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Chinna chinna aasaigal

Alice might have ten impossible things to think of..but gilsku avlo peria listlaam ila :) eight eighta lifea pirichikanumnu thalaivar is ennoda eight things to do :D

*** Kandipa guitar kathukitu athula oru thillaana vaasikkama vidrathaa illa :D

*** Open top/Convertible Porsche carla "PARDES" padathula vara ("Yeh dil..deewaana" song) mathiri long drive poganum :) kaatuthanama speedla kannu mannu teriamaa parakkanum :)

*** Time travel kandupudichaanganna first aala prototype model iruntha kooda past poitu neria vishyatha correct pananum. Ada paavi..Ithu chinna aasaiya apdinulaam kostin kekkapdaathu.

*** Oru out and out comedy kathai ezhuthi Crazy Mohan kitta padichi kaatanum :D

*** To settle in a place where there is both sunshine and snow :) thts incase if i manage to settle!!! :)

*** Baashai teriatha faarin oorla poi neria friend pudikanum. Ishtathuku oora suthi paakanum.

*** Jerry mouse, Charlie Chaplin mathiri..should be remembered as a fu…

Review time again :D

What is more difficult? Finding Love? Falling in Love or staying Lovable? "My Blueberry nights" movie deals with this theme.

A bakery shop owner meets a lady customer who seems troubled. She is so agitated to learn from him, that her boyfriend is having an affair with some other lady, that she decides to leave him. She leaves the room key with the bakery guy and asks him to give it to her boyfriend. That time she realises he already has a collection of such keys, left behind by many such customers. She asks her why he hasn't thrown those keys for which he replies that if he throws them away some doors, which might have opened, would be closed forever and he is not the person to take that decision. In that shop, he explains that, chocolate pie gets over very fast and so does other pies. But Blueberry pie, which he prepares just one serving alone, remains untouched. He explains that, the Blueberry pie is the best he has prepared but if no one likes it that's not the pi…

Dasvidaniya - Best goodbye ever

What makes a movie tick?? If anyone has a sureshot answer to this question every movie getting released would be a Superhit isnt it. To me whether a movie goes on to become a hit or not..if you are able to relate to it..that itself is a victory for that creator. Dasvidaniya is one such movie. It got released quite sometime back and sank without a trace for obvious reasons. Happened to watch it today and here is the review :)

This movie maynot be everybody's cup of tea considering that it moves at a slow pace and doesnt have feet tapping melodies or any peppy songs. Nor does it have slap stick comedy scenes which might draw repeat audience. This is one movie best watched in your own leisure..just soaking in its pace and relishing just the same. If its Nasseruddin shah with Vaswani 3 decades back..Vinay Pathak and Ranbir Shourie are no less a pair to match wits with them. Add in the ever dependable Rajat Kapoor you've a formidable cast. Throw in a decent script and lo..yo…

Ambuliamma's Tag

Ambulimaama madam tagged me for this Innocence/Guilty Q&A. Here are the rules..

RULE 1- You can only say Guilty or Innocent.
RULE 2- You are not allowed to explain anything unless someone messages you and asks!

Asked someone to marry you? Innocent

Ever kissed someone of the same sex? Guilty Friendsoda kutties..esp one lovely lil angel answering to the call Arnav.

Danced on a table in a bar? Innocent tally aagatha matter..

Ever told a lie? Guilty ..egapatta thaba.. :)

Had feelings for someone whom you can’t have back? Guilty...lot of people :D :D

Kissed a picture? Innocent..yuck!!

Slept in until 5 PM? Guilty even today(sunday) i slept till 5 :D

Fallen asleep at work/school? Innocent Never..whenever i feel sleepy i come out blazing with questions..the more i feel sleepier..the more questions i ask :D

Held a snake? Innocent Chaancela...

Been suspended from school? Innocent Never

Worked at a fast food restaurant? Innocent Chaancela :D :D i am trained for nothing :)

Stolen from a store? Innocence


Break up or Break down??!!

Divorce pathi there was a discussion in one of the chat shows. Why the current decade has become the decade of Divorce..
Due to decadent beliefs which are unable to sustain the onslaught of querying minds? Lesser and lesser number of people who are willing to adapt to newer environment? Rise of the Amazons - ithana naala silent sufferersa iruntha ponnugaloda parents suddenly find voice and arent willing to bow back?
Or a more scarier picture..a willing society which accepts divorce??!!!

More than any other point the last one, i feel, is the most impacting reason. Ippo mattum en divorce jaasthiya iruku? ithana varushama ilaama? oru vela IT industry vanthu ellarum aairakanakkula salary vangarathala financial independence reasona irukumo apdinu neria per put forth their thoughts. Financiala independenta irukara families ipo neria irunthalum ithuku munnavum irunthanga. Still they managed to conduct a married life..balancing hiccoughs and misunderstandings and providing a stable family life t…

Jillunu oru kaathal kathai :) -4

Part 1
part 2
Part 3

"Keera Vaaniiii...Keeravaaaaaniiii...thananana thanananna thaaananaanaaa" nu hum pannikittay menuvai padithu kondirunthaal Priya.

Pakkathula ukkanthiruntha Mathi Priyavin kaiyil forkaal scratch seithaal.

"aah...endi forka vachu keerara"

"Neethaana keera vaa..keera vaa nu solitruntha..athaan keeri viten"

"usss...shabba..un keerala vida mokkai koduruma iruku "endu pormivitu..rendu perukum chinese food order seithal.

"Ithuku chinese foodnu evan per oily...Gulf foodnu vachirukanum. ONGCku sonna..oil rig vaikka tenderay vitruvanga...avlo oily" endru pada padathaal.

"Overa thaan aluthukara...una kattika poravan sethaan" endraal Mathi. Apponu paathu aval fone sinungiathu. Fone pesi mudithapinn kadupaga irunthaal Mathi.

"Ennadi aachu..en ivlo kovama iruka" endraal Priya

"As usual..maamiyar inniki seekrama vara solranga..officelayo karecta 6 maniku client call iruku. Evlo sonnalum ivangalum pu…

Moral of the story

Throughout my childhood (which is running on extra time till date :) ) i've feasted on a steady diet of mythological stories.
Be it Indian,Egyptian,Roman,Chinese,Nordic...i relish them. Ellathulayumay nature worship would be the theme. Sun god..moon god..tree gods..god for love..nymphs..angels..demons..ella oor mythslayum same set of characters. Thats one amazing thing across the civilisations isnt it? Spread across multiple continents when the knowledge of the other tribe didnt even exist..their gods of worship has been so common. Surprising thing is..when the tribes were not in contact and were worshipping nature..there were no war over religion. Every one was devoted and doting on the power of nature. The day when individuals were seen as messiahs, the angels to lead to heaven..all hell broke loose instead. Anyways...the intention behind this post is something else.

All myth stories have one thing in common. Good triumphing over Bad. GOOD will always be a lazy one to begin with.…

Magical moment

Dunno y..but for some i felt lot calm inside. Even the normal agitation of happiness was subsided. As if my task is complete. Vantha vela mudinjathu..u can leave now nu yaro solra mathiri oru feeling. Sense of fullfilment. For a brief while my mind was totally elsewhere and sudden brake by the driver brought me back. I was listening to some ilayaraja masterpeice..ear fone maatikitu was so intently hearing that song..that..for a moment..i can hear nothing but that song. No traffic snarls..honking horns..dust..mud smoke mix..boiling heat outside. Everything was forgotten for those few minutes. Have heard that song a thousand times before. And today i was not even that much concentrating on the song. I could hardly hear the lyrics. But something pushed my mind into that realm. Romba differentana oru feeling. Onnumay yosikamma oru rendu nimisham. Totally devoid of thoughts, yet conscious at the same time. All throughout the journey back, mind was trying to revisit t…

Mommies day :)

I should actually post this on Nov 14th if i have to talk about my mom :) She is one naughty kid :D bayangara veshamam. Timeku sapdratho mathirai potukaratho..uhumm..till we shout at her she wont. If i tease her or scold her..she will say " wait till i complaint it to ur sister". Whenever i am on vacation from Mumbai or Banglore..we used to fight over silly things and would call my sister to tell theerpu. She would be having teething problems in her office and after the second call will shout at us to stop disturbing her. Eveninga call panni ella galattavum she will listen to and laugh. Enga ammaku Jerry nu per vachirukom naanga rendu perum. She is so funny and gets excited like a child over small things. Very sensitive and extremely protective of us. The easisest way to win her heart is to say good things about me or my sis :) She simply dotes on us and more than anyone she has immmmmmmense trust in me. At times i am so scared of her blind trust over me. Amma paiyana nambaa…

Review time again :D

Irumbukoattai murattu singam:

This was one movie i wasnt even waiting for the review. I like simbudevan's way of story telling and as a cartoonist he is top notch. I loved his political punches in his previous two movies and this movie is no exception. Lots of political overtones and undertones and in many places direct attack on U S of A. Storywise its so confusing that you can't label it as a particular category. The screenplay is funny in many places..lots of political barbs..and comic adventerous too :) Its surely a mixed bag. I wont tell u the story here :) Not that its a suspense movie or would spoil the few funny scenes off their comic timing.

Just like the Pulikesi character..there are 2 Lawrence's..funny one and serious one. He imitates POTC Johnny Depp to the core and comes up trumps. With minimal facial expressions he brings out both the funny one and the serious one alive :) Padmapriya va athu!!!! avvvvvvvvv.....avanga mela mattum speciala white li…

"NO" esy thing to remember..

Sometime back i was in a situation. I could have delayed it and fixed it myself but since it was getting messier with each passing day i decided to take help and close it at the earliest. When in need, like everyone else, i've a select set of people who are my fallback options. Never for once i doubt their sincerity or their availability for me. Such is my loyalty to them i am sure same would be their feeling towards me. But on this particular incident..both the people whom i approached turned negative. Logically i could convince myself of the response..but emotionally it was a big blow. Their "NO" was heartbreaking. They were someone, who i consider a part of my life and to whom i approach to for any major decision in my life. Someone who know me better than most of the other folks. I had always taken them for granted to be available for me. That i realised was a major blunder and luckily for me that minor issue opened my eyes. Never for one moment i blame them or nor i…