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Kelviyin nayagan is back

Once in a while certain questions..intriguing no doubt..causes a stir in mind so much that, it refuses to drown in the sea of forget. Here is one such question. It took me a while to think of a mokkai answer for this. But i am curious to know your responses for the same. Read this question on a tamil weekly magazine and here are both the tamil and english versions of it. A nice paradoxical one.

"Ellaam valla iraivanaal..thannal thookka mudiaatha kallai padaikka mudiyuma?"

"Can the almighty god create a stone which he cannot lift?"

If the answer is yes or no for that matter, it would raise a question on the ALMIGHTY aspect of God. Let me not put any further deviations on your mind :) Happy hunting for the answer :)

WMW - Theiva Thirumagal

Saw Deiva Thirumagal this sunday with G3. Though the theater was pretty far from my place and not our usual meeting spots, glad that we made it to the show. It was an awesome awesome movie and i felt really happy for making it. Happy...err..sad i should say. Its been a longggg while since i saw such senti movies. Usually i avoid cry-a-thons and senti movies were a strict NO. But i can gladly make an exception for this movie few more times.

Tamil cinema has had its fair share of mother sentiment based movies. But however few they were, the ones dealing with father sentiment have scored really well at the BO. Right from Sivaji (Thangapathakkam) to Raj Kiran and Prakash Raj in too many movies, Daddy sentiment stands a sure shot hit. Vikram joins that elite club with this one.

I was forewarned that it was a serious movie. But few minutes into it, the director fools you into believing that its a comedy one. Needless to say, its an out and out director's special. There are so many places …

Kill Gil - 1

Damager in serious discussion with saga damager.

The topic of that NEEYA NAANA discussion was - which is a better buy Petrol car or Diesel.

Damager was quoting the merits of Petrol arguing that, though per litre cost is high..if he uses his car judiciously he can still save money against diesel version, which needs constant usage and lot of maintenance.

The saga damager was arguing that why buy a car if you cant use it as freely as you can. His point was the very purpose to buy a car was to commute and he wouldnt want the cost of fuel to decide how frequently he can use it.

Gobinath Neeya Naana la theerpu solra mathiri..they both turned to me. One guy decides how much i get at end of this year and other decides whether i've an year's stay to look forward too.

" tell. What will you have? Petrol or Diesel"

"Water" and Gils escapeeeee..

Nalla kekkuraangayya kelvi..

A second, a minute and some more time...

A: "Hey can you come here for a minute"
B: "Give me a second"

Irrespective of their geographical location..any place can be requested to be reached in a minute or in a second..depending on the urgency. Do people actually mean or realise the time they request like this?? Not a single instance can be quoted where the work would actually get over in a minute leave alone a sec. But still..people world over use these phrases. Wonder what do they actually want to convey, when someone asks us to spare a minute or sec. Obvious thing is they want our immediate attention and to grab attention they quote these improbably short time period to fool the other person? I tried to avoid this "one sec one min" conversation for a week by consciously quoting a more approximate time. In one such instance i told the person that i would need half hour of his time for a discussion. He flatly refused :) I called him again after a while and requested 2 minutes of his time. The meeti…

In search of the real meaning...

"Students, today your physics teacher has taken leave and i would be taking over the class for that hour" declared the language teacher, midst a collective sigh of relief. Soon the chatter began like bush fire and looking at all the happy faces, the teacher felt it would be unfair to bore them with more lessons for the hour and decided to engage them into something interesting.

"Okay...LISTEN everybody. Two years from this date, you would all be sitting for your public exams. And two years from then, the exam of your life. 4 years time, your life as a school kid is effectively over. Have you ever wondered what you want to be in your life?"

There was a studied silence with the frontbenchers bowing their head down, middle benchers seriously checking into their bags for secret holes to hide and last benchers in their own sweet world, oblivious to the surroundings.

" this THE 8 'c'..or have i stepped into some other class? FINALLY i've …

Success and aftermath

"Hey..congrats..heard that you got promoted"
"Wow..that was an awesome appreciation mail..way to go buddy"
"Good show man..mightily impressed"

All three situations usually receives the same response - either a blush (in case of really young people) or a self deprecating mumble (in case of middle aged). Whatever the case may be..people often find it difficult to react to situations of genuine appreciation. The more morbid the scenario, better i've seen people adapt and react. But praise is one sure as hell slippery slope which tricks many a master. In general our mind are well tuned to react to adverse situations and majority of the books and mentors teach us how to face adversity. But there are not many around who teaches us, how to accept success gracefully. Infact, problems bring with them sympathy as company but success always is accompanied with scrutiny. The bigger the success, bigger the scrutiny. Many a times people sothapify the post success scen…

Kungfu Panda - 2

Well this was the mood right from act one - scene one - frame one. Another wonderfully crafted story with excellent comic timing and awesome dubbing makes it a true master piece of the more to come franchise. Its so endearing to watch Po (Panda) every time it pops on the screen. Well..such a rolly polly figure is hard to miss..but with a belly ,full of fun, which shakes like jelly..this bear sure knows how to tickle your funny bone. You can be an action movie freak..yet you wouldnt be able to hold yourself to say "Cute" looking at baby panda. Animation scores an EXCELLENT. Any story, if it can make you relate to some incident which had an evergreen impact in your life..or has any character which you can implicitly or explicitly relate to..will be a sure shot winner. The Panda franchise has this wonderful knack of churning out such stories. They reaped in success with a wonderfully creative first installment and the second dose doesnt falter either. If the first …