Friday, April 28, 2017


For a series that I started with ARR, co-incidentally, ending with his album, Z la vera topic thedrathuku somberithanam apart. Somehow I felt, this is one album of ARR that never got its due. I don’t find people singing this movie songs on any reality show or even mentioning it in their favorites. May be because its not his best or may be not technically upto their mark, that I will never know. But I love all the songs in this movie. “Dheeme Dheeme” song might have been slightly lucky as compared to other songs from the movie as it got mentioned on top ten songs for a while. My favorite are “Meheki Meheki raahen” where Udit Narayan would’ve oodu katti adichified and “Dhoor kahin aam ki bagiyaan” which will literally lull you to sleep. Another chirpy song would be “Mehndi hai rachnewali” with Alka yagnik at her peak. I remember one FilmFare award when all five songs under nomination catergory where hers. “Sogaye hain dil ki afsaane” is all sad and melancholy while “Mein albeli” is what ARR churns up closer to folk song. The movie as such was an utter disaster with literally nothing working between Karishma and Manoj Bajpai. Story wise it was fantastic on paper and I loved the ending where the grandmother sheds tears watching Karishma on screen, reminiscing on how well her life could’ve been had she been allowed to take her decisions. It’s a brilliant script which in all honesty should be reworked and probably reproduced with maybe same songs and definitely a different star cast. Deepika padukone reprising Karishma, Ranveer singh playing her first husband, Rekha will anyway outlive everyone and hence will retain her love, Ranbir Kapoor for Manoj Bajpai and rest of the cast anyway doesn’t matter.

P.S: shabbaaaadiiii…Ithoda intha AtoZ challenge for the month, where I’ve to write one post with a title starting alphabetically per alphabet is complete. Mudikrathukulla nora thallidichi saami that too with a theme of writing something from my memories!!! Usually I put 5 post per month on average. Trying 21 more in same time span was literally trying!! Adutha sila maadhathirku kadai vidumurai!!


Rajathilagam Velmurgan said...

You didn't do all 21 yourself.. Credit tharanum oye!
But then I am happy you saw it through till the end! Awesome gils....

Ramesh said...

Vidumurai denied.

I hadn't realised you were on a A to Z challenge until you yourself pointed it out just a day or so ago. And I was pleasantly surprised that Gilsu was being so prolific in his writings.

Leave application rejected. Velaikku varaama ooru suthhinaa, salary cut.