Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Wall street 2

It was a typical english movie watch for me. "Dhool" padathula vivek solra mathiri vaaaya polanthutu paathuturnthen, without understanding half the dialogs. This movie would be best reviewed by Thalai ramesh i believe :)

I've seen "Wall Street - 1" with equal enthusiasm as preparing for my physics exams. All i could remember was "Greed is good" and Michael Douglas. This movie has its share of punch lines too..best being "Greed is not just good..its legal now". Years after, i am proud to say, i retain the same sense of (mis)understanding for share market and capitalism. This may be one of those movies i've ever seen without understanding more than half the dialogs. I would like to believe that the Americans at least would be able to relate to the lingo used in it much better than me.

The movie has interesting set of characters. None of them are totally good or totally bad. You simply can't love or hate anyone in the movie. It has got an interesting storyline where in the nice guy from scene one becomes bad in scene ten and the victor in one scene becomes vanquished in another. The story has the recent wall street meltdown as the backdrop and the story writer has tried to cleverly put in some human elements in it. But they stand out like sore thumb and never look more out of place when compared to the backdrop. But bereft of these the story would've been as dry as chennai water pumps in summer. The ending couldnt have been more cinematic.

There is a voice over scene which wonders on what is insanity and compares it with share market and people who invest on trust. I feel its legalised banking at its best and is a breeding ground for greed. People dont believe in god but put their faith on peice of paper which they believe will increase in its worth and will make them rich. They throw good money after bad and for them its all a game. Pity its these guys who decide the fate of the zillion others who are content in watching these guys play around with their money. At times i feel compelled to join the game. But sanity has prevailed till now. But bereft of options for an alternate source of income, who knows..in twenty years time..there might be a movie called "Dalal street" with a character called Gilsu :) Padam odutho ilayo..adi vangarathuku minna i the apeet :)

Sunday, November 28, 2010

Two songs to cheer you up..

Two songs are set to rule the radio waves in coming times. Two totally contrasting genres but the result is same - an awestruck feeling which transports you to your happy place right from the first chord.

I usually avoid new songs and would bother to give them a try only after reading the review. But fell for this one hook line and sinker right from line one. Infact after the first stanza was having a worrying feeling about how the song is going to continue and whether will it match the expectation set at the first para, when i was hearing it for the first time. I feel this song has a strong impression of "Kurai ondum illai kanna" song. Here are the lyrics for u. Song ketutu solunga how u felt nu :) Have made the para's which were most impressive in BOLD. Its from the movie "Mandhira punnagai" by Karu palaniappan. Even the movie review sounds offbeat. Should give it a try.

enna kurayo enna nirayo
edherkum naan undenbaan kannan
enna thavaro enna sariyo
edherkum naan undenbaan kannan

enna vinayo enna vidayo
adherkum naan undenbaan kannan
adherkum naan undenbaan kannan
enna kurayo enna nirayo
edherkum naan undenbaan kannan

nandrum varalam theedhum varalam
nanban poley kannan varuvaan
valiyum varalaam vaattam varalaam
varudum viralaai kannan varuvaan

ner kodu vattam aagalam
nizhal kooda vittu pogalaam
thaaladha thunbam nergayil
thaayaga kannan maaruvaan

avan varuvaan kannil mazhai thudaippan
irul vazhhigalile pudhu oli vidhaippan
andha kannanai
azhagu mannanai
dhinam paadi vaa

undu enalaam illai enalaam
iradum kettu kannan sirippan
inaindhu varalaam pirindhum tharalaam
uravai poley kannan iruppaan

pani moottam malayai moodalaam
vazhi kettu paravai paadalaam
pudhiraana kelvi yaadhilum
vidayaga kannan maaruvaan

engum nirainthiruppan
avan isai mazhaiyaai
ennai udan inaippaan

andha kannanai
kanivu mannanai
dhinam paadi vaa

Second one was another lucky listen like the previous one. "Whos the hero" from Manmadan Ambu. Andrea (aairathil oruvan, pachai kili muthu charam heroine) has the best strike rate for hit songs in recent times. Whatever she sings are becoming chart busters and this is one song where she has really let loose her wild self. I can bet, you can't sit in one place and listen to this song. Semma energy and so contagious :) highly mood uplifting song. Chk this one also and let me know how you feel.

P.s: thalaiye ketutaaru..so here is the link Mandhira Punnagai

Literala translate pannala..irunthalum theme convey agara(??) maathiri oru attempt..
For those who can't follow tamil.

I am in loss
I am in gain
I am in Joy and
I am in Pain

I am in problem
I am in solution
I am in dormant and
all things in motion

I am the sadness
in times of pain
I am the gladness
which mind attain

I am the confusion
in times of chaos
I am the clarity
amidst all pathos

I am the straightness
in all the curves
I am in the lifeblood
through your nerves

I am the shadow
in the dark
I am the grass blades
all in the park

I am the beginning
in the end
I am the straightness
in the bend

I am in the single
grain of sand
I am the rocks in
the mountain land

I am the rain drop
in the ocean
I am the plenty in
all the ration

I am in life
I am in death
I am the experience
all life bequeath.

Think i am odd
You people call me God.

P.S.S: pakkathu veetu paapa...abcd ongappan thaadi nu paaditrunthichi...athoda inspiration thaan intha rhymes :D

Thursday, November 11, 2010

Thonthiran - part 2

Pasigaran and CHITHAPPA robot goes to the robotic meet. Pasi asks robot to introduce itself.

"Hi I'm CHITHAPPA. Breakfastuku 10 idly. Lunchku full Andhra meals"

All the other scientists in the meet complain to Pasi even before he could begin the demo.

"Mr.Pasigaran..mariyathaiya itha ingenthu thookitu poidunga..ilaati akku vera aani veraya naangalay itha udaichiduvom"


"Unga kooda irukkara antha janthu..enga lunch box elaam gaali pannidichi. Ozhungu mariaathaia engellaarukum lunch vaangi thaanga"

"Dei CHITHAPPA..enda ipidi maanatha vaaangara"

"Avanga thaan doctor sonaanga. Avangalala saaptu seiyara oru vishyam ennala mudiathu nu. Athaan naan irukara ellar lunchaiyum saaptutu try panni paathen. Evlo try panalum varala doctor"

"aiaiaao...ennatha try panna"

"Yeppam vida thaan..neenga enna nenacheenga. Am i missing any other skill"

"Mada robo..Yeppam vidarathelam skillada"

Jury members from the conference reject CHITHAPPA because he doesnt know how to Burp.

Kadupula veetuku vara Pasigaran decides to teach the robot all aspects of gastric problems.

Blackboardla Poondu, mochakoattai lenthu Jelucil syrup varaikum ellathaiyum power point slidesa poatu solli tharar Pasigaran. Apdiyum CHITHAPPA ku purinja mathiri therila. In comes Sadha.

"Enna Pasi panreenga?"

"Intha mada Robo va paru Sadha..enna sonanlum ithu mandaila era maatenguthu"

"Unga slideslam paatha mandaila erara matter pathi mathiri terilaiye" apdinu Sadha solitrukum boathu oru differentaana sound varuthu.

Pasi gets anxious and searches everywhere for the source of the noise. Suddenly Sadha exclaims. "Pasi intha sound CHITHAPPA kitenthu thaan varuthu"

"Wooohoo...CHITHAPPA eppam vitutaru. Itha vachu conferencela naan jeiyichiruven" nu Pasi jumps with joy.

Sadha takes CHITHAPPA to her home. Anga micham meethi vaikamaa samaichi vachiruntha ella itemsaiyum the robot finishes off in one sitting. Sadha's amma gets wild and shouts that "Un oruthiku samaichi podrathay mudila..ithula ithu veraya..kootitu po mudhulla"

Chithappa and Sadha goes to a park.

"Sadha..unkita onnu sollata..neeyum theeni pandaraam..so am i. Intha ulagathulaye thandathuku irukara renday peru thaan. Onnu nee..inonnu naan. Why shouldnt we get married i say?"

"Chithappa..amma saapadu unaku othukala nenakren. Jelucil saptia?" saying this she abruptly rejects Chithappa's proposal.

Chithappa feels heart broken and decides to teach everyone a lesson. He stealthily goes into Pasigaran's lab and clones himself.

Suddenly the Saravana Bhavan's, A2B's, Annapoorna's finds themselves under attack. Pasi seeing the kalebaram on tv rushes to the lab.

"Chithappa...enna ithu...engenthu ithana Chithappa vanthaanga??!!"

"Ivangalaama...ithu thaan naan first clone panna robot. So nomenclature padi onnu vitta Chithappa..athu rendu vitta chithappa...ipdi neria pera create panniruken"

"En chithappa en...un oruthan imsaiye thaangala...en idpi senja. Diwali athuvuma...oru hotel vidama ella shopsaium ivanga gaali panitrukaanga. Udanay stop pannu ivangala"

"Mudiaathu. Enakku Sadhava katti vai..naan stop panren"

"Ithuku un memory corrupt aakara computer virusa katti vaikka sollirukalam nee. Ennamo po..ekkedu ketu ozhinga. Mudhalla intha galattavelaam stop pannu"

"Dei...Ram...ennada olaritruka...enamo..chithappa periappa nu polambitruka...ethachum kanavu kandia??" Hearing his mom's voice Ram wakes up.

"Amma...en robot engamma"

"Robo va....unna solli kuthammilada...anju seconduku oru thadava ad poatu kolraanga paaru...Sun tv karana sollanum...poda po...mudhalla kulichitu va. Diwali athuvuma...ethana neram thoongitrupa"


Saturday, November 06, 2010

Thonthiran - part 1

Dr.Pasigaran is seen working on his robot. He barks out commands one by one.
For each command the robot goes correctly to the dish, picks them
"Sooper..kalakita" nu solli kittu irukum boathay the robot begins to eat the dishes "heyyy..heyy...unna identify panna mattum thaana sonen"
"Mada robo..unaku mandaiku keezha thonthi thaana?"
"Neenga thaana design paneenga doctor"

"Gara...dei...garaaaa...inumm ennada antha ithu pona lavatorila pannikitu iruka. Seekaram velila vaada..vayitha kalakuthu"

"Yo mom...how many times i've told u..enna "gara" "gara" nu koopdaathanu"

"Pasigarana surukki...Pasi pasi nu koopta veetla samaikaama kathi kitu irukomnu pakkathu veetu karangalaam nenachukarangalay..athaan gara gara nu calling...Enda unnoda robo va test panna edamay kedaikalaia? irukarathay oru toilet. Antha oosi pona robo ku saapaadu podra edamada athu... kandatha thinnutu paathi neram angaye settle aagidreenga rendu perum"

"Mother..enna pathi enna venumnaalum sollu..en kandupudippa pathi pesatha"

"Aaaama peria kandupudipu.. nethu olichu vachatha epdio thedi kandupudichitu ennamo ulaga maga discovery mathiri alatikara..antha karumatha enda toiletla vachiruka?"

"Naan panra experimentoda side effectsku antha edam thaan saria varum. Athaan. Amma...ithana naala soru vacha robo ku inum peru vaikala..nalla pera onnu sollen"

"Antha karumatha paathalay..oorla irukara unga chithappa thaan nyabgam varaaru..pesama atheye pera vachiru"

"Sooper..innilenthu..robo un peru "CHITHAPPA"..epdiruku?"

"Doctor..saria soru poda mateengareenga paatha peru vaikrathilayum sothapiteenga. Neenga enaku per vaikalanu naan azhuthena unga kita. Seri..tholaiyuthu..adjust pannikaren"

"dei gara...nee lavatoryla irunthapo unna thedi Sadha vanthaa. Romba neram wait panna. Nee velila vara mathiri terila..so kadupaaitu samachu vachirunthathaalam thinnutu poita. Athennada peru Satha sotha nu"

"Athuvamma..antha ponnu poranthathilenthu sadha ethayachum thinnukitay irukumaam. Athaan Sadhaa nu peru vachirukaanga avanga veetla"

Pasi calls Sadha.

"Sorry Sadha..u know very well tht to me my experiment comes first. Athaan una meet panna mudila"

"Vitrulam Pasi. Ithoda Vitrulam. I dnt think i can marry you."

"En sadha en?"

"Yoishci paru. After marriage en peru "Sadha Pasi" nu maaridum. Ipovay naan adikadi saapdrennu elarum complaining. Sadha pasi nu peru maaridichinna kekkavay venaam"

"Apo naan kuduthathelaam thirupi kudu"

"Etha solra..u mean those 592 kisses?"

"cha..athelam neye vachuka. Enga veetla naan ilathapo round katti thinurikiye..athukaana bill settle pannu"

Sadha kadupaagi thirumba..there she see CHITHAPPA robot sitting and munching Banana.
It goes near Sadha and introduces itself.

"Hi..i'm CHITHAPPA. Breakfastuku 10 idly. Lunchku full Andhra meals"

"Pasi..ithu yaru..un Sistera?"

"che..nalla paru..athu male. Ithu thaan naan pudusa senjirukara robot. Ithu peru CHITHAPPA..u know unna mathiriye eppo paaru thinukitay irukum"

"woww..waatta name..so cute. Itha naan en veetuku kootikitu pogatta? enga veetla nethu samaichathu neria meenthu poachu"

"oh sure. Aana itha velila vitratha..inum government approval vangala"

"Itha vachikitu enna panrathu pasi?"

"Indiala egapatta statesla ekkachakka festivals iruku. Ella customslayum mainana matter ennana varietyana dishes. Oru oru dishayum epdi sapadrathungarathula neria doubts iruku elarukum. Intha robotla entha dish epdi sapdanumnu naan "feed" panni vachiruken"

"Wooww...watta kandupudipu. So sweet"

"And kaaram too" winks Pasigaran.

(to be continued...)

Friday, November 05, 2010

Ninaivo oru paravai...

"dei Ramu...en kannadiya enga vechen paathia?"
"oru naal paatha mathiri ithey pozhapa poachu...engayachum ethayachum vachida vendiathu..aprum theda vendiathu. Ethaiyum edutha edathula vacha thaana"
"Enda..vacha edam ethunu terinja un kita enda keka poren.Maranthu poachu nu thaana kekaren"
"Ellathiyum maranthiru..inum konja naalula paaru veetu addressa maranthutu vazhi theriama suthi kitu iruka pora. Enga ponalum pursela address vachitu po" ena nakkaladithan Ram.
"Nethu nejamavay vara vazhila theru per maranthutenda..Aprum mel veetu maamiya paathu avangaloda pesikitay veetuku vanthuten. Ipolaam marathi adigamaaidichi"
"Epovumay ethayachum poatu manasa kozhapikitay irukalla nee..athaan. Overa stress pannikaatha. Relaxeda manasa vachuko elaam automatica nyabgathula irukum. Seri naan officeku kelamabren. Kathava marakama thaapa potuko and saaptutu marakkaama mathirai potuko"

"Machi..Malar hospital doctor vanthu etho presentation kudukaraaram...polaam va" endru azhaithaan Siva. Iruvarum workshopiruku sendranar.

"Intha ulagathilaye kodumaiyana disease ethu nu sollunga papom"
Aids lenthu Cold varaikum anaithu noi galaiyum pattiyal ittanar workshop participants.
"Neenga sonnathelaam etho oru vithathula kodumaiayana noi thaan. Silathuku permanent cure iruku. Silatha control panna vazhi iruku. Neriathuku curey ila. Aana ithu elathilayum kodumaiyaana disease ethu na...Alzheimer's disease.

"Irandu manam vendum..iraivanidam ketten. Ninaithu vaazha ondru..maranthu vaazha ondru" nu cinema paatu onnu iruku. Intha disease vanthirukara patientsku antha mathiri oru setup iruntha romba vasathi. Intha diseasa en specifica kodumaiyaana diseasenu solrenna...Kashtam vara nerathula nenachu paathu santhosha pada ivangaluku nyabgangal irukaathu. Konjam konjama ellathaiyum maranthu poitu aduthavangala depend panni thaan avanga daily life irukum. Athuvum care taker seria amaiyalaina atha vida naraga vedhanai irukavay mudiathu. En kashtapadromngarathu teriamayae kashta paduvanga.

Usuala vayasangavalaku intha disease varathukkana chances romba jasthi. Intha mathiri daily vishayangala senjika kooda aduthavangala depend panni irukaravanga kitta naama romba porumaiya irukanum."

Antha doctor pesinatha athuku mela ketka mudiathavanai Ram veliye vanthaan. Andru kaalai avanga amma kita avan pesinathu ninaivukku vara.."oru vela ammakum intha mathiri problema irukumo" nu bayanthavaray veetuku sendraaan.

"Nooru aayusuda unaku. Unaku pudicha munthiri paruppu cake paniruken. Chinna vayasulenthu epo paru pudingi edupiye..ithu panalaina diwali celebrate panna maateenu adam pudippa munnalaam. Ippo thaan adhelam yosichikitay adupulenthu erakki vachen. Saapdria? ..Yenda..en azhara?? ennada achu?" endru pathariyavaaray visaarithaal amma.

Santhoshathirkaana kaaranam solla mudiyaamal kangalil kaneerodu sirithaan Ram.

Happy diwali folks :) Adutha postla meetaren.