Tuesday, April 11, 2017

Ignorance is bliss

March being the month of appraisals and ratings and hikes and bonuses, its always a tense month with each day carrying electrifying atmosphere ala Ravi shastri quote. Again, the month varies as per the cycle of each org but since majority follow March as THE month to release THE information, I've taken that as example.

There used to be a time, when postman was delivering class results and it was not even in an INLAND letter, but open post card (pakki school management) that if left unnoticed, one may end being be the talk of the apartment for any negative results. More than the exams, however confident one may be while submitting the answer sheet, as the day of results approach, it always sent a tingle down the spine. And depending on how far or close you are from school, your friends may end up receiving their letter and any call from them on the same would up the anxiety quotient. What if, despite our best efforts, the results came negative? Or delivered wrongly by mistake? the stigma, the tension were all unbearable. Ditto for ratings as well.

There would be a standard HR policy in all companies not to reveal or discuss the ratings. Probably the only policy which actually benefits the employee, though its set solely to protect the managers and their credibility. Despite the fact that, anyway people discuss their ratings, I personally abhor that practice. If one is rated to his satisfaction, knowing some other guy, who on their opinion are low performers, sharing the same rating might make them feel cheated. If they are rated more, that would be even worse a case and if they are rated lesser, read through the previous two statements from their perspective.

End of the day, the point is, we are only ourselves to blame for our predicament and fact of the matter is, unless in case for a promotion, the other guy's rating hardly matters to anyone else but him. It might be an easy thing to say, but most difficult to practice as, even if one reaches higher posts, there is always this curiosity to pamper our ego, in the hope that we are better than others. If your goal is to win the race, you better start running, rather than watching others run and crib about it.


Ramesh said...

I hereby rate Gilsu A++++++++++++.

Recommend an increment of 150%

Plus a one time bonus of 42 movie tickets for Friday release day first show.

All in recognition of his contribution to the blogosphere.

gils said...

kudutha venaam sollaporathila :D:D:D