Wednesday, April 12, 2017

Kind worth killing - book review- part 1

How easy is it to kill someone and get off. If you are a fan of DEXTER drama series, you would know the intricacies of the above sentence. In that series, the lead character is a serial killer, who goes after repeat offenders who escape the strong arm of law through various loop holes. He sedates them, prepares the kill room fully covered in plastic sheets, strips the victim and binds them to the kill bed/slab/table, once they are awake he shows them photos, evidences of those who have been wronged by the now captive offender and goes on to butcher them into pieces. He then neatly ties the pieces onto plastic carry bags and dumps them into the bay. It even earns him the monicker, Bay area Butcher but despite so many close calls and some identifying him as the killer, he manages to escape. Though it appears to be so gory on words, once you start watching the series, you would get hooked to it, despite the fact that no episode goes without a killing. After a while watching that series, I was questioning my own taste and saneness but felt rest at ease knowing that it was a fan favorite with almost all of my friends group!! Same kuttai same mattai gave me confidence that if at all its insane, I probably have good lot of company. Ditto goes for the book.

The book is split in three parts and I haven't proceeded beyond the first one, yet to come out of the shock ending. The story begins as a conversation between two strangers, a successful IT guy and an attractive girl, who meet at an airport and the subsequent chapters are flashbacks of each of them and their backstories culminating on their meeting and from that point onwards, the story goes in forward mode towards the mother of all twists I've ever read in any novels. The guy, probably in drunken stupor or to win over the lady, opens about his adulterous wife and surprisingly the lady suggests killing his wife as the right punishment and justice for him and even goes on to offer suggestions on how he should go about it. The story of the lady character starts with her troubled childhood and for a story which is pretty dark and intense, the effortless ease with which the incidents are mentioned in such a matter of fact tone eases the flow of narration. On the other hand the guy's story is kind of dragging at places but the reason for the same all ties back into a fantastic twist in tale.

With the first part ending in such a humdinger, eagerly awaiting to let loose myself on the second part of the same book. I've already read the review for finale portion which had spoilers and kind of know what to expect. But despite that the book is still intriguing. Kola panrathu ivlo easya nu yosika vachiruvanga pola!!!


Ramesh said...

Antha IT guy Gilsaa ?? :):)

gils said...

avvvvvvvvv....he is like bill gates in that novel..naan bill kattrathukaga gate pakkama nikkara paamaran