Friday, April 28, 2017

You’ve got mail

I am a big time Tom Hanks fan. I used to treasure a 7 DVD set of his top movies and would’ve watched all those movies till the CD’s being to glow in rainbow colors. It had Sleepless in Seattle, You’ve got mail, Castaway, Terminal, Saving Private Ryan, Catch me if you can and of course, Forrest Gump. I often compare how certain Hollywood actors resemble Indian actors. To me Tom Hanks and Aamir Khan, Cameron Diaz and Trisha, Drew Barrymore and Jothika (who I felt aped Meg Ryan a lot for her mannerisms) are dead ringers of each other. Coming back to the movie, the hit combo of Meg Ryan and Tom Hanks would’ve spelled their charm in every single scene in the movie. Especially Meg with her cute mannerisms, jumping around like a kid in her pajamas, with her wrinkly cutish smile and boy cut, rolling her eyes at everything, sneaking away to check her mail.. you can wrap her on a cone and eat her yum. Even the name of Meg’s bookstore is cute “Shop around the corner”. Enter Tom Hanks as Mr.Fox and his wholesale bookstore which also shares the name “Round the corner”. Tom Hanks on the other end is all sophistication and perfection. The scene where he recites Godfather movie dialogues to spur Meg into action against his real self is classic – “It’s not personal but business”. At the same time, in real world he argues with her over her accusation that he stole her shop’s name that “around the corner” is a common phrase and admonishes her that she doesn’t own it. I learnt the words garnishment, when she scolds him for taking a selected portion of the food on buffet and piazza from the movie J Towards the end, when he finally wins over her heart and agrees to meet her as his online avatar in the park, her yearning on how she wants the online person, whom she never knows as Tom, to be Tom and her reaction after seeing Tom’s dog running in front of him towards her, one word to describe all would be magic. I don’t know whose performance I loved the most in the movie, but their chemistry call it whatever was sheer magic on screen.

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Aarti said...

i love his movies as well.. something very heart warming, right now to sully ...
btw, is it cos of some new change on the blog that ur posts appears as one big para? pls to correct, mudiyala... kashtama irukku padikka