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A time well spent.. :)

P.S: This is one post right out of my diary..Feels as if just last week i landed here in blore...athukulla..5 years odiye poachu. Vanthapo i was the lone IT person in my after 5 years i am all left of my batch!! But when i look in the mirror, the fella who landed on the chilly december morning is missing..a totally new person who in no way resemble the one he was half a decade back. Well here is something which i had written 5 years back. Each word of it rings true even today. This is not a self discriminatory post..but more a thanksgiving one :)

Staying away from home teaches a LOT of things and thats an experience in itself. Its something which can make or break a person. Luckily for me i had the good fortune of meeting an amazingly wonderful set of human beings. Everyone i had met in these short tenure had been so very time it was damn depressing. How can people be so GOOD and so SELFLESS!! I also had the gud fortune to meet some amazing personalities who became …

Where have all these brands gone!!!

The list below includes some famous products and some not so famous ones..but like sparrows they are suddenly extinct, without anyone noticing..

Tinopal & Robin blue:

Not sure of the latter..but my mom used to make my sparkling white school uniform into aquamarine blue. The latter one was more potent. Few extra drops and you will get a permanent blue stained dress..i used to like the cute dabba in which it came

Leo toys:

This is really something to think about..a while back, these folks were market leaders with virtual monopoly over toyland. I still remember pestering my dad, asking for a toy machine gun, which incidentally was way too much priced at that time to afford. And suddenly this company is nowhere.


Not that i am a great fan of this paste. But this is onething which i dont see on the racks anymore

ponvandu :)

this is one soap we used in our chem. lab in school to figure out how hazardous a soap can be. It was so very concentrated your hands will whiten fully, forget abo…

Minnalai pidithu..!!

I am sure Mr.X won't mind me pulling his leg like this...but this is jus for fun and any heartaches because of this is regretted... Mr.X feel free to pardon me for this mail..Ready joooott..

It's a morning on the valentine's day and Mr.X seems to be in a serious mood.bcos coimbatore madam had asked for a diamond neclace on the valentine's day ..but the fact is he doesn't have money to buy shoe lace ,bcos it's the mid of the month.suddenly his cell phone rings ....

Mr.X:"hello credit card company??? Mr.X is out of station ..."

Voice of a girl" No MR.Mr.X.actually one of ur group's member Neha is my friend and she use to forwards all ur mails to me. i got impressed and interested in you .can you join me near statue of liberty on valentine's day ..i am an NRI living here at US..actually i am looking for a valentine and i wanna choose you for it ..
btw r u married?

Mr.X(checks whether coimbatore madam is around nearby) No No actually i am a b…

Happy Feb 14 :)

It was luv @ 1st sight. Every alternate week i used to crave for THE day..the most eagerly awaited day of the week, when i would see her in her usual place on the stands. I would wait near the stand, awaiting her arrival..greedy to be the first person to enjoy the visual feast. Every time, its a new experience. The fresh smell emnating from something beyond words. Throughout my childhood she has been my companion for majority of the time. Though i hardly get as much time now, i still try to push in some time once a week or so to catch a glimpse. And tommorow the entire world celebrates...the happiness..we enjoy when we dedicating a special day.

Happy Book Lovers day folks ;)

Merkuripidapattathu oru book. Lion comics. It introduced me to the wonderful world of irumbukkai mayavi..Archie the robot..and innumerable other characters. Pity its not in publication anymore..or is it still? I checked google once and found that most of the stories published in Lion comics were me…

Its raining babies!!!

Its baby boom again :) Feb and Dec are months of birthdays..most of my friends kids are born either on a feb or dec. Gynabgam vachukavay mudila avlo birthdates.In office ours is a consolidated team of 8 members. Athula 2 have gone on maternity leave and 2 on paternity leave!!! recently we had an escalation. Escalation managerku mail anupina out of office on maternity leavenu varuthu!!! last week was in hospital giving company to my friend whose wife was delivering their first child. Hospitals make me feel numb. Ennu therila..i feel very uncomfortable even to see one rather than visit. En friend semma coola kaal mela kaal poatukitu magazine padichitu irunthan..naan ingayum angaiyum suthikitu irunthen. Baby clean panna eduthutu porathuku munadi they showed a glimpse to us. Haiyoooo...chancela. It was so pinkish in color paaka apdiye rose mathiri irunthichi. It was a gal baby. 'J'la name start aganumtu Jhanhavinu vachirukanga. enaketta Titanicla vara heroine mathiri Rosenu vachir…

காட்டை எரிக்கும் தீப்பொறி...

Keys pathu tamizhla adikka porumai switching to tanglish...nethum innikum news pathavangaluku therinjirukum..Mumbai is again in news for allllll the wrong reasons. Oru oora kaaka oru veetaiyum, oru naatai kaaka oru ooraiyum thiyagam panrathula thappilainu sonathu poi...than suyanalam kaaka sontha ooraye sooraiyadarathunu kanganam katikitu alaiayara intha kaala politicians nenacha nejamavay bayama iruku...the scenes which they showed in TV were no worse than a B grade horror movie..veri pidicihi alaiyara makkal oru pakkamna...thigiladainju poi..shuttera mooditu idukku vazhiya kannula uyira vachindu paakara janam inoru pakkam...VEKKAMA IRUKU INTHA MATHIRI PORUKITHANAM PANIKITU THIRIYARA POLITICIANS EN NAATAI SENTHAVANGANU SOLLIKA..Erkanavay kozhunthu vitukitu eriyara thee mela petrol oothatha koraiya...we will retaliate if provoked solra pa*&^%$ oru pakkam..oru varama naanga pothindu irunthom inimay iruka matomnu porupa solra po!@#$%^&u oru pakkam..LIVE on national netwo…

Ithallavo vilambaram :)

P.S: Before u guys jump the gun..ithu g3(=suttathu) panna post...fwda vantha mail..intresting read so posta potruken..

P.S.S: onumila..summa innoru pre script :)

Now that I have seen almost 20 years of my life and most of it without anyone who I could in the true sense call as a friend…..I have been thinking now for a while as to how my spouse oughta be…………

# # # # I am not looking for only a beautiful, slim and an intelligent girl…….They are all cliché The ones that matter are:

The first prerequisite I expect of my wife --- no it isn't the ability to understand me, that's the second---- the first one's a sense of humour for me and all my nonsense

She must sleep in my lap and allow me into hers. She must run her hand into my hair and fight me with pillows as often as she can.

She must allow me to disturb her, Which I will, ---no matter how busy and serious she is and I am--- , while she goes about our household chores.

She must sit with me shoulder in shoulder when we watch …