Wednesday, December 30, 2015

The mandatory year end post

Though titled mandatory, i actually didnt post one for past two years..hehe.

Now to what I kizhichified this year and what I plan to kizhichify next year.

This year was a year of change to say the least. Professionally and personally there were so many seeds of change that were sown which are eagerly awaited to bloom in coming years.

On the professional front, I often find myself to be at so much contradiction with my own self that I've accepted it as a personal norm. For a person who is super scared of the unforeseeable actions accompanying any change, I opt for it more than any regular person who speaks about accepting change whole heartedly. Blame it on the mind that gets bored quick. My love for routine is only rivaled by my dislike for the comfort it brings. In fact, doing routine stuff scares me to the extent that I keep jumping jobs frequently. Starting from scratch I come to a point where I can rest comfortably, only for the jump job construct to kick in. I don't want to get outdated and risk my profile every 4 years yet at the same time I long for consistency in what people do. Probably a corporate equivalent of "avangala nirutha sollu..naan nirutharen". The good woman Linda attributes this to my sun sign being Gemini. A psychological profile study criticizes it as a commitment phobic nature. A self study based on my own experience credits the inherent inferiority complex and yearning for acceptance by others as the reason. But one thing for sure I've come to recognize that, believe what I may want to, if one does it with all his heart, without a shred of doubt, its achievable. People with better command over the language can phrase it decently. But the gist I've learnt this year is, what looks like a huge leap on the positive side, warns not to look down to avoid vertigo. To climb any peak, rather than admiring the depth you've crossed, your only concentration should be on how far more you've to travel. The distance travelled doesn't matter when the summit is a for ever changing sign post. The place where we stamp the flag and decide that's it, is where it will be. As long as the mind wanders and heart yearns for more, the flag will never be set. Some time soon the rope called age will go taut and would start shooting warning signals. Till such time, hope the journey continues.

On the personal front, I've possibly the greatest responsibility a person can ever have in his lifetime. What am I going to teach my kid or learn from him. How will i secure his future and make his present enjoyable. What way I will repeat or repel the approach my parents had for me. I don't have any answers for any of these questions. I am sure they will be revealed when the time comes. I've a new circle of friends, who are selfless to say the least when it comes to helping the needy. Their vigour for doing things differently and going the extra mile without even a token sense of acknowledgement of any sort during the recent floods was an eye opener to say the least. Even if I imitate to an extent of all those good attributes it would be a wonderful start towards being a better person is what I believe. Hope it continues into the next year. The floods made many, including me, realize, the only thing that can survive any disaster of any form is humanity alone. No bridges, no money, no fame, no amount of wealth or power can save you. But if you extend your hand and allow it to reach the person in need, irrespective of the checklist mentioned above, you can play god for a while. The regularity with which roads cave in, land slides, un natural floods and ever severe droughts, scare the world I would be leaving and living in for my kid. Like always, hope the answers reaches before timeout.

To summarize, I want to be numerous person in a single frame, as always. Its not a resolution per se but an ever growing riddle called life which has answers only in hindsight.

Monday, December 28, 2015

Thanga Magan - review

On a blog posting roll this month. So making the most of it :)

Dhanush is silently and slowly stealing a march over copyright for his Mamanaar's movie titles, who thrived not just with his punch lines but also with catchy titles. The other similarity being, he either picks his FIL's leading lady or vice versa. Edho..nalla iruntha seri.

If our daily soap Opaari..err..Operas are edited to fit in an hour of a story, which in itself is a tedious task for none are having that much worth of a story line, you would get the movie script of Thangamagan. Especially the post interval portion. Pre interval is mostly a breeze with Dhanush lipping Amy Jackson only to end up marrying Samantha, who is a revelation in this movie. Her romantic segements with Dhanush are just..avvvvv...poetic. Andrea has dubbed for Amy and is pitch perfect as Anglo Indian tamizh ponnu with english accented tamil talk. And she looks bit fleshy too compared to her bonish thin feature in "I" movie. But its Samantha who takes the honours. Her act as a middle class house wife, her interactions with her hubby as a newly wed, the way she shows anxiety upon his late arrival from office, her body language upon seeing KS Ravikumar and her disappointment and how she goes bright on seeing Dhanush are simply awesome.I loved the scene for the way she responds to the first time Dhanush says "I love you"...chaancela. The best part being, majority of her scenes hardly have any dialogue. Its just her facial reactions and body language response to the situation and the amazing chemistry that she shares on screen with Dhanush carries the show. Radhika has a blink and miss role and doesnt even get time to spend the glycerine fully. KS Ravikumar as the absent minded dad has an equally absent minded presence. Somehow it feels justified as most of the middle class dad's are hardly conspicuous and their presence is more felt in their absence. Its a short story in itself. Dhanush as college guy is yuck. Be it is hairstyle or dialogue delivery is shoddy and reminds of his role in 3. Meesai Dhanush has little to do but romance wife and beatup few adiyaals. Satish as the meesai shaved kannadi poatta hero friend has nothing to do. The biggest let off for the movie is the lack of a strong negative character. The fact that the duration being an exact 2 hours doesnt help to establish any characters for that matter. Anirudh has a special corner in his musical heart for Dhanush is evident on the songs. "Enna solla" song plays forever in mind after first listen.

Gils verdict: Blame it on the lopsided script, which, to balance screen time for Amy as compared to Samatha, dwells forever in first half only to cut short the actual story which tries to take off very late. The hurried ending and lack of a convincing villain are the biggest negatives for the movie. Probably Pongaluku SunTVla podrachay paakalam.

Saturday, December 26, 2015

Star Wars - Force awakens - review

If at all there are few phrases that define Hollywood -  May the force be with you - Star Wars, Live long and prosper - Star Trek, would be the two competing for the top slot. Both have their own legions of fanatics and are part of the American psyche and culture, which in turn have become the world's preferred one since the new millennium.

Of the two, the Star Wars franchise is probably one of the biggest in the world giving the James Bond series a run for its money. Considering that, it was a series built on the whims and fancies of George Lukas who in all his marketing wisdom did what Steve Jobs replicated with Apple way down the line -  creating an audience market rather than catering to existing. If one watches "New Hope" the supposedly 4th part of the series which was released first in the 70's, they would be stumped to understand head or tail of it and even more how the heck the director convinced the production house to fund the project leave alone managing to cast a crew into accepting the script. Probably his good luck or a way to get out of the great depression's fallout, something made the series click. He went on to produce two more and suddenly decided to stop. My second favourite of the lot was the 5th of the series "Empire strikes back" which had a semblance of a story line. The final part "Return of Jedi" was an atrocious mockery of people's patience with what wouldn't have fitted into an episode of sitcom including ad breaks was prolonged into a full fledged movie. One fine morning, the franchise decided to kick start again and decided to do the story in reverse and hence came the First part "Phantom Menace" followed by the much criticised "Clone wars" and finally my personal favourite "Revenge of Sith" which incidentally was the first one I watched in the series.

Coming to the recent release "Force awakens" which is touted as the 7th instalment of the series. To put it in a single statement, its nothing but a rehash of a politically correct/current version of the "New Hope".

On a person to plot comparison between the two -

Luke Skywalker of New Hope as a matching lady lead in this version - probably attributed to the success of Hunger games and rise of Jenifer Lawrence. Will this lady who plays the lead be able to carry the franchise in subsequent parts remains to be seen but she does more than a neat job. Be it action, sentiment she is amazing. Her accent is something I have become smitten with.

Despite Harrison "the original Han Solo" Ford being present, to keep the franchise alive, the movie has a black "Han Solo" equivalent. It doesn't help the fact that Ford eventually gets killed in the end. Since its a spoiler please don't read the above sentence.

Darth Vader has an equivalent in the guy (apparently his grandson) who for some reason roams around in similar getup as Vader. At least Vader had a reason to be in that costume for he got badly disfigured. Why the heck this guys wears that Malayur Mambutiyaan Shawl and visor less helmet is LOK (Lucas only knows) or AOK (Abrams only knows) or whoever.

R2D2 the rolly polly robot has a Wall-E equivalent. Millennium Falcon makes the mandatory appearance. The death star war machine which is fell in "New Hope" by blasting through a tunnel thing, is exactly replicated in this version as well. Rest of the similarities being, instead of the Skywalker family, being at war with itself, with Son going after father, its the Han Solo clan in this episode with father going after son only to be killed by him in the end. Again spoiler alert. So don't read the previous sentence. Unlike the incestual hara-kiri of the previous episodes with Princess Leia lipping the guy who was revealed to be her twin (yuck) this time only nethi mutha between the lady Rey (skywalker??) and the black Solo. So guessing they may not get married in the next part!!

Despite being made 4 decades back, the sci-fi and graphics scenes of the initial package is unmatched in any of the subsequent series is my peeve. One couldn't quite imagine the effort behind those immensely huge physical sets and the imagination behind those space war scenes which are merely replicated in the latter portions. To me the essence of this enterprise is in its ability to make people forget for the fact that none of the story happens on earth but in a galaxy far far away. With movies like Gravity and Interstellar pushing the boundaries of make believe space fiction stories, probably I expected more out of this episode of what was truly the mother of all sci-fi movie series, ever. To give them the benefit of doubt, I hope the makers want to do a recap/brush up the current generation on the franchise to kick start from the next episode.

Gils verdict - Force awakens is already the biggest money churner of the franchise breaking all previously set opening day collection records. If the upcoming episodes are again going to be rehash of the same old stuff, the magic might not long last. May the force be with the script writers for a more original story line. Sambradhayapadi, a movie made for the big screen.

Thursday, December 24, 2015

Review time - Dilwale

When DDLJ released two decades back, the biggest challenge for any non hindi speaking tamilians was not understanding the movie but to ask for tickets naming the movie. Dilwale Dulhania le Jaayenge was more than a tongue twister for many of my school mates. Saaruk kaan became the new style icon. The thick browed heroines name was a debate topic for several folks - was it Kajol or Kaajal or Kaajol. From Sowcarpet to Saidapet amplifiers blasted "Mehandi laga ke rakhna" for every marriage function with bandmasters making it mandatory for all weddings. Saloons went out of patronage for several months with students aping for Saaruk's hairstyle. Railway stations suddenly became romantic hot spots courtesy the movie climax, despite many a Mani Ratnam inspired scenes prior. It took an Alaipayuthe to reclaim train station romance back to tamil  movie dom.

When Dilwale was being promoted, the erstwhile onscreen magic/chemistry of SRK/Kajol was touted as the movie's USP. The trailers had references to scenes from their blockbuster DDLJ and the title also was supposedly an inspiration from the same. If at all anything, this movie is nothing like DDLJ, to start with.

I often guess around what makes a hit movie on my reviews. Predominantly the lead pair chemistry takes the lion's share alongside good songs and comedy scenes. These three pretty much assure a sustained show post the big bang opening that is solely driven by the charishma and pull of the hero and the extent of hype and promotion. Bigger the buck bigger the bang. Add to the mix, few popular scenes with punch you are bound to have a decent hit formula. Despite ticking every single box above, Dilwale falls flat on its face. They've a near copy scene from Basha with SRK throwing in punch dialogue "King se bolo Kali aaya tha" which is nowhere in the same pincode as "oru thadava sonna". Nor is SRK the Rajini kind of actor. Salman would've suited better. But his last twenty movies are of same kind. So zero marks for this copy cat. There is another famous lift off scene from the romcom drama series "How I Met your Mother". Unfortunately for SRK and Rohit shetty, people nowadays are following English series on par with their desi counterparts. The famous date scene where Ted takes his doctor girlfriend for a ten minute lunch has been so shoddily shot, even SRK the supposedly mohabbat man, couldn't salvage it. There is one more lift off from the famous Love actually movie proposal scene which has been bestowed to Varun Dhawan to manage. The result is needless to be explained. The so called SRK-Kajol chemistry that sold the movies prior fails to take off with age having caught up with the lead pair. An age apt romantic storyline might've still worked wonders. But pushing them as twenty something killed the golden goose. Surprisingly for a SRK movie, this one has not a single hum worthy song!! Probably a first.

To me it felt like a tamil dubbed movie. Would be surprised if it clicked with Hindi audience. Had this been made in tamil, match for match, could've been Bhagavathy/Villu - erstwhile Vijay flopshow 's remake. Vijay and Nayanthara could've reprised the lead roles with Jai and some bakra hindi heroine filling up the rest.

Gils verdict: Dabba movie. Might be released in Colors channel for this Christmas. This Dilwale usiru le jaayega for sure.

Tuesday, December 22, 2015

F.R.I.E.N.D.S - VI

For previous episodes click Part V

Chandler is busy chatting with his colleagues when his manager passes by. Worried whether he would've noticed him sitting idle, he tries to think of something meaningful of an activity. As expected the boss man calls Chandler to his room.


"Boss..before you ask me, I was brainstorming with the team, doing post-mortem on our failed project"

"Post-mortem...that's good. Make sure the report reaches me by today. Wait a minute!! Which project failed?"

" know right"

Sensing a trick question with a booby trap for a response, the boss decides to play it safe.

"Of course I know. So what was the reason for failure"

Caught unawares, Chandler hems and haws into a quick response "People"

"Oh. send me the list. Will fire them. Who are there in that."

"Well..err..there is this guy."

"What did he do"

"Almost every single decision of his was a link to Just for Laughs videos"

"What?!! how can one be so stupid. Who is he?"



At the coffee house:

Monica chimes in all happy and positive.

"heyyyy fellas...happy today to all of you"

"Some one sure had more than their share of coffee today!!" quips Phoebe

"Well..i have vowed to live by my motto LIVE FOR TODAY" exclaims Monica excitedly.

"Wow..little more of that and I've to live forever with broken ear drums"

" funny funny funny man" punches Monica

" funny bone just suffered an hairline fracture" cries Chandler

" are still jobless right" queries Chandler

"Yeah...but who cares...LIVE FOR TODAY" yells Monica beginning to sound slightly deflated

"How do you avoid starving tomorrow if you live only for today? living in the present is a huge responsibility. One single mistake and your entire life is ruined"

" should I live for the future?" asks a worried Monica

"No that would ruin your present..i recommend you live for the past" suggests Phoebe

"But I don't like my past"

" can pretend to be someone can think of yourself as a princess from a fairy land...I would share my pet name from the past to you if you are interested"

"What is it"

"Princess Consuela Banana Hammock"

A confused looking Monica slumps onto the sofa.

"What is Chandler doing here at this time?"

"Taking some time off with Phoebes"

Gunther stares at Chandler and calls him to his counter. "Few more minutes I am going to charge you for boarding"

A bewildered Phoebe and Monica asks "how long have you been here?"

"Well ever since my boss fired me today morning" says Chandler and briefs her about the incident.

"But you are..were.. the perfect employee" consoles Monica

"Duh.." groans Chandler and Phoebe. A confused looking Chandler glares and Phoebe who silently turns her head away.

"You've perfect attendance" justifies Monica

"If one subtracts the significant amount of time i spend in coffee house" grumbles Chandler.

"You've excellent technical skills"

"Yesterday I configured printer and my laptop crashed...but yeah..go ahead"

"You are too risk averse to start your own company with no social life and a constant need for approval for your work.." joins Phoebe

"Are we still on complimenting me topic?"

"Did I include all this being under paid? You were a perfect fit for that role like a foot in glove"

"STOP COMPLIMENTING ME" shouts Chandler and runs away from the Coffee house.

Ross and Rachel enters the shop.

"You take everything negatively" says Ross.

"What does that mean" counters Rachel angrily

"How did you react when i said you were photogenic"

"You meant that as if i don't look good in person"

"There it is people"

"There was what?"

"You turn even positive comments into negative"

"You mean to say i am a monster"

"YES" replies Phoebe,Monica and Ross in unison

"Good. That's the vibe i am going for. Got my appraisal discussion today. Bye Sweetie" rushes out Rachel.

"So Ross..whats up" queries Monica.

Ross starts listing down what he did from the time he woke up till the time he entered the shop.

"..and thus the key to success is having passion for what you do"

"You make a good point..I am outta here" starts Monica

"Me too" joins Phoebe

A bewildered looking Ross thinks "never knew they would listen"

"Caught me by surprise too" quips Gunther, who moves back to the counter after Ross frowns at him.

Joey enters the shop looking all rugged. People who sit near his chair starts moving away, unable to bear the stench.

"Hi Joe...WHOA...When did you last took bath" cries Ross

"Let me is was 10 days from 3rd onwards" smirks Joey

"10 days prior mean..oh..what the stink worse than a dead dinosaur" gives up Ross

"Its called fragrance..a cute concoction of pepper spray and beef sauce"

"Yuck...May i care to ask why pepper spray?"

"Pepper spray is for me to build up an immunity to it"

"Strangely that is logical"

"Beef sauce is to draw chicks to me..presto. Joey the chick magnet" Joey exclaims lifting his hands.

Gunther gurgles and rushes to the loo while Ross pukes unable to bear the stench.

"Hmm...probably i need to tone it down a bit may be" shrugs Joey smelling himself.

Ross raises Thumbs up lying down and faints.

Friday, December 18, 2015

Sikkitaanya segaru

"Bro..y so sad"
"Onnumilla Gils.."
"Appo sogama iruka vendi thaan"
"Yov..naanay phone pona dhukkathula irukken"
"Phonuna call thaan pogum..ithenna kaanama poguthu"
"Seri..aaruthala oru mokkai podalamaynu paathen...when it got lost?"
"Nethu busla officelenthu porachay pickpocket adichitanga..ithanaikum jeansoda front pocketla thaan phone vachirnthen"
"adapaavi...jeans front pocketna naamalay edukarathu kashtam..ithula epdi pickpocket!! apdi ennada yosanai"
"ila..thideernu goundamani senthil comedy nyabgam vanthichu..hawa hawa nu senthil thooku potukara mathiri emathara scene..was laughing thinking about that"
"aal nikkavay edam illatha busla Hawa hawa romba mukiyam..police complaint kuduthia"
"aamaa..avangalta kuduthutaalum..pona varam kaanama pona credit cardaiye inum kandupudicha paadilla"
"adaaapavi...ithu eppo!! card cancel pannia illaya"
"panrathukulla theichitaan"
"appo enganu kandupudichi track panidalamay.."
"neenga vera ji..avan panjathula adipatavana irupan pola..Andhra electricity boarduku antha maasa due kattirukan!!"
"adhu sari..romba nyaayamaana thirudan pola...unkitta thaan bike irukulla..nee en busla pona"
"adhuva..intha mazhai floodnaala porticolaam oray sagathiaya irukkaynu had parked the bike outside the compound. yaaro petrol mothathaiyum thiruditanga...ithula kodumai ennana enga tenant on first floor had seen that person stealing panna try pannapo..velila vantha aala gaali paniduvennu meratti kan munna thiruditu poirukanga"
"aaha...valaichi valaichi thirudikanunga...vadivelu comedyla vara mathiri nee pora edamlam aal set panitanga nenakren..inniki porachay paathu..yarachum autograph kekaranungalaynu sign potratha..sothaiye amukiduvanga"
"enakku phone ponathu kooda sogam ila ji...athula nethu thaan pudusa ear phone vaanginen..oru thadava paatu kekarathukulla thiruditanga..card block panna bank call panna OTP messagelam antha phoneku thaan poguthu..athaan kadupaaguthu"
"Inniki busla porachay evanachum unna paathu kumbitaanna udanay avana pudichi policela kuduthudu...nanri meendum varuganu veetu vaasalla welcome mat iruntha mudhalla atha mathra vazhia paaru..apdiye adutha phone Samsung Note vaangu"
"en ji"
"Enakku antha phone thaan pudikum"

Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Vantage point

"arrghh...this stupid phone never stops ringing.damn u graham bell" cursed Ram as he went to pick the call.
" usual its for you" he shouted for his mother.
"A little louder and people on other side of the street will hear you clearly"
"Why your relatives are always calling on the landline when they know your cell number. Why are they so cheap that they cant even afford the call charges for landline to mobile is it"
"Shut up..if you cant get up to attend the call, leave it. I will handle it myself"
"Always shout at me..and not on those useless people who call and disturb your sleep"
"You should be thankful that there are people who think of us and call"
"Duh...leeches..they don't call you without reason. I am so sure they need some help and that's why they are calling you"
"So what? we should be thankful that god has given us strength to help others"
" and your crazy argument. Always allow yourself to be fooled by others"
Ram storms outside, which was nothing out of the usual as that is the standard end to such conversations almost always.

After a while, he cools down and returns.
"So, what is it this time"
"It was  your uncle. Your aunt is sick"
"When was she healthy!!! "
"Don't talk about your elders like that"
"Its the truth right..whenever there is a common occasion or function that involves physical work, they conveniently fall sick while you slog yourself down"
"You should be happy that god has given me the strength to perform such noble duties. Whatever I do, you people will reap its benefits"
"Like what? taking you to doctor from straining yourself? seeing your suffer while they enjoy happily? if this is the punya you are talking about, I hardly need it"
"Stop talking rubbish"
"Why cant their son come and take care of them"
"He is in can he"
"Why is he in US when his parents are so sick"
"His job is there and his wife is also working there right..why are raising this issue again"
"Issue!!! if their own son cant take time off for his own parents, why are you bothering is my question!!"
"Why have  you become like this!!  why are you competing with him"
"I am not competing with anyone. It is his responsibility towards his parents that he is ignoring. I don't even blame aunty and uncle for their situation. They are old and need to be taken care. But how can their only son be so selfish and ignore his parents. Is money the only thing that matters!! If he earns in crores abroad, will it bring back his parents when they are not there!!"
"Don't blame him. He is paying for all their expenses and last time when he spoke to me, he was so worried about them. He said he couldn't take them with him because of the climate there and also due to some visa problem it seems"
" will believe in anything"
"Why are you so concerned anyway its me who is doing these right? I will not ask you to do anything. Till the time I can I will do things on my own"
"What did I do!! Why are turning against me now!! I am angry about that selfish cousin of mine and these irritating relatives who think of you only in times of trouble and never both to help you. It worries me that you are straining yourself so much and you are getting angry on me!!"
He storms off again.

At Ram's uncle's house:

"What are you doing"
"Calling my sister"
"Why are you troubling her again"
"She is the only person near by right"
"She is as old as me shouldn't trouble her for every small thing"
"She wouldn't mind..and more over we don't really have a choice"
"Poor thing. If I was in her position I would be fighting with you for pestering with phone calls. We don't do anything for her"
"I know. everyone would be blaming our son"
"yes..but how many know about our debts and the fact that for his skill set he couldn't find a job here in India!! We cant go and show everyone our loan list right"
"But what will people think of us. Staying here, enjoying his money while he slogs away in far off land"
"At times I wish we shouldn't have allowed him to go abroad. Now even if we wish to, he cant come and meet us" She starts crying.
Ram enters at that very moment with lunch for them.

"Why is she crying..what happened"
"As sit down. You want anything to drink"
"No thanks. I need to leave early. Mom asked to give this to you"
He kept the lunch boxes on the table and was about to leave.
"Ram help. Can you fix the computer for me? The internet is not connecting"
Grumbling about getting delayed he set about working on the system.
"Are you in touch with Hari?"
"Not much..after he went to US, might have spoken to him a few times..thats it"
"He said he will come on Skype today. if you want you can wait and join the chat"
"hmm.will ping him later. convey my regards"
He came back home, wondering the whole way down about people working abroad and not taking care of their parents.

The next day morning Ram got a call from an unknown number that was not getting displayed. Wondering who could it be, calling so early in the morning he picked it.
"Ram...Hari da"
"yeah..I have to hurry...but who is this??"
"'ll never change. How are you?"
"I am is your research going on"
"Very hectic da..hardly get time. how is is her health"
"She is fine..when are you coming here"
"Will take a while before I come...I wanted to say thanks to you da..that's why I called"
"Thanks??...but Why?? what for?"
"For taking care of my parents when I am not there. Heard that yesterday you came and brought lunch for them"
"Don't be so formal."
"No irks me no end that I am not there with them and taking care of them. At times I wonder if I really did made the right decision with my career. I don't know when and how I will take them here with me. Not a day passes without me worrying about this. Work is my only solace. It pushes me harder to get things done and my only other comforting thought is that you people are there for support. Without your support it would be impossible for me to concentrate"

Unlike a wall hanging portrait that keeps looking at you from whichever part of the room you look at it, life throws up varied views of the same situation involving same people. More than the sixth sense its our perspective that sets us apart from our multi limbed fellow species I guess.

Friday, December 11, 2015

Kodumais thy name is gils

Intha kodumai kodumai solluvangalay...athukum namakkum thaan pathu jenma bandhamaachay..ennada konja naala onnum kaanumay paatheengala....avlo easya vitruma..

I had almost forgotten madame's birthday. Point to be noted is almost. Having realized that I still had sufficient time to escape capital punishment, I started thinking of a wonderful gift worth remembering for ages. Point to be noted is that I took quite a lot of effort in thinking. As they say, more than the gift, its the thought process that counts. Apdi thinki thinkiye oru vaaram odi poiruchi.

Suddenly the realization stuck that its just few more days left and I am yet to decide on it, subtle hints like "what are you going to get me for birthday" discounted. Ithuku melayum oru abarimithaamaana gift pathi yosichitruntha yosichitay irukka vendi thaannu, I decided on the rava upma of gifts - Teddy bear. Intha teddy bear giftla oru vasathi enna vendraal, pudikalinu kovathula mela veesi adichaalum valikaathu. Paya pullainga soft toysnu summava senjirukaanga. Adhaan gift decide pannidichay samatha..Inga enga kodumainu paakreengala. Decide pannalum vaanganumla. Ippo apponu again few more days went swaaaahaaa. Kaalangaathaala papera open panna 12 page ad kudukarranungalay, news section adsku nadula enga engannu thedara alavukku publicize panraanaynu NAMBI antha veena pona Snap Dealla order potten. Epdium delay aanalum 2-3 daysla anupiduvomnu sollirunthaanunga. Apdi paathaalum correcta vanthirumnu oru calculationoda placed the order. Needless to say the order didn't come.

First slighta kindala aarambichi, "enna edachum vaanginia illa innum yosikiria"nu start aanathu.."mavanay intha vaatiyum sothapina..nee gaali"nu chellama (!!) kolai merattal vara alavuku valanthuduchu. Armed with the knowledge that I've placed an advanced delivery date with buffer time that could well adjust for schedule over run, en veena pona project plans mathirye, got unduly delayed. The delivery came and slept in a warehouse 15km from her place that remained locked for a week. I begged, shouted, namasakaram pannified, kola merattal vittufied, uhumm..kovama ketathuko kenji ketathuko edhukumay snap deal masiayala. Vendamna order cancel paniko nu coola they told. 24 hoursla naanay flight pudichi ponalay ozhia there was no way I could courier the gift on time. Kudutha buildupku she kept running to the door, each time some courier came to her house. In the mean time she ordered some baby stuff to be delivered to Chennai. All four of them reached on time!! Naan order panna onnay onnu kannay kannu gift never reached!! Seri date of birth thana miss aachu star birthday kulla vanthirumnu saaku solalam paatha, that was already over.

After almost a week after her birthday, one day she casually told that the courier came in that morning and she liked it. Vera vazhi illaingarathu apart, I somehow was reminded of that Goundamani comedy "inimay nee vaysasukku vanthaa enna varaatii enna"!!! Avvvvvvvvvvvv...

Wednesday, December 09, 2015

Tamasha - review

There comes a movie, once in a while, which is at odds with itself and us, like Tamasha- the latest Ranbir Deepika starrer. Definitely its not a repeat watch movie. Even for one time watch, its pretty tedious at best. Dialogues being heavy on Delhi accent and language, not your usual Bollywoodish hindish. Story is also nothing new and considering that every single movie of Deeps that involves a city setting, she more or less does the same role, its all the more stale. The director is very clear on what he wants from her. The first half where the story is set in Corsica, the long legged lass is at her own free will to dress anything and everything. The moment she steps into holier than thou our country, since she has to be all wrapped up, her portion also suffers the same fate.

So..very less Deeps, very long story, strictly one time watch with hard on ear accent and lot more of Ranbir. The last point might work in favour of the lady audience. So discounting it, is the movie worth it? Heard that its already heading towards being yet another flop for Ranbir this year. The reason being the obvious points mentioned above. But, if one has a patience for watching it, you would be able to relate to it so close to self. That might've infact worked against the movie is my guess.

When I saw their previous movie, the musical masti of Yeh Jawani Hai Deewani, the magic in the screen was infectious and was palpable on the young crowd that turned in repeatedly making it one of the biggest hit of the lead pairs career. Everyone who watched the movie, wanted to get a break out of their monotonous routine, let loose their hair and fall in love madly. The movie struck a chord at a level which was typical of commercial flicks and the reason why they click big time. Tamasha does manages to resonate, but at a whole lot deeper level.

The movie begins with an interesting premise of a young kid rushing to hear stories from a ranting old man, paying him from his pocket money. The old man mixes up stories each time, some from Ramayana, some from famous love stories of the world. There are some really interesting conversation where he explains the universality of love and how stories are always the same across all continents and time. There is a jump to the Corsica section where two strangers decide to accompany each other without ever revealing their true identity. A bit far fetched even for the logicless moviedom. The duo manage to live on their wits and have a gala time in Corsica. Deeps being smitten with the carefree attitude of Ranbir, obviously, falls in love with him, despite their vows for no emotional involvement. Without expressing her love for him, she leaves him. With a clue that would put Sherlock to shame, she manages to trace him 4 years later in India. She meets Ranbir, the mature product manager, a far cry from the carefree ragamuffin of a lovely rogue she met and fell in love. The sober and closer to reality desi Ranbir falls in love with Deeps and on the day when he proposes to her, she rejects him saying he is false.

Now, this was the section that intrigued and was interesting in so many levels. Here is the guy who is sincere, sober and above all secure with a future and the girl has the gall to reject him. The reason for rejection being that he is fake to himself, makes him go mad and here is where Ranbir the actor scores heads, shoulders and heels over all his contemporaries. He is so good at ease with himself as a romantic lover boy in first half that, the fact that he is acting is hardly noticeable. But the difference in body language and persona that he brings in the second half makes one go WOW. Awesome performance once again from the superstar of this decade. This part of the storyline is what I mentioned as hits a lot deeper into many a broken psyche. There are scores of guys out there who put on a show in both virtual and real world. Totally different from their original self. It creates an mirage for those who fall for them and only to end up being disappointed. I know so many of my friends who are eligible every single letter of the word bachelors. I tried playing stupid cupid for some of them within our friend circle only to get a similar response as Deeps. Either they were too good to be truly believed by the gals or they simply wanted someone who was more mad than sane. Logic might argue that with maturity the realization would dawn on them. But the fact of the matter is, those guys and gals are still single to the wonderment of others. Not for a moment I am suggesting its a fault to remain single or they are losers. But, honest to god, each of them would've given a run for Deeps and Ranbir as a pair. I often used to wonder what is that X factor that blocks people from truly accepting each other or from falling in love. After watching the movie, it could be that dash of madness to the sobriety is my guess. The movie ends with Ranbir, screwing up his career and finds solace in his fantasy world of story telling. For want of a positive ending, he is shown to be successful in what he does as well and gets a spiderman like kiss from Deeps. (ithelaam cut panatheenga censor. James bond na mattum oravanjanai)

Gils verdict: I liked the movie. As evident from the BO news, the movie might've bombed already. But for those who can manage to scrape through it, they would sure find more than a thing or two to reminiscence.

Monday, December 07, 2015

Adai gils...

Mun kurippu: intha post padichi sirichi vairu punnn agalainalum paravala..adichi nekku punnn aaga panidapdaathu. Ithu oru mokkai postay andri verondrumillai. pizhaigalai porutharuluga.

EAM Stri checking FB. Suddenly her eyes spikes up looking at a distress status from Gils.
"EAM..a family in triplicane, near parthasarathy temple needs dry clothes and dosa batter. can you help"
Stri rushes to her house motta maadi plucks all the clothes hanging dry and runs to near by kadai to buy 2 liters dosa maavu and all this happens in stop block moment.
"Gils..i am ready. Entha area in triplicane?"
"err..unga veedu thaan EAM. Unkitta maadila thuni eduthundu vaa..maavu vaangittu vaa sonna seiya maatengaranu enkitta status update poattu tag
panna sonnanga"
"Adaii gilss...." EAM chases..gils races.

Surprise and Naughty Peroli on field work, drained of all energy sitting dead tired.
"hey...power couple"
"gils..odiru..semma tired"
"wait..let me put radio for u..songs kettu kushi aaiduveenga" and switches on radio.
"dai gils..thala valikuthu...seria tune pannia ilaya"
"ilapa..ithu shareda oda show..mothama censor panitanga nenakren..verum beep thaan kekuthu"
"machi..nee innum CBCla probationla thaan irukka...confirmation varathukulla kola casela maatipa polarukkay"
Gils hears a roar and turns around to see an red heartin emoticon explode to reveal Shareda..
"Adaii gilss..."

"mister mages..epdirukkel"
"Gils amaidhiya iru"
"amaidhiya iru.."
"naan onumay.."
"amaidhiya iru.."
"adminji...naan innum pesavay ilaye"
"pesarathuku munna thaan amaidhia irukalam..unna pesa vitta nekku no amaidhi..aana oona city city
solluviye ..intha mazhaila enga area affectay aagala theriyuma"
"vaasthavam thaan...MET dept Tamil nadula Chennai, Cuddalore matra areasla thaana mazhai peiyum sonaanga...adutha vaaram thaan Andhra pakkam shift neenga next week readya iruntha podhum"
"Adaiii gils..."

"Avvv....enga ponaalum veratraangapa...midila"
"elo..echooseme..padikka vidungappa...epo paru status poata examku epdi padikarathu"
"yenmaa shreya...text book syllabusa facebookla thedina epdi.."
"Amul baby.."
"Yaaru naana"
"dialog solrapo distrub pannatha. Kotra mazhaila riverku nadula katirukara engineering collegela syllabus mudikama examku araguraia paadam nadathi ozhunga nadathinalay paathi thaan puriyum athilayum konjama padichi bittu adika kooda chapter theriama thattu thadumaari kula saamilenthu
ellai kaaval deivam varai athanai kadavulaiyum vendikittu examku pona..mazhainala cancellednu news poduvan..aduthu epo vaipangalonu daily bayanthu bayanthu padikalama venamanu confuse aagi kozhambi relax panna FB vantha..ingayum adhey kelvia kettu kolluriye.."
"aama...ithelaam intha oorla thaana..unga oorla veyilnu thana sonanga..."
"engineer adhuvum building katra engineerna..intha mathiri VIP dialog solanum"
"raguvarana villainavo herovavo thana pathruka..comediana ilaye...inimay pappa"
"Grrrr... gils..."

"shabba...enga ponalum thorathrangalay.."
"hey gils"
"yaarupa ithu..kural ketta pola iruku..mugamay therila.."
Thupakkai bgm soundoda brags comes out from a cloud of smog.
"Un peru bragsku badila Nero nu vachiralam"
"y gils.."
"Kazhuthalavu thannilayum mookala pogai vittu dham adichu vidhhai kaatrathukaga..vaali padathula vara thaadi balaji mathiri all spare parts
adipattu irunthaalum nee adanga maatia"
"yov...enga pathalum thanni..current illa..relax panna lighta oru dhumm poatta..ivlo bitta adhuku..iru unna
poona kitta maati udren"
"adhu thaan sontha oor poirukay..and atha naan onnumay solaliye"
"sontha oora?"
"ithu podhum...anbe sivam kamal mathiri un moonjia adhu praandama vidathu"
"ada paavi..ithaan poaatu vangaratha...esscaapeeeee"

"pasi usiru poguthu..saapda edachum kedaikuma paapom"
"hey gils"
"yov surprise..enna pannitruka"
"actuala..oru meta physical observation pathi lateralla yosichitrunthen...hey..enga pora"
"venaam..pora usiru patniyalaye pogatum..ithelam purinjikara thraani ila..."
"you know..latesta noodles onnu try pannitruken.."
"ada pavi..momo dimsum nuggets..ipo noodlesa..adanga maatia nee"
"yov..nejmavay noodles thaanpa...pasikuthu sonniye koopta..odipo"
"avvvvv....noodles poche"

"yaarupa adhu"
"naan thaan...inga paaru"
"engentho kural mattum varuthu..aala kaanumay"
"adipada pora..oray areavachaynu paakren"
"nee paakrathu irukatum ma..naan paaka mudilaye..enga irukka"
"un nolla kanna thoranthu nalla paaru"
"hey mila kunis..epdirukka"
"inoru vaati mila kunis sonna moonjilaye kuthuven..pasikuthu soniye..seri..saapda biriyanio pakodavo tharalamnu koopta"
"amma puniavathi..kekarathukkay inimaiya irukku..oru parcel please.."
"veetuku vanthu vaangiko"
"veedu enga iruku?"
"nee nikkara edathula thaan"
"inga poora thannia irukkay..buildingay kaanum"
"ada...konjam water logging aaiduchpa..oru periscope teriutha..athu vazhia thaan pesitruken..apdiye atha pudichitu vanthiru"
"biryani saaptu usiru pona kooda paravala..saapda porathukullaye usir poidum polarukkay...area mate area mate sonnen...areavay yeria irukkayma...avvvvvvvv"
"adaii gils......"

"lighta sudra mathiri irukkay...kotra mazhiala enna fevernu therilaye"
"hey gils"
"vaanga doc sai..nalla vela..kadavulatam vantheenga...lighta juram mathiri iruku"
"adhulaam nee sollakoodathu..naan thaan solven...aama lighta juram mathiri iruku"
"itheye thana naanum sonen...marunthu edachum thaangalen"
"hydrochloric acidla rendu spoon liquid nitrogen kalanthu..."
"docu..stopu. medicine konjam heavy dosage polarukkay"
"oh..lighta podhuma...appo itha vaangi saapdu"
"ithenna rendu maathrai ezhuthirukeenga..onnumay purila"
"yov..mela irukarathu pen ezhuthalanu kirukinathu...rendavatha crocin nu ezhuthiruken paaru..athu vaangi saapdu"

Dedicated to all those wonderful people of CBC (Chennai Bloggers Club) who worked tirelessly in volunteering activities and were a beacon of hope amidst the gloomy rains. Oray edathula ivlo nallavanga onu koodirukarathu is an amazing sight to see. Selfless dedication to those in suffering, risking their own self, every single one of them is an example in being humane.