Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Wall street 2

It was a typical english movie watch for me. "Dhool" padathula vivek solra mathiri vaaaya polanthutu paathuturnthen, without understanding half the dialogs. This movie would be best reviewed by Thalai ramesh i believe :)

I've seen "Wall Street - 1" with equal enthusiasm as preparing for my physics exams. All i could remember was "Greed is good" and Michael Douglas. This movie has its share of punch lines too..best being "Greed is not just good..its legal now". Years after, i am proud to say, i retain the same sense of (mis)understanding for share market and capitalism. This may be one of those movies i've ever seen without understanding more than half the dialogs. I would like to believe that the Americans at least would be able to relate to the lingo used in it much better than me.

The movie has interesting set of characters. None of them are totally good or totally bad. You simply can't love or hate anyone in the movie. It has got an interesting storyline where in the nice guy from scene one becomes bad in scene ten and the victor in one scene becomes vanquished in another. The story has the recent wall street meltdown as the backdrop and the story writer has tried to cleverly put in some human elements in it. But they stand out like sore thumb and never look more out of place when compared to the backdrop. But bereft of these the story would've been as dry as chennai water pumps in summer. The ending couldnt have been more cinematic.

There is a voice over scene which wonders on what is insanity and compares it with share market and people who invest on trust. I feel its legalised banking at its best and is a breeding ground for greed. People dont believe in god but put their faith on peice of paper which they believe will increase in its worth and will make them rich. They throw good money after bad and for them its all a game. Pity its these guys who decide the fate of the zillion others who are content in watching these guys play around with their money. At times i feel compelled to join the game. But sanity has prevailed till now. But bereft of options for an alternate source of income, who knows..in twenty years time..there might be a movie called "Dalal street" with a character called Gilsu :) Padam odutho ilayo..adi vangarathuku minna i the apeet :)


Ramesh said...

H Ha ! Among my "many" talents, seeing a movie and reviewing is not one of them !!! Haven't watched either I or II. I am of the firm belief that Hollywood or Bollywood must stay fa away from the business world - having no clue of it ( witnessed by the fact that most movie studios are bust).

But if there is ever a Dalal Street with Gilsu as the hero, I promise to see the first show and write a rave review. Gilsu as hero and Asin or Andrea as heroine !!!!!

Anonymous said...

avvvvvv...andrea heroinea!!! ithu nannarukkay :) (gils adding more scenes to dream sequence :D)

RamMmm said...

Thalai Ramesh (why not Inaiya Thalapathy Ramesh, wow! I am amazed I could pun this) is being slowly corrupted by the gils/zeno duo with the contemporary movie lasses database.

Adhu yaenga 20 varusham wait pannanum. ippovae nadinga, one or two yearsla, illainna the person in the movie below will come in your dreams!. (yaar yaar ellaamo nadikka varraanga. Search for "Anandha Thollai", yabbaa)

Anonymous said...

inaiya thalapathi...woww...soooberu :) inimay ivara IT ramesh thalainu thaan koopdanum :)

anandha thollaiya!!! avvvvvvvv..google adicha thaan teriuthu ...baaas....unga movies naaledj paathu me the mei silirthings!!!

R-ambam said...

gilss.. epdi gils puriyatha padathukku kooda purinja alavula review eluthi..kaapathureenga.. vaazhga!!