Tuesday, April 11, 2017


The moment junior wakes up, even with half opened eyes, so full of sleep, the first word he utters would be "Ma". I would be there right next to him, same half sleep, of course (who wakes up at 8 in the morning..so early!!) and would be trying to pat him to sleep (with a selfless intention to be on bed on that pretext for some more time). He would still be calling out for his mom. The first thing he would do, after being helped down from bed would be to run across the rooms and kitchen to check for her. Had she already left for office, he would feel sad and have a dejected almost cry like look on his face, that would break any heart. He would then see that there is another living being that was right next to him and recognize it as me and would come running to me to lift him. He would refuse to let me go and would be sticking like a glue, till he see his mom after which I again go invisible.

 Logically and for all practical purposes, even if one can make out the bond kids share with mom, konjam lighta nallavay poraamaiya irukka thaan seiyuthu. Practically, logically and for all emotional purposes, mommy dearest wins hands down in all aspects of raising junior, be it buying toys and things for him, feeding him, taking care of him at odd hours with almost no contribution from my end. However cringe worthy it may be, I have absolutely no shame in competing for his attention, despite not having much to show on the contribution front. Almost every single night, its his mom who puts him to sleep and on those very rare occasions when I manage to, it feels like the biggest achievement for that day. I would be all beaming and gloating when she would already be half way into dreamland, probably happy for the few extra winks of sleep.

There are days when he would wake up half asleep and would sleep walk into me. Had I been lying down, he would use me as his bed and sleep on me. Probably one thing that which is hereditary, catching up to him, from me, for, I always loved to sleep on my dad during my preschool days. My dad would sneeze playfully and I would slide sideways laughing, only to climb back on him again. Considering that I had always been a momma's boy, couldn't help but wonder if my dad also had similar feelings of jealousy seeing my interactions with mom.

Probably,  certain things are better left to come naturally and shouldn't force it I guess, with love being the foremost of them all.

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Ramesh said...

No No. Dada had no jealously. He knew that he was dealing with the mokkai mannar :):)