Thursday, December 29, 2011

Bye bye 2011

This happens to be the latest year ending post in past few years :) Usually my winding up-for-the-year post would be much much earlier than the penultimate day to the year end. A reflection on my dwindling interest in writing things down may be.

I never carry any particular timeline to achieve my targets/resolutions and definitely wouldnt want to confine myself within a jan to dec window. But still when i get to finish them i feel happy whenever it happens. Like the time when i wanted to have kulfi in pouring rain. It was always my fantasy to know how it would feel like to have kulfi in rain. Really wanted to test that you-will-catch-fever theory. But like all sane parents mine never allowed this 'experiment' of mine. I tried having a kulfi in chilling Bangalore rainy season few years back and it was worth every rupee spent. You should've seen the look on the shopkeepers face :) that was worth more than the amount i paid. Sometimes it really riles people up, when they see people do things which they would love to do, but dont want to, for it may not go well with their image. I was at the receiving end of this situation when my team went for an outing last month.

There was this game called Zombie ball (or was it zorbie??) wherein there was a 10 feet plus tall huge balloon kind of ball that had 2 openings through which 'participants' (aka bakras) would be thrown into it. And the ball would be rolled up and down some slopes with the inhabitants getting tossed around inside the ball. They did had some safety harness but the people outside never gave time for those who got thrown in to tie themselves up. I couldnt quite understand this idea of fun, of watching two people struggling to find their footing, falling and hurting all over themselves getting thrown around, without any letup from those outside. It comes no where even in the same pin code of being termed funny for me. I told my damager who wanted me to give it a try that its a sadistic game and i dont want to be party to it. He was so shocked that he forbade others to force me into trying it. Later i apologised for the word used and explained why i felt that way. The more i tried to explain my feelings, the more wrong i sounded myself. Whats so sadistic about a 'game' where in the participants had no issues in being 'tortured' and others had no remorse. In the end they all felt exhilarated and happy. It struck me that it almost sounded like marriage!!! I dont know if i am sane or not but i am happy to be single :D

I always thought i would never be able to sit through any sitcoms or serials. Then F.R.I.E.N.D.S happened :)   and here i am still smitten with it, almost 9 years after i started watching it. I again thought this would be my only craze. But 2011 proved me wrong multiple times. My sitcom count has quadrupled this year to House M.D (7 seasons done), How i Met Your Mother ( 3 and counting), Dexter (4 and counting) with Two and half men and Entourage to follow. I feel like a native of New York now and can pick their inside jokes too :) I was introduced to these series by two good friends of mine with whom i competing to match their season watching spree. Hope to catch up with them soon :) Enna oru magathaana resolution for 2012 apdingareengala..hehehe...i always aim high u c!!

The second half of the year had lot more revelations for me. Everyone, i am sure, have their dream lifestyle. Some maybe lucky to lead such a life, while the vast majority would be contented about their life, though it may not be the one they dreamt of. Well, i happened to witness someone leading my perfect life :) Their house was exactly the one i had dream designed mine to be, their family, their relatives even the furniture in their place matched my dream picture. I felt so happy to see my dream walking talking in real time and made me realise that there is more to life than watching others live it. Is there anything different that i could do to realise my dream? I dont know. But i sure want to explore and give it a try.

2012 has been the most hyped about year for a while now with its doomsday December. Would love to see if it lives up to its billing. The unknown always provides us with two choices - to be scary or cheerful. We ALWAYS have the choice to decide how it has to be and its what we choose, that really make it happen. It can never be always scary or always cheerful, for either way it would make life boring. So here is to the new unknown - may it keep all of us interesting. Advance wishes for a wonderful time ahead folks. May god bless us all. Catch you next year :)

Monday, December 26, 2011

The Dirty Picture

When this movie was in the making i was thinking so cheap about Ekta Kapoor for stooping low to such extent that she has to resort to these sort of gimmicks and hated Vidya Balan for taking up the lead role. I liked her so much in Munnabhai and Parineeta that i couldnt believe that she could carry on this role leave alone take it. And when the movie got released and was declared a hit felt it was another win for the soft porn industry running within our movie land. But when i read the reviews, the feedback was unanimous. Right from hard core movie critic to casual movie watcher, every one had spoken so highly about the movie that the curiosity was kindled. I happened to watch the movie yesterday and needless to say was mightily impressed. First i thought should i even tell anyone that i saw this movie. This movie ultimately was NOT 'that' kind of movie which no one wants to talk about in public, but whose kind rules the net.

Its hard to believe this movie was not a novel-to-screen kind of script. The story is right out of any Sidney Sheldon books. It has all the ingredients in right proportions. A lead lady character, as in all his novels, who hails from a not so great background, with dreams of reaching the sky and beyond and with determination to take anything head on to achieve the dream, which they eventually do, with pomp and splendour, but at the cost of a pound of their soul and some self respect and like in all his novels they have an almighty fall. While the ones with positive ending allows the characters the luxury of a phoenix like resurgence, this one ends as a tragedy where the lead takes her life committing suicide. Though the story is claimed to be based on the life of 'Silk' Smitha, donned by Vidya Balan and Naseerudin shah's Suryakanth is supposedly a take on Rajini, the story line could suit any struggling and aspiring artist who are hell bent on achieving success even at the cost of losing their morals. This movie unwraps those gray and shady world of the cine industry and not just that, it turns the spot light on that world, minuting it to the detail. Its that kind of story that can be called a true open secret. Everyone, be linked with movie line or not, is aware of the casting couch and the kind of behind the screen activities that happen and those which are kept under wraps, literally and figuratively and the story is a real example of a true open secret. Yet, not many movies have taken up this theme and not many have done it with this finesse and are watchable to say the least.

There is always a risk of the movie crossing into the art film territory if it lingered beyond the normal commercial boundaries and a tad more on this side would've pushed it into a totally different category of its own, away from the general public and would've got it buried into the realms of a different industry altogether. It takes courage to portray your own people in bad light, talk about the shady deals happening around you and if you also happen to be a leading lady the pressure is all the more serious. Vidya Balan deserves a big round of applause for taking up this role. Not that the other actresses couldnt have done more justice to the role, but she always had this image of a homely character artist and to shed that image and take up the other extreme of her on screen persona deserves tremendous courage and probably a bigger pay cheque. Right from the opening credit scene where she gives that 'voice over', its Vidya's show all the way. Naseeruddin shah is almost invisible in the movie, though he occupies the second longest screen space. Call it on his performance which is thorough or Vidya's dominating screen presence, whichever way, he does what he does best - get into the skin of the character. But at times he almost looks bored, wondering what the heck  he is doing in a movie like this which is totally heroine dominated. Tushar kapoor owes one more to his sister for giving him a role in this movie. His is more of a cameo for which he was adequate to say the best. Emraan-serial kisser-Hashmi, gets a chance to wet his lips again and he does it with gusto.

But the movie totally belongs to the screenplay writer and the dialogue writer. Wow. The movie has so many good punch one liners that you can make a book out of it. They are liberally strewn all over the movie and saves the movie from drowning into a sorrow mode. If we have such original screenplay writers abound Bollywood would soon give its illustrious original, whose name it has plagiarized, a run for its Oscar money.

Gils Verdict - This is that kind of movie, which makes one realise the heaviness of the mask they wear and the starkness of reality. Remove the word 'Dirty' from the title and rename it as 'The picture - for hypocrites', it still makes more sense. Not a movie for family watching though for we are all hypocrites aren't we :)

Monday, December 19, 2011

Where would you be??

Past few days i had been wondering what would i be doing in exactly an year's time to this day, which every ancient and modern civilization has predicted as the end of the world. As like many incidents of my past 6 years, which have been kind of chronicled on this blog spot server, thought of posting something to look back on, hopefully, from the 365th day :) Just as i am typing this post Star Movies is airing 2012 movie. These guys surely are masters of timing i should say. That movie is one of the spookiest movies i've ever seen. Though typical Hollywood disaster masala movie, the graphics and content scared the hell out of me and for several nights i had dreams of drowning in flood waters.

There were only two topics that ruled the day yesterday. Believers or not, Saturn is one planet no one takes risk against with and the transit of the lord was widely discussed yesterday. For the dooms day enthusiasts, it was a field day to say the least. Each one had a 'vision' of their own as to what would they want to do on 21 dec 2012. Best one was from the guy who wanted to get married on that day, as according to him, whether the prophecy comes true or not, either way his world would be well and truly gone. There were many wisecracks on taking hefty bank loans and live the skin off their lives for the next 12 months and face the dooms day with the contented thought of having lived their life king size. How much ever it was joked about, the inherent fear, the very idea of waters gushing in, roads cracking up, sun coughing up fire balls, volcanoes roaring into life, ice storms freezing around, was palpable. Nature for all we know, always had been THE most destructive force on earth. How many ever number of nukes any superpower country might have, its nothing compared to the havoc which a mere gust of wind can create. But, on the brighter side, Nature has always been the most PROTECTIVE force too.

Rather than fearing over the destruction, wouldn't it be prudent to take life one day at a time and enjoy every moment of it? Why does it always require a calamity or a devastation to make people realise the value of every single minute of their life? Till the time, they loose their loved ones, no one bothers to give the relationship the respect it deserves. Till the time, they are inflicted with weight related problems, no one bothers to hit the gym. Till the time, they face a necessity, no one bothers to sharpen their axes.

I always have standard New Year Resolutions, to watch all the new movies getting released that year and to read newer books, apart from making newer friends. This year in addition to this list, would want to include one more point. To get in touch with all those i've lost contact. In the course of past few years, life has grown layer over layer and i've lost track of many a good people who had enriched my existence by permitting me space in their worlds. I've always wanted to visit them, but kept postponing the trips.

So come 2012, i intended to renew the lost contacts and even if the world ends in an years time or not, i would love a happy ending anytime. Merry Christmas folks :)

Saturday, December 17, 2011


I boarded the cab preparing myself for another hour long dull and drab journey pitching into my comfort zone of my playlist. Usually my 'touring' party of cabmates leave me as the last guy to get down from the cab. My place being like 20 plus kms away from office, i usually get down the last, having visited half of chennai, courtesy my travel desk for whom i am like thengai in kerala cuisine. They would fit me on any route and would  argue that, its the shortest route to my place. This one was no different, atleast to begin with.

The first surprise was that i was the one to get down first. Those who commute by office cab will vouch for me,  for they can realise the joy of getting down first and the pain of a long distance commute. There were 2 other people, who were my cabmates for the day and one of them happened to be a short term acquaintance i had picked in this new office. Since there is always a standing policy that ladies should never be the last to get down i checked with her if she is fine with the route as hers was the last drop. The guy who was silent till that time, actually carrying a quizzical look, asked her politely, "Excuse me, arent you Stephen's sister?"
Now it was the turn of the lady to takeover the frown. The "yeah" which followed was more of a "who-the-heck-are-you-and-how-the-heck-you-know-me?"
"You people were living in Gopalapuram right?"
Now the lady became somewhat interested with a curious bewilderment.
"I've come to your house many times. Your elder sister still works for ABC inc??"
Without realising she began to respond to the conversation "No. She moved out to another company few years back"
"Oh..thats great. Hows your elder bro..still at the same place?"
"Yeah" She was still unable to ask the question camped at the tip of her tongue - "who the hell are you?"
"Dont you remember me? I used to come and pick Stephen to college everyday"
"Is it? I knew almost all his friends..sorry couldnt recollect you"
"Hahaha..not a problem. Hows Stephen"
"You know him right.. usual dreamy self". (Something on her tone made me felt that either she cares less about this Stephen person or their age difference is not much or she finds him more comfortable than her other sibling(s) possibly, for her tone was more friendly while talking about her brother. I was proved right soon)
"Been a while since i spoke to him..last i had a chat with him was on Facebook..when i was in US. After i came to India didnt had a chance to meet him"
There was a studied silence from both of them which was broke by him.
"Does he still play cricket?"
" i used to come to our house in track suits right?"
He grinned and said "Yeah.."
"Couldnt recognise you in formals and ofcourse you've put on weight"
"hahaha..blame it on lack of match practice. We used to slog in 45 degree sun plaiyng 50 over matches..getting up at 4 in the morning to reach college by 5...antha fitnesslaam poachu"
"Yeah..Stephen used to be crazy about cricket"
"Had we known that things like IPL and all will come in future..we would've continued with cricket. I thought Stephen always followed it more vigorously"
"Yeah..he did. It was our elder brother who forced him to take up MBA and sent him abroad. You know what, the day after he left there was a letter from TN govt inviting him to take part in the Ranji team for TN. I feel sorry for not supporting him that time and siding with our elder brother."
"Oh that would've been heartbreaking isnt it. Sheer bad luck."(By this time this Stephen character has assumed the role of a tragic movie hero on my head and wanted to know more about that person)
"You know both of us had joined college on sports quota. And though the entry was many humiliations we had to suffer and how many days we had to stand outside the principal and P.T office for want of letter accrediting points for us to appear for exams, despite helping the college to win many a cups. We never took any of those issues to heart for there was only thing on our mind, playing cricket"
I was so engrossed on their conversation that, i almost felt a part of the story by now.

That guy then rattled on names of almost all his classmates and was inquiring whether she knew any of them.  Since most of them happened to be their team mates from cricket and having visited Stephen's house, she seemed to be aware of majority of them. This made me more curious about the Stephen character. He sounded just perfect for a loser hero, who had been deprived off his passion and has been sent to rot in the routine monotonous world, having been robbed off the one thing on his life where he could've made a difference.

"Hey..i thought you were into Bio come into IT now?"
She smiled at him " seem to remember everything. Yeah. I wanted to do masters in Zoology..but ended up here."
"Not a bad place to end up i should say"
"Definitely.. No regrets. Same with bro pushed me to take up Bio tech..i was steadfast in taking up my masters from UK..but that damn bomb blast screwed up everything. Even without my consent..they filled up forms for me and got me admitted into a course. I gritted my teeth and survived through the first year. But decided enough is enough and told my bro that i want to live my life my way and took up a diploma course and here i am"
"Brave decision i should say. Stephen cant get a job here? "
"I tried..but they rejected him saying he is over qualified"
"hahaha..hey..should we take the bridge or go under it? are you familiar with this route?" he asked me.
I was so immersed into their story that i didnt realise that he was posing the question to me "err..No. we shouldnt take the bridge.." and explained the route to the driver.
"Sorry..i couldnt help but overhear your conversation..just long you studied your under graduation?" i asked him.
"Three years..why?!!" he asked with wonderment
" seem to remember the entire attendance register of your college..thats why"
" man. sports is such a bonding factor..anyone who had been part of a team in college would be known or would know almost all the other people. It provides us the chance to interact so much and so many incidents and experiences add up to the list which makes them all the more memorable"
There was a momentary silence.
"Hey..does Stephen has your number" asked she.
"Dont think so..i have changed it after coming back from US"
"Can you tell me your number. Stephen would blast me if i tell about meeting you and not getting your number. Hey forgot to ask you..what are you now? Doesnt look like you are into cricket" she added with a grin pointing to his bulky figure.
"Yeah...i had to choose between cricket and career and i chose the latter. Family pressurenulaam solla maaten. It felt a safer choice at that time. Cricket can be played anytime but career..cant be played around with. But i always was jealous of Stephen. He was still playing when i decided to take a break. I was hoping to see him donning national colours some day. But guess life had different plans for all of us"

By that drop point came. For the first time i felt bad for getting down first. There were so many questions raging on mind about Stephen, that guy and that lady, both whose lives were a study of stark contrast. While both budged to peer/parental pressure and bowed to decisions taken for them, one succumbed to it while other resisted and came up trumps after initial hiccups. In a span of an hour's journey, felt as if i had traveled through the lives of 3 people, all along through their successes and failures and i couldnt help but to compare my own life with them.

Guess there is more than one person created from the same mould of God's debris.

Sunday, December 11, 2011

Controversy be Damned

Periyar and God have never been on the same side of any coin. You name a dam after Periyar and thrust it on the border of God's own country and still wonder why the controversy?!!! You got to be kidding. The current situation on TN Kerala border reminds me of 'Quantum of Solace' James Bond movie. The story line would lead the viewers or at least the movie characters into believing that the villain group is after the oil sources while they would actually be after the procurement of water bodies. Never had i guessed that water wars would hit so closer to home. The situation is such that both the parties have valid fears. The scores of villagers who are afraid of the aftermath of a dam break are equally at peril while compared to those who want the dam to be raised to water their crops. Media being the naughty Naradar as always, play their part to perfection by fanning the fire on both the sides. Again the allegory traces itself back to 007 movie where the villain is a media baron hell bent on creating havoc just to have catchy headlines for his newspaper/media. It might bit of an overkill to label the entire media as villain but as far as most of the issues are concerned there is not a half decent article which is unbiased and throws light on the truth. I've never seen a debate which is constructive and informative to assuage the fears of the public. I've never seen any leader taking the right step in dousing the tension. And i am not even sure what for everyone is waiting!!! The move has potential disaster in making, with TN already at war with Karnataka over Kaveri and depending on AP for the meager supply provided by them. At the cost of playing I-am-the-Boss, the politicos are messing up with already wafer thin fabric of national unity and the day is not far when their self created monster will go after the Frankenstein's. ( Just noticed..Frankenstein never named the monster!!! It has always been referred to as the creators creation rather than by its name. Please correct if wrong)

The situation reminds me of an crude story, albeit an apt one to describe the current scenario i guess. Once the organs of the body had a fight amongst themselves as to whose service is the best. Each one argued the best with their functional description as the reason why their's should be the best. Eye, ear, mouth, tongue, throat, hand, leg every single organ participated in it or rather competed. To prove their might each one decided to  go on strike one at a time to gauge the impact of their non compliance. When eyes refused to see, the body lost its balance. When ears refused to hear..well you get the drift right. One body part was a silent spectator to all these drama..namely the buttocks. It decided to teach the other parts a lesson for not even considering it in the race. It simply..well..decided to keep its mouth shut, in simpler terms.  The call of nature was loud and clear and within matter of minutes every organ realised the might of the now silent organ and begged for forgiveness and unanimously elected the buttocks as the undisputed leader.

Moral of the story ( If at all there is one ) - any ass can become a winner when the time or the situation suits, but that doesnt necessarily mean anything. One need to take things into perspective before arriving at any decision and hopefully sanity will prevail..for Mera Bharat is always mahaan..

Thursday, December 08, 2011

Jillunu-oru-kaathal-kathai- 5

  Story so far
P.S: after a gap of nearly 18 months...JOKK is back :) at least this time hope to finish it soon :)

"Dei Ram..ennada ithu..kondu pona luncha apdiye thirupi kondu vanthirukka. Unakkelaam vadichi kotren paaru enna sollanum"

TUNG!!! slams the lunch box in sink followed lot of mumblings and grumblings from mom.

"Ipdi kandatha thinnutu udamba keduthukka vendiathu..kondu pora luncha apdiye thiruppi kondu vara vendiathu. Naaliku udambu sari illainu paduthuntu en uyira vaanga vendiathu. Ithey pozhappa poachu. Ungappa varattum..inniki irukku unakku"

"Yenmaa..naan enna dailya...." Ram wakes up from his sleep, looks around confused for a moment and realises that it was a dream and falls back onto his pillow. One glance at the watch warns him that he is already running late for office. Cursing Earth for spinning so fast during night he drags himself away from bed. Opens the door to get newspaper and yawnningly shouts..."" only to realise that mom has gone on pilgrimage for next 2 days. He rakes his mind to remember the list of tasks she had grinded on to him, made him memorise a zillion times before she left.

"Was the first one regarding milk or newspaper?...hmm..she said something about milk. what was that?" he wondered around and after a while gave up on remembering the task and started for office. The moment he stepped out from their apartment, his feet stamped on something soft and SPLASH. It was milk all over the verandah. YIKES. Mom had told him to take the milk packet from the bag and since it was not on the bag he had skipped checking for it. The maid had kept it near their door step and now it was all over the verandah.

"Ennapa Ram..usuala veedu clean panna water thaan use panuvaanga..unga veetla aavin paalaa vachaa? hahaha" laughing at his own joke the neighbour walked away.

Feeling irritated at being so careless, Ram stomped away from the house. He stopped on the way to request the maintenance person to get it all cleaned up. He could hear his mom's mind voice chiding him "Irresponsible as always..when will you grow up Ram? I leave you alone for one day and within the first hour you create so much mess. What am i going to do with you in life". He forced his mind to hit the pause button on the voice and diverted his attention to listening to songs on his ipod.


"Machaan Ram one help da"
It was Anil. Ram's Colleague.
"Yeah man..tell me"
"You know that i am going to US on my first international assignment right. Athuku friendskellaam catchya oru mail adikalaamnu iruken. Idea kuden"
"Kaalangaathala ivan tholla thaangala" nu manasukulla porumiavaaray "Catchya enna..renday wordla convey aagara mathiri solren.. BUTTER FLY nu mail anuppu"
"Butter flya?? purialaiye" ena thalaiya sorinjaan Anil
"Aaama..nee oru vennai..nee fly panna porangaratha itha vida simpla sollavay mudiyaathu"
"Unkitta poitu idea kekka vanthen paaru..enna sollanum" ena pulambinaan Anil.
"Guys..dont forget. We have team dinner today sponsored by our client. Arrangements have been made to commute to and fro to the restaurant from office. All of you schedule your work accordingly" ena announce seithuvittu.."aprum Anil..onsite pora..oru mukkiayamaana vishayam solanum unkitta. Namma oorla beach orama kannagi selai kaila selambu vachitu nikkuthu..antha oorla kaila theevatti vachikitrukum..ponnunga kitta paathu nadanthukko" ena bittu potu vittu ess aanaar damager.
"Aaama..ennamo ivan kaiya vittu kaasu podra mathiri ivlo alatikaraan" said Anil.
"Naan varala..neengalam poitu vaanga"
"Dei Ram. Enda ipdi paduthara. Veetla thaan yaarum ilaye poi enna panna pora. Come join us today. Oru thadava vanthu thaan paaren. You always skip any team outings. Who knows you might enjoy it" said Anil.
"Enda..avlo kadupadichene..unaku kovamay varalaya?"
"uhummm...NANBENDAAA" ena solliavaaray he hugged Ram. Unable to control smile, Ram palmed his face.


"Naangallam Amitabh bachchan mathiri. Naan enga nikkareno line angenthu thaan start aagum" ena peter vittavaray vanthaan Anil
"Dei vennai..oc la soru podrangantu ooruku munnadi vanthu ninnutu unaku dialog oru keda...odi po"
Irritated with the loud music blaring from the speakers, Ram settled with his plate in a corner well away from the noise, taking in the scenic view outside of the restaurant from the terrace.
The weather was pleasant and he closed his eyes for a moment enjoying the cool breeze.
"Ahem...weathera romba enjoy pannitu irukara mathiri teriuthu"
The voice brought him back to his senses and he blushingly realised that he had been smiling with his eyes closed. Wondering how stupid he would've looked, his embarrasment turned to anger and his face turned blood red in color. It was Priya. "Anniki paarthum paakatha mathiri pona..ipo thaana vanthu pesaralay"nu manasukull kuzhambiyavaaru paarthaan Ram.
"Hey...relax. Sorry naan ungala disturb pannitennu nenakren"
"cha..illa Priya. I am sort of allergic to noise. Athuvum ivlo sound..uhumm..cudnt stand there. Athaan came here"
"Me too Ram. I like dance beats. Aana these guys are over kill. Its so noisy that i couldnt hear myself out there. Saw you standing here. Athaan disturb panlaamnu vanthen" she said smiling.
"Disturblaam ileenga. I was just enjoying the weather. The only plus point in Banglore"
"Hey..cmon. You are talking to a localite. Banglorela ennamo vera ethuvumay nalla illatha mathiri pesareenga. There are so many good things" she said with a wink.
"Thanna pathi sollikaraalo"nu manasukkul sirithavaaray "Okay. I accept my ignorance. You tell me. Apdi ennlaam good here" he asked with a competitive twinkle in his eyes.
"Hmmm...first of all as you said weather. Aprum..hmmm...hmmm...ipdi thideernu keatta solla mudiathu"
"hahaha..ok..take your time"
"Dont laugh ok. Its far better to your cauldron chennai. Tar melting heat. Epdi thaan anga makkal survive panraangalo"
"True. Thats the only bad thing there" he said with a smirk.
She threw a fake punch at him and he feigned a pained look and both ended up laughing at each others antics.
"How come i never saw you in any party before?"
"Because i never used to attend these things" endraan Ram.
"Athaan ennu kekaraen"
"I find them boring..noisy..irritating to see such criminal waste of money"
"ho ho hold on. Unna mathiri naalu per..uhumm..nee oruthan porum. Ipovay yearly once thaan they have such outings through office due to budget cuts. Nee pesaratha keata athaiyum cut paniduvaanga"
"I've never seen you this relaxed before. Officela kooda eppovum you will have a tensed no nonsense look on your face"
"aaha..appo ivalum ithana naala nammala note pannirukaala"nu manasukkul sirithavaaray.."hahha..True. At present i feel so relaxed that if i convert to Sikhism i will name myself Relax Singh"
"cheee.. bad PJ. But wow. I didnt knew you could crack such marana mokkai kadis too. You ARE interesting"
"Hey..enna adikaria" he winked at her.
"Aaama intha nenapu vera iruka. Oru ponnu praise panni oru vaartha sollida guys will float in air"
"Un kitta onnu sollanum. I saw you sitting in reception on the very first day you joined here. It was a bit of shock for me and didnt knew how to respond. Athaan pesaama poitten. I didnt knew how you would respond on the alliance getting cancelled. Sorry"
"che..ithula sorry solla enna iruku..apdinulaam lighta solla maaten. Actually it was bit hurting. Not on the cancellation but that you didnt stop even after seeing me. Now that you raised the topic, i am more than curious to know why the alliance was cancelled. Your parents knew mine were eager to finalise. Apramum negative resultna..was it you? Ivlo directa ..ivlo personalaana question kekaraennu thappa nenachukaatha. If you feel uncomfortable you need not answer. I can understand"
"hmmmm...will you take offense if i ask a very personal question?"
"depends on about who?"
"hahaha..if its about others its gossip. I dont do that. Unna pathi thaan kekanum"
"Epppaadi..evlo bittu. Ipdilaam cutea keatta ennatha solrathu. Kelu"
"If you are feeling uncomfortable i wont expect you to reply. I will understand"
"hahahaa...enakkay repeatta...shabba...enna kekanumo keattu thola. Kandippa etho mokka poda porannu mattum terithu"
"Have you ever fell in Love? Yaarukaachum propose pannirukkia?"
"Enna Wow...ennada first time pesarapovay ipdilaam kekaraalaynu paakria..cmon..tell me..there is no spice in this party..atleast conversationlayaaachum  irukatumay..have u ever fell in love?"