"Ofcourse..what is your question?"

"Adipaavi..oray aalukkay ithana copy ethuku anupanum"

"Well..to be on safer side..if we loose one..we can always make use of the other right?!!"

"hmm...how about this..can i go in person and give them another copy"

That set her thinking..and before she could agree to that "idea" Gilsbert great escape.

(Kodumais Kontinued)

Monday, July 02, 2012

WMW - Ground Hog Day

Romba naalachu movie review poatu :) Though have been watching movies by the dozen, not a single one was interesting enough to merit a review. Ellam timepass movies. But this one was pretty interesting.

Many a time i've felt that my life is stuck in a rollercoaster portion of the timeline where despite the high's and low's its always on the same track. Every few years it never fails to repeat itself. Be it the same situations or at times even the same characters with surprisingly same names too!! The first thing that stuck me while watching the movie was how the lead character finds himself in such a situation, his frustruations and how he eventually turns them in his favour.

Its a story of a Weather forecaster, Bill Murray, who takes up a grudging assignment to cover a not so interesting event of a Hog predicting the weather, a local event. To his dismay he finds himself stuck on the sameday, The Ground Hog day of Feb 2nd, forever. At first he gets scared and tries to anger himself to clear his mind. But come what may and whatever he does, by next day morning 6 AM everything changes back to the day of Feb 2nd. He even goes to the extent of killing himself in different ways. But he still wakes up on his bed with the alarm ringing in 6 AM, every single day. Pushed to the point of no return, he decides to accept life and tries to get to know about the people around him. Soon he masters the personal life of everyone around and even tries to help them in their issues, occuring on that day. The heroine, Andie Macdowell, who is also the producer of the show he comperes, and the camera man accompanying him, silently detest his arrogant nature. Bill tries to woo Andie, every single day, of the same day, by getting to know her little by little and how much ever hard he tries, end of the day, he fails to win her love. He diverts his attention to learning new hobbies like ice sculpting, piano and even part time medicine practice. It all culminates on an after night party that happens at the end of the Ground Hog day where the most eligibile bachelors are "auctioned" to collect money for charity. Andie "buys" Bill for all the money on her purse and finally accepts his proposal. Needless to say, the charm/curse gets broken and the next day ticks in Feb 3rd.
Though he hated the very idea of even visiting the village in the beginning, Bill decides to settle in the village in the end along with Andie.

Firstu heroine pathi sollanum :) Obviously. I liked her in "Four weddings and a Funeral'. She has this kind of weird air about her and a goofily charming smile. Kannalaye pesarathu solvangalay..athey athey :) She looks refreshing in this movie and though Bill looks much much elder to her, somehow their chemistry clicks. Next the screenplay. Oray padatha rendu thadava paakrathay peria matter. Aana ovvoru scenum..multiple times repeat aagara mathiri, with different set of dialogues and endings per scene ensuring continutiy with all characters appearing in same costume and not making it boring also in the process...chaancela..semma attempt. Logicay illatha situationslayum oru kutti logic vachu..semma cutea kondu poirukanga padatha. It also has a "moral of the story" message in the process. A single day can teach so many different things to you, if only we care to look for it. Had the hero completed his assignment and had escaped the town from the blizzard that makes them stay, he would've hardly been the person that he becomes in the end. Or had he remained confined to his fate nothing would've changed either. He decides to change for the better and find productive use from the resources around him and it makes him realise how much events of a single day can change his life and create a positive impact on the lives of others around him. It makes one realise, you dont need a special day to feel special. Every single day has so many such moments abound. We just need to look properly.

I've heard my friends complaining that their lives have undergone so much change in past few years post marriage that some even say they envy my life in which being constant is the only change. Wish i can show them all this movie. Ikkaraikku akkarai pachhai :))

Where is that maanasthan called Gils?!!!

In every parallel universes abound, the maanasthan by the name gils would be declaring Black day today..probably disowning any link to me. Finally, as Arjun says in Mudhalvan movie climax...Ennaiyum arasiyalvaathi aakitaanga :( Kept Rasam today. Surprisingly it was decent enough to taste with little bit less on the salty side. Intha blog aarambicha naal thoattu..silapala topicsla maanavaria mokka potruken...aanaa.... avvvvvvvvvv....ipdi oru post intha blogla varumnu sathiyama naan nenachu kooda paathathilla. Samayal topic!!! athuvum en blogla!!! Let me click publish and login tomorrow to confirm if its a nightmare !!!