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Happy days...concluded

To meet and part is the way of life..
To part and meet is the hope of life...

"Hi mams..hi Raams..
"hida guna"
"engada..namma rishi payala kaanum..."
"Avan ipolam namala enda kandukaporan..avan girlfrienda kootikitu edho hindi padam poraanam"
"enna koduma saar ithu..taaray zaameen par nu sonna...roadla taar oothanumaanu kekara alavula thaana avan hindi...ivan hindi padam poraana.."
"adai..padathula pesaratha paakavada avan poran...nee inum kanmani poonga rangelaye iru..."
"overa pesathada.. usarama irukennu un kaila raaki katta mudiyama ponungalam kalula lacea kati utrukanga paru"
"machis..relax...en adichakareenga...girls are like discount sales..however early u move in.. the good ones are already no tension"
"dei...matter theriyuma namma balaku marriage fix aagirukuda....en kita kuda solala avan...avanga veetuku poirunthapo avan ila..apo avanga amma pe…

Happy days...part IV

Whenever we all regrouped after our holidays..the first day used to be the happiest..most of us went to our natives and were mostly in touch only thorugh
mails and calls. The day the college reopens used to be the joyous of all and the entire day will go in describing what each one did during the break..the
movies we saw and so on...its something which cannot be expressed in words..apdi oru happiness..bubbling enthu..antha paritcular timela enna venumnalaum saadichiralamnu oru ennam...naanga ellarum onnungara feeling...namakkaga ithana per irukaanga perumitham...ipdi solikitay pogalam...firstday was declared holiday in memory of Shiv...The loss of shiv was something which we were unable to digest..We were all silent for a change the topic Rishi said..
" know something...namma classuku oru transfer student varan...from banglore..MM sir solitruntharu.."
"epolenthuda antha aal classlam gavanika arambicha..enna nadakuthuda namma gangla..yaro sooniyam vachit…

Kalloori...Happy days with a sad ending

Ipadiyum padam edukaravanga irukka thaan seiyaranga....i like issue based movies especially if they come up with nice screenplay...this is one such movie which has been so impressive...if there is an oscar for the most hard hittting climax this movie will win it hands down...i had read the review in papers and seen it in some tv channels...but still i feel this movie hasnt deserved the kind of attention it should have gathered...ending ennanu therinju pakkum boathay it leaves such an impact in you...i wonder what would people have felt when they saw it the first time...smootha poitrukara vandila lighta accleration kuduthu..konjam speed pick up panni...vandi parakara stage varachay theedernu kurukavara speed breaker mathiriyana climax...padam paathu half hour agiyum inum disturb panuthu...balaji sakthivelku venumna advancea rendu national award kuduthiralam adutha padamachum happy endinga vaika solanum..manasa pesaiyara mathiriyana ending.. rendu padam..back to back..pothum mr.sakthiv…

Stars shine down..

Have u ever felt sad..happy..depressed and elated at the same time...Taare zameen par
music does that to u...i thought i would never hear a betterly penned song than the title song of Kal ho Na ho till i listened upon this album...each song is a gem of its personal fav.s are the "ma" song and the one by adnan sami...watta music..wen adnan lifts his voice to high pitch u also feel like flying along with the tempo...awesome lyrics..though i dnt like movies which are tear jerkers..guess i can give this one a try sheerly for the songs and their picturisation...especially the 'Ma' song...i am not a pandit in hindi..u need not be one too to enjoy the soak in the emotions it raises in u...anyone can feel identified with
that song and the situation and the feelings conveyed in that...guess all of us have been moms fav. at one point of time or other in our lives..the song is so simple yet so poignant when u see the picturisation it almost moves u in tears.…

Happy days...part III

Don't walk behind me..
i may not lead
Don't walk ahead of me...
i may not follow
Just walk beside me..
and be my friend.

~ Albert camus

"Look at her.. walking down the all glory...if only that guy next to her is her dad..i will take her to be my bride in real.."
"hey...but avaluku erkanavay kalyanam aaidichida"
"athunala enna...naan avaloda chinna veeda poidren..."

Rishi was reading through the novel written by Danny..
"Dei..enna kodumada ithu...intha story title enna.."
"Bride and subjudice.." said Danny with a smile...
"machaan..ithey rangela ezhuthitay iruda....un imasai thangama en tharkolaiku ivan thaan karanamnu letter ezhuthi vachitu evanachum mandayapoda poran...oru naal ila oru naal kola kuthathukaga una police pudichitu poga poguthu..."
"dei...kalaasathada...namma groupla oru budding Jeffry Archer...oru sidney sheldon irukarnu nenachu peruma padanumda..."
"dei Guna..etho canteenla vacha kadanaku…