Tuesday, April 25, 2017

The one that got away

Guest post by Raji who blogs at Arakatrika . To describe her would be very simple if you are a follower of the “minion” cartoons. Especially the double braided one :D A very sweet little friend blogger who pitches in regularly in this space. Thank u Buroos.

Nope. This is not a tribute to the famous Katy Perry song of the same title. Although it is of similar thought process. We all would have had this huge crush during school or college times. Depending upon what sort of school/college you studied in.
It greatly shapes up your perspective towards romance at a later stage.
Almost like how Premam unfolds. That movie was such a huge success because it did not make the hero a drunkard or anything after his failure (somehting most movies does) He just goes on with his life, exactly what all of us do.
I had one huge school crush. So much so that while the teachers restricted students from getting into relationships there were a couple of them who would even tease me about it, while I was still a student there. My crush was pretty popular. It was even a joke I think. I had butterflies when I saw him enter the school gates. Tried to get his attention a lot and failed miserably. Even went to the extent of giving him a greeting card where I confessed my feelings for him. Although he rejected me and broke my heart, I am glad that he did. I am glad he gave me a few good memories from school.
I am still in touch with him. A few school friends tease me even now saying "It would be a comical movie story if you guys ever got together" But this crush of mine taught me one thing. Compatibility. Although I was blinded by my feelings for him, now that I think about it - it would have never worked between us. We both are very different. May be that is why he rejected me back then. I am happy he did it. Some things do happen for a reason. His rejection made me understand that I have someone better out there for me. And I could be happy with just me.
But then the school crush and such stories are always a warm/pleasant memory for everyone!


Rajathilagam Velmurgan said...

Mister.. my name is aratrika!!!

gils said...

oopps..the one that didn't got away :D:D