Tuesday, March 29, 2016

The question - part 1

"Ok ma"
"Ennada OK"
"Nee enna solapora theriyum....nalla chamathu paiyana pesi epdiyaachum antha ponna impress panni unnoda marumagala aakidren..ipo okva?"
"Nambaramathiri sollatha..nambikkaiyoda sollu"
"Enakku intha rehearsallam othu varaathu..i prefer free style"
"Dei..vayasaagitay poguthu...edachum ponna love pannrenna solli tholayen..naan venaamna solren"
"Ponnu peru Saira Banu or Sophia iruntha okva"
"Khadims or Bata edhu ok unakku"
"Point taken...to answer..no..yaarum illa. Infact, ennoda checklist padi enna yaaralayachum impress panna mudiyumaanu enakku oru peria sandhegam iukku"
"Mannagatti checklist..atleast dress well and go on time"
"Intha dressku enna korachal"
"Unakaga illatiyum enakaga maathu...kasangina tee shirtum gabbadikra jeansum paatha..naan ozhunga veeta maintain panrathillanu antha ponnu ippovay yosika poraa....apdiye thappi thavari un checklist ava clear panna expectation kammia set aaida koodathu paaru..adhaan"
"Innum ponnay paakala..adhukulla maamiyaar marumagal sandaikku set aaitia"
"Ponnu peru enna sonna"
"haioo..intha pullaya vachitu naan ena panna porennu therila...ethanavaati solrathu... Kaushiki"
"huh..romba vegetarian kudumbama irukumo"
"Illa oray ponnuku cows ghee nu per vachirukaangalay athaan!!....ok ok..no violence..kelambitten"

And off went our hero to Isphani center on bike with his friend Anil.
"Yen? " asked Anil.
"Meeting" said Ram.
"No..i meant..why me?"
"Why you what..of course to drive me here. Now..odipo. Meeting mudinjaprum koopdren"
"Thangal sithaam maharaja..vera edachum utharavu unda"
"apruma solren...hey..hey..no no..no bad words..and no violence also. You are my BESHTU friend"
"Krr...thoooo....antha checklist innum katitkitu azharia..soft copy iruntha kuden?"
"uhumm..to each his own.. its is my list of favorites"
"Ok smartass.atleast sila pala points avuthu vidrathu"
"well...its about those qualities that impress me in a girl..physical, mental etc"
"Sutham.unna Barney stinson nenachen..kadisila S.Ve Sekara nee"
"Hehehe..avlo mosamilla..idhu oru..hmm..cheatsheet for cuteness nu solalam"
"Hmm..well..what are the things that you notice when you see a girl for the first time..."
Before Anil could begin
"ok...wrong question to wrong person..per the cutesheet its the smile of the person that takes the top spot"
"Checklist..cheatsheet..and now cute sheet...shabbaa...first time pakarachay antha ponnu smile panalina?"
"True..one look at you she might burst out laughing..so you can add that to your list"
"hey...wait wait...no tension..naan solratha apdiye ulvaangittu and try to frame a picture..the image that forms in your mind would in all probability be the girl of your dreams"
"I am already married...the image you are trying to make me guess..is a picture of my wedding photo..hanging crooked on an old frame in the hall of my house"
"Unakelam evanda ponnu kuduthaan"
"venaam..aarambikkatha..already naan late...sendru varugiren"
"finala oray oru advice"
"kuttiyundu advice"
"pickup panna varamaaten"
"solli thola"
"pona thadava keta mathiri intha ponnu kitta avanga name vachu sothapama iru"
"naan ennada pannen"
"ponathadava vantha ponnu kitta enna keta"
"Anu Priya nu pervachirukaangalay...apdi enna anupuveenga keten"
"Athukantha ponnu ena solichi"
"onnum solala"
"Raang answer..unna venaam sollidichi..intha vaatiyum sothapama chamatha pesu..aama intha ponnu per enna"
"Cows Ghee..hehehe"
"Sutham...naan vandiya service vida kelambren"
"epdiyum ithu oothika poguthu..adutha round ponnu paaka en kazhutha thaan aruka pora..vandiya ready panni vachika thaan"
"Abasagunama pesatha..sendru varugiren again"
"Vendru vaa thana solvanga usuala"
"Dei vendru....po da"
"Oh..apdi varia..ok ok..."

To be answered...

Friday, March 25, 2016

What's Inside?

P.S: Very rarely i post forwards in this blog. But this one was so deep and profound that thought its worth sharing. 

"'If I were to squeeze this orange as hard as I could, what would come out?' I asked him.
He looked at me like I was a little crazy and said, 'Juice, of course.'
'Do you think apple juice could come out of it?'
'No!' he laughed.
'What about grapefruit juice?'
'What would come out of it?'
'Orange juice, of course.'
'Why? Why when you squeeze an orange does orange juice come out?'
He may have been getting a little exasperated with me at this point.
'Well, it's an orange and that's what's inside."
I nodded.
'Let's assume that this orange isn't an orange, but it's you. And someone squeezes you, puts pressure on you, says something you don't like, offends you. And out of you comes anger, hatred, bitterness, fear. Why?
The answer, as our young friend has told us, is
" because that's what's inside. It's one of the great lessons of life. What comes out when life squeezes you?
When someone hurts or offends you?
If anger, pain and fear come out of you, it's because that's what's inside.
It doesn't matter who does the squeezing: your mother, your brother, your children, your boss, your friend .....
If someone says something about you that you don't like, what comes out of you is what's inside. And what's inside is up to you, it's your choice.
When someone puts the pressure on you and out of you comes anything other than love, it's because that's what you've allowed to be inside.
Once you take away all those negative things you don't want in your life and replace them with love, you'll find yourself living a highly functioning life."...

Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Dead people society

First went the food makers.
Damning drought was blamed. Loan sharks were blamed. Alcohol addiction was blamed. MNC's with hidden agenda of making our fertile lands impotent were blamed. Government inaction was blamed.
Yet the suicides continued. Media made metrics out of the rate of deaths per place per day and came out with colorful statistics which were not surprisingly blood red in color. The only poll promise were to highlight lesser number of suicides as compared to previous regime and the numbers again were boasted on rallies and meeting and assemblies and parliaments.
Our society died a silent death when lives were counted as mere numbers.

Now is the season for students to take the extreme step.
Girls commit suicide to awaken the blind government against the atrocious mismanagement in the name of education, making unworthy and filthy places colleges of repute.
There used to be times when the weeks after exam results were always awash with suicides of students who couldnt clear the exam. Their inability to score as much as their or their parents expectation was never made a topic of serious discussion. Nowadays the trend is to check for the caste of the student and if found "interesting" would be taken up for dharna and politicized without a pinch of shame by all and sundry.

We've already lost thousands and thousands of people who prepare food for us. Lost millions of acres of farmland that grows food for us and now are loosing scores and scores of people who would be the carrying the name of this country into the next generation. And yet the only action taken is to dutifuly report them as numbers.

Life in current times is nothing but a mere statistic. People take extreme measures to end their life because of this very reason that while alive, they couldnt matter and wish they could realize some credibility at death at least. When that also fails.......

One can live forever in fear dying a thousand death everyday. But to finish this god given precious life, it takes immense courage. With this continuing trend, we are fast failing as a society that holds nothing worth while to exist.

P.S: this post has long been in making. while typing it out, i asked myself what am i doing or going to do, rather than pouring my angst in posts. It made me realize that i need to reach out more rather than singling out my petty issues as the core around which my thoughts and life revolve. Will keep pulling this thread of thought from now on for progress made.

Monday, March 21, 2016

Dance of devotion

Band vaathiyams on full blast

Kerala style cymbal beats being belted in rhythmic frenzy

Thavil thundering along with nadaswaram as a ghoshti

The earthy thapattai sound matching the other groups beat for beat

Add to this mix synchronized chants of "Kabali..Kabali" by thousands of people who have thronged every possible available inch of space in and around 100 meteres of the temple entrance

The drum beats reaches an increased fervor and amidst camphor fire and theepantham and saambraani induced smoke screen enters the lord in his royal avatar, perched atop his favourite vaahana, silver coated rishabam (bull), with flower decoration from every fragrant variety adorning the kudai and backrest, carried on the shoulders of his blessed devotees, who march slowly yet majestically, swaying to the tunes of the music filled atmosphere.

May be its the atmosphere, may be the crowd crying hoarse chanting the lords name, may be the sheer will power of the devotees carrying the multi tonne heavy pallaku yet managing to sway to the tunes, the very appearance of the lord making an appearance in regal dance, it all adds to the mysticism that is abound the chill night time.

Of all the festivities, barring ofcourse the "Ther" festival, Rishaba vahanam is one event that would match the Ther thiruvizha in majesty, step for step. Both involve unbelievable account of the power of devotion, without which its an impossible task to lift the pallaku or drag the Ther across the four maada veedhis of mylapore. Considering that the event usually starts around 11 PM and goes on throughout the night before the lord comes back to his starting point, it would be amazing to see the crowd waiting to watch the lord in all his glory, dancing his way across the town.

There is a saying that if you don't witness the Rishaba vaahana even once in your lifetime, you would end up being born as a cat in your next birth. Nothing to belittle the feline family, yet, those who've seen the yearly event once, would forsake all their sleep and would eagerly await the next time they can get mesmerized marvelling at the beautiful spectacle.

Friday, March 18, 2016

"Punch"iley pazhuthathu

Epdiyum pirkaalathula name vachu pala dialogues varum. Athuku munkootiye naamalay start panna enannu thought of few punch dialogues for kutty paiyan.

Saami padathula Vikram solra "oru saami rendu saami" dialog mathiri ivan sonna epdirukum yosichathin vilaivu  
"Oru Dra ..rendu Dra..moonu Dra..naalu Dra..anju Dra...ARUDRA da..."

Adhuvay Baasha padathoda "oru thadava sonna" remake panninathoda vilaivu                             "Naan oru Dra sonna...ARUDRA sonna mathiri"

Aaru padathula vara "soda bottle" song ulta adicha epdi irukum..ipdi varum..

"Feeding bottle kaiyile
Biscuit packet paiyile
jora varaan paaruda

Ipidi silapala items yosichathoda illama..ithelaam avan kitta velayadrachay sonnathin vilaivu...moonjilaye moocha. Ipdilaam mokka poatta bharath ratnava kedaikum oru kookural kekuthu. Analum avan moocha ponatha paathutu ammaniku avlo aanandham. "Enga unna mathirye mokka magana vanthiruvanonu bayanthen..ipovay theliva irukaan. Antha mattula chamathu thaan" nu oray the pugazhaaram.

Vida maattomla.

Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Iruthi sutru - review

Been on watchlist for a really long time. Have been hearing all raving reviews about the movie, which always refreshed its place on the list. Last week thaan athuku vimochanam kitti.

Madhavan had been crying his heart out on all promo shows on how the story moved him and how he cried with Rajkumar Hirani while narrating the story or was it a cry to have him on board for fine tuning screenplay?!!!...nevertheless he was as vocal as possible on all medium available as to why he chose the story. When someone does this repeatedly it becomes pretty obvious that their investment on the movie doesnt just stop with the intent but also have lot riding on it. Ditto for Maddy as well. This could probably be his comeback of sorts or what people call a second innings. Have had his fair share of running behind trees and since we are quickly running short on trees to run behind, our erstwhile chocolate boys who are well into their 40's have fast realized that to stay for a while they would need stories that suit them and in that sense Maddy has hit jackpot with this one. But this is more of a director/story writer's baby than his own. It would be unfair to credit Maddy alone for the movie, as he strives everytime, as its equally deserved by the heroine who is nothing short of a revelation. Be it her body language, the ease with which she dances in gay abandon to "machane" song, her flawless tamil lip synch and her portrayal of a brash tom boyish character unafraid to take on anyone will linger long after the movie ends. Maddy is almost unnoticeable as the lover boy he is known for which in itself deserves lot of kudos.

An underachieving sports person, reason for failure ranging from inner demons to external influence in the form of villains, an aspiring or uninterested prodigy, add to the mix some strong cameo characters and a climax showdown with villain, be it a fight against the one backed by him or a struggle against all odds victory, you got yourself your sports film. Iruthi Sutru toes the template diligently and scores handsomely in dialogues and music front.

Gils verdict: Decent movie. Worth a one time watch.

Monday, March 14, 2016

Room poattu yosichings :)

Does every action alone has an equal and opposite reaction or are they dependent on some other factors as well??!!

Consider this scenario.

The person whom you love and adore and cherish with all your heart, spits on you purposefully and repeatedly. What would be your reaction?

Suppose if they piss on you and stamp on your dresses with their stool stained feet, would you ever go near them?

If a mentally disturbed character or an unapologetically old person comes to your mind, you may be right to an extent but the thought process clearly establishes that you wouldn't want to relate them to yourselves but rather see them as people who need your help.

The moment i say, its your very own kid who did all this, i am sure it would create a smile on your face and the entire scenario is seen as a "cho chuveet" moment worth many an Instagram click.

The only norm in raising a kid is realizing that there is no such thing.

With devotees offerings ranges from tender coconuts to beer, cake to camphor and in extreme cases their own selves, bakthi often transcends the entire spectrum of human emotions and can never be restricted to conventional logic.

No wonder kids are equated with gods for when it comes to love or bhakthi, a parent is no less than a devotee, both of whom will go to any extent to please their loved ones.

Friday, March 11, 2016

6174 - book review

For long i have been wishing to read this book. Have been reading decent reviews about it and the theme being my favourite genre - cryptic thrillers that are factual based. Being a tamil book, with its already limited circulation, it was very difficult to get a copy of the book. While trying to buy this book, i saw first hand the challenges faced by regional language authors. No wonder we dont produce Jeffrey Archers and Sidney sheldons, despite having armies of writers who produce and are capable of producing much better novels. Thanks to a dear friend of mine who took pains to get the book for me when he visited a publisher forum. It was nice of him to remember my quest for the book (proof that, if you keep cribbing about it non stop people are bound to listen..hehehe ) Infact he was the one who introduced me to that novel. Now, over to the book review.

The author Sudhakar kasthuri, to me will soon be the Indian equivalent of Matthew Reilley or James Rollins. Hope he churns thrillers like 6174 as frequently as them. The basic premise of all the books by both Rollins and Reilley would be a fantastic legend which could be the ultimate weapon of destruction, chased by both good guys and bad guys. In the end good will triumph over evil and the dangerous item that they would risk their lives chasing would end up destroyed and made unavailable for anyone. In 6174, Sudhakar has taken a similar premise of the legendary Lemuria continent, with Kaprekar constant (6174), power of pyramids, lot of tamil poetry in Venpa style, cryptic clues in those poems that get solved in seconds by the lead pair ala Robert Langdon of Dan Brown's creation, supposedly extinct fishes of dinosaur era making a reappearance and loads and loads of physics. At one stage, it felt like reading advanced physics in tamil, the content being so difficult to follow. If not for tamil, i would've skipped over those pages in an English novel is a different story. I loved the portions involving the Kaprekar constant, how the author with his clever word play have made poems on the constant which when decrypted reveal the number and how the same number finds place in arrangement of the pyramids. Its not an easy job to pick up few facts and Ripley's believe it or not kind of situations and weave a story around it, whichever language it may be. The author deserves special kudos for attempting such a rarely or never been touched to my little knowledge, kind of a genre.

Few observations on the book would, there are way too many cross stories in the first 100 pages of it. Too many incidents happen and are chaotic to follow. Though every single one of them have been meticulously linked in the end, felt that probably some of them could've been spaced out. Another point to note was that, certain segments, probably flashback portions, begin in italics format and within a para or two become normal font as if it happens in current scenario. Since the characters appearing on both segments are same, it kind of confuses the timeline. Its a shame to raise this as a criticism, but some of the tamil words used to describe scientific details were literal bouncers and it pains me to accept that i could grasp the meaning only based on context. Good reason to go for a tamizh agarathi. Some of the characters like that old man who meets the lead pair before taking them to meet Sadagopan, the puppeteer who controls the entire show, hardly have a reason to be present. That character could've been avoided which would've reduced few pages. Also there is a needless travel from one place to another in the name of validating the lead pair for their capability. The villain, who makes the appearance almost at the last 50 pages of the novel was a huge disappointment. Finally, the epilogue touch of a spanish lady having 6174 as her DOB making an appearance leaves an incomplete loop rather than a twist in tale as its not clear whether the pyramids still exist somewhere else as well or is it a new beginning for Lemurians, who are never clearly explained. Are they still residing amidst humans is a question that remains unanswered. Probably it was a specific attempt made by the author to set this thought process may be.

Gils verdict: I finished the 400 book in two sittings under 5 hours. More than the speed of my reading, it was the breakneck pace at which the story moves that set the tempo. Would definitely recommend this book for thriller fans whose wait for such a book in tamil might begin to end starting with 6174. Eagerly waiting for the next release from the author. And hoping to see a wider circulation for such books in cross words and star marks show rooms.

Monday, March 07, 2016

The trauma of being Trump

Recently saw in TOI that the Canadian immigration website crashed with overwhelming amount of Americans trying to figure out ways to migrate to Canada with the impending nomination of Trump and Hillary, neither of which are popular candidates with general public, but surprisingly are fast becoming leading contenders for the top job. Firstly, it can't be qualified as a news yet, just for the reason that the reporting paper was TOI. Secondly, it sounds oxymoronic to say the least that, the very public who would be voting to elect their leader are running away from election only to strengthen what is now just a "fear" that the so called candidates "might" win.

Blame it on the novels and the tonnes of movies based on US Presidency, their elections hold as much fancy to me personally as our own. If the last two were historic for the simple reason of color, this election would be nothing short on record books for it might elect the first ever women leader of the world's most watched nation. But this election has also been famous for an altogether infamous reason that answers to the call of "Trump". Fact that i've concoted the word "reason" and the name "Trump" in the same sentence is in itself a logical miracle of its own. Be it his attitude or his mannerisms, his opinions and his quick gun justifications, this man has twirled the world of polity upside down with his brash to say the least approach. In many ways, he sounds the older version of our own pappu, who holds the advantage of having his mom, media and members in his coterie.

If at all Trump has one thing a common man aspire for in a politician, its the mere fact that he is not afraid to be politically correct. Whatever comes to his mind, even though it be a mindless vow to fence the border and deport people without a plan or polarize people without bating an eyelid, he pours it out with conviction and never bothers to defend once he has defined. He is everything that qualifies as a dictator more than a democratic leader and might probably cause more wars than stop. Yet, in a world that is fast becoming disillusioned with the concept of democracy, he runs the advantage of being the "why not give him a chance and see" kind of a leader. Those who are curious or doesnt care "what worse can happen than where we are now" are the major populace who are stringing a series of victories for him. His policies and philosophies are such that his own party is ashamed short of shunning him out of the race. It might just need a defeat or two in key states for Trump to be kicked off the nominee list and at this point, that stage never seemed so bleak before.

Despite all the ridiculous policies and the ruthlessness with which media world over are hunting for his head, one shouldnt lose sight of the very fact that, this is the boon or bane of having a democratic system. You can love him or hate him for his audacity but to elect him or not is still an option that rests with the people. With TRP being woven in his name, the media is milking his quotes or misquotes for gaining more eyeballs. For all their collective wisdomic vitriol in mocking and demonifying Trump, the media has only succeeded in deifying his status amongst the hysterical mob who simply doesnt care.

Personally i would love to see Hillary on the hill, just to mimic my most favourite novel "The Prodigal daughter" yet had i had the option i would vote for Trump, because, for the village idiot to become the king, that would be the kind of ending fairy tales are made of, however scary they may be.

Friday, March 04, 2016

Alchemy or Attrition

Read an article recently that by the year 2020, 76% of Indian working diaspora, specifically the IT sector, would've completed or at the least contemplated job change. It slightly raised the question of employee loyalty, labelling it a concept of erstwhile era and on ethics. 
Why do people quit?
I wanted to complete the sentence before the question mark with a suitable filler. What do people quit from? companies?  jobs? or the more popular option - their managers? Better pay is one of the many mirages that makes people gravitate towards job switch. Many a time, the cost of time invested in nurturing a rapport, building a familiar environment in work place, enabling professional relationships often get overlooked while considering a change for making a quick buck.
Is there a right number of years one can spend per org before considering a career change? Those who switch under 5 years obviously loose out on benefits like gratuity and they prepare themselves to start from scratch, while those who stay longer than 10 years more often than not never stay for even a portion of that duration in their second company. From the examples i've seen in person, they get more used to a certain way of work and find it difficult to adapt, with age being a big factor alongside lot of personal variables coming into picture.
Very rarely one comes across cases where people burn the bridge to their past employer, causing a raucous resignation route. As much as the general understanding of the practicality that lies behind in changing companies, people who frequently change jobs are often seen with suspicion and are dumped as low on ethics. To give due credit, its not an unfair argument per se, but definitely cannot be a "one definition that fits all" either. From the individuals perspective, its proven that his skill sets are something which makes him easily employable and hence a validated good candidate. Yet the intention behind the jumps which raises the ethics flag is legally the personal choice of the candidate. As much as one argues in favour of the organization, stating that the amount of time and money invested in grooming an employee, definitely goes beyond the numbers on payslip, is loyalty any longer a factor to be considered as a sacred cow begs a debate in the age of startups and sudden layoffs.
No company explicitly promises that irrespective of its misgivings on business front, any employee would be getting "x" amount as salary or hike year on year and the factors which made the employee, opt for that company would be retained and made better. There are companies that have increased notice period for employees, solely for the reason that, since its only one month in their company, their competitors are able to easily recruit their employees, while they are unable to take advantage of the same as their rivals have multi month notice period clause. As much time as it took for the policy makers to change the notice period, had it been spent on what is the reason that people are quitting en mass , they could've made a positive impact on those who chose to stay. 
Attrition is probably that autopsy which every org should honestly perform and understand. Other than selfish reasons of individuals, for which it cannot be held accountable for, its that one process which can lead to soul searching as to what went wrong and how. An employee-employer relationship in erstwhile era dealt with cases where employers are actual people. With that getting replaced with a set of corporate policies, probably the individual attention to detail has long been forgotten is my lament. There is a reason why a person chooses a particular org or vice versa. Its an implicit promise made by both parties on behalf of each other which includes lot of shared goals very little of which is personal. Conducting exit interviews or having a bargaining discussion to retain people are definitely not the positive of approach as the decision to move out has already arisen. Process should be fine tuned to keep the interest ongoing and employees should be constantly spoken to, to understand if the reason why they joined is still relevant.
A note for the employees -  When the entire universe is ready to conspire to help you in achieving your dream, rather than alienating, people should include their organizations as part of their universe and give all the chance to continue the relation rather than let go. 

Wednesday, March 02, 2016

Miruthan - Review

Last week saw this movie - Miruthan. The first of its kind Zombie based tamil movie.
The theme being something that has never before been tried in Tamil or Indian cinema for that matter, it was very exciting to watch the movie. Hindi la long time back they had a zombie movie i guess which was more of comic caper(?) This being out and out Engleeez style story that was the major USP for watching it. More over the running time was just about 90 plus minutes was an added incentive. Enna thaan slow motionla story solirunthalum it would be fast apdingara nambikkaiyoda saw the movie.

Movie starts with one chemical being spilled on road and just like our kuppai lorry those guys doesnt bother to clean up the mess. One dog eats that chemical and becomes zombie dog or virally infected to be medically precise. Somehow those infected have the tendency to koravalaiya kadichify and immediately their face becomes as beautiful as our heroines sans make up. In the mean time, our traffic police hero hurriedly falls in love with lakshmi menon whom he catches for violating traffic rule. There is a mini Sharukh style love triangle of a story with her already being engaged and in love with that Vijay tv serial hero. Our hero as one cute thangachi who is kidnapped by the local MLA's goons on the very day the viral outbreak becomes epidemic and everyone in ooty are literally at each others throats. By the time our hero manages to rescue his sister from those viral zombies, they accidentally discover that the zombies are afraid of water. All this happens in 15 minutes. Adutha 65 minutes our hero shoots and shoots and shoots zombies from his hand gun which seems to have auto filling option. Evlo suttalum gaali aagavay illa. Kadisi ten minutes enna differentnu pakareengala..athu climax fight with a million zombies where our hero again suttufies, thanni oothifies and kaila kaalla kedaikara elathalyum adichifies the zombie and saves the heroine. In this fracas he gets bitten. Since his and his sisters blood are having super immunity before they become zombie the doctors find a cure of the virus. Aanlum paavam our hero has to be sacrificed so the heroine shoots him with her eyes closed. Kadisila per podrachay the hero is shown fully transformed into a zombie, riding to chennai on top of a bus with second part in making nu poattu movie gets over.

Gils verdict: Pechu marama fast script and strictly 90 minutes movie elaam vaasthavam thaan. Aaana antha 70 minutes of shooting at zombies remove panna mothamavay 20 minutes movie thaan ithu. Short filma you tubela release pannirukalam. Director film shooting apdingaratha literala eduthukitar pola!! Miruthan..romba siruthan in story. second partlyachum konjam kathai solunga boss.