Friday, April 28, 2017

Very special person

“Write about the person who is very special to you” gave our English teacher, the assignment for that day. I wrote about Napoleon Bonaparte, for some reason I idolized him like anything once upon a time. Maybe because I read some war story where he defeated the British, who were my least favorites. I ranted my head off on how brave he was and about some battle and his courage, valor. It was more of a historical anecdote than a personal post. Some of my friends had written about Sachin, one guy wrote about Superman. But there was this guy, who made us all feel bad about ourselves by writing about his dad. “Adada..ithu namakku thonamaa poachay” was our honest feeling. “Ithulaam sellathu..of course, every parent would be special for cheated” were the cries from other folks who felt bad for not thinking of their own while submitting their entry. This guy who wrote about his dad, was probably the shrewdest person I ever knew for his age. Even as a school kid, he was probably the most logical and practical person and with razor sharp wit. He carried an attitude about himself and his actions justified his deeds as well. He is now a visiting professor in half a dozen American universities and excels in his field of study. But the point behind the post was on the thought process of selecting that “special person”. Right from our childhood we’ve been thrown this question in one form or other – whose pet are you? Who is your favorite teacher/friend/parent/hero/heroine and what not!! Usually the top of the mind answers are accepted as the one from our heart as it is considered that the honest answer might be the first thing that comes to mind. I for one is stumped for any question that involves yes or no as answer and especially when it comes to choosing someone as special. There are few people like your family and friends who by default gets tagged as the answer. But should such feeling towards them, always be chronologically ranked? Does any relation ever stays the same? Wouldn’t it be boring even if at all it’s possible? Does happily ever after or all things forgiven kind of concept as shown in movies is even practically possible in real life? You may still have your very special person, your kid, your parent, someone who went out of way and helped you, someone who adores you for nothing and be available for you always. But do we ever be that special someone for anyone? Do we’ve the abilities or trait to be that person whom we want others for us to be? Does one ever think in that aspect? Wonder what would be the honest answer from top of the mind for this question.

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