Tuesday, February 28, 2012


Life pathi polambara post is never quite complete or doesnt quite begin without a thathuva quote on life itself :)
So here goes nothing. Life is never a long winding straight road. Its always filled with crossroads and junctions and even if we want to go straight, there would be diversions or road blocks which would alter our course. At times willingly and many times unwillingly. The route may or may not be the one we would want or like initially. But almost always take you to where you want to go. Might sound like a lost man's riddle. But that's how my life has been all these years. At times, i consciously cut away from my comfort zones and try out something different just for the heck of it. But many a times, a sudden rapid or fall throws me off balance and by the time i steady the ship, the course is altered beyond return. Adapting to such sudden developments being the only hope have almost always been on the look out for incidents like that sound the bugle before. But God only knows what made me choose this option which has thrown my life totally off balance. Again a travel to a new land. Again separation. Again the same old lifestyle. Starting everything from scratch only to run back home after a while. Feels like a never ending relay race with no source nor destination.

"How i met your mother" happens to be a recent favorite sitcom of mine. Much on the ranks of F.R.I.E.N.D.S, i have been following all the seasons i could catch hold off very seriously. One of the characters in it,, Ted Mosby, cries out loud in an episode with a similar polambal in previous para. He wonders why his life had never changed in past 7 years while his friends or either married or became parents or even worse separated and remarried again. And he, tired of being in the same situation all along, decides to dare his life into being different and buys a second hand home. Its in a god forbidden place and in such a dilapidated condition that, he realises his mistake very late after continuously poked fun of, by his friends. Later he realises his folly and kicks himself for acting on a haste. But even then, he sticks on to it and at the end of the episode, the narrator tells that, Ted goes on to make that house his home and he begins his family life from there.

Para 1 polambal and the story from para 2 have nothing in common except that, it talks of two very confused people. One who are not sure of what they want in life and are willing to do anything for a change and yet are afraid of the very concept of changing. Ones who are afraid of falling and are refusing to spread the wings and fly. Their fear might be reasonable but their actions are not justified. How much ever philosophical one can get nothing beats being practical. So, here is the link between the two paras. Between Ted Mosby and my own self. At present, it may not be the best of decisions i've ever made. At present, it might run the risk of even turning out to be the worst ever decision. But i know for sure, somewhere deep down in the heart, a voice has been crying out loud for change and the subconscious mind just acted on it. I hope it turns out well like all my other blind shots in the dark - up trumps. But one thing that i know for sure is that, this time, its going to be a real game changer and who knows, i might even pull a Ted Mosby :) Not sure for how long this charade goes. But till next time..adios buddies.

Saturday, February 25, 2012

Styleu Styleuthaan..

"Ennada hair style ithu...paanaiya kavuthu vitta mathiri..decenta irukka eppo thaan kathukka poriyoo" .
It would've been an otherwise ordinary rant of Mom if not for the source behind it. Some one in temple had commented about my hairstyle (rather the lack of it) to her and that which had convinced her as the main reason behind my single status!!! Athepdi yengenthu yethai link panraanga therila!! End result, i was chased away from home with the warning that unless my hairstyle was at an acceptable level (which god only knows) i wouldnt be allowed inside. My sis too joined the bandwagon and sided with the enemies. She gave me her membership card for one local spa and booked an appointment for me.

The D-day arrived.

When i entered a chinese lady greeted me and gave me a catalogue which resembled the ones given at Pizaa Hut. Naama saloonuku thaan vanthirukoma ila saapdavaa nu lighta doubtoda opened it. I was not much wrong. Atleast on the price columns. Antha bookla irukarathulaye cheapanaathu 'Normal' haircut line item thaan. And that too was 200 bucks (only). Micha price rangelaam was competing with pizzas. Aaniye pudunga venaam saami nu kelambalaamnu paathapo one guy came and asked "Are you Gils?" Naan apdiye Shoooocck aaiten. Aprum thaan terinjuthu my kedi bugger sis had called them and informed about me :( Escape aagara routes elaam block aagida i went with one balikku pora bakra look and sat on one semi circular seat like the ones used in Men in Black movie. Seri vanthaachu.. maatikittachu..atleast ivanga thollailenthu vidupadavaachum thought will get my hair styled. The hair stylist who was assigned to me, first poured some watery gel and tried to comb my hair into submission. After a while he poured more water and a little later some weird paint smelling spray. He repeated the procedure for some ten 15 minutes and in the end he said with a sigh, "Sorry sir. We cannot change your hairstyle unless you grow it like Anniyan Vikram. Ivlo kucchi kucchiyaana oru thalaiya naan engaiyumay pathathilla. Evlo gel poattalum padiyavay maatenguthu". On one hand i was happy that my vanangaa mudi won but remembered that i stood the risk of being homeless. I consoled that person to try his best. He said my hair needs some time to dry as he had spent the entire month's quota of gel on it and went to attend other customers.

Right at that time, one family ala Vikraman padathula vara gumbal, raided the saloon. Seems their kid was getting his first hair cut and everyone wanted to be a part of that event!! Pasangallaam paavamnu prove panna itha vida oru example venuma!! That kid was as happy as a goat before Bakrid. He was wailing and raving and ranting and for such a tiny creature it took three grownup men to tie him down to a chair. Saluting his attempt to retain his hairstyle, i was feeling ashamed for giving it up so easily :( Finally, with the safety of 8 pair of hands holding the kid, the stylist started his work. Ucchakatta kodumai was the comment from the family. "Azhakoodathupaa..paaru..pakkathu seat uncle evlo chamatha ukkaanthirukaarunu..unna paathu sirikka poraaru". One nimit..enna kindal panraangala ila antha pullaya console panrangala theriaama looked into the mirror. Kindal thaan panraangannu confirm aaidichi :( My villain, who had left me to dry, came at that moment. I wanted to fight like my martyr friend. But semma pasi and veetla sooper lunch menu. So decided to tag along.

In the end, after spending 6 times more than what it normally takes, i came back home with exactly the same haircut. Best part was, no one noticed the difference or the similarity. Only then i realised, its not the way you get it done but the place that matters.

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

In conversation with God

Got this interesting piece from FB. 

Me: God, can I ask You a question?

God: Sure

Me: Promise You won't get mad

God: I promise

Me: Why did You let so much stuff happen to me today?

God: What do u mean?

Me: Well, I woke up late

God: Yes

Me: My car took forever to start

God: Okay

Me: at lunch they made my sandwich wrong & I had to wait

God: Huummm

Me: On the way home, my phone went DEAD, just as I picked up a call

God: All right

Me: And on top of it all off, when I got home ~I just want to soak my feet in my new foot massager & relax. BUT it wouldn't work!!! Nothing went right today! Why did You do that?

God: Let me see, the death angel was at your bed this morning & I had to send one
of My Angels to battle him for your life. I let you sleep through that

Me (humbled): OH

GOD: I didn't let your car start because there was a drunk driver on your route that would have hit you if you were on the road.

Me: (ashamed)

God: The first person who made your sandwich today was sick & I didn't want you to catch what they have, I knew you couldn't afford to miss work.

Me (embarrassed):Okay

God: Your phone went dead bcuz the person that was calling was going to give false witness about what you said on that call, I didn't even let you talk to them so you would be covered.

Me (softly): I see God

God: Oh and that foot massager, it had a shortage that was going to throw out all of the power in your house tonight. I didn't think you wanted to be in the dark.

Me: I'm Sorry God

God: Don't be sorry, just learn to Trust Me.... in All things , the Good & the bad.

Me: I will trust You.

God: And don't doubt that My plan for your day is Always Better than your plan.

Me: I won't God. And let me just tell you God, Thank You for Everything today.

God: You're welcome child. It was just another day being your God and I Love looking after My Children...!

Saturday, February 18, 2012

Kaathalil sothapuvathu eppadi?

What an intriguing title. This would've been the question on every guy or gal who ever crossed their teens and first love syndromes. A question for which there is no definitive answer. The answer that has wrecked many a romance. And the reason for which is known to none. A dog chasing its own tail situation. But everyone loves to be in love and some even loves the misery that accompanies it. No wonder its called "falling" in love. You fall from your normal stance and make a fool of yourself and yet tend to enjoy it all the while. Its essentially that feeling of joy of liking someone and getting your liking reciprocated, that which overpowers everything sane in your life.

The movie is an adaptation of a short film by the same director and title. Kudos to the director for retaining most of the cast from the short film in the movie. Its Siddarth's show all the way. He narrates, cribs, smiles, laughs, cries, angers and charms throughout the movie ( quoted verbatim from all the comments collected from the girls sitting behind our row. Never knew Sid had such a big gal following!!! 75% of the crowd were girls. Mothama collegelenthu vantaanga pola!! Well..who cares :D ) Amala paul comparatively has lesser screen presence :(( Is it just me who thinks she looks good on the tv interviews than in movies? But semmmmma expressive eyes. Vara ovvoru scenlayum pinni pedal eduthings. Director kanjama ila continuitykaagava therila..first halfla mukkavaasi neram lead pair roams on same costume. Supporting cast is the lifeline for this movie. Friendsa vara pasanga..esp that guy who gets slapped by every gal he proposes too rocks. He steals the scene where he plays naataamai to Sid and Amala's issue. Salut.

The movie is actually an amalgamation of so many love stories that after a while you loose count. Propose panna ponnu 'Anna'nu sonna aparamum route vidra paiyan, friendoda ex'a correct panni commit aagara portion aprum Sid-Amala portions nu egapatta stories irunthaalum the one which stands out is Suresh's story. He plays Amala's dad and his love story forms the best of the lot. There were spontaneous applause for the scene where the dad gives love letter to his wife through his daughter and also on the scene where they imitate the scene from 'Sathya'. Their portions is like a short story in itself. In a cramped schedule of two and half hours, the director tries to tell so many types of love stories and how each one fails and succeeds and fails again only with the hope of succeeding. The movie has a casual undertone right from frame one and in many places where it edges close to being boring the witty dialogues and repartees save it from the precipice. One dialog that stands out is where the hero explains to his friends gal when she decides to break up with his friend. How we spend so much effort and sometimes even a life time to find the one we love and like with all our heart and how easily we break up only to reel in the pain afterwards. It was touching.

Kudos to the director for not deviating from the urban setting. Evlo naalachu intha matiri city based love story paathu...with a decent looking hero and cute looking heroine!!! A very contemporary theme and pretty chic storyline which doesnt deviate into preaching and restricts itself within its limitations.

Gils verdict-  Loved the movie and want to watch it again :)

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Jillunu oru kaathal kathai :) - 7

"Hey Ram...i got two tickets for movie this weekend. You want to join?"asked Priya.

"Sweet saapdatha erumbu...pazham thinnaatha korangu...padam paakatha Ram..intha moonum non exisitent"  butted in Anil.

"hahahaa...nee avlo peria movie freaka..surprising"

"Ithula surpise aaga enna iruku " asked Ram

"Illa..i always thought you as one hmmm..satha bookum kaiyuma suthara person"

"sodabutti poatta beku in other words" added Anil

"konjam...close panria" signalled Ram to Anil.

Looking at the glare Anil signalled shutter closure. Ram excused himself to join a client meeting. After he left Priya said amidst peals of laughter "my god. you two are amazing. cant believe that you people are managers. you are so down to earth"

"Hello..ethuku ipo intha ulkuthu?"

"chacha..nejama solrenpa...you two are the best"

"how can two people be best..rendu perla yaar bestu sollu" argued Anil

"undoubtably Ram thaan"

"adipavi..naan epovum unna thaana support panni pesaren..enaku no votea"

"apdi ila..he is one thorough gentleman. Mindla etho hard disk partition mathiri..office velai and personal life
renduthukum he has space"

"hmm..antha moonjikum oru muga raasi iruka thaan seiyuthu. Ellaa thaaikulam votesaiyum epdiyaachum vaangidraan..seri..en ticketa kudu..naan kelamabren"

"Un ticketa?"

"Aama..enakum serthu thaana ticket vaangiruka?"

"Aasai thaan..enakay oc la rendu free pass vanthuchu..athaiyum unga rendu per kitta kuduthutu naan enga porathu"

"Appo yaar kooda poga pora?"

"Athaan Ram varendrukaanla.."

"Paaraaa....hmmm..nadathunga nadathunga..nalla iruntha seri"

"hello...enna ..enna nadakattum...udanay overa alatta aarambichiduruveeengalay"


After the movie gets over..an angry Priya and smiling Ram comes out with the milling crowd.

"Neenga ellamay male chauvinists thaan..even in movies..hero brothero sistero sethuta soga song poduvan.aana athey heroine ammavo appavo ila brothero eranthutta..adutha song herovoda duet..enna kodumai ithu.."

"huh..Priya madam...en ipdi erimalaya vedikareenga"


"mariaathaiku nanri"

sattunu vantha siripai control seithavaray.."verupethatha raam..iniki officela damager kadia poataan."

"ithula enna pudusa iruku...girl friendna kadalai podrathum..damagerna kadia podarathum..kaalam kaalama nadakarathu thaana"

"unkita sonathuku antha sevuthukita soliruntha inum bettera react panirukum"

"ipo enna pananumgara..antha aala potu thaliralaama.."

"venaam..aairam thaan irunthalum terinjavana poitaan..enaala un uyiruku entha aabaththum vara venaam...irunthalum mavanay officela avlo scene podra.."

"ishttoop..opice matter opicela...coffeeshopla vanthuma..anga naan un boss..outside office illa..so ippo nee enna sonaalum en kaathula vizhaathu."

"athepdi unnala mattum office vittu velila vantha udana etho switch off panna pola irukka mudiuthu. samayathula enakay rendu vera aal kuda interact panra mathiri iruku. you are totally different in office and outside. Typical gemini nu prove panra."

"nallathu thaana. professional lifekum personal lifekum kandipa difference irukanum. inga irukara mood anga overlap aana rendu lifeum ketrum. mudnja varaikum spill over aagama paathukaren..ethana naal oduthunu paapom"

"en doubta solra"

"well..naalikay namakku marriage aachuna situation maaralam ilaya"

"namakka? hahahaa"

"en..namakku sonathula enna thappu?" endraan namutu siripudan

"olagam azhinjidum.."

"hahahaa..halo..overa aasapadatha....namakunna..unaku un aal kooda and enaku en aal kooda nu mean panen..unga veetla paiyan thedum padalam epdi poitruku.."

"athupaatuka poguthu..nethu kuda etho varan vanthiruku sonaanga..paiyan RELIANCE kambenila damagera irukanam..bombayngarathala veetla yosikaranga"

"bombay enna kadal thaandia iruku..flight pudicha rendu hourla erakida poran"

"hmm.athellaam sarithaan..aama unga veetla pen paarkum padalam epdi poguthu..inum unnoda oatta horoscope vachu oora emathitrukia"

"hahaa..ennodathu horrorscope..horoscope ila..athunala thaan ithana naala escape aaitruken..ilaati epovo pudichi maati utrupanga"

"seriously..unaku kalyanam panni kudumbam kuttinu settle aganumnu interestay ilaya?"


"inum ethana naaliku thaan commitment phobicavay iruka pora...vayasagitu poguthulla..sattu putunu neeye oru ponna paaru..intha jadhagam josiyamlam venaam..love panni kalyaanam paniko..naan venumna ponnu paakata"

"neeya..paaren...unna mathiri ilama..nalla ponna paaru"

"enna mathirilam inoruthi iruka chaancela..naangalaam unique peieceakum..seri..epdipatta ponnu expect panra"

"hmmm....en taste padi nee select panni sollu..entha alavuku terinji vachiruka paapom"

"thuuu...seri paakaren..enaku epdi patta paiyan set aagum sollu.."

"naan enna inga josiyam paaka padumnu board maatita ukkanthiruken"

"selfish dog..naan poren..." endru Priya kilamba "seri seri...hmm...enaku terinja varaikum unaku peria listlaam onnum ila..apo apo joke solli una sirika vaikara mathiri oruthan sikitaanna kathai over..so en kanakkupadi unaku circus clown thaan saripattu varuvaan" endraan Ram.

"naan kelambren...gud bye..." endru kovathudan kilambinaal Priya..

"hey hey...iru iru naanum varen..." endru pinnaal odinaan Ram.

She was standing at the bus stand and when she saw him coming near, turned her head in the opposite direction. He stood behind her, not knowing what to say. He took out his cell and dialled her number. Seeing his number flashing on the display, she cut the call. Her bus came and she boarded it. Now it was his turn to feel irritated. Suddenly his phone rang and he saw her number flashing on it. he picked the call and stood in silent without saying a word. The same silence continued from the other end.
'Enna.naana pesara varaikum neenga pesa maateengalo' Before he could say anything he saw his bus coming
'Hey...iru..en bus vanthirichi' ..and ran to board it.
He wore his ear piece and continued the conversation.
'hmm..ippo sollu'
"Busla eritia" she asked.
"enna sollu.."
"nee thaana call panna" Noticing that her tone was getting sharper Ram decided to climb down. "Hey..enna overa scene podra..sollaama kollaama odi vanthutta"
"Yaar odi vantha..bill pay pannala solla varia"
"aahaa...epdi ipdilaam yosikka thonuthu ungalukellam?"
He kept quiet.
"Seri..naan apruma pesaren un kitta"
He still kept quiet.
"Good night"
Right at that time the conductor came and asked Ram "Ticket..Ticket?"
"Good night" replied Ram.
"Good nighta?? ticket enga kaettaa?? eppo paaru phone...kadalai..ithey poazhappa ungalukelaam...naanga enga pozhappa paaka venaama..." and he started wailing about his miserable life for everyone in the bus to hear.
"Huh..sorrynga...Vadapalani ticket kudunga"
On the other end Priya was laughing uncontrollably. "Hey..ethuku sirikara..athaan call cut panren sonnela.."
"Cha..ipdi oru mega mokkai nee vaanginatha aprum naan kekka mudiayamala pogirukum. I will never miss it for the world. Naaliku officela setha maganay.."
"Chillaraya kuduppa..elaarumay 100 ruppes neetina naan enga porathu"interrupted the conductor
"huh..change ilaye.."
"Fonela Good nightlaam solla terithu..change mattum irukaathu..wait pannu..apruma tharen" he scribbled some number on the back of the ticket and went away grudgingly.


"Ram..100 rupeesku change iruka" asked Anil.
"Usualla un kitta change kaetta nee Goodnight wishes thaan tharuviaayamay.."
"grrr....athukulla antha oatta vaai olaridicha elaathiyum...ellaathukum ava thaan kaaranam"
"Adthu nee enna solvanu teriyum ..unga chemistry nalla iruku..phsyics nalla iruku sollitu mokka poduva..athaana"
"Naan solalaina kooda nee kekarathuku aasa padra mathri terithu" winked Anil.
Ram kept quiet.
"Enda...neenga rendu perum thaan pairnu enga ellarukum confirm aaidichi...unga rendu perukum epoda ithu realise aaga porathu?"


Saturday, February 11, 2012

Hail Mr.Murphy

If anything can go wrong it will - quoted Mr.Murphy. I guess he was one deerkadarisi who foresaw the need for such a quote considering the imminent arrival of a poor species going by the name Gils. Athennamo therila enna maayamo puriala...if something goes issue free or trouble free i feel awkward and nervous. Unless something goofs up or goes amazingly wrong, it is never satisfying. Right from school days, when we have to queue up for picking up our lab exam experiment questions, the entire class would be eagerly waiting for me to pick the first paper. For they knew for sure that the magic hands of mine would pick the most atrocious of all the questions :(  Such had been my luck that it had become a legendary topic of discussion and a recent stint at the consulate was another addition to that legend's mystique.

The day of the visa interview dawned bright and shine and was surprisingly issue free. It scared the rat out of me when i arrived for the interview 45 mins in advance, a situation that is rarer than Indian cricket team's win in Australia. I got shooed in through the pre-screening rounds and till the time my turn came at the counter for document examination i was all fidgety and nervous, looking out for the tell tale signs of approaching storm. The moment i stepped towards the counter, to my glee and every ones horror, the display board, which was about to roll in my token number, threw up an unique constraint error. I was satisfied that the dice had begun to roll. The system automatically restarted and the guy at the counter took in my docs for review. I had 5 photos pinned in for each section where it was requested. Even though all of them were copies of the same pic taken a few days earlier, i somehow had managed to look different on each of them, atleast thats what that counter guy must've thought i guess. He felt the white background and the flash on my specs made my eyes look different than in person and wanted me to take a fresh photo. I went down the snake on the ladders game to the starting point and stood in queue to take my pic as per the specifications. After an hours ordeal my turn at the counter came. And no prize for guessing, the system threw the same error again, the moment i stepped in. Now the counter guy, having been familiar with me, took in my docs again, despite the error. Suddenly he was muttering and banging the monitor and without realising that the mike was ON he called up his colleague from the next counter. She came and swore and called up the person from the third counter. Everyone else who had came for the interview, who had already started giving me evil eyes and bad words in mind voice for delaying them and having already seen that the system crashes every i go near the counter, by now had a confirmed belief that i am part of some banned outfit or a terrorist in disguise. By this time the counter people had called their helpdesk and then only realised that the mike was ON and switched it off in a hurry. After a lot of consult and discussion, my counter guy told me that, by mistake he had passed my entry twice that which had caused a lock on my account in their system. And because of that my number wouldnt be displayed at the next building, where the actual interview was to happen. There were close to 300 people at that time and each one were called only by their numbers. And there were more than a dozen counters. Even with your number displaying it would be tough to find out where we had to go for our interview. I asked him the same question for which he assured it would be taken care of. By the time i was walking to the next building, half the crowd had decided that, it would be the last of me as a free person and my next flight, if at all, would only be to Guantanamo bay. I made my sojourn with the happy thought that things are finally moving in the right direction and nothing more is left to go wrong. That confidence gave me the peace to answer the interview well and the result came out positive.

It may not have been the best result for me personally or something that i would care a lot about. But it sure has set the wheels of my life on a different course altogether.

Saturday, February 04, 2012

Ars Longa Vita Brevis

My maiden Toast master speech 'Ice Breaker' topic script :))  

Gerund - in English Grammar refers to those words which are of verb + ing form. Here i am, with my heartbeat racING, mind bogglING, tongue slurrING ..a walking talking example of Gerund.

Ladies and Gentlemen...It gives me an immense sense of honor to stand at this very place.. and here..and here.. and all over this place.. that has produced some of the funniest and finest orators this place has ever seen. I wish and hope they were at least half as nervous as i am now when they gave their maiden speech. This Toastmasters club has a thing in common with one of Steve Jobs Quote. You STAY HUNGRY..for obvious reasons (timing is from 1 PM to 2.30PM)..but unlike the quote its NEVER FOOLISH to STAY.  

As per any typical Icebreaker's procedure I've to talk about myself..and what's more easier than talking about ones own self. Or at least that's what i thought. When i sat down to jot down points that i can say about myself, then only i realised how tough it actually was to talk about oneself. What should i say about myself?? Should i say that i am around 6 feet tall and i weigh less than a quintal? It was like those essay questions which they give in schools right after the holidays asking you to describe your vacation in not less than 100 words. My essay always fell short by 90 words for my all vacation activity can be described in exactly 10 words.
Eat through every waking hour and sleep rest of the time. 

Had there been a competition for laziness..i would've won it hands down..for i wud've been so lazy that i would have skipped taking part in the competition itself. 

My tryst with drawing is a well chronicled affair. Right from my pre school days me and drawing were never on the same page. Neither were my drawings. Once in a PTA meeting my drawing teacher had asked for my mom in particular and had shown her my drawing book. Instead of coloring the birds and fruits inside the box i had dutifully colored everywhere on the pagelet apart from the picture. Poor teacher, guess she was not a big fan of thinking outside of the box.  When my mom saw the other pictures that had been colored by me she was in for more shock. Well..if you see an orange colored elephant..guess you are entitled for a bit of a shock too. I used to have this seasonal favourites in colours. Every now and then i would fall in love with a color and it would linger for a while. Thats a habit i carry till date. At that point of time in my life it was orange. And had painted every single picture on my drawing book in orange. 

Then came the time i had to decide which group i had to take for my plus one and plus two classes. Just like how One's strength drives him towards his goal..my fetish for drawing drove me away from biology group. I safely landed myself with Maths for my under graduation. But that wasnt the last of my escapades with drawing. There was a compulsory competition about which I dont remember the details but it was more like a portrait drawing. Picture of a famous personality would be given to you and you have to draw the face. I drew a round, circumference for face. It actually came out well. I was able to meet the ends and form a circle. Patting myself for the job well done, i began to draw the left eye. I was mesmerised by what i drew. The lids came out in perfect symmetry. I thought the God of drawing is happy with me today and said a little thank you. A second later i realised it was a thanks wasted. For how much ever i tried for the remaining one hour i couldnt get the right eye in synch with the left eye. Poor Mr. Rajiv Gandhi, whose face i've to draw, ended up looking like Captain Jack sparrow minus the beard of course. The reviewer thought i was anti-congress and gave a feedback saying my portrait was politically motivated.

After that my life was incident for nearly a decade. Just like any good horror movie, a recent incident reminded me its not over yet. My neighbours kid one day came to me with a note and the dreaded color set in hand. even before i could say anything i was given the task of babysitting by her parents. I knew what i did that summer when i was of her age that had made me an urban legend of drawing. She ensured that her parents have left, switched on the TV and started watching pogo after giving me the task of doing her homework before her parents came. I took the bait aka challenge and started dutifully. With a beaming face i handed her the book, as proud as Michelangelo after he painted Sistine Chapel. She was looking at it like an art connoisseur and with each change in her facial reaction i was edging close to a nervous breakdown. Finally she asked me why my parrot is black in color while its nose is red. Ooopss...i did it again. I thought i would make a joke of it and replied it got sun burnt in chennai's hot climate and since it was suffering from cold its got a red nose. The look that she gave made me realise why comics use special characters to describe foul language. I can see the whole lot of them dancing on top of her head. Needless to say, she never ever entered our house with homework book again.

The time has come to tell the meaning of the title and to windup this speech. 'Ars longa vita brevis' meaning art is long while life is short. I have learnt my lesson and have now made peace with my drawing skills. Like Pandora's box, dinosaurs from Jurassic Park or even spectrum scam for that matter, certain things are better left undisturbed. I add my drawing skills to that list.