Friday, August 29, 2008

A for apple tag

Heartukulla sparklers vachu post podra
Divs sonna relay post ikkada choodu..

(Ella pudu hindi songsum sattu putunu dload panna super site. Pak Adslam edakoodama irukum)

(Bus routelam terinjika..havent used it much..but nalla irukunu makkal sonanga)
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(ungalayum ennaiyum thavira etha venumnalum search panni dload pannikalam)

(ocla book padika sooper site)

(semma cute games irukara site..nalla timepass)


gmail,google takkunu thonuthu..itha thavirana..hmmm

H (pudusa ethuvum thonala) (another cute site)

I (intha site design panna puniyavan pallanadu vazhga) (ella padathoda review and rating paaka)

J ( oc movie watch)


L ( networking site)

(enniki ithula id create paneno..anilenthu share market down..vedikkai paaka id create pannathukay intha epectna..hmm...athen share marketa bulls n bearsoda compare panranga..nyayapadi snakes and laddersoda than solanum)


R (readers digest)


T (F.R.I.E.N.D.S all season transcripts available)

V (tabu sankar pakkangal used to be my fav web page)

W (oc padams again)

X (yet another networking site)


i the maati utifying complan gal , mugamudi and shalini


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Sunday, August 24, 2008

Padithathil pidithathu

Krubaanandha vaariar speeches ketrukeengala? Silathulam romba witty and cutea irukum. Oru thadava avar kita "Pullyaar pudika Kurangaal mudinjuthu" solrangalay apdina ennanu oruthar ketaar. "Mahabarathatha Vyaasar solla solla first copy ezhuthinathu pullyar. Vyasar solra speeduku ezhutharathukaga than Dhandhathai konjam udaichi avar kathai ezhithinaram. Yuthakaandam mudivila arjunanoda kodila iruntha Hanumar therai vittu kizhay eranga, athu varaikum antha ther mela paaintha ambugaloda theevirathala, theray erinji poacham. Apdi pullyar kai pidichi ezhuthina Baaratham..hanumaroda mudiyara mathiri solratha thaan..pullyar pudika kurangal mudinthathunu" solratha avar solvar.

Athey flowla innoru kathai.

Oru samayam Arjunan paaka krishnar vanthaaram. Semma kadupula irukara arjunana paathu
"enna matter arjuna..naalarai paalula kalapadama"
"kalaaikatheenga krishna...nanay kadupula iruken.."
"enna prachanai..en kita sollu..."
"nanum evlovo thaana dharmam panren..nethu kuda 100 peruku saapadu poten..munthina naal 1000 peruku dress eduthukuduthen..200 jodiku ilavasa thirumanamlam senju vachen"
"niruthu niruthu..mannar aatchila election vara pogutha enna?"
"kelunga krishna..naan evlo dhaanam pannalum en per edupada matenguthu..elarum antha karnanai thaan kodai vallalnu solranga"
"oh...ithaan mattera" endravaray...than thirukaram neeti oru pon malaiyai uruvaakarar.
"Itho paar..thangathaala ana malai..ithai vachu..varavangalukelam thangathai thaanam sei.."
Udanay kadaparaiyum kaiyuma kalathula erangina Arjunan..antha pakkam vantha vangalukelam..thangathai vetti kuduka arambichan.
Adhikaalaila aarambichavan pozhuthu sayaravaraikum thangathai vetti kuduthum konjamum kuraiyama valanthukitay irunthathu antha malai.
Mudivil.."usssss...eba..semma tired krishna..paatheengala..evlo thangam vetti kuduthennu..ipo solunga..naan thana bestu vallal?" endru perumaiyodu ketaan arjunan.
"konjam wait pannu..atho karnan varan par..avan enna panraanu pakalam.."
Krishanarum arjunanum nirpathai paathu "hi guys..enna panreenga" endru visarithavaray vanthan karnan.
"Karna..oru poatti..itho paar ponaal aana malai..ithilirunthu thangathai thanama tharanum...mudivu enannu apruma solren"
"Ivlo thana matter..sure" endru karnan sollikondiruntha samayam antha pakkam oru aal vara.."aiya intharungal intha ponmalaiyai ungaluku thanama tharen..vangikunga" apdinu solli motha malaiyaiyum thaarai vaarthu koduthan karnan.
"Ok..aachu..aprum" endru adutha part ennanu ketaan karnan. Krishnar arjunanai paathu punnagaikka..
"Poati mudinjidichi karna..nee than jeyicha" enru manthara paratinan arjunan.

Friday, August 22, 2008

Career women Vs Home makers- part 2

A family with 2 earning members definitely enjoys its financial benefits. But there are certain people who fear that it would mean dilution of the male domination. Head of the family, till date, in our social system, has been either the earning member or the eldest in the family. When two people of almost same age get married and if both go to work, fat chance that there might be ego clashes. Maybe in future we might see terms like arms of the family, legs, eyes and kidneys for the sake of satisfying egoes ;)

In the same talk show there were ladies who wanted to go to work but couldnt due to protesting hubbies and family members. Their main complaint was that, despite being qualified or already serving in a job of their choice, marriage was the reason why they couldnt fullfill their career ambitions. And many claimed that despite having kids and responsibility towards the elders in their family they argued that they would be able to manage their careers.

There is another intersting yet difficult angle which was subdued by sounds of rationality. Velaiku pora ponnungalam thimir pudichavanga. Veetuku adanga maatanga. So better option is not allowing them to work after marriage apdinulam silar argue pannanga. Ithu outrighta reject panna vendia oru thinkinga irunthalum oru iota of unmai irukaratha vachu yosichu paatha..well..kaila kaasu iruntha oru thani confidence athuva varathu thaan unmai. Athai thimurunu solli working ladiesa adaki vaikrathu nyayam ilainalum it definitely creates more complexities. And that too if the wife earns more than her hubby.. god forbid.

On one side, it would be a real waste of their potential if they have to sit at home after earning all required professional qualifications, feeling bored to death, doing the mundane, but no less important, daily tasks. On the other hand, the very foundation of our family system is built on parents and its always assumed that the lady of the house always gives the mother in her, first priority against her own wishes and dreams. Be it the founder of Infy or any successful man, there is always the woman who has silently strangled her own ambitions and dreams.

To avoid such deadlocks people should sit and discuss clearly as to what they want to be and for how long is it sustainable. One maynot be always able to decide and foresee all situations. But the fact that they have set the thought process rolling would be a definite postive first step. If it can be reasonably established that a decent living can be enjoyed with one persons salary itself its better for the other spouse to take care of home, now whose head should be the on the chopping block is something which is onesided at present and its always the ladies who quit their jobs for their family.

However liberal or rebellious in mindset a guy maybe, the day that he sits at home taking the role of a home maker while sending his wife to work, maynot be possible even in the next century. I mean the real positive people and not the drunkards and similar invalids. "Udhyogam purusha lakshanam" is something OWNED by right by the menfolk ever since they evolved. Not an easy one to relinquish. And even the ladies are mesmerised into thinking that the menfolk SHOULD be the bread winners. Will we seeing such a mature society in future where women lead the way with active support from men?? I really dont see it happening in my lifetime atleast :)

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Carrer women Vs Home makers - part 1

Should Women go to work after marriage? which is better suited for a woman post marriage? being a home maker or being a career oriented woman? This has been the hot topic in the talk shows in the past two weeks. Raging debates, with active participation from both men and woman, talking for and against the view. Everyone talked with their personal experience as proof/reason for their view. Several interesting points came up.

One main point, almost all the people who participated were either teachers/lecturers or IT people or Bankers. There was very little or no representation from other industries. May be these are the sectors which heavily employ women? Definitely not i should say. Infact, i read in a magazine. According to some survey, job for women apdina udanay first thonara jobs ennava irukumnu ketrukaanga. The result was predominantly in favour of front office personnel/models based on their looks (this brought lot of criticism but a real fact), nurses following close second with teachers coming a distant third.

There were many points raised by working women, who didnt want to go to work because they said, they missed being with their children when their kids needed them and also that they miss seeing them grow, uttering their first words, unable to go out with their hubbies or spend time with their inlaws (ithu mega dupe). When a guy goes for work..he misses all these things too. Wonder why no one asked a dad as to how he feels to miss his kids first utterences and things like that. Motherhood is saintly. Divine. No questions asked or no criticism raised. Agreed. But give some thought to a dads plight also, people.

All these days women liberation, equality, same pay.. all those stuff were there and were quite rightly fought for. Now that women are into almost all the fields as men are, why the cribbing that they miss their motherhood. The fact which irks me is that, its really people who can afford to send their kids to a creche or daycare center are the ones who crib the loudest. Imagine the plight of garment/export office lady workers or those into construction jobs, daily wagers and all. The fact is that they dont even have a representation itself says volumes of their plight. People talk of empowering women with work. Well these people are not working to establish their "empowerment" but rather are forced to do such hardwork for their daily bread. Does anyone questions them as to how do they feel when they are not around to hear their new borns first word?? Whether they are working out of choice or for want of a better living?

P.S: Ending extended to part 2 :D

Monday, August 18, 2008

Celebration time :)

Supershankingara blog vandiyoda rearview mirrorla paatha..oru kutti milestone with number 201nnu kannula patuchu.. ADA...200 post thaanditomanu oray kushiaaidichi..athey samayathula ithunala baadhipu adainja silapala victims and naan virumbi padikara sila blogs pathi oru naalu vaaratha poadrathu thaan panna pavathuku parigaram panra seyalaa irukumnu here we go.

Ambi the vambi:

Ivara pathi introductionay thevailaingarathala intro sectionla ivara pathiye potruken..ammanchinu pera vachitu maanji maanji kaamedi post poduravar. Vaarthaila velaadi mokka podrathu easya panidlam aana real life incidentsaye kamedia solra theramasaali ivar. Thirulnelvelila alwaku aduthabadi famousaana dishna ivaroda kesari thaan. Sariya panlaina kuda sari nu solika kudia dish athu onnu thangarathalaya therila. Sapdrathuku munnadi uyil eluthi vachidrathu saala siranthathu.

Megaserial magadevi:

part 1 Ivanga real peru ennana..thodarum
part 2 D..thodarum
part 3 I..thodarum
part 4 V..thodarum
part 5 Y..adutha partil mudivurum

Udanay part 6 nenacheengala..anga thaan thappu panreenga...oru rendu varam wait pannanum. Finala

part 6 A.

2020la India vallarasagutho ilayo..megaserial azhiyathu..azhiyavum.. vida maatennu namma gabtun stylela ivanga urthimozhi eduthirukarathaga kelvi. Serious matter apart..Hindi padathuku aduthabadia..naalu lineku title vachu..padathulalam vara mariye inbetween dialogues paatulam poatu..thedi pudichi suit agara mari photoslam poatu..oru mini movie paatha effect irukum ivanga postslalam. Ivanga kudukara relationship tips vachu oru talk showay nadathalum. Mathabadi Nallavanga vallavanga..Naaapathum therinjavanga.

Kanakku teacher Ramya:

Ivangala pathi ethachum kindal panna stand up on the benchu and "one one saar two"nu tablesa opika vachiduvangalonu bayama iruku. Adhunaala i the silent.


moonu gram (3g) pera vachikitu tonne kanakana fun personna athu ivanga than. Enakenamo BOYS padathula vara senthil characteruku ivanga thaan inspirationo nu romba naala oru doubt. Evlo otinalum asaratha gunathula Pazhaiya Pallavan busku aduthabadi ivanga thaan.

Madhavi pandhal:

Thanneer panthal..Mor panthal..en rosemilk panthal kooda kelvi patruken. Athenna madhavi pandhal?? oruvelai hindikaranga bloga irukumo nenachu url a thatina!!! oothuvathi vasaniyoda karpoora manam gamakka oray bakthimayamana post. Infact ivar postlam padikarachay shoeva kazhativachitu ezhunthu ninnu kannathula poatukitu thaan padikarathu. Comment adikara section pakkam porathukelam queula ninu ticket vanganum. Edakudama nakkala solita ummachi aprum kanna usually read and apeet. Inga, oru bloga oatrathukay nora thalluthu. Ivaroda blog listingsay pakkam pakkama oduthu. Arumaiyaana aanmeega pathivar. Suthamaaana tamizhla bakthi mayam sotta sotta ezhutharar. 63 nayanmar and 18(?) aazhvaroda cartesian producta iruku ivaroda posts and thoughts.

Complan gal prithz:

She is every parents dream :)) padips and extra karikolambu activities elathulayum medal adichitu vara over padips romba chamathu kutti ponnu and my sweet lil sis :) Ivanga alavuku english padichiruntha naan Englandlaye potti kadai vachirupen. En school non-detail booksla kuda avlo english padichathillai :D

Mask man Hari:

Romba simpla kathai solra inoru intersting ezhuthaalar. Ivar character perlam romba simple. Male character peru He..femalena She. Lifela nadakara chinna vishayangalayim oru romantic viewfinderla paathu kathaiya tharavar.

Settai sat:

Aatha magamaayi maariyaatha.. ivanga vaaya thorantha pechay varathu..muthu mutha setharum. rombbaaaaa nallavanga..adakkam amararul uikutho ilayo..satidam uyyum. Semma stylisha peter uttu kaalasarthulayum sari..local dappanguthu damil (read coimbatore) ethunalum kalathula erangitaanganna ratham paakama return aaga mataanga. ivanga car oatra azhaga kaana kan kodi vendum.. aana konjam thalli ninu parunga ( say oru pathu km ) yaenna avanga vazhi..thaniiiiii vazhi.

Matrum palarla enga katchi makkalaana KK,Arun,Naatamai,Kodumaikara kuttichaathan Usha apdinu super bloggers list neendu kitaayy poguthu.

Verum music and movie reviewkaga open panna blog ithana peroda influencela oru mini magazine mari aaidichi :) Inum ethana naaliku odumnu therila. Odra varaikum mokkaigalai porutharuluga.

Friday, August 15, 2008

Jaya He

வெள்ளை இருள் ஒழித்து
இரவில் ஒளி கண்ட நாள்

மாயை மந்திரம் இன்றி
மயக்கும் தந்திரம் இன்றி
ராட்டை யந்திரம் கொண்டு
நூற்ற சுதந்திரநாள் இன்று

கையில் கருமை தீட்டி
ஆளும் தலைமை மாற்றும்
அதிகார உரிமை போற்றும்
இனிய நாளும் இன்றே

அகவை அறுபத்தி ஒன்று
கண்ட இந்நாளைப்பற்றி
கூற ஆயிரம் உண்டு
ஆனால் போதாது இவ்வினையதளம் ஒன்று

Whats the most cliched way to post about Independence daynu yosichapo..rhyminga naalu vaarathaia korthu, line by linea poatu, ithaalavo kavuja apdinu solikalamnu thonithu.

As usual, ruling partyoda foundersoda contribution towards independence perusa.. ila opposition partyoda munnorgalodathu perusaanu parlimentla oru debate nadakum. Athuku sandai poatu veli nadapu seiyaran pervazhinu oru vaaram izhuthadichiduvanga. Ithula evanachum aal per theriama katchi mathi pugazhnthutaana oru partylenthu dismiss aagi adutha partyla add aagipanga.

Redfortla..thallatha vayasula..rocking chairla ukkanthukitu papera padichikitu kanna mooditu rest eduka vendia young agela..nikka kashtapatukitu..kadantha oru varushathula ennatha kilichom..adutha varusham ennatha kizhikka poromnu pattiyal poatu..bullet proof kannadi pinna bayanthu ninukitay oru vayasana thaatha/at time paati etho pesitu povanga.

DDla Dilse/Roja/Bombay poduvanga. Antha samayamnu paathu ethachum perusu mandaiya poatruntha athuvum cut. (Saarangingara oru vaadhiyatha sangu,thaara thappattaiku equala oru saavu vadhiyama maathina perumai ivangalaye saarum)

Sun and Jayala poati poatukittu pudusa odina/odatha mokka padathalam release panuvanga. Vijayla yaarachum oru hero/heroinea pudichi kaalaila pal thechu kakka porathulenthu night paal kudichi thoongaravaraikum candid camera vachu kaatuvanga. Nadula yarumay pakatha, DDyala afford panna mudiyatha, mokka padam or some englees movie with damil translation padam poduvanga. Apdiyum oatrathuku edhum ilaina epovachum edutha Star nite programaye poatu theipaanga.

Idelaam yosichu paatha..intha post avlo clicheda thonala. So ivangala nirutha sollunga. Naan mokka podratha nirutharen.

Vaazhga sudhanthiram :)

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

A day to remember

Yesterday went to Avvai illam in Adyar. We had agreed to sponsor for lunch for that day. The warden asked us to come there at 12.30. It was an emotional trip down the memory lane for the same place was once patronised by my dad.

We arrived dot on time (something of a record considering my notoriously unpunctual ways..but, that i wouldnt have missed the trip for anything in the world is a totally different thing). To our dismay we found both the main doors to be locked and since it was sunday no one picked the fone in the office. To our luck one cute looking kid, who was playing near the door, heard our voice and came to our help. We told her that we wanted to meet the warden. You should've seen the enthu with which the kid dashed towards the office room. The warden was an old lady (should've been in her late sixties) who was providing free service, being in her post retirement days. She took us through the place and gave us a brief history of that institution which has been founded on 1931.

Its dedicated only to gal children and has got a school and teacher training institute in its campus apart from a sprawling ground with volleyball and badminton courts. [One point to note is that they have two ferocious looking dogs which are un used to male visitors, as informed by the lady. Luckily I was walking with the warden. ]

We went through the buildings there which were in a really sad condition. I guess ever since they were built they would've hardly seen any renovation. The electrical wirings were dangerously old and were quite scary. The slanting roof made of "Odu" had some holes and were also in a real need for repair.

Since it was holiday, we couldnt see many kids and most of whom we saw, were busy washing clothes. The warden rang the bell for lunch and suddenly out of nowhere the dining hall was swarmed with kids. It was an amazing feeling to see so much kids after a long time and each one carried their own numbered plate for lunch. Those who had missed their plates shared it with their friends. All their chirpiness and laughter were so heart whelming and was a real joy to watch. When the warden rang the bell asking them to pray there was pindrop silence. All the children had their eyes closed and were actually saying some prayer. It was cute and heart breaking at the same time :(

We had actually taken camera to take snaps but felt so overwhelmed that we decided against it. I was surprised to see initials in front of all their names and when we checked with the warden we were shocked to hear that almost all the kids in that institute have parents!! In fact for around 50 of them they've both the parents alive, who for reasons known only to them, have left their kids in that place. And most of the remaining 200 and odd kids had atleast one parent, mostly mothers who got married to someone else and after their second marriage have left the kids there!!

I checked with them on what would be more helpful for them as a contribution. They accept anything as a contribution - be it food,clothes,money or physical help.
For feeding 200 plus kids one course of meal they require Rs 2000. They also run a school and educational expense for a kid in higher secondry comes upto 500 per annum and senior secondry comes close to Rs 1500 i guess. I dont remember. Also they want funds for renovating their buildings and for constructing new ones.

I came back from that place with my perspective on my wants and needs totally changed. oru veedu vaangina udanay konja naalikapurum oor pakkama oru land vaangi podalam..pinnala appreciate aana vithuralam ila..retire aarapo veedu katikitu poidalam apdinu poati poatukitu vaangi podra properties (there by increasing rates everywhere), iniki lower end version vangirukara cara pathu naaliku luxury version vaangarathukaga uzhaikara mentality, vaangina costly dress kulla fit aagarthukaga weight reduction programnu wastea kedakara patini... Uyir vaazha thevapadra basic necessities..iruka edam uduka udai unna unavu..ithu moonuthukay daily yarkitenthu varumnu kai yenthi nikkaravangala paakrachay.. intha mathiri materialistic ideas and thoughtslaam crimea thonuthu.

How so little effort from our side can have such a drastic change on their lives and how selfish my thoughts seem when compared to their situation. And how blessed we are and how much we complain over things which appear so trivial when compared to what those kids lack. Even if we spare our used stuff with them, that itself would help them a big way.

I am more than sure that, all of us have a good samaritan in us, waiting for an opportuntity and a slight push in the correct direction. And more often than not we have this hesitancy over the legitimacy of a person or institution before we part with our hard earned stuff. The only way to get over it is to actually visit places like these and get a feel of your own. Believe me, words can hardly explain that feeling. I know of two people ( Nandu and Sat) who are already into this in a big way and have dedicated more than their time and money in efforts like this and are running an organisation called SMILE (for more details And i am sure there are many more who are silentlly doing their bit for the society. Hope we get many more like them. May their tribe grow.

Monday, August 11, 2008

Arranged marriage-2020

P.S: This post is authored by my friend "ravusuparty" Ramanathan..

இடம்: கோவில்பட்டி , தணிகாசலம் வீடு வருடம் :2020 நேரம் :காலை 6.10

iphone "சிங்கார வேலனே தேவா " ரிங்க்டோனில் சிணுங்கியது
"அலோ...தணிகாசலம் பேசுறேன் ..யாருங்க வேணும் ?"

எதிர்முனையில் " சார் ..நான் பாப்பம்பட்டி ல இருந்து மயில்வாகனம் பேசுறேன் ..உங்க பொண்ணு profile ல ORKUT ல பார்த்தேன்..single னு போட்டு இருந்துச்சு ..மாப்பிள்ளை பாத்துகிட்டு இருக்கீங்களா ?"

"ஆமாங்க ...ஒரு நாளைக்கு சுமார் 100 ORKUT profile ..ஆவது பாக்கிறேன் ..செரியா அம்புட மாட்டேங்குது .."

"நம்ம பையன் லைன் ல தானுங்க இருக்குறான் . அமெரிக்கா வுல ..ஏதோ "மயக்குற SOFT கார்ப்பரேஷன்நோ ..முனிசிபாலிட்டிஒ" ..அந்த கம்பெனில தானுங்க வேலை பாக்குறான் .. "

தணிகாசலம் மனதிற்குள் (ஆகா இவர் பிள்ளையும் அங்க தான் ஆணி புடுங்கிறான் போல ) " என் பொண்ணும் அமெரிக்கா ல "SIN மயக்குற systems" கம்பெனில தாங்க வேலை பாக்குறா"

" பார்த்தேனுங்க .. ORKUT profile ல போட்டு இருந்துச்சுங்க ..நம்ம பையன் உங்க பொண்ணுக்கு ரெண்டு மூணு scrap போட்டு பார்த்தானாம் ..பதில் ஒன்னும் வரலை . அதன் என்னகு போன் போட்டு பெரியவங்க நீங்க பேசி பாருங்கனு சொன்னான் ..."

"அப்பிடீங்களா ? ...செரி உங்க IP சொல்லுங்க ?"


"ஆகா..எங்க IP 10,230.234.96 ..நாம ரெண்டு பேரும் ..ஒரே subnet mask ல தான் ..இருக்குறோம் ...நேரிங்கி வந்துடீங்க "

"ரௌம்ப சந்தோசங்க ..உங்க Outlook calendar பார்த்துட்டு ..ஒரு meeting invite அனுப்பிடீங்க னு சொன்னா வீடியோ சாட் ல ..ரெண்டு குடும்பமும் ..அறிமுகம் ஆகிடலாம் ..bacground checking நல்ல படியா முடிஞ்சுட்டா
..சம்பந்தம் பண்ணிடலாம்"

"கொஞ்சம் அவசர படுறீங்களே !! அதுக்கு முன்னாலே ஒரு சில பொருத்தம் பார்கனும்க .."

"என்னங்க நீங்க வேற ..ISP , நான் வேற ISP ஆக இருக்கலாம் ..ஆனா நாங்க இந்த வித்தியாசம் எல்லாம் பாக்குறது இல்லீங்க "..

தணிகாசலம் " அது இல்லீங்க ..முதல்ல உங்க பய்யனோட ..updated போட்டோ, வீடியோ, ITPIN எல்லாம் ஓர்குட் profile ல update பண்ணுங்க ..அவரோட SSN details, credit score, medical history எல்லாம் ஒரு soft copy எடுத்து rapidshare ல update பண்ணி ..என் பொண்ணுக்கு link ஐ share பண்ணிடுங்க ..அப்புறம் உங்க பையன் "linkedIn" ல profile போட்ட்ருகாரா ?"

"அம்மாங்க ..recommendations ஓட இருக்குதுங்க .."

"அப்போ ..அந்த link இயும் ..என் பொண்ணுக்கு மெயில் அனுபிடுங்க ..பொண்ணு அதை எலாம் பார்த்துட்டு ..சரின்னு சொன்னா ..மேற்கொண்டு பேசுவோம் "

"செரிங்க ..."

"நானும் உங்க பையன் profile ல பார்த்துட்டு ..testimonial போட்டவங்க ..நம்ப orkut friends list ல இருக்குறாங்களா னு பாக்குறேன் ..முக்கியமான சமாசாரத்தை மறந்துட்டேன் .."

"என்னங்க அது ?!!"

"உங்க பையன் "மயக்குற SOFT" கம்பெனி ..என் பொண்ணு "SIN மயக்குற Systems" ..ரெண்டும் arch rivals ...platform வேற இடிக்குது ..மோதல கம்பெனி corporate policy ல இந்த சம்பந்தத்தை ..ஒத்து பாங்களானு பார்க்கணும் .. இல்லீங்களா? அப்புறம் policy voilation ஏதாவது ஆயிடுச்சின்னா ..கிரீன் கார்டு பிரச்சினை ஆயிடும் ..என்ன நான் சொல்றது ? ஹலோ ஹலோ ..என்னங்க சத்தமே காணும் ?" ..

மறுமுனையில் மயில்வாகனம் மயங்கி விழுந்திருக்கிறார் ..