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The question - part 1

"Ok ma"
"Ennada OK"
"Nee enna solapora theriyum....nalla chamathu paiyana pesi epdiyaachum antha ponna impress panni unnoda marumagala aakidren..ipo okva?"
"Nambaramathiri sollatha..nambikkaiyoda sollu"
"Enakku intha rehearsallam othu varaathu..i prefer free style"
"Dei..vayasaagitay poguthu...edachum ponna love pannrenna solli tholayen..naan venaamna solren"
"Ponnu peru Saira Banu or Sophia iruntha okva"
"Khadims or Bata edhu ok unakku"
"Point illa. Infact, ennoda checklist padi enna yaaralayachum impress panna mudiyumaanu enakku oru peria sandhegam iukku"
"Mannagatti checklist..atleast dress well and go on time"
"Intha dressku enna korachal"
"Unakaga illatiyum enakaga maathu...kasangina tee shirtum gabbadikra jeansum paatha..naan ozhunga veeta maintain panrathillanu antha ponnu ippovay yosika poraa....apdiye thappi thavari…

What's Inside?

P.S: Very rarely i post forwards in this blog. But this one was so deep and profound that thought its worth sharing. 
"'If I were to squeeze this orange as hard as I could, what would come out?' I asked him. He looked at me like I was a little crazy and said, 'Juice, of course.' 'Do you think apple juice could come out of it?' 'No!' he laughed. 'What about grapefruit juice?' 'No!' 'What would come out of it?' 'Orange juice, of course.' 'Why? Why when you squeeze an orange does orange juice come out?' He may have been getting a little exasperated with me at this point. 'Well, it's an orange and that's what's inside." I nodded. 'Let's assume that this orange isn't an orange, but it's you. And someone squeezes you, puts pressure on you, says something you don't like, offends you. And out of you comes anger, hatred, bitterness, fear. Why? The answer, as our young friend has…

Dead people society

First went the food makers.
Damning drought was blamed. Loan sharks were blamed. Alcohol addiction was blamed. MNC's with hidden agenda of making our fertile lands impotent were blamed. Government inaction was blamed.
Yet the suicides continued. Media made metrics out of the rate of deaths per place per day and came out with colorful statistics which were not surprisingly blood red in color. The only poll promise were to highlight lesser number of suicides as compared to previous regime and the numbers again were boasted on rallies and meeting and assemblies and parliaments.
Our society died a silent death when lives were counted as mere numbers.

Now is the season for students to take the extreme step.
Girls commit suicide to awaken the blind government against the atrocious mismanagement in the name of education, making unworthy and filthy places colleges of repute.
There used to be times when the weeks after exam results were always awash with suicides of students who couldnt cl…

Dance of devotion

Band vaathiyams on full blast

Kerala style cymbal beats being belted in rhythmic frenzy

Thavil thundering along with nadaswaram as a ghoshti

The earthy thapattai sound matching the other groups beat for beat

Add to this mix synchronized chants of "Kabali..Kabali" by thousands of people who have thronged every possible available inch of space in and around 100 meteres of the temple entrance

The drum beats reaches an increased fervor and amidst camphor fire and theepantham and saambraani induced smoke screen enters the lord in his royal avatar, perched atop his favourite vaahana, silver coated rishabam (bull), with flower decoration from every fragrant variety adorning the kudai and backrest, carried on the shoulders of his blessed devotees, who march slowly yet majestically, swaying to the tunes of the music filled atmosphere.

May be its the atmosphere, may be the crowd crying hoarse chanting the lords name, may be the sheer will power of the devotees carrying the multi tonne…

"Punch"iley pazhuthathu

Epdiyum pirkaalathula name vachu pala dialogues varum. Athuku munkootiye naamalay start panna enannu thought of few punch dialogues for kutty paiyan.

Saami padathula Vikram solra "oru saami rendu saami" dialog mathiri ivan sonna epdirukum yosichathin vilaivu  
"Oru Dra ..rendu Dra..moonu Dra..naalu Dra..anju Dra...ARUDRA da..."

Adhuvay Baasha padathoda "oru thadava sonna" remake panninathoda vilaivu                             "Naan oru Dra sonna...ARUDRA sonna mathiri"

Aaru padathula vara "soda bottle" song ulta adicha epdi irukum..ipdi varum..

"Feeding bottle kaiyile
Biscuit packet paiyile
jora varaan paaruda

Ipidi silapala items yosichathoda illama..ithelaam avan kitta velayadrachay sonnathin vilaivu...moonjilaye moocha. Ipdilaam mokka poatta bharath ratnava kedaikum oru kookural kekuthu. Analum avan moocha ponatha paathutu ammaniku avlo aanandham. "Enga unna mathirye mokka magana vanthiruvanonu bayanthen..ipovay …

Iruthi sutru - review

Been on watchlist for a really long time. Have been hearing all raving reviews about the movie, which always refreshed its place on the list. Last week thaan athuku vimochanam kitti.

Madhavan had been crying his heart out on all promo shows on how the story moved him and how he cried with Rajkumar Hirani while narrating the story or was it a cry to have him on board for fine tuning screenplay?!!!...nevertheless he was as vocal as possible on all medium available as to why he chose the story. When someone does this repeatedly it becomes pretty obvious that their investment on the movie doesnt just stop with the intent but also have lot riding on it. Ditto for Maddy as well. This could probably be his comeback of sorts or what people call a second innings. Have had his fair share of running behind trees and since we are quickly running short on trees to run behind, our erstwhile chocolate boys who are well into their 40's have fast realized that to stay for a while they would need s…

Room poattu yosichings :)

Does every action alone has an equal and opposite reaction or are they dependent on some other factors as well??!!

Consider this scenario.

The person whom you love and adore and cherish with all your heart, spits on you purposefully and repeatedly. What would be your reaction?

Suppose if they piss on you and stamp on your dresses with their stool stained feet, would you ever go near them?

If a mentally disturbed character or an unapologetically old person comes to your mind, you may be right to an extent but the thought process clearly establishes that you wouldn't want to relate them to yourselves but rather see them as people who need your help.

The moment i say, its your very own kid who did all this, i am sure it would create a smile on your face and the entire scenario is seen as a "cho chuveet" moment worth many an Instagram click.

The only norm in raising a kid is realizing that there is no such thing.

With devotees offerings ranges from tender coconuts to beer, c…

6174 - book review

For long i have been wishing to read this book. Have been reading decent reviews about it and the theme being my favourite genre - cryptic thrillers that are factual based. Being a tamil book, with its already limited circulation, it was very difficult to get a copy of the book. While trying to buy this book, i saw first hand the challenges faced by regional language authors. No wonder we dont produce Jeffrey Archers and Sidney sheldons, despite having armies of writers who produce and are capable of producing much better novels. Thanks to a dear friend of mine who took pains to get the book for me when he visited a publisher forum. It was nice of him to remember my quest for the book (proof that, if you keep cribbing about it non stop people are bound to listen..hehehe ) Infact he was the one who introduced me to that novel. Now, over to the book review.

The author Sudhakar kasthuri, to me will soon be the Indian equivalent of Matthew Reilley or James Rollins. Hope he churns thriller…

The trauma of being Trump

Recently saw in TOI that the Canadian immigration website crashed with overwhelming amount of Americans trying to figure out ways to migrate to Canada with the impending nomination of Trump and Hillary, neither of which are popular candidates with general public, but surprisingly are fast becoming leading contenders for the top job. Firstly, it can't be qualified as a news yet, just for the reason that the reporting paper was TOI. Secondly, it sounds oxymoronic to say the least that, the very public who would be voting to elect their leader are running away from election only to strengthen what is now just a "fear" that the so called candidates "might" win.

Blame it on the novels and the tonnes of movies based on US Presidency, their elections hold as much fancy to me personally as our own. If the last two were historic for the simple reason of color, this election would be nothing short on record books for it might elect the first ever women leader of the worl…

Alchemy or Attrition

Read an article recently that by the year 2020, 76% of Indian working diaspora, specifically the IT sector, would've completed or at the least contemplated job change. It slightly raised the question of employee loyalty, labelling it a concept of erstwhile era and on ethics.  Why do people quit? I wanted to complete the sentence before the question mark with a suitable filler. What do people quit from? companies?  jobs? or the more popular option - their managers? Better pay is one of the many mirages that makes people gravitate towards job switch. Many a time, the cost of time invested in nurturing a rapport, building a familiar environment in work place, enabling professional relationships often get overlooked while considering a change for making a quick buck. Is there a right number of years one can spend per org before considering a career change? Those who switch under 5 years obviously loose out on benefits like gratuity and they prepare themselves to start from scratch, w…

Miruthan - Review

Last week saw this movie - Miruthan. The first of its kind Zombie based tamil movie.
The theme being something that has never before been tried in Tamil or Indian cinema for that matter, it was very exciting to watch the movie. Hindi la long time back they had a zombie movie i guess which was more of comic caper(?) This being out and out Engleeez style story that was the major USP for watching it. More over the running time was just about 90 plus minutes was an added incentive. Enna thaan slow motionla story solirunthalum it would be fast apdingara nambikkaiyoda saw the movie.

Movie starts with one chemical being spilled on road and just like our kuppai lorry those guys doesnt bother to clean up the mess. One dog eats that chemical and becomes zombie dog or virally infected to be medically precise. Somehow those infected have the tendency to koravalaiya kadichify and immediately their face becomes as beautiful as our heroines sans make up. In the mean time, our traffic police hero hur…