Thursday, April 20, 2017

Que sera sera

Do you ever wonder
What would’ve been
had it been the other choice

Do you ever feel
If the choice you opted
is the right one

Do you ever realize
What you’ve was never yours
for such a long time in past
And would become such again
In a short while soon

Do you ever think
that you do it because
you committed but
not committed to do

Do you ever dream
how different things
might have been
had it been the other way round

Do you ever smile
think of the silliness
called life

Do you ever cry
realizing the reality
called life

Que Sera sera – Whatever will be will be.


Ramesh said...

OMG. I have fallen off my chair. Poetry from Gilsu ????????? Wow !

Why these senti pheelings ?

Shri said...

ah the last line!

gils said...

@thala: chummanaachiku...Q for enna post podrathu enter thatti statementa kavidhaya tried :D:D

@shri: hehe