Sunday, August 28, 2011

2011 Anna Domini

So..the mighty have fallen..FINALLY. And another old man with (almost) bokkai vai ends up all smiles akin to the smiling oldie on all our currency notes. What next is the question on everybody's lips. This is the problem with all major demonstrations involving mobs. They unite for a single common cause and the mob hysteria moves them towards achieving it. But once they reach the pedestal, thats when the common misgivings and selfishness and confusion creeps up. The villain all through the show was corruption. Yeah! Right. Corruption is the root cause of all evil and should be overthrown..demolished..destroyed at the root level. All said and agreed more than hundred percent. All these beg a simple question. WHAT IS CORRUPTION? People are so used to fight against individuals as villains, like protests against dictatorships or even election rallies in Tamil Nadu for that matter, that they picturise corruption also as a human and this time they have painted the Parliament with that colour. So before coming to the definition lets see who are corrupt.

So all the 500 and odd people elected - are they corrupt? Answer comes a resounding NO. Is it the PM? cha cha..Manmohan Singh and Vajpayee will always be right men wrong party or even wrong situations for that matter. But they can never be wrong. But yeah..they can be criminally negligent. Athu vera topic. But corruption..Nah. Is it Advani or the communists then? uhumm...he could be blamed for instigating the worst blood bath in post independent India but again..corruption..chancela. Communists might be castigated for burying their head in sand against industrialisation or for being hypocrites of the first order. Irunthaalum..corruption?? cant point any. Lalu? yes. Kalmadi? YES. Avangala thaan ukkathi vachaa chay. So vera yaaru thaanpa corrupt? Appo yaaru thaanpa corrupt? Ivanga rendu per mattum thaana? Oru vela Anna Hazareku permission kudukaathathunala Sheila diskshit and Delhi govt corrupt sollalama? Illa for not hearing the pleas for a commission to finalise the bill to pass it in Parliamentkaaga PMO va sollalama? Illaati, considering that the bill would be a "sontha selavula sooniyam" none of the opposition joined the party against the government, even at the cost of losing credibility in front of the nationgarathaala motha oppositionayum solalaama?

Corruptionna enna? Is it just bribe? Getting caught while accepting bribes and giving bribes are the only incidents which media is interested in showcasing or which attract criminal charges. These incidents are those which carry more masala for media to make hay and nice scoring points for political parties to throw muck at each other. So if everyone who takes or gives bribe is brought to justice India will become corrupt free state?? What do you call a minister who hardly has any time to visit his constituency but has ample time to attend all crap opening ceremonies or to accept OC doctrate pattams ? What do you call a government official who comes to office at ten leaves for lunch at 12 returns back to take nap at 3 and leaves for home at 5. DISCLAIMER: Namma naatla 50 Lakh Govt employees irukaangalaam. Dont want to quote stats like Gabtun Vijaykanth. This particular barb is pointed at those who are as mentioned and criticised and not to paint a generic picture. So dont come up with cudgels to bash me. Coming back to the topic.

So..the ramlila maidan crowd has finally achieved the impossible. Enabling the deaf ears of the government with hearing sense. WHAT NEXT? Abolishing corruption is a vision statement. A very very vague Project charter, in my line of works terminology. Next step would be, i believe, to define the scope. Going by the likes of it and with the titbits of info i got from reading biased newspapers and watching all those craps floating around on news channels, i guess they are planning an alternate government. Alteast thats what it sounds to me. C'mon. You never vote to save your life and elect all idiots and bestow them with power to decide your fate and now want a separate panel of members to guard how your supposedly servants work??!! Rubbish. 5 Million Government staff under Lok Ayukta panel!!!! How many staff would be required to supevise 5 Million people?!! Who would provide the infrastructure? And above all, how does one form such panels?? After all the elected reps dint came from Mars and from right amidst us. So whats the guarantee that the new panel would be any different from the old one? Quis custodiet ipsos custodes?

I love this people protest against corruption. There has been jasmine revolution rocking the Arab world ricocheting till China. There has been bloody massacres in Syria and Libya and countless other African nations with population not even the size of Tamil Nadu. Yet, the biggest democracy in the world, shows again how battles are won. It proves once again the power of Satyagraha and for those who never had a chance to witness the every smiling oldie on our currencies, in flesh and blood, Anna was god sent. He gave them,us, a chance to redeem ourselves, re-live the pre independent struggle and gain satisfaction for doing something for the society with the belief that they are doing the right thing. Anna has achieved the first of the ten impossible things - unite people from Delhi to Dharmapuri. The next 9 tasks are no less demanding. He has opened the Pandoras box and the story has suffered a reversal here. HOPE was the last thing to come out of it. In this case its the first one to spring out. And all the miseries of the world are just waiting in their wings to spread out. Anna would do well to remember that, even Gandhi couldn't control a Chauri Chaura and for that matter, as much as the fact that he held his fort pretty much well against the British, he was assassinated by a local and not by them.

This movement like any other in past or present, is and should NOT be an ONE MAN SHOW. Anna Hazare and handful of people..avangala nambi thaan motha movementumna..its a waste of time. It needs more and more foot soldiers to take up responsibility than to expect a messiah ala Anna in every street. Corruptionku againstana fight sollitu..rather than targetting individuals, the movement should focus on principles it aims to achieve. Like any project, the first step of winning the project against competition is not alone sufficient. Its just the tiniest of victories. The real victory comes during Post Go Live. I hope and pray with all my sincerity that this doesnt end up all in waste. For when this one fails, the first thing to take a beating would be peoples HOPE against goodness in public life. So next time, when you light a candle supporting the movement or raise a slogan against the government, think for a second that WE ARE RESPONSIBLE for BOTH of THEM. We are the Frankenstein and we created the monster and the monster reside in each of us. And whatever crusade we undertake would again be, against us, involving us and may result in curing or cursing us again. Its an imminent paradox and is something worthy to resolve.

Godspeed people.

Sunday, August 21, 2011


"மேகக்குழந்தையை சுமக்கும் தாய் வானின் நிறமுடனும்..அம்மேகம் பொழியும் மழையின் கருணை ததும்பும் கண்களுடனும்..சங்கு சக்ர கதாபாணியாய்..சதுர்புஜத்துடன்..வசுதேவரின் முன் மழலையாய் காட்சி தந்தார் விஷ்ணு பகவான். எத்துணை புண்ணியம் செய்திருப்பார் வசுதேவர்..உலகை ரட்சிக்கும் பரந்தாமனை..அந்த பரம்பொருளை..பாற்கடல் நாயகனை..ஸ்ரீதேவி மணாளனை..அந்த அவதார புருஷனை..பிள்ளையாய் பெற. எவனது பாதார விந்தம் பற்றி பரலோக ப்ராப்தி அடைய பாரில் உள்ளோர் அனைவரும் பூஜித்து வேண்டிக்கிடைக்கையில்..அந்த காக்கும் கடவுளையே கையிலேந்தி..உச்சி முகர்ந்து..ஆரத்தழுவி ஆனந்தம் அடையும் பாக்கியம் பெற்ற அம்மகானின் பெயரை உச்சரிக்கவே நாமெல்லாம் புண்ணியம் செய்திருக்க வேண்டும்...." என்று ஸ்ரீகிருஷ்ணரின் கதா காலட்சேபத்தில் பக்தி பரவசத்துடன் சொற்பொழிவு ஆற்றிக்கொண்டிருந்தார் கோவிந்தாச்சாரியார்.

"கோவிந்தரோட கதா காலட்சேபம் காதால கேட்டாலே புண்ணியம் தான். மனுஷர் என்னமா உருகி உருகி கதை சொல்றார். இவர் சொல்ற அழகை அந்த கண்ணனே ரசிப்பான்" என சிலாகித்து கூறினார் ஒருவர்.

"எல்லாராலையும் இப்படி பக்தி ரசம் சொட்ட சொட்ட காலட்சேபம் பண்ணிட முடியாது. அதுக்கும் புண்ணியம் பண்ணிருக்கனும்" என்றார் இன்னொருவர்.

"எதுக்கும் குடுப்பினை வேணும் ஓய்..என்னோட ஆத்துக்காரி இந்த ப்ரொக்ராம் பாக்கணும்னு ஒத்த காலில் நின்னுட்டு இருந்தா.. கடைசி நேரத்துல முடியாம போய்டுத்து. என் நேரம் இன்னிக்குனு பார்த்து ஆபீஸ் வேலை சீக்கிரம் முடிஞ்சிடுத்து. மிஸ் பண்ணாம இங்க ஓடி வந்துட்டேன்..ஹாஹஹா" என சுய பெருமை அடித்துக்கொண்டிருந்தார் இன்னொருவர்.

கொஞ்சம் கொஞ்சமாக கூட்டம் கலைந்தது.

"பட்டர்வாள்..பிண்ணிட்டேள் போங்கோ. காலட்சேபத்துக்கு கோவிந்தர் தான்னு திரும்பவும் ப்ரூவ் பண்ணிட்டேள். அதுவும் அந்த வசுதேவர் பத்தி சொல்றச்சே எனக்கு ஒரு நிமிஷம் புல்லரிச்சு போச்சு" என கல்லா கலை கட்டிய சந்தோஷத்தில் சல்ம்பினார் சபா செகரட்டெரி.

"கண்ணனைப்பத்தி பேச கசக்குமா என்ன. வசுதேவர் ஒரு புண்ணிய பிறவி. இல்லாட்டி அந்த மாயக்கண்ணணே மகனா பிறந்திருப்பானா. அதான் என்ன மறந்து ஒரு நிமிஷம் நானே உணர்ச்சி வசப்பட்டுட்டேன்"

"கோவிந்தரே..நீங்க பாட்டுக்க..இங்க கதை பேசிட்டு இருக்கேள்..அங்க உங்க ஆத்துக்காரிக்கு இடுப்பு வலி வந்து ஆஸ்பத்திரி கூட்டிட்டு போயிட்டா. சீக்கிரமா போவும்" என விரட்டினார் ஒருவர்.

"கண்ணா..நீயே எனக்கு பிள்ளையா பிறக்கனும்"னு வேண்டியவாறே..வேகமாக சென்றார் கோவிந்தர்.


"பரந்தாமா..கோவிந்தர் தங்களின் மீது அளவு கடந்த பக்தி வைத்துள்ளார். அவருக்கு தாங்கள் ஏதேனும் அனுக்க்ரஹம் செய்தல் வேண்டும்" என விண்ணப்பம் வைத்தாள் லக்ஷிமி தேவி.

"ஹஹஹஹா...பெற்ற மனம் பித்து...பிள்ளை மனம் கல் என்பது பூலோகம் தாண்டிவிட்டது" என நகைத்தார் அரங்கநாதன்.


"குழந்தைகள் அடம் பிடிப்பதால்..கேட்பவற்றை எல்லாம் அவர்களுக்கு தர முடியாதல்லவா. அவரவர் தகுதிக்கேற்பவை தக்க தருணத்தில் கண்டிப்பாக கிடைக்கும்." எனப்பொருள் பட சிரித்தார் பெருமாள்.


மனதில் ஆயிரம் ப்ரார்தனை வணக்கங்களோடு வார்டினுள் சென்றார் கோவிந்தர்.

தொட்டிலில் கிடந்த குழந்தையை கண்டு ஒரு நிமிடம் ஸ்தம்பித்து நின்றார். "அய்யோ..கண்ணா..என்னை மோசம் பண்ணிட்டியே" என புலம்பியவாரே தலையில் கை வைத்தபடி தரையில் 'பொத்'தென விழுந்தார்.


"ப்ரபுவே..தான் விரும்பியபடி உங்கள் அம்சத்தோடு பிறந்த பிள்ளையை பார்த்து..பூரிப்படையாமல்..விக்கித்து போய் விட்டாரே..ஏன்?" என வினவினாள் வரலட்சுமி.

சொல்லின் செல்வராயினும்..அர்த்தப்புன்னகையுடன் அமைதி காத்தார் அருளாலனான அரங்கநாதன்.


"இத்தனை நாள் நாவார உன்னை பாடி..உன் புகழைப்போற்றி காலட்சேபம் செய்ததற்கா இந்த சோதனை" என கண்ணீர் வடித்துக்கொண்டிருந்தார் கோவிந்தர்.

தொட்டிலருகே சென்று மீண்டுமொருமுறை அப்பிள்ளையை பார்த்தார். எந்த கண்ணனின் கருநிறத்தை புகழ்ந்து பாடி வந்தாரோ அதே போன்று கார்மேக வண்ணனாய் அக்குழந்தை அவரைக்கண்டு சிரித்தது.

"இவ்ளோ குரூரமா இருக்கே..இத பாத்தா என் ஆத்துக்காரி தாங்கவே மாட்டா. தங்க விக்ரகம் மாதிரி பொறக்கும்னு பாத்தா..கரிக்கல் மாதிரி பொறந்திருக்கே" என அங்கலாய்த்தார்.

"இதெல்லாம் ஒரு பிரச்சனையே இல்லை. பக்கத்து வார்டுல ஒரு அக்யுஸ்டோட சம்சாரம் ப்ரசவிச்சுருக்கு. அவன் கெட்டக்கேட்டுக்கு அவனுக்கு பாருங்க..அய்ஸ்வர்யா ராய் மாதிரி அழகா ஒரு பொண்ணு பொறந்திருக்கு. பேசாம காதும் காதும் வச்சா மாதிரி யாருக்கும் தெரியாம புள்ளைகள மாத்திரலாம்" என ஐடியா கொடுத்தாள் ஆஸ்பத்திரி ஆயா.

மனதை கல்லாக்கியவாரே, தன் மகனை துணியில் சுற்றி கட்டி அணைத்தவாறே புறப்பட்டார் கோவிந்தர். வெளியே மழை ஆழிக்கால பிரளயத்தின் ஆரவாரத்தோடு கொட்டிக்கொண்டிருந்தது.

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

A daddy's lullaby

Like most people, I grew up with a definition for father, in which he was always the strongest, fittest person who had answer for everything and who can win any situation from whichever position he is in. That definition took the first beating when i accompanied him to a clinic once. In fact it was the very first time, i went with him to the doctor to ask for a consult on his health. Usually it would be the other way round. I had gone outside to get token from the compounder and when i came back, i saw him sitting down on the hall, so weak that he was unable to sit on the wooden table at the clinic. I was shocked to see him like that and seeing me panicking he told me that he felt comfortable sitting that way and since there were older people around who needed the seat he chose to sat down. Neither answer was convincing and on that day i realised that, he was becoming old and needed to be taken care of. That day made me realise why he agreed to take me with him to see the doctor for the first time. My all powerful dad was willing to show his vulnerable side and in his own silent way he communicated to me that the time has come for me to be responsible for myself. I've no remembrance of how i was, as a kid. But this song from "Deiva ThirumagaL" reminds me so much of him and what he means to me and my sister. Dedicated to all those loving and caring daddies out there.

ஆரிரோ ஆராரிரோ
இது தந்தையின் தாலாட்டு
பூமியே புதிதானதே
இவள் மழலையின் மொழி கேட்டு

தாயாக தந்தை மாறும்
புது காவியம்
இவன் வரைந்த கிறுக்களில் இவளோ
புது ஓவியம்

இரு உயிர் ஒன்று சேர்ந்து இங்கு
ஓருயிர் ஆகுதே
கருவரை இல்லை என்ற போதும்
சுமந்திட தோணுதே
விழியோரம் ஈரம் வந்து குடை கேட்குதே

முன்னம் ஒரு சொந்தம் வந்து
மழை ஆனதே
மழை நின்று போனால் என்ன
மரம் தூறுதே
வயதால் வளர்ந்தும் இவன் பிள்ளையே
பிள்ளை போலிருந்தாலும் இவள் அன்னையே
இது போல் ஆனந்தம் வேறில்லையே

இருமனம் ஒன்று சேர்ந்து இங்கே
மௌனத்தில் பேசுதே
ஒரு நொடி போதும் போதும் என்று
ஓர் குரல் கேட்குதே
விழியோரம் ஈரம் வந்து குடை கேட்குதே

கண்ணாடிக்கு பிம்பம் அதை
இவள் காட்டினாள்
கேட்காத ஓர் பாடல் ஒன்றை
இசை மீட்டினாள்
அடடா தெய்வமிங்கே வரமானதே
அழகாய் வீட்டில் விளையாடுதே
அன்பின் விதை இங்கே மரமானதே

கடவுளை பார்த்ததில்லை இவளது
கண்கள் காட்டுதே
பாசத்தின் முன்பு இன்று உலகின் அறிவுகள் தோற்குதே
விழியோரம் ஈரம் வந்து குடை கேட்குதே

ஆரிரோ ஆராரிரோ
இது தந்தையின் தாலாட்டு
பூமியே புதிதானதே
இவள் மழலையின் மொழி கேட்டு

Monday, August 15, 2011

Power of Mango People

This is what Aam Janta or Mango people as in "Love Aaj Kal" can do. Swaram is a known name in blogsville and one look at the comments column for ANY of her posts will make any blogger go green with envy. Just an "Hi" "How are you" post would get minmum 100 responses :) Avlo famous she is. More than anything, its her enthusiasm and compassionate nature to take up social causes has won her more friends and accolades. She and her hubby Su are 2 beacons midst the dim veil surrounding the might of common people. They are not super human but ordinary folks like you and me. But the deeds which they do are so magnanimous and purposeful that, on one side it makes you aware of the potential hidden in each one of us and serves as an awakening to take up better causes and on the same side, makes u feel ashamed for not having any purpose to follow. Both of them are employed and they suffered a personal mishap in recent past resulting in financial loss. Still, their zest for life and eagerness to help people and contribute to the society is simply amazing. Proud of you two buddies. Feels happy to be associated with folks like you.

Linked here is one post, out of the golden many, portraying their passionate deeds. Truly, they can be ranked as model citizens and someone to look forward to for even better ones in future. God bless you guys.

Sunday, August 14, 2011

Movie time :)

Weekend Movie Watchla intha vaaram Masala movie time :)

Certain dishes cannot be had on a regular basis. Usuala saapdra Saadham rasam bore adichi tiffen items pakkam ponaalum sari illa chapaathi Naan nu roti items pakkam ponaalum sari, they never feel grand. Either on a feast or on any treats..the king of dishes is always the Biryaani. Being a veggie i cant comment on the NV part of it. But i am sure every single Non veggie out there would vouch for my statement. What is food without a dash of spice every now and then. Ada namma blog titlum itheye thaan solluthu. Just noted the link :) Now to the movies.

Kaanchana - Muni part 2:

Typical example for the dish mentioned above. It has the correctly proportioned mix of comedy, horror, fight, item songs and itsy bitsy sentiments with space for a light message to be thrown in too. The story for Muni part 1 itself was a rather meek repeat of yesteryear movies. The highlight being the Bayanthaangolli Hero. Lawarence has rightly sensed the scoring point of that character and has exploited it bit more in the second part. Instead of one aavi as in first installment, there are 3 aavis in the sequel. Orey interesting/curious twist is that one of those aavis is a transgender. Sarathkumar make up poadama nadichi kalakirukaar ;) Guess of all his full length character based movies till date, this one which hardly takes 10 minutes of screen time, stands out. Good choice for the role. Devadarshini (Marma desam madam) and Sreeman semmaya pannirukaanga. With her goli gundu eyes, Devadarshini looks more scary than the CG created pei. Lakshmi rai - Item. Ashtay. Lawrence dons director, story/screen play/dialog writer, dance master and hero hats and comes out with flying colors in all the departments. His acting once the pei poonthufies in his body is top class. Dancela kekkavay venaam. But the real Heroine/lead performer of the movie is Kovai Sarala.

Ethana naalachu antha keechu kovai kural kaettu. "Maatuku meals vaikalaam vaa"nu marumagalai koopdrapuvum seri "Romba Dippiculta irukay..konjam discount please" nu parigaarathula thallubadi kekarapovum seri..ammani kalakirukaangov. Movie has a racy first half and second half doesnt drag either. Just like all other movies of his, intha padathulayum he show cases the talent hidden in the physically challenged people. Firstlaam paakarapo show podraannu thonum. Aana me beginning to like his sincerity in his efforts towards the handicapped and kudos to him for showing guts to create a lead character based on a transgender. In an industry driven by superstitions, this would serve as a path breaking attempt. Obviously it was an exploitative effort. But he does it with flair by not insulting them in anyway. That itself should be a major positive thing from a masala movie director. As for the horror portions..well..lesser said the better.

Gils verdict: If not for anything else you can watch the movie once for its comic portions. Definitely not a horror movie. Typical weekend masala entertainer.

Buddah hoga tera baap: There is a scene in "7G rainbow colony" movie, in which the hero throws papers and raises his hand over his head to worship Rajini as he appears in the title song of his movie "Baba". That one scene is enough to convey what hero worship means, especially to non tamil speaking masses. The craze, the mass hysteria which Rajini can create on screen (even off screen for that matter) is unparalleled. Though not exactly in the same league as per adulation standards, Amithabh will always be known as the original character behind yesteryear Rajini hits. Most of his movies when remade in tamil went to Rajini who modelled himself on Amitabh. I sincerely wish, this one movie too, for every single Rajini fans sake, is remade in tamil with Rajini in lead. For, if Amithabh can rock so much, in this character, with Rajini it would be a blockbuster to say the least. I am bit jealous of Bollywood, for they have heroes like Amitabh who can BE old, LOOK old and still get such wonderful characters. Inga kashtam.

The sole plus point of the movie is that, it has NO PRETENCE. The director knows, he is making a masala movie and has gone ahead in full throttle. I would say, it was a more than decent gambit to have a 60 year old play the action hero. Amitabh does what he does best. Smashes thugs and shoots dozens with a single bullet. He is the heart and soul of the movie and he is fully aware of it. The way he mocks SRK with sly comments, the way he carries himself in such atrocious costumes, chancela. Singam singam thaan. There are some amazing one liners in the movie. Especially the way he self censors the swear words with BEEP and when one thug asks him if he wants coffee or tea the casual way in which he replies that neither mixes well with soda. And every time when people calls him Buddah (oldie) the way he reorts back, asathal performance. Imagine Rajini in such scenes. WHISTLE PATTAYA KELAPPUM. Story - Vijayoda Pokirya remix pannirukaaru. No wonder the director is same for both movies. Athula Paiyan police appava sutruvaanga. Paiyan rowdiesa poattu thalliruvaan. Ithulayum Paiyan police. Aana paiyana sututaangannu appa rowdiesa poattu thallidraaru. Avlovay ishtorree.

Gils Verdict: Paisa vassool movie. Watch it with a bag of popcorn. Certain movies are best watched leaving your mind outside. This one is right on top of that list.

Sunday, August 07, 2011

Little drops of life

Than muyarchiyil satrum manam thalaraatha gils, spent another whole weekend on movie watching binge. But sadly none of the movies made the cut to qualify for a review. In simpler terms, they were rubbish. Had a chance to read one of the best non-fiction book i have ever read, though. Courtesy a fellow blogger recommendation, i happened to check out "God's debris" by Scott Adams. Not sure how many of my friends would like it, but me felt bit happy after reading it. His thought process and mine were alike on quite a few topics and the book raises some very interesting questions. Its quite a small book, under 150 pages and makes a quick read with even pace throughout. If you are game for an intriguing session of questioning things go for it. It may not answer your queries but will surely make you wonder :)

The reason behind this post was an interesting call i had. It was from a long lost friend :) It had been a while since we were in touch, contrary to the heydays when we used to be quite the opposite. It felt so nice and endearing to recollect those memories. Funny things these memories. Till we think about them, we are not even sure if they exist. And when we do find them, it feels so fresh and surprising where were they hiding all the while. We were wondering how much life had changed in a span of couple of years. Its quite strange that addition of newer people in life actually reduces the number of people you used to interact with :D Maybe married people get to have more depth in their relationship than normal friends with light weight relationships?!! No idea on that.

A few of my friends have a policy of skipping marriages and events related to marriage - like kids birthdays etc. Not that they are against the concept of marriage but just that they are still SINGLE :D :D :D Though they wouldnt admit it, the fact is, it makes them feel more lonely to look at their fellow mates surrounded by their kids and kin. On the other side, my married friends never attend any parties which the singletons throw, solely because of the fear that, they wouldnt be in a position to go home after the party :D :D Marriage brings with it hypocritic discipline that it refuses people, the freedom to let their hairs down and enjoy like before :D So each one try to outdo the other with their advice on how to lead each others life with the benefits and pitfalls of each others lifestyle.

To all my married,engaged,in love,going steady,yet to bite the bullet bramachari/ni friends :) Happy friendship day. Whichever category you belong to, love you folks. Without you people, life is simply boring :) whether in touch or out of it, hardly matters, for we have our memories to fall back on. Have a great day :)

Wednesday, August 03, 2011

Licence to Kill

A worried woman went to her Doctor and said :
'Doctor, I have a serious problem and desperately need your help! My baby is not even 1 yr old and I'm pregnant again. I don't want kids so close together.'
The doctor said: 'Ok, and what do you want me to do?'
She said: 'I want you to perform an abortion, and I'm counting on your help with this.'
The doctor thought for a little,and after some silence he said to the lady:
'I think I have a better solution for your problem. It's less dangerous for you too.'
She smiled, thinking that the doctor was going to accept her request.
Then he continued: 'You see, in order for you not to have to take care of
2 babies at the same time, let's kill the one in your arms. This way, you could
rest some before the other one is born. If we're going to kill one of them, it
doesn't matter which one it is.
There would be no risk for your body if you chose the one in your arms.
The lady was horrified and said: 'No doctor! How terrible! It's a crime to kill a child!
'I agree', the doctor replied. 'But you seemed to be ok with it, so I thought
maybe that was the best solution. The doctor smiled, realizing that he had
made his point. He convinced the mom that there is no difference in killing a
child that's already been born and one that's still in the womb.

The crime is the same!

P.S: Got this one as a forward. If there is any topic which has remained a conscientious debating point from time immemorial, this would be right on top of that list. There is no clear RIGHT or WRONG to this situation and it can always be argued for and against. This story takes sides and argues for the obvious view point. My views on this topic is a bit different and is not quite the same as that of the doctor.

Monday, August 01, 2011

Answer to the question

Not THE answer actually. Felt a paradoxical question can best be replied with a philosophical one and my original response to the query comes in the end. Now to the question. Almighty God. I felt, the key word in that sentence was this word - Almighty.

There are many a staunch believer who swears by HIS existence while an equal, if not more in number, thinks otherwise. In that aspect, god is akin to a concept, which some can accept and some cannot. So end of the day, how you define god is up to your own sweet self. I see god with an elephant head and pot belly while some see him nailed to wood. Some might not even agree to both these versions and say he is form less. To few its their parents, to some their friends and to many the good Samaritan who helped them in time of their need. Since there is no fixed definition of who or what God is, the question of what he can or cannot do is something which is inconclusive. Whenever something good or bad happens, theists always credit or curse god for that. The atheists on the other hand take responsibility for their own actions which they would believe resulted in whatever the outcome was.

Being a theist myself, its my humble opinion that, assuming, such a situation was posed to god, he would simply smile it off. The moment GOD thinks of his own powers, he looses his divinity and becomes mortal. My school teacher used to say - EGO stands for Edging God Out. Every soul is potentially divine as long ego is under control. It applies to GOD too i guess. More than his mightiness, its LOVE which glorifies god. When people worship in front of him, its not the demons HE slayed which comes to their mind, but HIS LOVE and confidence in his LOVE that, irrespective of all their sins and mistakes he would forgive them. To me, the real might of a person be it a mere mortal or divine, lies in the fact that, he can forgive someone for whatever wrong they had done to him. That, to me would be the single most powerful thing which qualifies a person as human, leave alone God. Whether, he can lift the stone or not, hardly matters.

Now to my actual answer :) "Kallai mattum kandaal kadavul theriaathu..kadavulai mattum kandaal kal teriathu"