Sunday, August 01, 2010


Sometimes i wish i could board the next available time machine slot and travel back in time to my most happiest years. While waiting in the platform i take time to ponder..which phase of my life i actually want to revisit. Schooldays ..that option itself is not there when clubbed under the category "Happy" :) College days..hmmm ..interesting..but to be clubbed Happy..something is missing there too. Post graduation period was a farce. So let me not dwell into it. There was an interim period before i got my job and while i was doing my UG. That was the time when i took tuition classes. For a very long period of time, those were the several continuous days of sheer fun and delight. Every evening i would look forward to those tuition classes as much as the kids..err..friends i should say :) True to my college founders motto (one mr.Viveka :D) aim, as far as my class was concerned, was not just to teach them..but to induce the curiosity in them to do things on their own. When they begin to relish the joy of solving their problems..i was hardly required as a tutor..but more of a coach. They were a great boost to my confidence and helped in shaping my personality. Those two years i felt would never be matched..ever in my life. Atleast..thats what i was thinking till few months back.

Consider the following place..situated in the remotest corner from any decent civilised locality with the nearest settlement at half an hour drive away by car (provided there is no upturned lorry or container blocking your way). A place so barren and timing so illtimed coupled with meaningless restrictions in the name of security..and to top it all if that place happens to be your haunt for atleast 5 days a week for which visiting and working fee happens to be your salary..i wonder how many would be willing to take up such "entertaining" vocations for a living. Still..people look forward to go there everyday. Every single person's absence..irrespective of their role and designation is felt and missed. Lunch breaks and tea breaks happen to bring out the creative best in those otherwise irritated souls. If there is an award for adaptability it would be well deserved by this motley bunch of people from different places and backgrounds..who have managed to gel in so well that despite the teething troubles workwise...personally they've all becomes friends for life. I can wager a month's salary that any new person joining or visiting the premise would find it hard to believe that this bunch of jolly gud fellas were total strangers 3 months back. Kudos to my team mates and a special thanks to them for bringing cheers to my otherwise dull life :) I would sorely miss you guys.

Sometimes i wish i could board the next available time machine slot and travel back in time to my most happiest years. While waiting in the platform i take time to ponder..which phase of my life i actually want to revisit. Well..for time being..let the machine not roll :) let me enjoy my moments while it lasts.

Happy friendshipday folks :)


Deepa said...

Nice one Gils! There is a lot of harp over keeping "Personal life and Professional lives separate". Of course there is a lot of sense to it too. But they are indeed people we interact with daily. You spend more time with them than your family and that affinity is hard to deny after sometime. I've had some wonderful friends from my workplace.

And btw... Happy Friendship Day to you too! :)

Ramesh said...

Oh yes, there's nothing like the present (the concept of a time machine is a seductive but dangerous one). Nice to see a great team being formed - nothing like that to keep working life happy.

Btw, I suspect we are alumni of the same college. Now considering that I am your senior (ahem, by a lot), I shall get down to ragging you right and proper. Beware !!

RS said...

Happy friends' day Gils.

I am not surprised about the bond in your workplace. What with (the charming, cheery) Gils in the team?

Just this weekend did I realize what makes life move livelier is the memories of a bygone past, and not re-living the past. So, here's many cheers to beautiful, happy memories and thank God for the amzing thing called "Memory"!!

zeno said...

Happy Friendship Day :)
Ah the pleasures of teaching/training!
There are some research which says that the chances of bonding and lots of creativity is bound to happen in the kind of environment you described! [No kidding seriously!]

R-ambam said...

Happy friendship day !
lovely post .. I was just talking about these days between graduation and a job with my friend , you posted one :))))))
but i dont wanna revisit .. cause I learnt a lesson for life then..
many thanks ! and yeah,
" naalai enbathu kadavulukku , indru enbathu manitharukku vaazhve vaazhbavarkku .... "

Avada Kedavra said...

True Gils.. Me too.. happy with the present though I would love to go back to college days, when I had a lot of fun.. but cant imagine myself studying and slogging again.. happy with work life, even I have some great friends at work, with whom I have a nice time :)

Aaarti said...


pudhu theme
pudhu post
kalaker Gils.... :D

Well, there comes a time when we need to get off the train we are on, no matter how comfy it is and go looking for the next one that mite be even better!!

plus, am sure ur the kinda person who's helpful and nice that team members get close...

meet panni rhomba naaal achchu....

And yes, am super kicked to have found a friend in you pa!!

seri, seri, emotional aagatheenga... :D eets ok...

BSK said...

Happy Friendship day, Gils!

chennaigirl said...

Enna bayangara experimentation with the templates pola. Each time its a different one, bt good :)
Teaching is really a pleasure, whether kids or otherwise. I always enjoy.
Iam sure u wud make the place whichever might be interesting and fun with ur presence

Anonymous said...

Lovely memories.
I think you fit into the mentor role easily.
Hope you enjoy with your friends always.


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lostworld said...

Hmm.. If I had my way, I'd be studying all my life so I get what you mean :) I guess we are all the platform ppl ..until the train comes!

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