Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Celebrity watch :)

I always wondered why people go all fussy when they sight a celebrity. Even the very thought of getting autographs sounded so crazy and idiotic. Mostly because i never had a chance to meet anyone famous. And the voodoo got broken last saturday. Now i too can blab my head off, having had a lucky chance to meet the famous blog celebrities 'Thala' and 'Zeno'.

The plan was to meet for lunch and then to watch 'Nanban' movie at Sathyam. It went exactly as planned right from the word go..for both Zeno and Thala. Ofcourse..namma case thaan oor arinja vishayam aachay. I arrived dot at 1.40 for a 12.30 scheduled meeting. I guess being on time or atleast anywhere near the accepted timeline is something i will never be able to adhere to. Not a virtue i am very proud of but more of a self confessed crime. True to the nature by which they are known in Blogsville, both were very nice and polite and humble. It was then i realised, why people do all those antics when amidst celebrities. Your mind gets so nervous and tense that, words simply doesnt come out coherently. Even though thats the way i sound on normal circumstances, this time i was extra incoherent :) Poor Mr.Zeno bore the brunt of it. How much ever he tried to explain his job profile to me, which i really tried to understand, i couldnt quite get through beyond the first few words of what he said. In the end he gave up and it was decided that he is employed and has a job and we left it at that. Thala, who was patiently watching the conversation, ended up realising how lucky he was that the question was not posed to him. I guess, i would have ended up with not just the plate of noodles but also the plate on my head if i had pestered any further :)

Then came the movie. No. Before that came the question. I asked Thala, with all innocence, which was the last movie he saw in theater. To which he replied, he couldnt quite remember it for it was like a zillion years before he last saw one. (Zillion isikoltu 31 to be precise). For the passerbys it might have resembled a gangplank left unattended, but it took a while for my dropped jaw to close. 2 movies in 31 years!!! That was something unimaginable to my pea brain and i kept repeating it. If Zeno was taken aback, he did a good job of not showing it. Before i could dwell more on it, the movie began. Unfortunately for Thala, it took almost half an hour for the heroine to make an appearance and the wait turned into shock the moment the dance/song began. Poor Thala. He couldnt quite figure out why tamil movie had phoren dancers for doing bhangra dance steps in belly dancers costume. Valid question. Invalid situation :) Oh..One word on the movie. It made me realise the futility of remaking a movie, line by line. Nanban turned out to be a translation of 3 Idiots, rather than a remake adapted to local sensibilities. The meet ended with Thala taking leave, or taking off rather, having survived the mental onslaught in the name of movie.

The best part about  any blog meet is that, you never feel its the first time you are meeting that person at all. Its always almost as if, the way you visualise the person through their words and the way they appear in person matches exact. It was the same emotion that ran through my mind while talking with Zeno post the movie. It was as if i was meeting a long lost friend. It was interesting to note that we shared quite a few common taste when it came to movie/series watching and promised to share the loot when we meet next. Though the movie might not have played a major role, it did turn out to be an incredible movie watch and one worth remembering.

Sunday, January 22, 2012

En Friendsa pola yaaru machaan :)

Was watching one of the gazillion 'Nanban' movie special programs on Vijay TV. This one tried to be a bit different in concept where in each of the celebrity had invited one of their own real world friend who had helped / been a part of / the course change of their life stream. Needless to say mind wandered to such similar characters in my life :)

The reason why i remember this person might be a very seflish..no..most selfish reason ever. But still, unlike truth which can be ambiguous, facts are facts. He was my college mate, who, after the first year results were announced and when we rejoined the college in second year, introduced me to his final year friends as his classmate with good scores on the majors. Well, he was that sort of a person who was hell bent on winning the star of the batch award and was always behind results and recognition. He was the best Table tennis/Cricket/Football/Shuttle player of our batch and was also the best dressed and more than good looking subject topper. One look at him you can cast him for any Complan/Horlicks ad as the kid you would want your child to be. At the risk of having sounded sarcastic, i was really trying to picture his ambition on the above lines and i am really thankful for his intro. It gave me an iota of an identity amongst my peers and gave me my first real dose of confidence.

The next person was the actual game changer of my life. It was his advice that literally changed my personality and dragged me out a bit of my self induced shell of timidity. It was my second job and my first time outside-of- my-native-place-which-i-had-never-before-done experience. We were colleagues even from my previous company but had never spoken more than a dozen words. It so happened on that weekend trip back to home, we had booked the same bus and he asked me to come and sit with him. After the initial 'hi' 'how are you' i took his walkman and started listening to songs. In a matter of minutes i was sound asleep and since the seats were cramped and i had rested my head comfortably on his shoulders he couldnt sleep for most of the journey. At later times, whenever he used to narrate about this incident, with his wife and other friends, he would blast me with the choicest of words, for him, being elder to me, was making an attempt to know about me by trying to engage me on a conversation, while the stupid and timid me, took his own walkman and was listening to songs. As mentioned before, he gave me one of the most effective advice that altered the course of my personality. We were part of the same team and he was already very popular in our office. Not just with the batch he joined, but also with people from outside of our team. Somehow he had this knack to sound genuinely interested in people and sound sincere and aloof at the same time. He once challenged me to make atleast 10 friends in a months time with the lone condition that they shouldnt just be people from our team at office. I took his words seriously and hmmm...let me put it this way. I am comfortable with the person i became after the advice than the one i was before. Ever since then he became like an elder brother to me and has always been a part of my life.

There was this person, who taught me my current technical profile. He was the ultimate teacher cum friend one can ever hope for. How many ever number of time you goof up and go to him with the same questions time and again, he wouldnt even raise an eyebrow in frown and would smilingly teach you. These are not mere words to shower praise on him, but a factual representation of who he really was. I was lucky enough to be tutored by him and even become part of his own team. Sometime down the line, in a weird twist of situations, he joined my team as a specialist consultant and i had to assign work to him. Awkward was hardly the word to describe my situation. There he was, my guru, who had to take tasks from me. The first words that he said to me made me realise his true greatness. He patted me and said i was doing a good job and he was happy for me. The same words, might have sounded mere formal from any other mouth. But the smile on his eyes and beaming face soothed me into comfort and made me realise that some people are born great, some achieve greatness but very few, like the sun, radiate greatness that others too shall feel in their warmth. It taught me that times will never be the same, but if your inherent trait is humility, time becomes just a mere unit of measurement. He is currently employed at a very good position in one of the world's leading consulting firms. He often makes me feel, no job is worthy unless its done by him. Wish i can work with him again.

The last para of this suyapuraanam comprises of a bunch of personalities. They are a constellation of stars called bloggers :) When i feel bored with nothing to read, i try to read my own older posts. Not the posts as such, but the comments section mainly. Blog spot is a place where people can make a crow like me feel like a peacock. Its all those teases and fun pokes and spoofs that made my life not just interesting but gave a whole new dimension to it. The most public of places where i can write about my most personal of feelings and yet feel secured about it.

Many a times life might suffocating and yet devoid of space at the same time. Many a silence can be traced back to the situation when your mind might actually have been crowded with thoughts. Many a times, even the most poetic of words fail to explain the intent which a mere look does. But never in anyone's life there would come a situation, when they wouldn't have time for a friend. For..Friendsa replace panna yaaru machaan :))

Adios amigos. 

Saturday, January 14, 2012

True lies

I am always at a loss to understand what makes people think i am from the hindi speaking part of India. In office very rarely do people associate me with TN. They mix me up for a Kannadiga or at times Marathi even though i know zilch about both languages, but never a tamil. Not that i am prejudiced against those places or people from there. Pongaluku vellai adikara mathiri vellai paint adichikita kooda at best i qualify as  'Maa neram' and i speak with so much accent that my tanglish is better than my english. Epdi paathalum, the relation logic stumps me!!

Last week it so happened that, i met this admin person. Now admins, like in most offices, are like doctors who are visited only in times of need. And like most patients who visit the clinics, no one has any patience with them or for their work. And being year end, everyone were queuing up to get their documents xeroxed or scanned and it was a really long queue. Like the prime example for Murphy's law, when i was the third in line to reach the copier machine, he closed for lunch. It wasnt a surprise, for i knew something like this would happen and was prepared for it. I was about to turn back, when he saw me standing in the crowd and waved me in while others were moving away.

He took my documents and asked "Tho...bolo...kaisa hai thu..kaam kaisa chal raha hai"

I was like 'Not again!!'. It was that moment, when the forever dim bulb on top of my head burned bright. 'Why not' it said. I replied back in my totally broken, Zee TV inspired, hindi that aaalzz well.

"Tumhaara Bhai kaisa hai"

He started asking about my brother and inquired if he had recovered from the accident. I was still having a dozen more docs to be copied and wanted to continue the story. So to put a positive spin to it i said he had recovered well and is hale and healthy.

"Woh kab waapis office join kar raha hai?"

Now that was a tricky question. I wasnt sure what to answer. If i said my brother had started coming to office, what if he asks me about his cabin or phone number.

"No. He had quit the job. He has joined elsewhere"

"Ohh...Just now i saw him taking copies of some documents. When is his last day here?"

I was stumped again.

But the bulb over my head, unlike TNEB, didnt gave up on me.

I said today was his last working day with the prayer that he shouldnt come back any time soon and slipped away from that place thanking the admin person for his help and a silent thanks to whoever he mistook me for. For once, the mix up helped me.

Moral of the story - Channel mathara saakulayaachum other language programs paathu konjamaachum antha baashailaam kathukanum. Epo use aagumnu you can't even guess. 

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Jillunu oru kaathal kathai :) - 6

Story so far
"Have you ever fell in Love? Yaar kittayachum express pannirukkia?" asked Priya
Ram stood silent for a second.
"Ennada Ivlo Opena irukaalaynu paakaria? illa..nalla vela ivala naama kalyanam pannikalanu santhoshapadria?" asked Priya with a smile.
"If i say "for both" will you feel bad?" replied Ram with a smirk.
"Adi pinniduven. I know i am bit of a hmm..different and forthright. Athukaga atha mathavana kurai solla vida maaten. Seri..matteruku vaa..kaetta kelvikku badil sollu"
"All depends on why you want to know?"
"So that it will ease my conscious. You asked me why our marriage proposal got dropped right? My parents were adament on finalising it. Porakuraiku unga veetlenthum okay vera sollirunthaangala..and unkitta apdi enna note panni tholaichaanga therila..they were very impressed with you too. But..Naan thaan..Naan thaan venaam sonnen"
Ram stood in silence.
"Ennada..venaamnu sonnava ippo ivlo friendlya vanthu avalay pesaraalaynu paakaria. I thought you deserved to know the reason and dont know why...for some reason..felt i would feel better if i told you this."
"Oh..so..naan yaaraiyachum love pannennu solliruntha..you would feel your decision was justified? enna loosuthanama iruku ithu"
"Sorry Ram. I know i sound..and i AM.. selfish. But vera vazhi therila enakku. I was in love with someone. Atleast i thought so at that time..stupid story..want to kick myself..uhhhh "
"oh..." There was an awkward silence.
"Just oh..!! enna aaluppa nee. Either blow off in anger or show some curiosity. Ipdi rendumillaama enna oru reaction ithu. Romba decent person mathiri scene podra"
"Adipaavi..scene podrena!! Honestly i've no idea what to tell. Its not everyday a girl comes and discloses her personal life..more so her love life..even more rare when that girl happens to be the one who ditched you"
"hahahaa..somehow expected you to react like this. So en profiling of you is bit more accurate then"
"Hey..un kathaikku vaa..enna sight adikaratha vidu"
"haiioodaaa..nenappu thaan"
"Ahem...hope i am not disturbing you two" said Anil..butting into the conversation at exactly the wrong moment. Priya stood for a moment, smiled at Anil and excused herself.
"Nandhi....Karadi.... and Nee. Enna relationnu kandupudichukka"
"Sorry machaan..naanum evlovo try panni paathen. Angenthu saria ottu kekka maatenguthu. Ithuku mela closea vantha epdiyum terinjidum sollitu thaan nerlaye vanten. Party mudinji plate clean panni kooda vachitanga. Neenga rendum perum kadalai poatu mudicha paada therilaye. Apdi enna thaanda pesitruntheenga?"
Ram smilingly threw a punch at Anil's tummy and walked away.
"Adapaavi..sirikaraanay!!! Appo confirmedu..dai..machaan..wait panraa. Enna nadakkuthu inga"

Ram does his cardio with his usual systematic routine. Anil, bored with showing off his latest pair of NIKE to any gal who passed by, was posing in front of mirror.
"Machaan..6 packsla..lighta oray oru pack mattum form aagirukula"
"Dei athuku peru thaanda thoppai..ladieslaam arasa maratha suthitu adi vayitha thottu paathukara mathiri..anju nimisham tread milla ninnutu absa thottu paathukariye..itheelaam unakay overa therila"
"Dei..Arnold schwarzenegger aagareno ilayo..atleast oru Anil Sivajinagara aachum aagi kaatren. Ithu intha family pack mela promise" nu thoppai mela kai vachu sathiyam seithaan Anil.
"Unna mathiri naalu peru iruntha oorla irukara gymelaam oothi mooda vendi thaan"
"Kanna..en kathai irukatum. Un matteruku vaa. Whats going on"
"Enna whats going on?"
"Dei..Whats going on between you and Priya"
"Enna you and Priya"
"Machi..dumbellala adichay konnuruven..intha mokkai romba pazhasu"
"ok..ok..no tension. I've told you before right..antha ponnu enaku erkanavay theriyumnu..ponnu paaka poirunthen..aana allaince cancellednulaam sonnenla..atha pathi thaan pesitrunthom"
"ooooh...adipaavi..first venaam sollitu ipo okvaama"
"Ila machi..she was in love with someone then it seems.."
"huh..appo yeraatha busukkaadaa athana nerama ticket vaangitruntha? aana machi..you two look a perfect coupleda..the way you were enjoying each others company was talk of the party. Literalla naanga iruntha nenappay illaama apdi pesitruntheenga rendu perum. Honesta sollu..unakku avala pudikala?"
"Doesnt matterda"
"Ipdiye IDHAYAM Murali mathiriye thiringada elaarum. Ungalukellaam aapu thaan" endru pesikitay parking lot vanthargal iruvarum.
"Yaaruku Aappu? Enna matter?" It was Priya who was standing near her car.
"Huh..athuava..Hindila Aap na 'ungal'uku nu arthamnu sollitrunthen..bye Priya..bye Ram" ena escape aanaan Anil.
"Hey..neeyum gym variya.."
"En ponnungallaam gym varakoodaatha?"
"shabbaa...weekend enna plan?"
"Vetti thaan..nee?"
"Konjam office work iruku..atha veetlenthu panalaamnu iruken"
"Officelaye vetti thaan..atha veetlayum carry pannrathuku ivlo bitta"
"Hahahaa...catch you later..bye Priya"
She stood smiling watching him leave.

~Thodarum :)

Sunday, January 08, 2012

Aye or Nye

I am always at a lost to understand how people can so steadfastly categorise view points as either fully right or fully wrong. Especially in our patti mandram culture, even though they themselves realise the futility of their own arguments, the speakers bull headedly approach the topic as if winning their point is the sole aim of the discussion. There is a thin line of difference between discussing and arguing. The moment people want to win their point it no longer remains a discussion and in arguments you hardly have a healthy meaningful debate. Words get sharpened and pointed towards hurting others into submission rather than gaining consensus. Is there anything in this whole wide world that can ever be categorised as either wholly good or bad at all points of time? Even the most purest of emotions, mothers love, becomes hindrance for some, post the arrival of wife. And one persons nectar almost always is poison for some.

I had an interesting discussion few backs. Don't get mislead by the word 'interesting' :) Though i went grilling on with a fervor, matched only by shark after blood, the person at the other end of that conversation answered my queries patiently. There were some criticism, or should i say constructive feedback to sound politically correct, that i am bit too honest in showing my emotions for my own good. Romba over scenelaam ila. When i am angry or happy or sad or confused it just shows on my face. How much ever i try, when i am in a foul mood, i can never quite manage to hide that feeling. Ulla kovamo kaduppo vachikitu mugathula siripa vachitu pesarathu romba romba kushtam. I was suggested to do exactly the same, that you can never survive if you dont don a mask over your real self. Oru sila situationsku i can understand that. But to be honest, being truthful is a lot more easier on your memory than the fake stuff, for you dont have to remember what you spoke every single day for the rest of your life. Theva illatha prachanai. To prove my point right, my adviser got into a tangle with his wife over a chillarai matter. Like any normal hubby, he had lied to her to enjoy some guys time out with friends and when she found it out we all saw Shakespeare's quote in live action - hell hath no fury like a wife lied to. Their fight has got subsided now, but the trust foundation has taken a nice beating. There is no moral at the end of this story. It neither justifies that truth be told at all times nor against the so called fake mask. Again, it only proves that nothing can be always right or always wrong.

Even after all these years, i still cant be sure about anything. May be it was the way i was brought up. For my dad was the ultimate authority to me always. If he says anything on any topic, that was always the final word for me on it. Growing up on an environment of belief and acceptance and when i got thrown into the real world for the first time, i was confused whom to depend on. I couldnt trust anyone to create a copy of my dad's role in my life as my mentor cum trainer. Nor was i fully confident of understanding things on my own. Like every single one of you out there, my experiences shaped my beliefs. The one thing that i understood about the 'Yes' or 'No' queries that life throws at you is that, though the questions might repeat multiple times the answer is never always the same.

Tuesday, January 03, 2012

Up and running

2012 has started in a spectacular way. Hardly 5 days old and has already set the course of my life on the path  to changedom country. It all started with the Yelagiri team outing. I was initially dead against making that trip, as always for any trip, for i felt, just like the literal meaning of the word, holiday trips, trip me out of my comfort zone aka laziness. It was my friend who spoke me into getting on board and at the end of the 2 day outing i did had more fun moments to cherish than the uncomfortable ones.

One word about my friend - Leader. That one word sums him up just about perfect. There are those who become leader by nature and those who nurture it. Some are mass favorites while some stick to classy people. This man has this fine knack to balance between the both. He is the darling of his team and also of his seniors. His friends adore him. Every kid in every family who interact with him, see their role model in him. He has an energy of a 5 year old and brain of a statesmen. Never says the wrong word, almost always and always says the right word to the right person at the right time. He puts as much hours at office and compensates with equal fervor at home too. He is ferociously protective of his life work balance and is almost manic with his home party schedules.

This person has impressed the hell out of me in the last few weeks, despite having been associated with him for almost an year now. The more i got to know him personally, the more i realised, how many incidents of our lives we had in common and how diametrically opposite our reaction were towards them. We have almost similar tastes in movies and music and have similar hobbies and the more i get to know about his early days the more amazing were the coinciding situations on both our lives. But the one staring aspect was our approach. While mine was laid back with my lazy and let-it-take-its-own-course attitude this man had taken everything head on and had ensured he won each and every single one of them. Guess loosing was never part of his vocabulary. Be it sports or any official work, he would do his damnest to make it work in his favour. These alone do not make him the star he is, for his sterling quality being, how he makes everyone around him comfortable. He has this uncanny knack of gauging peoples thought and is always mentally alert. How much ever bad news it is, when he says it people are often convinced that it was not his fault and he did his best to prevent it for them. It may or might not be the real case, but somehow he always comes out smelling roses even from the dirtiest of situations. Some call him lucky, some call brand him big time political player. My gut feeling is, he is bit of both. A gambler who not just knows his cards well but is good at guessing his opponents too. His risks almost always pays off and those which bomb are never known to others. His personal life is almost an open book and everyone in the team knows his life in minutest of detail and yet no one can judge what he would do next. He always carries this iceberg like persona, the bulk of which is hidden from view.

The reason for such a big puraanam about him is that, its not always you get to see the sceneries on  road not traveled in your life. I happen to have that lucky view in getting to understand his life. Today happens to be his birthday. Here is tonnes of wishes for lot more success and happiness in his life. May his zest for life never be quenched.