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Bye bye 2011

This happens to be the latest year ending post in past few years :) Usually my winding up-for-the-year post would be much much earlier than the penultimate day to the year end. A reflection on my dwindling interest in writing things down may be.

I never carry any particular timeline to achieve my targets/resolutions and definitely wouldnt want to confine myself within a jan to dec window. But still when i get to finish them i feel happy whenever it happens. Like the time when i wanted to have kulfi in pouring rain. It was always my fantasy to know how it would feel like to have kulfi in rain. Really wanted to test that you-will-catch-fever theory. But like all sane parents mine never allowed this 'experiment' of mine. I tried having a kulfi in chilling Bangalore rainy season few years back and it was worth every rupee spent. You should've seen the look on the shopkeepers face :) that was worth more than the amount i paid. Sometimes it really riles people up, when they see…

The Dirty Picture

When this movie was in the making i was thinking so cheap about Ekta Kapoor for stooping low to such extent that she has to resort to these sort of gimmicks and hated Vidya Balan for taking up the lead role. I liked her so much in Munnabhai and Parineeta that i couldnt believe that she could carry on this role leave alone take it. And when the movie got released and was declared a hit felt it was another win for the soft porn industry running within our movie land. But when i read the reviews, the feedback was unanimous. Right from hard core movie critic to casual movie watcher, every one had spoken so highly about the movie that the curiosity was kindled. I happened to watch the movie yesterday and needless to say was mightily impressed. First i thought should i even tell anyone that i saw this movie. This movie ultimately was NOT 'that' kind of movie which no one wants to talk about in public, but whose kind rules the net.

Its hard to believe this movie was not a novel-to-s…

Where would you be??

Past few days i had been wondering what would i be doing in exactly an year's time to this day, which every ancient and modern civilization has predicted as the end of the world. As like many incidents of my past 6 years, which have been kind of chronicled on this blog spot server, thought of posting something to look back on, hopefully, from the 365th day :) Just as i am typing this post Star Movies is airing 2012 movie. These guys surely are masters of timing i should say. That movie is one of the spookiest movies i've ever seen. Though typical Hollywood disaster masala movie, the graphics and content scared the hell out of me and for several nights i had dreams of drowning in flood waters.

There were only two topics that ruled the day yesterday. Believers or not, Saturn is one planet no one takes risk against with and the transit of the lord was widely discussed yesterday. For the dooms day enthusiasts, it was a field day to say the least. Each one had a 'vision' o…


I boarded the cab preparing myself for another hour long dull and drab journey pitching into my comfort zone of my playlist. Usually my 'touring' party of cabmates leave me as the last guy to get down from the cab. My place being like 20 plus kms away from office, i usually get down the last, having visited half of chennai, courtesy my travel desk for whom i am like thengai in kerala cuisine. They would fit me on any route and would  argue that, its the shortest route to my place. This one was no different, atleast to begin with.

The first surprise was that i was the one to get down first. Those who commute by office cab will vouch for me,  for they can realise the joy of getting down first and the pain of a long distance commute. There were 2 other people, who were my cabmates for the day and one of them happened to be a short term acquaintance i had picked in this new office. Since there is always a standing policy that ladies should never be the last to get down i checked …

Controversy be Damned

Periyar and God have never been on the same side of any coin. You name a dam after Periyar and thrust it on the border of God's own country and still wonder why the controversy?!!! You got to be kidding. The current situation on TN Kerala border reminds me of 'Quantum of Solace' James Bond movie. The story line would lead the viewers or at least the movie characters into believing that the villain group is after the oil sources while they would actually be after the procurement of water bodies. Never had i guessed that water wars would hit so closer to home. The situation is such that both the parties have valid fears. The scores of villagers who are afraid of the aftermath of a dam break are equally at peril while compared to those who want the dam to be raised to water their crops. Media being the naughty Naradar as always, play their part to perfection by fanning the fire on both the sides. Again the allegory traces itself back to 007 movie where the villain is a media…

Jillunu-oru-kaathal-kathai- 5

Story so far
P.S: after a gap of nearly 18 months...JOKK is back :) at least this time hope to finish it soon :)

"Dei Ram..ennada ithu..kondu pona luncha apdiye thirupi kondu vanthirukka. Unakkelaam vadichi kotren paaru enna sollanum"

TUNG!!! slams the lunch box in sink followed lot of mumblings and grumblings from mom.

"Ipdi kandatha thinnutu udamba keduthukka vendiathu..kondu pora luncha apdiye thiruppi kondu vara vendiathu. Naaliku udambu sari illainu paduthuntu en uyira vaanga vendiathu. Ithey pozhappa poachu. Ungappa varattum..inniki irukku unakku"

"Yenmaa..naan enna dailya...." Ram wakes up from his sleep, looks around confused for a moment and realises that it was a dream and falls back onto his pillow. One glance at the watch warns him that he is already running late for office. Cursing Earth for spinning so fast during night he drags himself away from bed. Opens the door to get newspaper and yawnningly shouts..."" o…