Tuesday, April 18, 2017

One single word 😜

Technically this is a report abuse post. More like reporting about abuse literally rather anything else. If one translates the title in tamil or refer to Vivek comedy in “Roja Koottam” movie involving seth ji, you would know what is being referred here. Somehow this single word has taken role multiplier access and forms the default delimiter or conversation initiator or even the occasional cuss form, the original intended purpose. It has become so casual and common that even school kids these days address each other with the “singularly single” cuss word. It’s no longer a cool quotient to swear in public but has become the way of addressing. When it was depicted exactly in the same manner in the movie “Maanagaram” it felt insulting as it generalized Chennai tongue of tamil as inseparable from this cuss word. But on any given day, I find more people using this swear word more and more and those who don’t the minority. Though it does raise an occasional chuckle to hear those guys pronounce hindi words and screw up the whole meaning of them. But considering the long term impact and the already fast degrading sense of sacrilege in our society, this may be something that requires to be addressed on as high a priority as possible.

In my school days, I’ve been a staunch believer/ brainwashed in other terms, that, if you use swear words, you wouldn’t be able to study and wouldn’t remember whatever one studied as well. Whenever I was about to break that ruse, would bit back any words of anger and swallow it along with my ego. Something I practice till date and not unduly ashamed of it either. But off late, there is a growing perception that those who swear out loud are supposedly open and honest and those who keep to themselves are seen not being so. There are even surveys and opinion polls, however childish and irrelevant their purpose be on this very topic, but these are the things that end up setting the norm for the society down the line. I for one would feel and already is, traumatized by the kind of environment and society I am leaving for my kid. I don’t want him to be as naïve as me in taking things as bible as told by parents. At the same time, these are kind of things, I would want him to take as granted by us. This is a really tricky as to identify which are those things that we need him to blindly take our word and which he needs to think through on his own. Whatever the case may be, this one single word is something I feel tamil can do without, but apparently looks like not such case for those who use it. Wonder if they would even be able to start a conversation if there is a blanket bank on this “one single” word.

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Ramesh said...

Onnume puriyaliye. Not surprising as I am not in touch with contemporary Madras bashai.

What is this cuss word that you are arguing against ?