Sunday, December 05, 2010

Solladi sivagaami

"Ivar jaadagha padi...ipo time OOHOOO nu iruku. Adutha konja kaalathuku sooper time. Athukaprum thaan time konjam nalla ila. Athuku sila pala parigaaram panni palagaaram panna saria poidum"

Idhu namakkay teriaatha...itha oruthan solli kekarathukaga oruthan kita poganuma!!

Been hearing this standard dialog for the past umpteen years that i can recite them by heart and even put on a better modulation and who knows might sound convincing too for a bakra or two :)

The fact that mine is a horrorscope is well established. Everytime when i see or hear news of a new planet discovery i would feel like "Duh. They should've checked for it in my horrorscope". I believe people got a good chance of discovering newer planets just by putting my doc under microscope rather than craning their neck upwards to the sky. It got all the constellations and galaxies lurking in it and somehow all is not hunky dory amidst them. At times its lord Rahu or Kethu but all credit to lord Saturn. He is so fond of the boxes in my sheet that he keeps changing the box every once in a while. I was always the invisible student in the class who hardly made any noise. So classroomlayum sari..kattathulayum sari...Guru kandukkarathay illa. Marsla i am not sure if they've found conditions for live forms to survive but in my doc all are hale and healthy. Maybe if the NASA guys can decrypt it they mite even unearth clues about aliens from it.

And my horrorscope has so many doshams that agila ulaga josiyars have decided to honor one dosham with my name. Gils dosham. Idhu irukara makkal overa mokka poduvangalaam. Characterisation kooda ready panitaanga. Ithuku parigarama..gilsku chocolate maalai poatu..every friday pizaa vaangi kudutha saria poidumnu solla solliruken.

A typical conversation between the aye sayers and nay sayers would go like this i guess.

"How come the same horoscope for a person gets differnt opinions and predictions from different josiyars? isnt it proof enough to say its all a farce?"

"Dude..same teacher..same syllabus..same teaching. Aana examla not every one passes or gives same answer. You go to docs to get treatment. Why only a few docs are called kai raasi while others arent? Each one has his/her own flavour. ovvoru manushanukum oru feeling machi"

(on a totally different note..i believe there are no choice questions in MBBS course. Ilaati yosichi parunga.. thalai vali pathina kostin tuffa iruku solitu choicela vittu pass aana doctor kita treatmentku pona...Sorry baas..antha kostin naan padikala..athuku badila fever treatment thaan padichen..venumna antha tablets tharattanu keta...ennathuku aagarathu?!!! sila pala doctors intha kostina kekama aana treatment athey mathiri tharangarathu vera matter)

Nothing against the kattams or those believe in that. Still.. as long as i dont understand the logic behind it, it all looks and sounds so there a decent word for scam?


Porkodi (பொற்கொடி) said...

innum ponnu fix agadha peelingsla thaan ipdilam pesaringa nu naan nenakave illiye.. :D freeya vidunga boss..!!! parigaram pannitu palagaram sapidra vazhiya parunga!!

Porkodi (பொற்கொடி) said...

innuma word verification edukala!!!!!!!!!!!!

word ver: ulaths

RamMmm said...

irunga irunga, andha sivagaami computer sollaradha kindalaa pannureenga? neenga enna sonnaalum seri, indha sivagaami computer sonnadhu nichchayam nadakkum. :-) :-) ungalukku veetula thittu vaanganumnu ezhudhiyirukku. adhai yaaraalum maaththa mudiyaadhu!

To Gils' Amma: unga pillayaandaan ungalai maraimugamaa kindal pannuraar. paaththu irukka sollunga. :-) :-)

Enna gilsu, MBBS mudichchuttu varravanga ellaam 100% (or even 90%) markoda varraanganna ninaikkareenga? ayyo, ayyo. :-)

RS said...

Sivagami enna venaaalum sollatum boss, my patchi says Gils is nearing his end of bachelor life :D

RamMmm said...

Layout pudhusa maaththineengala enna? Nice one, I've to say. Lakshanamaa irukku. :-D

R-ambam said...

no reply for comments??
worshttu behavior !

Anonymous said...

heyyy inum blog hoppinglaam panrelaa... :)

//innum ponnu fix agadha peelingsla thaan ipdilam pesaringa nu naan nenakave illiye.//

athaaaana paathen... :)

Anonymous said...


:) hehehee...ithelaam naan avangalta neradiya pala murai kooriyaayitru :D


:D indiala child marriage inumm banned thaan hehehee :D

Anonymous said...


:) hehehee...ithelaam naan avangalta neradiya pala murai kooriyaayitru :D


:D indiala child marriage inumm banned thaan hehehee :D

Anonymous said...




:D soringa aapicer...nembaaa naala intha pakkam varala...aapicela blog cut panitanga :(

Ramesh said...

The cure for Gils Dosham is very well know. A certain lady has to bat her eyelids at this gentleman :)

Aarti said...

hahaha .... sema comedy and after a point we start mimicking these so called 'astro' freaks... ;)

unga ammava kooptu intha posta padikka sollanum.... buhahahaha

Aarti said...

adutha thadava besant nagar beach pakkam ponakki, try one of those kuri sollum ladies.. kaila kuchiyoda alainjindu irupaanga... athu innum comedya irukkum

naan vidya madam n innoru friendoda ponappo try paninein... ;)

Avada Kedavra said...

waiting for some englees post from you Gilsu!

chennaigirl said...

Intha sivagami paduthura paadu bayangaram thaanga,my patti went to VGP some 15 yrs back and among all other things sivagami told that u would live till 80 yrs only. My patti writes diary and she recorded this statement to the word in her diary. Apparam thaan arambichathu - enakku ellame ithu maathriye nadakkarthunnu, last one yr ah ore paduthal thaaan, recently she completed 80. So ithu ellam intha kaathula vaangi enjoy pannittu antha kaathula vittudunga avvalavuthaaaaan.

Steve Finnell said...

you are invited to follow my blog

gils said...


// A certain lady has to bat her eyelids at this gentleman :)//

LOL :D athu sari :)

//unga ammava kooptu intha posta padikka sollanum.... buhahahaha//
hardly makes any difference

gils said...

u knw wat :D i tried kili josiam once in dakshin chitra :D u wont believe wat the kili josiyan told :D :D i got radha krishnar foto btw ;)


obliged mam :)

gils said...


LOL ..dont more year and ur paati wud grew out of it and who knows mite become staunch anti believer too :)