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The aftermath

In present day world, the easiest way to fame is the 6 letter word - Kabali. Whether you say good about the movie or otherwise, either way you would achieve instant famedom. Especially in case of latter, when swarms of fan(atic)s or the more hep term "bhakts" will troll you till you relent.
You say "its an ok movie" they say "why ok? the movie is the greatest thing after sliced bread and wheel. If you want message in movies, then cinema is not the place you should be looking at it for. If you want oscar winning performances, well that's what those movies are for and obviously "thalaivar" padam means paisa vasool entertainment and is meant only for catering to his fans" Basically they say "SHUT UP" in so many small words.
You say "this movie is not like rajini's previous movies and is all senti and slow" they shout back at you with the very same fact as the positivity in the movie.
You say "there is no story"…

Kabali time

Well, there are some movies which has to be reviewed and posted. Illati saami kutham aaidum. Kabali is right up there.

Is it a typical Rajini movie? No
Is it anything like Ranjith's previous movies? very little to say so
Is it an unique never before attempted storyline? Bah. No

So what's it about that movie that has everyone chanting its name in feverish frenzy? Its nothing but the charisma of the hero of the movie and over above everything the market savvy promotion knack of producer Thanu. From flight to fairness cream, he had made sure that Rajini's face is plastered across all and sundry. For a person who seldom dealt with commercial ads, he has sure been milked for his marketable money. Unlike other movies that get released online, decent word for piracy, a day or two after the movie's release, Thanu's undeclared war on torrent sites only resulted in the movie getting co-released on torrents alongside theatres and that too in HD print. This goes on to prove th…

Second innings

Once a while life throws situations at you, that make movie scenes and plots in novels pale in comparison. Some months back i had posted about a colleague of mine who was down with brain tumourhere. The doctors she went for treatment, made use of her illness to sharpen their theoretical knowledge on brain tumour, by performing live practical's on her head. Such was their callousness that they literally told her parents on their face that their daughter wouldn't survive to see the new year. Iron willed is a milder term to describe this girl. When person after person, looks at you in remorse, accompanied by a sad tilt of their heads, specially reserved for lost causes and your own physicians give up on you and to add to it all the agonizing amount of expenditure involved coupled with an alien surrounding so far off from your native, depression would be considered as not just the state of mind but country of residence. Despite all the negativity around her health, her will power …

Circle of life

2016 hasn't been kind on the job front with me job hopping back and forth between the same companies. When I was peaking at the client place with everything so well set, I decided to make a jump, purely based on career advancement as the goal. It was the most logical and practical decision I had ever taken in my career front, probably the only time when I wanted to make the move rather than having to. But it turned out to be a damp squib. Apparently my morals and ethics were way too stronger than I had imagined and it didn't quite gel with the unprofessional attitude that was encouraged in the new company. I again went back to where I came from and as luck would have it, the project that I had nurtured with such care went off to competitor in my absence. Had my move been based on any negative reasons, I might've not even considered moving back. But having based my decision on the right choice for my career, it feels all the more blue to be back at what I didn't feel wa…