Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Review timela..Angaadi theru

Roooommmmmbaaaa lateana review. Inum oru masam delay paniruntha Suntvlaye potrupaan :) still couldnt resist it. Its a wonderful movie and it would be a pleasure to write about it.

Its a shame that i needed a movie like this to even think about those people..who despite being present were always invisible to my eyes. Not that i've became a saint overnight watching this movie nor was i a rude brute of a person who went out of the way to create trouble for the downtrodden. But again..what i was doing was even worse. IGNORANCE. It needed a 3 hour movie to wake me up to realise how blessed i am and how much still i keep cribbing..wanting for more. And more than anything..i now have a whole new outlook and respect towards those people who sweat blood in those textile shops. I had always avoided serious movies. I never liked movies or even books for that matter which preach. Especially tear jerkers. YUCK. But this one..have seen it twice already in 2 weeks and each time it was a slap on my conscience. Its shocking to witness millions of people who throng the famous Ranganathan street and how many of them are actually blind as a bat when it comes realising the kind of life lead by the lead characters in the movie. This is not just a movie. But a candid camera which undresses public apathy more publicly than anything else.

I couldnt just believe that the hero of the movie is a fresher!!! Amazing performance. He is so believable in the scene where he begs forgiveness from the heroine after knowing the torture she has to endure because of him. And that lady!!! OMG. Here atlast is one gal who not just looks good but has real talent. She is so goddamn cute and bubbly and cheerful that even in such a dark movie..cudnt help site adichifying her :) The tears she sheds looks so real that it touches your heart. Sivaji once said in an interview that if an actor can look good and believable both while smiling and crying..his job is set. This gal will go places if she chooses her movies with care. A bundle of talent and a sheer joy to watch. I've seen her all 3 movies..be it Katrathu tamizh or rettai suzhi..inspite of the size of her role..she has an amazing screen presence and carries the role of Kani in this movie with panache.

Not just the lead pair..every single character remain etched in memory long after the credits role. The gal who comes as Selvarani and commits suicide..wow..powerful eyes and wonderful dialog delivery and diction. Small cameo but powerful. The villain (actually some movie director..cudnt get his name) i think..would've been the most cursed screen villain in recent times. He is so despicable that felt like getting inside the screen and kick him :) Vijay tv has unearthed another gem of a comedian in Paandi. That guy reminds of Senthil but has his own comic timing and a funny fact to go along with.

The movie has so many heartwarming moments..funny..senti..brutual..sad...watching it is like a kaleidoscope of emotions. I feel bad that i couldnt see it in theaters. I am not sure if its Vijay antony or GV prakash. Whoever it is.. take a bow fellas. The background score rocks. Its like vintage Ilayaraja special where even rerecordings reign as ringtones. "Aval appadi ondrum azhagillai" song lyrics will be the anthem for lovers for some more time atleast i guess. Wonderfully picturised. Vasanthabalan sir.. hats off to you. I loved his VEYIL movie just for the title and title track alone. He does it even better with this one.

Gils verdict: Must watch movie. Send it to the OSCARS :) wooohooo :)


Suganya said...

True.. This movie will indeed make a mark on everyone who watches it. I loved the climax. The fear on the thought of being rejected was performed excellently by the lead lady. Not overdone, Not underdone. Perfect to the point.

Ramesh said...

Unpopular demand - this space must become a movie free zone for atleast 5 days ...... G3 - stop buying this man movie tickets .....

R-ambam said...

its nice u review all movies.. so most people are saved from or warned of some torture :)

RS said...

I watched this and 'kannathil muthamittal' recently, several times over,couldn't help being grateful for being blessed as I am!! Every character had a strong base and a marking presence.

G3 said...

@Ramesh, Indha padathukku naan kootitu pogalae :))) Avaru DVDla paatharu (DVD sponsor naan dhaangaradhu vera matter :P)

BTW.. next toy story-3 movie review vandhalum varalaam.. adhukku sathyama me no sponsor.. kanagu dhaan sponsor for all of us :))))

asha said...

The day i saw the movie i had a sleepless night for the simple reason that this movie may be a true reflection of all the labourers of R. street.

The movie is well complemented by good acting and music. I too liked the lyrics and tune of 'aval appadi onrum...'

a very touching movie and you have done justice by giving a wonderful review.

gils said...


heyyy :) welgum back(?). leading lady ..avvvvvvvv.....chaanceleenga...padu theevira fan aaiten. Whenever she bends her neck a bit down and rolls her eyes up at the same time to give a secret look at the hero...avvvvvvvvvv..looks so damn cute. and watta smile!!!

gils said...


LOL :D :D ungal utharava meera mudiyuma...no more movie reviews..aana egapatta book reviews piling up :D wl shoot them soon :D

gils said...


avvvvvvvv.....naan paakara padamlaam mokkanu mudivay paniteengala!!!this movie is neither torture or boring...must watch

gils said...


yup..aana enakenamo neenga verum serious movies mattum paakra aala maariteengalonu oru doubt varuthu..PKS..Panjathanthiram..Thenali..ipdi kaamedi moviesum appo appo parungo :0)

gils said...


toy story review podu podunu anga usupethitu inga ipdi anthar bultia..grrrrrr

gils said...


hey welgum here..and thanks for your kind words

RamMmm said...

Paaththutteengala yaa paaththutteengala.

Unga layout palichchunnu adikudhdhu. :-( That doesn't matter anyway. :-) :-)

On second thoughts on this movie, there seemed to be some slight glamourization of the theme, but that is excusable. :-) :-)

Anonymous said...

:) yeah...but without tht u wont stand the movie..

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