Thursday, May 29, 2008

True lies :)

Dear friends,

I wanna share with you a thing ,which i doesn't know anything about.
On feb 31th morning ,when the moon was shining bright
Two deadmen were fighting with each other.
They stood back to back facing each other.
Suddenly they took their swords and shot each other.
I knew you won't believe me ,ask the blind man .
He too saw it.


Kwaater adicha epect varutha :D aapy weekend.


dubukudisciple said...


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Divya said...

Happy Weekend & advance Birthday wishes Gills:))))

KK said...

innumum puriyara maathiri port podurathu illaya :D

prithz said...

Ramaaaa! Engenthu suttathu idhu?

Appy bday :)

gils said...

athey athey
nanri once again hai
:d fwda vanthuchi :D yam petra pheeling..peruga elorumnu nalla enamthan :D

mgnithi said...

Belated Wishes for many more happy returns of your birthday.(Eppadi samalichomla)

gils said...

:) danku

nandoo said...

k(u/e)lapita po

gils said...

//k(u/e)lapita po//

fun (nan) doo reply ;))

gils said...

//k(u/e)lapita po//

fun (nan) doo reply ;))