Saturday, February 27, 2010

Vinnai thaandi varuvaayaa--review

Before the movie review..makkalay..pona posta pathutu mothama naan blog worldlenthu apeet aagarennu santhosha patta makkaluku..ungala avlo easya nimmathia iruka udra idea lethandi :) Uncanny sonna mathiri thirutu proxy ushaar panra velaila theevirama eranga vendi thaan :D Now for the review.

This is not a once-in-a-life-time-never-before-told story sort of a movie. Inum solanumna..its so simple that, i can bet you there would be atleast one friend in your gang whose life story would match frame by frame with this one. The story is so simple..dialogues so major twists (Except for the ending..grrrrrrr). Apramum intha padathula pudikara mathiri enna iruku?? me..i felt the natural nature of the movie is its strength. No hype..over the top emotions..unwanted sentiments..everything is measured. Gautam menon even pokes fun at himself at some scenes. Its a simple tamil Hindu tenant boy, who is aspiring movie director, falling in love with Mallu christian landlord's girl, who is a programmer in Polaris. Climaxla avanga serarangala ilaya? athaan kathai. The way in which its told is what i felt might make the movie tick.

I pinched myself before typing this. I know i would regret typing these lines...aaarrrghh.. Sombu is actually good in the movie. At times he even looks like karan johar (avvvvv...kalikaalam!!) Enakenamo he would felt so easy to fit into this role, considering his romantic escapades. The way he delivers the dialouges are also so natural. Not the forced veral aatra sombu in his other movies. This one is a path breaker for him and he hasnt disappointed. He is beleivable as the love sick chocolate boy who falls head over heels for Trisha. And Trisha!!!! avvvvvvvvvvvv...never have plain white saree with a simple dark color on the border looked so sexy and chic!! She is adorably cute and looks a million bucks. (rt..i cudnt believe u managed to notice the way she walked!! i thought she was floating throughout :D ok..gils..control control) Her character is majorly confused though. Sujathavoda "Anithavin Kathalgal"la vara heroine mathiri Gautam try panirukar nenakren. At times she is so sure of what she wants and next moment she is so confused. Looks apart..she barely shows any emotion on her face. Even the best scene of the movie, to me, when they meet again in London, there is hardly any emotion on her otherwise plastic face. Sombu kuda vara sidekick character!! WOW..amazing guy. He doesnt say punch dialogues. Not even comic dialogues for that matter. But the situations he get into and the tone with which he speaks brings genuine laughter. Nicely characterised.

ARR!!! No wonder he won all those awards. For a change..the background music was particulary good and very different from his usual movies. Songs are already chartbusters and you would love them even more after watching the movie. The second half of the movie, where sombu tries to direct a movie is interestingly picturised and nicely sets things up for the twist in the end..which was a real dampner for me :( This movie simply ooozes with romance and guess what..trish and sombu combo actually has gud chemistry on screen. To borrow lines from Porkodi, If you liked Gautam's first movie, "Minnale" which incidentally is a movie i will never forget in my life :), you will end up liking this one too. Its a simple feel good romantic movie, with good..sorry..great songs and some nice looking lead pair. Mast movie to chillout over a tub of popcorn.

Gils review: Go watch it :)

Friday, February 26, 2010


Memories!! Weird things these are. Makes you feel happy n sad at the same time!! Was clearing my mailbox today. Came across so many mails which made me smile so much that i actually felt bad while deleting them. It made me realise how much i am going to miss all these people. Not that i am in direct touch with them 24 X 7. Still the thought that, they are reachable whenever i want to was always comforting. Even now, there is not going to be any change in that aspect. Still some lingering pain is there for reason unknown. May be familiarity breeds pain also..apart from contempt??!! Like people facing death who couldnt think of anything bad about anyone and only love for others, i cant think of any bad thing to console my mind that i am doing the right thing. Its the difficult choice of choosing between two bests. I hope i am doing the right thing, my heart says a loud Yes. Anyways..people around me have always set very high expectations for me to follow which i never would be is a different matter altogether. I've been given unconditional love and care and respect way beyond what i deserve which has sort of lulled me into a permanent state of sedationary comfort. It never hurts to be pampered isnt it :)

You bloggees have always been a major source of inspiration for me. I've been always amazed at the way in which most of you adjust to transformations and changes and still manage to come out smelling roses!! Hope i can manage something similar in my life too :) After today, not sure when i would be returning back to Blogging..if at all i do..will catch up with you all on the updates.

Till then..sayanora..adios..astlavista folks.

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

3 Loves of my life


Obviously the post has been titled this way to misguide you and to draw more hits to my blog :D But yeah..true to the title this post is about the 3 lovely maidens who have traced through my entire lifespan till date.

"Singara" Chennai:

I would be lying if i speak up for the whole of chennai. Let me be precise here and stick to MYLAPORE. Whenever i think of that place, Belinda Carlisle's "Heaven on earth" song plays in the background. Its not that i get goose pimples the moment i step down there :D but something similar to that effect i should say :). A sense of security..a feeling that.."YES..i am in a place where i can manage come what may"...a place which really makes me feel at home. Whats there that make me hold it in such high esteem?? In early 90's.. for close to 5 years it went through acute water shortage..with people where running helter skelter to "procure" a bucket of water in the middle of the night. Residents of the houses where water was coming became instant friends and for a brief period caste, religion everything was forgotten when survival became the issue. Still..the point one left the place!!! Rents didnt come down. Square feet rate kept on increasing!!! Plots got sold even before the existing houses where demolished. The amazing thing about that place is, people think of Kapaleeswara temple at the mention of Myalpore or Santhome church which form the 2 extremes and sandwiched in between are 2 mosques!! Touchwood ..till date there are no issues of any tension between any of the communities. Every sect of christian church can be found dotting the line towards Marina beach and we evenhave a jain temple also for that matter close by to Kapali temple. The entire place is such a close knit family. Every house will have atleast one person who would've spent 50 or more years in Myalpore and would be knowing every single building with its history!! My family has been there for 4 generations and part of one of the oldest families still in the locality. I did all of my schooling..colleging and for 2 decades it was the center of the universe for me. And then came Banglore.

The beauty called Bengalooru:

During my school friends who went to Bangalore for vacation used to say so much about the climate of Bangalore that in my imagination that place was akin to switzerland with lot more snow :) so much for my geo knowledge :) I might still have million miles to go.. but when i get time to turn back and view my journey called life (ajcl madam pls excuse :D )..the starting milestone would definitely be here only. My world expanded with a big Bang(lore) :) lot of very good friends and acquaintances...over night life changed and everything for the better. I was lucky to join the best ever workplace, filled with so many lovely people that it hardly felt like office :). I got the best managers to work under who were more like mentors to me than managers. My team was/is more close to my heart than even most of my relatives. I can put my neck on the block and say they are the best ever colleagues one can ever get :) a lot of them became friends for life. Bangalore, to me, is the most romantic city i've ever been. Its hard not to fall in love being in Bangalore :) oh yeah. I fell in love with that city :) It may not have the same charm now, getting overcrowded, loosing its greens and maddening traffic. But i remember only the good things about it :) I thought i could never ever settle in any other place apart from Banglore or chennai. Then i met Mumbai- the maximum city.

Mummmmbaaaaaaiiii- The city of dreams:

My love affair with Mumbai began in typical filmy fashion. Hated this city at first sight. Had horrible experiences one after another. Slowly reconciled and now it feels like home :) Till i came here, i used to wonder in disbelief how can one eat vada with bread!!! And now its almost my staple diet!! :D Have fallen in love mouth over paav :) For a city which is known for its traffic snarls and crowds, i manage to commute around 12 kms in under half hour!! The place where i am located is strategically placed from my office and has the maximum bus routes and share autos plying in that area!!! I got the most devoted group of roomies here (soru podra deivangala muraichika koodathula) who take such good care of me. At times i wish, given no choice, i might even settle here. But my first love's tug is bit too much of a pull to neglect.

So.. here i am.. completing my circle of life and going back to chennai. In all probability.. next week, this time, it would be Chennai time.. again :) New adventure beckons. So long folks. Catch you all from chennai :)

Saturday, February 20, 2010

MNIK - review

King Khan rules the frames in MNIK. The movie tagline could've been "My Name is Khan..i am all over the movie". Barely 13 people came for the show i went. So much for the hype. I think by protesting against the movie, shivsena infact, helped it gain undue publicity. If they had requested, demanded rather, a free preview, like in all their other cases previously, they would've known this is one movie, where the crowds would be absent and whatever antics they show would hardly get any visibility. Is it a bad movie then?

Actually no. By this time you would've got the gist of the story. Its an autistic muslim vs American mindset post 9/11. The premise though not something brand new, the screenplay has its own original sequences. The confrontation between Kajol and SRK, where she blames their marriage for the death of her son. Thats one really original scene i felt. Kajol suffers from Kabhi kushi Kabhi gham in many scenes. But considering she hardly does any movies these days, she is amazingly natural. But the movie belongs to Badshah Khan. He hams so much in his movies, he is a born "hamster". SRK movies are known for their candy floss romantic scenes, hummable (though similar sounding) songs, same dance steps irrespective of the song and infact he used to carry the same name too, across movies. Bollywood, though full of many a muslim superstar, hardly provides superhit movies with a muslim character in lead role. SRK would be distinctively remembered for his Kabir,the sad, khan role in Chak de India. He rocked big time in the movie and i had goose pimples watching the climax India-Aus hockey match.In this movie, he takes the role of muslim hero to whole new levels. Its hammered across every single frame that the hero is a devout muslim and such people hardly hurt a bee (YES. There is a scene where SRK preaches against cell phone usage for it might kill bees!! Would be interesting to see him in the next Airtel commercial :D ) At first his mannerisms seem a tad irritating. But the movie stretching for more than one and half hours on either side of interval, it grows on you. The first night scene between SRK and Kajol and his request to bed her...WOOOOHOO..for a minute Mohabbat man Khan cast a shadow over the autistic one :D

First half drags a bit with Khan's childhood story. Second half is a tad faster. In fact, had Kjo decided to make this a la Harry potter series, he could've shot an episode like, KHAN vs Katrina hurricane ( where SRK single handedly fights against flood caused by hurricane and saves a village) KHAN vs American mentality ( One stay in jail and one phone call about possible suspects and after effects of the hurricane episode, makes Khan overnight celebrity on par with US president) KHAN vs American president (supposedly Obama lookalike who resembles tiger woods more). The final episode would showcase the might of Khan compared to the newly elected-first ever african american president. All throughout the movie, Khan tries to meet president, only to get beaten up by cops, stabbed with knife and what not. In the end, typical Bollywood style, the president comes to meet Khan (maybe more out of fear that he might take over his presidency on popular demand??!!) There are so many other characters in the movie, like Jimmy shergill (SRK's bro..who with his "mehanath" builds a thriving business and leaves autistic SRK to take care of sales!!! so much for business acumen!!) some well known faces, who come just for a scene to mouth dialogues supporting King Khan's quest to meet the president. There is that "jaane tu Jaane na" cute girl who comes for 2 3 scenes carrying mike for her news reporter boyfriend. Background score rocks!! Shankar ehsaan loy reserves their best for Kjo movies it seems!!

The movie, though suffering from the saccharineness of Kjo, does raises some disturbing questions. Its true that the world has started looking at people with excess hair on the facial region a lot differently nowadays and farther west, the tanned you are, banned you are in many places. Just to prove these wrong sentiments right, there is an increasing number of people who belong to that branded category doing all these wrong deeds. We all so convieniently forget that, there are other people too, born innocent, leading innocent life who suffer because of these general brandishing of people based on their sect, color and religion. Inside India, we might be divided by many a barrier. But once you step outside into the so called civilised world, they hardly know the difference between a hindu/sikh/muslim/buddhist. To them its all one and the same - people who dont look like them or carry a name like them. The world is becoming increasingly polarised and decreasingly a small place to live in. The clash of civilisations is inevitable and as the natures law with everything else, it would be the survival of the fittest. Tolerance and love can delay the end a bit. But again, who will resist a good kick.

Review: My name is gils and i liked the movie.

Thursday, February 18, 2010

Enna koduma saaar ithu!!!!

We are a group of 5 who share our apartment. Usually me and one more guy are the last to the leave the house everyday morning. Yesterday, the one who used to leave first for office, didnt come home till 11. I went to sleep after the usual book reading session at around 11.30. When i woke up i saw it was only me who was still lying on the mat while even the guy who leaves for office along with me, had already started folding his bed!! I was feeling very tired and sleepy and was in two minds whether i should take off or go late. Still managed to crawl..brushed teeth half sleeping and swtiched on the geyser. I turned back to see, suddenly it was pitch dark outside the bathroom!! Since the light was On inside, it wasnt power cut and i came out to see what was wrong. The guy who folded his bed, had moved to the hall and was again asleep!! Then only i noticed, it was dark outside the balcony too!!! I checked the time. It was 3AM!!! BOOOOHOOOOOOO!!! SOB SOB SOB!!! That useless guy afterwards told me that, he wasnt feeling sleepy inside the room as there were lot of mosquitoes and had actually shifted to hall to sleep :(((( poor gils..all brushed up and ready to take bath at 3!!! avvvvvvvvvv... i was feeling fresh, hungry and thirsty at the same time. Again went back to book reading for a while and didnt knew when i fell asleep.
India todayla gilsku matum en ithelam nadakuthu!!! :((

Sunday, February 14, 2010

Best romantic dialogues..EVER

Love and Freedom of expression in times of Sena wud've been apt title for this post :)

Thought i would watch MNIK and post its review to show my protest. Since i couldn't i settled for watching re-runs of the usual mushy movies which they show year after year in Star and HBO. I was waiting for Nottinghill, Harry met sally, Autumn in NY, Sweet November, You've got mail and Pretty woman. Surprisingly except for the last one, none of the other movies featured in any of the channels!!! Maybe the channel guys themselves got bored :D Anyways..these movies have become part and parcel of my movie watching gene that i've mugged up most of their dialogues by now :D Here are some for you to cherish and enjoy. Without googling..let me see how many of these you can identify and how many more you could add :)

" I love that you get cold when it's 71 degrees out,
I love that it takes you an hour and a half to order a sandwich,
I love that you get a little crinkle above your nose when you're looking at me like I'm nuts,
I love that after I spend a day with you I can still smell your perfume on my clothes and
I love that you are the last person I want to talk to before I go to sleep at night. And it's not because I'm lonely, and it's not because it's New Years Eve. I came here tonight because when you realise you want to spend the rest of your life with somebody, you want the rest of the life to start as soon as possible. "

Jerry: "I love you. You... complete me."
Dorothy: "Shut up. Just shut up. You had me at "hello".

Lady voice: "He jumped on the car"
1st male: "Oh My God why?"
2nd male: "Because that's what people do.
They leap and hope to God they can fly.
Because otherwise...we just drop like a rock...
wondering the whole way down:
Why in the hell did I jump?" But here I am, Sara, falling.And there's only one person that makes me feel like I can fly. That's you.

William: You live in Beverly Hills. Everyone in the world knows who you are."
Anna: "I'm also just a girl, standing in front of a boy, asking him to love her."

"Love means never having to say you're sorry."

Tuesday, February 09, 2010

Babies day out :D

Last sunday went for my friend's kid 2nd bday party. They had invited all their neighbours and other friends to club it as a getogether event. In 2 days time their kid had grown so fond of me that the moment he saw me came running to me and took me to his new friends for intro :) I dunno what he told them in his broken language. But considering the after effects i guess it must've been something like below.

"Yaruda ithu" one of the kids ask this guy
"machaan..oru allakkai maatirukaan..freeya irunthena sollu..aala paatha anju farex dabbava oray gulpla adikaravan mathiri irukaan..evlo imsai pannalum thaanguvaan nenakren"
"apdiya..test panni pathiruvom"

Ten thousand blue blistering barnacles and thundering typhoons to all those parents who didnt come to the resuce of hapless gils. Adutha 1 hour..thenara thenara gummi. One is pulling my specs..another one climbing on my shoulders..two of them playing sarukku maram on my scientist kid did something to my timex expedition watch and god knows what he did..the date has got advanced by 1 day. How much ever i try to bring it back its not coming. (I mean the digital display not the keyed one!!) One saathu kid was standing alone. Aio pavamay..ivlo cutea chamatha veshamam pannama irukaanaynu NAMBBBIII avan kita oru toya thooki poten. He threwed it back at me. Suddenly throw-watever-comes-to-your-hand-at-gils became a popular game. Apovachum antha parents nagaranumay..uhumm..ukkantha edathulenthu lighta siripoda oru sound. "Chintu..dont do that quietly"

adapaavigala..oruthan usiruku quietlya!! enakenamo ivankitenthu satham varama ivana poatu thallidunganu idea kudutha mathiri irunthichi.

Then came lunch. By that time..i was so damn tired ..dint realise that it was just one hour since i entered the scene. Felt like an year. one kid was adamant that i should feed him. I felt so happy :) and took up that task little knowing what was coming at me. Soon every kid wanted me to feed them. What followed next was a spillathon. Within minutes every available walking space was filled with chocolate cream cake and jeera from gulab jamun. I think i averaged 3 teaspoons per kid :D
Now for the best part of the day. Lunch. Me and my friend sat for lunch. Bhabhi first gave me 2 gulab jamun. The moment she turned back..two kids came running and snatched the sweet from my plate. I asked bhabhi for one more serving. She said "gils..neria sweet sapdaatha..already u r over weight..unaku 2 thaan" solitu she went into kitchen :(

(moral of the incident..dieticianuku padicha ponna kalayanam pannapdaathu)

Post lunch session i was better prepared. I more or less found out what each of those cute lil devils are after and gave them some task or other to occupy their otherwise uncontrollable mind. When it came time to leave..most of the apartment kids stayed at my friends house itself and we were busy playing :) Their parents, thanking their lucky stars for the precious free time available for them, took a break for siesta.

I had a blast of time with them. I learnt how to construct railway track with station and signpost!!! Never ever have played that game and maaaan!!! its really tuff!! how can kids manage to build that?? or can they really?? it took time for me and i felt like Lalu and mamata combined wen my train started chugging :D I created so much ruckus that bhabhi came..sushed me and went back to sleep!! Evening, while leaving, one kid came near me and asked me to lift him up. Serii..etho secret solapoguthu polanu thooki vachikita he planted a sweet kiss on my cheek and laughed heartily. Soon the procession started. Every kid wanted to kiss me :D :D That one minute will directly go into my treasure chest of precious moments :)

I went back to my room with my heart light as feather. A day well spent :)

P.S: i heard from my friend that the apartment people where enquiring if i wud be visiting him coming weekend also!!! I slept like a log the whole day next day. Orunaal intha kuttipisaasunga kuda meichathukay i was dead tired. Poor creche teachers and playschool teachers. Kovil katti kumbidanum avangalalaam.

Friday, February 05, 2010

Review time again :)

Dear candidate,
You've been shortlisted for the role of guardian angel of one urupadatha guy. Please consider this as my humble request and release me from this trouble. Puniyama pogum.

Guardian angel of Gils.

I wouldnt be surprised if mine really sends out an ad like this. Round the clock protecting me with all alphabet category security :D Fell again from bus today, this time sheerly my carelessness, talking on phone and trying to catch running bus...fell down and more than the scratches, the stares of saga biryanis was too much to bear. Silenta.. niminthu kooda paakama came back home. Bad donkey small wall mathiri, after cleaning the scratches, saw two movies back to back :) and both were impressive :D so here comes the review.

Intha padatha paathaa oru vela scratches inum eriyumo nu doubt irunthichi. Still decided to give it a try as i liked the comedy clips and 2 songs from this movie. Nice hummable tunes. But guess what..right from scene one..the movie was pretty decent and except for Rahman's character rest are pretty good too :) Its definitely a masala entertainer but with a bit brainy climax. Aspiring movie hero, Jai, (from village/moffusil area?) comes to chennai to stay with his Cameraman friend Santhanam. Duly falls in love with heroine (cute one..mix of Trisha and Lot of Neha Dupia :D). In his quest to ape weird characters, gets trapped by Rahman into a murder case. How he escapes is told in a Quentin Tarantino sort of climax. Lakshmi rai stays alive in all bikini scenes and dies in the only scene where she is fully dressed. Moral of the character: give me bikini or give me death?? Anyway..timepass movie. SUNTVla poata miss panama parunga. Not worth buying DVD also.. as its already pretty old release.

Sinthanai Sei:
Ithu toppu. There is one song in this movie.."Kalakaaraan..kalakaaraan". Everyday morning, my roomies use to keep Sun Music and this one would be playing in that. Hated the song for first few days but began liking the tune after being forced to hear it on a daily basis. Simpla solanumna..plot of movie is a desi mix of Inside man (denzel washington bank robbery movie) and Jonny Gaddar. Very very dark movie.But very decently made. Had they removed one or two songs the movie would've been even more taut. 3 classmates plus two more classmates..all wastrels in life..rob a bank, just like that. In the end, as Agatha christie would say, And there were none. Hero'es character is the first of its sort i've ever seen. Wonder if any established hero could've even dreamt of playing this character!! Nice thriller.. But very very negative and dark story. I think the script writer would've used grey color to even pen the dialogues!!

Monday, February 01, 2010

Gentleman gils

God created men. Tailors created Gentlemen.

Not sure if i got the quote correct..but i guess you would've got the drift. Our society (read nagging parents/siblings/friends/colleagues and HR policies) expects us to be formal or atleast formally dressed on most of the occasions and urs truly belong to those species who wont be caught dead in a suit. And that particular day being friday, THE supposedly casual dress day (meaning anything from kerchief to bed sheet for females and checked shirts allowed for guys in my workplace)..i walked in wearing my fav green tee shirt and faded blue jean which had long given up hope of seeing any precipitation of any sort apart from sweat.

Right from the moment i stepped out of my house i had a nagging feeling that something was not quite right. No..i didnt step out without my pants. But something was amiss. I could feel it. The moment i entered my office campus i realised..i had worn my tees inside out. I thought i will directly go to the rest room and change. Then a thought came. So much is being said and commented about the thing we wear. I wanted to check how many really bother to notice and pinpoint that i was wearing my tees the wrong way. I steeled myself for possible embarrassing comments from potential comment makers and boldly went past them. No one could spot any change. I often used to voice out (also heard as blah blah) my opinion on the so called dress code. So was expecting quite a few barbs. Till lunch no one even seemed to notice any difference. I was so happy to feel vindicated and was barely able to control my urge to point out the irony to them.

I targeted the post lunch tea break. When almost all the usual suspects rounded up i proudly proclaimed that, none of them had noticed that i had worn it the wrong way, while they always insist on the way people dress and all gyan. After 15 minutes of non-stop bashan, the gal who was standing next to me, politely said, "Dearie..this is not the first time you are coming like this..but the first time YOU had actually noticed that you are wearing it wrong"

I am still searching for a decent replacement for that piece of anatomy called nose which had suffered serious damage after that incident, broken into a million pieces.