Tuesday, March 29, 2011


hehehe...romba parakkavatti thanama iruko :D Danx ambulimaama madam for the awardu. Naan podra mokkaikum award kuduthamaiku mikka nanri hai. Athuvum semma Esteemed,Balenoed,SX4ed company of saga award winners.

RULES about the award:

1. Thank the person who awarded you and link back to them in your post
2. Tell 7 random facts about yourself
3. Pass the award

Random facts:

1) Just like "hmmm".."aahhh"..."ok"...used as fillers while talking..I use the word "Like" a lot :D Even while describing about things i dont like, i use the word like so many times in my speech that people actually get confused whether i like it or dislike :D (assuming they do listen to what i say in first place :D )

2) I can never do one thing alone at a time. It makes me nervous :D It has to be more than one task at a time. I think i can concentrate more with multiple things than with one thing alone. Sounds illogical? yeah..you got it right :D

3) I dunno abcd of cooking. But i can tell you a good rasam from a great rasam jus by looking at it :) Especially if correct amount of salt has been added to it, even without tasting. Naaku naapathu muzham u c :D

4) I hate formal wear and love casuals. It almost always happen that my favourite dress would be the most ridiculed one and the one which is my least favoured piece, the contrary.

5) Though i love to read..i tend to believe more in the person who teaches rather than the content of the book. I dont much trust the visuals i imagine while reading.

6) I ask questions. Tonnneeesss of them. As a kid i never asked questions. Maybe overcompensating for the lost time :)

7) I love history. Anything ancient and antique attracts me and the story behind them even more so. I love historical novels..fables..religious symbolism related books..everything which gives hints about origins. Tracing the origin of words is a favourite pastime.

Ambutttu thaan saami...Now the award goes too....

1) RT - Inga oru blog katti meikkavay nora thalluthu. She effortlessly manages 4 5 of them!!!

2) Rat - Ipdilaam bribe kuduthalachum ivanga namma blog pakkamlaam varangalanu paaka thaan :D

3) Avada Kedavra - My Harry Potter buddy :D Expelliarmus AK :)

4) Asha - Her posts have a sweetness about them

5) Swaram - Kattabommi of blogworld :D

Chamatha avanga avanga posta potruveengalaam :)

Saturday, March 26, 2011

Memories of Mouna ragam

Happened to see Mouna Ragam Movie in Adithya channel today :) There are movies and there is Mouna Ragam. Each time i see the movie it leaves a sweet taste in mind. I can see the whole movie even without the video portion. Just the rerecording and songs are enough for me. Not that i've anything to fault against Rahman-Rathnam combo..but Raja-Rathnam had cast such a wonderful spell on movie goers that their movies rock even after 25 years!!

This movie and Agni Natchathiram are two of THE BEST tamil movies, of modern era atleast. MounaRagam was released during my school days. Would've been in 1st or 2nd standard i guess. I never understood why my elder cousins and friends sisters were gushing about the movie. In fact except for the spiral staircase and the colorful diwans i didnt like anything in the movie when i saw it the first time. The house were Revathi and Mohan shifts too in Delhi, it immediately became my dream palace. The back ground music reminded of Sarangi vadan in DD.

Guess my preference for bubbly chirpy heroines began from this movie :) Loved Revathi's character. More so because my cousin sister was crazy about her and used to imitate all her dresses. Especially that Banjaari(??)or whatever dress. She was too fond of Nathia and Revathi and always used to pester my paati to get her dresses like them. And as a kid she was someone i looked upto. She was a rebel and was in total contrast to my otherwise conservative and dull relatives.

Coming back to the movie, i had forgotten about the movie for a long time and infact had purposedly skipped many a chance to watch it, all credit to my first impression of it. One fine day, unable to bear the adulating crowd and all those praises which i get to hear about it each time some one see the movie, i decided to watch it, just to avoid being left behind. And..like Simbu says in Vinnai Thaandi Varuvaaya..it HIT me. I was finally able to understand the sensitivities and the content. I fell in love with the music and thus began the love affair with the movie. I always made it a point never to miss the movie whenever it was played. To say that i like Mouna Ragam and marking it as favourite in the list of movies watched has become a fashion statment i should say :)

Like scores of other people, my favourite portions of the movie are the scenes showcasing Karthik. Though he hardly comes for ten fifteen minutes in the movie, he makes an indelible impression. The coffee shop scene would have inspired many a love story both in reel and real life. Not a day passes without me listening to the "Mandram Vantha Thendral" song from the movie. Its the fav song of every FM worth its salt i guess and they seem to have an unwritten pledge to play it atleast thrice per day per channel :)

In the age of IN YOUR FACE attitudes, to see subtlety scoring on its own, makes mind feel light and happy.

P.S: Just noticed that this also happens to be the 450th post in Supershanki :) and is into its 6th year :) So if you had found my maturity level to be that of a six year old :D you are not much wrong :D So long folks. Catch you later.

Monday, March 21, 2011

Thalai's tag

Konja naal minna thaan was thinking ennada ipolaam blog makkal tag podratha vitutangalonu Ramesh thalai tag pannitaru :) So here goes


1.The tag has three parts..Movies,Music, Books/ Authors.

2.Write a movie, book and author with each alphabet of your first name. The book, movie or song should be one that you really liked. If you say why it matters to you, it would be great! We will all discover new songs, movies and books this way.

3.Tag as many people as there are letters in your name. (if your name has 4 letters, you have to tag 4 people and so on)

4.Mention that the tag originated here and link back to this post :-)

5.Copy paste these rules :)

Nallavela..en peru GILS a poachu :D Ambulimaama madam maatneengala :D irunga ungala tag panren :D


G - Guns of Navarone. Alistair Mcalaine novelum seri..movieyum seri. AWESOME. It was my long time dream to have a dvd of the movie which i managed a year back :) Book hardcopy softcopy rendum iruku :) Intha movie appavoda favourite too :)

I - Indiana Jones series. The kind of sets which they had for these movies..attagaasam.

L - Love Actually :) Ithula vara antha baasha theriatha pairoda story romba pudikum. She learning English and him learning Portugese to propose..chaancela. Semma cute.

S - Spiderman series :) I love Spiderman as a character. Its alter ego in real life is supposed to be the most vulnerable of all the comic superheroes. Always wanted to swing around and be in my own web world at the same time :)


G - Gumnaam hai koiyeee :D Agatha christieyoda "And then there were none" base panna GUMNAAM movieyoda title track. I saw the movie first and then read the book. Liked the movie better than the book. And Mehmood's character..haiioo..chaancela. Mein Kaala hai tho kyaa hai dilwaaala haii.... :D :D LOL :D :D

I - Ishq Bina kya jeena yaara ..first time keta udanaye fell in love with it. ARR weaved magic in TAAL and to top it all Aishu was at her beautiful best. Enaku terinju antha yearoda most downloaded wallpaperna athu Taal Aishu stillsa thaan irukum.

L - Loveria hua..Loveria hua..."Raju Ban gaya gentleman" padam paakrapovay lighta thonithu that Sharukh thalai is all set to rock Bollywoodnu. Athey polavay aadicihi :) Juhi is always right on top of my alltime fav heroine list :)

S - Saamne yeh kaun aaya dil mein hui hulchul..remix song. Entha movie therila. Guess its some Ranbir kapoor movie. But lovely song.

shabba..ithukkey kanna katuthay.


G - GodFather by Mario Puzo. Book reading world is divided in two. Those who have read Godfather and those who are yet to read. Intha bookla oru oru variyum quotesa use pannalam. Avlo takkaraana book. Movie athuku mela sooper.

I - Issac Assimov. Me a big fan of the "Foundation" series by this author. Semma imagination and semma realistic creative mind.

L - Love story by Eric segal :) Love means never have to say you are sorry :))))

S - Sidney Sheldon. K Balachander mathiri ella kathailayum Heroine oriented or strong central character ladya vachu thriller come romantic novels ezhuthina author. Etho cinema padam paakara mathiriye storya nagarathittu povaru. Have read all his books and along with Jefffrey Archer he is right on top of my favorite author list :)

Appadaaa...naalu naalu podrathukullaye nora thalliidichi. Micha perlaam enna panreenga paapom :) Naan yaarlam korthu udrenna...

RT, Ambulimaama, Chennai girl ('C' lenthu 'L' varaikum :D :D woohooo :D) and Uncanny (ungala korthu uda nalla chaance) :D

Saturday, March 19, 2011

Yudham Sei

Romba lateaana review :) Still wanted to share with you folks. I dont remember the last movie i posted a review on. Avlo naalachu nalla padam paathu. Inbetween gapla dozen kanakka movies paathaalum..nothing worthwhile to share or post about. But this one..took me by the scruff of my neck and the ending was such a punch that i felt like vomiting. No doubt its a sick sick sicko movie and at the best qualify as offbeat. But the treatment to the story and the awesome awesome screenplay is what carries the movie. If realistic films are not ur cuppa tea better skip this one.

Story is not brand new nor or the situations. But the way the characters are shaped is what makes the movie tick. Cheran, the supposedly hero of the movie, comes as a CBCID officer. To be honest i've never seen a dochu aapicer like that character before. Even the thugs dont get hit when he shoots and marunthukuku kooda no style. Ada Oru Tee shirto coolerso kooda ilapa!!! Still..he looks every bit a police officer. Ditto for his sidekicks. Perusa onnum role ila and infact that guy who comes as his deputy..avan moonji kooda saria therila padathula. Aanalum it makes sense from a role perspective. But to me, the real hero of the movie is the mortuary doctor with a fundoo name Judas. I think another highlight of the movie is that what would've been physically visible yet invisible normal characters in any other movie, those roles have been given ample screen space and important roles and the people who took up the challenge have more than lived up to the expectations. I dont like YG Mahendran. Period. That guys is way too haughty for me to digest and way too stupid when it comes to movie acting atleast. But if there is one role he can take pride in..this is the one. The lady who dons the role of his wife in the movie..WOW!! There is scene in the climax..which is the only cinematic part of the otherwise realistic movie..i almost had a tear drop forming in my eyes. It was so moving and the scene was so sensitively handled that it felt wonderful and all the actions of those vigilantes justified. There is this other scene..the one where their daughter commits suicide. Without showing the hanging body, just with the looks of the parents, especially the mom, mysskin reflects the horror of that moment. AWESOME acting. The punishment meted out to the wrong doers..the crimes committed are all new to tamil cinema atleast i guess. But i get irritated with Mysskin's love for peoples legs. Wonder why the camera is always focused on the legs and nowhere near the face!!! Maybe reaction saria varalaintu irukumo?

I've never been a big fan of Mysskin. Felt his Chithiram Pesuthadi was So-So and Anjaathay kooda avlo impressive illa. Nandalaala inum paakala. But this one. WOW. It took me a long while to get out of the feel of the movie. Semma dark in theme. Not even grey. Its pitch black in theme and the director leaves no pity for the wrong doers. Etho hollywood horror movie paatha mathiri irunthichi. Punishment scenes tad inspirted by SAW movie series i guess. Crime gets punishedngaratha semmaaa stronga azhutham thiruthama solra movie. I would love to say go watch it.. aana theaterla vaanthi edutheenganna me no responsible :) DVDla paakrapovay lighta nauseating.

Thursday, March 17, 2011

Vedham puthithu

There are twin kiddos in the apartment opposite to mine. Recently one of our relatives had been to Benares and had brought with them ganga water in small sombu. The kiddos had watched the copper sombu with all curiosity and the moment those relatives left they pounced on it. Since the mouth of the sombu was sealed they werent able to open it. They tried shaking it to check if it really had any water in it. After a while they got disinterested and went to their house.

A few days later one of them came to me with an icecream cup full of water. I asked them what was that water. One of those kids told me it was water from the river Nile. Two things struck me - one was the conviction with which they made that claim and second was the wonderment about their knowledge on the river. I laughingly asked them who told them that the cup had water from River Nile. They told me it was their cousin brother who had traveled abroad had brought it for them. I teasingly asked them that how can they be so sure that the water was from Nile, when it could've been the aquaguard in his house. Pat came the response. They told me that if i can believe the water in a sealed sombu to be ganga water why can't Nile water be in an ice cream cup.

Titlea padinga. Entha scene mean panni intha title vachennu ungalukkay teriyum.

Tuesday, March 15, 2011


- தமிழகத்தில் தேர்தல்


Sunday, March 13, 2011

He He He :D :D

Disci: Makkalay..itha padichitu tension aagi anavasiama Auto lorrykellam selavu pannatheenga. Continuousa serious topicsla post poatu bore adichithu..athaan ungala ellaam kalaaikalaam nu oru try. No tension. Mannitharuluga.

Venue: Dr. Athivasi's clinic

Gils gives a visit to Dr. Athivasi. Finding the clinic empty he waits in the visitor's lounge. After sometime he hears voices and goes inside the doctors room again to find Athivasi talking with someone on her phone.

"Athivasi madam..neenga epo vantheenga?"
"Hey gils..naan ingaye thaana irunthen..nee epo vantha"
"Naan vanthu ten minutes aguthu. Konja neram munna naan vanthu paathapo ungala kaanumay?"
"Ilaye..naan inga seatlaye thaana irunthen. Engayum pogalaye"
"Oh seatla iruntheengala..athaan therila"
"Oyee..enna nakkala..enna intha pakkam"
"Ila..lighta thala vali..athum matumillama romba naalaachay athaan apdiye ungala paathutu polaamnum vanthen"
"Usuala unnala thana mathavangaluku thala vali varum. Seri..inthaa..prescriptionla ezhuthirukara maathiraiyai saapdu sariaa poidum"
"Aiooo..ennathu ithu"
"Etha ketkara?"
"Prescribed tabletsa SAAvukku munn..SAAVukku pinn nu ezhuthirukeenga? Usuala unga medication start pannaparum thaan sangu kelvi patruken. Apdiye irunthaalum Saavukarpum tablet epdi sapdrathu? Injectiona poduvangalo?"
"Makku mundam. Saavuku munn Saavukku pinn nuna..Saapaatuku munna and Saapaatuku pinna nu artham"
"Aaha..unga writing stylum ungala mathirye short forma irukay"
"Dai..mariathaiya feesa kuduthitu odiru. Un kuda pesi enaku thala vali vanthrichi"
"Inthaanga unga presription. Itha marakkama saavuku munnum pinnum potukitu saria poita sollugna..naanum try panni paakren. Ipothaiku apeetu..appalika repeetu"

On the way back Gils meets Rammm.
"Baass..epdirukeenga..intha vaati enga tour poneenga"
"Nee vera gils. Kitchen vittu velila vara timey kedaikka maatenguthu. Pudusa Vilaambazha rasam nu oru recipe ready pannirukken. Senora kitta ketukkitu FDA (Food Development Authority)ku atha anuppi approval vaangalaamaanu yosichitruken"
"Baass..athuku neenga PMFAI kitta thaan kekanum FDA illa"
"PMFAI na enna? PraMadhama FAntastica Irukkara dish a?"
"Illa..Pesticide Manufacturers and Formulators Association of India. Poochikolli marunthukellam avangalta thaan permission vaanganum"
"Maganay..antha pudu recipeyoda lab eli nee thaan. Mudhal course unaku anuparen iru"
"Oray oru kostin ungalta romba naala kekanumnu aasai. Unga perla en ithana M? 'Ram' nu start panna eppo mudiarathunnay theria maatenguthu"
Backgroundla NAYAGAN music olikka..mandaila lighta kaiya vachavaaray Raamm tells.."Teriliyeepaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa"
"Haioo..ithayum mudika maatar polarukkay..escapeee"

Gils bumps into Ramesh.

"Gils..enna ipdi thala therikka odi vara"
"Thala therikka odi varaleenga. Thalaya paaka thaan odi vanthen. Epdirukeenga Thala. Enga intha pakkam ungala aalaye kaanum"
"Enga areala Seval sandai nadanthuchuba. Atha cover panna solli enga area news channels ketukitaanga. Athula biji aaiten"
"Neenga oru theevira sports fan theriyum. Athukaga seval sandaikelaam kooda special sports correspondent rangeku pona epdi"
"Nee vera. Seval sandaikum Sensexkumay sambandham iruku". Athukaprum Ramesh sonna ella matterum Gils mandaila parse aagavay illa.
"Enna Gils..etho moppam pudikara mathiri teriyuthu"
"Illa etho karpoora vaasam veesutha paathen..uhumm..evlo try panniyum purila"
Gils hears a giggling sound and turns back to find Chotu and P standing behind him. "Idu koola pudila..Gils waste" says both of them in chorus. Vazhakkam pola normalana thiruttu muzhiyudan Gils looks at AJCL and Chennai Girl to understand what both the lil guys were singing only to find both of them rolling with laughter.

"Unna paathu Ooray onnu koodi sirikarathu enna pudusa..vidra vidra" nu kural kekka Gils thirumbi paatha anga RT was standing.
"Oor onnu koodrathu irukatum..neenga epdi inga? Senthaapola 5 minutes oray oorla neenga irukarathu ulaga athisayam aachay"
"oops..thanks for reminding. YYC lenthu call vanthuchi. Inniki evening meet irukaam. I've to go there"
"YYC na ?"
"Yodelling Youths Club..you dunno? romba famous aachay. Tamilla kooda Varutha padatha Vaalibar sangam nu solvaanga"
"Haioo...antha meet kooda vida mateengala...thala suthara mathiri irukay"
"Hey Dr. Athivasi clinic pakkathula thaan iruku. Anga venumna unna admit pannata"
"Marubadiyum mudhallenthaaaa" Gils faints.

Friday, March 11, 2011

The aftermath

On a day like today
the whole world could change
the sun's gonna shine
shine thru the rain
on a day like today
ya never wanna see the sun go down

Well..Nature doesnt exactly go by Bryan Adams lyrics i guess and i wish i never ever see the sun rise again as it did today :(
Super moon or Sumaar moon whatever the crap they call it..it better get away back to its original orbit. The pics of ships and planes and cars and buildings all strewn like garbage and the sight of muddy sea water rushing to swallow more dry land like greedy miser after money..it sends a shudder up my spine to even visualise the scene on my mind. Heart goes for those who bore the brunt of nature's fury. Make no mistake. Japs are a proud race. Once while discussing about weekend plans, being the month of August and Independence day falling that friday it was long weekend for our team. I was chatting with my Japanese counterpart about my weekend plans and casually asked him when is the independence day of Japan. Pat came the response, " We were never enslaved by anyone". I was bit stunned by the reply and could feel the pride in his voice when he said those words. World knows what Japan can do when struck with disasters, be it man made or natural - they come back even better, stronger and harder. Continuing series of disasters like this only make me more nervous about the doomsday predictions with each one resembling a scene out of 2012 movie. I take refuge in this dialog from the same movie - "The moment we stop fighting for each other, that's the moment we lose our humanity". Let Nature takes its own route and like all bad things even good things shall end..but as long as we have each other for company we can at least try to make the journey worthwhile to pursue..for ours is the only species which is capable of appreciating. You never get to see Lions adoring each others manes nor elephants their tusks, do you? :)

Sunday, March 06, 2011

Exams - Tense Present for a Perfect Future?

After a long time there was a decent topic on the "Neeya Naana" Chat show in Vijay TV - Exams and the associated stress. The kids spoke in an exceptionally matured tone and compared to their parents they sounded pretty confident and clear on their thoughts. More than their parents they had a better idea of what they need to do get good marks and more specifically as to what their parents were doing wrong in goading them towards getting more marks. How much ever the parents tried to justify their cause and the reason as to why they are pushing their kids towards marks, it still sounded hollow. It was quite paradoxical. Everyone know the reason behind the pressure and but everyone accepted it as a justifiable pressure, even though it sounded silly. To sound politically correct, they argued for a brief while that every child is unique and not every one can become topper. Still, the yearning for pride, the thought of seeking glory in their kids victory shone brightly on every parents eyes.

So, the nagging question - Who is responsible for this mindset and what causes it. I am not an expert in education. Nor did i get any good marks for that matter :) But i can understand the struggles of an underdog student and the pressure and shame faced by parents of such kids. The discrimination faced by such students in school, where they are herded into the designated section along with other such not so brights. The dreaded "P" word called partiality had ruined many a dream of my class mates i would say. Worse was the case of kids who by nature were demanding on themselves and often compared their performance with others and criticised themselves more so than others. For they were forever short on self confidence and there were very few people around to motivate them. Even their class topper friends would slowly leave their company, brainwashed by their parents. Every government school book carries the slogan that no one should discriminate against caste creed or sect. But the education system and mentality of people running the show does exactly that and more so forces the kids also to adhere to it.

I used to shiver at the thought of exams as a school going kid. Even now the word test or exam sends a slight shock wave from head to toe. But its not as scary as before. I've somehow lost the fear of that dreaded monster. When i think as to how i overcame it, only one thing comes to my mind. Nowadays i dont give a damn as to whether i pass or fail. The results dont bother me anymore. I had stopped comparing my scores with my peers. I dont feel happy when i "outshine" them nor do i feel depressed when i come a cropper. I have learnt to accept my potential and own my responsibility for my performance. In fact as an even better option, i take up only those things which entice me, thrill me to test my skills pitching against the best in business, those which make me happy to go through the rigours of competing, without the fear of failure. I apply the same philosophy even to my table tennis game and more often than not when i dont think about the scoreline, i often end up on the winning side :) Maybe, had i the same mentality and approach towards my studies i would've also topped my class, joined IIT and maybe would've been doing MS in some US university like my fellow class mates. But i would've missed out on all those learnings and pain which shaped my thoughts to spare a smile for those kids also who are not as bright as others. They may not be the best guy or gal in the class. But who knows, somewhere down the years, they might rant their heads off on their blogs to any poor soul bothering to read their posts on what a bad ass they were :)