Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Yours Lovingly.. :( final part

The 3 days went in a blur..he cudnt even recollect what he did or dint and was eagerly awaiting for Arunas call..It never came. He got tensed and tried reaching her number in vain..The weekend went in trying her number..When he went to office first thing he stopped short of sending her a stinker..he jus wrote Hi and sent a mail..no response came..finally he dared to call up her office and check..he called jaya..
"Hi jaya.."
"heyyy..Ram..watta suprise..u calling me..cudnt believe it..how are u..how are things at ur end.."
He controlled himself and patiently answered her..
"tell me hw cme u remembered me.."
"can u tell me if Aruna is around"
There was a gap before she answered in mock protest.."so..u dint mean to call me..want to know abt Aruna is it..i wnt tell u.."
"pls pls..pls jaya..is she arnd? can u ask her to call me..i am unable to reach her..neither is she replyin to my mails.."
"am i her PA" he could almost sense slight anger in her voice..
"pls jaya..dnt take it like tt..ok..let me tell u something..i am deeply in love with her..." he moment he blurted out..the line got disconnected.
After few mins..jaya called him back..."sorry officer.i dint expect tt shock news and fone also slipped from my shoulder.." there was an usual chirpiness in her voice..."ok..Aruna hasnt cometo office..will tell her to call u once she is here.."
"thanks dear..pls keep the news" and before he could complete..."i knw..dnt worry.." and jaya cut the phone..she deleted the mail she was composing for the past four days for Ram and wiped off the tear drop which was welling up in her eyes and rushed to the rest room.

"Kuch tho hua hai.." sang the new ringtone on his cell..only one persons call ringed like that..he hurried to pick the phone..
"where in d world are u..y u dint pick the fone or answer my mails.."
"i wanted to talk to u for one final time before i stopped talking with u..u think i am mad here...waiting for ur call..."
"forget it..u never even considered me a friend...always thot of me as a joker dint u..hey...hey..are u crying...cmon..sorry dear..i dint mean it..u wnt knw how upset i was wen u dint call...u knw u r my only friend with whom i spend almost all my free time..i got scared lest something happened to u.."
"sorry Ram..my fault..i shdve called.."
"its ok.wat happnd.."
"its all over Ram..my parents said No.."
For a moment he dint knew he was more shocked or confused..
"No for what..they havent even seen me"
"seen u? means...now pls dnt joke..i am not in a mood for it.."
"whos joking..anyway..tell me what happened.."
"my parents said no to Akash.."
"Akash who?"
"cmon dont tell me u dnt knw...he is the one to whom u gave my present right..now dnt tell me he didnt tell u..it had the wedding ring i had chosen for him..we got married on a private ceremony wen he came here...he had to leave hurriedly and left his ring in my room itself..luckily u came in at tht time..last weekend i finally managed to gather courage and spoke to my parents abt us..they went wild...more for him coming from a different community.."
After that..whatever she spoke where hardly audible for Ram...he felt as if he became deaf..sweat was running like a steady stream from his forehead..mixed with his tears..
"Ram..are u there..."
"yeah..yes..tell me..."
" i dunno what to do now...cant live without Akash..but cant sacrifice my parents also..."
He consoled her and spoke to her throughout the night on what can be done and in the end decided to visit her parents along with her to help her out..
"Ram...thanksalot for all ur help..dunno wat i wud've done if it hadnt been for u."
"Can u do me a faour.."
"sure Ram tell me.."
"Never commit urself without knowing wat i am goin to ask.."
She laafed and said.."hmm..repeating my dialogue to me huh...tell me..i can do anything for u..i cant say i wud giveup my life for u like in movies..because i want to live ..spend my life with Akash.." there was a childlike cheeriness in her voice.
"Can i be ur best man in ur wedding.."
There was a stunned silence from Aruna.."Ram..how can u b so gud..if it hadnt been for Akash..i wud've definitely fallen for u ..hahaha"
He got his answer.

Urs lovingly,

En iniya tamizh makkalay...unga bharthiraja rangeku ipdi oru signature thevayanu neenga kekarathukaagavay thaan potruken :D :D hehehe oru vazhiya mudichiten...adutha post something special...ennanu keep guessing :D so long folks..


G3 said...

Aaha.. Ivlo izhuthu izhuthu ippadi pirichiteengalae.. idhu nyaayama dharmama? :-(

G3 said...

Aaha.. ingayum adutha postu enna spl-nnu enakku theriyumae.. therinjukka virumbara makkals again mail me.. Anegama indha vaati en commission box nalla romba pogudhunnu nenaikkaren :P

G3 said...

Nalla ezhudhareenga story.. aana sogamaavae mudikkareengalae.. aniyaayama therila.. idhukku neenga akash point of viewla irundhu storya solli irukkalaam.. that wud have been more better.

gils said...

hehehe...inum izhuthurpen..daily serial mathiri airukum... tried a different style this time..idhuvaraikum vantha story postlaeye idula than dialogues jaasthi :) situation based incidentsa ilama dialogue baseda maathi trypanen..dint came up as well as i wanted it to...tanglishla try paniruntha inum konjam wittya try panirkalam...orey languagea irukatumnu try panathoda epect it came like this...eppa...evlo peria comment :D

gils said...

jayava vituteengalay :) there is another heart break there also.. :)

G3 said...

Cheri cheri... preeya vudunga.. adutha story-la paathukkalaam.. neenga trial adikka thaan naanga irukkomae :P

gils said...

hehehe..bali ka bakra :D :D

Arunkumar said...

gils, epdi epdi idhellam.. kalakkuringa ponga. nalla kadhai vidrenga. dhu solringa..

KK said...

Yen school'la kooda ivaluv homework kodukala Gils.... ore naala ivaluv yezhuthina naanga yeppadi padipom :)

gils said...

porumaiya padinga naan kostinlaam keka maaten :D :D atlast en drafts ellam cleared :D :D

Ramya said...

Enna madiri minnadi part1,2 padikaama ellarum comment pannanum nu nenacheenga na, "GREAT POST" nu simple aa solli escape aayidunga ! :D

Oh btw, great post ! :D

Anonymous said...

had a good blast of laughter at the turning point... keep going gils... engayoooo poiteengaa... on de whole well written... வாழ்த்துக்கள்!

Heidi Kris said...

y the soga end! :(

priya said...

Gils: Appa sucess achu:) Engey inum thodarum solveengalo nu oru bayam.

KK said...

Saga, super story ma... oru vashiya full'a padichu mudichuten.... Hindi padam range'ku triangle love lam yezhuthu reenga??? saetu ootu fig'a antha aruna?

KK said...

kadaisila Jaya'kum sogam Ram'kum sogam...

KK said...

Ram maathiri irukkum yenakkum sogam :)

prithz said...

Awesome narration.. can see the effect of your i-read-novels-24/7 disorder shown in the way u narrate :)

Preets said...

Jaya and Ram ku kalyanam pani vechuirkalam la Mr.Gils.. enna ipdi motaya muduchooteenga!!!

Ponnarasi Kothandaraman said...

The characters that you framed (Jaya and Ram) were too good.. They were portrayed in a very nice manner :)

Great writing..Keep writing!

Sujit said...

pretty nice.. although could not understand the tamil part :)..

Has to be me said...

kalakal sigamani! budding writer! :)

ramya said...

really a gud tragedy story taken in different way....aakasha yen ippadi paniteenga..anyway chumma than ketten...aduthu enna spl-nu seekiram sollidunga pa..

ramya said...

adutha special nan guess panitten, nijamavey ungalukku kaalkattu poda poranga veetla, not gops maadiri kaala kattu..

Vidya said...

LOL !! This is like a soap opera. I read Part III only yet I understood the complete story !



Ram said...

yaarathu yen perai yennai kekkama use panninathu? :)

ambi said...

ethoo kadhai solli irukka!nu theriyuthu.
3 partsum padichutu varen. :)

பொற்கொடி said...

naan romba naal munnadiye inga commentinene?! enga kaanom :(

பொற்கொடி said...

ada kadavule! avlo pazhaiya comment. adha poi yaaru thirudinanga?! :(( thirupi kuduthudunga yara irundalum!

kadhai nalla irundudu, ana ennathuku thevai illama ram n jaya rendu perukum tholvi nu mudichinga nu ketten nenakren.

Sat said...

naa ella partum padichi mudichittu comment poda maranthutten
sorry :(
aama ellarum indha ram-a pathiye kadha ezhuthireengale...who is that ram??!

P.S: idhu sondha kadhaya? :)

Marutham said...

Yebba ena idhu ivlo loooong story!! :D

Nice going but..
idha oru padama eduthrungalen :P

Ivlo perusa iruku- scriptlayum avlova velai irukaadhu ;)

Hehe..Next post....Enava irukkum...
:D lemme guess not another long story :)

Tag/poem/ ......hm...... solidunga neengaley :D

gils said...

hmm.ennamathirie irukeenga :D

nanri hai :)

:) summa thaan...

edo oru story pendingarathukaga idellam remba over

gils said...

@kk://saetu ootu fig'a antha aruna?//
LOL..chancelatha karpanai ungalthu :D
Ram mathiri irukara ungaluka...echuse me...enna solreenga.... unga katha ithoda tally aagutha...aii idu nalla irukay

//i-read-novels-24/7 disorder //
LOL... :) danku

gils said...

:) adutha story suba endinga potruen :)

Romba naal kazhichi vanthirukeenga :) danx for d comments...

welcome..n tx 4 d comments :)

gils said...

:) danku
porumai porumai..adutha post in d offing..
:) yup..actual plot is in last two..first rendum buildup

gils said...

:D :D en ella storylaiyum hero per ram thaanga...kuttiya irukarathala repeat panna vasathiya iruku :D so no tesnion...makkalay idu fiction Ramoda story...thalayoda personal storynu thappa ninachukatheenga...
disci poatuten..poduma :D

gils said...

hmm..appo adutha varusham varengara...ok ok

ur comment and the pic in ur profile..joobera matching :D enaku jerrye ipdi solitu nina mathiri iruku :)

gils said...

ennoda ella storieslayum male lead name Ram than..type adika chinatha easya irukara name...
//sontha kathai...//
nope..but some of the incidents are true

gils said...

//idha oru padama eduthrungalen :P //
enga en...ethachum prachanaina pesi theethukalam..
//Hehe..Next post....Enava irukkum...
:D lemme guess not another long story :)//

Sat said...

//nope..but some of the incidents are true //
aaaha....suber :D
ippa thaan konja konjama unmai velila varudhu :P

gils said...

hmmm..sat...even if type without leaving space..u do get to read someting between the lines dont u :)

Sat said...

hehe...comes naturally u see :P
enna adutha post-a kaanom

gils said...

adutha rendu post ready... :D waiting for the spl one..epdi present panrathunu not yet decided...anyway..here we go :)