Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Arasiyalla ithelaam saatharanamappa....

People wearing glasses, are most of the time, considered to be studious serious kind by the non-specs wearing crowd. "Adai..naangallaam anjaan classlaye anju arrears vacha crowd da" karpooram adichi sathiyam panna kooda.."ada..engala vida kammi thaanpa" solitu pora gumbal thaan neria iruku. Somehow there is a notion about me amidst my street people that..this is one padips party. There is one telugu family on our apartment whose kid is an equal mix of calvin and dennis. And one fine saturday afternoon..that kids mom decided that he needs to be coached in all his subjects (read that the parents had to go out and i became the bakra, as usual!!!).

On marched kid, from his room, armed with a bucket load of books. There was a standing instruction from the mom, not to leave for home without completing allllllllllll the homeworks. That kid was wearing a specs bigger than me and going by the logic defined over the first few lines i should've been more alert. He opened his rhymes sort of book first and asked me to teach him. I began to read the rhymes. He stopped me on the very first sentence itself.

"Uncle...enakku schoola rhymes paadi kaati thaan teach pannuvaanga..neenga en padikareenga...neengalum paadi solli thaanga".

"Paadratha!@#$%^&??!!!huh...hmmmm...errr....tune teriathaypa"

"seri...naan solratha repeat pannunga" solitu he started saying his rhymes in a sing song fashion. I was half humming half watching TV. He suddenly got up and switched off the tv.

"Padikarachay TV paaka koodathu"

"Oh..ithu veraya....hmm" namma neram sari illai solitu was watching him continuing his singing. Appo appo he will watch if i am saying it along with him. After sometime he got satisfied that his quota for that subject was over. Next he took some drawing book. Atha paatha udanaye allu kelambirichi. "Aaaha...nammaku nera kodu podavay varathay..ithula drawing epdi" nu was lighta shivering. Even before he could ask..i munthified
"velaya aaluku paathiya pirichipom...nee varaiviyaam..naan kalar adipenaam"
Seri pozhachi po apdinu oru parithaaba look vitutu he started drawing. Konja neram kazhichi oru bird padam mathiri onnu varanjitu.."Uncle drawing over..neenga ipo kalar adichi kudunga..naan athu varaikum POGO paakaren" nu he left. "Pirkaalathula software programmera vara ella thaguthiyum unaku iruku raasa" nu nenachukitay i colored. Konja neram kazhichi he came back. He wore a shocked look on seeing me painting his drawing. "UNCLE...yen parrotuku black color adicheenga"
"Adapaavi..athu parrota..sollavaylaye" nu manasukulla bayanthavaray..."athu onnumilama..madrasla veyil athigamla..athaan..parrot karuthu poachu"
"Ithellam oru pozhappa" nu kevalam oru look vitabadi..adutha booka eduthan. Anga thaan mega bulb was waiting. This book was having weird geometrical figures. "Enna bookma ithu?" i asked.

"Telugu..alphabets book uncle"

Naan apdiye shooooaaak aaiten nu sollava venum!!!

"errr...enakku telgu teriaathuma"

"unakkenna thaanda therium"ngara maathri he gave one stare. Maybe for him it was incomprehensible that how can some one so big looking not knowing alphabets. Luckily for me his parents came. Maadi padi eri porachay i heared him complaining to them..."antha uncleku alphabets kooda terila".

Atleast avangalaachum...avan telgu teriathu solli konjamaachum maanam refund aaga help pannuvaanga paathen...uhummm. Sirichittay poitaanga :(

Ipolaam wenever i see kids i remove my specs !!!

Monday, April 26, 2010

Athiri puthiri aarambam..

Kaveri prachanai mathiri ennoda kalyanamum oru unsolvable issueva irukum nenakren :D Latest topic for my new team mates - how to get GILS married!!! Lunch timela ithaan topic for discussion. Antha discussionla uthirtha sila "mani" below:

* Going forward i should attend any event which involves a crowd :) (god only knows what they had in mind). Especially marriages. Enga invitation pathalum oru copy eduthutu anga appear aaidanumaam. Should never miss a chance to attend any marriage was the main point. (I am a purposeful absentee to any marriage or engagement event, of relatives. Somehow..cant stand that crowd..though its full of known faces..and even if i want to attend it never really happens!!! i've missed many a friend's engagement and marriage :( )

* "see gils..we all know how boring you can be. So u better dont open your mouth and let the other person talk. The more you talk..i am very sure..the other person would end up regretting that day of their life" (Idhuku peru positive feedbackaam!!! enna koduma saaar ithu)

* Stop frowning and try to keep a smiling face was the next one. (This is THE most difficult thing for me. I can never force a smile :( )

* "Never ever wear that Blue tee shirt with white stripes again in your life if you ever want to get married and never post any foto with that on any matrimony site" (en fav shirt :( athu mela en ivlo gaandu makkaluku theriala..grrrrrr)

* "Being formal atleast once in a year wouldnt kill you. Next time when you go for a marriage..dress decently. Dont go as if you have just finished your rag picking job" (Ithelaam unaku thevaya gilsu!!!)

* "Main thing to remember..thappi thavari ponnu paaka pona..dont treat it as an interview and start asking the gal technical/functional questions. You are not a recruiter there"

Engagement aanaprum ennana gift vaangi thanthu ponna asathanumnu oru listay ready panni vachirukaanga!!!! Paasakaara paya pullaiga....Mudialada saami...

Friday, April 23, 2010


* Does any of u have recurring dreams? chinna vayasula.. my sleeps were haunted with one recurring dream, nightmare rather. That the entire world is going down under sea with waves thrashing around everywhere and i am the lone survivor. And cinema effect mathiri naan irukara edathula mattum konjama light and suthi vara oray irutu and dark sky and bluish green ocean in all its fury. Type panrapovay lighta bayama iruku :) and it suddenly stopped occuring. Didnt even realise when it stopped. Offlate that same dream is a bit different scenario. Every single living thing in this planet is wiped off. I am the lone survivor!!! kita thatta "I am Legend" Will Smith mathiri naan yarachum kannula thenpada maataangalaanu suthitruken. All shops..malls..roads...ella edathulayum thedren. Not a soul in sight. I try to guess the meaning behind these dreams. Maybe insecurea feel panrapolaam ipdi thonutho?? Me being a lonely soul, outlasting all my near and dear ones, has occured to me as a dream in multiple versions. Artham thaan purila :) Another recurring one is that..i am falling...falling..falling...and the "THUD"ding drop never happens. I just keep falling somewhere into one bottomless place. Any dream decipherers around? :D

* Ipolaam news channels pakkam porathay illa. Entha news pathalum 2012 movie resemblance thaan jaasthia iruku!!! Chile, China, Haiti earthquakes which literally moved the earth a few degrees...Vanishing island in Bay of Bengal...Iceland volcano halting air spreading paranoia at its best. While discussing something on similar vein with friends..everyone said they wud be happy if the world is ending on 2012. Avlo kadan vaangi vachirukaangalam :)

* Eyjafjallajokull...ipdi oru pera vacha..local aasamiye kumuriduvan. Erimalai vedikatha!! vendaa verupa pulla pethu kaanda mirugamnu pera vacha kathaiyaaalla iruku!! Athaan erimalainu teriuthula..aprum ethukkuyya ipdilaam pera vachu atha seendi udraanga. Patha vachitiye paratta kanakka, pakkathu erimalaiyum ipo naanum aatathuku varennu kumurikituu kedakkaam. haiiooo...haiooo.

* "Last Testament" nu oru book padichen. Ubayam G3. Based on Israel Palestine peace talks and how a clay tablet inscription dating 1000 years back change the course of the talks and creates history ngarathu thaan story. Except for the climax and how the heroine finds the tablet..micha sequencelaam semma logical and very believable. Kandipa give it a try. Nallaruku. James Rollinsoda theevira fan aaiten naan. Read his "Black Order". Chaancela. Typical masala entertainer. A machine which reverses evolution- created by nazis which falls on wrong hands and how its destroyed..semma racy thriller. No logic. Just sheer pace and thrill. Now i am on to "Subterranean". Antarticala..underground cave sort of dwelling..with signs of human settlements..a million years older than the oldest ever evidence of human existence on earth. Premise sounds very interesting. Padichitu solren epdirukunu :)

* "Hello've won 3 lucky rizes in our lucky draw" itha keta udanaye ushaar aidichi. Kandippa etho dubaakoor vela nu. For the record..i never win in any lucky draw, even if its only my name in the lot :D :D somehow it never happens. Apdirukarachay when i got a call saying i've won 3 prizes on an event i didnt even participate..i was very sure that it was at best a bogus one. Upon enquiring got to know that..this is the latest style in marketing. They call you to their premises..under the premise of giving gifts..which you will be eligible to collect if you buy some other products. Or you've to pay some service charge of JUST 1000 rs in case if the gifts (which ranges from Sarojadevi use panna Soap dabba are home delievered to you.

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Review time again :)

Another weekend..another movie :) my "Moviethon" extends its unbeaten streak to 5 (or is it 6??) now :) But this time..more than the movie..the movie watching experience was the engine behind this post.
"Percy Jackson and the Lightening thief" tickets were booked in Devi Kala theater. Last time KCK movie Devi Paradisela paathu antha theater mela konjam nalla impression irunthichi. So dint bother much to enquire about the theater and went. Athulenthu kodumai begins.

* 12.30 showku..kozhandhaiya 11.30kay vara vachu..koluthara veyilla (kannuku kulirchiya neria nadanthathu vera matter) one hour nikka utta kodumaikaara g3 ku kandanam.

* Theater ullara pona etho conference room mathiri irunthichi!! Enga opice meeting room would be slightly bigger than the theater!!

* Screen atha vida kodumai. Peria size LCD tv mathiri irunthichi :(

* Top AC. Pazhaiya kalyana mandapam mathiri neria fan..which were not running.

* Ultimate kodumai..power cuts. We almost decided to leave and came out to decide where to go next. Appovay kelambirukanum..seri..ticket vaangi tholachathuku poi paakalamnu came back. Bad decision. Didnt even realise when interval came for there were so many unplanned intervals for the movie!! Seri ithana kodumaisku naduvay padam paathamo..padamachum nalalrunthicha...marana kadi. It doesnt deserve to be screened at all.

Topper kodumai of all is college mate was coerced to come to the movie..for we had a spare ticket. Pulla paavam..adichi pudichi came to see the movie and underwent all the above mentioned kodumais along with us. Kadisila he told.."Enna padamnay kekaama vanthathu mega thappu. Inniki morning thaan intha padam DVD vaanginen"

Other Movies which didnt even worth a review :

Alice in wonderland : Mokkai (egappatta expectations..sothapified)
Theeratha vilayaatu pillai: Mokkaier
Goa: Mokkaiest
Naanayam: Pretty decent attempt. Could've been better. Lot of loopholes.

Friday, April 16, 2010

I the back :)

Dear makkas and makkis..hope allz well with u folks. Neria updates to share from myside aana elaam solrathukullaye maranthu poachu :( hmmm..pudusa laptop vaangien :) my biggest expense for myself tilldate :D aana use panna suthama timey ila :( my timings are such that i go home dead tired and poitu flat aaida vendi thaan. Today got net connection also..woohoo. Since there is no net in opice..atleast weekendlayachum inimay online varuven nenakren. Just noticed..regulara post potrunthapo i hardly had arnd 40 followers..ippo the count shows 66!!!! inimay postay podalina inum neria per follow panuvangalo??!!! :D :D

Neria changes on work front. I am always just another face in the crowd and have never ever considered myself as a leadership material. Unlike my sis, whose very presence will make you realise that you are dealing with someone with authority. More than authority..she emnates that "I am a responsible" person sort of aura of which i am the total antithesis of.

For some.. being a leader..getting things done from others come very easily and they somehow manage to get that "respect" or "fear factor" going for them in their favour right from start. Naan "kaaka kaaka" police vesham potaalum athu "Maruthamalai" vadivelu va mariduthu :( ennatha panrathu. Paatha udanaye kandupudichidrangapa..ithu kaamedi peice nu :(

Inga pudu opicela the team has gelled well and semmaya set aidichi. My damager was telling me that i should be more forceful in getting things done and dont leave things in loose was the message given. I've never believed in policing and if at all a person can be at his productive best its when they are trusted about their capabilities, has always been my point. The kind of environment where we are working..the timings..and the kind of regulations which we have in our work areas are quite challenging and they resemble prison environment in more ways than one!! The only positive thing to keep things going would be the atmosphere in the team and how we support each other.

More than anything its the distance which is killing..arnd 4 hrs i spend a day on travel itself :( semma tiring. Anyways...i've never seen much of chennai before and now that wish is getting fullfilled in all its glory :D thats y u need to be careful of what u wish for i guess :) I knew i wud miss my previous company a lot..but never realised it would be this much!! I've always believed that my ex-company was THE best place to work and my current work place only firms up my belief.

I've taken up a different kind of profile here..quite different from what i used to do and i am badly in need of a mentor. To put it simply..i donno how to behave in my current role :( Doing things is wat iam used to..getting things done from others!! well..thts something which is going to take a lot of using to. One sage advice i got was.."u need not always carry the stick to get things done wen u've already built a gud rapport"..Sounds good. More suggestions most welcome.

Inimay mostly weekend thaan posts publishing nenakren. Hope to continue for some more time :) Till next time..take care folks and belated Tamizh new year to you all.